Zid (2014) Movie Script

'I love you more than myself.'
'You're the one for me.'
'The heart is obsessed'
'about making you mine.'
'I want to immerse
myself in you.'
'Look into my eyes.'
'You can see me in you.'
'I love you more than myself.'
'You're the one for me.'
'The heart is obsessed'
'about making you mine.'
- Yes?
You spared some time for us
in this bad weather.
We're truly grateful for that.
That's the kind of
relationship we share.
I always come
whenever you call me.
I just told you about Rohan.
What do you think?
It's an interesting story.
I've cracked
many difficult cases.
But Rohan's story has
so many anomalies.
You'll see Rohan in a while.
He is a bit shaken up.
But you have
to help him. Please.
Consider it done.
- Sir..
Come on.
You should come home someday.
All we do is
talk over the phone.
Please come.
Yes, please.
Our police station
and your newspaper office
are the safest places.
Karan updated me
about your case.
But I want to hear it from you.
In detail.
Hey, Ronnie.
Are you done with the story?
I already mailed it to you.
- What's your take?
Well.. A 32 to
35 year old woman.
Husband is in the Gulf.
Found with a licensed pistol
in her right hand in a hammock.
They also found a suicide note.
According to the police,
it's an open and shut case.
What's your verdict?
Successful! Beautiful!
And in the end just awful!
Just like every love affair.
Did Priya call?
Come on, man. Enough is enough.
It's been almost a year
since Priya moved to London.
Since then she hasn't called
or replied to your emails.
What does it mean?
She has gone. Forget her.
I'm looking for ways
to forget her.
Don't change your house,
change your bed instead.
You need to sleep
with someone, buddy.
Get laid.
There's a property
on Coco Beach.
The landlord lives
in the main house
but he also has an outhouse.
Let me know if that suits you.
I have met his daughter
couple of times.
Who's more attractive
the girl or the outhouse?
I'd say a girl in the outhouse!
Your cabin is like
your sex life buddy.
Start the engines.
But she wasn't an ordinary girl.
Oh, shucks! Be careful.
Excuse me. Don't be scared.
He is my pet.
You have a pet too.
- Yes, but..
So why are you being scared?
But that's a..
He was just 2 months old.
He was very badly injured.
Had I not brought him home,
he would've died.
I'll keep him here
for another month
and later, I'll set him free
in a lake.
Are you the landlord's daughter?
- Yes.
Actually Karan has
recommended this place.
Why do I feel that
I've seen you before?
I have a pretty
common face, right?
I mean to say..
The outhouse is over there.
You're welcome.
You're welcome, Mr. Neighbor.
I've called an electrician
but he'll come
tomorrow morning.
Be careful!
Thanks, Ronnie.
How do you know my name?
I don't know your name.
But didn't you call me by my
name when you said 'Hey Ronnie'.
No. Never.
You're trying so hard
to find out my name.
then I am Maya.
Nice meeting you, Ronnie.
See. You know my name.
You just said
your name is Ronnie.
Fuse box!
Oh, God!
Come on, sister, pick up.
Hi, sister, you didn't..
Fine. Forget it.
I have to tell you something.
You know what?
Your words are
literally coming true.
You predicted love
at first sight in my case.
That's exactly what happened.
I'm in love.
He moved here a while ago and..
Hey, little Bobby.
What's up, little buddy?
Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
Maya ma'am asked me
to come here.
I am the electrician.
Sir, it'll take
a few more minutes.
How long have you been working
here? - Since I am a kid.
I am from Coco beach.
My father was also
an electrician.
And Maya..
The one who sent you here.
How long have you known her?
Three years.
Very nice lady.
She has been living here
since her father got ill.
She also has an elder sister
but I think she lives in Delhi.
Good morning.
Good night.
Oh shucks..
I am.. I am so sorry.
You sneaked up on me
and scared me.
Was I sneaking in?
Why would I sneak
into my own house?
By the way, why were you
snooping around in my house?
I was looking for you.
I know I am so special.
You know, I am a good habit.
Thank you for the electrician.
- You're welcome.
Why don't you have
dinner with us tonight?
That's okay. You don't have to..
I mean..
- No?
That can mean both
yes and no.
So are you coming?
Don't worry. My cooking is
just as special as I am.
Why not.
I'll see you.
Is everything okay?
- Doctor..
I was always scared of venturing
into jungles since I was a kid.
But as a crime reporter
I have to go to these places.
I fought all my fears, doctor.
I never let anything defeat me.
But I can't face
my fear of heights.
It's the fear of heights.
But why suddenly?
I mean I was fine until now.
And no one in my family
had it either.
It doesn't have
to be hereditary.
It can also be the
result of extreme stress.
And to fight with this stress
it's only love and passion.
Because when a person is
passionately in love
all his problems disappear.
It's been a long time
since Priya.
You should move on.
Reduce your stress.
Go out!
Go to parties. Meet new people.
