Zatoichi on the Road (1963) Movie Script

What are you doing?
- You switched the dice!
- What?
I can tell by the sound.
You can fool my eyes
but not my ears.
It's Zatoichi!
Darkness is my ally.
Come find me if you can.
Original story by KAN SHI MOZAWA
Screenplay by MI NORU I NUZUKA
I know a really good inn.
Meals and sake are on me.
That's very generous of you.
-Well, shall we--
- Hold on a second.
I haven't finished eating.
The inn can wait.
We've got time.
- You are Kisuke, right?
- Yes.
Are you going to pay all expenses
on our trip to Doyama?
Yes, but please,
just don't change your mind
about going.
I understand.
I wasn't headed anywhere
in particular.
I'm so glad you're coming.
My boss will be delighted.
Well, your boss must be
an odd fellow
if he sent you to fetch
a blind man like me.
Give me some tea.
Can we afford to stay
at an inn tonight?
We'll work it out.
You three are pathetic.
Is that all you can say?
Look at that blind man.
He's being put up in style.
Here you go.
- A friend ofyours?
- No.
It's nothing.
Let's get going.
That was delicious.
Let's go. This way.
That bastard!
He convinced him to go.
Who is that blind man?
- Zatoichi, a gambler.
- That blind man is a gambler?
Kisuke, are you sure
there are no strings attached
to this free trip to Doyama?
None whatsoever.
My boss just wants to meet you.
He keeps talking about
having you as a guest.
You should know I won't fight
or put on a show of sword tricks.
I know.
By the way, I really appreciate
the fancy meals.
Where will the fight take place?
At Shimozuma, 20 miles from here.
We'll fight in four or five days.
I'll pay you three gold coins each.
What do you think?
Not bad.
We haven't killed anyone
in a while.
We'll do it.
I have one more job for you.
Remember the blind man
who was here a few minutes ago?
I want you to kill him
and the fellow with him.
I'll pay you two bu each
for this job.
- One of them is a gambler, right?
- I heard they were going to Doyama.
That's who we're fighting:
Boss Hikozo in Doyama.
The blind man is Zatoichi.
He's a skilled swordsman.
That blind man is a swordsman?
Kisuke, you can walk faster
if you like.
Really? All right.
Oh, no, I forgot my tobacco pouch.
Should we go back to get it?
No, it was a cheap one anyway.
You're in a generous mood.
Let's keep walking.
Hey, you! Wait!
- Who is that?
- The samurai from the tea house.
Maybe they brought you
your tobacco pouch.
I doubt it.
Hey, blind man!
You're Zatoichi, aren't you?
I hear you're quick with a sword.
Show me how good you are.
You must be joking.
What do you want from us?
Come on!
You want to try too?
You must be a woman.
My life's only worth 2 bu.
Are you really blind?
Were you at the tea house?
I asked you a question!
If l could see,
I would have run away a long time ago.
Then how did you know
I was a woman?
I may be blind,
but I have a keen sense of smell.
Why did these samurai
want to kill me?
They were paid.
By whom?
I didn't bother to ask his name.
He's long gone.
Were you with these men?
One of the men you just killed
was my husband.
That makes me your enemy.
I suppose so.
But don't worry.
You just killed three grown men,
three full-fledged samurai,
in an instant.
What threat could a woman
like me pose to you?
He has no need for money now.
So long.
- Did you find her?
- No.
It's just a blind masseur.
I know you're blind,
but did you hear a girl pass by here?
No, I didn't run into anybody.
Keep looking.
What's that smell? Blood?
He's still alive.
I was just passing through,
so I'm afraid I don't have
any medicine on me.
There's little I can do
to help you.
He won't last long.
I don't know who you are,
but please do me a favor!
What is it?
Please save Miss Mitsu.
No matter what it takes,
please save her!
I beg you, save her!
Where is this Mitsu?
He's dead.
Mitsu, are you here?
It's you!
Why did you call her name?
This man was trying to call her,
but his voice was too faint,
so I thought I'd help him.
He just died.
Go search over there.
