Zhivoy trup (1969) Movie Script

(Zhivoy trup)
Leo Tolstoy's play
Written and Directed by
Vladimir Vengerov
Music by
Isaak Shvartz
Aleksey Batalov Fyodor Protasov (Fedya)
Alla Demidova Liza Protasova
Oleg Basilashvili Viktor Karenin
Svetlana Toma gipsy Masha
Innokentij Smoktunovsky
Ivan Petrovitch (a genius)
Part One
Oh, really, mother, you are amazing!
A woman has left her husband, her child's
father, and you expect her to be calm!
Well, not calm
But what's done is done!
If I, her mother, not only allowed
my daughter to leave her husband,
but am even glad she has done it,
that shows he deserves it.
One ought to rejoice, not to grieve,
at the chance of freeing oneself.
Be free from such a bad man.
Why say such things?
You know it's not true!
He's not bad.
On the contrary, he's wonderful.
He's a wonderful man,
in spite of his weaknesses.
Yes indeed, a "wonderful" man
As soon as he has money in his pocket.
His own or other people's
He has never taken other people's!
But his wife's. Where's the difference?
But he gave all his property to his wife!
Of course, when he knew that otherwise
he was sure to squander it all!
Squander or not, I only know that a wife
must not separate from her husband,
especially from such a one as Fedya.
Then, in your opinion, she ought to wait
till he has squandered everything.
And brought his gipsy mistresses
into the house.
He has no mistresses!
Fedya, are you asleep?
Don't talk
It's a steppe.
Perhaps in 10th century.
It's a freedom not free will.
Now let's have "Not at Eve".
That won't do, Fyodor Vasilyevich!
"Mashenka, A Rosy Bloom" now.
All right!
And then, "Not at Eve".
I have a great favour to ask of you,
and I have no one to turn to but you.
Anything in my power
You do know all about?
Yes, I do.
Yes, he wrote to me saying
that he considers everything at an end
and note asking to send him
his clothes and things.
I was hurt, and so
In a word, I consented to break.
I answered, accepting his renunciation.
And now you repent?
Yes. I feel that I was wrong,
and that I cannot do it.
Anything is better than to be
separated from him.
In short, I want you
to give him this letter.
Please, Victor, give him the letter,
And tell him
and bring him back!
You're surprised at my asking you?
Yet, to tell you the truth
yes, I am surprised.
But you are not angry?
As if I could be angry with you!
I asked you because I know
you care for him.
Him, and you too!
You know that.
I know. I will tell you everything.
Today I went to Afremov's
to find out where he was.
I was told he had gone to the gipsies,
which is what I feared most of all.
I know he will get carried away
if he is not stopped in time.
And that's what has to be done
So you'll go?
Of course, and at once.
But where am I to look for him?
He is with the gipsies.
I went there myself.
I went as far as the porch.
Here is the address.
I will do all in my power!
And where is Victor Mikhaylovich?
He's gone.
I asked him to do something for me.
"Do something"? Another secret!
It's not a secret. I simply asked him
to give a letter into Fedya's own hands.
Fedya? What to Fyodor Vasilyevich?
Yes, to Fedya.
I thought all relations
between you were over!
I cannot part from him.
Are you going to begin all over again?
I wanted to, and tried but I can't!
Anything you like -
only I can't part from him!
Then do you want
to have him back again?
To let that skunk into the house again?
Mother, I beg you not to speak so
of my husband!
He was your husband.
No, he is my husband still.
A spendthrift, a drunkard, a rake
and you can't part from him?
Why do you torment me!
You seem to want to do it.
It's hard enough for me without that.
I torment you! Well then, I'll go.
I can't stand by and see it.
I see! That's just what you want.
I'm in your way I can't live so.
I can't make you out at all!
It's all so new-fangled!
First you make up your mind to separate,
then you suddenly send for a man
who is in love with you
Nothing of the kind.
Karenin proposed to you, and you,
sending him to fetch your husband!
Why? To arouse jealousy?
Mother, what you are saying is terrible!
Leave me alone!
Very well!
Turn your mother out of the house,
and let in your rake of a husband.
Yes, I will not remain here!
Goodbye, then, I leave you to your fate.
You can do as you please!
Dounyasha. Dounyasha!
My trunk and things!
That's good too!
That's really good too!
You're a brick, Nastassya Ivanovna!
My dear Fyodor Vasilyevich!
Now then, "Not at Eve"!
No, wait! First, my burial song
Because, when I'm dead you know,
dead and laid in my coffin,
the gipsies will come
I shall leave instructions with my wife,
and they will begin to sing
"I Walked a Mile"
and then I'll jump out of my coffin!
You just write this down.
Well, rattle along!
How that, ey?
Well done! He's a real gypsy!
Well, now "Not at Eve"!
Fyodor Vasilyevich!
A gentleman is asking for you.
What gentleman?
I don't know
Well dressed, wears a sable overcoat.
A swell?
Well, ask him in.
Who has come to see you here?
The devil knows!
Who can want me?
Ah, Victor!
I never expected you!
I didn't expect.
Come Take off your coat!
What wind has blown you here?
