Zero Bridge (2008) Movie Script

Mommy, l know it's been a long time
since l wrote you.
l am going to school and
doing very well.
Every morning l get up early,
and write my to- do list... you taught me.
My love for you will never end.
Hey, what are you doing here?
- l am waiting.
- For who?
- My cousin is coming.
- lt's illegal to stand here.
l didn't realize that.
We have orders to shoot on sight.
l didn't know that, sir.
Show some identification.
Fine, but you have to go now.
- What's two more minutes?
He'll be here.
- Meet him over there.
- Just two minutes, sir.
- That's it. Now go!
Either on that side or that one.
- They won't let me stand anywhere.
You know him?
Yes, sir.
He's my cousin, sir.
ldiot could get shot here!
- l'm taking him to school.
- This is no place to wait!
- Okay, sir...he was mistaken.
- Don't stop here! Just go!
What are you saying?
No way you could pick pockets!
Why do you think l can't?
- What crap. You're just a kid!
- l've got lots of experience.
You're full of shit, kid.
Just give me one chance.
Leave jewelry in the bag,
give me the cash.
Found a phone.
We'll sell it.
Never throw away chocolate!
Found a passport.
Show me.
Can we sell it?
Too risky, toss it...
let's move.
How much for this?
Are you usually such a pig?
What are you writing?
l like to stay organized.
- What's happening?
- Just a minute.
Where are you going?
Wait for me.
l'll be right back.
Want some?
- So you're going then?
- Yeah.
- Where's the rest?
- What rest?
- Lunch and bus fare?
- Exactly.
l busted my ass for chump change?
Welcome to the work force.
lt's your first day.
l could've made more elsewhere!
Maybe you should go elsewhere.
But you just sat there!
So? That's how l teach.
- ls this really it?
- What did you expect, kid?
lf you ever touch me again...
...l will slap the hell out of you.
Hear what l said?
Wise- ass punk!
- l told you don't touch me!
- Don't push me!
Whoa! What's all this?
Where's your lD? Your address?
That's your scooter?
- Yes, sir.
Let's see the papers.
These are expired!
Why yes, sir.
What's this for?
- Please take it.
- What do you call this?
Where do you think you're going?
- Hello, sir.
- Move it.
- Get in.
- You want me to sit there?
- Where else then?
- But what about the rats?
No harm adding two more rats.
- Move it!
- But there's rats in there!
Hi Mom...just writing again to let you
know how l've been doing.
You may have heard people say l've
done some bad things.
People here change like the weather,
so l'll set the record straight for you.
l am going to school.
And l am just fine there.
And l hope you will forgive me for
what l am.
- Sir, l am here to see the officer.
- What for?
Yesterday you arrested a boy
from Brein...
That's where l'm from, too.
Wait here. l'll tell him.
Sir, somebody here from Brein says he
knows someone we arrested.
- When?
- Yesterday, sir. He wants to see you.
Make him wait a while.
Tell Saqib to send in that guy
who wanted to see me.
Yes, sir.
Hello, sir.
That guy is here for you.
Send him.
Come in.
- What's his name?
- Dilawar.
- What's your relation?
- l am his Uncle.
- Your form, please.
- Yes, sir.
- Ali Mohammed.
- Yes, sir.
Your last name and Dilawar's
don't match. Why is that?
Well sir, it's because he was adopted by
my sister- in- law.
She got him from the hospital,
For a while my brother
took care of him.
When they started having
their own kids...
...he asked me to leave him somewhere.
But then she asked me to take him
""Could he come live with you?""
So, l took care of him.
- Why isn't she sitting here?
- How, sir? They live in Delhi now.
lf something happened,
would she come?
- No way, sir.
- When did he run away from home?
He left home around
two or three weeks ago.
Why wait three weeks to
look for him?
We tried, sir. But we couldn't find him.
He comes and goes as he likes,
returns in the evening...
...but three weeks went by and
he never showed up.
- Doesn't he go to school?
- Yes, he was.
- What happened?
- He studied up to the ninth level.
l took him out last month
to work on my masonry crew.
