Zero Contact (2022) Movie Script

You often hear people say
things like, "Life is strange."
But I don't think
it's quite as strange
as people think it is,
because coincidences
are not as prevalent
as we are led to believe.
Now, our time on this planet
is far more rooted
in cause and effect
than any of us believe.
And the ancient civilizations
knew it,
conscious of
an interconnectedness
that binds us.
But if we are connected,
why are we so far apart?
Cause and effect?
Ones and zeroes?
But what are
the ones and zeroes?
Just an invention?
A means of distinguishing
between a single something
and multiple somethings?
Someone had to invent numbers
to make sense of it.
What if those
ancient philosophers,
mathematicians, astronomers
knew things
most of us don't know?
And those things
are kept secret from us?
What if we only sense
that we are bound together
in this experiment
called humanity,
but the real connection
is not there?
What if there is
a grid of energy
that stretches
from pole to pole?
I've discovered that this
is the singular truth
if not of this universe
then certainly of this world.
The course I took
to figure it out
was an arduous one,
and the twists and turns
while in the midst of them,
seem to be,
as they say, strange.
But such is life.
[clock ticking]
Despite nearly three decades
as a public figure
of some renown,
Finley Hart
remains somewhat of an enigma.
[man] Hart Enterprises
was at the forefront
of technological advances
such as microprocessors,
personal computers,
and the creation
of the internet,
and in the 1980s,
moved their headquarters
to a sprawling new campus
in Northern California.
Finley Hart always considered
Hart a family business,
and hired his sister Rebecca
to head up
the analytics department.
In 1983,
Rebecca would introduce Finley
to Samantha Hart,
a systems engineer
who would later marry...
[woman 2]
As former employees alleged,
he has a mercurial personality.
Hakan Nordquist,
the Chairman of the Board
for Hart Enterprises,
and close friend
of its founder,
dismisses such allegations.
That's bullshit.
What can I say?
Okay, is Finley driven?
He's driven to innovate,
to move forward,
to excel, to achieve.
Is he tough to work for?
But what boss isn't?
Thank you very much.
...after renowned software
developer Samantha Hart
has passed away...
Mrs. Hart had suffered
a troubled pregnancy
and her son was born
six weeks premature.
Though now is in
stable condition.
The industry has been
rocked by news
that Finley Hart
of Hart Enterprises
has been ousted
from the technology firm
he founded 34 years ago
in Seattle.
[woman] The Hart Enterprise's
board of directors
was reportedly
blindsided by news
that Mr. Hart
had diverted company funds
to finance a secretive project
called the
Quantinuum Initiative.
Details are sketchy
on just what
the Quantinuum
Initiative entailed.
[woman] Continued allegations
from a former developer
for Hart Enterprises
who claims some familiarity
with the Quantinuum Initiative.
[man] Every app he created
or financed
was designed
to collect user data.
The more, um, popular apps
allowed Finley through
the Quantinuum Initiative
to seize control
of user cameras.
Ex-billionaire Finley Hart
has reportedly passed away
due to complications
from kidney failure.
...wife died
while giving birth in 1992,
he's survived by
his sister Rebecca
and his son, Samuel Hart.
Again, our top story tonight,
Finley Hart
is watching us no more.
[alarm beeping]
[girl] Mom, get up.
[mom groans]
Mom, get up.
Get up.
Are you just now getting home?
[girl] Yes.
You can yell at me later, okay?
- You have a call, remember?
- What?
- Here.
- Shit.
[static crackles]
Jeez, Phil, one minute
you're swinging your dick
talking about what kind
of a big shot you are,
next minute
you're crying poverty.
I don't think
you understand me, Trevor.
My needs changed.
And if you can't keep up,
I will not pay the balance
of your fee.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Slow down there, cowboy.
Breathe, breathe. Okay.
You listening?
- Yeah, I'm listening.
- Good.
Now, we had an agreement,
and in that agreement
was a deadline.
Now you asked me
to do you a favor.
- Look, I don't need a recap.
- Well, you're getting one.
Now, in that favor, you asked us
to move the deadline.
Now, I'll meet that deadline.
If you got some personal issues
that left you cash-strapped,
look, I feel for you, bro,
but if you think that you can
demand that I finish tonight,
and threaten
to withhold my funds
because you think
I'm some kind of nerd
that you hired off
you got another thing coming,
my friend.
I can't move the deadline.
And may I ask why?
Yes, you may, Phil,
because it's date night.
[man on device
speaking foreign language]
- Good morning, Ms. Schultz!
- Morning.
- How are you today?
- Next time you schedule
a conference call
at the crack of dawn for me
my hourly rate will double.
Haven't you heard?
In early risings,
there are blessings
and success?
I need to make one thing
clear and understood
before the others hop on.
I work for you.
I want the deal
that works for you.
- Certainly.
- However, I will not be
- dragged into any kind of--
- I would not drag you
into anything that you
did not feel comfortable.
Let me finish.
On the call yesterday,
you second-guessed me
and it makes us both look bad.
I am the attorney.
If I make a suggestion
it's with
your best interest in mind.
I understand.
I regret that I let my temper
get the better of me.
- Good.
- You have my assurances
this will not happen again.
So say it.
I need you to say it.
Say, "Veronica,
you're the attorney. I'm not."
Veronica, you are the attorney.
I am not.
Thank you.
- Was that so difficult?
- [chuckles]
[doorbell rings]
[static crackles]
[knocking on door]
[birds chirping]
[man on device]
Uh, Schultz, are you with us?
[Omar] I never agreed to that,
and I never will!
[man] Can you get your client
to stop yelling?
- [Omar] I'm not yelling.
- [man] Ms. Schultz?
Look, I'm a nice guy.
I'm not trying to--
Gentlemen, stop, I'm sorry.
We'll have to
pick this up later.
I have to deal with a matter
of urgent concern.
- [static crackles]
- [knocking on door]
[knocking continues]
Who is it?
[knob turns]

[man speaking foreign language]
[exhales sharply]
[static crackling]
[woman] Urgent enough
to skip out on this?
Apparently so.
Look, just hang out there,
it shouldn't take long.
Oh, baby.
You're not even looking at me.
- Oh.
- [chuckles]
Taylor... it's about Finley.
[sighs] Oh, okay.
Well, I'll be waiting for you.
I can't wait to see you.
I can't wait to see you, too.
[roars softly]
Hey, babe. How you doing?
Good. I just got here and my mom
is already driving me nuts.
- [laughs]
- How's my boy?
Oh, you know what?
I'm doing good. I'm doing good.
- I meant our son.
- I know.
He's-- he's doing really good.
Uh, hey, though,
where did you get that picture
of me and Finley
and Aunt Rebecca,
the one that's hanging
in the nursery?
I didn't even know you had
a picture of you and your dad.
Somebody put it up, babe.