Come, sit down.
But I want
No, listen.
Now it is "Not at Eve".
We must have a
That's it!
That's it
That's it.
It's wonderful
And where does it all happen
all that this music expresses?
And how is it a man can reach such ecstasy,
and cannot keep it?
Yes, it's most original. In fact
Not original but the real thing!
It's really simple, except the rhythm
Oh, that's good.
I wanted to speak to you alone.
What about?
I have come from your home.
Your wife has entrusted me
with this letter, and besides
Well, now, you friends have a rest.
I say, Karenin, of course you know
what is in this letter?
I know and I want to say
Wait, wait a bit!
Please don't imagine that I am drunk
and my words irresponsible.
I mean, that I am irresponsible!
I am drunk, but in this matter
I see quite clearly.
Well, what were you commissioned to say?
I was commissioned to find you
and to tell you
that she is waiting for you.
She asks you to forget everything
and come back.
Still, why you?
Yelisaveta Andreyevna sent for me,
and asked me
But not so much in your wife's name,
as for myself
I ask you, come home!
You are a better man than I.
What nonsense! It is easy enough
to be better I am a scoundrel.
And you are a good yes, a good man.
And that is the very reason
why I won't alter my decision.
No! Not on that account either
but simply because I can't and won't
How could I return?
Let us go to my rooms now.
I'll tell her that you will return,
and tomorrow
And tomorrow, what?
I shall still be I,
and she'll be she.
It's best to have the tooth out
at one go.
Didn't I say that if I broke my word
she was to throw me over?
Well, I have broken it,
and that's the end of it.
For you, but not for her!
It is strange that you'd be so anxious
that our union should not be broken.
Listen Just hear her sing!
An ovation, eh?
An ovation! Come
An ovation:
"Victor, my Lord, son of Mikhael"!
Well, bottoms up, Gov, bottom up
How much shall I give them?
Well, give them twenty-five roubles.
Splendid! And now, "The Flax!"
Now, let's have "The Flax"!
Now "The Flax", and then finish up.
Karenin's bunked!
Bunked off Well, devil take him!
Oh, Masha, Masha!
How you do turn me inside-out!
And how about what I asked you for?
Money? Here, take it!
Who can make it out?
She opens heaven for me, and then
asks for money to buy scents with!
Why, you don't in the least
understand what you're doing!
Not understand indeed!
When I'm in love, I try to please my man,
and sing all the better.
Kiss me.
Do you love me?
Looks like it!
But I'm married,
and your choir won't allow it
This is good! Isn't it?
Of course, it's good
we've jolly visitors, and are all merry.
Ah, don't!
Never go below the chin!
Kiss me then!
Kiss me.
Ah, how good it is!
If only one hadn't to wake up!
If one could die so!
Yes, that's it.
Change it every half-hour if he's awake,
but if he's asleep don't disturb him.
You need not paint the throat.
The room must be kept
at its present temperature
But if he again begins to choke?
He probably won't.
But if he should use the spray.
And give him the powders:
one in the morning and the other at night.
Have a cup of tea, doctor?
No thanks, my patients are expecting me.
These powders are to be well mixed
in a tablespoonful of boiled water
He's so sweet now!
As soon as even he was a little better
he at once began to smile.
and crow.
I must go to him,
but I don't like leaving you.
Would you like to have a look at him?
Of course.
I don't want anything now.
I am so happy after all that anxiety!
There! You see how worn out you are!
What are you looking so glum about?
What's that?
Grapes. Victor brought them.
It's disgusting! She has taken him
with her to the nursery.
It's just as if he were
her fiance or her husband.
Whatever does it matter to you?
Why need you get excited about it?
Did you mean to marry him yourself?
What, me? Marry that?
I'd rather marry I don't know
whom, than him!
Such a thing never entered my head.
I am only disgusted that after Fedya,
Liza can be so attracted by a stranger.
Not a stranger, but an old playfellow!
Why should she not love and marry Victor?
That would be disgusting.
What's the matter with her?
I really don't know.
Fedya! A lady to see you!
Who is it?
He doesn't know. Ask her to come.
No, wait. I'll go myself and see.
Let her in.
Why, you? Come in. Take care!
How that Come, here.
What a lucky fellow that is!
Why, the girls are all sweet on him?
Not much luck in that!
Fedya, forgive me if it's unpleasant
but for God's sake hear me!
I'm listening.
Fedya, come home!
I quite understand you, Sasha dear,
and in your place I should do the same
I'd try to find some way to bring back
the old state of affairs.
But if you were me, if you,
dear sensitive girl -
strange as it sounds were in my place
you would certainly have done as I did,
and have gone away and ceased
to spoil someone else's life.
Spoil? How?
As if Liza could live without you!
Oh, Sasha dear! She can, she can!
And she will yet be happy
far happier than with me.
It seems so to you.
But that's not the point.
As it is, the chief thing is,
that I can't!
You see, one folds a piece of thick paper
this way and that a hundred times
and still it holds together; but
fold it once more, and it comes in half.
So it was with Liza and me.
It hurts me so to look into her eyes.
And she feels the same, believe me!
No, no!