He's learning that life is work, and
work is a blessing.
- Did you know about Dilawar's diary?
- Yes sir.
He keeps it with him.
We went through it.
He writes about what he's done, where
he's going...and so on.
And, he mentions that
he's going to Delhi.
Any idea why Delhi?
Did you get a look at Dilawar outside?
- Yes, sir.
- Did you see the other guy with him?
- l did, sir.
- Do you know who he is?
- No, sir.
- Well, this guy outside...Mohsin...
- Yes, sir?
He's committed
some serious robberies before.
Quite a bad record, actually.
Reviewing his file, l can see that
Dilawar has no prior arrests...
...and yet they had a lot of cash and
some hot items on them.
So what do you want from me?
- lf you could kindly release him...
l'm a poor man. l need the money.
...l can't break the law, okay?
lf the investigation declares him a
thief then he will remain in jail.
lf not, then he can go.
- Okay, sir.
No one is released from jail
until proven innocent.
You'll just have to wait.
lt was in my bag, which was stolen
while l was at the market...
- And what is your occupation?
- l had been studying physics.
l see.
When your passport was stolen, why
didn't you file a police complaint?
l told you l already
went through all that.
- What did you say your name was?
- Bani Sheikh.
- Age?
- Twenty- eight.
Twenty- eight.
- What is your home address?
- l live in Raj Bagh District.
Okay look, l'll give you this form
so you can re- apply... get a new passport. Okay?
- Fine.
You need to fill out this form...
and then...
...two other witnesses must sign, plus
your parents' authorization.
Can l avoid that last part?
l'm sorry...
there is no other way out.
Fine then...just give me the form.
You expect me to release him, no?
We see a lot of bad apples.
l interview every one myself.
You're telling me
he's a good kid at heart.
ln my experience a punk can
turn himself around.
But keep your eye on him. l am
releasing him on my name. Clear?
All right then...
You are free to go now.
Want to hear the news?
Yesterday in Pakistan, the national
cricket team coach was murdered.
So, it's saying that in Pakistan
the cricket coach is dead.
Terrorist Attack
in Red Square District...
...Two were injured, three killed.
Says there was a terror attack near Red
Square. Two hurt, three dead.
- So where you been the last month?
- Doing time.
- What for?
- l met some prowler...
...and he showed me stuff, but we
got pinched.
- Get the hell out of here!
- l swear.
Me and this punk lifted stuff...
...but l did the heavy lifting while
he tried to rip me off... l bitch slapped him,
but some cop saw me...
...took us to the can and
they saw the hot items in my bag.
- So did you learn how to pull?
- Of course.
- Wait, who or him?
- Me.
- So you got fast hands now?
- Yup.
- Bullshit!
- Get up and l'll show you.
Show us your stuff, bitch.
You won't believe how fast l am.
Man, this guy is so full of it!
Wait, where's my wallet?
- Whoa! This guy is a future Don!
- l didn't even feel him take it!
- Teach us to lift, too!
- Sure, l'm a pro now. does this mean you're back
in the homework business again?
- l charge thirty rupees each.
- Come on!...Make it twenty!
- Okay fine...give it to me.
- We're always getting hassled for it.
Homework out for him.
lt's great to have you back again.
How many, Fahad?
l got five pages.
- Put me down: Towfeeq...three pages.
- Write: Bilal.
l'll pay next week.
Wait, who just gave me fifty?
- Me...the ten was his.
- How can we trust this prick?
l know! He's a tough guy now!
So did your friend
get out of jail too?
No, he's still in there.
So how did you get free so quickly?
- My uncle sprang me.
- Do your parents know?
Does your brother still own that
What ""bookstore""?
What do you need?
- l have a ""book"" to sell.
- What kind?
- lt's a travel book.
What's your address?
B.M. Cotton Textiles, Srinagar.
How much will this cost me?
Hold on.
lt will cost you 2000 rupees.
- 2000?
- Yes.
Any discounts?
l gave you one already.
2000 is a good price.
- Your last offer?
- will arrive in a week.
- One week?