Expand yourself.
'Gold necklace
around her neck..'
Give me the keys.
I'll hand it over to Ronnie.
Oh hell!
Hey, Ronnie.
- Yes?
Good morning everybody!
How are we?
Hello, sir.
How's the place?
- It's nice.
And Maya?
Come on, sister. Pick up.
Hi, sister. You know what?
Ronnie loves me.
You know what?
He moved here for me.
He has got my photographs.
He saw me and followed me here.
He found out our outhouse
was vacant
and he shifted here.
Tonight he is
coming over for dinner.
'I felt I am so lonely
for the first time.'
'I felt I am so lonely
for the first time.'
'I am worried and
I am hapless to say.'
'I need you for staying alive.'
'I need you for staying alive.'
'I felt I am so lonely
for the first time.'
'I am worried and
I am hapless to say.'
'I need you for staying alive.'
'I need you for staying alive.'
'I need you..'
'My heart races away'
'the moment
I come close to you.'
'Every time,
I look in the mirror'
'I see you next to me.'
'Let me wash away
in the tide of love.'
'I need you for staying alive.'
'I need you for staying alive.'
'I need you for staying alive.'
Are you telling me that
she fell in love with you?
Sort of.
Mr. Karan..
I thought love heals
all problems.
So why not vertigo?
Do you always drop in like this?
Scared, are you? Fuse box!
Is it 9 PM already?
But the sun hasn't set yet.
That's because it's not
the time for sunset yet?
I think I invited you to dinner.
I am very forgetful.
Actually I'm here to invite you.
- For?
For a party.
What do you say?
- Okay.
Will it be too late?
Dad is alone at home.
We'll leave
whenever you want to.
Is it a yes or a no?
What should I do?
Yes or no?
I think it's a no, right?
So I'll see you.
I'm going out on my date.
Obviously. My first date ever.
I'm already feeling nervous.
I wish you were here.
That would've been so good.
All I know is that I love him
and I think he loves me too.
Obviously. Why else would
he take me out on a date?
Date? No, I just find
her interesting.
She is sort of strange,
but cute.
No. I'm not having an affair.
At least not for some time.
You know, don't you?
Yeah, I'll tell her.
Of course, I'll tell..
I am sure she won't
Wait. I'll call you.
Ronnie, did you lose something?
You look gorgeous.
'I'm struck by love. Heal me.'
'I'm struck by love. Heal me.'
I love this place.
Let's head to the bar.
Come. Come on.
Hey, Frankie.
- Hey!
Pour some shots, man.
- Here you go.
Right from this..
Come on..
- No.
Please. For me. Please.
'You're my desire.
You're my intoxication.'
'My heart is your slave.'
'I wish to live with you
with no bounds.'
'Come and dwell in my breath.'
'You're my desire.
You're my intoxication.'
'My heart is your slave.'
'I wish to live with you
with no bounds.'
'Come and dwell in my breath.'
'I'm struck by love. Heal me.'
'Come and touch my heart.'
'Come and touch my heart.'
Sister, I'm going
to tell him tonight.
I'm going to tell him.
I love you.
Fuse box.
Ronnie! Hi!
- Come on!
Oh, my God!
- Nancy!
How are you?
- I am good. How are you?
I am not talking to you.
You broke up with my sister.
How could you forget me?
You changed your phone number,
but didn't tell me.
You broke all contact..
- Okay. Okay.
Had I met you, you would've
reminded me of her.
I just wanted to get away
from everything.
For a while.
Okay now.
I'll take your number.
You will call me.
- I will call you.
- I promise.
It's the same number, right?
- Yeah.
Are you okay now?
Okay, let's dance.
Guys, let's dance.
Come on. Let's go.
- Come on!
Oh, my God!
- Hey..
'God brought you to me.'
'I made you mine.'
'Don't ever separate from me.'
'Love is essential
for the soul.'
'Come and touch my heart.'
'Come and touch my heart.'
See you, Ronnie! Bye.
- Bye.
Where have you been?
Come on.
No, I don't want it.
What happened? Something wrong?
No, it's just..
Bad mood.
It's just my mood.
It's better now.
I am in a good mood now.
And I didn't know
you were so moody.
But I was a moody girl.
Then I thought,
we just get one life
why waste it?
Moods no longer control me
I'm in control of my moods.
You know what? You're such a..
Such a cute doll.
Can we have some music?
- Sure.
- Hip-Hop!
- Or jazz.
You have 'Bhangra'?
- Do you like any music?
I like the music you like.
Fuse box!
Fuse box?
Oh shucks!
Oh my God!
Who was driving on
the wrong side of the road?
It was raining heavily
and it was very dark.
I don't know
who was on the wrong side.
You didn't try to call
the police and fled the scene.
I didn't run.
Shucks! What have I done!
Oh, my God! Shucks!
Is anybody there?
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Maya, come here!
Maya, someone's down there.
- Ronnie!