I'd like to help,
but there's nothing I can do
if Mitsu isn't here.
I know he asked a favor of me,
but I have to move on.
Mitsu, is that you?
Are you--
You are Mitsu, aren't you?
This man lying on the ground
asked me to look after you.
Old man!
I could tell he loved you very much.
With his dying breath he begged me--
a common blind man--
to save you.
He kept saying "please, please"
till he passed away.
Old man, What will I do without you?
You always took care of me.
Who can I count on
if you're gone?
How am I supposed to reach Edo?
Crying won't do any good.
what if those samurai find you?
Then you'll be in real trouble.
It's too dangerous to stay here.
Come on.
Come on, hurry up.
She couldn't have gotten very far.
Did you look in that shed?
Yes, I did.
Check once more to be sure.
What's wrong?
Damn it! One of them got away.
Let's go while we can.
What are you waiting for?
Come on!
Don't go outside.
They're still looking for you.
You must be hungry.
There's nothing to eat around here.
This is all I could find for now.
Persimmons are in season.
I'm sure these will taste good.
Persimmon is my favorite fruit.
What an awful persimmon!
I've never had
such a bitter persimmon before!
It's really terrible!
Because I'm blind,
I don't know what you look like,
but I can hardly believe
what I heard:
that you stabbed a man in the face
with your hairpin.
I guess it's like the proverb
of the cornered mouse biting the cat.
Anyway, there's no one worse
than a samurai.
You stopped your lord from raping you,
so he sent his men to kill you?
What a foolish reason
to kill someone!
I've never heard of such a thing.
In any event,
do you have somewhere to go
when you get to Edo?
This is the first time
you've spoken to me.
Go that way!
- The men from last night.
- Where?
Come on!
- How many are there?
- About 20.
If we're surrounded,
stay close to me.
Damn it, where did they go?
- Have you found them yet?
- No.
Where could they be?
There they are!
- Over there!
- Don't let them get away!
See if they're over there.
They're not here.
Then look over there!
Find them now!
It's all right now.
That was close.
We need to get out of here quick.
I'm so sorry.
For what?
For involving you in my problems.
No use looking back now,
but it might not be easy
getting you to Edo.
- You think you can make it?
- Yes.
It's a blind man!
Look at the blind man!
All right, kids, go home now.
- Watch your step.
- Thank you.
There's a step here.
Watch your step.
This is your room.
Thank you.
- Zatoichi is here.
- Really?
Don't worry.
He didn't come here after you.
It's strange, though.
He's with a young girl.
A young girl?
There's a bit of a problem.
Excuse me.
Ma'am, I must be honest with you.
I'm a little short on money.
I'm sorry,
but I need to earn some money.
Could you ask
if anyone needs a massage?
Of course.
I'll see if anyone is interested.
Thank you very much.
I really appreciate it.
We came a long way,
so we should be safe here.
But we still have to be careful.
Don't leave this room.
All right.
Would anyone like a massage?
Would anyone like a massage?
Could she mean Zatoichi?
It certainly could be.
- Excuse me.
- Yes?
Is the masseur
the man who just checked in?
Yes. Shall I call him?
- Yes. I'd like a massage.
- I'll get him.
I didn't know
Zatoichi was a masseur.
He's blind, so it's no surprise
he makes his living that way.
If l could just think of a way
to keep him from going to Doyama.
Why don't you stab him
while he's massaging you?
That would never work.
Don't leave this room, understand?
If dinner is here before I return,
eat without me.
Thanks for waiting.
I'm ready now.
He's coming.
In here, please.
I'm coming in.
The masseur is here.
Thank you for everything.
Good evening.
Cool weather we're having, isn't it?
I suppose it is.
Is the massage for you, sir,
or for your wife?
For me.
All right, then.
Thank you for your business.
I'll get started.
You're very tense.
It must be very nice
traveling together,
just you and your wife.
She's not my wife.
I didn't mean to startle you.
-The man you're with-- is that Zatoichi?
So I was right.
What about him?
Don't you know?
What do you mean?
Where did you meet him?
There's another masseur you might know,
since you're in the same business.