You say "No", but you do know
that it is "Yes"!
I can only judge by myself.
If I were in her place,
and you answered as you are doing,
it would be dreadful!
Yes, for you.
Must things really remain so?
I suppose
Fedya, come back.
Thank you, Sasha dear! You will always
remain a precious memory to me.
But goodbye, dear heart!
Let me kiss you.
No, I don't say goodbye,
and I don't believe, and won't believe.
Well then, listen!
But give me your word, what I tell you,
you won't repeat to anybody.
Do you promise?
Of course!
Well then, listen.
Sasha, it's true that I am her husband
and the father of her child,
but I am superfluous!
Wait, wait don't reply.
You think I'm jealous? Not at all!
In the first place, I have no right;
secondly, I have no cause.
Victor Karenin is her old friend,
and mine too. He loves her, and she him.
She does.
As an honest, moral woman can,
who does not allow herself
to love anyone but her husband.
But she loves, and will love him
when this obstacle is removed;
I'll remove it, and they'll be happy.
Fedya, don't talk like that!
Why, you know very well that it's true!
And I shall be glad of their happiness.
And it's the best I can do.
I shall not return, but shall give them
their freedom Tell them so.
Don't answer and goodbye.
Fedya, you are wonderful.
Goodbye, goodbye!
That's the thing that's the thing.
And it's true, it's true.
Have you settled matters?
"And she swore by ev'ry power,
Rest here, just an hour".
Where is everyone?
In the stands.
"La Belle Bois" is running now!
That's right, we'll go too,
"Rest here just an hour". Come along!
Today at two o'clock, she will be here.
I promised Victor I would receive her,
but you understand how I am placed!
I am not myself at all;
I am afraid of her!
Oh, what mud!
And I have to soil my hands with it!
I hope I am not forcing myself on you.
You know that you are always welcome.
And today especially!
You got my note?
I did, and this is my answer.
What do you think of it?
Tell me your opinion. What ought I to do?
You have spoken with Victor?
Yes, I have.
And I think he loves her.
He has grown used to loving her.
And love has got a great hold on him.
Oh, dear, but how is it that in our day
love could be pure -
could be a loving friendship,
lasting through life?
No get married to a divorced woman,
and have to meet his wife's husband!
Nowadays younger generation no longer
contents itself with those ideal relations.
For them, to possess the soul
is no longer enough.
Mother, I have come to say this
Yelizaveta Andreyevna will be here
in a minute, and I beg, I implore you
if you still refuse your consent
to my marriage
Of course I still refuse my consent.
In that case I beg, I implore you,
not to speak to her of your refusal.
Don't settle matters negatively.
I want you to make her acquaintance.
The one thing I can't understand.
How you reconcile your desire to marry
Mrs. Protasova who has a husband living!
With your religious conviction
that divorce is contrary to Christianity?
All the abominations layers,
proofs of guilt. It is all disgusting!
Mother, this is cruel of you!
Are we really so immaculate that
we must always be perfectly consistent
when life is so complex?
Mother, why are you so cruel to me?
I love you. I desire your happiness.
Sergej Dmitrievich!
Of course you desire his happiness.
But it is not easy for us, with our
grey hairs, to understand the young.
Even so for a mother, grown accustomed
to her own idea of her son's happiness.
Women are all like that.
You may do it, of course. You are of age.
But you will kill me!
You are not yourself.
This is worse than cruelty!
Be quiet, Victor. Your mother's words
are always worse than her deeds.
Yelizaveta Andreyevna Protasova.
I shall tell her how I think and feel,
but I'll do it without offending her.
I am going. Please, Mother!
Ask her in.
No, you must please stay here!
I thought you'd find
en tete-a-tete easier.
No, I fear it. If I want en tete-a-tete,
I will nod to you.
It will depend. To be left alone with her
may make it difficult for me.
But I'll do like that if
My niece Nelly has often
mentioned you to me.
Yes, she and I were great friends,
and we are still friendly.
I never expected that
you would wish to see me.
I knew your husband well.
He was friendly with Victor,
and used to come to our house
before he left for Tambov.
I think it was there you married?
Yes, it was there we married.
But after his return to St. Petersburg
he never visited us.
Yes, he hardly went out anywhere.
And he never introduced you to me.
The last time I met you was
at the theatricals at the Denisovs'
They went off very well;
and you were acting.
No Yes Of course I did act.
Anna Dmitrievna, forgive me if what
I am going to say displeases you,
but I can't and don't know
how to dissemble!
I have come because
Victor Mikhaylovich said
because he, I mean,
because you wished to see me
But it is better to speak out
It is very hard for me
But you are kind.
I'd better go.
Yes, do.
Listen, Liza
I don't know your patronymic name,
and it doesn't matter
Well, Liza still.
I am very sorry for you, and I like you.
But I love Victor.
I know his soul as I know my own.
It is a proud soul.
He was proud as a boy of seven.
Not proud of his name or wealth,
but proud of his character and innocence,
He is as pure as a maiden.
I know.
He has never loved any woman.
You are the first.
I do not say I am not jealous.