- Yes.
Go prepare the rice,
it's getting late.
Now you try. Hold the trowel,
go across the bricks.
- Straight away?
- Turn it around.
Put it here.
Here, do it.
No, this it like that.
Look, don't just fling the cement.
Bring that rope here.
Lift it up...Up!...
Bring it here.
Ali, don't let that idiot,
do it yourself.
l already said more cement!
How many damn times must
l show you?
Work faster!
Hey Zahoor! How are you doing?
See the condition of the houseboats
since you vanished?
lf you want to work here again, l expect
a real commitment. Got it?
- Yeah, fine.
- Just listen for once.
Stop acting like such an asshole!
Start cleaning this one.
""Uncle, cabbage costs
twenty rupees less!""
""Uhh...l'm not good at addition!""
""Doesn't Meena go to school everyday?""
""She does. Her self- esteem is good
because her marks are good!""
No more excuses,
it's overdue!
Look, l'm running a business here.
What, asshole?!
Drink up.
We'll be late for work.
But it's early.
We have to make a phone call.
- Hi, how are you?
- Fine, you?
We need to use your phone.
Get in.
lt's ringing.
Hello, sir?
Hello, How are you?
You all right? Fine?
l'm fine...yes, sir...fine.
Definitely, sir.
We poured the slab yesterday.
But the weather's been bad,
it's caused problems.
lt's not ready yet.
The other masons want their money
before finishing the tile work.
Courier the payment
contracts over right away.
How's Rehanna doing?
She's fine?
Ask her to give him the
courier address.
Yeah, great...
l'm doing really, really great.
l go to school, yes.
Yes, it's very good.
What's the address?
Yeah, l wrote it down.
Give me the phone.
- Everything is fine here.
- Give it to me.
Okay then...right, yes.
Give it!
Hello?...How are you, sir? Fine?
Yes, sir...l have to drop him off
at school now.
Right, right...Okay, goodbye.
- Nobody's here?
- The girl is restarting the power.
On the Srinagar
highway yesterday...
Pompore militants lobbed a grenade...
...killing one woman and wounding 55
people, including one policeman...
Rescue workers say injuries
are serious...
...but the grenade was meant for a
security convoy...
...but it blew up on the road.
- Can l help you?
- l'm sending my resume to college.
- How much is it, ma'am?
- Just one minute.
- 900 rupees.
- Any discounts?
- 900 is a discount rate.
- Any student discounts?
Fine... let's say 850 then.
And where to?
To the Aeronautics Dept.
Hyderabad College.
- And what's your address?
- University of Kashmir, Hazratbal.
Here's your receipt.
Who was next?
Weren't you?
Ma'am, l'm sending this to Bhopal.
How much?
- 1500 rupees.
- Okay, fine.
- l'm so sorry!
- Why the hell would they be closed?
- Please! l'm not lying!
- Where did you leave the contracts?
My brother needs me to sign them!
l told you a hundred times!
- No one was at the office!
- Your mother may have left you here...
...but your ass is mine now!
l own you!
Tomorrow morning you're going back
there to get them... or else!
Mom, why did you leave me? Why can't
you come back for me?
No sir... don't worry!
We'll finish the house on time...
yes, sir...
Dilawar created a little problem.
Here, you tell him.
Hey, how's it going...
No, they weren't there when
l went...
Yeah... it was all my fault...
but l'll go right back...
Yeah...hey, is Rehanna there?
Yes, you wish.
Can't you do better for
only ten shawls?
2500 and that's final.
Twenty- five!
l made a discount already and now l'm
making another. Satisfied?
Here, take your receipt.
Thanks. Bye.
Can l help you?
My labor contract papers
were supposed to come in.
No problem. l'll have a look.
Here you go.
What's that? Homework?
You are doing homework, aren't you?
Whatever...pass that to me.
So, what level are you in?
- Ninth.
- Ninth?
But you seem young for that,
You were here the other day, right?
What the hell is your problem, lady?
Why are you so interested in who l am
and what l do?
l'm sorry, l thought you were Mr.
