Ziddi (1964) Movie Script

Good morning.
- Greetings. - Good morning, dad.
These days you seem to
be practising hard.
Yes, dad. You know the invitation
from the minister...
to dance, I am practising for that.
So, teacher, that's the reason
for the zeal. - Thank you.
I am just a master.
(other language)
Hello, dad.
Hello, young man. Good morning.
- Good morning.
What's Australia's score?
260, dad.
Not good. Not good.
And West Indies?
110. Ivan is playing. He
has made forty runs.
Oh! Good.
West Indies will defeat Australia.
I hope so, dad.
Good morning.
Good morning, dad.
Sit down.
Blood pressure!
Tell me, doc.
Is it normal or abnormal?
Well normal, dad.
Everything is perfect.
Good, good. Very good.
Junior hasn't come to breakfast?
Day and night he writes
silly stories.
I'll send his breakfast
up to his room. - No!
He should have his breakfast
over here.
Your pampering has ruined him.
In our days we would eat breakfast
on the table at 8:00.
We would arrive at court at 10:30.
We would order hanging at 12:30.
Am I right?
Excuse me that wasn't
your age at the time.
This is the age when one learns,
Okay, okay, I'll go get him.
He is called for breakfast
everyday. Everyday!
And the man is writing stories.
He writes dramas.
Seems like he is Shakespeare's
God willing you will like
this story very much.
Yes. I've liked several of your
stories even before this.
And I've thrown them into
the waste basket.
Do you think you are Shakespeare?
Mr. Publisher...
Shakespeare must've been like
you and me at one time.
He became Shakespeare when
he got the chance.
But on the basis of your looks...
you could be a good boxer,
not a writer.
Is there a special requirement
to be a writer?
One can tell at first sight
the person is a writer.
Indeed. Is that so?
Yes. And the funny thing is that
no two writers look alike.
Good morning, Mr. Publisher.
Good morning, Mr. Chatterjee.
Come in.
If this is what a writer
looks likes...
there is no way this face can
look like another face.
Excuse me. I am not a writer.
Mr. Chatterjee.
- Yes.
Your job as a manager is confirmed.
- Thank you.
And you will be leaving
for Ooty today.
Of course. Why wouldn't I go?
I have to tell you something
As a manager you are required
to visit the tea gardens.
And you must watch out for
this stubborn girl.
I see.
When hunting animals...
she shoots at people too sometimes.
Her favourite sport is
hunting tigers...
riding horses and elephants...
wearing male clothes and
putting men down.
Her parents are fed up.
And they are afraid someday...
she might kill a man while
hunting for animals.
What could be a more
beautiful death?
To die at the lovely
hands of this girl.
You are afraid, Mr. Chatterjee.
Afraid? No, no, no.
Why would I be afraid?
I have worked as a Colonel
in ward number two.
In that case, leave today.
- No, no, how can I leave today?
I shall invite my priest to
find an auspicious time.
I can leave only then.
Well, goodbye.
Mr. Publisher,
I am taking this photograph.
This girl can make a writer of me.
How do you know that?
Because I've never seen such an
interesting and beautiful girl.
And, Mr. Publisher, if
I meet this girl...
I can give you a live story.
I guarantee you!
Very good.
And I swear by you...
this pretty girl's face doesn't
look like another girl's.
"Oh no!"
"Nobody's face looks
like your face."
"Nobody's face looks
like your face."
"I wander the world carrying
your photograph."
"Nobody's face looks
like your face."
"Your face is exquisite.
Both worlds are crazy over it."
"That wonderful Taj Mahal is
dull in comparison to you."
"Your hair,
my darling, have bound my heart."
you offered me the drink of love."
"I wander around with the youthful
strands of your hair."
"Nobody's face looks
like your face."
"I wander the world carrying
your photograph."
"Nobody's face looks
like your face."
"This is the world. There are
millions of pretty girls here."
"The style that you have doesn't
exist in anyone else."
"When I encounter you,
it will be heavenly."
"When we look into each other's
eyes, we'll fall in love."
"I wander around with a strange
notion of love."
"Nobody's face looks
like your face."
"I wander the world carrying
your photograph."
"Nobody's face looks
like your face."
"Even a moonlit night
is a shadow of you."
"And the sun has obtained it's
brightness from your cheeks."
"If Kashmir sees you,
it will be embarrassed."
"And if an angel saw you,
he would envious."
"I wander around with a
Juliet of new colors."
"Nobody's face looks
like your face."
"I wander the world carrying
your photograph."
"Nobody's face looks
like your face."
Yes. Oh, dad!
Why are you running around singing
in this offensive way?
I only came here for a walk,
Dad, I...
Don't deceive my eyes.
Judge, get your son treated.
He's completely crazy.
- Oh, don't bother about my son.
Come on, son.
He's absolutely well.
He's suffering from loneliness.
What loneliness, doctor!
I am here, his mother's here,
his sister is here...
his brothers are here,
his sisters-in-law.
Look, look, you don't understand.
After a certain age,
boys start to feel lonely.
They need the love of another.
You're right, doctor.
- What?
Get him married and he'll
be absolutely all right.
Married? Oh no, doctor.
- Shut up!
You are right, doctor.
Everybody, get up. - We'll go
looking at girls tomorrow. Come on.
- Brother.
Father, for fear that I might
remain a fool in life...
I am going in search of
romance and adventure.
Please bless me so that
I may succeed.
Fool! Idiot!
Tell me your name and address
before stealing.
Your hair,
my darling, have bound my heart.
When we look into each other's
eyes, we'll fall in love.
offer me a drink of love
before you leave.
Thief! Thief! Thief!
It didn't hit me.
Brother, I died with one bullet.
Don't shoot another bullet.
Move away.
I will shoot this donkey.
The same. Exactly the same.
Who's the same?
The one who shoots at tigers and
elephants in photographs...
and shoots donkeys in real life.
Shut up!
At least tell me exactly what
is this donkey's fault?
He brayed hee-haw and
made me miss my prey.
Look, he's come to you.
Actually he couldn't understand
you earlier.
Now he can understand.
And what is this poor
thing's fault.
He didn't find romance in life?
That's why he remained a donkey.
You donkey!
Excuse me.
I am no longer a donkey. I met you.
Who are you, you impudent guy?
You shouldn't ask a lover his name.
Hey, what happened? You dead?
Did you have a heart failure?
He's a goner!
He died.
I died the day I saw
your photograph.
You were pretending. You are alive?
Lovers never die.
They always remain immortal.
I've seen many.
Oh, what a firecracker!
Mahendra tea estate.
Lord knows where the
damn driver is.
I told him last evening the
new manager is coming...
and that he must be picked
up from the station.
No one knows where the jeep is...
who took it and when
it will return.
Shall I tell you? - What are you
waiting for? Why don't you tell me?
Someone has surely taken it
but she doesn't go alone.
Shut up!
If the jeep doesn't come
within five minutes...
I'll dismiss all of
you from your jobs.
Dad, Asha must have taken the jeep.
- You are always after Asha.
You seem more like enemies
than sisters.
She is right. Your darling daughter
has me up the wall.
Let her come. I'll teach her a
lesson she'll never forget.
Be careful when teaching
my Asha a lesson...
or you'll have to deal with me.
- Look, look, look.
Didn't I tell you Asha must
have taken the jeep?
Hi, pop!
So you took the jeep?
a big tiger got away from me today.
A donkey ruined the matter.
I ask you,
where's that stupid driver?
First listen to me and
then I'll tell you.
Answer my question first.
I won't tell you.
- Asha. - First listen to me.
Aren't you ashamed of yourself
arguing with dad?
Who are you to interfere
between us?
If you interfere between father
and daughter again...
you will have to deal with me.
She's become obstinate because
of your pampering.
I know. Go mind your own business.
My girl,
where is that stupid driver?
Dad, I left him in Majnu's care.
Hey, Majnu!
Majnu, where is the driver?
I am fed up of this job.
My life is always balancing
on the elephant's trunk.
Asha had me carried by the
elephant's trunk...
and locked up in the drum.
- And she escaped with the jeep.
- dad.
Why don't you say that this
was filled with alcohol?
Such an elephant should be killed
by crushing under the man.
At least you shouldn't speak
in that tone, Mr. Ramdas.
What will become of your daughter
Sheila, if I die?
What will become of her?
- I love her.
- She loves me.
Complete lies!
- False.
- False.
- False. - True - False.
- False. - Shut up!
take the jeep to the station...
and bring the new manager. Go!
Yes, sir.
Well, daughter, how did the donkey
get your tiger to flee?
Forget it. I won't tell you now.
You're upset?
You are always in a rage. Come on.
Oh, Sai Baba!
Oh, Haji Malang!
At least give consideration
to my Sheila if not me.
Save me from this snake.
Scared? You coward.
You? You come from a great family.
Your father wants to
see me crushed...
under the elephant's feet
to make flour out of me.
And the daughter wants to
scare me with a snake...
and cause me to have
a heart failure.