Do you know Zatoichi?
He is also a skilled swordsman.
Yes, I've heard of him.
He has quite a reputation.
I wouldn't know about that.
- I just feel sorry for him.
- Why?
The fool went and learned
how to fight with a sword.
Now he's constantly pursued
by strangers.
I'm sure he doesn't have
a moment's peace.
I suppose it serves him right.
Is that right?
are you after Zatoichi too?
I could sense it.
Don't be ridiculous.
You're the daughter of Narumiya
in Nihonbashi?
I see.
And Zatoichi promised
to take you home to Edo?
And you believe what he says?
You really don't know
who Zatoichi is, do you?
- Are you cold, sir?
- No.
Why do you ask?
You're trembling.
Maybe I'm getting sick.
There we go.
I'm sure you'll be fine now.
Ouch! That hurts!
That's enough! Stop it!
Please, stop!
Thank you very much.
I hope you enjoyed it.
How much is that?
One gold coin.
One gold coin?
- You must be joking!
- I said one gold coin.
Thank you very much.
That bastard!
Now I'm in pain.
I'm leaving now.
Wait till you see
the dumb look on Zatoichi's face!
What's she up to?
Mitsu, have you eaten dinner yet?
Where did she go?
I told her not to leave the room.
Are you done with your massage?
Do you know where the girl
who was with me went?
I thought you knew.
The lady in the room
down the hall told me
you asked her to take the girl.
- The room down the hall?
- Yes.
She was with the man
you gave the massage to.
- Where are you going?
- Down the hall.
The man left too.
He said an emergency came up.
- He left?
- Yes.
I made it clear
she shouldn't leave the room!
Do you know
where the nearest travel service is?
A travel service?
They probably wouldn't
want to walk at night.
Kagotome runs a service like that
around here.
- Please, can you give us a ride?
- No.
It's impossible to take you to Edo
at this time of night.
I'll pay you much more
than your usual rate.
Come back in the morning
and we'll work it out.
- Tomorrow will be too late!
- Then go somewhere else.
What's the matter?
This woman wants us to take her
and the other girl to Edo.
To Edo?
Are you the boss?
Please, could you do it?
I'm afraid not.
Why are you in such a hurry?
- We're being followed.
- You are?
May I ask why, if you don't mind?
Maybe I can help.
That bitch!
Where did you find that girl?
That's none ofyour business.
Narumiya of Nihonbashi
is a wealthy merchant
who manages
Kaga's large rice granary.
It's like stumbling across
a box of shiny gold coins.
I think this job is too big
for you to handle.
What do you have in mind?
I will take her to Edo
first thing in the morning.
Not so loud.
What are you doing?
Bastards! Let me go.
We'll see she gets home to Edo!
Damn it!
I didn't know
this place was full of crooks!
If you breathe a word about this,
you'll be in trouble! Go home!
You'll be sorry!
The situation seems
a bit more complicated now.
It was you, wasn't it?
Just as I thought.
You tried to fool a blind man?
I can't believe you would do this.
Are you going to kill me?
I don't kill women.
Damn it.
Don't worry.
I said I don't kill women.
I just want to ask you a question.
Who is that man you were with?
He's the one who hired
my husband to kill you.
Who is he?
Jingoro from Shimozuma.
He works for Boss Tobei,
the moneylender.
He's from Shimozuma?
He tried to kill you because
you decided to help the Doyama gang.
Me? Help Doyama?
Now it all makes sense.
So that was their real motive.
Are you going to get the girl back?
I was asked to take her home
no matter what happens.
Those men are scoundrels.
They'll stop at nothing.
Good evening.
Who called for a masseur?
Your boss did.
Our boss? Over there.
Looks like you're all
having a good time.
Excuse me.
Where is the boss's room?
- To the right.
- Thank you.
A new masseur?
How is the girl doing?
She started crying.
Keep a close eye on her.
If we get her home safely,
there will be a thousand gold coins
in it for us for sure.
And if her family is
really desperate,
We may be able
to milk them for 5,000.
By the way,
that woman was a knockout.
