Zhi wo men zhong jiang shi qu de qing chun (2013) Movie Script

Follow me!
Last night.
How was your sleep?
I slept on twenty eiderdown mattresses.
But I still felt a pea underneath them.
That wasn't a pea!
It was a lighter!
Can you give me a hand?
What are you looking? Don't be so picky.
Thank you.
She's yours.
Don't run! What's the rush?
Go for il!
Hi, Just arrived?
Which department?
Civil engineering.
Oh, then I'm your senior.
I'm a year ahead of you.
but we'll graduate together.
You have a four-year
course. Mine's five.
My card... My name's Zhang Kai.
Zhang Kai?
The "kai" that means spread?
Right! I can spread anything!
Hi, I'm Xu Kaiyang.
How some I don't see you hand
your card to male freshers?
Not my scene, man! Let's go!
You do il.
Let me do the heavy lifting!
Don't mind their silliness.
The lofty style is much
prized by architects...
Who's that beauty?
Zhang, go check her out.
Looks like we're loo late.
Who's that guy? He sure works fast.
Damn it! Just my luck to
make an enemy right off!
Her name's kind of strange.
Ruan Guam. Her ethnicity is Buoyei.
That guy with her is
her adoring boyfriend.
They've been an item since high school.
First love for both of them,
but his college is far from here.
He brought her here...
...now she sees him off.
Sweet, huh?
They're both fans of
the UK band Suede too.
My name is Li Weijuan.
You're Zheng Wei, right?
Tell you what, I got here yesterday...
...and I found there's a really
hot guy staying in this dorm!
You'd have a great future
in the Public Security Bureau.
Lots of pretty girls in this dorm!
Gossiping again, Ms Li?
Just enjoying the moment.
"To travel with someone is good fortune"
"To sleep on the same bed
as someone is great fortune"
And we're kind of sleeping
on the same bed here.
By the way, I have to tell you...
I'm a bit fussy about cleanliness.
So I can't have you or
any of your friends...
...sitting on my bed.
Thank you.
I'm Zhu Xiaobei.
Zheng Wei... Pleased to meet you.
That hallway is like a jungle
crawling with wild animals!
You always survive it, though.
College life is so disappointing.
I'm wasting my life here.
My precious youth will be all
used up if it goes on like this.
Didn't realize you were
so sensitive inside!
See this? I just went to
fill two thermos asks...
...and three guys thrust
their letters at me.
All for Ruan Guan!
Did anyone sit here while I was out?
I didn't.
Someone must have done,
the creases are different.
What happened?
The fuse has gone... Must
be your electric stove.
The corridor light's still on.
What do we do?
You'll have to go to the dorm office.
Hello, sir...
Sir, the power is down in Room 302
Can you please come to fix it?
Were you using an electric stove?
Weren't you told not to do
that, during Orientation?
I'm sorry, sir.
We won't do it next time.
Next time?
Go and write a letter of apology.
And ask your class advisor
to speak to me tomorrow
Sir, we're new here, we didn't know...
You didn't know?
You're a college student! You
should know about fire risks!
You're back! There
are two letters for you.
Why is the light out?
Zheng Wei was careless, she used
her cooker and it blew the fuse.
Don't badger me!
Turn in your electric stove
and write a letter of apology.
Don't expect me 10 go easy on
you just because you're a girl.
How did it go'? Have
they called a repairman?
Ho, but what the hell...
It's the fuse, right?
I don't know
That old guy in the dorm
office is in a foul mood.
He went on and on at me.
Ruan Guan's gone to see him too.
Neither of you can get round him'?
Looks like Ruan has worked her charm.
Zheng Wei...
You don't have to turn in your cooker.
I promised the dorm office
you wouldn't use it again.
Ms Ruan...
Who are you to me?
What gives you the
right to speak for me?
I just might use it again.
Ms. Zijuan.
I just broke up with my boyfriend.
Can you turn off that trash?
Ms Zheng...
Don't take out your
anger on just anything.
What has the radio done to you?
Ruan Guan...
She's a typical spoilt single child.
Excuse me, is this Lin Jing's room?
You're looking for in Jing?
He moved out two days ago.
Moved out?
To where?
He's gone abroad. To the USA
You must be Zheng Wei.
He's gone to the US?
Don't try to trick me!
Don't try 10 trick me! Wouldn't
he tell me if he was going abroad'?
He knows I only came
to study in this city.
...because he was here.
So, level with me! What are you up to?
I promise you...
I'm not up to anything!
That was his bed.
Little Ms Dragon.
Please don't...
Zheng Wei, get up!
Zheng Wei!
Zheng Wei!
I didn't do anything to her!
How we really are through.
Zheng Wei!
You don't even ask me why I'm crying?
Don't you hate me'?
Why would I ask for trouble?
I don't hate you...
I'm just jealous of you.
Come on, guys like you more than me.
I don't think so.
If il was true, why
have I just been dumped.
...for no reason?
He suddenly left...
without even telling me.
Why would he do that?
So you have a secret wild side!
This innocent-looking girl has secrets!
I come from a Buyi village.
...in Huanshishao...
Our people can drink.
You're asking me what you should do?
At a time like this, I
know no better than you.
So let's just drink and forget.
Don't tell me you've
never drunk beer before?
Not too much, though...
it won't help to get drunk.
So what was the story with that guy?
I grew up wanting to marry him.
How much older than you is he?
Five years.
That age-gap caused me a lot of pain.
When I was in elementary
school, he was in junior high.
When I was in high school,
he went to university.
I finally caught up with
him here in this city.
I thought it was finally going to happen.
Your families go way back?
His ma is a good housewife.
His dad's well-educated, bright.
I practically grew up in their house.
The other Kids all hated him.
The boys because he was too good.
The girls because he didn't like them.
I was the one he liked.
Lin Jing, Lin Jing.
' got in!
I can go to college in
the same city as you!
My admission certificate!
Well, two little rebels
having a heart-to-heart!
Join us!
Let's plot a revolution!
I'm not drinking beer, no way.
You think you're a better
person for not drinking?
Did anyone sit on my
bed while I was out?
We did!
No creases...
Zhu Xiaobei!
Can't you grow your hair
longer like other girls?
It spooks me every time I see you.
You only mistook me for a boy.
Because you're obsessed with boys!
I promise this stays between us.
I confess I don't have a
boyfriend... what about you lot?
I do have a boyfriend I've had
a crush on a boy for ages...
...but he doesn't even notice me.
Not any more, I got dumped.
What would your dream husband be like?
I just want to study
hard and be successful.
The college should make
you its poster girl!
Don't make fun of me.
You know how hard it was for a
small-town girl like me to get in here?
After working hard here,
I won't sell myself short.
Ruan Guan, what's your dream?
My dream?
I don't have big dreams, not really.
I'm not hankering for the good
life, I just want to be comfortable.