But how come you got scared
of this snake.
You claim two snakes subsist
in your eyes.
The two are just fine,
where did the third one come from?
It didn't come, it was brought.
I get it.
When something is found lacking
in someone's murder...
style is brought from the market.
Careful. Careful.
Idiot! Can't you see where
you're going? Damn monkey!
Oh Lord! He's the new manager.
I'm doomed.
Greetings, new manager.
New manager?
- Yes sir.
What nonsense are you speaking?
- Sir...
even the old manager addressed
me by the same name.
Idiot! Forgive me, sir, I was
delayed in bringing the jeep...
because Asha took it
hunting with her.
The gun-toting woman?
- Yes.
Mahendra tea estate. Same jeep.
Look. - Yes. - Hurry up
and bring the luggage.
Yes sir.
Shall I leave?
Yes. But you will attend tonight's
festival, won't you?
I will attend,
but you come early too. - Okay.
- Yes, sir.
Who was that?
- A speck of a diamond.
Why have you come here to die?
Where a person belongs...
I've heard he is attracted
to the place.
I've seen many.
How were you hurt?
It passed kissing my
lips and cheeks.
It was great fun.
- What did you say?
What are you doing, Asha?
She was simply welcoming the guest.
Have you met somewhere?
Yes. The first meeting was
close to the station.
Then I escaped going
to God's house...
then I turned around
again and came here.
Master. I brought the new manager.
He is very handsome. Just like me.
- Shut up!
Shut up...
He is the one who fought with me...
on behalf of the donkey.
Now you tell me...
does a sensible person chase
a donkey with a gun in hand?
Asha, let's go from here.
Well, the tea estate where
you worked before...
what was the name of it?
Brooke Bond.
Brooke Bond?
Was that the name of a tea estate?
I mean to say, it's the brand name.
- Oh!
Dad, he's a total coward!
How will he be the manager?
You keep quiet. Go inside.
And don't step out of the house.
Get it?
Dad, I have to attend
the festival tonight.
You won't attend the festival this
year. That is my command.
Ramdas, take care she doesn't
step out of the house.
And you too.
I am going to drop Seema off
at the girl guide camp.
I'll come back a little late.
Show the new manager his room.
Welcome, welcome, Mr. Manager.
Come, Mr. Manager.
This is your room.
See how superb it is.
This is superb,
this is superb, this is superb.
Everything over here is superb.
Even the men here are superb.
Just watch out for one fleabag.
Who is it?
- The driver who brought you here.
But he seems to be a very good man.
Good man?
If another five or six such
men are born on Earth...
God would stop creating man.
It was my job to warn
you and so I did.
Else someday he will even...
Make trouble for you.
Older brother of the fleabag.
What sort of love was that
between the two of you?
That speck of a diamond
you saw on the way...
that came from this very mine.
I see. So she is his daughter?
He is writing odes in your honor.
Yes, yes. That... That... That's
because he loves me a lot.
And I love his daughter.
If things are in this state,
how will you get married?
It will definitely happen. - When
two young hearts are willing...
what can the old Billy goat do?
Driver! - Shut up, ma...
Oh Lord! The master.
I'm coming, master. Coming. Now...
But... But... But,
Mr. Manager, I am going...
you must attend the festival
tonight. You promised.
You can enjoy good songs and
beautiful dance there.
But listen to me.
My duty is that I can't go there
nor permit Ms. Asha to go.
You are going to protect Ms. Asha?
Well, that is my first task.
Then God help you.
If you are alive until morning...
then I shall meet you
in the morning.
- C... Coming, sir.
God please save the new manager.
Shut up!
Now you have started giving
abuses through your face.
Now you face is also spoilt.
Damn you. I'll get you in
a good mood right away.
Mr. Manager! Ms. Asha!
What happened?
Mr. Manager, Ms. Asha was angry
and asked for a horse.
I didn't give her this horse so
she saddled the crazy horse...
and headed towards the festival.
- Oh, God! What will happen now?
Let go of me! Let go! Let go!
I'd heard only the
horse was crazy...
but now I know you're not
far behind. Come on, boy!
Let go! Let go of me! Let go!
- You bully! Let go!
I'm locking the door from outside.
I shall see how you get out now!
- Hungry while unconscious.
Strange girl.
Hungry. Hungry.
Hungry. Hungry. Hungry.
Hungry. Hungry. Hungry.
Did you eat the banana
or swallow it?
Hungry. Hungry.
This is sour.
Forgive me but that
banana was sour.
Water! Water!
I'll get it right away.
Damn you manager.
You're fleeing, you coward.
Good generals in the army
are identified this way.
When you are surrounded, you flee!
Open the door!
Else it won't be good for you.
We shall see tomorrow morning,
You won't last till morning.
You will lose your life.
They go to any extent
with their life.
Those who want to die don't
wait for death to come.
I've seen many.
By saving Asha's life today...
you've done us a favor
we could never forget.
Don't embarrass me, mother.
That was my duty.
You called me mother?
Aren't you comparable to my mother?
I am. I sure am, son.
God willing I'll call you
my son throughout life.
Go, my boy. Get some rest now.
It's a sin to be lazy...
There will great singing and dancing
at the festival at this time.
The fairies must have come down
from Lord Indra's quarters.
Red angel, white angel, black
angel, yellow angel...
This means an angel cake business
is on in Indra's quarters?
Not angel cake.
Fairy. Fairy. Those who dance.
Oh! That fairy. I see.
- Yes.
Amazing. When you're this
way in your old age...
what must you have been
like in your youth?
Mr. Manager, who is old?
I'll shoot!
"Nobody could have come
here like this."
"The deed that I performed couldn't
be done by Rustom."
"It is night,
the moon is swaying..."
"...my body is dancing like the
lightening. It is night."
"It is night,
the moon is swaying..."
"...my body is dancing like the
lightening. It is night."
"Watch, watch, watch.
I am a river of love."
"Listen, listen, listen.
I was bound but couldn't be bound."
"I am unique.
Trust me, I'm very obstinate."
"I am unique. Trust me, I'm very
obstinate. The world does."
"It is night,
the moon is swaying..."
"...my body is dancing like the
lightening. It is night."
"I dance, I dance, I dance.
Like the peacock in a garden."
"I sway, I sway, I sway.
Like a delicate deer."
"The anklets peal.
Clang, clang, the anklets peal."
"The anklets peal.
Clang, clang, the anklets peal."
"My desires are young."
"It is night,
the moon is swaying..."
"...my body is dancing like the
lightening. It is night."
"Slowly, slowly, slowly. I won."
"Steadily, steadily, steadily.
You lost."
"Get lost!
I've seen many like you."
"Get lost!
I've seen many like you."
"There is none like me anywhere."
"It is night,
the moon is swaying..."
"...my body is dancing
like the lightening."
"It is night,
the moon is swaying..."
"...my body is dancing like the
lightening. It is night."
- Oh God.
- Father. He is coming here.
Who is this, my girl?
- Father, she... she... she...
I am Babu Kali's wife.
When did you come here?
I came here when he went to heaven.
So the poor thing is a widow.
Fa... Fa... Father. You go home,
I'll drop her off and
then come home. - No.
You go home and I'll drop her off.
Fa... Father.
- Sheila!
Where are you running off to?
Your foot will hurt the stone.
Hey! Hey! Where are you going?
Don't go alone.
I am coming along to drop
you off at home.
I will go myself, father.
don't address me as father.
You may hit me on the
head with a hammer...
but don't address me as father.
Have some mercy on my youth.
Mercy is not something I can have,
Okay. But tell me your
name before leaving.
When your name is so lovely...
your face must be so very lovely.
Roopmati! Roopmati!
Roopmati! Roopmati!
You managed to get out, ma'am.
But now you'll have to take
the keys from me to get in.
- Yes.
Did things go so far that
you had to lock Asha?
Yes. Your order was not to let
Asha go to the festival.
Oh! - What could I do?
I had no alternative.
I knew at the start you were a
determined man. - Thank you.
Open the door.
- I think...
The thing is, I didn't permit
her to go to the festival...
so she couldn't attend this year.
That was very unjust. Very unjust.
What can I say?
Where are you going?
Hand me the key.
The key... I think the key...
The key...
The key is down over there.
It fell down. The key fell down.
Hand it to me.
- Here.
She's a strange girl.
When she is obstinate...
I feel like punishing her.
And when she does as she's told,
I feel like pampering her.
- Yes, papa.
How did you pop up?
You made a complaint, you rat!
I'm telling the truth, I didn't say
anything. - You are telling lies.
Who is telling lies?
this new manager told you lies...
that I went to the festival
and brought you here.
Did you or didn't you
go to the festival?
Swear by me and tell me whether
or not you went.
I... I... dad...
mummy says one should never
swear and tell lies.
So you went to the festival?
Where is the damn manager?
I'll get back at you
in such a manner...
you'll remember it all your life.
Got it!
Oh no! The guy from the train.
Hey you!
Greetings, mister.