Guleshan's nephew. His wife is sick.
Anyway, l'm sorry l bothered.
Look, if l was rude...
...these papers are for my uncle.
l work with him in construction.
By the way, my name is Dilawar.
l'm Bani.
Here, take this!
Give him more homework!
Count it first,
make sure it's all there.
- Today l'm only taking one page each.
- What! Why?
l'm busy.
Well, l got two pages.
Take this...and this...and this...
Take this, too.
- No, l can't. That's it.
- l said take it now!
- No, that's final!
- Here...
- Didn't you hear me?
- Huh? What is it?
Why didn't you answer me?
What are you doing back there?
- Cleaning.
- Well you made it look like shit.
Start dinner. l'm starved.
Sign it here.
Here too.
What does this say right here?
Who gets paid how much...
sign here.
Fill out the rest when you go back.
- Why not fax it to them?
- No. They want the originals.
They're closed Sunday.
Who will pay for this?
You pay. l'll reimburse you.
But they're closed tomorrow.
Then go the day after!
Here, take this...enjoy yourself.
l want you to learn only good things.
Time to forget the past.
You have to learn how to be good.
This is a shirt for when
your mother will be here.
And whenever my brother invites
us, this is what you will wear.
This is what you should wear to
any special occasion.
Yes, sir.
Hey Dilawar...
...when your mother Rehanna visits to
see their new house...
...l want you on your best
behavior. And dress well, too.
Yes, sir.
And promise me that we won't have a
problem again, about those kids...
...because you aren't taking their
homework for money anymore, right?
You listening?
No, sir.
There's nothing like that going on.
But the mail truck only comes by
once a week... you'll need to return in a
week, to check the delivery status.
You're not listening.
- Yes, l am.
Do you need some help with that?
Let's see here,
what's the first question...
See what l just did?
- Yes.
- Understand?
- Yes.
Second question, solve for X...
That's the answer.
Got it?
Would you look at all this
homework for me?
We got more homework
now than ever!
- Today, l'll take it all.
- Really? Why?
- l'm finally able to handle it.
- What happened?
l got myself an assistant.
Oh man, you're something else.
pile more homework on him!
What a clever prick.
Who else has homework?
- Did you tell your brother about me?
- Go see him in a few days.
But wait for me to let you
know first.
- How much could l get for it?
- That's his call.
What's in the bag?
Personal things.
Leave it out here.
Let's go.
- Doing ok?
- Fine.
What can l do for you?
Didn't Towfeeq say l was coming?
Right, right.
What can l do for you?
Here is what l have...
God broke the mold when
he made her, huh?
So what do you want from me?
How much can l get for it?
- l can give you 2000 rupees.
- That's not very much.
The cops are onto us
all the time now... limits how much
we can get for these.
The market is tough right now.
l hope you understand.
Still, 2000 is not much.
We have to cover our expenses...
That's just how the business works.
Towfeeq told me to
go to his brother...
...that he would treat me well.
And because you are
like a brother to me...
...l will give you 2500 rupees.
l'll take it.
Give him 2500 rupees.
- No problem.
- Time to go.
Let's go. Stop wasting time.
Let's go.
What's your problem? Take your money,
get the hell out of here!
Definitely...yes, we have a
vacancy...very cute.
l have some things to do.
l'll call you right back.
Drop that. Those tourists
want a ride in the gondola.
Go and show them
Really be on your best with them.
- And what about the firewood?
- l said leave it.
Just go show them
something special.
- But their bathwater will be cold.
- Stop arguing! Just do it!
Aren't l right?
Why not take them enough
money for the boat?
Hey, how are you? Fine?
- Hey, are you hungry?
- Are you?
Let's go out...get something to eat.
Okay. Let's go.
There's never any business on
Saturdays anyway.
- Let's just eat downstairs.
- No, no...their food is really bad.
Dilawar, would you like tomatoes with
your eggs?
Hey...whose chess game is this?
Would you like to play a game with me?
- lf you teach me how.
- No problem. l'll show you.
So if you've never played
this before...
This is the Rook, which moves straight
this way, or like this. See?