My biggest dream is
to stay forever young.
Me too! I don't want
to turn into an old bag!
Here's to being forever young! Cheers!
Juanjuan, you have to drink too!
You really don't want to find
out what happened with Lin Jing?
You could always ask his parents.
He's not the rash type...
...he must have his reasons.
Never mind, with Lin Jing gone...
...other guys can get in line!
There's no shortage of guys here, anyway.
From now on, I'll be the
one who does the picking.
"May lightning strike me down!"
Zheng Wei!
Who's that'? He has some cheek!
His name is Zhang Kai, he
says he can spread anything.
What club are you selling?
You don't even have a sign!
The Chess Club.
That's the cheapest club
promotion I've seen all day.
"The presence of a dragon
makes any river sacred"
We don't go for appearances.
We value the contents, not the surface.
Don't look round, let me just ask you...
Isn't that the girl we
saw on registration day'?
How do you know her? Don't turn!
Don't stare, you don't
have a chance with her.
You go back to your contents, I'm off.
Don't go...
Since you're here...
why not join our club?
Nah, go recruit someone else.
Zheng Wei...
Do me a favour here.
You could join without a membership fee.
Or how about this...
You join, and we put on
a tournament in your name.
'The Zheng Wei Chess Tournament'
You must be Ruan Guan.
I'm Zhang Kai from the Architecture
School, my pen-name is Tianran.
I've heard about you.
I'm also a good friend of Zheng Wei's.
would you join our chess club?
Thanks for asking, but nu thanks.
Ok, ok.
Aren't they just a pretext
for guys to meet girls?
I dare them to try with me!
They say the chess club.
...is the worst of the lot.
They spend all their
time playing, no ambition.
I want to spend my time playing.
Tell us, how far did you
get with that chubby girl?
Come on...
You had it easy.
Why are you crying'?
The day after we
performed Thunderstorm'...
...she took me all the way.
AH the way!
Wow, all the way!
I feel guilty about Ruan Guan.
You like Ruan Guan?
You dare to think about her?
Ruan Guan isn't for the likes of you.
A fat guy can't chase a pretty girl?
- Can he?
- No way!
Actually, I hear the chess
club has some cute guys.
That guy Xu Kaiyang, he was
with Zhang the other day...
His family is super-rich.
I heard some girls talking about him...
...and he's unattached.
Sounds like you've
checked him out thoroughly.
So, go for it.
He wouldn't fall for a girl like me.
Excuse me, is Ms Ruan Guan here?
Flowers for you.
Who sent them '?
I don't know, we just deliver them.
We don't ask customers for
details... Please sign here.
Thank you.
- Goodbye.
Any student who dares
to skip my classes...
...clearly doesn't know my reputation.
This semester, anyone
who's absent twice...
...from my 'History of Ancient
Chinese Architecture'...
will get a final grade of '0'
Now, turn off your pagers.
And put away any other reading matter.
Come on, H's only 'History of
Ancient Chinese Architecture'
I grew up with ancient
architecture next door.
Get real, Professor Li
is ready to explode today.
- Really?
- Hurry!
The art of ancient Chinese
architecture is broad and deep.
The key word for it is 'Hide'
Sorry, Professor Li.
I've had diarrhea for two days now
I'm sorry I've missed
the start of your class.
You should take better care of yourself.
Don't eat so much junk food.
It'll be no good if you get
sick and fall behind, will it?
Go home and rest.
I can stay.
Let's resume where we left off.
Professor, sorry, sorry...
I don't know what I ate last night...
...but I had bad diarrhea all night.
Can't ou be more creative
with our excuses? 1"'?
The first to use it is a genius.
The next is just a foul.
Thanks to my parents
for giving me good looks!
Ms Zheng designs to honor
my humble abode with a visit.
I feel the life returning
to my weary bones.
Grew up m a honeypot,
did you'? Such sweet talk.
I've brought back your DVD
Got anything new'?
Let me see...
It's like a warzone in here.
I thought I was messy.
Compared with you guys, I'm a paragon.
This is the way of all noted
intellectuals... Uninhibited.
Charming! This side too, please.
No more!
Whose bed is this'? Too damn tidy!
It's abnormal.
We have a weirdo in our room.
Okay, you want to watch something
a bit stronger this time?
The DVD? Let's be having it...
...so I can leave.
Maybe I lent it to the room next door.
Hang on, I'll go get il back.
What are you doing?
You pushed me!
I'd have done more if you weren't a girl.
How dare you! Tell me your name!
Listen carefully, my
name is Chen Xiaozheng.
Chen whatever, you owe me an apology!
I want to know...
why you pushed me.
You're a big guy.
I'm a small girl, and
you just shoved me aside.
What the hell is wrong with you?
You won't get out of
this by ignoring me!
I pushed you...
...because you almost broke my model.
And because I needed you
out of the way to save it.
I don't care who brought you here.
I'm warning you...
I don't like anyone touching my things.
And I hate anyone pointing at my nose.
What's going on'? Why are you fighting?
Calm down, Zheng Wei,
let's talk about it.
Calm down?
How can I calm down'?
Zhang you have a real freak in your room.
Someone who thinks
it's okay to bully girls.
Hey, Zheng, what happened?
Never mind.
I can't be bothered to go into it.
Since it was you who brought her here...
I'll let il go this time.
But there'd better not be a next time.
And you should tell her...
...she's not free to touch
things that aren't hers.
What do you mean?
What do you mean?
Even if I was wrong
to much your model...
...that's no excuse for
shoving me to the floor!
All for a stupid toy!
A toy which isn't even that great!
Where are your manners'?
Where are your manners'?
Let me take you back.
No, he has to apologize first.
Why should I apologize?
My model may not be that great.
But as far as I can see...
...it's worth much more than you are.
Do you even know what
you're saying? Do you?
Zhang, let go of me!
I'll kill him!
Blame me for this, okay'?
There's a guy in this college
who actually dares to insult you?
What a brave guy...
I have to meet him.
His name is Chen Xiaozheng.
I'd better not see that bastard again...
What the... '?
Asshole. 'you think I won't know you.
with glasses on?
What happened yesterday
isn't yet finished.
I'm giving you one
more chance to apologize.
Then I'll kindly forgive you,
and that'll be the end of it.
Do you have any manners?
I haven't finished.
But I've finished with you.
Please let go, I have a class to get to.
I'm telling you, this won't
end until you apologize.
You're the most unreasonable
girl I've ever met.
Let me tell you, I wasn't in the wrong.
So I have no intention oi apologizing.
And don't talk 10 me abut manners.
Where are your manners, pulling
and shoving me in public'?
Zheng Wei, we're late, let's get moving.
'HEW buddy "Buddy"?
I'm a girl.
Where's Zheng Wei?
Up ahead.
Ms Zheng, Ms Ruan...
Let's go.
Let's eat something nice.
I just bought a new dress.