It wasn't me.
It wasn't me, either.
You said you wanted
to see him again, so I--
- Yeah, so I could tell him
what a shit dad he was.
- [baby crying]
Oh, I thought he was
down for the night.
Take me there.
I wanna see him.
[computer voice]
Please complete the two-factor
authorization steps
on the authenticator app.
If you do not have
the authenticator--
Thank you, Mr. Matsuda.
[Sam] He's sleeping peacefully.
Uh, for now.
Oh, and here's
the photo of Finley
I was telling you about.
Okay, babe. I got to go.
Love you.
I love you, too, babe.
Well, uh,
science is not creative, is it?
It's, uh, rigid fact-based,
uh, but art, by its very nature,
is, uh, creatively-based.
And, uh,
what is creativity?
Well, oftentimes, creativity
is about connection, is it not?
I mean, take for instance this,
uh, ubiquitous thing.
Uh, the first cell phone
simply connected two,
uh, specific ideas, uh,
or the existing ideas,
the phone and radio waves.
And later, the internet
and the cell phones
led to the creation
of the smart phone.
And, uh, the functioning
of these devices
is based solely on
the aforementioned
science of radio waves,
you know,
information technology,
et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
But it took creative minds to,
uh, connect these scientific
principles in a-- a,
you know, practical,
um, user-friendly, uh...

State your name, title,
or former title for the group.
Title? I-- I don't have
a title or position.
Somebody wanna tell me
what the hell is going on here?
You're here because you
were chosen to represent
the Quantinuum
Contingency Group.
Joining you
are Trevor Williams,
former Chief Technology Officer
for the Quantinuum Initiative,
Veronica Schultz,
former outside counsel
for the Quantinuum Initiative,
Riku Matsuda,
former Chief Innovation Officer
for the Quantinuum Initiative,
and Hakan Nordquist,
Chairman of
the Board of Directors
for Hart Enterprises
which funded and disbanded
the Quantinuum Initiative.
Sam Hart.
Proxy for Finley Hart.
Hey, man,
it's been a minute, huh?
How you been?
I'm sorry.
Do we know each other?
Yeah, we met at the visitation
after, well, you know--
Sorry about your dad.
Must have been tough.
Thanks. But can we proceed?
Yeah, sure.
[host] Thank you.
Prior to his death,
Mr. Finley Hart
chose each of you
to be a part
of the reactivation plan.
[sighs] You're talking about
that machine, aren't you?
[host] Yes. Step one of
the reactivation protocol
has been completed.
What? Who--
who reactivated it?
[host] The purpose of this call
is not to ascertain
who took the initial step
towards reactivation,
but to complete
the reactivation
and therefore allow the machine
to become fully functional.
What is
the Quantinuum Initiative?
It doesn't matter what it is.
We were given
explicit information
and instruction what we should--
- No-- It matters to me.
- Why?
Maybe I met you at the funeral
or the visitation, okay?
Maybe I met all of you.
But I don't know any of you
and I certainly
didn't know Finley.
All I know is he lost control
of Hart Enterprises.
So, you'll excuse me
if I wanna know
a little bit more of why
the hell we're all here.
I mean, you clearly
all know each other.
I don't know any of these people
except the counselor.
Okay, we all worked for your
father in various capacities
over a span of maybe 20 years.
Our paths may
have crossed but no,
we are not well acquainted.
Yeah, were you
a part of his ouster?
Were any of you?
I voted in favor
of keeping him.
And then I was let go.
- He was a good man.
- If you say so.
So, what the hell
is the Quantinuum Project?
It's fringe science, Sam.
Alien contact, micro-technology,
artificial intelligence,
alien technology.
As I understand,
the biggest breakthroughs
were in displacement technology.
You mean like moving objects?
Like teleportation?
Exactly. Teleportation,
moving objects, people.
And, well, while Ms. Schultz
is correct to say
that the Quantinuum Initiative
saw the biggest breakthrough
in the field
of displacement technology,
it was also where we experienced
our biggest controversies.
The central aspect
of the project was the machine,
a device your father
developed in secret.
[static crackling]
Which theoretically would power
the technology we created.
Looks like somebody
didn't know pops
was into some weird shit, huh?
We need to get on with this.
Our instructions from Finley
were clear and--
We're missing someone.
Hakan, are you still with us?
Some lunatic is staring
right into my window.
Is it a chick pissed off
at you or a guy?
- Mr. Williams--
- Hey, I'm not judging.
Do you know him?
I don't know.
There's something strange
with his face.
He's, uh, dizzy.
Did you say dizzy?
Yeah, he's like, um, drunk.
Hey... [speaks foreign language]
Look at the lawyer
getting jumpy.
[speaking foreign language]
I'm sorry. I'm back.
Can we go on with this now?
I have a tight schedule today.
Oh, yeah, me, too.
But what you doing?
Well, that's none
of your business.
Host, can you please guide us
through the procedure?
[host] My pleasure.
Each of you should have
received a password.
You were told
to keep this password safe.
At this time,
please locate your password
and enjoy some music
while you wait.
This is one
of Finley Hart's favorites.
I hope you enjoy it.
["Escape (The Pia Colada Song)"
by Rupert Holmes playing]
[soft chuckle]
Sorry, I almost forgot
how weird Finley could be.
God, I love this song.
You okay, Veronica?
I'm fine.
Uh, sorry, uh...
I'll be right back.
Me, too.
[static crackles]
Ego. No.
But you have been labeled.
I have? Oh, God, I'll be.
Oh, I hope not.
Um, labels--
labels are so boring,
don't you think?
I mean, you know,
labels are the, um, uh,
the lazy people--
no, shall I say person?
The lazy person's way of,
uh, reducing the more
industrious person
to a-- a singular essence,
so to speak.
Or to a particular
character trait,
uh, you know, I'm saying?
Um, because, uh,
in my experience,
um, the persons I've met
or dealt with, um,
is far more complex,
far more complicated
than let's say, um--
Oh, I don't know,
hastily tagged on label,
uh, you know,
created by yet another
half-witted moron
sitting in the corner
of his office
scratching his balls
all day long
with his thumb stuck up
his inside of the ass,
you know what I mean?
["Escape (The Pia Colada Song)"
"You have been chosen.
the Quantinuum device."
- Are we sure about this?
- Sure about what part?
You were Finley's,
what, IT guy?
Uh, it's a tad more
complicated than that, dude.
Well, so--
so walk me through it.
All right.
You ever heard of
distributed ledger technology?
Blockchains, sure.
Yeah, I'm familiar.
You know, I--
I started with your dad--
When did Finley
start this thing,
the Quantinuum Project?
What, officially?
He talked about it for years.
I met him in grad school.
He was giving a lecture at MIT.
Said he came up with it
when his wife passed away.
- [door opens]
- So '92?
Yeah. I mean, he went all
over the world to find funding.