I am jealous. But we mothers
your son is still a baby,
and it is too soon for you
we are prepared for that.
I was prepared to give him up to his wife
and not to be jealous,
but to a wife as pure as himself
Forgive me!
I know it was not your fault,
but you are unfortunate.
Liza, my dear,
you are a wise and good woman.
If you love him you must desire
his happiness more than your own.
And you will not wish to bind him
and give him cause to repent
though he would never say a word,
but he would suffer.
I know he wouldn't.
I have spoken of it to him,
I have thought of it.
I said to him: "Let us be friends,
do not spoil your life;
do not bind your pure life
to my unfortunate one!"
But he does not wish for that.
You've ruined our daughter for nothing,
our only daughter, our priceless jewel
No! I don't gallivant!
I love this gentleman, that's all.
I've not left the choir.
I'll go on singing, and what
Say another word, and I'll pull
the hair off your head, slut!
It's bad, sir! We were fond of you
we sang to you without pay. We pitied you.
And what have you done?
You're doing a dirty deed.
I came to him myself, and if you take me
away now, I'll come back again.
I love him, and there's an end of it!
My love is stronger than all your locks.
Gallivanting with whom? With a beggar
what can you get out of him?
You've done wrong,
and now come along.
But you didn't love her
when you had money!
If you'd then subscribed
ten thousand roubles to the choir,
you might have had her honourably.
My respects to you, sir!
Excuse me. I've been an unwilling witness
of an unpleasant scene.
Whom have I the honour?
Prince Sergej Dmitrievich!
A witness of an unpleasant scene.
I should have been glad not to hear,
but having overheard it,
I consider it my duty to tell you so.
Yes yes, yes.
Please take a seat.
Thank you for telling me.
It gives me the right
to explain that scene to you.
I don't mind what you may think of me.
I should like to tell you that
the reproaches you heard,
addressed to that girl,
that gypsy singer, were unjust.
That is what I wished to tell you;
but what is it you want of me?
In what way can I be of service?
In the first place, I
Forgive me, Prince.
My present social standing is such,
that our former slight acquaintance
does not entitle me to a visit from you,
unless you have some business with me.
What is it?
I have business with you;
but I beg you to believe
that the alteration in your position in
no wise affects my attitude towards you.
I am sure of it.
My business is this. The son of my friend,
Anna Dmitrievna Karenina, and she herself,
have asked me to ascertain directly
from you what are your relations
May I speak out?
Your relations with your wife,
Yelizaveta Andreyevna Protasova.
My relations with my wife,
or rather with her who was my wife,
are entirely at an end.
Well then, but Victor Karenin,
or rather his mother, asked me to find out
what your intentions are.
What intentions? I have none.
I set her quite free!
Moreover, I will never disturb her peace.
I know she loves Victor Karenin.
Well, let her!
I consider him a very dull,
but very good and honourable man,
I think that she will, as the phrase goes,
be happy with him;
May God bless them! That's all.
And don't suppose that I feel
the least bit jealous.
If I said that Victor is dull,
I withdraw the remark.
He is an excellent, honourable, moral man:
almost the direct opposite of myself.
And he has loved her from childhood.
Perhaps she too may have loved him when
she married me that happens sometimes!
The very best love
is unconscious love.
I believe she always loved him;
but she didn't confess it even to herself.
But a shadow of some kind
always laid across our family life.
But why am I confessing to you?
Please do!
I understand that the shadow,
as you so well express it,
may have been
Yes, it was.
and perhaps that's why I couldn't find
satisfaction in our family life,
but was always seeking something,
and being carried away.
However, that sounds like excusing myself.
I don't want to, and can't, excuse myself.
I was I say with assurance
was a bad husband.
That's because in my mind, I am not,
and have long not been, her husband.
So there you have my answer
to your question.
Yes, but you know Victor's family,
and himself too.
His relation to Yelizavata Andreyevna is,
and has been all through,
most respectful and distant.
He assisted her when she was in trouble.
Yes, I by my dissipation helped
to draw them together.
What's to be done?
It had to be so!
Having myself a broader outlook on things,
I can understand, that for him,
and especially for his mother,
union with a woman without
a Church marriage is unthinkable.
Yes, I know his stu his strictness,
his conservatism in these matters.
But what do they want? A divorce?
I told them I'm willing; but the business
of taking the blame on myself
and all the lies connected with it,
are very trying
I quite understand you, and sympathize.
But how can it be avoided?
I think it might be arranged that way.
But you are right. It is dreadful,
and I quite understand you.
Thank you, dear Prince! I always knew
you were a kind and honourable man.
But, tell me what to do.
How am I to act?
Put yourself in my place. I am not trying
to improve. I am a good-for-nothing.
But there are things I cannot do quietly.
I cannot quietly tell lies.
Still, I don't understand you!
You, a capable, intelligent man,
so sensitive to what is good
how could you be so carried away
and forget what you expect of yourself?
How have you ruined your life
and come to this?
First, Prince, through drink.
It is not that drink tastes nice.
But do what I will, I always feel
I'm not doing the right thing,
and I feel ashamed.
I talk to you now, and feel ashamed.