So my month's allowance is
used up, I have to be thrifty.
My treat.
Save it, even if it's your dad's money.
Damn, so he can actually smile...
Excuse me, sir, may
I borrow your armband?
Aren't you tired of this yet'?
How about this? I let you
push me once, and we're even.
My fellow schoolmate...
I'm m the cafeteria management team.
It's my job to check that you
are served the right amount.
May I ask how much rice you asked for?
150 grams? 200 grams'?
Never mind...
I'll just weigh it.
The weight is correct.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Let's go.
Don't you want your lunchbox back?
I see...
How about this? I'll put your food...
...back into the lunchbox for you.
Are you through?
Okay, fine.
I'm apologizing to you.
YOU Win.
Please don't ever appear
in front of me again.
I've no idea what games you want to play.
If you like games, plenty
of guys are up for that.
Just leave me alone.
I don't have your free time or energy.
And I can't afford.
...to waste food like that.
You're just annoying.
Zhang Wei, let's get our lunch.
Sorry, she didn't mean any harm.
Why don't we get you a fresh lunch?
Fine, braised pork ribs
and vegetables, please.
What are you doing, Zeng Yu'?
If you don't eat it, I will.
What's going on, Zheng Wei?
What's up?
By the way...
Why are you friends
with her'? I don't get it.
I hate you, Chen Xiaozheng!
Look at you, playing that game...
with such aggression.
Who has upset you and
reduced you to this state?
Tell me, who was it?
I'll beat him up for you.
Surely not that Chen Xiaozheng again?
Chen Xiaozheng! Chen Xiaozheng!
Why do you lot keep mentioning him'?
Not me.
You're the one who bangs on about him.
What are you talking about? I don't!
But you do.
You got us all wondering.
Have you got a thing for Chen Xiaozheng?
That's absurd! How could
I like that bastard?
Calm down.
Let me finish.
When I think about it...
...there's no way that you could like him.
He's looks okay.
But so what?
There are plenty of
good-looking guys here.
He's not outstanding.
Maybe he'll do well here, but to
wait for him to become successful.
Who knows how long that might take?
And I heard...
...that his family isn't welt-off.
When you pick a boyfriend...
...you need to be realistic.
It's good that you think long-term.
Anyway, I hear he
has a girlfriend-to-be.
What's a
They hang out together...
...but haven't yet committed.
She's in the same
class, her name's Zeng Yu.
She's the Associate Dean's daughter.
So you've offended a princess!
You can expect trouble!
Slop it, shut up!
Why do you keep harping
on about that bastard?
Why are you getting so het up?
Dear listeners, you've tuned in...
...to Midnight Love Talk.
Love really is like a cup of coffee.
Bitter... Sweet...
Now, let's take...
...our next caller.
Ms Zijuan?
I want to know...
If there's this one person
I think of every day...
Someone I actually hate...
But I still really want to see him...
And I always tense up
when I do see him...
Even when I hear about him...
...or see him with other girls...
I feel so miserable.
when he said I was annoying...
I wanted to cry.
I just want to know,
what's wrong with me'?
My dear...
If I haven't got the
wrong end of the stick...
I think you must be in love.
Is it possible that you like him?
Hello, are you there, my dear?
I'm here... But he hates me!
He told me never to appear.
...in from of him again.
Then there's all the more
reason to find ways to do so.
My dear...
Love takes courage.
Xu, did you bring me out here...
...just for this silly boat ride?
- What is it?
- Open it.
Dad brought it back from
one of his business trips.
...to Hong Kong.
I thought you might like it.
That's all.
Thanks, I do like it.
Why are you staring at me?
No reason.
So, you...
...don't like me'?
I like being with you.
But not in that way.
I feel like we're buddies.
Is there something bad about me'?
You're nice, really nice.
But I already like someone else.
That's ridiculous!
It's true! I only
just realized it myself.
I don't believe you.
Who is it?
Chen Xiaozheng.
Zheng Wei, you're joking, right?
Chen Xiaozheng?
He has nothing!
Everything he earns in college...
...he earns through me!
He's still better than you!
What's wrong with him'?
His family isn't as well-off as yours.
Maybe he's not as smart as you are,
maybe he's not better than you in any way.
Still, the fact is...
You like me... But I like him.
That's one way you'll never beat him.
I won'! Give up!
You like him, but I like you.
Believe me, you won't get him.
You two are not the same kind of people.
You and I aren't the
same kind of people!
It's me...
Zheng Wei?
What is il now?
I need to talk 10 you about something.
I'm outside your dorm, come clown.
What game are you playing now?
If you have nothing to say, I'm leaving.
I hope we never meet again.
I do have something to say to you.
What on earth is it'?
Chen Xiaozheng...
I like you.
You're crazy!
Chen Xiaozheng, Chen
Xiaozheng, I mean it!
Zheng Wei!
Zheng Wei...
This is what I found.
...on Chen Xiaozheng.
Well done, Zhang.
He's a Gemini, blood-type AB...
Han Chinese, has applied to
join the Communist Party...
Born into a working-class family...
He's an only child,
his father died early...
His mother is bad-tempered,
she was very strict with him.
He's kind of allergic to dirt.
Can't stand people smoking in the room.
Likes to be alone,
not at all sociable...
Wakes every morning
at 8.30 to exercise...
And spends almost the
whole evening in the library.
Look, there's no need to
beat a man when he's down.
Yes, he shoved you.
So he's a pig.
But haven'! You punished
him enough? Let it go!
You're the pig.
From now on.
If you insult him, you insult me.
He and I are fine.
...he's my guy.
Chen Xiaozheng...
For people like you and
me, from humble families...
...love is dangerous and
we can easily get hurt.
What I said is for your own good.
Will you go to study group
tomorrow, Chen Xiaozheng?
Chen Xiaozheng...
Can I talk to you?
Chen Xiaozheng...
Surely you're not afraid...
To practice English with me?
Unless you feel guilty about something.
Dear schoolmate...
I... Really... Like... You.
How do you say that in English?
I don't like you.
How many times do I have to say it?
I knew you'd say that.
So, from now on...
when you say "I don't like you"...
...it means "I really like you"
When you say "You're so annoying"...
...it means "You're so pretty"
When you say "What do you want?"...
...it means "I'm thinking about you"
And when you say "Stupid"...
...it means "Happy to see you"
I knew you were happy to see me!
Me too!
I forgot to mention,
when you say nothing...
...il means you've had a
secret crush on me for ages.
Hey Chen, I hear you're
doing well with the ladies.
Hey Chen, you give the impression
you can't be bothered with girls.
But you sure prove that
saying about "quiet types
That Zheng Wei has fallen
for you, head over heels.
Zheng Wei, I'm saying
this for your own good.
Everyone's talking about
you and Chen Xiaozheng.
The girls are saying you shame us all.
You turn down a guy who likes you...