But he made it official
when he finished the lab
in 2008.
No, no, no, 2009. Yeah.
- Um, did you read this letter?
- We all read it.
And it doesn't scare
the shit out of any of you?
You don't trust
your father, do you?
I don't have a father.
Finley's, um,
he's a guy to me.
Ah... You're a lot like him.
I'm surprised his crazy ass
found five people he trusted.
Well, I knew him well,
and I trust him implicitly.
And don't call him crazy.
So, you--
you know him so well,
what's your best theory
on why he made me proxy?
Mr. Hart,
I know that your father
died with deep regret
that he didn't make
more of an effort to develop
a relationship with you.
Yeah. I bet he did.
Hey, just for the record,
I meant a good crazy, like,
- Finley, you crazy bastard.
- Sorry, I'm back.
- Oh, great.
- Yeah, let's just
get on with this.
I couldn't agree more.
Host, can you please remind us
of the procedure?
It would be my pleasure.
Has everyone found
their secure password?
- Yes.
- [host] Excellent.
At the bottom of the letter,
you will find the address
to a secure FTP site.
Please take a moment to log on.
If you like pia coladas
No. Just no.
Geez, Hakan, take your time,
why don't you, huh?
Shut up.
- It's-- it's case sensitive.
- Shut up.
- I'm in.
- [beeping]
[host] Excellent.
You now have
60 minutes to input.
Where-- where is he going?
I'm just getting my water
if that's okay with you.
He's back.
[speaking foreign language]
Ooh, gross.
[Veronica] What did he say?
[speaking foreign language]
He said that
asshole puked in the street.
That's exactly what I said.
What? I did a gap year
in Sweden.
[Sam] What's he doing?
[Sam] Hakan?
[static crackles]
[speaking foreign language]
He's gone.
- [Sam] What do you mean gone?
- [knocking on door]
[Sam] Hakan! Hakan?
[growling sound]
[Trevor] Dude's been gone
for five minutes.
Maybe he's getting
second thoughts.
Why would he
be having second thoughts?
- Shut up, Mr. Williams.
- No, answer my question.
He wouldn't be
getting second thoughts.
Mr. Hart, you'll have to
forgive Mr. Williams.
During his time
with Hart Enterprises,
Mr. Williams thought it wise
to supplement his income
as a sort of hacker for hire.
False. I never
thought it was wise.
[Veronica] In any event,
his actions created significant
liability issues
for Hart Enterprises,
and I was surprised your father
invited him back a year later.
Yeah. Invited me back,
and trusted me with this.
Does that surprise you, too?
Surprise isn't
strong enough a word.
Jesus. I get it.
Why would Hakan
be having second thoughts?
He wouldn't.
You're insinuating
or suggesting that, um...
a person can be, uh,
labeled in many ways,
is that right?
- [woman] Correct.
- Is that correct? It is, okay.
Wow. Golly gosh.
I'm sorry, old sport,
I had no idea
because, you know,
my ego is far too big,
far too, um, fragile to,
uh, read my paper clippings.
And, um, it's a habit
I kicked 30 years ago.
But what I do know about,
uh, people or persons
is that, uh, whatever they say
about me, is that, um,
it's either, um,
excessive praise,
which borders on sycophancy,
or just, uh,
venomous denunciation
which borders on,
uh, um, slander, you know?
The machine runs on
dark matter reactor.
M-- Meaning that its power
source interacts with gravity?
Yes, fundamentally,
but Finley found a way
to capture it
in a tachyon field.
A tachyon field?
How does it stabilize?
I don't know
what any of that means, but--
The tachyon field
must remain intact
or the anti-matter could expand
starting this-- this-- this
chain reaction.
That could cause a worldwide
electromagnetic event.
Yeah. Which could, in turn,
sheer the-- the electromagnetic
shield around the planet
allowing these massive amounts
of solar and cosmic radiation
to-- to-- to scorch
the surface of the earth.
Oh, is that all?
Riku, is that true?
[sighs] It's true.
That's a possibility, yes.
It was.
It was a source of much debate
within the Initiative.
And when the board
discovered that
Finley was doing--
They ousted him.
And all the stuff
that made the news,
and diversions of funds and--
It was itself a diversion.
[host] You now have
53 minutes to input the--
Hey, guys,
we're not alone
on this call.
- [Veronica] What?
- Yup.
Yeah, someone tapped
into the line.
[Veronica] How-- how come
we-- we can't see them?
- It's, uh--
look, I can't explain it.
- [Veronica] Well, give it a go.
Well, can you sum up
contract law in five seconds
in a way I can understand?
[Veronica] You sign a contract,
you abide by it.
Okay, bad example.
Can you tell where they--
they are?
No. No, but whoever it is,
they're really good.
- They're really--
- [static crackles]
Is that Hakan?
[Veronica] Hakan?
I don't know.
It appears that Mr. Nordquist
has disconnected.
- Please enjoy this music
until he's back online.
- [song playing]
Hey, you guys,
that was not Hakan.
- You don't know that!
- Is the song necessary?
- [host] Not at all.
- [music stops]
[phone vibrating]
Riku, what--
what are you doing? Riku.
Wait, just give me a minute.
Jesus, this is absurd.
- [man on phone] Hello.
- [Riku] Hey, Doug. It's me.
Me, who?
Riku Matsuda.
[whispering] Sorry.
When's the last time
you checked on the equipment?
Riku, the equipment is safe.
It's locked up,
I have eyes on it 24/7
I need you to check it!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Who do you
think you're talking to?
Sorry. I'm on a call with
the Quantinuum Contingency team.
Okay. Who are they?
I say the rest of us
input our codes
and be done with it.
- Hey, do we still
have a visitor?
- Yup.
Okay, so,
any luck figuring out
where they are,
who they are?
Oh, I was supposed to
do that, huh?
- Well--
- Couldn't hurt, could it?
It's coming from
inside the house.
[soft chuckle]
Just kidding.
Can you please
just check the equipment?
Come on,
I'll take you over there.
Jump onto FaceTime.
[Veronica] Mr. Matsuda.
[Riku] In a minute.
Well, as you would say nowadays,
um, it's all truth-adjacent,
shall we say,
or is it adjacent-truth?
I'm not sure.
But it's bit
of a conundrum, isn't it?
The point is
that none of these,
uh, the fealty and obeisance,
uh, thrown my way
has anything to with me,
but with my achievements.
And while there may be, uh,
kernels or seeds of truth
in, um, these, uh, allegations
or these accolades
or castigations,
um, no, I'm-- I'm sorry.
None of these define
exactly who I am.
[Doug] All right.
[rapid beeping]
[garage door whirring]
[Doug] No, no, no.
[whispering] What is it?
[Doug] Call the Foundation.
- Why?
- It's not here.
Call the Foundation,
right now.
Riku, it's gone.