What happened?
- Someone's there, Maya.
How can I be so stupid?
What happened?
- Someone's down there!
I have vertigo. You have to take
him out. - Will you relax?
We have to save this person!
- Relax.
We need to take her
to the hospital. - Just relax!
Ronnie, I am a nurse.
I'll take care of him.
Wait here.
Just wait, I'm coming.
Don't move from here, okay?
Just wait here!
Help! Somebody help!
Is anybody there?
Help us!
Maya! Is everything okay?
Maya, is she okay?
Maya, please tell me
everything is alright!
Help! Anybody there?
Anybody there?
Maya, tell me what happened.
Ronnie, too late.
- She's dead.
Maya, what do you mean?
- I tried my level best.
We can't stay here any longer.
Are you out of
your freaking mind?
How can we leave her here?
- Listen to me.
We can't stay here
any longer! - Maya.
It's dark here
and it's raining heavily.
If the police find out..
Don't forget you're drunk!
Let's go from here.
Let's go. Let's go.
- Come on!
What if someone finds out, Maya?
- Come on.
Maya, listen.
Listen to me.
- Let's go.
Get inside the car!
I killed her!
I killed her!
I killed her! I killed her!
I killed her!
I killed her! I killed her!
I killed her!
- Calm down, Ronnie.
I killed her!
- Ronnie, just calm down.
Ronnie. It was her fault.
It was dark and raining heavily
and she was speeding on
the one-way street.
She was drunk too.
We should go to the police.
We'll confess everything.
- Ronnie.
I'm telling you. This..
Ronnie, I'm a single woman!
And if the police find out..
Drunk driving!
Attempt to murder.
Who will look after
my father?
What.. What will
I tell my sister?
We can't go to the police.
Don't do this.
Maya, I am so sorry.
Ronnie, you're not
alone in this.
Even I am there.
Maya, I am sorry.
- You'll be fine, Maya.
Bobby, don't..
Eat something.
I don't feel like eating.
At least, have some coffee.
You haven't eaten
since last night.
Just leave me alone.
You got a call from Karan.
He told me
that the girl who died in the
accident was at the party too.
Did he say a name?
- He said some girl Nancy.
I am so sorry, little buddy!
But daddy is in a deep mess.
You'll report about
the flood in Margaon.
Figure out who is
your photographer.
I want impactful visuals.
The water should look neck-deep.
Hey, Ronnie.
I'll talk to you later.
Good, you're here.
I think you should cover
the hit-and-run story.
Sorry? Which story?
I called you for this.
Didn't Maya inform you?
That one..
Yes. Some hit-and-run.
Some hit-and-run?
Ronnie, I am serious.
Didn't Maya tell you
anything about Nancy?
What happened to Nancy?
- What?
You mean? No!
- Hey, man!
You mean to say that..
Shucks! Nancy is dead.
You mean to say
that Nancy is dead?
I must call Priya.
- Hey, listen.
Listen, man. Listen.
I understand what
you're going through
and I am really sorry.
But this is big!
I mean we shouldn't give up
on this story thinking
it's just an accident.
Come on, man!
Don't you understand?
This has the ingredients
of a huge lead story!
A lonely girl on
a desolate road.
It was very dark
and it was raining.
And then hit-and-run. Boom!
My friend,
this is up your street.
Make it happen.
Find me some controversy.
Shame the cops.
Embarrass the government.
Come on, man!
Get me a rocking story
which can stay on our
front page for weeks.
Hey! Hey! Listen!
Give it to Thomas. Give it
to Rita. Give it to somebody!
But I am already following up
with the Sonia murder case.
I can't help you. I am sorry.
Hey, Ronnie?
Any problems?
The Deputy Superintendent of
Police is taking an interest
in the Sonia Singh murder case
So I can't delay.
Ronnie, I asked any problems?
No. Why?
You've been working for me as
a crime report for four years.
And this is the first time
that you're late.
What's up?
- Actually my car broke down.
There were no taxis
available either.
And the date?
Maya and you went out
on a date, didn't you?
Nothing of that sort.
I am just trying to know her.
- Oh listen.
Explore away. I believe you.
In fact, I'm with you on this.
But hey. Take my car
and go to the site.
Don't worry.
I'll talk to the DSP.
Don't worry about the minister.
The favorable articles
our newspaper wrote
after the minister's son rammed
his Skoda into a school bus
is the reason he still has
a sterling reputation.
So the minister owes us
big time.
Don't worry.
Go on.
Make me proud.
Help, Ronnie!
Ronnie, help me!
Hello, Mr. Rohan Achrekar.
Any leads?
Was it a truck or a pick-up?
Bus or car?
What's your guess,
Mr. Crime Reporter?
I guess investigation is
your job, not mine.
Who was the driver?
Was he rash? Or he just
didn't see it coming?
Or was he drunk?
His car could've skidded.
I'm trying to unfold
the mysteries behind this case.