Maybe I shouldn't have
thrown her out.
Boss, you're getting too greedy.
You want both the money
and the woman!
You're right.
- Did you call a masseur?
- No.
What do you want?
- I'm here to give a massage.
- I don't want any massage.
How did you get in?
Through the front door,
of course.
Damn blind man!
How dare you hobble in here
with your cane!
Get out of here now!
No need to be hostile.
Let me earn some money.
You give me the creeps.
- You want us to hurt you?
- Wait a minute.
I just came here to thank you.
For what?
I really appreciate
what you all have done for me.
I understand you're taking care
of a girl from Edo.
A girl? What girl?
Playing dumb, huh?
You were just talking about her.
The daughter of Narumiya.
You thought you could get
5,000 for her.
Who do you think you are,
talking to me like that?
Why should you thank me
for taking care of the girl?
Well, originally I was the one
who was asked to take her to Edo.
Then somebody took her away
when I got distracted for a moment.
Now you got her back.
You saved her.
That's why I want to thank you.
I don't believe you, fool.
Who in the world would ask
a blind man to take the girl home?
Stop talking nonsense
or you'll pay for it!
Throw him out!
What are you?
Like I said, I'm a masseur.
I brought something
to show my appreciation.
This is for you.
It's easier to eat that way,
don't you think?
- Don't you like my gift?
- Yes, I like it.
Why don't you eat it, then?
You are Zatoichi!
You're a sly one.
Why didn't you say so earlier?
Would you have given the girl back?
That's not a very convincing "yes."
Of course! I would gladly
return the girl to you!
I'm sure you would.
Then will you bring her
here to this room?
Right away.
If you try to trick me,
your boss will be split in half,
Go get the girl now!
Aren't you going
to offer your guest some tea?
I'll leave your tea right here.
This is good tea.
as you can see, I am blind.
Will you show us to the door?
You came in by yourself!
You refuse?
All right, I'll show you out!
Are you satisfied?
Don't dare try anything!
Oh, it's you.
That bastard -- he got her back!
When I said, "Don't leave this room,"
I meant it!
I thought you trusted me
even though I was blind!
That's why
I wanted to help you!
But this-- damn it!
I'm sure in your eyes
I'm nothing but Zatoichi,
the worthless masseur.
because I thought
you counted on me,
I was motivated all the more
to help you.
I cannot believe how easily
that woman deceived you.
Now I realize you didn't trust me
like I thought you did.
It really upset me!
This is pathetic.
I'm not that kind of man!
I'm sorry.
This is all my fault.
I've been so foolish.
You risked your life to save me,
and I betrayed you!
I'm so sorry.
Don't cry.
It was my fault too.
Please, stop.
Normally I wouldn't have let it
bother me.
I'm sorry I pushed you.
Did I hurt you?
In any case, we need to get out of here
as soon as possible.
Will you be all right
walking at night?
- They passed this way.
- Are you sure?
A blind man was seen around here
with a girl. Who else could it be?
What are you doing?
I don't want to hunt down the girl
to kill her.
Are you afraid of that man?
Why? He's just a blind man.
But he killed Kudo and Okazaki
It's not that.
I just don't understand
why we have to kill the girl.
It's an order from our lord.
I know it's an order.
A stupid order!
Stop it.
It's too late to argue about that now.
Let's go.
All right.
"Because it's an order," huh?
You must be exhausted.
You're not used to walking at night.
Not at all.
I'm really sorry about last night.
I shouldn't have acted
the way I did.
I understand.
It was myfault.
Here, eat.
I taught Hisa a lesson.
I made sure she won't bother us again.
You did?
It was nothing compared
to what you went through last night.
My intuition usually tells me
when people are trying to trick me,
but, being blind,
I still get fooled sometimes.
When people take advantage of me,
I get furious.
Do you understand how I feel?
After all, other people
have made your life difficult too.
There were some moments
when I was very afraid,
but I would never have
met you otherwise.
Do you mean it?
You are right.
If it weren't for this,
I wouldn't have met
someone like you either.
How strange life is.