It's empty. Look, it's empty.
Sorry. Is Hakan back?
- Negative.
- What are you doing?
I'm calling the Foundation.
What's the Foundation?
The Foundation oversees
- remaining corporate interests.
- Shit! No answer.
It's not a place of business.
They don't have working hours.
[Riku] Well, I thought
it was worth a shot.
And you made a valiant effort,
but we should have already
entered our passcodes.
Guys, I'll be right back.
[door handle turns]
What the hell is this?
Sorry about earlier.
If you say so,
Mr. Williams.
Look, me and Finley,
we're tight.
You knew that.
So were you really surprised
that I was one of,
uh, the chosen?
Mr. Williams,
you put the company at jeopardy
with your erratic behavior
and your dependence issues.
What time is it there again?
What if we punch in our codes?
Give it a whirl, sure.
[host] Access denied.
It's case sensitive.
You really are insufferable.
Still no answer
at the Foundation.
[host] Access denied.
May I ask why?
[host] When one or more
Contingency members
are signed, the system
will automatically lock down.
To override
the system lockdown,
please enter the 20-character
secure override password.
- Any ideas, Trevor?
- Twenty characters?
Might have to
think on that a minute.
[host] You have 50 minutes
to input the codes.
Would you like to listen
to music while you wait?
No. No, no, no.
We would not.
What on earth
are you laughing at?
Nothing. It's--
this is so Finley.
[Sam] "You will receive
a message on this phone.
Start the video
attached to the message."
[whispering] Hey, it's me.
So, anything?
There's no sign of forced entry.
And the outside alarm
wasn't triggered,
so whoever it was
had the passcode
to my entire security system.
Wait a second.
"Your legacy is yours
and yours alone."
Hey, counselor,
I'm really sorry
to change the subject
because I love talking about
what a piece of shit I am,
but I'm tracking this,
uh, secret caller...
[Trevor] I'm getting pinballed
all over the world here.
Hawaii, New York, Little Rock,
Dallas, Texas. No, wait--
Dallas, Georgia.
Did you guys know
there was a Dallas, Georgia?
[sighs] Mr. Williams.
Right, right.
So, look, the point is
right when I think I'm gonna
pin him down, I get rerouted.
[Riku] What is it?
Riku, I'm gonna
send you something...
...and you better
get a handle on it.
Call the Foundation.
Do it now.
- I did.
- Keep trying
until you get through.
[static crackles]
Oh, shit.
[gun cocks]
- Make the call. Do it now.
- Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Oh, shit.
- Oh, shit.
- What?
Did you know there was
a Los Angeles in Chile?
And rerouted again.
Oh, great. I was worried
I missed something.
Hakan's back up.
- Hey!
- [Riku speaks foreign language]
Forty-eight minutes remaining.
I'm not even gonna ask
what that was.
I think we should do
what it says.
- Abort mission. Game over.
- I couldn't agree more.
- [Trevor] Thank you.
- We can't.
- We made a commitment.
- Commitment?
Commitment my ass,
No one, I mean, no one
short of Finley Hart himself
can convince me--
We can't punch the code
in anyway.
Why not?
Because the system locks down.
Locks down tight,
requires 20-character password.
Wait, so--
so can you hack it?
Not in the 47 minutes
we have.
Trevor, uh,
I know you were loyal to Finley.
And I was, too.
He-- he taught me everything.
Everything I know,
but we also--
we also need to bear in mind
that he-- he was bat-shit crazy.
He taught you
everything you know,
but he didn't teach you
everything he knew.
He chose you and you accepted,
so we are not aborting
and don't call him
bat-shit crazy.
Why is it that today we are--
nowadays we are,
uh, compelled and--
to use these big, big words
like the truth, the narrative,
and, uh, you know, the optics.
Ooh. And, uh, why are we so--
we are-- why do we all
so desperately
need to be defined?
Can you tell me?
Because it sure as hell
beats the crap out of me, kiddo,
I'll tell you that.
Anyway, never mind,
it's no problem.
Um, you know, for all
my faults, I just, uh--
simply I wanna make people
better or just,
you know--
not even those around me.
Anyway, thank you
for a wonderful interview.
I really have to go
'cause I'm rather tired.
See, I don't have long
to live, you see?
But none of us do, do we?
But then life is a blur,
isn't it, you know?
Yeah. [chuckles]
That's right, an illusion.
A dream within a dream.
Strange twists,
uneasy turns in the road.
Ah, yes, and another thing,
I'll tell you this for--
for free.
Um, there are
far too many people
in that final turn in the road.
You know what I mean?
Far too many people
who are about to realize
quite suddenly
and only too late, I'm afraid,
that they're about to hit
the fucking wall.
And that nobody cares.
And nobody ever has cared
in the whole of human history.
It's so strange-- strange
little creatures we are.
[static crackles]
All right. What good would it do
to contact the Foundation?
Maybe they're aware
of the breach
and can pinpoint the source.
Why did this person
bring Hakan back online?
We couldn't punch in the codes.
He could have stopped us.
Yeah, no shit.
My-- my guess is it's because...
[breathes deeply]
- Remember what I said earlier?
- Sort of.
Yeah, the electromagnetic event.
- Yeah, that.
- There's also the possibility
that not inputting the codes
will destabilize the field.
Wait. So the same thing
as putting the--
No. Not-- not exactly
because the power source
has been partially reactivated.
So the theory goes,
it is already expanding
and could fracture
the temporal continuum.
The tem...
the temporal continuum?
Like, reset
the space-time continuum?
I mean, start over.
Back to the Ice Ages,
so to speak.
I mean, it's not a theory
I agree with.
- Hold on.
- [host]
Forty-five minutes remaining.
I have another number
for the Foundation, Riku.
Try this.
What? Why didn't you
tell us that earlier?
Because I don't
trust any of you.
Okay, I'm tired
of being dragged through
your company bullshit.
I've dealt with it
my whole life.
You didn't earn that money.
You're a trust fund kid.
Did whatever you wanted
your whole life,
waiting around for Daddy
to fill your pockets.
Don't. No. Don't pretend
to know me, Trevor.
It makes you look stupid.
Finley was never in my life,
but the company's antics
completely destroyed
whatever life I had.
And you know what?
I busted my ass
to get through school.
Bussing tables, tending the bar,
taking out loans.
- No one ever gave me anything.
- All right. All right.
Easy. My bad.
We might as well
call the Foundation
and see what they can do.
Yeah. Sure thing.
Got it.
I'll find out what I can.
- Let's take a break...
- Fair enough.
...and reconvene
in five minutes.
- Yeah, fine.
- Fine.

[static crackling]
[host] Please enjoy this music
until the other parties
rejoin the call.
["Escape (The Pia Colada
Song)" by Rupert Holmes
[chuckles] Oh, Finley.