Because there's something
bigger than evidence.
I uncover the truth and
don't just gather evidence.
Shucks! Where's my car?
Everything was so dirty.
I thought I'll clean the place.
- Where's my car?
Your mirror..
You write everything on it.
- Where the heck is my car?
Your towels.
Look, how dirty..
Where the heck is my car, Maya?
Don't get hysterical, Ronnie!
I am not getting hysterical.
I am freaking scared!
My car's paint is
on Nancy's scooter.
Do you know what will happen
if the cops find my car?
I'll go to jail. I should've
never listened to you.
I shouldn't have listened
to you at all.
Ronnie, your car is safe!
Your car is safe!
'I love you more than myself.'
'You're the one for me.'
'The heart is obsessed'
'about making you mine.'
'I want to immerse
myself in you.'
Where's my car?
- 'Look into my eyes.'
Can you swim?
'You can see me in you.'
'I love you more than myself.'
'You're the one for me.'
'The heart is obsessed'
'about making you mine.'
Maya, what have you done?
Why are you complicating things?
It's still not late.
We should tell everything
to the police.
Maya, stop for a second!
I am talking to you.
Don't you have any feelings?
I don't have any feelings?
I'm doing it because
I have feelings.
My feelings are for you,
god darn it!
What's wrong if I want to
save you and save myself?
I am a girl.
A single woman.
But I'm trying to stay strong
so that you stay strong.
Maya, listen.
But now..
I am scared for you.
What if something
happens to you?
If something happens?
I am scared.
- I am scared.
I am scared.
- Maya..
I am scared!
When was your car stolen?
- Saturday night.
Which car?
- Grey.
License plate number?
GA 01 6666.
Nice number.
In the name of the Lord.
He that stands in
the house of the Lord's.
In the court of
the house of the Lord's
Praise the Lord,
for the Lord is good.
Sing praises onto His name,
for God, it is pleasant.
For the Lord has chosen
Nancy Smith
as His pleasant treasure.
For I know,
that the Lord is great
and that our Lord
is above all gods.
You killed me!
You killed me!
You okay?
How is your vertigo?
I heard your car got stolen.
The car that rammed Nancy's
scooter was also grey.
Evidence number one.
Does Ronnie Achrekar live here?
Are you his colleague?
No. He is a friend.
Today was my sister's funeral.
You might have read
in the papers.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
But Ronnie isn't at home.
Excuse me!
- Yeah?
What do I tell Ronnie?
- Priya.
You said he isn't..
I am so sorry about Nancy.
I can't believe Nancy is dead.
She was so excited.
She was supposed to come to
London and now she's no more.
She did not deserve this.
So young.
So happy.
It doesn't make a difference
to anyone here.
This is just another case
for the cops.
But not for me.
I have to find out
who killed Nancy
so mercilessly.
Please help me find that rascal.
He was inhumane.
He could've taken her
to the hospital.
The police said that
injury wasn't fatal.
Had she been taken to the
hospital, she could've survived.
Ronnie, only you can help me.
I want that creep behind bars.
You're a well-known reporter.
You can write articles
and put pressure on the police!
You know,
maybe a single article
can help us find a witness.
You know?
Perhaps someone will
lead us to the car
or to the driver!
Give me something!
Anything, Ronnie! Anything!
What the heck can I do about it?
Am I the police or the lawyer?
Am I the witness? No, right?
Please, Priya.
Try to understand.
The other day you didn't
even meet me at the graveyard.
I should've understood
where our relationship stands.
'When we met,
it was the trial of our love.'
'We parted ways.'
'Yet our destination
didn't change.'
'You were with me
on my excruciating journey'
'like my shadow.'
'You're the one who
encouraged me at every step.'
'When we met,
God blessed me with His grace.'
'When we met,
God blessed me with His grace.'
'Filled with sorrows.'
'My heart was filled
with sorrows.'
'Without you, my heart
was filled with sorrows.'
Darn! Shucks!
Oh, God!
You're implying
that someone fiddled
with your car brakes
which caused the accident.
And you still got away
without a scratch, huh!
We'll have to inspect the car.
But I already sent the car
to the garage.
Very strange.
Three sugars please.
You sent your car
to the garage
without filing
a police complaint.
Are you sure
this was an accident?
But this doesn't
look like an accident.
What do you mean?
Nancy was your sister, right?
- Yes.
- Thank you.
Beautiful house.
Whose house is it?
It was Nancy's
18th birthday gift.
From dad.
- When was her birthday?
And after Nancy?
- Mine.
I see.
So this place is all yours
since last night.
What do you mean?
- I mean perhaps..
Nancy was murdered.
Somebody killed her.
I don't mean you. Not yet.
This is my number.
Call me if you have any
information about the case.
Are they investigating
Nancy's murder or me?
He's investigating you in
connection with Nancy's murder.
But why?
Because only you benefit
from Nancy's death.
That's why.
I am going back.