Have you given up your
old business?
he has changed to quite an extent.
He works very hard now.
That's right, mister. As long as I
live, I'll earn for a living...
else I shall starve.
Come, Ashok.
- Yes, sir.
It is 12:50 pm.
Ring the lunch bell at 1 pm.
Mr. Manager...
did you see the same thing I saw.
Yes, I am.
What would you do if you
were in my position?
I'd instantly get off the vehicle.
So shall I get off?
Go. - Thank you,
Mr. Manager. Thank you.
Hurry up and give me something
hot to eat.
It's almost 1 pm. Father must be
waiting for his lunch. I am going.
- No, no, I am going.
Listen. Your father will eat when
it is 1 pm. - What do you mean?
This clock won't run.
It won't be 1:00 today. Come on up.
This clock won't run.
It won't be 1:00 today. Come on.
I shall eat the old man's food.
It is God's kindness,
she's in front of me.
I look at her at times and at times
I look at the sugarcane.
You won't gain anything from
looking at the sugarcane.
Look at the shoes.
It has been made especially...
for the crowns of lovers like you.
Ask the lover's heart the value
of the beauty's shoes.
Yes. The crown should be safe...
for one can avail of
thousands of shoes.
There is no shortage
of shameless people.
Look for one and you
find thousands.
Damn lover! I will show you!
Damn lover!
Your luggage will be sent over.
And leave this house today.
Else you will forget
how to love anybody.
Well done, Majnu. Come.
Come. Come.
Hey, supervisor, we're hungry.
When will it be lunch time?
Shut up!
My lunch box isn't here as yet.
Why is this clock misbehaving?
It was almost 1 o'clock
a little while ago...
and now it shows 12:15.
I didn't drink this morning. So?
I'm sure something is wrong
with this clock.
Lovely, lovely, lovely.
It's a matter of time, Sheila.
Today your father is conceited due
to his job at this tea estate.
But the time will come when he's
the gardener in my garden.
- To hell with father.
I am not afraid of your father.
I never get scared of
my own father...
so why would I be afraid of your
father? - I will destroy him.
I will trample him.
Father. Father.
Father! Father!
- Wait there. Wait there.
Wait! Wait! My father's son!
What happened? - Mr. Manager,
how did you get here?
Asha got the elephant to
throw me in this pit.
Is that so? Come on then.
Come on up.
- Climb on my shoulder. Come on.
I'll lift you up. Are you seated?
Are you done?
Where you going without me?
Hi, pop.
Hi. You're here, Asha.
Ashok should be coming any minute.
We'll wait for a short while
and then we'll eat together.
Dad, he won't be eating.
- Won't be eating?
Why should we remain hungry?
- How do you know?
He said he fasts on Tuesdays.
- Oh!
And he must be worshipping at
Shiva's temple right now.
He's a very decent boy.
Dad, he is an avatar. An Avatar.
Unfortunately he was born human...
else he would be God.
Good afternoon, everybody.
Have you finished your worship?
Worship? Yes.
I just finished worshipping
to a Goddess.
Worship to a Goddess?
Asha said you pray to Lord Shiva.
I used to.
After coming here I started
worshipping the Goddess.
I did not know you fasted
on Tuesdays...
that's why we were waiting
for you today.
It was a half day fast. I haven't
eaten anything since morning.
I am very hungry.
Asha, you said he was fasting
the whole day.
If it were up to her,
she would make me fast all my life.
How did you come out of the pit?
No damage has been done as yet.
Go straight to your house.
My house is filled with water.
Can't go there.
You are only a temporary
guest at this house.
It is my wish to die
at your doorstep.
Your wish will be fulfilled.
- Thank you.
To straighten a obstinate girl
and an obstinate elephant...
the method is almost the same.
Always answer the girl's bitter
jibes with sweet talk.
Endure the bitter behavior of
elephant for a few days.
If life is loyal and you
happen to escape...
the elephant will start
behaving itself.
Present sweet sugarcane
in the first meeting.
Present sweet sugarcane.
Got it, boy!
Good morning, Mr. Majnu.
Just listen to two things.
I love someone...
and for the sake of
your old flame...
things could work out if you help.
I've brought this sugarcane
as a bribe for love.
And this too.
Please accept it.
When are you leaving this house?
Look, your constant reference
to my leaving this house...
suggests that you want
me to never leave.
Else I won't be able
to live without you.
Perhaps you've forgotten the
interesting throw in the pit.
When interest increases in
the path of choice...
at every location I forget the
condition of every location.
See you don't lose your life in
your penchant for interest.
Lovers never die.
They live forever.
Majnu, pick him up and throw him.
Didn't you hear me?
Have you gone deaf?
Mr. Majnu...
let's take ma'am for a
ride in the garden.
"The destination of love,
the journey is wonderful."
"You are pretty and I am handsome."
"You are in front of me and
yet I know not where I am."
"The destination of love,
the journey is wonderful."
"You are pretty and I am handsome."
"You are in front of me and
yet I know not where I am."
"The destination of love."
"I will continue to harass you
this way day and night...
until you don't put
your hand in mine."
"I will continue to harass you
this way, day and night..."
"...until you don't put
your hand in mine."
"I want to see how obstinate
you are."
"The destination of love,
the journey is wonderful."
"You are pretty and I am handsome."
"You are in front of me and
yet I know not where I am."
"The destination of love."
"You are like spring
only because of me."
"Be obliged to me for falling
in love with you."
"You are like spring
only because of me."
"Be obliged to me for falling
in love with you."
"There are millions of beauties.
Who cares?"
"The destination of love,
the journey is wonderful."
"You are pretty and I am handsome."
"You are in front of me and
yet I know not where I am."
"The destination of love."
"Believe it or not,
you are good-looking."
"Trust what my heart says."
"Believe it or not,
you are good-looking."
"Trust what my heart says."
"My heart has fallen
in love with you.'
"The destination of love,
the journey is wonderful."
"You are pretty and I am handsome."
"You are in front of me and
yet I know not where I am."
"The destination of love."
Mr. Manager!
Mr. Manager! Nobody is at home.
Neither the master,
nor the mistress.
Ms. Asha is auctioning
Majnu in anger.
She is auctioning Majnu?
Majnu is very loyal.
One who will lay down
his life for love.
And he's so lucky, he'll fill the
coffers of the one who buys him.
What do you bid for
this precious gem?
Let's hear you.
One thousand one rupees!
Two thousand rupees!
Two thousand one rupees!
Two thousand ten rupees!
Two thousand ten rupees
and fifty paisa!
Move away, all you guys. Move it!
Why do you need to buy an elephant?
You are an elephant yourself.
Are you guys here to buy an
elephant or a baby monkey?
Is that all? Only two thousand
ten rupees and fifty paisa!
Delicate one, my bid is five
thousand five rupees!
Bravo! Five thousand five
rupees for Majnu. - Hey!
Five thousand five!
Five thousand five!
Five thousand five rupees!
Is everyone here dead? Talk.
Open your mouth!
Are you here to buy an elephant
or a baby donkey?
Khan, you appear to be big-hearted.
You say something.
If Laila insists I'll risk my life
for Majnu, never mind money.
Ten thousand five rupees.
Ten thousand five rupees. One.
Ten thousand five rupees. Two.
Twenty thousand five rupees.
Fantastic! Khan, Majnu is yours.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much. - Sit, sit.
Why are you guys staring? Go.
Go. Go home.
Go buy a baby mouse. A baby mouse.
You're come to buy an elephant.
Khan, congratulations.
Majnu belongs to you.
Give me the money.
Hey sweetheart,
why did you get off the elephant?
I bought Majnu for Laila.
- What do you mean?
My dear, I mean...
for twenty thousand I bought
Laila along with Majnu.
Khan, you're being impudent.
I'll chop you to bits.
Sweetheart, you'll hear the
sound from every piece...
that the heart shattered into
thousands of pieces.
Some fell here and some fell there.
Damn Manager.
Sweetheart, you have gone insane.
Softly. Softly. You are insane.
Help. You are insane. Help! Help!
Help! Help!
You come too, sweetheart.
You come too.
In love, there is no difference
if one is living or dead.
I am alive looking at the one for
whom I'd lay down my life.
Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
- Bravo, Mr. Manager.
You said what's in my heart.
I am alive looking at the one...
whose father would make me die.
Mr. Manager,
this telegram came to the office.
I brought it for you.
Mahesh have you brought the jeep?
Jeep. Why?
I have to go someplace in a hurry.
What are you doing?
I don't understand.
Does the telegram mention a
problem? Is someone ill?
If I don't leave,
I will certainly become ill.
You will become ill.
Look, listen.
The real manager writes...
I got delayed as I was ill.
I'll tell you the rest personally.
End of story.
So... So... So, who are you?
I am the manager you made.
If you hadn't bumped into me...
- I wouldn't call you an idiot...
and you wouldn't mistake me
for the manager. Get it?
There's a difference in the
approach, Mr. Manager.