As for being a Marechal de la noblesse,
or a Bank Director, I'd feel ashamed.
So ashamed! It is only when I drink
that I do not feel this shame.
And music: not operas or Beethoven,
but gypsies
That is life!
Energy flows into one's veins!
And then those dear black eyes,
and those smiles.
And the more delicious it is,
the more ashamed one feels afterwards.
How about work?
I have tried it, but it's no good.
I am always dissatisfied. But, what's use
in talking about myself. Thank you.
Then what am I to say?
Tell them I will do what they wish.
They want to get married, and there
should be no obstacle to their marriage?
Of course.
I will. Tell them I'll certainly do it.
But when?
Wait a bit
Well, say in a fortnight. Will that do?
Then I may tell them so?
You may.
Goodbye, Prince.
Thank you once again.
That's good.
That's the way.
It must be so.
That's the way. Splendid.
It must be.
"Liza and Victor,
I address myself to you both"
That's good.
It must be so.
End of Part One
Part Two
Protasov May I come in?
Protasov, I'll come in too.
Protasov! I'll come in, Protasov.
They wish to humiliate you,
and you will show them
the sort of man you are!
You will kill yourself with a revolver,
and them with magnanimity.
I understand you. I understand
everything, because I am a genius.
You wish to reply to their demands?
I'll tell you what to say.
I always speak straight out,
and act with decision.
I'm not going to restrain you.
Life and death are alike to Genius.
I die in life, and live in death.
You will kill yourself
that two people should pity you;
and I I shall kill myself, that
the whole world may understand
what it has lost.
But it is too soon yet.
Let's have a drink, Protasov.
Here's to your great journey!
Have you brought it?
Pitiful people! They fuss, they bustle.
And don't understand anything at all
I'm not talking to you,
I am only expressing my thoughts.
And, after all, what does humanity need?
Very little only to value its geniuses.
But they are always executed,
persecuted, tortured.
No! I'm not going to be your toy!
I will drag you out into the open!
No-o-o! Hypocrites!
Go away, please!
Go away?
Please do!
Well goodbye then.
I am not going to restrain you.
I only want to tell you
You'll tell me afterwards.
And now, dear chap, just one thing.
Give this to the manager
and ask if a parcel and a letter
have come for me.
Please do.
All right.
Then you'll wait for me?
I have still something
important to tell you.
Something that you will not hear
in this world nor in the next,
at any rate not till I come there.
Am I to let him have all of this?
As much as I owe him.
Well, then
I've been to your place,
to Popov's, to Afremov's,
and guessed that you must be here.
Ive been running all the night.
Oh, youre drunk!
A fool!
A regular fool!
Did you really mean to do it?
I couldn't I couldn't.
Do I count for nothing at all?
You are a scoffer.
Do I count for nothing?
You had no pity for me?
Have you ever thought of me?
You had no pity!
Oh, Fyodor Vasilyevich, it's a sin.
A sin in return for my love.
What about me?
It would have set you free too.
Is it better to be tormented by me?
Seems it's better.
I can't live without you.
What sort of life for you, with me?
You'd cry a bit, then you'd live on.
I shouldn't have cried at all!
Go to the devil, if you don't pity me!
Masha, dearest!
I meant to do it for the best.
Best for yourself!
How's that, when I meant to kill myself?
Of course, best for yourself!
But what is it you want? Tell me.
But tell me, what?
Well, what?
Tell me, what do you want?
What I want? I want a great deal.
And what?
Well, what?
First of all, to keep my promise. That is
the first thing, and quite sufficient.
To lie, and do all the dirty work
for getting a divorce I can't!
All right.
Well, there isn't much good in her,
if she's thrown you over.
She didn't I threw her over.
Right. All right! It's always you.
She is an angel! What else!
But above all, what use is my life?
I know I'm a good-for-nothing.
I'm a burden to myself
and to everybody.
I'm worthless, as your father said.
I've stuck to you for my life,
and there's an end of it!
As to your leading a bad life, drinking
and all well, you're a living soul.
Aren't you?
Yes, I am.
If so, give it up, and that's that!
That's easily said.
Well, then, do it.
Yes, when I look at you
I feel as if I could really do anything.
And so you shall!
Yes, you'll do it!
And the revolver?
I won't hesitate, or think about it
I seize it now! And all is over.
But it is too soon yet.
I'm not going to be your toy!
I sent my secretary to him
with the petition ready for signature,
and told him not to leave
till it is signed.
He promised so definitely,
that I am sure he will keep his word.
I am ashamed to say it,
but I must confess
I must confess that what I heard
about that gypsy girl
makes me feel quite free.
It isn't a jelousy, but you know
it sets me free. I hardly can explain
Can't explain?
Never mind
Now things are clear within me,
and only my position torments me.
It is such torture
and then this waiting.
If I did not know him so well,
I'd think he was delaying on purpose.
No, it is the result both of his
weakness and his honesty.
He doesn't want to say what is not true.
Only you were wrong to send him money.
I had to. The want of it might be
the cause of the delay.
But still, there is something bad
about money.
Well, anyhow, he needs not to be
so punctilious.
Mikha, what's up? Mikha!