I can't handle all this.
But I thought
you wanted to come back.
Yeah, but..
Not like this.
I missed you every day
when we were apart.
And trust me. Every single day.
I was wrong to think
that I could be happy by staying
away from this place, from you.
But I was wrong.
- Now what?
It's not possible for me
to stay here any longer.
Why don't you come with me?
It's not that easy..
Nice drink. Is it new?
- Sort of.
Nice mix.
Old relations and a new drink.
Sorry for twice interfering
in your illogical lives
with my logical findings.
Excuse me.
According to forensic report
Nancy didn't die of
the accident.
She was strangled.
Nancy has been murdered.
Ms. Priya, when did you
come in the city?
You came here a day
before Nancy's death.
Not a day later.
Am I right or am I right?
Now this is an official
warning for you.
You cannot leave this city
without my permission.
Without my written permission.
Is that clear?
Another question.
Who else did know
you came here a day
before Nancy's death?
I mean who else?
And if Ronnie knew
then Praise the Lord!
I mean..
This is going to be so much fun!
It will be so much fun!
It will be
so much fun.
I've been knocking
on your door for so long.
Why aren't you
answering the door?
Even your phone is switched off.
Maya, you know what?
I met Inspector Moses today.
Forensic report says
that someone murdered Nancy.
Not possible.
How is this possible?
Nancy had an accident.
We were there.
Moses is lying.
- I just don't get this!
I am so confused.
Someone is trying to prove
the accident as a murder.
But why?
Why would anyone do it?
- Who is Priya?
- Who is Priya?
What does she mean to you?
What do you care?
- What's your relation with her?
Why do you meet her every day?
What I do and who I meet is
my personal business, okay?
It's not your personal business,
Mr. Rohan Achrekar.
Don't forget.
Even I am involved in everything
that's going on.
And Priya who you meet every day
is actually Nancy's sister.
It was Nancy
who died because you
rammed her with your car.
Because you were drunk.
And I..
I was with you. Understand?
You won't meet Priya again!
That's it.
I can't do that.
- Why?
Why can't you?
What does she mean to you?
- She's my ex-girlfriend.
I knew that witch will ruin you.
What did you say?
What did you call her?
Come on, tell me!
What did you call her?
Your Priya! She is a witch!
- Maya!
Maya, I am so sorry.
- Don't touch me.
Maya, listen.
Maya! Maya!
Mr. Achrekar,
why did Maya hate Priya?
Jealousy. Jealousy.
'You are mine, just mine.'
'Wherever you go,
you just come to me.'
'I am a stone.'
'Come and break me
and turn me into a mirror.'
Hey buddy, your article
was sensational.
My newspaper sales have
gone up by 100 percent.
Last year, it was the parents
and this year their daughter
died in an accident.
Nancy was still alive
after the accident.
She was murdered later.
- Yes.
If the driver intended
to kill her..
He screwed up.
Or maybe someone
accidentally rammed into her..
And fled the scene
thinking she was dead.
The murderer took
advantage of the situation.
You know what this means?
He climbed down the ditch and
he found that Nancy was alive.
God darn it, Ronnie!
Do you know what you're saying?
Of course.
Come, I'll show you.
Nancy was supposed
to leave the bar
and attend some guy's
surprise birthday party.
Someone was supposed
to kill Nancy
between the bar and this party.
Maybe the boy himself.
she met with an accident
on a one-way street.
After the accident,
the driver fled the scene
and the murderer
strangled Nancy to death.
And of course,
this accident wasn't planned.
Nancy was supposed to
die that night.
Whether the accident
had taken place or not.
This accident was incidental.
This accident..
Hang on!
Hang on, Ronnie. Hang on.
Maybe this is just
a conspiracy theory.
I mean, I think
it's a hypothesis.
Yes, it's a hypothesis.
Nonetheless any hypothesis
which has the potential
to be proved right
and anything that can be proved
makes a great story.
And we have a great story.
- Maya.
I have some news for you.
Read tomorrow's headlines and
you'll understand everything.
Dinner tonight?
Why did you choose tonight?
You're lying, aren't you?
You know
Saturday is my birthday.
So come home,
I'll cook a nice meal for you.
Of course, it is.
How could I forget?
I had a question.
Give me that fish.
Did you meet Priya again?
I trust you.
Your phone is ringing.
I was busy and the phone
was on silent mode.
Anything urgent?
Moses called.
They've found a witness.
I want you to come with me.
Please don't say no.
It means a lot to me.
It was very dark.
It was also raining,
so I couldn't see much.
Did you see a car?
- Yes, sir, I saw a car.
It was at a distance.
- Which car?
It wasn't one of the regular
cars. It was big. A big car.
How many people?
- Two people got down.
A male and a female.
Just like these two.
Just like these two.
- Are you sure?
Not sure, it's a hunch.
The guy was carrying a torch.
First, he climbed down
and then climbed back up
and then he fled.