Still with me?
This piece is the Bishop. lt moves like
this or this...
lt can't go straight...
see that?
- What about this piece?
- The Queen goes anywhere she wants.
Okay...why don't you just start?
- This one goes two spaces?
- Right, it can go two...
...and now l'm moving it
one space...
l won.
So where did you
learn to play chess?
From my physics professor.
Probably the only guy in Kashmir who
knows how to play chess!
Actually...she was a woman.
- Really? A woman?
- l had her when l was in America.
- You've been to America?
- Yes, l have.
l was studying there.
l had a job too. lt was so...
lt was great...
l felt so free.
l remember those days so clearly.
l miss them so much...
l really want to go back, but when my
passport got stolen...
l felt as if l had lost everything...
l want to go back so badly.
But how can l now?
Okay, listen...
l have to leave now.
Stay, stay!
l'll teach you the game.
- No, l suck at this.
- Don't worry! l'll teach you.
- Not today.
- All right then.
- Okay...goodbye then.
- Goodbye.
Meet my friend Dilawar.
Dilawar is a friend who is interested
in traditional Kashmiri music.
He is unlike the kids of his age.
He has been a bit grumpy lately...
...l thought maybe some Kashmiri
music would cheer him up.
Should we start?
Mr. Niyaz...
How are you? Where are you going?
- l came to see you.
- What's wrong?
- l need some advice from you.
- What for?
lt's regarding a woman.
How to Meet an Older Woman...
Step One...Say Hello...
And what's after hello...
marry me?
ls that right?
No, no, no...that's all wrong...
Step Two...shake hands first.
Step Three, then talk about marriage.
Well, well!
Two lovebirds sitting in the tree?
What's on the card?
How do you tell a lady
you're interested?
l'll show you.
All l know is how to make lists.
- What's it say?
- ""Step One, Say Hello""...huh?
What the hell?
This is all wrong, man...
Then teach me.
l'll show's easy.
First you must say 'Hello'.
Very important. 'Hello'.
And l see
you already wrote that part.
But, guess how many times...
- How many?
A thousand.
Get the hell out of here!
You want my expert advice or not?
ln a rush, try the shortcut...just say
""good evening"" fifty times.
Then l'm telling you..
something will happen.
That's because one ""good evening"" is
actually worth fifty ""hellos"".
- Just by saying one ""good evening'?
- Yeah, just one 'Good Evening'.
When you say 'Good Evening'... have to see her reaction.
And if she agrees to shake your hand...
...then she thinks you're hot.
- ls that it?
- Yes, that's it.
- l'll be right back.
- Hurry, the tourism office is closing.
Hello!...Boy, you scared me!
How are you doing?
Haven't seen you in a while.
Everything okay?
- May l borrow your pen?
- Sure. Go ahead.
ls the homework ready?
l've been at it for a while.
l came to pick it up.
My boss is waiting downstairs.
Just take it then...
there's only a bit left.
- Where did you get this music?
- ln America, my physics professor...
Now it's my favorite.
- Yeah, it's good.
- l listen to it all the time now.
- l heard this in a video game once.
lt's my absolute favorite.
Dilawar? What's taking so long? l'm
waiting to go to the Tourism Center.
l told you to wait for me
l was but we're late now!
l'm sick of waiting!
You haven't even introduced us yet.
Who is she?
This is Bani...
Bani, meet Zahoor.
- Well, hello there...
- Please sit.
Dilawar basically works for me, and... probably haven't heard, but
l have my own travel agency...
...with houseboats.
...and so,
that's where he works...for me.
is he causing you any trouble?
Oh, not at all.
He's such a smart kid. have you finished
whatever you were doing?
- Almost.
- What are you doing, anyway?
Just some math homework.
Ah, math...
yes he is very clever at that.
He can already do up to twelve grade
math levels...
...and makes a lot of money at it.
That's nice of you to help him earn.
Huh? How do you mean?
l'm just's great that
two of us help this guy make money.
What do you mean by ""earning""?
He means that he keeps me
really busy and so l earn a lot...