Two strangers who otherwise
would never meet
end up sharing rice balls
in an open field.
It is strange.
It's a nice day, isn't it?
I can tell.
Yes, it's beautiful weather.
A dragonfly!
Don't move.
Mitsu, I've arranged
transportation to Edo for you.
- For yourself too?
- I've decided not to go.
It's not good for us
to stay together any longer.
We attract too much attention.
I heard Kagotome's boss and
his men came into town this morning.
They're a greedy bunch.
I don't want to get you
in any more trouble.
I think it's better
if you go on without me.
What's wrong?
- Ichi.
- What?
I want you to come to Edo
and meet my parents.
I appreciate the thought,
but you need to get home safely
as quickly as possible, Mitsu.
- Can you understand that?
- Yes.
Will you come visit me sometime?
Yes, I will.
You're lying.
I know you're just saying that.
This is the last time
I'll ever see you, isn't it?
Isn't that true?
Mitsu, I--
If l stay with you any longer--
What if l said I couldn't let you go?
No, I was just kidding.
Everything's ready.
- Is that you, madam?
- Is this the young lady?
Luckily there is an old couple
on their way to Edo.
You can travel with them.
Come over as soon as you're ready.
We'll be right there.
Thank you very much.
They're gone.
Get in now.
Please make sure
she gets home safely.
Ichi, please come to Edo.
She forgot this.
Thank you.
I heard Shimozuma and Doyama
are really going to fight this time.
Just as long as they don't
drag me into it.
Who do you think will win?
- It doesn't matter.
- That's right.
People are fed up with all the bosses,
no matter which side they're on.
If the bosses were
to kill each other off in a fight,
everyone would celebrate.
That's a great idea!
"Boss Hikozo's Residence"
Out of the way!
We're here!
Welcome, sir.
Long time no see.
How have you been?
- Is Hikozo home?
- Yes, he's inside.
I've brought you men who love to fight
even more than they love to eat!
- I place them at your disposal.
- I appreciate it.
I didn't expect
to see you here in person.
How many men
did Shimozuma hire for the fight?
About 15.
A bunch of small-fry.
I'm not worried, in any case.
Do you want to know why?
Because we have Zatoichi on our side.
Has something happened?
Is he here?
Not yet.
I sent Kisuke to bring him in.
Kisuke? That's strange.
Kisuke wasn't with Ichi.
How do you know?
I know, all right.
I had a terrible experience with him.
I'll get that bastard next time I see him.
Tomegoro, I invited Zatoichi here
so he would fight for us.
I don't want any trouble
before he even gets here.
I came in person
partly to help you,
but I really came after Ichi.
Why are you after him?
He had a girl with him.
I want to get her back.
Who is this girl?
She's worth a lot of money.
- The girl?
- That's right.
That blind bastard!
Where can he be?
You there, stop!
Stop or we'll have to kill you!
It's you!
I'm sorry,
but you must come with us.
We're not after these others.
Go on.
Get going!
Hisa, she's not all yours this time.
I know.
That blind rat will be surprised.
- I can't wait to see that.
- Come with us.
Excuse me.
Boss, Zatoichi is here.
What? Ichi is here?
- Is he with a girl?
- No, he's alone.
- What about Kisuke?
- No sign of him.
That's strange.
Where did Ichi leave her?
Leave this to me.
I'll find out what's going on.
All right.
It's strange he's come alone.
He wouldn't bring her here.
He must be hiding her somewhere.
I'll just set this here.
Thank you.
I'm glad you've come.
You must be the boss of Doyama.
Yes, I'm Hikozo.
By the way, I thought you were
traveling with one of my men.
I'm sorry to tell you this, but--
What happened?
Kisuke was killed.
They killed Kisuke?
Yes, I'm sure Shimozuma did it.
They meant to kill me,
but Kisuke got caught
in the middle.
Is that so?
Caught in the middle, eh?
- Boss.
- What?
I heard you're going to fight
the Shimozuma gang.
Is that true?
To tell you the truth, Ichi,
I wanted to talk to you--
You want my help, right?
Kisuke already told you, then?
He didn't say anything about it.