And the girl. Where was she?
Which girl?
You said a guy and a girl
got down from the car.
Where did the girl go?
- Where was the girl?
The girl..
Tell me.
The girl?
Speak up!
The girl..
Sir, I'll come back
as soon as I remember
where the girl was.
- Idiot.
I'll come back when I remember
where the girl was. - Out!
Ms. Priya, I hope you remember.
I told you.
You can't leave the city.
I am not going anywhere
till Nancy gets justice.
I think it'll be better
if you stop suspecting Priya
and find the murderer.
Hello. - May I speak
to Rohan Achrekar?
Mr. Achrekar left with Priya
in the afternoon.
Who is this?
Hello. Hello?
Can you stay for a while?
I am a little scared.
Actually, I have dinner plans
with someone
so I'll be late.
I mean, I have to go.
It's okay.
I understand.
Good night.
Yes, Maya.
- Hello.
Where are you?
- I am at the office.
I'm working on Nancy's story and
I have some more information.
I'll be late.
I'm sorry, I can't delay this.
No problem.
I'll wait.
No, no, no.
Actually, don't wait up.
If it gets too late,
I'll sleep in the office.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Hey, I am really sorry.
I'll make it up to you.
'I love you more than myself.'
'You're the one for me.'
'The heart is obsessed'
'about making you mine.'
'You are mine, just mine.'
'Wherever you go,
you just come to me.'
'I am a stone.'
'Come and break me
and turn me into a mirror.'
You didn't go for your dinner.
How could I have gone
when you were scared?
You know, I could
never leave you alone.
I missed you a lot.
I missed you a lot, too.
You know what?
I knew you wouldn't leave.
You know what? No one knows me
better than anyone.
'I have found a reason
to live again.'
'I found the shore when
I immersed myself in you.'
'I have found a reason
to live again.'
'I found life again.'
'When we met,
God blessed me with His grace.'
'When we met,
God blessed me with His grace.'
'Filled with sorrows..'
'My heart was filled
with sorrows.'
'Without you, my heart
was filled with sorrows.'
'I have a secret
to share with you.'
'Be my confidante.'
'I want to say
something to you.'
'Be my words.'
'I have a secret
to share with you.'
'Be my confidante.'
'I want to say
something to you.'
'Be my words.'
'Since we parted ways'
'I stay silent without you.'
'Come closer to me'
'and be my voice.'
'When we met,
God blessed me with His grace.'
'When we met,
God blessed me with His grace.'
'Filled with sorrows..'
'My heart was filled
with sorrows.'
'Without you, my heart
was filled with sorrows.'
Here boy!
Where is he?
I tried to save Bobby, but..
How did he get out of my room?
I was inside
and I saw him playing outside.
I dashed outside.
By the time I could save him
it was already too late.
What's happening with me?
Someone is playing
games with me.
Accident, Nancy's murder.
Priya's accident.
And now..
He was like a kid to me.
Hold on.
Only you had the other key
to my room.
You're accusing me for all this?
You think I did all of this?
Was I driving your car?
Did I kill Nancy?
Am I responsible
for Priya's accident?
And now you are accusing me of
killing Bobby?
Maya, listen to me.
Maya, open the god darn door!
Maya, don't be stupid.
Maya, listen..
Maya! What the heck
are you doing?
What the heck are you doing?
- Leave me!
Give this to me.
- Leave me!
What are you doing?
Are you crazy?
Are you?
- Yes, I am crazy!
I am crazy about you!
And I am in love!
I love you!
I can't even think
ill of you.
Hurting you is
out of the question!
I love you, darn it!
- Oh my God, Maya!
Oh, my God!
Maya, I like you a lot. Really.
But love..
I never thought
about you like that.
You're lying.
You also love me.
- Maya.
You're lying, right?
You knew me before
you even moved here.
I saw my photographs
on your computer.
What was that?
You took me on a date.
What was that?
You arranged for dinner
on my birthday.
Don't you love me?
You just left a rose
in front of my door.
Maya.. - Because you
love me, don't you?
You're lying to me.
I love you.
Listen to me, Maya.
I'll love you
for the rest of my life.
Maya, we got to sort this.
Listen to me, Maya.
I can't stay without you.
I can't.. I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
Oh Maya!
Maya, what have you done?
I am okay.
Give that to me.
- I'm okay.
I'm okay.
- You..
I love you..
For girls, it's all about
attraction, possession
This is obsessive.
Obsession is a disease.
Love is a disease.
There you go.
Come on, man!
Rohan, I can understand
why you didn't go to the police
after those incidents.
But what I fail to understand
why the police didn't
come looking for you
after what took place.
Thank you.
Your phone is switched off
since last evening.
Your landline is
not working as well.
Priya called me so that
she could contact you.
She came here last night
looking for you
but the door was locked.
What kind of girl is Priya?
Why are you asking me
personal questions?
If you don't mind
I would officially
like to ask you some
personal questions.