[phone ringing]
Please tell me at least one
of us is inebriated, babe.
Not quite yet
but getting there.
Are you on your way?
[sighs] I wish.
Look, I'm sorry.
- Talk to you later, okay?
- It's okay.
I'm drinking for two
until you get here.

Hi. This is Riku Matsuda.
Um, you may know me already.
There's a situation
that I need to tell you about.
[voice indistinct
through static]
Hey, Sam.
I wish we had time to catch up.
I know you must have
a million questions to ask me,
but I'm afraid I don't have time
to answer them.
And I know I wasn't always
the best father,
or any kind of father at all,
come to think of it.
Oh, I was a son of a bitch.
But, anyway, um,
yeah, I think when your mother
died, I lost all touch
with humanity.
That sounds like a crock
of old horse shit, doesn't it?
"I lost all touch
with humanity. Boo-hoo."
Anyway, you know what I mean.
I'm-- I'm sure it got to you,
and I'm sure it, uh,
hurt you a lot, and, um--
anyway, uh...
You know,
I'm just sorry your mother's,
uh, death coincided with,
uh, your birth.
But that's enough of all that.
It's water under the bridge,
as the man said, you know?
Water under the bridge.
Anyway, where's the point--
ah, yes.
Now, here we are.
As you remember, I, um--
Yeah, I, uh, I dived or dove,
or whatever it was,
I plunged deep into the heart
of the-- the Quantinuum Project.
Do you remember?
And, uh, yeah, it was
the main focus of my life.
I was, uh-- it took me years
before I let my guard down.
And, um, yeah, if I remember
it correctly... [chuckles]
Years before I woke up--
it was the year 2002.
Yeah, I came to my senses,
I guess,
or maybe I went back to sleep.
Who knows?
But, anyway, I remember it
clear as yesterday.
It was, uh, God,
it was that glorious dream,
like summer way up in
Cloud Cuckoo Land.
Where was that?
Northern California.
Yeah. East of Carmel.
East of Eden, I used to call it
'cause that's where
it all started, wasn't it?
The Land of Nod
on the East of Eden.
Yeah. [chuckles]
The Hart Enterprise.
Oh, my God. They were crazy.
They were all really crazy.
But I was crazier than all
of them. Did you know that?
Yeah, I was bored
out of my skull.
I'd been for years now
for the big... [indistinct]
and all...
And, uh, I'm still here
for something God knows what--
Well, talk about God.
Yeah, Aldous Huxley,
he was my God.
The Doors of Perception.
that's when it all started.
You think I'm crazy?
I'm not.
But I'm sure
you must realize by now
that I'm very much alive.
And, uh, yeah.
I, uh, can't reveal
my location to you, of course,
and I cannot, um,
communicate with you
in any other way.
But my death,
or my so-called death,
was something
that had to happen.
You understand?
Anyway, that's another story.
This is the point, um, Sam.
And, uh, it is important
that you hear me out.
Really, it's because
I'm gonna need your help,
if that's okay, you know?
I hope so anyway.
Um, so here's the deal.
The people
or the faction that drove me
out of the Hart Enterprises
will not allow the machine
to remain functional,
and it is essential
and vital to humanity
that it does remain functional.
You understand?
It will not be enough for them,
uh, you know, to--
They'll talk to you
and try to persuade you
to stop. No.
Because they will keep coming.
They will not stop!
Because they're adamant,
you know?
And beware because these are
the real psychos,
the real wackos.
The only way
you can beat them is to,
um, punch in those codes.
And you have, in my estimation,
just under an hour.
Anyway, this is the point--
'Cause these clowns,
if they, um,
can prevent you
or stop you or, you know,
even hack into codes,
the machine will rupture
and cause a globe-killing
disaster event.
And it'll be bye-bye.
And I'm serious, you know?
So, um-- and they
will not stop, you know?
They will come and find you.
I mean, for example,
the only one in their group,
in your group,
that they knew about
was that guy Hakan,
and they'll find
the rest of you
because, you know, uh,
boundaries don't matter,
and distance doesn't matter.
You know,
I'm halfway around the world
and I, uh, connected
with you in, um,
it was a millisecond,
wasn't it?
And, um, anyway-- what--
what else was I gonna say?
Oh, yes, yes. I have a--
I have a-- I've got--
I've got a device for you,
uh, Sam.
I'll explain it later.
But I've placed the device
in a box together with,
uh, several face masks, okay?
And they're in--
the box is in the closet
of the bedroom you used
when you came to visit me.
Do you remember?
So you must get the box
and you must wear
the face mask at all costs.
What else was I gonna say?
That's about it, I think.
so download these codes.
Don't neglect and don't delay.
And, um-- Oh, something else
I wanted to say.
Something, um,
having seen you
in that old house
with your son.
Good-good-looking boy
there, Sam.
Don't do to him
what I did to you.
- No, I won't.
- I don't know
if you know this,
but, um, I always expected
great things from you, Sam.
Did you know that?
Yeah. So now is your chance
to fulfill the destiny
I hoped for you.
Everyone in your team has been,
um, chosen and has a reason.
They all have a purpose,
and I'm sure you
will find your purpose.
So good luck to the team.
Wear the face masks.
Wear those face masks.
And I'll see you around.

[breathing heavily]
Hey. Hey. Hey, what's up?
- Are you okay?
- Yes. Yeah.
I'm-- I'm-- I'm-- I'm fine.
Is it really him?
My mom said
there was a box for me.
It had a phone, some videos.
He said I was the only one
you would listen to.
- Fringe science?
- Yes, Katherine.
Fringe science.
Do you know
how goofy that sounds?
Yes. I-- yes.
Okay. So did you know
he was into--
I don't know
anything about him, Katherine!
I have told you all of this!
He was not a father to me.
- I was raised by
my Aunt Rebecca.
- Raised by his sister. I know.
Ah. Sammy boy.
Swear you did not put that photo
in the nursery bed.
- Swear.
- I've never seen the picture,
Sam. I promise.
[bangs fist on table]
[Katherine] He's your father.
Would he lie to you
about something like this?
Have you ever...
Have you ever
been to Coney Island?
No? [soft chuckle]
My dad would always
be chasing funding,
you know, when I was a kid.
And, uh,
he had some Wall Street guy,
just had him on the hook.
Just trying to reel him in.
And it was the one, like,
business trip that he took me on
that he actually
spent any time with me.
It was the one time.
[kid laughing]
So he ended up taking me
to Coney Island,
and then, uh,
he put me on the Cyclone.
You know, the place,
like the old--
just some rickety,
old wooden roller coaster.
And I must have ridden that
a dozen times, and...
I don't know--
you know, I go around
and I-- I'd see his face
in the crowd.
I'd wave and smile.
You know, he--
he'd wave and smile back,
and it would just,
you know, just go around.
And every time that was our--
that was a thing.