...that's all he means.
- What ""money"" is he talking about?
- l'm just saying this is one smart guy.
Are you making money from this?
Nothing wrong with making money! lt's
very smart of him to work...
...and that's what l meant.
He's a really clever kid.
He sure is...
...making his money off my work!
Get out.
Trying to kill me?!
Your bowling's a little off, no?
Hey, what the hell are you doing?
ls this any way to play?
Go buy bread.
- l need money then.
- l'm broke...say you'll owe them.
Don't you have your own money?
- What are you looking for?
- l lost my diary.
- What?
- l lost my diary.
Where did you put it?
l'll help you look.
- lt should be here somewhere.
- What?
Where did you put it?
l buried it in a hole outside.
Maybe a dog took it.
Only dogs dig holes.
Keep looking then.
What did you promise me?
That you wouldn't do any more
homework for those kids? Was that it?
But you don't care about
anybody except yourself, do you? got our homework or
Your homework got stolen.
What the hell are you saying?
Ahh...he's joking.
Look, it was my Uncle.
He got all my money, too.
- What will we tell the Madame?
- Make her understand.
- That tough bitch won't buy that!
- Neither will our fathers!
What are we
supposed to tell them?
What can l do now?
Hey don't push me!
No, you shouldn't push me!
l'm pissed and l could snap!
Make me back off, bitch.
- How did he even get the homework?
- l guess he went into my bag.
- Let's take his ass to the cops!
- What about the homework?
- l said put your hands down.
- Come on, let's not fight!
You better step away from me.
- Why should l?
- Don't touch me, l'm your friend.
- Bilal, let him go!
We're going to give you three days to
get back our homework...
...or else we're turning you in
to the cops to get our money back.
Three days, got it?
What are you doing here?
Just in the neighborhood.
And l also came to say l'm sorry.
There's nothing l hate more than liars.
Well, l also came to say goodbye.
Where are you going?
Delhi, maybe.
l might be going there also.
My professor's husband has a house
there. They said l could visit anytime.
Maybe we'll run into each other.
How about a last handshake?
Don't be like everybody else...
You're too smart.
l have to run now.
Hey there he is!
Get that bastard!
Got the money yet?
Check his pockets!
Grab it! Grab it!
Get his cap! Any money?
This pig's got nothing on him!
He's got no money?
Voting Commission announced that
polling was held without any fear...
...and that voting would
continue despite...
...murder of Congressman
Maurya three days earlier...
This piece is the Rook...and that's
the Knight...and the Bishop...
This can go in this direction...
or in that it?
And you can also move it like...
come on, watch TV later.
lt can go like this...
but the Knight jumps.
Or like this, or like this...
And the Queen can move in any
direction. Got everything so far?
No, l think you're watching TV.
Now, those ones can move two steps
first and then step.
Don't you have
some housework to do?!
Stop wasting time and
go make the rice!
Fine. Leave it.
Dear Mommy...
No matter where l go, people treat
each other like dogs.
What makes us such
selfish animals?
Mommy, l don't want to be
an animal anymore...
...but how will l survive now?
Haven't you been here before?
People used to tell me...
""Trade the bastard to the orphanage.""
Back when your mother left.
l told them they were wrong...
so l didn't.
That was the biggest mistake of my life.
One kilogram.
l'll take it.
What should she do now?
She has to come here to pick up
this form.
And she must bring eight passport- sized
photographs and she also...
...needs to get it stamped with the
Attested Stamp of the Gazette Officer...
But be sure to fill out the
form carefully.
Any mistakes and it will be
How much time will that take?
l'd say about four months.
Then let's drop it.
Your uncle is coming here later.
Can l come in my dear?
- How are you? Am l disturbing?
- Not at all.
By the Grace of God,
you've gotten so big!
How are you?
- Fine, fine.
Your cousin Waseem
really wants to meet you.
l think you two will
be very happy together.
l've spoken to your mother.
We've made all the arrangements.
l'll be leaving Srinagar in a few days
and heading back to Jammu.
So you should be ready to leave.
- l'll leave you then.