Then throw yourself at one who doesn't,
like you're asking to be insulted!
Jealous! They're all jealous!
Zheng Wei, aren't you tired of it?
I don't care how far
I have to go to get him.
I won't turn back, I'm pressing on.
You're so stupid.
Don't you have tests coming up?
You have time to kill?
I need to talk to you.
Come on then, nut here.
I'm in a rush, let's walk and talk.
My legs have gone to sleep.
Chen Xiaozheng, tomorrow's my
birthday, I'd like to give you a cake.
No need.
Please, let's meet at 8.30 pm.
...in the campus park.
I'll come alone, and I'll
just be giving you the cake.
Come on, I only have one birthday a year.
This is my only birthday wish...
...so please come, please!
What kind of girl behaves like this.
...in public?
Chen Xiaozheng, do come.
All right, all right.
Let's see, I'll come if I have time.
Really? Promise you won't back out.
Just stop following me.
Don't you think I
deserve an explanation?
What is there to explain?
What am I to you?
I don't understand.
You're the only real friend...
I have in this university.
IS that SO'?
Then you're imagining things.
Because I've never
thought of you as my friend.
YOU came.
Been waiting long'?
I said I'd only come if I had time.
Not that long.
Just a couple of hours.
It was easy to pass the time.
The problem was the mosquitoes.
You're so silly.
You knew there's be
mosquitoes in a place like this.
But you came in those shorts.
Since you're here...
...have same cake.
Out with it, what do you want'?
I'll do it if it's possible.
Stop behaving as you are.
I'm not used to it.
What do I want?
What can I want?
You hate me so much.
Just tell me.
What do I have to do to make it fight?
I'll do whatever I can.
You say that now...
...but when the time comes you'll cop out.
I won't.
It's Saturday tomorrow...
...come boating with me at tell Park.
I'll meet you at the stone bridge, 10 am.
Is this really your birthday?
Not really!
You're nut a girl, why
do you clean up so much?
Zheng, there's something
I have 10 tell you.
The work I found for
you, building models...
...it's over.
What happened?
Things have changed, you can't do it.
I've lined them up with other
students who'll do it for less pay.
I'm going to the toilet.
Anyhow, now that
you're busy with love...
...you won't have time fur it.
Xu Kaiyang.
Watch your words.
You think being rich.
...gives you a license to be mean?
And if I'm "busy with love",
it's no business of yours.
My bet is, it'll never work
out between you and Zheng Wei.
Then my advice is: don't bet!
No bets taken on this!
You think you're in control here?
You're looking for an
enemy in the wrong place.
You may feel superior...
...but don't imagine.
...you're running the whole show
Thanks for finding me those paid jobs.
But I'm not your lackey.
I'll manage fine on my own.
You arrogant bastard!
Then you don't need to act so big!
I knew there was something
not right about you!
Chen Xiaozheng! Why did you stand me up?
I didn't say I'd go.
You think it's all a joke?
You sun of a bitch! I'm telling you...
I'm officially through with you.
That lead dancer knows
how to work her waist!
She's Zeng Yu.
I meant, that slut
is really overdoing it.
So that's her, doing
those tacky dance moves.
Now our judges are busy
deciding on the final scores.
While they're doing so.
Does any student want
to come up to perform?
If not...
...let's welcome Associate
Dean Zeng to sing...
'Spring in the Northland'
Wait, I want to perform!
MC, you should wait
after you ask a question.
You didn't notice me raising my hand.
Don't be rash...
...if you want to sing we
can go to the karaoke place.
Oh no.
Zheng Wei.
Didn't you ask if
anyone wanted to perform?
I want to sing.
We've got a very brave girl here.
What song do you want to sing?
'Red Sun'
...even if life is crazy.
...and the road is twisted and winding.
...if life terrifies you, and
you no longer feel like living.
...please don't cry, or feel
disheartened, don't give up.
I will be by your side forever.
...even if life is crazy.
And the road is twisted and winding.
...if life terrifies you, and
you no longer feel like living.
...please don't cry, or feel
disheartened, don't give up.
I will be by your side forever.
...the path of life so twisted
and winding, I have walked it.
when did you start to accompany me
on this path, giving me encouragement?
Like the red sun, this
fire lights up the real me.
walking together, we can
climb a thousand mountains.
watching the night wind
lightly blowing past.
...bringing with it the fragrant scent of
flowers, as if bestowing its wishes on us.
watching the night stars shooting by.
...revealing your every wish
like waves about to fall on me.
Come in.
Excuse me, is this
where Li Weijuan lives?
Yes, but she's in class.
I used to be her classmate.
May I sit and wait for her?
Come on in.
That's her bed.
Don't sit on the bed,
she's fussy about that.
I have a cold, so please
help yourself to a drink.
which department are you in'?
I tried for three years,
but no college accepted me.
Li and I met at a cram
class for entrance exams.
And then we started dating.
Later, she got into
university and I didn't.
What are you doing here?
Who asked you to come?
They all saw you!
Didn't I say we were through when
you failed to get into college?
Why did you come regardless?
I can't even come to see you?
I've moved here for a job.
I won't start seeing you again.
Don't we always want
to better ourselves?
You've come to this big city to work.
Obviously you want something better.
Who'd want to be stuck.
...in that small town forever?
You can call me heartless all you want.
Since you've come all this way...
...it's only fair that
I treat you to a meal.
I'll treat you.
I found a small place.
I'm just passing with an old classmate.
What a coincidence!
This is my sister's steamed bun shop.
I'm helping her, come in and try some.
Thanks, no, we have things to do.
Maybe another day... See you later.
Give me a moment.
Xiao Bei...
Xiao Bei, can I have a word?
Xiao Bei, don't worry.
I won't tell anyone about this.
I don't mind people knowing.
My sister works hard to
put me through college.
There's nothing to be ashamed of.
I'll let you get back to work.
I'll be off.
Did I embarrass you'?
No, there's nothing to be ashamed of.
I didn't tell people about this
because I don't want sympathy.
It's me.
Why are you in town?
Didn't you just start school?
I'll be right there.
Ms Ruan Guan, flowers for you.
I don't want them.
Next time this person asks you
to deliver flowers, please refuse.
You keep them.
How are you?
Why didn't you tell me you were coming?
Why stay in a hostel?
I could've got you a
room in the boys' dorm.
This is the scarf I made for you.
...have a look.
It can keep you warm
while snowing next time.
I really don't know what to do.
Why are you crying? What happened?
Don't be such a baby.
You have to forgive me.
I love you.
Fine, just tell me what's wrong.
We'll find a way to deal with it.
I gut a girl in my class pregnant.
A group of us were in a bar one day.
Everyone was a little drunk.
This girl was crying the whole time.
I felt sorry for her,
tried to comfort her.
Then one thing led 10 another.
Before I knew it, we were...
...it was just that one time, really.