Until one time it came around
and he just wasn't there.
He got a page and left.
I was nine.
It felt like I--
I had gotten swallowed up
into just a sea of people.
And I was terrified, so I just--
I-- I ran to the beach,
and I just walked
up and down the shoreline
just sobbing until
my Aunt Rebecca picked me up.
He came-- I don't know,
it was like a couple days
later he came back.
And he said,
"Hey, my bad, kid.
I won't do it again."
And I-- I think about
that specific time all the time,
and I feel embarrassed
because I believed him.
That was the one trip
we did anything fun.
My Aunt Rebecca wouldn't let me
see him after that.
[clears throat]
So, I can't just blindly trust
anything that he's saying
to just be the truth.
I understand.
I'm gonna log back online,
I'm gonna see if I can
wrap my head around this.
Um, but, hey, I love you.
Welcome back, everyone.
So I talked to William
at the Foundation.
Check out Hakan's window.
Who the hell is that guy?
What the hell is going on?
[host] Access code accepted.
Thirty-five minutes remaining.
I recommend
that each of us punch in--
Hang on.
[speaking foreign language]
Mom, who's that man outside?
[Sam] Veronica?
- Veronica?
- [Veronica] What?
Hey, is there some place
in your house you can hide?
- [Veronica] Why?
- [Sam] This man, he'll do
the exact same thing to you
he did to Hakan, okay?
This is way bigger
than we know it is.
- What? How do you know?
- Listen, I just know.
Yeah, but how?
Half hour ago you were all,
- "What are here for?"
and now you're an expert.
- [glass breaking]
- [alarm blaring]
- He's trying to
get into my house.
[Sam] Do not let him
get the password.
Can you get out of there?
- [glass shattering]
- And go where?
[Sam] Okay, is there some place
in your house you can hide?

Oh fuck. [whimpers]
[Veronica mutters indistinct]
[footsteps approaching]
- [door rattles]
- [gasps]
[man] I'm not here to hurt you.
Just tell me
where your computer is.
[doorknob rattling]
[man] Where is your computer?
[static crackles]
- Veronica?
- [host] Ms. Schultz
has disconnected.
Is there another way
she can punch in her code?
Where are you going?
- Uh, I got to get some air.
- Get some air?
Yes, some air, dammit. This shit
is freaking me out, okay?
I need to go out,
clear my head.
Is that okay with you?
- Sure. Whatever.
- Yeah, sure. Whatever.
Thirty minutes remaining.
One passcode received.
Uh, come on.
Four passcodes remaining.
[whispers] Is he gone?
- [knocking on door]
- [Veronica whimpers]
[Sam] Veronica?
It's me, Sam.
- Sam?
- Yes, it's me. Sam Hart.
[Veronica] That's impossible.
How did you--?
[Sam] I don't know.
That song.
Veronica, when I was little,
I remember one time
he was driving us somewhere
and that song came on.
He smiled, turned it up,
and I had never seen him
like that.
And I asked him
why he liked that song so much
and he said,
"It reminded me of someone."
He talked about you.
I never knew who you were
but I knew about you.
He loved you. I know that.
I know he loved you both
very much.
When I leave,
you have to put in those codes.
Do you have another computer?
Yours is shot.
- Jamie--
- Yeah. Yeah, I do.
[Veronica] We have.
[Sam] Veronica, you really
loved him, didn't you?
It was more than--
It was more than anyone will--
will ever understand, Sam.
That song, it means something,
doesn't it?
I saw your face
when the song started.
It looked like it took you
back to something.
We went to Sydney
to close a deal. All business.
He was always all business,
you know?
Finley, me, and a few others
went out to celebrate.
We went to some dive bar.
You know how much
he loved dive bars.
that song was playing,
and I couldn't convince him
that it was not called
"If You Like Pina Coladas."
It was the first time
I saw him as a...
as a real person.
He has difficulty
letting people in, Sam.
But when he does...
it's permanent.
[Sam] Veronica,
I can see why he loved you.
[Sam] Okay, I'll see you soon.
[footsteps retreating]
[Sam retching]
- Here, Mom.
- Thank you.
Thank you, Jamie.
Oh, my God.
Ah, attagirl.
[host] Override lockdown
code accepted.
In the event
one or more parties sign off,
the system
will no longer lock down.
Passcode accepted.
Twenty-five minutes remaining.
Three passcodes remaining.
Hey, okay, um,
can you do me a favor?
I need you to look into
Hart Enterprises
and see who opposed Finley.
Who was the one
that forced him out, okay?
Okay. Thank you, baby.
I love you.
[clears throat]
Riku, who did you
talk to at the Foundation?
A man named William.
How did you get the technology?
That-- that's a long story.
William's not on our side--
Finley's side.
- How do you know?
- Trust me.
Wait. He was--
he was at Veronica's?
How can you be sure
it was him?
You've never been
involved in-- in--
Because he's my cousin.
Riku, how sure are you
about both scenarios?
I'm reasonably certain
that if we punch in the codes,
the machine will melt down.
I need you to quantify
your certainty.
Well, according to the test
we ran and the research--
No, no.
Just give me the number.
Seventy percent chance
that the machine will melt--
melt down.
And if we don't input the codes?
It's an 11% chance
not inputting the codes will--
No. Why-- why the variance?
That doesn't make sense.
'Cause the-- the power source
is unstable.
And there's a chance that...
There's a chance
that your-- your-- your father
rigged the machine.
What does he care? He's dead.
It-- it-- it won't affect him.
Who did you call, Riku?
What? I called the Foundation.
No, no. You called someone else.
Who was it?
And when Hakan saw the person
in his front yard
and he said that they appeared
dizzy and nauseous,
you knew what was happening,
didn't you?
No. I don't-- I don't know
what you're talking about.
You know about this tech,
don't you?
You know among other things
that it can cause
vestibular disorder.
Answer him, Riku.
You told us
the tech never functioned,
but that was a lie, wasn't it?
Did you know that the person
who killed Hakan
was using
the displacement technology?
Answer me, Riku!
- [chiming]
- Answer him!
I had my suspicions.
- Hello, Douglas.
- They've entered
two numbers already.
Yes, William told me.
What's your read on Riku?
- Think he'll cave to Sam?
- No. No way.
Rebecca, you tell William
he's off limits.
- We had conducted
successful tests before.
- [Sam] When?
I can be there
in less than a minute
to ask you face to face.
Back when I was
at Hart Enterprises,
your father had disagreements
about how to best improve
the technology.
Is that why you teamed up with
my aunt and Doug Mancini
to orchestrate a coup?
Your father
was acting erratically!
He was sick! He was-- he was--
he was a megalomaniac!
Your brother
completely miscalculated
what Riku brings to the table.
I mean, that's how I recruited
the guy in the first place,
Yes, but you didn't
exactly recruit him
for his resolve, did you?