- Goodbye.
- Did you talk to her?
- Yes.
- What did she say?
- Nothing. She's just shy...
l don't understand
what's wrong with her.
Ever since she came back home
she just hasn't been her old self here.
Don't worry.
Everything will work out just fine.
How are you?
Long time, no see.
Why the long face?
What happened to you?
Why don't you tell me what's wrong?
Look, l just want the labor contracts.
All right.
Here you go.
- Want to get a cup of tea tonight?
- No...l'll be late.
No problem then.
Good evening.
Then again, maybe we should
sometime soon.
That's a nice shirt you're wearing.
Thank you.
l didn't think you would keep
our date for today.
l had a big board meeting,
but how could l miss this?
- Why do you look so sad?
- No reason.
l know your Uncle beats you
and yells at you...
...but that's just his way of
caring about you.
He was a boy too, once. Somebody
must have yelled at him once...
...and l'm sure
he loves you very much.
l've had about all of his love
l can stand.
Dear Mom...
this morning she told me...
...that she is getting married...
...because her Uncle has decreed it
for her.
...and that she plans to
escape in the morning...
...while everyone else is still asleep.
Will you write to me or call me
from your new place?
Of course! Why wouldn't l?
But that's what everybody says.
No, l will call you,
and also write.
Well, since you've made up
your mind about it...
...l wish you good luck on your journey.
You're very sweet.
Look...running away from home
never really works out...
l know this from experience.
What if...
you could ride to Delhi with me?
They have an extra room there...
...and you could stay
as long as you want.
l could just tell them...
you're my cousin.
Believe me, l've run away before.
l can't repeat that mistake anymore.
lt's probably best to
just deal with life...
...rather than rush towards
another dead end.
l have enough savings
for the both of us...
That is, until you could get back on
your feet again...
lt wouldn't be hard to live
cheaply.'s not a good idea
for a woman to travel alone.
Would we go by road or
by rail?
We'd go by road.
So, just remember to pack light.
ln the morning,
we should meet at Zero Bridge.
That sounds good.
Afrooza! Houmira! Wake up! Sister Bani
is going somewhere! With a bag!
She has a bag with her!
What do you have in it?
Sister Bani, where are you going?
What's in your bag?
Momma! Wake up!
- Where do you think you're going?
- l'm leaving here.
Get your hands off me!
Where you going?
- l'm leaving this place.
- Ah, here we go again!
And where is it now?
You think it's just that easy, huh?
And what's all this?
What are these for?
Now where are you going?
You never listen!
Stubborn punk does as he wants!
Nobody can tell you a damn thing!
Where you going?
What's this?
Tell us where you're going?
Did something happen?
Where are you going?
Where were you going so early?
Do you have a problem with us?
ls that it?
Trying to run off?
We demand to know right now!
How could you do this to us?
Okay, okay. l'm sorry.
Come here.
Let's go.
Please just forgive me.
- Forgive you?
You expect me to go back?
Forgive you? How?
- Please, can't you?
Enough...let's go back, huh?
- Yeah? Where?
- lnside, you and me.
- Why?
- Come on...please forgive me.
- No, l'm leaving!
- l told you to come here.
- l said no!
- Get back inside!
- Back in there?
More of that?
So l can be like you?
l want more from life!
To go to school, be something!
- Please, l'm so sorry...
- Forgive you for what?
And be a slave? Fetch your tea and
wave around a trowel like you?
So get in your castle and have a seat!
- Wait, where will you go?
- l'm leaving.
Truly, l'm sorry. But if you leave,
none of this is yours anymore.
- Do you really mean that?
- Absolutely.
Then it's all yours.
Hey, stop!
ls Bani here?
No, she isn't here...
why, what is this?
Where is she?
She is with her Uncle.
Where did she go?
l just told you she went with
her Uncle!
What the hell is wrong with you?
Get lost, punk!
Hey, what's going on?
- What are you doing?
- Waiting.
No one is allowed! Move!
lf somebody stands here
we throw him in jail.
- Just two more minutes!
- Can't stay here, kid.