All of a sudden.
yesterday she told me...
That she's pregnant.
What does she plan to do?
And you?
I don't know what she's planning.
The moment she told me...
I panicked.
I came to see you straight away.
Ms Ruan...
To what do I owe the pleasure?
Zhang, I've run into some
trouble... Can I borrow some money?
If you can't help, can
you suggest someone else?
It's no problem... when do you need it?
Right now
Ruan Guan.
I admire you.
If I were in your place...
I would have been furious.
Getting angry wouldn't
help in this situation.
I have no idea how to heal
the hurl I've caused you.
Just tell me...
I'll do whatever you want me to.
You've been hurt too.
I deserved it.
I had too much to drink that day.
I was sad.
No guy had ever.
No guy had ever shown
interest in me before.
His kindness ended up hurting both of us.
I hope you won't hate him.
I don't hate him at all.
Because that was my first time.
Go home and have a good rest.
Tan Xiaojing!
Is Tan Xiaojing here'?
Prepare for surgery.
I'm going.
Be brave.
Zhao Shiyong doesn't deserve you.
The hospital charges
that you're paying...
I'll pay you back when I can.
You should get back, I'm leaving.
I'll put this behind me,
but if it happens again.
I've got a two.
Gut any?
Look at this...
Do you know how to play
this game'? Let me see.
Why didn't you play the
pair'? Why didn't you?
And one for you.
One for you too.
Come on.
One more round.
I played a 3 and a 4
What are you looking at?
So you drink with him but not with me?
- Drink!
- Zheng Wei's one of us.
Like a guy in a girl's body, you know?
Concentrate on the game!
Zheng Wei, come outside!
Why should I?
- Let go of her!
- Back off!
This is between me and
her, none of your business.
What are you doing? Let go!
What do you want from me'?
Are you even a girl?
What do you think?
I've never seen a girl playing cards...
with a bunch of guys in
the men's dorm at night!
- Where's your self-respect?
- What does it matter to you?
I'll do what I like...
Who am I to you?
You can disgrace yourself
as much as you want.
But don't go around saying that...
I'm your...
You're my what'?
Didn't I tell you?
I'm officially through with you.
If you were ever anything to me...
...you're not any more.
Just get the hell away from me.
I knew you were the kind of person...
who changes her mind every three seconds.
That's why you never get anywhere.
How could anyone get anywhere.
with someone as difficult as you?
I just wish you'd stop doing
things that make you look bad.
You want me to listen to you?
No can do, not unless
you were my... whatever.
Chen Xiaozheng!
Anyone home?
Don't say I didn't give you a chance.
I'll count to ten.
If you don't say you
aren't my whatever...
...then that means you are!
Time's up!
No-one counts like that.
Girls always count like
that, you just didn't know
Men are nom Mars, women are Rom Venus.
So go back to your Mars.
You go back 10 your wherever.
Don't think I can't reach you on Mars.
Excuse me! Excuse me, I'm sorry!
Please wait, that was my fault!
All the building used around here...
...are more than one hundred years.
The one we just passed...
Hi, how are you doing?
One of my fans.
You don't regret being with me, do you?
Or passing up the chance to
be the Dean's son-in-law'?
Do you regret passing up the
chance to marry into big money?
Promise me...
...you'll always be with me.
Why can't you promise?
Ask me again when I'm 80...
...then I'll give you the answer.
To tell you the truth...
I didn't plan to have a
relationship in college.
I knew how Zeng Yu felt about me.
But I wanted us to stay "just friends"
Then you turned my plan upside down.
Zheng Wei, are you a
mouse, nibbling like that?
You're always so
careless in your homework.
The composition ratio of the
steel-bar reinforcement is wrong.
Maybe I miscalculated.
A small mistake could cause.
...a budding to collapse.
How can you be a civil engineer.
...il you're so careless?
I just asked you to check it.
Why get so worked up?
I guess I over-reacted.
But I'm not like you.
My life is like a building
which can be put up only once.
I always need to be precise.
Can't afford a single centimeters error.
That's why I got worked up.
So I'm your one centimeter of error?
Zheng, didn't the professor say...
...a marginal degree of error.
...is allowed in every building?
My one centimeter won't
collapse your building.
My birthday is coming up.
What present are you getting me?
Aren't we visiting Ruan Guan's
village for the National Holiday?
What more do you want?
I promised to knit
one for you... Like it?
I do! Thank you, Ruan Guan!
My pleasure... I'll wrap it up for you.
Juan, you shouldn't
have... I'm going to cry.
Can I borrow it to wear sometimes?
No problem!
Happy birthday, Zheng Wei.
Thank you, Xiao Bei.
Since I'm broke, here's a small
gift straight from the heart.
I wrote you a poem. Don't reject it!
Thank you, Zhang!
This is for you.
Open it.
But I think it's a bit too much.
A gift is just an expression of feelings.
It doesn't really matter
how expensive it is.
But if you really
think it's too much...
...you can give me
something equally valuable.
What could I possibly give you?
Xu is a keen student of western customs.
That friendly kiss sure.
Surprised us country folk!
No kidding!
Get in line! Xiaozheng.
I want to kiss her mo, okay?
Okay, everyone! Get in
line and pay the fee!
How about this?
Let's go to a karaoke place.
My treat.
Great idea! Karaoke!
Get changed, get ready!
Let's go to karaoke together.
I haven't finished writing
my paper," you go and have fun.
I have to go back.
Have fun.
I'm going first.
Kaiyang, thank you.
I really appreciate the thought.
But this is too much, I can't accept it.
I'll take your friendly kiss.
...as my birthday present.
Xiaozheng, what's wrong?
Nothing. Why have you come out?
This is your day, you
should go back to them.
When the male lead exits...
...the female lead usually
has to chase after him.
Are you angry?
Of course not.
No reason to be angry.
You said it!
So you can't get angry.
Where's my present?
I've been busy, I
completely forgot about it.
Believe me or nut, I'm leaving.
It's really cute!
Who says it's for you?
I made it for myself, just for fun.
So it's not for me'?
Then you're just carrying
around to remind you of me?
But it's not anywhere
near as cute as I am.
I admire your modesty.
I really like it.
From the first day we spent together...
I've always had the worry...
...that you'd suddenly disappear.
So promise me this.
Don't ever suddenly disappear.
I'm afraid I wouldn't have
the courage to wait for you.
And even more, that
if we drifted apart...
we wouldn't be able to
find each other again.
Why is it that when
we're all individuals...
One person can fall so
much in love with another?
If we changed places,
even for just one day...
...you'd understand what I mean.
Since I've been with you...
I'm no longer my old self.
Why is it that you keep your
eyes open whenever I kiss you?
Because I want to see
and remember it all.
To remember.
Am I too small?
Maybe a little.
But since I've never seen bigger
ones, it's good enough for me.
Hey, student!
Please return to the
shop, there's a problem.