How was the relation
between Nancy and Priya?
They were step-sisters.
It was a love-hate relationship.
And Nancy was 6
and Priya was 13
when Nancy's mother and
Priya's father got married.
I see.
And what?
Priya thought Nancy had
taken her place.
Tell me. Could Priya and
Nancy have fought over money?
How would I know?
She's your girlfriend.
How could you not know?
- Right.
Last night you were at
your ex-girlfriend's house.
Am I right?
Why did you call Nancy
an hour before she was murdered?
Do you remember?
You're right.
I gave her a missed call.
Obviously to exchange numbers.
- Tony's Bar.
I love secrets! Yes.
Why didn't you mention this in
any of your newspaper articles?
Yes. Like how was her mood?
- It was normal.
- Yes.
Why didn't you tell
Priya about this?
What difference would it
have made?
I am sure it will make
a difference to her.
If not you, it will definitely
make a difference to Priya.
Think about it. Thank you.
By the way,
just for your information.
I'm giving you a headline
for tomorrow's edition.
'Inspector Moses solves
Nancy Murder case.'
Here. It will help.
You will sleep better.
Priya's responsible
for Nancy's accident.
Priya did this
with someone's help.
Because besides Priya
nobody benefits from her murder.
It was supposed
to look like an accident.
But she had a real accident.
Hey, Priya. How are you?
We're really sorry
to hear about Nancy.
Who was she here with?
- Her regular friends.
But she left alone.
She danced with Ronnie
for a while.
She came here with Ronnie?
Ronnie came here
with some other girl.
But he met Nancy here.
Why didn't you tell me
you met Nancy on
the night of the accident?
You came here a day
before the accident.
Even you didn't tell me.
What's the difference?
The difference is that Nancy
was killed, Mr. Rohan Achrekar.
Don't you get it?
And I thought you loved me.
I still love you..
- Don't touch me!
I'll find out who killed Nancy.
Screw you!
Maya! What happened?
Are you telling me
there was someone else
besides the two of you
who knew about the accident?
The license plate nailed
to the door was a warning?
It's not only interesting,
but also exciting.
And what about Priya?
Did she contact you?
Excuse me.
- Hi, ma'am.
How many ferries
ply on this route?
Just two and both are mine.
Do you operate round the clock?
- No, madam.
We shut down at midnight,
and start again at 4 AM.
16th was a Saturday.
Were you here that day?
Yes. I own this ferry.
I was right here.
Do you maintain a record
of all the vehicles?
No, madam. Why?
Madam, did you say 16th?
The night of the storm? - Yes.
That night we had to shut
our services at 8:30 PM.
If the ferry service is closed
what's the alternate route?
You drive via the old bridge
and it's dark out there.
Priya-Nancy. Priya-Nancy.
Okay. Fine.
JD, repeat please.
Hello, Ms. Priya
Ronnie is not at home.
Actually, I have the keys
to his house.
You can check.
Good! I came here to meet you.
I went to Tony's Bar.
This is Nancy, my sister,
she was there too.
You must have seen her.
I don't remember.
How did you two get back?
Ronnie and you?
We drove to the ferry
in Ronnie's car.
After that his car broke down.
Before getting on the ferry
or after getting off?
After getting off the ferry.
But Ronnie's complaint
states otherwise.
It says his car broke down
before getting on to the ferry.
Why are you asking me?
Because you are lying.
- Why would I lie?
You and Ronnie caused
the accident, didn't you?
Shut up!
You were in Ronnie's car,
weren't you?
Have you lost your mind?
- You were drunk.
I said no! - And then you fled
the scene as you were scared.
Just shut up, okay? No!
You killed Nancy.
- You killed Nancy.
And you left her there to die.
You killed your step-sister
for the property and money.
You left my sister to die.
- No!
Yes! You killed Nancy!
- No!
Yes! You killed Nancy.
Leave me!
I'll kill you.
- No!
Help! Help.
What's this?
It was raining heavily on the
night of the accident, right?
Which night? What accident?
The night Ronnie and you
went to Tony's Bar.
That party!
That same night Nancy
met with an accident, right?
That night..
Oh, my God!
How can I forget that night?
It was raining heavily,
just like this, you know?
And Ronnie got me so drunk.
All I remember is
that I got into his car
and fell asleep.
Then his car broke down
and Ronnie woke me up.
I don't remember.
Actually, I have to go.
Where is Priya?
Where is Priya?
Why are you asking me?
Priya had called me.
She knows who murdered Nancy.
She asked me to come here.
Maybe. But I don't know.
I was at the market.
But why is Priya's car
parked here?
I have to go.
I'll see you later.
One second.
Let me just call Priya.
I knew it was you.
What.. What will
I tell my sister?
I love you.
I am crazy about you.
You're sick, Maya.
Oh really!
You think so?
Your sister is dead.
You.. You killed her.
Why? Why?