Let's feed those birds.
Now, look!
That's the way! There
Well, you go now
How selfish we are becoming.
Yes, I confess it.
It's your fault. After all that waiting,
that hopelessness, I am so happy now.
And happiness makes one selfish.
It's your fault.
Do you think it's you only? Me, too.
I feel full of happiness, bathed in bliss.
I have everything. Mikha has recovered,
your mother likes me.
And above all, I love you!
Well, what? Tell me, what?
That you are a good, dear girl
and that I love you,
and if I live I shall ruin you.
That's not your business.
I know quite well what will ruin me.
Let's go. We'll go off together
and live gloriously.
Go now. I will follow you soon. Go!
I'll be waiting at the gate.
Where is he?
Thats the question
I would like to ask you.
Liza and Victor,
I address myself to you both.
I won't lie and call you 'dear'
or anything else.
C'est moi qui suis l'intrus
It is I who am the intruder.
I love you both in theory,
especially Liza, Lizette!
But actually I am more than cold
towards you.
But to business.
Lying, acting so disgusting a comedy,
bribing the Consistorium, to face
all that meanness is disgusting to me.
Vile as I may be,
I am vile in a different way,
and cannot take part in those
abominations simply cannot!
The solution at which I have arrived
is the simplest:
to be happy, you must marry.
I am in the way;
consequently I must destroy myself
must destroy myself. And I will do it.
When you get this letter,
I shall be no more.
P.S: What a pity you sent me money
to pay for the divorce proceedings.
It is unpleasant, and unlike you.
But it can't be helped.
I've so often made mistakes, why shouldn't
you make one? I return the money.
All I ask is, don't be angry with me,
and hold me in kind memory.
Goodbye, Fedya.
He has taken his life! Yes
I knew it! I knew it!
It's not true, not true
that I didn't love him.
I love only him! I love him!
And I've killed him.
Oh, my God!
Forgive me, but I too can't lie.
Go now go, and find out
She was a gypsy,
brought up to money-hunting,
and yet she had this
self-sacrificing love.
Gave everything, wanted nothing herself.
The contrast was so wonderful!
I understand, quite understand.
Yes, in art we call it a "tone-value"
"Tone-value". You can only get quite
bright red by putting green round it.
But that's not to the point.
I understand, quite understand.
My wife was an ideal woman.
But how shall I tell you?
There was no yeast in it, you know
the yeast that makes the beer froth!
Well, our life was flat, and I wanted
something to help me to forget.
One can't forget when there's no sparkle
in life. And I began to do nasty things.
And you know, we love people
for the good we do them.
And dislike them for the harm we do them.
And I did her much harm.
She seemed to love me
Why do you say "seemed"?
I say it because there was never
anything about her
that made her creep into my soul
as Masha did. But I meant another.
When she was pregnant, or nursing her baby,
I used to vanish, and come home drunk;
And of course, just because of that,
I loved her less and less.
I see you've made acquaintance
with our painter, our artist.
Yes, we are acquainted.
And have you finished the portrait?
No, I lost the order.
We are not in your way?
Then I won't disturb you go on?
I'm sure I don't want you.
I don't like that man, Kouzin.
He was offended.
Well, let him be! He is such a fellow,
my words won't come when he is there.
Now with you I feel at ease
and comfortable.
Well, what was I saying?
You were speaking about your wife
Ah, yes! I have it!
The reason I love Masha is that
I've done her good and no harm.
That's why I love her.
The other one I tormented
Not because I don't like
No, after all, I simply don't love her!
Was I jealous?
Yes, but that too is past
As for Masha, on the contrary,
I may fall lower still,
sell off all I have on me,
be covered with lice and sores
but this jewel no, the ray of sunshine,
is still with me and in me.
I see, I see! And where is she now?
That all belongs to another life,
and I don't want to mix it with this one.
You are welcome!
What? It's nothing, girl
Yes, your life is astonishing.
No, it's more simple! You know,
in the society in which I was born
there are only three careers
open to a man only three.
The first is to enter the civil
or military service,
to earn money and increase
the abominations amid which we live.
That was repulsive to me.
Perhaps I had not the capacity for it;
but above all it repelled me.
Then the second is
to destroy those abominations.
To do that you must be a hero;
and I am not a hero.
And the third is to forget it all by going
on the spree, drinking and singing.
That is what I did. And this is
what my singing has brought me to.
Sometimes it is horrid,
and sometimes not.
It's horrid when I've no money.
Now he's on his way from the station.
Who is?
Papa's coming from the station?
It is surprising how he loves him -
just as if he were his father.
So much the better!
Does he remember his real father?
I never speak to him about it.
I say to myself, "Why confuse him?"
There's someone with him,
a lady in a bonnet.
It's Mother!
I have not seen her for an age.
Hey, Mikha!
Isn't he a strapping fellow?
If only he hasn't inherited everything.
His father's heart
But not his weakness.
How much higher he stands now
in our recollection!
Well, Victor, did you get the wool?
Yes, yes, I did.
A horse!
Take it!
A horse
Here is the wool, the eau-de-Cologne,
and the letters here you are!