What problem?
We need to check something.
I'm sorry...
Can you please make sure...
...that you don't have
anything from the shop.
I bought three packs of
instant needles, that's all.
What didn't I pay for?
I'm afraid we'll have to search you.
On what grounds? Do you have any proof?
The proof is whatever you're hiding.
Will you hand it over,
or must we search you?
You're insulting my character!
You're violating my human rights!
Insulting your character?
You wouldn't be a thief.
...il you cared about your character!
- You're accusing me of theft?
- Ming, search her.
Are you throwing a fit, you little punk?
I didn't steal anything!
Why couldn't you have
worked this out amicably?
You should have reported it to
the Security Office right away...
...and let the authorities handle it.
Why deal with it in such a barbaric way?
What the Security Office for?
One small misunderstanding...
...and you blew it up into a fracas.
This is a university,
not a street market!
One small misunderstanding?
They trampled on my human rights!
They insulted my character!
They have to apologize,
and compensate me!
Why are you shouting?
Aren't we investigating it rig ht new?
I will deal with this fairy.
Of course they will apologize.
...but you'll have to pay fur the damage.
Why should I pay anything'?
You want to make even more of this'?
Even if you're right,
don't be unreasonable.
Ms Zhu, please let us know
...it you need any help with anything.
Xiao Bei always talks about you girls.
She says you treat her like a sister.
You've really looked after her.
I thank all of you for that.
Xiao Bei will always
be like a sister to us.
Ms Zhu, we'd like to see her off.
She'll feel worse if she sees all of you.
Ever since she was little,
Xiao Bei has been very proud.
We're going to miss her.
Work hard on your studies, girls.
I'll be off, don't come with me.
What were you two up to?
Let me guess...
Little Ms Dragon is jealous.
Not at all, I couldn't care less.
Silly girl!
She's also here to look for a job.
We were on the same team
in the graduation project.
We disagreed.
...about some of the details.
So we were discussing that.
We're only looking for
male candidates, no females.
Never mind.
He's great, isn't he?
He is.
So, he's your boyfriend?
Yes, so you and I both think he's great.
We're in complete agreement.
That's true.
I hear that big companies like yours
are all worried about the talent drain.
I don't think building corporate
loyalty or raising pay will solve it.
To best solution would
be to employ couples.
And then?
You should hire both of us!
We can both work heart and soul for you!
Dedicate all our youthful enthusiasm
and strength to the company!
Zhang Wei, you've always wanted
to go to the aquarium, right?
So I'm taking you there.
Count your conscience.
It costs 20 yuan to get in!
Do you have your student ID with you'?
Then forget it, we're not going.
Be quiet.
I'd take you there even if il cost 200
I wish I could touch a dolphin.
What did you say to the guy...
...persuade him to let
me touch the dolphin?
That's a secret.
Zheng Wei! This is not good...
I've just heard some terrible news.
You pick up some major item of
gossip every day, what's new?
You're being taken for a ride,
and you're the last to know
The College Council just told me.
...that your dear Xiaozheng...
was given one of the two
skate-sponsored places for study abroad.
They say he already has his US visa.
He's really something...
...keeping this huge secret from everyone!
Who told you this nonsense?
Why didn't he ever mention it to me?
I'm his girlfriend,
don't you think I'd know?
You're the eye of the storm...
...everyone knows except you.
Why have you come with
your hair still wet?
I was missing you, I
just thought I'd come by.
Li Weijuan just told
me something hilarious.
She says you're going abroad.
To the USA
...isn't that hilarious?
Zheng Wei, come with me.
Let's find a place to talk.
It's okay, here is fine.
Zheng Wei.
I'm sorry...
Why are you sorry?
Did you do something wrong again?
What you've heard is true.
China State Construction
was just a fall-back option.
I never thought the visa
would come through so quickly.
So I actually am the last
person to know about it.
I've been agonizing
ever this for some time.
I couldn't think of
a way of telling you...
without hurling you.
Without hurting me?
You've kept me in the
dark all this time...
And now you're finally
forced to come clean.
You think that's not hurling me'?
Chen Xiaozheng, what
kind of logic is that'?
I once told you...
...that my life is like a building
that can be put up only once.
So I can't afford to make any mistake.
Even if that mistake is just
an error of one centimeter.
So you've now concluded...
...that you need to fix that
one-centimeter error which is me...
...by going abroad to study?
I sure did fall for the
most ambitious guy around.
But I don't quite understand...
why our futures have to be in conict?
If you'd told me, I might
not have said anything.
But it seems that it
never occurred to you...
...to include me in your life-plan.
I need an explanation!
Tell me you had no choice.
Tell me you're doing it for my sake.
Tell me anything, and I'll accept it.
Zheng Wei...
Some day you'll understand...
...that people sometimes
have to love themselves.
I grew up poor.
How can I...
...impose that on the girl I love?
Why do you think that being
with me you'll always be poor?
You didn't even ask me!
What if I'm ready to put up with poverty
if that's what it takes to be with you?
But that's not what I want!
So the aquarium was supposed to
be your break-up present to me'?
Chen Xiaozheng...
This is the first time
you've cried because of me.
I began to doubt that
it was even possible.
But I should be the one owing.
Being poor...
...makes a man hard.
You should've listened to me.
Now you get the wurst of it.
The worst of what'?
Nobody forced me at
gunpoint to fall for him.
Stop babbling to me about "the worst"
It took two.
...nobody forced me to do anything.
I liked being stupid.
He liked reaching for the sky.
Neither of us owed the other anything.
You won't be around
to bother me any more!
I'll miss it, for sure.
And you, Ruan Guan...
Don't let that Zhao Shiyong
keep running rings around you.
Didn't you have a deal
that after graduation...
...he'd move here to work and be near you?
Now he's opting to work near home.
...to be with his parents.
It's true that when she's in love...
...no girl thinks straight.
But let's not talk about me.
I'm wondering where Zhu Xiaobei is.
I really miss her.
Let's be positive...
...say something uplifting!
We are good student...
...in university.
Tomorrow, we'll be good
citizens in society!
Come on!
A toast to youth, and
to being forever young!
Dedicated to you, here's a poem
from the 'School of Baldness'
Something to cheer you all up.
"A sea of clouds"
"Two ends of the earth... "
"When success greets me in maturity... "
"... I shall return"
"We'll drink joyfully
10 the end of the day"
"And speak no more about
the sadness of partings"
I can'! Stand this much more,
this rushing around to meet you.
Then I'll drive to the south to see you.
You won't have to rush around any more.
I'm pregnant.
We used protection.
Don't worry, I was only joking.
How can you joke about that'?
You know that my mother
doesn't really approve of us.
Imagine if you really were pregnant...
How would I deal with it?
Ms Zheng!
Ms Zheng!
Explain this to me.
When I asked who
approved these expenses...
...they told me you said I'd approve them.