Yes, I killed my sister.
She would always snatch
everything I liked.
My toys.
Clothes, everything.
She even snatched the boy
I fell in love with.
Had she been alive
she would've
snatched you too.
It wasn't my fault
that she couldn't swim.
I killed her.
Is it my fault? Is it?
No, right?
You're sick.
I killed Bobby.
And my child.. that alligator.
I had to kill him, too.
And Moses..
he was just going out
of control.
He made my life hell!
So I killed him!
I had to kill him.
He was just going
out of control!
He suspected you.
So you killed Nancy.
You're missing her?
Yes. I killed Nancy.
Help me.
Did you think
you could snatch
Ronnie from me?
Help me.
Not that easy.
Help me.
Priya is still alive.
Would you like to see her?
I always had a dream
that we would get married
somewhere high up in the sky.
Today is the day.
Don't open your eyes.
One, two, three.
Welcome to Maya's kingdom!
I've got a surprise for you.
I will save you.
No! Priya!
Well, well, well. Let me
get you something to drink.
This is Priya's
confession letter.
It says Priya killed Nancy.
After which she'd inherit
the entire property.
But she's committing
suicide now
and no one's responsible for it.
Ronnie, you know what?
I love you so much.
That I can kill both of us.
I wanted you to love me.
Maya. Maya.
How can anyone love so much?
I don't want the police
to catch us now.
After Priya's confession..
As long as we're together,
no one can catch us.
No one will come here either.
Make love to me, Ronnie.
Make love to me.
I love the smoke smell.
I love the way you smoke.
Priya, you're safe.
Kill me! Kill me! Kill me!
Maya, no.
Leave it! Let her die.
Let her go.
Maya. - I'll kill you,
I'll kill you, Priya.
Maya! Please.
No one can save her from me!
Not even you!
Priya, he is mine!
You're mine, okay?
You're mine!
I'll kill you, Priya.
Priya, give me your hand!
This time I promise,
I won't let you go.
I love you so much!
Remember I told you.
I end up losing
anyone I love.
You've seen the real
strength of love.
Love doesn't mean snatching.
It means to give.
To sacrifice.
Come on!
Give me your hand, Maya.
Come on!
- Maya, give him your hand.
Is that what you want?
For the sake of my love?
Maya, give us your hand.
- Give me your hand, Maya.
Come on.
Give me your hand.
- Maya!
'I am a stone.'
'Come and break me
and turn me into a mirror.'
Rohan, you were
a successful crime reporter.
You got involved
with an obsessed girl.
Well, if everything
you said corroborates
then there is no problem.
Karan, we'll have to file
a charge sheet of this accident.
I made a mistake.
I should be punished for it.
I understand.
Go home and rest.
Come to the police station
tomorrow morning.
I will make sure you get bail.
Thanks, mate.
Officer, I'll speak
to the Home Minister
and stop your transfer.
If I don't get transferred
Ronnie will have nothing
to worry for five years.
Thank you so much!
Oh shucks!
I think someone's fallen down.
I'll go take a look. Wait here!
Hello, Priya. I rammed her
like we had planned.
Is she dead?
- Ronnie?
- This is our chance, Ronnie.
If Nancy dies,
that property will be ours.
Die! Die, Nancy! Die!
Did you call the police?
- Have you lost your mind?
You're drunk! I'm drunk.
It's our secret, okay?
We can't go to the police.
Get in right now!
Right now!
We'll have to do
something about Moses.
I've found a solution for that,
so don't worry.
I know you've learnt the truth.
This says you murdered Nancy.
So you're committing suicide.
I promise you.
As long as your father lives,
I will look after him.
Sign it.
Let me go.
I won't tell anyone about it.
I love you!
I love you!
I love you, Maya!
Grandma's stories.
Stories from our school days.
Childhood stories,
teenage stories.
Real stories, fake stories.
We all love stories.
You know, if you can tell
a fake story convincingly
it sounds so true.
'I have found a reason
to live again.'
'I found the shore when
I immersed myself in you.'
'I have found a reason
to live again.'
'I found life again.'
'When we met,
God blessed me with His grace.'
'When we met,
God blessed me with His grace.'
'Filled with sorrows..'
'My heart was
filled with sorrows.'
'Without you, my heart
was filled with sorrows.'
'Comfort me.'
'I've been tired for ages.'
'I've spent sleepless nights'
'only for you.'
'You can feel
the depth of my pain.'
'I can see sorrows
in your eyes.'
'When we met,
God blessed me with His grace.'
'When we met,
God blessed me with His grace.'
'I have a secret
to share with you.'
'Be my confidante.'
'I want to say
something to you.'
'Be my words.'
'Since we parted ways'
'I stay silent without you.'
'Come closer to me'
'and be my voice.'
'When we met,
God blessed me with His grace.'
'Filled with sorrows..'
'My heart was
filled with sorrows.'
'Without you, my heart
was filled with sorrows.'