And here the one
"On Government Service" for Liza.
It's to your Mummy.
Take it to your Mummy!
Anna Pavlovna, if you want to wash
your hands I'll show you your room.
I must make myself tidy too;
it is almost dinner time.
Maman, Anna Pavlovna's room is
the corner one downstairs, isn't it?
Oh God! When will he release me!
Victor, what does this mean?
It is dreadful! He's alive.
Oh, how I hate him!
I don't know what I am saying
I hate him!
Take a seat, please.
Believe me, I much regret
to have to question you,
but we are under the necessity
Please be calm.
And remember that you need not
answer my questions.
Only, in my opinion, for your own
and everybody's sake the truth is best.
It is always best, even practically
I have nothing to conceal.
Well then, your name, position, religion
all that I have put down.
Is it correct?
You're accused of contracting a marriage
with another man,
knowing your husband to be alive.
I did not know it.
And also of having persuaded your husband,
and bribed him with money,
to commit a fraud a pretended suicide
in order to free yourself of him.
That is all untrue.
Well then, allow me to put
a few questions.
Did you send him 1,200 roubles
in July of last year?
It was his own money, the proceeds
of the sale of some things of his.
When I parted from him and expecting
a divorce, I did send him the money.
Just so! Very well.
That money was sent
on the 17th of July
So, two days before his disappearance?
I think it was on the 17th,
but I don't remember.
And why was the application to
the Consistorium for a divorce withdrawn,
just at that time and the lawyer
told not to proceed with the case?
I don't know.
Well, and when the police asked you
to identify the body,
how was it you recognized it
as your husband's?
I was so excited that
I did not look
at the body, and I felt
so sure it was he,
that when they asked me, I answered,
"I think it is he".
Yes, you did not see well,
in consequence of a natural excitement.
Well Very well.
Only allow me to remark, madam,
the fact of being servants of the law
does not prevent our being men;
and believe me, I quite understand
your position and sympathize with you.
You were tied to a man who squandered
your property, was unfaithful
In short, brought misfortune
I loved him.
Yes; but still the desire to free
yourself was natural,
and you chose this simpler way,
without realizing
that it would lead you into
what is considered a crime bigamy.
I quite understand it.
The judges will understand too;
and therefore I advise you
to confess everything.
I've nothing to conceal. I've never lied.
Do you want me any longer?
I must ask you to remain here.
I won't I will not trouble you
with any more questions.
Only kindly read this over and sign it.
It is your deposition.
See whether your answers
have been correctly taken down.
Please take that seat.
Ask Mr. Karenin to come in.
Please take a seat.
Thank you.
What do you want of me?
I have to take your deposition.
In what capacity?
I am, in the capacity
of Examining Magistrate,
obliged to question you in the capacity
of an accused person.
Indeed! Accused of what?
Of marrying a married woman.
However, allow me to question you
properly. Kindly sit down.
Thank you.
Your name?
Victor Karenin.
Your calling?
Chamberlain and Member of Council.
Age thirty-four. Orthodox religion?
Orthodox; never was tried
or convicted before. Well?
Did you know that Fyodor Vasilyevich
Protasov was alive
when you married his wife?
I did not know it.
Very well. Why did you send money
1,200 roubles
to Mr. Protasov just before
his pretended death on 17th July?
That money was given to me by my wife.
By Mrs. Protasova?
By my wife, to send to her husband.
She considered that money to be his and,
having severed all connections with him,
considered it unfair to keep it.
One more question why did you withdraw
the application for divorce?
Because he applied for a divorce,
and wrote me about it.
Have you got his letter?
It has been lost.
It is strange that everything
which might convince the Court
of the truth of your evidence
should either be lost or non-existent.
Do you want anything more?
I want nothing, except to do my duty;
but you'll have to exonerate yourselves,
and I have just advised Mrs. Protasova,
and I advise you also,
not to try to hide what everyone can see,
but to say what really happened.
Especially as Mr. Protasov is
in such a condition
that he has already told everything
just as it happened,
and will probably do the same in Court.
I should advise
I request you to keep
within the limits of your duty,
and not to give me your advice.
May we go?
I am very sorry to be obliged
to detain you
Oh, I don't mean that I arrest you.
Though that would make it easier
to get at the truth,
I shall not resort to such a measure.
I only want to take Protasov's
deposition in your presence,
and to confront him with you,
yes, to confront him
which will make it easier for you
to detect any falsehood in what he says.
Please take a seat.
Call in Mr. Protasov!
Please answer my questions.
Ask, then.
Ask, then.
Your name?
Why, you know it!
Please answer.
Well then, Fyodor Protasov.
Your calling, age and religion?
Aren't you ashamed to ask such nonsense?
Ask what you want to know,
and not such rubbish!
I beg you to be more careful in your
expressions, and to answer my questions.
Well, if you're not ashamed of it,
here you are:
Calling, graduate; age, forty;
religion, Orthodox. What next?
Did Mr. Karenin and your wife know
that you were alive
when you left your clothes
on the river bank and disappeared?
Certainly not! I wished really to commit
suicide, but afterwards
But there's no need to go into that.