I'll tell William
that he's an ally.
Anything else?
Hakan was dead.
So someone had to punch in
his code for him.
You think we have
a wildcard in the game?
You think we don't?
I'll talk to William.
You convince Riku to stick to
his guns for 19 more minutes.

[exhales] Shit.
So what's it gonna be?
Are you gonna punch in the code?
I'm scared to.
Finley may have been
who you say he was.
I know he was a shitty father.
But he was also a visionary,
and this is his life.
And you're gonna--
you're gonna break
your commitment to him
just because Rebecca's
better for the bottom line?
Punch in your code.
Punch in your code, Riku!
- [phone vibrating]
- No! Do not answer that.
You-- I know you wanna do
the right thing here.
- [staggered breathing]
- Riku, punch in your code!
[vibrating continues]
Damn it!
Riku Matsuda has disconnected.
Seventeen minutes remaining.
[Trevor breathing deeply]
Trevor, you still with me?
I don't know who I'm with.
[William retching]
I thought you said
you were getting used to it.
[William] I thought I was.
[soft chuckle]
I'll be all right.
When are you
leaving for Trevor's?
I have Riku's computer
and his passcode.
- I mean, there's no need--
- Did you destroy his computer?
Not yet. I just made it back,
and I've been
chundering in the loo.
Destroy it. Finish this.
[phone ringing]
[static crackles]
He's gonna kill me.
Hey. You having fun?
Babe, you look stressed.
Yeah. Yeah, I know.
Look, uh, I'm really sorry,
but I'm right in the middle
of something really important,
- and I can't explain it.
- Are you gonna make it?
[Trevor] Of course, yeah.
I'm gonna make it.
Why can't you
go to the Foundation,
or whatever you call it?
Finley didn't leave me
the coordinates.
- Were you close
with your cousin?
- Not really.
I mean, my aunt favored him,
but why wouldn't she?
Okay. Um, I got to go.
I'll-- I'll call you back.
Um, I am just gonna go home.
So, I'll see you
in a little bit.
You're the best.
Foot rubs for a month, okay?
[Taylor] And more. All right.
I'll see you soon. Bye, babe.
How long you been together?
Fourteen years.
- Where'd you meet?
- Come on.
Don't start
this buddy-buddy stuff, Sam.
Out of all the people
in this mess,
I trust you the least.
Why is that?
Because nothing
about you adds up.
You don't trust Finley,
you do trust Finley.
You don't wanna
punch in the codes,
then you do wanna
punch in the code.
Riku's gone.
Hakan's dead. Veronica--
Look, the only person I trust
in all of this is Finley,
and he's gone, too.
And that man took me in
after I messed up.
But you, you, you...
Why didn't you
just go save Riku, hmm?
Like you did Veronica?
I could--
I thought I could convince him.
Or zip over, and punch in
the code like you did Hakan.
Like I did what?
[phone ringing]
[Sam] Hey.
[phone chimes]
Sam, can you hear me?
Anyway, I tell you,
if you don't punch in
those codes, it's over.
You got me?
We are dead, we're all dead.
Babe, I told you--
- [William] I have your wife.
- Who the hell are you?
[Finley] I know more about
the power sources
of that machine
than anyone on this planet,
and you better believe
because they've severely
underestimated its stability.
[William] I won't harm her,
so long as you comply.
You goddamn son of a bitch.
- [William] Trevor--
- If you hurt her,
if you hurt her,
I swear to God!
[William] No threats, Trevor.
Do not put in the code.
Just tell Trevor
something from me, would you?
I want you to tell him about
that night he met
his wife, Taylor.
They were in the Florida Keys,
a hole in the wall dive bar,
in Marathon, I think it was.
Okay. O-okay.
Okay. What do you want me to do?
Just don't hurt her.
[William] Destroy your laptop.
Stay in your apartment.
When I have proof
you've destroyed it--
Okay. Okay, just hold on,
I'll do it right now.
Fourteen minutes remaining.
Spotted 20 bucks and, uh,
told him to buy her a drink.
Trevor, no, no, no!
Hey, stop, stop!
What's going on?
He's gonna kill my wife!
Trevor, st-- no, no.
Trevor, he's lying.
- We have to input the codes.
- [grunts]
Trevor, listen, listen.
Trevor, no, no!
We have to input the codes.
He's got my wife.
Okay, what if the only person
that you trust is still alive?
He remembers when you met
your wife in the Florida Keys,
at a--
at a dive bar in Marathon.
Uh, you were drinking
margaritas and shooting pool.
And he-- um, she came in
with her friend.
She was so pretty, made you
scratch on the eight ball.
And then, you lost,
uh, your last 20 bucks,
and you came over to me,
and you said--
Back off, Finster.
- She's mine.
- She's mine.
Yes! And then, he spotted you
a 20 to buy her a drink.
I traced that call.
All this time, I traced it.
He wants you
to put in your code.
Nine minutes remaining.
Let me talk to her.
[William] I said no threats.
- Okay, I'll destroy it.
- Trevor, no, no!
Just give me
five seconds with her.
That's all I need.
Prove to me that she's okay.
- Hey, babe.
- [Taylor] Hey.
What's happening?
[no audible dialogue]
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Run, baby, run, run!
Run, baby.
[William] I'll kill you!
Get back here!
- Babe, let me in.
- [man] Ma'am.
- Let me in.
- [man] In here.
- Ma'am, are you okay?
- I'm okay.
- [whimpers]
- [Trevor panting]
I guess I'll find out
soon enough if that worked.
[host] Passcode accepted.
Eight minutes remaining.
I'm sorry I hurt you.
I remember that day, too.
But, uh, I never knew
it got to you, you know.
And, uh, that's why
I tried to make it up to you.
Um, yeah, I love you, Sam.
Don't like saying that too much.
Don't like all this...
love and fondness racket.
- [crying]
- It makes me feel creepy.
Anyway, um, yeah.
I can...
I can go back.
Oh, I can-- I can go back.
Temporal, temporal,
temporal displacement,
it's time travel.
I can go back.
Temporal, temporal displacement.
It's time travel.
I can go-- I can go back.
Sam, I've got to caution you.
Um... [chuckles]
Any small change you make
will cause ripple effects, okay?
You'll be tempted
to save someone's life.
I know I was. But a change
that big can cause,
not just a ripple,
but a big tsunami, okay?
So be warned.
[Sam] I'm sorry I didn't
get here sooner, Hakan.
I'm sorry.
[Sam retching]
[host] Passcode accepted.
Thank you, Mr. Matsuda.
The Quantinuum Initiative
is now online
and fully operational.
How's she doing?
She's on her way
up to me right now.
- Thank you.
- No, no. Thank you, Trevor.
Hey, didn't you wanna know
where I traced that call to?
I think I know.
and if I don't, then...