Once Mahesh regards someone
as his own...
then he can't get out
of Mahesh's heart.
I won't let you go.
I'll never let you go.
What are you doing? - Keep watching
what I'm doing. Put all this away.
Do as I tell you.
Come to the station with me
and watch what happens.
But... oh yes...
I mean Sheila.
My Sheila. She'll be useful.
This is our new manager.
Made in Bengal.
Mr. Chatterjee.
- Oh.
And he is our doctor.
- How do you do?
You seem to be very rude. - If you
wish to shake hands with me...
stand up and shake hands.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
If you are a doctor,
I am the manager of a tea estate.
I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
Are you a doctor or a boxer? - You
don't know how to shake hands.
What if my wrist had broken?
Mr. Manager, no need to fear.
The stuff for your
treatment is here.
When you brought garlands to
welcome me at the station...
why didn't you put them
on me over there?
You need not worry, Mr. Manager.
The day to put a garland
on you will come soon.
I'll teach both of you a lesson
when we arrive at the office.
We won't get to the office.
Come, doctor...
let's lay flowers on these
poor chaps' graves.
Today is the auspicious day
of the festival of colors.
Come, come.
- Yes, yes, this is the place.
Come, come. Come, come. This
is a very auspicious deed.
Because all these dead people
were your fraternity.
You mean they were all Bengali?
No. Hindus,
Muslims, Sikhs and Catholics.
We consider them all
the same fraternity.
That is Indian.
But fraternity of various
professions is different.
For example, I am a doctor, so
every doctor is my fraternity.
Like I am a driver,
every driver is of my fraternity.
Similarly all the dead here
are of your fraternity.
That means managers.
For Managers only.
The graveyard for Managers.
He has come.
What's this?
One more has come.
What's this?
- Shrimp.
- Ant.
You are the new manager,
aren't you? - Yes.
You will die too.
- I will die?
These two will kill you.
They'll kill me?
Mr. Manager, she is crazy.
She's mad.
- Silence!
I am crazy? I am crazy?
You people drove me crazy.
Mr. Manager, don't listen to them.
- Okay.
Come with me. Come.
What will happen now?
Not will happen, it's happened.
- That's right.
Look at this. See it?
He was crushed under
the elephant's feet.
Oh no! Under the elephant's foot.
You see all these?
They were finished within one year.
He died only recently.
This manager was poisoned
by injection.
You see that doctor.
- The bearded doctor. - Yes.
He administered it.
- Oh no!
Come. Come.
These three...
They are mine.
Yes, I killed him.
- I killed him. You killed him?
She's a murderer.
And now I shall kill you as well.
You'll kill me?
- Yes.
Who are you? What are you doing?
- Length, five feet.
If you are a Muslim,
I am measuring for your coffin.
If you are a Hindu,
I am measuring the bier.
I am not a Hindu.
I am not a Muslim either.
So who are you?
Mr. Chatterjee, as it is managers
don't come here...
and if one does come he doesn't
leave without dying.
Now look over here.
Which kind of death do you prefer?
We have death by dog bite,
death by rat bite...
death by a cannon,
death by shooting. We have it all.
By God's grace we have all
types of death available.
I don't want to die.
I beg of you, please let me go.
I won't work as a manager
over here.
You won't do your work but
I will complete my work.
Mr. Manager, you have to die...
because I have to give you a
certificate of natural death.
Look at how he's running.
Cool breeze blowing.
Love is almost pervading.
The emotion of love is about
to change into love.
What would happen if someone
were to come then?
Well done, God. Well done!
I asked for a girl and
you sent a dog.
Couldn't you make out the difference
between a dog and a girl?
Forgive me for grabbing your hand,
mistaking you for another.
It was such a beautiful mistake.
Now don't tell me you are the
new manager by mistake.
Yes, I am the new manager by
mistake. But who are you?
I am Seema.
- Asha's younger sister.
You are Asha's younger sister?
But I never saw you in this house.
Do you stay in a veil?
No, no.
I went out on a girl guide trip.
I see.
I'm very pleased to meet you.
Is this dog your childhood mate...
that he was dictating
letters to you...
while you were typing.
Not only am I a servant to
people in this house...
I serve the animals too.
Okay, tell me...
which is the most dangerous
animal in this house?
Take their names and I'll
answer with a yes or no.
Okay. Majnu.
- No?
Then it must be the horse
who is insane. - No.
Not him either? So which animal
is left in this house?
A crazy obstinate girl whom people
mistakenly call Asha.
And a person can survive an
attack from the animals...
but attacked by this animal...
So how come you survived?
In your opinion this
is my first birth?
I've been born a third time
in this house, madam.
Third and last birth.
This time you can't be reborn.
How did you get here?
- I came here to fetch my dog.
Oh no. The dog came to fetch me.
This scoundrel creates
meetings everywhere...
sometimes via the dog and
sometimes via a donkey.
Let's go from here.
Editor, where are you?
Congratulate me.
I have the solution to set
right this obstinate girl.
She got jealous when she
saw me with Seema.
She's jealous!
She's jealous! She's jealous!
Show me Roopmati from the
festival once again.
I will never forget your favor.
I'll never forget.
I'll never forget.
Are you the full moon
or are you the moon?
And you are the kebab in the bone.
Whatever you might be...
I swear by God you are excellent.
look who has come to our house.
Father, you were going to
the market, weren't you?
Yes. But, my girl, I'm not
feeling too good today.
Take this. You go. Here. Here.
No, father.
My girl is very good.
Here. Take this money...
and go watch a movie today.
Go. Go. Go.
won't you eat a sweet dumpling?
Not this. That one.
These dumplings contain hemp.
I've made them especially
for your father.
Meet me next to the big tree.
Next to the big tree. Come soon.
You treated my daughter...
but I am here as well.
Feed me with your own hand.
Feed me.
What are you doing?
What if someone sees us?
We are alone in the house.
What will people say?
To meet you in this solitude...
Lord knows how many
nights I've spent.
Ever since my wife passed away...
there's nobody to look
after the house...
nor anyone to look after me.
I hear even you live
alone these days.
If not alone,
would a widow live with someone?
I would love to though.
- Well?
But what can I do?
I am afraid of the people.
To hell with the people. Come here.
- What are you doing?
Why don't you look for a nice
groom and latch onto him?
An old man took advantage
of my loneliness...
and mocked a widow's youth.
No, no. Don't say that.
A widow's remarriage
is a good deed.
But as long as your daughter is
living with you in your house...
I would be embarrassed
to marry you.
Why don't you get your
daughter married?
It's like this.
A sage once told me...
when my daughter gets married,
she'll have a child.
And the day she has a child,
I shall die.
That's why I am not getting
her married.
Enough! I understand you
are very distrusting.
We won't be able to
get together now.
I'll remain a widow all
my life but I...
No, no.
Don't say that, Queen Roopmati.
I can't live another
moment without you.
Let go off my hand.
No. I won't let go.
What are you doing, Duryodhan?
Let go off me!
- I won't let go now.
- I won't let go now.
Queen Roopmati,
you were normal a moment ago.
I ate the sweet dumpling
and you became fat.
"What haven't I become
in your love."
"What haven't I become in
your love, darling?"
"This season knows.
This season knows."
"I am a lovely cloud and
you are the sky."
"This season knows.
This season knows."
"What haven't I become in
your love, darling?"
"This season knows.
This season knows."
"You are my flute,
I am your Krishna."
"You are my flute."
"You are my flute,
I am your Krishna."
"Our love is ages old."
"In every string of my heart
is your song, honey."
"This season knows.
This season knows."
"I am a lovely cloud and
you are the sky."
"This season knows.
This season knows."
"You are my flower,
I am your fragrance."
"You are my flower."
"You are my flower,
I am your fragrance."
"We shall roam together
through the world."
"You are my garden and
I am your dew."
"This season knows.
This season knows."
"What haven't I become in
your love, darling?"
"This season knows.
This season knows."
"You are my destination,
I am your guide."
"You are my destination."
"You are my destination,
I am your guide."
"Someday we shall acquire."
"For only you walk in
my heart always."
"This season knows.
This season knows."
"I am a lovely cloud and
you are the sky."
"This season knows.
This season knows."
"What haven't I become in
your love, darling?"
"This season knows.
This season knows."
Your father! Your father!
Your father! Your father!
Dear, which loser were you
singing a song with?
Not a loser, father.
That was a man's voice.
Man! Where is the man?
Father, I was singing in a thin
as well as base voice.
I see. I see. Then sing the
song for me in both voices.
Father. Father. Not over here,
father. Let's go home.
No, no, no.
I won't leave from here without
hearing the song.
"You are trapped,
I am trapped too."
"Allah knows how we'll escape."
"I am in trouble,
I swear by you, sweetheart."
"This season knows.
This season knows."
"This season knows.
This season knows."
"This season knows.
This season knows."
Mr. Manager.
Seems you've been beaten
again today.
Why don't you be decent
and get married?
What can I tell you, Mr. Manager?
That scoundrel old man is prepared.