The thing is, they knew nothing about it.
How is it that you gave a different
account to the police officer?
Yelizaveta Andreyevna, Victor.
I am not guilty. I meant for the best.
But if I am guilty, forgive me!
Forgive me.
I understand your wish to be magnanimous,
but the law demands the truth.
Why, you gave a different account
to the police officer.
What police officer?
Oh, when he came to see me
at the dosshouse?
I was drunk and romancing
don't know what. All that was rubbish.
May I have this
Now I'm not drunk and telling the truth!
They knew nothing.
They believed that I was no longer alive,
and I was glad of it.
Everything would have gone on as it was,
but for that rascal, Kouzin.
If anyone is guilty,
it's no one but myself.
Why was money sent to you?
Why don't you answer?
It'll go down on record that the accused
refused to answer these questions,
and this may harm you and them very much.
Well then, how was it?
Oh, Mr. Magistrate, how is it
you are not ashamed!
Why do you pry into other people's lives?
You're glad to have power, and to show it,
you torment not physically,
but morally people a thousand times
better than yourself!
I beg you
You've nothing to beg!
I shall say what I think.
And you keep writing it down, please.
At least for once there will be
sensible human words in a police report.
There are three people: I, he, and she.
Our relations are complex a spiritual
struggle such as you know nothing of,
a struggle between good and evil goes on.
That struggle ends in a manner which
sets them free. They were all at peace.
They were happy,
and remembered me with affection.
I, fallen as I was, was glad that I,
a good-for-nothing, had acted as I ought,
had gone out, not to stand in the way
of people who had life before them.
And so we were all living.
Suddenly a scoundrel appears
who demands that I should take a hand
in a blackmailing scheme.
Who wants to put the lug on them
with my help,
otherwise threatening to blow the gaff.
I send him about his business.
Then he comes to you, to the champion
of Justice. The guardian of Morality.
And you, who receive each month
a few coins for doing your dirty work,
put on your uniform,
and calmly bully these people
whose little finger is worth more
than your whole body and soul!
Who wouldn't admit you to their door!
But you've got so far, and are pleased
May we go?
Yes, but first sign your deposition.
I shall have you turned out!
I'm not afraid of anyone.
Because I'm a corpse
and you can't do me any harm.
No position could be worse than mine.
Here before your eyes you can see
the rare sort of unspoiled Russian man,
who, owing to the generosity
and gullibility of his nature,
fell victim to the highly corrupted
strata of society
You're late! Petrushin is addressing
the Court. Petrushin!
He's a genius! Hurry up!
Stay on the right, please,
till I make you more comfortable!
The law says the proceedings are public.
Not allowed, and that's all about it.
Ignorant fellow! You don't know
whom you are speaking to.
I am the public, and this
ignoramus Cerberus won't let me in.
But this door is not for the public.
I know, but I should be admitted.
Wait a bit they'll adjourn in a minute.
May I ask how the case stands?
The Counsel are speaking
Petrushin is addressing the Court!
And how do the defendants
bear their position?
With great dignity, especially
Karenin and Yelizaveta Andreyevna.
Not they're being indicted, but they're
indicting society! That's what is felt.
And on that Petrushin is working.
Well, and Protasov?
He is terribly excited.
He trembles all over.
He is particularly irritable.
Do you wish to go in?
I should like to.
You are Prince Abrezkov?
I am.
Let this gentleman pass.
There's an empty chair just to the left.
As I must say, these incredibly brilliant
observations, concerning heredity,
which the Assistant Prosecutor
lay down before us,
despite being of highly scientific nature,
are absolutely irrelevant in this case,
because the very validity of heredity
wouldn't be reduced to invalidity.
How are you, Ivan Petrovich?
And you, Petushkov?
How are things going?
Counsel is speaking.
But this fellow won't let me in.
Aristocrats! I am an aristocrat
of the soul, and that is higher!
Well, you must excuse me
How are you, Petushkov?
Splendid! He really moved me to tears.
It's better than any novel.
Only I don't understand
Dreadful object!
Look how excited he seems!
Vile! Dreary, dreary!
Well, my friend!
Our affairs are going well!
Only don't you go and spoil things
for me in your last speech!
I won't speak.
What is the use? I shan't do it.
Yes, you must speak.
But don't be anxious.
The whole matter is now in a nutshell!
Only tell them what you've told me
That if you are being tried,
it is only for not having
committed suicide: that is,
for not doing what's considered a crime
both by civil and ecclesiastical law.
I shan't say anything.
Why not?
I don't want to, and shan't.
Tell me, at the worst, what will it be?
I have already told you
at worst, exile to Siberia.
Who will be exiled?
You and your wife.
And at best?
Church penance, and of course
annulment of the second marriage.
Then they will again tie me to her
or rather, her to me?
Yes, that must be so.
But don't excite yourself, and please
say what I told you, that's all.
And above all, don't say
anything superfluous.
However I'm tired, I'll go and sit down;
and you'd better take a rest.
The chief thing is, not to lose courage!
All right, I think it is done.
Liza Liza!
Fetch a doctor! Run, run!
What's done is done.
Take me away!