You're a capable enough
person, aren't you?
You know I said no such thing.
I know very well what happened.
How many times have I told you'?
Assess the situation
and act accordingly!
Better to say nothing than
to say something wrong!
That's all... Go have your lunch.
Ruan Guan!
I won't marry Zhao Shiyong.
When I told him I was pregnant...
...he went into a panic.
That was the moment my love for him died.
What's this name? Ruan
something? Is it Ruan Guan?
Yes, here.
Come on in, then.
Ruan Guan...
You have me.
Zheng Wei?
How have you been?
Many times I've imagined
how we might meet again.
Definitely nut like this.
Something more dramatic.
By the sea or a river, at least.
You in white with your hair flowing
in the wind, something like that.
Hang on...
Here's my name-card.
Let's meet some other time.
I have to visit a patient now
Mr Deputy Chief Prosecutor.
Hello, Little Ms Dragon.
It's been seven years
since your great escape.
That was a big He.
...you made me believe.
You're so direct.
I was going to start
with some small talk.
Such as?
Such as I'm getting old...
...and you're a big girl now
Sounds like lines from
a Chinese soap opera.
Quote from an imported soap, at least.
You are a returnee.
I didn't go to America.
I've been here in this
city the whole time.
I actually came looking for you once.
I saw you with that guy,
a big smile on your face...
And I found myself thinking...
Even if it had been me there with you...
I probably couldn't have
made you smile like that.
It was the same smile...
I once saw on your mother's face.
I thought I'd had a blessed childhood.
Loving parents, happy family...
Until that day.
The day I found out about my
father's affair with your mother.
At that moment.
My whole life crumbled.
So don't waste your
energy getting mad at me.
I've been as good as
dead for these seven years.
I never forgave my
dad, even when he died.
I'm no saint.
Please, have some tea.
Thank you.
You too, Zheng Wei.
Thank you.
Zheng Wei...
Please put in a good word for me.
After all, you're now the one...
Presiding over the court!
Then you should give it your best!
Act to impress!
For sure.
Excuse me, it's a call from the hospital.
I need to take it.
Of course.
Yes, it's me.
Do you love him?
I've met him only six times,
so how much love can there be?
But he's good to me.
He's like me.
Looking for someone to marry.
We haven't spent much time together.
But I think he'll make a good husband.
He's already proposed to me.
What are you two doing?
I said, out of here now!
You little rascals! Out of here, now!
Out! Out!
Damn it! You see'?
I have no idea how his ex-wife.
...brought up those brats.
You have a hard time.
It's tough being a stepmother.
I can handle it.
Anyway, I want kids of my own.
He's over 50, can he still do it?
There's always artificial
insemination, I want two too.
Couldn't cope with three.
If I can give him a son...
...then all these restaurants
will be signed over to me.
That Dr Wu just now, he
seems like the reliable kind.
Committed to his career.
Ruan Guan...
When you two get married...
...have your reception
here and it'll be on me.
Then I should get married too.
Tu whom?
I think you've blown your chances.
I didn't think you'd want to meet again.
Why nut?
Is it that you've found out things
haven't gone so well for me'?
You think you can come
back to rescue me'?
Lin Jing...
I'm not that Little Ms Dragon any more.
I've loved other men.
I concede that you were the
one who made me dream of love.
But it was Chen Xiaozheng.
who taught me how to love.
From him, I learnt how to love someone.
To love someone as if
nothing else matters.
But you two finally broke up.
So what'?
I'll still love.
What about you?
Who have you loved?
Life is long...
When the day is done...
...you never know
Who'll be there with you at the end.
Sometimes you meet someone...
...and you think she's the one.
But she turns out to be a passer-by.
...in your life's journey.
Maybe there is no destination at all.
...or your destination
may already disappear...
...long time ago.
Zheng Wei!
Take a seat, Ma'am.
Young man...
How does your biography company work?
We write biographies of
people who have passed away.
Many people live very full lives
but leave no real trace in the world.
So their families feel
the less very keenly.
In point of fact, every person's life...
...is remarkable in some way.
Worth remembering.
Isn't that so?
As it says here...
"The bird has flown by... "
"... Leaving no trace in the sky"
My late husband did have a full life.
My I ask how much you charge?
For less than 80,000 words, 10,000
yuan without publication costs.
For more than 80,000 words,
30,000 yuan with publication costs.
Then I'll think about it.
My number's on the name-card.
Think about it, I can
give you a discount.
You want a biography?
There's fierce competition in the
design and architecture fields in the USA
But you've accomplished a lot.
...in a short time.
You must feel proud...
is your ego inflated?
If your success is built.
...on things you've lust...
I don't think pride or an
inflated ego are much of a problem.
You can play the big
shot all you want...
...but you know deep down
that your pride is hollow
Well, we live in an era.
when everyone dreams of quick success.
I think many people would like to know
...the secret of yours.
'Success' is a harmful word.
I used to think that I lived my life...
...exactly how I'd calculated it.
My calculations didn't allow
even one centimeter of error.
Not allowing that one centimeter
invalidates my 'success'
On those terms, I'd
rather not be successful.
Really? Why not?
Because my 'success'
was built on my failure as a person.
It wasn't worth it.
Got any top-class knock-offs of big brands?
I need some leather shoes and a nice bag.
Then you've come to the right place!
Who are all these
people? Hello, classmates!
Hey! Zhang!
Miss me'?
You've dressed up!
YOU wait...
Happy birthday, Zhang!
Hi, Juan!
Happy birthday, Zhang.
After all these years...
...you're as seductive as ever.
Hey, break it up!
Fatso's worse than I am.
My wife's here!
Where's Zheng Wei?
She'll be here soon.
This is great!
The first time in my life.
...so many friends have
come to my birthday party.
You two in particular.
Still kind of attractive
after all these years.
Couldn't you just say "attractive"?
Attractive! Attractive!
Anyhow, I knuckled down to work...
...and opened a publishing company.
So you've struck it rich!
No wonder you chose this
fancy place for your party.
Zhang, you're not getting any younger...
...isn't it time you got your
act together and got married?
I'd be doing a major disservice...
...to any girl careless enough to marry me!
You know what they say...
A man who has seen a rose...
will not want a weed! Am I right?
Fatso knows this better than anybody.
Oh, by the way...
I've invited.
...a special guest today.
Chen Xiaozheng, right?
I heard he was back from the States.
He's a big-name architect now
He gut married in the US, then divorced.
He has a daughter, mixed, very pretty.
Happy birthday.
Now that Xiaozheng
is here, you can dish!
Did I promise that'?
Yes, you did.
We all heard.
I said he's an amazing architect.
It's embarrassing to
repeat it, even for me!
Come on, let's hear it!
It's funny...
Seeing you smoking.
Life is full of ironies.
A person can turn into.
what he once hated.
Even I am sick...