Some sage told him when his
daughter gets married...
and the daughter has a child...
the child's grandfather will die.
Meaning that old man will die.
This means we have to find a way
for your father-in-law to live.
Yes, yes, yes. Do something,
Mr. Manager. Do something.
Poison is the antidote for poison.
- Yes.
A diamond cuts a diamond.
- Yes, yes.
One sage could nullify the other.
Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
You have a brilliant brain.
Alakh Niranjan.
Where are you going?
You who will die this week.
Listen to your destiny
before going.
For the past ten years, this sage
has been standing on one foot.
Ramdas, you are going to die soon.
No, no, wise sage.
I don't wish to die.
I am on the verge of marriage.
Please give me your blessings.
Give me some herbs. Else Queen
Roopmati will be a widow once again.
Oh! Getting romantic in old age!
You know everything, sage.
Don't touch! Or you shall burn.
This heart is full of fire.
I am aware of what you wish to ask.
Your daughter's wedding,
isn't that right?
Yes. Yes, wise sage.
Not wise sage, call me Baba.
The word sage reeks of worldliness.
I am Baba. Your father at one time.
Yes, yes. - Why are you saying yes,
yes? - My father! My father!
Get your daughter married
to her lover quickly...
or you shall die by next Tuesday.
But Baba, the first Baba said if
you get your daughter married...
she'll have a child
and you shall die.
He is my disciple's disciple.
He made a mistake.
That's why I've come to tell
you the solution. - Indeed?
Get your daughter married
to her lover immediately.
I will do that...
Baba, but what about my wedding.
For that you must stand on
one leg for four hours...
and meditate with God in mind.
Never mind four hours, for Roopmati
I'll stand on one leg...
for twenty-four hours.
Hail to the Lord!
Hail to the Lord!
Hail to the Lord! Hail to the Lord!
There's so much work to do...
and you're standing here
on one foot chanting.
- I've seen many such Swamis.
Go. You go home.
Go home, child. Your job is over.
Now let me teach this obstinate
girl a lesson.
I've seen many.
You might have seen many...
but you must have not seen
a greater lover than me.
- Yes, my girl. God's lover.
Obstinate girl,
only a few days ago...
God came to your house in the
form of the new manager.
How do you know?
- I know everything, my girl.
And listen, he is starting to
fall in love with you...
which you don't believe because
of your tenacity.
No, Baba, I want to extract
vengeance from him.
I want to put him down.
He is much higher than you,
my girl.
There's only one way
to put him down.
How's that?
You must bring about a
change in yourself.
- You must give up this attire.
That's not possible.
Then I'm afraid he might fall in
love with your younger sister.
No, no. I will certainly try.
I am very pleased with you,
my child.
Anytime you have a problem
or you are anxious...
think of Baba.
Greetings, Swami.
Swami, if I have your blessings...
I'll beat the new manager.
I've seen many.
Bah! Forget it.
I'm not going to wear it.
'What are you doing, my child? '
'Don't you recall what Baba said? '
I've never worn such clothes.
I... I am unable to walk.
I can't wear these clothes.
'Be courageous, my girl.'
'Else I'm afraid he might fall in
love with your younger sister.'
That's not possible!
No way is it possible!
I will certainly wear
these clothes.
He's such a dear dog.
If anyone has a life
partner like that...
he would be proud of
his good fortune.
Thank you.
Perhaps you are unaware...
if the dog is so dear,
how dear would the master be.
You sound like a seasoned lover.
I am merely a simple Indian girl.
I don't wear jeans nor
hold a gun in my hand.
In this simple form, God has
granted you the kind of beauty...
that reminds one of Shakuntala.
Trust me, right now this dog...
seems like Shakuntala's deer.
And you seem like a wild
dog to me at this time.
Yes, a deer is surely beautiful
but a dog is beautiful...
loyal and one who'd lay down
his life for his companion.
Trust me,
an Indian lover is like that too.
Kiss him and he'll wag
his tail follow you...
Say scat and he'll run off...
and if you beat him,
he'll roll at your feet.
Not the Indian lover...
it is the mark of an Indian cock.
When I saw you for
the first time...
I won't tell you.
Thanks to my dog for being useful.
He's a strange man.
Sometimes he professes love under
the pretext of a donkey...
and sometimes he professes love
under the pretext of a dog.
That is God's gift. He creates
excuses for people to meet.
And Asha.
Asha is hope in name only.
Her name should have been hopeless.
She thinks she's very pretty.
I swear by you,
she is extremely stupid. Stupid!
If it were up to me...
- What would you do?
I would snap a photograph.
- Shut up!
Will you come on a picnic with us?
I will go anywhere you tell me to.
What is your opinion?
Go to hell!
It's no fun going alone.
Why don't you join me?
I will be waiting.
I've seen many.
I'd come to my senses if the
joy of the party comes.
Surprise me, my heart, when your
assassin confronts you.
O my heart, the one whom I love,
should come before me.
The one who I am destined for...
that destiny comes before me.
Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
Bravo! Fantastic!
Let's hear a song to honor that
lovely poem, Mr. Ashok.
If I knew how to sing,
wouldn't I become a film actor?
if you can't sing then cry aloud.
"I don't know where my
heart is lost now?"
"Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell
me, oh sweetie, oh sweetie."
"I don't know where my
heart is lost now?"
"Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell
me, oh sweetie, oh sweetie."
"Tell me. Say something. Tell me,
tell me. Tell."
"O fair one,
my life has become difficult..."
"...in the city of beauties."
"You tell me something.
Don't trouble me so much."
"Look under your feet,
for it might be my heart."
"I don't know where my
heart is lost now?"
"Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell
me, oh sweetie, oh sweetie."
"I don't know where my
heart is lost now?"
"Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell
me, oh sweetie, oh sweetie."
"I asked the sun and I
asked the sunrays."
"Nobody listens to me."
"I asked the flowers and
I asked the buds."
"Nobody said anything
and I was ransacked."
"I don't know where my
heart is lost now?"
"Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell
me, oh sweetie, oh sweetie."
"I don't know where my
heart is lost now?"
"Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell
me, oh sweetie, oh sweetie."
"The ocean is in its youth and
the waves are intoxicated."
"Look, they give me a signal
and surround me."
"These bright cheeks,
some people are jealous."
"I am trapped in the
town of angels."
"I don't know where my
heart is lost now?"
"Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell
me, oh sweetie, oh sweetie."
"I don't know where my
heart is lost now?"
"Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell
me, oh sweetie, oh sweetie."
"Tell me. Say something. Tell me,
tell me. Tell."
"Tell me. Say something. Tell me,
tell me. Tell."
"Tell me. Say something. Tell me,
tell me. Tell."
My dog!
Go up and say...
"Tell me. Say something. Tell me,
tell me. Tell."
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
You rained on your younger
sister's happiness...
and now you are clapping?
What did you gain from
killing the poor dog?
The dog was getting very romantic.
So I sent it to the
moon to romance.
Sister, the dog show is tomorrow.
If anything happens to my dog,
you'll have to deal with me.
Why are you getting so upset?
You want revenge, don't you? Do it.
Tie balloons to my Majnu
and send him to the sun.
What do you say, Majnu?
You will go, won't you?
Mr. Ashok,
please, please save my dog's life.
Don't be afraid. I'll save his
life no matter what it takes.
If you can't save it then
lay down your own life.
If you have any sense of self
pride, don't come back.
"He's going to save a life."
Sanskrit Mantra...
Sanskrit Mantra...
Sanskrit Mantra...
Marriages are strange.
Everyone does it.
My father did it,
my grandpa did it.
Grandpa's grandpa did it too.
And my children will marry too.
Here's a sweet dumpling.
- Relax.
You won't get married at all.
Don't you wish to get married?
I do wish to get married.
Every youth has some desires.
There are some desires...
They'd like to fall in love
and then get married.
Here, eat a sweet dumpling.
What sort of a girl do you like?
I like original Indian girls.
Draped in a sari...
she looks like an idol amongst
flowers in a temple.
Well, Mr. Priest, why don't
you select a girl?
I have selected her and begun
worshipping her too.
But my prayer isn't being answered.
Pray with a true heart...
and your prayers will definitely
be answered.
I was only waiting for a
sign from you. Promise?
Today God has shown me the day...
that Romeo only desired.
For want of this day,
Ranjha died of a head wound.
Baiju Bawra died by drowning...
while swimming with his
musical instrument.
But, Sheila, your lover succeeded.
And who could have had such
a beautiful bride?
I hear Laila was dark-skinned.
About Sheeri, it is said she
was as fat as a buffalo.
And Baiju Bawra's lover
was so thin...
if she'd lived it was feared...
she'd contract TB after one child.
But you...
Where did she go?
Where are you hiding?
I am standing here.
on a moonlit night if you go
on the roof by yourself...
flying angels will sing a tune...
and the moon will surround
you and play music.
But damn the sage...
who didn't let the two
lovers meet till now.
Hail to the Lord!
You didn't listen to me finally.