I told Kisuke
I wouldn't put on a show
or take sides in any fight.
But you just said
Shimozuma killed Kisuke,
didn't you?
He took a blow on your account.
the truth is, I've taken blows
on your account.
And I'm telling the truth!
If you put it that way,
you've got me.
But since you're involved now,
like it or not,
could you please help us out?
You've put me on the spot.
I had a feeling
things might turn out this way.
Then you'll help?
I just came here
to tell you about Kisuke,
not to help you.
But it depends on the details.
Are you talking about the pay?
You're a sly one!
You must be kidding.
When it comes to being sly,
you're way in the lead.
You enticed me here
with fancy meals.
How about ten gold coins?
Ten gold coins?
That must be
the going rate around here.
Don't be so sarcastic!
You're not happy
With ten gold coins?
We usually pay one,
or three at the most!
I'm offering ten
only because you are Zatoichi.
I'm not complaining.
Far from it.
I was just commenting that that must be
the going rate in these parts.
What if l make it 12?
Two more gold coins?
Not worth talking about.
Anyway, I've done my job.
I told you about Kisuke.
I better be going.
Twenty, then!
What do you say to that?
- I've never offered so much--
- Boss.
Let me tell you something.
My regular fee is 30.
I'm putting my life on the line
to help you out.
Since it's Shimozuma
we're talking about fighting,
I guess I could do it for 20.
Now that we've closed the deal,
I'm going to take it easy.
You can bring on the fancy food now.
Sanzo, what are you waiting for?
Bring him something to eat.
Right away.
Wait, Sanzo!
I just want to say
I love all kinds of fish.
Thank you.
Ichi, I heard
you were with a young girl.
Who told you that?
That's not important.
I should have known
you'd be well-informed, boss.
I sent her on her way to Edo.
To Edo? I see.
All right, then.
Enjoy your meal.
Here you are.
- It seems you have another guest.
- Kagotome's boss from Sayama.
Kagotome in Sayama?
The one with the travel service?
That's the one.
What is Doyama doing?
What did Ichi say?
He's a tough one to deal with.
I had to pay him more.
He's taking you for a ride.
Where did he say
he left the woman?
He sent her back home to Edo.
That can't be.
He must be hiding her somewhere.
I just need him for the fight.
He's of no use to us after that.
He is blind, after all. You can
easily lay a trap for him and kill him.
I can help you.
Just a little amusement
for a blind man.
Thank you.
It's really delicious.
How old are you?
- Eighteen years old.
- Eighteen?
You're young.
There must be a girl
you're fond of.
- Yes.
- What's her name?
So her name is Mitsu.
How pretty.
If only I weren't blind.
She must have been very pretty.
Hurry up!
"Boss Shimozuma's Residence"
I'm sorry to involve you in this,
but I intend
to get back at Zatoichi.
But I'll send you back home
to Edo when I'm finished.
Where is Ichi?
He may be staying
with Hikozo in Doyama.
Please, just send me home.
I don't want to cause Ichi
any more trouble.
Why don't you beg Jingoro
to send you home?
You think it will be so easy?
Don't worry.
He confronted Kagotome
single-handedly to get her back.
That blind rat has nerves of steel!
But if we use her as bait,
he'll do anything we say.
You may be right.
- Let's do it.
- All right.
- Are the boats ready?
- Yes.
Let's go.
Is Kagotome's boss coming too?
you had some trouble
with Kagotome, didn't you?
It was nothing serious.
He seems to have
a grudge against you.
Is that so?
Be careful.
Thank you.
Here they come!
Go tell the others.
They're here!
They're here!
- Are they here?
- They're about to disembark.
Get ready.
Let's go.
- What are you doing?
- Taking her with me to the fight.
What if she gets hurt?
It was your idea to use her
as bait to get Ichi.
It's cruel to take
a young woman into a fight!
Shut up! I don't care
as long as we can get Ichi.
Help me!
There's nothing to be afraid of.
- Let me go.
- Stop it!
Don't interfere.
Hisa, help me!
There they are.
How is it going?