...of the Way I am now
The truth is, I'm a failure.
Don't be so self-deprecating.
You've got everything you ever wanted.
Zheng Wei...
You have good reason to hate me.
You're too full of yourself.
I don't hate you.
I just despise you.
You can despise me as a
man driven by self-interest.
Even my marriage was a transaction.
I did it just to get my green card.
But if I still have a
residue of good conscience...
I admit that you're the
only one lever truly loved.
It feels as if I've walked
with my back bent all this time.
The only time I walked
with my back straight...
was when I was with you.
I once thought I'd die
without you loving me.
But in fact people don't
die from being out of love.
Chen Xiaozheng...
Thankfully, I'm finally over you.
We have no use for each other now
So you can go.
I came back to look for you.
Not to get back our lost days...
I came back...
...just so that I can
love you all over again.
Nobody can stop me
from feeling alive again.
I was having a drink.
Your call took me by surprise.
I rushed here without getting changed.
Drowning your sorrows?
Lin Jing...
Your father and my mother
had more guts than us.
They weren't afraid to love.
If their affair meant...
...that I had to give up on you...
I wouldn't have minded.
I'd known you for 17 years.
I'd always considered you
the person closest to me.
Even if we couldn't be together...
...did you have to cut me off completely?
If you'd shown me a little decency...
If you'd asked how I
was from time to time...
we wouldn't be where we are today.
Lin Jing...
You owe me, big time.
A wedding dress...
...makes a woman glow!
I got a call yesterday...
Guess who il was from.
Zhao Shiyong?
He'd heard I was getting married.
He'd asked around to get my number.
What did he want?
Suede are doing a concert in Beijing.
You remember, back in college...
...he and I were crazy about that band'?
He invited me to the concert
with him, before I get married.
To MR a dream we
had when we were young.
And you're going?
Where's your self-esteem'?
Nothing will come from seeing him.
I don't Want anything from him.
I thought I was over him.
But when I got his call the other day...
I found my heart still skipped a beat.
Maybe I need this meeting, for closure.
It'll let me put it all behind
me, to get on with my life.
You understand?
Ruan Guan...
You're the biggest idiot in the world.
I won't cry for you.
It's so unworthy that you died
because of that useless man.
You lived your whole life.
...as if it was about
sacrificing everything for love.
So you got what you wanted?
Satisfied now?
Happy How?
You've made all of us
who loved you, hate you!
There's so much more in this world...
...than just love.
You were so selfish!
I didn't expect you to come
by at this time of night...
Lin Jing...
I don't care if you have someone here.
I'm coming in.
It's okay...
It's okay, don't cry.
Tell me what's happened.
Lin Jing...
Marry me.
Let's keep each other company.
Marry me.
Take a look! it's a great view!
I'm scared of heights.
If you like it, sign the lease.
It's your decision too.
You're my business partner.
Your yes-man, more like!
By the way...
Have you come up with
a name for the firm yet?
How about 'Wei Guan World'?
Nothing to do with Zheng Wei, right'?
Take a guess.
I'm sorry.
My narrow-mindedness
cost us seven years.
Seven years we could have spent together.
Mr. Lin...
Please forgive Lin Jing...
We're getting married.
More than anything,
we want your blessing.
Will you tell me how you
got that scar on your wrist?
I thought you'd never ask.
Excuse me! Excuse me, I'm sorry!
Please wait, that was my fault!
Why are you here every day?
Don't you have classes?
A patient needs peace
and quiet to recover!
You coming here every day
slows my convalescence!
If you really want the wound to heal...
...then stop coming! That
would be my truest blessing.
If I were heartless, I
would have abandoned you.
But I'm not, so you should feel grateful.
You're back!
How did you get in?
I copied your keys.
You realize you could be arrested
for breaking and entering?
I've accepted all your apologies.
But what the hell is your agenda now?
I've made you some bone
soup, it's rich in calcium.
I'll serve you some.
You can eat out with your Jane Eyre...
Just think of me as the
madwoman in the attic!
You're crazy!
Let go of me!
I've found the person I love.
Shi Jie...
It has to be over between us.
Don't threaten me with suicide again.
Value your life!
Do you love me?
Love is like a river.
We're both blind...
...trying to feel our way across it.
Lin Jing...
Shi Jie is the one
who deserves your love.
She was willing to fight
for it with her life.
She took no prisoners.
We should be ashamed.
We love ourselves more
than our commitment to love.
Now I know...
You should love a person.
...like you love your own land.
Its mountains...
Its rivers...
Love her.
She's a treasure you've
ignored for long enough.
Dear parents, dear children...
Do you all feel that studying is hard'?
That's because you haven't yet learnt...
...how to make studying enjoyable!
My method is called 'Liu Yun Mnemonics'
It's my own invention, and it turns
studying into an enjoyable experience.
Not to mention turning
kids into little geniuses!
This Liu Yun...
The more I look, the more I think
she's Zheng Wei': classmate Zhu Xiaobei.
You're just imagining things.
Thinking of Zheng Wei again?
Time's up!
Let's test her now
Hello, Ms Liu.
Hello, how can I help you?
Didn't we go to the same
architectural college?
My name is Xu Kaiyang.
Aren't you Zhu Xiaobei?
You have the wrong person.
I'm Liu Yun.
I'm sorry.
That Woman is definitely Zhu Xiaobei.
I'm not mistaken.
Then why did she deny it?
Why change her name?
Chen Xiaozheng...
The university has only two
scholarships to support study abroad.
Never forget that...
...you're getting this chance
because I let you take my place.
My father took some persuading.
You see all these students here?
They're all just like you and me.
A few years of college, then they all
want to go on to be real architects.
But the world out there is brutal.
Without connections and experience,
you'll be stuck on a construction site.
Right now, you have two choices.
You go abroad to study.
And forget about Zheng Wei.
You two stay happy together...
And the offer is cancelled.
I don't want anything from you.
I just don't want your
talent to go to waste.
Do you know what baby's
breath symbolizes?
It means "ready to
stay in the background"
Nobody knows that I always loved you.
I kept all that love for you inside...
Like a thief concealing
stolen treasures...
who's afraid of showing
himself in the daylight.
I'm glad...
...there's someone who truly loved you.
You were the one who
taught me how to drink.
Now the two of us...
will drink together again.
You're the only one
who'll be forever young.
Zheng Wei...
I asked you to come today...
...because I have one question.
Can I love you all over again?
Chen Xiaozheng...
We spent OUT YOU! Together.
Neither of us owes the other anything.
Youth is something you remember.
Can you tell me...
When we went to the aquarium that day...
What did you say to the guy...
...that made him agree to
let me touch the dolphin?
Excuse me, I want to ask you a favour.
See that girl sitting over there?
I want to propose to her today.
But I can't afford to
buy her a diamond ring.
She really loves dolphins.
Could you let her touch the dolphin?
It would be my gift to her.