You got your daughter married.
Remember, you fool...
with the birth of the child,
you won't remain.
You will die.
What are you saying, Baba?
I got my daughter married
at your guru's instance.
I have no guru. My guru is great!
Hail to the Lord!
No damage has been done as yet.
I won't die now.
Hail to the Lord!
You can no longer live
in this house.
You got fed up so soon,
All right, I'll take Sheila
to my house tomorrow.
I don't prefer to be a live-in
son-in-law anyway.
Neither can you live in this
house nor can Sheila go out.
But she is my wife.
- She is my daughter.
You deceived me.
The genuine sage came here
and told me everything.
And I don't want to die.
- One minute, father-in-law.
Did you ask the sage...
- What?
Did his grandpa die
when he was born?
I didn't ask him that.
- So go ask him.
But you can't live in this house.
- Go.
- Go.
- Go.
"Creator of the world,
listen to my story."
"My love cries."
"Suffers. My youth suffers."
"My body burned down in
the flames of love."
"My body burned down in
the flames of love."
"So why does the world singe me."
"So why does the world singe me."
"My body burned down in
the flames of love."
"I keep pouring like the clouds."
"I sigh like a madman."
"I keep pouring like the clouds."
"I keep pouring..."
"I keep pouring like the clouds."
"I sigh like a madman."
"So why?
So why does the world make me cry."
"My body burned down in
the flames of love."
"My body burned down in
the flames of love."
"When I speak,
my mouth gives out smoke."
"Got burned.
The world of my heart got burned."
"When I speak. When I speak,
my mouth gives out smoke."
"When I speak,
my mouth gives out smoke."
"Got burned.
The world of my heart got burned."
"So why?
So why does the world trouble me."
"My body burned down in
the flames of love."
"My body burned down in
the flames of love."
"Love has always led
me a merry dance."
"It has always made
me dream so big."
"Love has always led
me a merry dance."
"Love has always led
me a merry dance."
"It has always made
me dream so big."
"So why? So why does the
world make me dance."
"My body burned down in
the flames of love."
"My body burned down in
the flames of love."
"My body burned down."
"My body burned down."
It's been so many days...
there's still no news of
Ashok's whereabouts.
Lord knows where and
how my son will be.
You are sitting there quietly
like you don't care.
One would think he wasn't your
child but someone else's.
Child. He's become old and you
are calling him a child.
Why should we care about him
if he doesn't care about us?
He is a boy, not a girl.
Dad, dad, brother Ashok
has written a letter.
He's invited us all to
see our sister-in-law.
What?! He has selected a girl.
Who else? You will select the girl?
Of course. I shall select the girl.
Let me see from where
this letter has come.
'I'm afraid he might fall in love
with your younger sister.'
'Anytime you have a problem
or you are anxious...'
'...think of Baba.'
Swami! Swami!
Come, rescue me quickly.
It's unimaginable.
Come to my rescue. Where are you?
Hail to the Lord!
I know everything, my child.
Nothing is concealed from me.
Swami, he started falling
for my younger sister.
I took his life in anger.
Swami, please save his life.
You've come to me with
your appeal...
at a time when he must be
swimming in the Ganges.
Swami, you may impose the toughest
punishment on me...
but please save his life.
With what hope does one
save his life...
when you don't love him?
Do you really love him?
How would I know what
is called love?
If this is called love, then I...
Why lock the gate when the
horse has left the barn?
A swami is a swami, not God.
I will commit suicide if
you don't save him.
Those who commit suicide are
of a different mettle.
Watch me.
What are you doing, child?
When God shuts one door,
he opens other windows.
If that fool is dead,
forget about him, I am alive.
Damn swami!
You are professing love?
I've seen many.
the magnolia has finally stooped."
"My love wove its magic."
"Jasmine flower,
you've stolen my heart."
"Your love has driven me crazy."
the magnolia has finally stooped."
"My love wove its magic."
"Your youth is the lotus of love."
"Are they petals or the
poetry of love?"
"Your youth is the lotus of love."
"Are they petals or the
poetry of love?"
"I became so beautiful."
"I became so beautiful."
"Thanks to you."
the magnolia has finally stooped."
"My love wove its magic."
"The sighs of my heart
turned to melody."
"I learned to hum in life."
"The sighs of my heart
turned to melody."
"I learned to hum in life."
"Know this, my darling."
"Know this, my darling, love
makes the stone stoop."
"Jasmine flower,
you've stolen my heart."
"Your love has driven me crazy."
"The night is young and
you are here too."
"Spring has set down
on our love today."
"The night is young and
you are here too."
"Spring has set down
on our love today."
"The hearts have met,
they are in bloom."
"The hearts have met,
they are in bloom."
"This bud will be your bride."
the magnolia has finally stooped."
"My love wove its magic."
"Jasmine flower,
you've stolen my heart."
"Your love has driven me crazy."
"Dearest Sheila,
for the sake of your husband...
please take a little trouble.
Quickly pierce a pin
in your foot...
and scream out that you've
been bitten by a snake.
I'll tell you the rest
when I meet you.
Yours only. Yours only.
Yours only.
- Mahesh.
Father! Father! Father!
- What happened?
Why are you yelling? What's the
matter? - A snake bit me, father.
A snake bit you?
Oh no! Oh no! Snake! Snake!
Father, father.
It's gone, it's gone.
Gone, gone. I'll fetch the doctor.
I'll fetch the doctor.
Hurry up, father. Hurry up.
The snake bit her.
- Don't bite me. Don't bite me.
What's the matter with you?
The snake bit my Sheila.
Hurry, this way.
I just saw a snake charmer pass.
He's sitting next to the sacred fig
tree. Hurry or he'll vanish.
Snake charmer! Hey, snake charmer!
Why are you howling like an animal?
Snake charmer, come quick.
A snake bit my daughter.
Hurry up or she'll die.
Is that so?
- Yes.
Has a male cobra bitten your
daughter or a female cobra?
I didn't see,
but hurry up or she'll die.
Look, brother.
- Yes. - I can't go walking.
You can't go?
Shall I bring a horse-cart? - No.
Shall I bring the big boss' jeep?
- No.
Well then, are we supposed to fly?
No. Are you doing me a favor?
If you speak so loud
I won't go there.
No, no. Please forgive
me. Please forgive me.
I forgive you! I forgive you!
I forgive you! - Yes.
Look, brother.
- Yes.
I am not being difficult.
To treat a snake bite...
I must go on a donkey. - Now from
where do I bring a donkey?
From where? You will do.
Me? - Yes.
When times are bad, one
must deem the donkey his father.
You are saying it wrong.
When the time is bad,
the father must become a donkey.
What are you staring at?
Bend or your daughter will die.
Yes, yes, yes.
Come on.
Come on.
What is this? You stopped
upon seeing green grass.
Come on.
This is such great fun.
Live long! Live long!
Snake charmer,
this is the girl's room.
I know where your girl is.
Where are you going?
I remove the poison using magic.
Go out.
Go out.
Snake charmer...
Shut the door and shut
the window too...
or you'll become blind for
the rest of your life.
- Sheila.
Save my daughter, God.
Please let her recover quickly.
What will happen now?
Come here. Come here.
Everything will be all right.
Take this.
Hurry up and apply
this on your body.
Then I'll tell father-in-law you
died. That will do the trick.
Oh God.
How did you come out
at the wrong time?
Oh cobra, please go for now.
I beg of you.
The two of us are in great trouble.
I'll offer you a liter of milk
but please leave now.
Mahesh, the snake went off.
Went off? Went off.
So what's the big deal?
- Then why did you get scared?
I wasn't scared.
My instrument got stuck.
When I'm not afraid
of your father...
why would I be afraid of a snake?
Snake charmer,
is my daughter all right?
Keep your mouth shut or
you will become a mute.
If you listen to us talk,
you will become deaf.
Block both your ears.
Such beautiful legs.
The heart that they get
into will turn to gold.
If father finds out, we'll have
to lose this gold too. Come on.
You go. Go sleep over there.
I'll go deal with your father.
Snake charmer,
has my daughter recovered?
Can't you see? Are you blind?
Your daughter is dead.
No, no. I have only one daughter.
She can't die.
Why can't she die? Listen.
- Yes.
Did you hurt a youngster?
Did you hurt someone?
I certainly committed this sin.
That's why your daughter died.
Now why don't you let
her drift in the sea?
No, no. We don't drift in our
community. We burn the body.
What sort of a foolish
father is this?
One who is bitten by
a snake is drifted.
If you burn her, you will burn too.
Is your daughter married?
- Yes, she is married.
So get her husband
to lift her bier.
The snake charmer's job is over.
The snake charmer is leaving.
Don't cry.
Don't cry. God will help you.
Sheila! Sheila!
Daughter Sheila!
Guru, anything happen?
- It's happening. It's happening.
Remove this.
The loin cloth.
Don't remove the loin cloth.
Why are you crying?
Looking at your cranky face.
Where is my Sheila?
She died.