No one's shown up yet.
You mustn't go to the front
once it starts.
You don't want to get hurt
in a stupid fight like this.
They're finally here.
I want to talk to Zatoichi
before we start.
Tobei, are you asking for mercy
now that we have Zatoichi?
What are you talking about?
Zatoichi, come forward.
I have something to show you.
This sounds like trouble.
It's going to be a while
before the real fight starts.
Where are you going?
He has something to show
this blind man, he said.
I'd like to see that.
What do you have
to show this blind man?
I'll show you right now.
Come on!
Where are you going?
That's the girl!
Damn it! That girl
is worth 5,000 gold coins!
Now you understand
what I had to show you?
How did you get her?
Why did you bring her
to a place like this?
I wanted to see
how you would react.
So you want me to stay out of it?
I didn't say that.
What do you want then?
I don't know
how much Doyama paid you,
but I'll double it.
What's there to think about?
Tobei, you filthy bastard!
We'll never let you have Zatoichi.
Shut up! I'm not talking to you.
Ichi, what are you going to do?
Don't worry!
It's not your fault.
Those men who surround you
are all wicked.
What did you say?
Don't be upset!
I'm just speaking the truth.
since you've planned all this
so carefully,
I'll help you out.
I won't ask for any pay.
Just return the girl to me.
All right, I promise.
Damn it!
What a cunning bastard!
- I told you to kill him last night.
- Shut up!
Ichi, are you breaking
our code of conduct?
Code of conduct?
You must be kidding.
Dragging an innocent girl
into a gang fight!
Take back your money.
Blind bastard!
I'll kill you.
Can't we get her back?
I don't care about her!
Filthy blind bastard!
Per our agreement,
I'll take her now.
Wait a minute!
Not until the fight is over.
She stays with us until then.
Ichi, be careful!
Don't worry.
No need to be frightened.
Come on!
The two men we're going after
are Hikozo and Tomegoro, right?
Stay close to me.
This is a very important job for me
since the woman is at stake.
I want you to see it close-up,
with your own eyes.
Pay close attention
to my sword stroke.
Very well.
- Where is Jingoro?
- Right here.
It's been a while.
I've missed your voice.
Can you manage to separate
Hikozo and Tomegoro
from their men?
I can do that.
You stay here.
I'll get the fight started.
What's he got up his sleeve?
Men of Doyama!
As you can see,
the situation has changed.
From now on,
I am on Shimozuma's side.
Anyone who wishes to challenge me,
step forward!
Don't underestimate us!
What about it? Anybody?
You, you and you!
What about you?
How about you?
Shame on you!
You're worthless, all of you!
Looks like nobody
wants to fight me.
Shall we call it
Shimozuma's win, then?
Wait, you bastard!
What are you doing, men?
Push them back!
You bastard!
Give me that!
All right, we'll leave her to you.
Come with me, quickly!
Can't I have
a drink of water in peace?
Kill them both!
Ichi, this isn't your fight!
Damn it!
You blind bastard!
I run an honest business!
Then why did you try
to kidnap the girl?
No, it wasn't like that.
It was--
Nobody has a worse reputation
around here than you guys.
You too.
Using an innocent woman as bait--
Unscrupulous coward!
None of you deserves to live.
What are you talking about?
Get them!
No need to hurry.
It only makes your time come sooner.
You dare turn on me?
Is that you, Matsu?
The fight is over.
Go now.
Where did she go?
This feels like trouble.
Where could she be?
They didn't hurt you, did they?
I'm so glad
you got away from them.
- Hisa.
- Hisa?
We've got to get you out of here
right away.
You betrayed us!
Is that you, Jingoro?
I can't let you live either.
- Ichi!
- Matsu.
Take her to the ferry at Matsudo.
This will cover her fare.
A woman shouldn't witness
an ugly scene like this.
Wait a second!
Never mind.
Go on now, hurry!
Get him!
What's taking him so long?
- Do you think he is all right?
- Don't worry.
So you're the one
he was talking about.
What did he say?
Say, why did he give us money
for the ferry?
I hope you make someone
a good wife.