Yeah, you can go
anywhere, any time.
Yeah. I gotta go, uh...
I gotta go check in
on somebody.
[man] Shocking news
from the tech world today,
as Rebecca Hart,
the sister of late eccentric
billionaire Finley Hart,
was arrested
for a litany of charges
including conspiracy
to commit murder.
[phone chimes]
[man 2] Authorities say
the murder of former
Hart Chairman Hakan Nordquist
was carried out
at Mrs. Hart's behest,
by her son, William Porter,
who now faces charges
in Sweden.
Mrs. Hart
allegedly collaborated
with former Hart Enterprises
Head of Security, Doug Mancini,
to not only oust Finley Hart
from the company,
but to steal
developing technology
from the company.
Federal authorities
have issued a warrant
for Mr. Mancini's arrest,
in connection with the still
unraveling conspiracy.
[gun cocks]
[door opens]
[Finley] You know, this piano
is like an old friend to me,
always has been,
source of inspiration.
If I got stuck
and couldn't figure things out
I would just sit here
and play, or improvise.
- [piano playing]
- Sometimes for hours and hours,
especially after Samantha
was taken from us.
In fact, I was playing
this piece on this very piano
when I figured out the key
to making the machine work.
When you were a kid,
if you couldn't sleep,
you'd always ask me
to play this piece of music,
which I'd improvised.
And I'd play it,
and you'd go to sleep,
probably bored.
Glad you made it, Sam.
We have a lot to talk about.

That is a go?
[man] Yep. Ready.
The purpose of this thing
is to see
what we can achieve with,
like, the MacGyver.
Like, what do we have--
what are the tools around me,
what can I do, you know.
Uh, I can kind of
imagined the title sequence
ending with Finley Hart is--
has passed away.
Ex-billionaire Finley Hart
has reportedly passed away
due to complications
from kidney failure.
His wife died
while giving birth in 1992.
He's survived by
his sister, Rebecca,
and his son, Samuel Hart.
Again, our top story tonight,
Finley Hart is watching us--
[woman] We're taking you
on a journey to the--
Yes. You guys have like
MTV Cribs here, so...
Show me where Tony's gonna be
sitting at a piano?
Can you move in
a little closer?
- Right here, honey.
- Yeah. That's great.
- [woman]
Is that what you want?
- That's beautiful. Beautiful.
Yeah. Love that. Yeah.
Problem resetting,
still rolling,
one more time. Here we go.
- Good morning, Ms. Schultz.
- Morning.
Next time you schedule
a conference call
at the crack of dawn for me,
my hourly rate will double.
...moving objects, people.
A device your father
developed in secret.
She said, uh,
I lost connection.
Can-- can--
can you guys hear me?
Like-- that's-- let's pick
something like that up to--
[host] State your name, title,
or former title for the group.
Title? Uh, I don't have
a title or position.
Does somebody wanna tell me
what the hell is going on here?
I mean-- I mean, Chris, um,
smaller with the eye movements
as well, across the stream
because when you turn your head,
it looks like you're looking at,
like, three different monitors.
Standby... [indistinct]
- Sorry.
- We're just calling Ed
right now, Stella,
One quick second.
- [indistinct]
- Yeah.
[woman] Hello?
Are you calling...
- [man] So sorry.
- Sorry.
You hear something
at the window,
and you get up
and take your phone with you.
[host] ...minutes to input.
- Uh, where-- where is he going?
- I'm just getting my water,
if that's okay with you.
Hakan, are you still with us?
There's some lunatic here,
staring into my window.
And then,
you hold up your iPhone,
as if you're gonna film the guy.
Who's that on the left
of the screen? Who's that?
- It's the writer right here.
- Hi.
[Hopkins] Hey, hey, I'm sorry.
I-- I hope I-- I didn't take
too much liberty
from your writing.
It-- it can be scary
if someone disappears,
but we-- all of a sudden,
the technology sends us
to that room,
and we don't-- But they're
not there why is that?
And then,
just hear the sound coming in,
and the sound going off.
And then, that just becomes
more scary, you know?
I have this--
this thing going on.
Oh, okay. Yeah.
No, uh, no, you-- yes--
But across the mark,
you wanna leave at zero.
[man] Supposed to be around
2,500 or less, if possible,
but 2,500 should be...
Placement of
the security camera.
Can we not just
move that and, like,
that angle Alex just showed us.
Alex, turn your camera back
to like what it
would look like.
That looks pretty awesome
as a backdrop.
God, I love this song.
["Escape (The Pia Colada Song)"
by Rupert Holmes playing]
I've got...
If you like pia coladas
- my head.
- Oh, man.
So, uh-- Oh, look at that.
Tony's calling me, actually.
- Of course.
- [both laughing]
I'll call him back
after this.
Um, so he's not in
the room with you, is he?
It's meant to with the GoPro
is we can effectively, like,
tape it to the top of a phone,
and he can be--
And like, somebody can be
on a Skype call
with the other actors,
but recording
themselves with the GoPro.
[whispers] What is it?
[Doug] Call the Foundation.
- Why?
- It's not here.
Call the Foundation.
Do it right now.
Riku, it's gone, it's empty.
Look, it's empty.
You want it up high?
I really push it up.
- [man] Yeah.
- Four feet higher than my head.
Go. Ready, and--
Hey, Omar, come on, buddy.
You did agree to it.
No. I never agreed to that,
and I never will.
Tilt your laptop down
so I can see
the set a little bit?
Like, if you-- okay.
When they're in the box,
and they get the card out
there should be a QR code,
so they have to
pick up their phone,
and scan the QR code,
because that can be
the reason to actually see
what they're scanning,
and see what it says.
You know, we never
see enough of the laptop
to notice who it is.
We just know that mother
and daughter together,
they usually go as one,
she just asked if her daughter
had a laptop.
[man] And I'm rerouting.
Are you really married
to an adult?
What essentially
we would wanna do,
is we would score
the 92 minutes, um,
with a brain wave
frequency matrix
that would help to
further enhance the emotion
that's being captured
on the screen,
as you're going through
different scenes.
That was awesome.
TJ killed it.
I hope that water pipe's
not gonna break now.
[speaking foreign language]
Let's give it up for Alex, man.
- Absolutely.
- Yeah.
Alex, man.
You've killed it, dude.
Riveting performance
over Zoom.
- [laughing]
- Oh, my God.
Everybody can come
off of their muted,
uh, video screens here.
And give it up for Jim
for joining us,
for having patience with us,
and for knocking it
out of the park.
Really well done, sir.
We'll cut it there.
- Yay.
- Great work. Great work.
Wow. Yeah!
Yeah, buddy!
I will put the crown
of-- of great performance
back on your head,
once that one's off.
Oh hey. [indistinct]
You as well, as we float
down that long river...
of all our happy yesterdays.
Ta-ta. Bye-bye.