If I knew in advance she
was going to die...
I would have let her go with you.
How did my snake die?
A snake bit her.
Where is the snake? I'll bite him.
Be patient, my boy.
Boy! Black man.
- Black man?
Yes, black man. My Sheila didn't
die due to snakebite.
She died because you bit her.
I bit her?
But she can't become alive again.
But you can die now.
Kill me later but first deliver
her body to the Ganges.
What will I live for now?
my doll.
My pretty doll.
The snake didn't show
mercy on your youth.
Was this the period for you to die?
You were going through a period...
when hundreds should
have died for you.
Let me embrace you for two moments.
Damn, you, Devdas, hurry up.
- I am.
Hurry up, brother.
Did your father ever
have a brother?
You had one daughter
and you killed her.
Don't you dare come with me!
I will drown in the Ganges
with my Sheila.
Look over there.
I am bringing my possession!
Sheila! Mahesh!
You still have to perform
big deeds...
and you are giving up
on life already.
Thank you for saving my life,
else I'd have died long ago.
Look there. Do you see that spot?
Yes, I am looking.
That is called lover's point.
Lover's point. How romantic!
Lord knows how many unsuccessful
lovers committed suicide here.
Tell this spot, today it's not
the unsuccessful ones...
it's two successful lovers
have come to bow to it.
We shall salute it.
Look, one more unsuccessful lover
is here to commit suicide.
He is my old friend.
We embarked on our love with him.
Asha, he saw your anger.
Show him your love today.
I am here to inform you...
effective today you are relieved
of your duties as a manger.
Excuse me.
- Yes.
When someone endears you
he is brought closer...
and when someone becomes old...
he is retired from his duties.
I don't understand.
It's very simple. I have decided.
Write to your parents today
to come here immediately...
to attend Asha's wedding.
With you.
Excuse me. Well, I...
Father sent me a telegram
that he is coming.
Good, good, good.
- Thakur.
But, Moti, you were sentenced
to life, weren't you?
Thakur, I escaped from prison.
If someone sees you here,
it will be a disaster.
Thakur, where is Asha?
Show her to me once.
Come with me.
I'll tell you everything. Come.
My doll must be grown up by now.
But you might not even
recognize her now.
Your doll is so pretty...
one would think God created
her with his own two hands.
But her habits are exactly
like yours.
She's got a fierce temper.
And she's so obstinate once
she makes up her mind...
she makes sure she does it.
- Silly girl.
To tell you the truth, Moti, my
love has made her obstinate.
Thakur, show her to me just once.
- Why not? Why not?
This evening I'll pass through
here with Asha and Ashok.
You get a peek of her.
Thakur, I won't be able to
relax even for a moment.
Don't worry.
Thakur, don't forget. Thakur!
I say, nonsense! Humbug! Isn't
he ashamed of himself?
Is this why I educated him?
So he doesn't obey his parents...
and to run away from home.
I will sue that Thakur tomorrow.
At least don't say such things
in a stranger's house.
The boy is spoiled because
of your favoritism.
First he was like Shakespeare.
Then he was possessed by
the spirit of romance.
And now he's become the manager
of a tea garden.
- Yes.
These people consider
me as their own son.
This is Asha's mother and this
is Asha. This is Seema.
And this is my mummy and dad.
And these two are my sons too.
Forgive me, Thakur has gone
out to run an errand.
He should be coming any minute.
This is my daughter.
Oh, please. Don't do it.
Son, tell me which of these
two is my daughter-in-law.
Dad, this is her.
I knew when I saw her face...
which of these is my future
What a choice, brother!
Whose son is he?
Who's brought him up?
Come along. Come on inside.
I shall wait for Thakur over here.
You go ahead.
- Come, my girl.
'Is this the same Thakur
Rajendra Singh...'
'...friend of murderer Motilal...'
'...whom I sentenced to
life imprisonment...'
'...for killing his wife,
prostitute Chandabai...'
'...and to nurture his child...'
'...I handed her to Thakur
Mahendra Singh.'
'Which of these two is that girl?
Excuse me, I was a little...
You? - I too was wondering
whether you...
You wondered correct.
Could your eyes be deceived?
I am the same Thakur
Mahendra Singh.
Friend of that unfortunate one.
Mr. Thakur, the children's wedding
isn't child's play.
It is the question
of my son's life.
And that of my family's reputation.
Judge, do you find anything
distasteful about my family?
Calling a decent man's intention
is a very big crime.
Then let two decent men embrace.
But with our embracing
each other...
will the hearts of two unknown
travelers also unite...
at a junction in life?
they've been united long ago.
Ashok and Asha love each
other very much.
One cannot live without the other.
Then at this point I
would have to say...
these two will have to live
without each other.
This wedding isn't going to happen.
Why, judge?
Because you don't fit a real
diamond on a copper ring.
And I have my doubts Asha
isn't your daughter.
She is your friend's daughter.
And if my son learns...
- Judge, you are mistaken.
Trust me, Asha is my daughter.
Mr. Thakur,
are you telling the truth?
Some truths become a religion.
God is my witness,
Asha is my daughter.
And Seema is that prostitute's
I'm really sorry, Mr. Thakur.
Really sorry.
Judge, I have a request of you.
See that nobody learns
this secret...
because I've brought up both
as my own daughters.
is Seema really not my sister?
Yes, my girl.
But why are you asking me all that?
Go do your work.
No, mother, tell me.
Please tell me.
My girl, everything that
happens in this world...
happens for the best.
Mother, I am your daughter.
Don't I have a right to ask?
Please tell me.
You are under your daughter's oath.
There are many things that
can't be said outright.
But telling unburdens them.
But there are some things...
which shatter the heart when told.
No, mother.
Tell me, mother. Please tell me.
If you won't believe
me then listen.
This happened before you were born.
His best friend...
had a kept a prostitute
in his house.
A daughter was born to her.
After some days...
the prostitute wanted to
separate from Moti...
and take the girl away with her...
so she could use her as a
crutch for her old age.
Mr. Moti killed her at the time.
He was sentenced to fourteen
years imprisonment.
And we adopted that girl.
But now I wonder what
will become of Seema.
Who will marry her?
Where will I find a groom?
Who will take my girl as his bride?
You have been hurt deeply.
I am your daughter.
You have no right over Seema...
but you have every right over me.
Mother, give me the right to say
Seema is your daughter...
and I am that prostitute's...
Do you want to rub
salt in my wounds?
I can't accept...
strangling an orphan girl's
neck for my own happiness.
And ruin a mother's happiness.
You are going to be married.
Do you want to besmirch
our family name?
- You are under my oath.
Else I won't see your
face all my life.
After a very long time there's a
joyful occasion in this house.
Broken hearts have no right...
to crush this joy for
their own joy.
Then you should show courage
and be happy.
That's exactly what I'm
trying to do, my girl.
Do you think I'm not pleased
about your wedding?
I am very pleased,
my girl, very pleased.
In that case,
mother, I promise you...
I shall find a groom for Seema.
Live long, my girl. Live long.
Hello, Seema.
He's such a dear dog.
If anyone has a life
partner like that...
he would be proud of
his good fortune.
That's right.
Perhaps you are unaware...
if the dog is so dear...
how dear would the master be.
Yes, a deer is surely beautiful...
but a dog is beautiful loyal...
and one who'd lay down his
life for his companion.
I don't understand why you're
saying all this at this time.
Because some beautiful moments
come in life at times...
that a person can't forget
despite wanting to.
And to obtain these beautiful
moments in life...
one needs tender support.
So to attain your love,
you took my support?
If I took the support of the
stem to obtain a flower...
what crime did I commit?
But now imagine the condition
of the stem...
which dreams of that happiness
day and night.
I admit I made a mistake.
Why did I misunderstand you?
Why did I love you?
Why can't I forget you?
I swear by God...
I always regarded you as
Asha's younger sister.
And I swear by you I always
regarded you as God.
But I never professed
any love to you.
Guised as God I never cheated you.
I always tried to meet
you in a human form.
Why don't you understand that
God comes in the human form?
When people fall in love they
regard the person as God.
You know only too well
that I love Asha.
And you also know that
Asha loves me.
And perhaps you also know that
we are going to be married.
Please accept my congratulations.
after a long period of time...
there's going to be a joyful
occasion in our house...
and you are crying.
Why wouldn't a mother cry...
when her own daughter was called
a prostitute's daughter?
While the prostitute's daughter is
being wed to the judge's son.
But, Laxmi, you've brought up
Asha as your own daughter.
I didn't bring her up...
so one day her love makes
me cry tears of blood.
This is what's called sacrifice,
Everyone makes sacrifices
for their own...
but you'll find very few
examples in the world...
who sacrifice their offspring
for others.
This isn't a sacrifice,
it is suicide.
Laxmi, this suicide is most
sacred in God's view...
which only the fortunate
one's achieve.
Think about it.
If the judge found out Asha
isn't our daughter...
and that she's the murderer
Motilal's daughter...
Asha would never be married.
Laxmi, you tell me...
the one whom we brought
home as a daughter...
shall we to throw her out by
labeling her a prostitute?
What if this secret is revealed
after the wedding?
Don't worry,
Laxmi, as long as we are alive...
this secret won't be
revealed to anyone.
You separated me from your
photograph already?
What right does one have
of keeping strangers?
Girls are meant to leave
the family...
and someday even you will
go to another house.
I will find a nice groom for you.
You found everything, didn't you?
An affluent family, a handsome boy.
Aren't you pleased?
- I am delighted.
But I'm afraid lest I have to
cry after so much happiness.
Have you had a fight with someone?
Just what are you upset about?
Have I made a mistake? Forgive me.
I am your friend.
Even if I get upset
I'll stomach it...
but you'd better watch out.
You are going to the
house of strangers.
After a few days the strangers
will be family too.
Yes, when the strangers find
out after a few days...
that the darling daughter-in-law
they've brought home...
is blemished.
One whom they consider the
pride of the family...
is in fact the blot on the family.
And the one whom their son
regards as a garland...
is in fact a snake.
- Seema.
The one whom the judge deems...
to be Thakur Mahendra Singh's
daughter today...
is in fact a murderer's daughter.
The one whom they regard to
be Laxmi's daughter...
is not Laxmi's daughter, but in
fact a prostitute's daughter.
That's your blood speaking,
not you.
The truth is self evident.
I just heard father say...
that you are a prostitute's
It was only out of pity...
it is said you are the daughter
of this family.
So your marriage isn't called off.
Come to father.
It will be settled right now.
Why don't you try to understand,
Asha is getting married
to the judge...
who ordered you to a life sentence.
He has come here. If he learns
that Asha is your daughter...
Asha could never marry his son.
There's no guarantee of my life,
I want to see Asha
once before I die.
That's ridiculous, Moti.
Why don't you understand...
I lied for the first time in
my life to make Asha's life.
Asha is my daughter and Seema,
the prostitute's.
Remember this,
Moti, if this secret is revealed...
the entire thing will fall apart.
For God's sake, go from here and
wait for me at Shiva temple.
How can I go, Thakur? How can I go?
Moti. - You can't even imagine
the anguish of a father...
who languished in prison
for fourteen years...
with hopes of meeting
his daughter someday.
All his wishes in life
will be realized.
Even if it means I am imprisoned
after that. - Moti.
Even if I am sent to the gallows.
- Moti.
Mr. Thakur.
- The judge!
Moti, run away from here. Hurry up.
- Daughter.
Mr. Thakur, your friend who
I punished for murder...
has escaped from prison.
Look at the news.
The police are chasing him.
Why is she crying?
She's going to the house
of another, isn't she?
Dear, he is like a father too.
Do you see?
Your Asha is coming, father.
Father, you left me too?
You tell me now, what do I do?
What shall I do, father?
Where do I go?
'There's no guarantee of my life,
'I want to see Asha
once before I die.'
'That's ridiculous, Moti.
Why don't you understand...'
'...I lied for the first time in
my life to make Asha's life.'
'Asha is my daughter and Seema,
the prostitute's.'
'Ashok, when you learn this...'
'...will you leave me
forever and ever? '
'Will I turn out to be
a smudge for you? '
'I wish you could tell me.'
'One whom they consider the
pride of the family...'
'...is in fact the blot
on the family.'
'The one whom the judge deems...'
'...to be Thakur Mahendra Singh's
daughter today...'
'...is in fact a murderer's
'And we adopted that girl.'
'But now I wonder what
will become of Seema.'
'Who will marry her?
Where will I find a groom?'
'Who will take my girl
as his bride? '
'Mother, I promise you...'
'...I shall find a
groom for Seema.'
I've bought all the jewelry
of my choice.
Perhaps Asha may or
may not like them.
You don't know your daughter,
judge. She's a very good girl.
I could tell on first sight...
any house she goes to,
she will turn it into heaven.
What can we say?
She's so simple, you'd think
she was born to a goddess.
"Who knows what I am?
Do you want to know?"
"Listen, I am the moon with
a stain on its head."
"My heart is a like
an ignited lamp."
"My life is like the crazy wind."
"Here today, there tomorrow,
I belong to no one."
"My life is like the crazy wind."
"Here today, there tomorrow,
I belong to no one."
"My life."
"My existence is like
a flame of love."
"Uniting with every heart,
playing the game of love"
"Loving the world."
"I party in everyone's arms."
"I walk like an arrow,
as naughty as the red skies."
"Here today, there tomorrow,
I belong to no one."
"My life is like the crazy wind."
"Here today, there tomorrow,
I belong to no one."
"My life."
"My world is full of
pleasant betrayals."
"Making wonderful promises."
"It's like paper flowers,
far away from fragrance."
"I am the coast but stormy."
"With no destination,
my thoughts are beset with fun."
"Here today, there tomorrow,
I belong to no one."
"My life is like the crazy wind."
"Here today, there tomorrow,
I belong to no one."
"My life."
"My heart is a garden of wounds."
"I don't sigh nor do I complain.
I swallow my tears."
"I forget my sorrow
and sing with joy."
"If the pain makes me sulk,
my face becomes pale."
"I live like one who's possessed."
"Here today, there tomorrow,
I belong to no one."
"My life is like the crazy wind."
"Here today, there tomorrow,
I belong to no one."
"My life is like the crazy wind."
"Here today, there tomorrow,
I belong to no one."
Stop it!
do girls from good families
consume alcohol...
and sing and dance this way?
Please forgive me.
I drank a little by mistake.
Daughter Asha!
Whose daughter?
Your daughter?
I only doubted it earlier but now
I can say with certainty...
it is that woman's blood speaking.
The one whose husband I
granted life sentence.
Believe me,
judge, Asha is my daughter.
You are telling lies.
You deceived me. There is no way
this wedding will take place.
it's a question of our standing.
We won't be able to face anyone.
My husband is telling the truth.
Ma'am, a lie and a sin cannot
be hidden for long.
It is always revealed.
You are right, judge.
It is that very fallen woman's
blood speaking.
- You are the same Moti.
Yes, I am the same Moti.
This girl's unfortunate father.
In my desire to give
her a good life...
I had to spend time in prison.
This is how she's paying me
back for my sacrifices.
I will personally kill her today!
- Move away, Thakur!
Come to your senses, Moti!
- Move away.
Let me die. Leave me to my fate.
Your fate has become my fate now,
You could not consume alcohol.
You don't know, Ashok.
I have consumed alcohol.
If you have consumed alcohol
then swear by me and say it.
Swear on me.
Why don't you swear on me?
Tell these people you haven't
consumed alcohol. - Ashok!
Father, I assure you...
you couldn't find a better girl
than Asha if you went looking.
Then why did this happen?
How did it happen?
Because she found out she is
someone else's daughter.
And she tried to break of
this engagement in fear.
Even if that is taken
for granted...
a prostitute's daughter cannot
marry a judge's son.
Father, can you tell me
which law states that?
Religion, society, humanity.
You couldn't present one example.
I am the biggest example of this.
In our family, nobody has married
outside the Suryavanshis clan.
The bloodline is associated with
the man, not with the woman.
Every woman's modesty is equal.
Whether she's a mother or
the most wanton woman..
- Why don't you think...
all of us have a hand in
making a woman fall?
And to conceal this fact...
we term the woman,
a prostitute, a slut or wanton.
But I will never let this
marriage take place.
A word and religion is
never changed, father.
I can't break off this
engagement now.
Look at him properly.
Do you want this convict who's
escaped a life sentence...
to be called the father of
the temple of your mind.
Nobody checks out the land
to build a temple, father.
When the temple is built
it's called a temple.
And when the idol is set in place
the priest bows his head.
You are dragging the family's
dignity through mud.
The solemnity of love increases...
after being dragged through mud,
I say this wedding wouldn't be
permissible in any religion.
Love is a religion in itself.
Man practiced it, God's practiced
it... - ...prophets practiced it.
I love Asha. I can live for
her and I can die for her.
And I will only marry Asha.
Ashok, if you have any love left
for me in your heart...
please marry Seema.
Your favor will make
my death easier.
Mr. Manager,
Ms. Asha took the jeep...
and headed for lover's point
at very high speed.
Lover's point?
- Yes.
Let go off me! Let go! Let me die!
Let go off me!
- Daughter.
Let me die!
- My girl, I am ashamed of myself.
The tenacity of your
love opened my eyes.
You aren't Motilal's daughter but
in fact the pride of my family.
Ghost! Ghost!
Not ghost, uncle, son, son.
- Whose son?
My child, your grandson.
My daughter's son?
- Yes.
He's born and yet you haven't died?
"The night is young and
you are here too."
"Spring has set down
on our love today."
"The hearts have met,
they are in bloom."
"The hearts have met,
they are in bloom."
"This bud will be your bride."
the magnolia has finally stooped."
"My love wove its magic."
"Jasmine flower,
you've stolen my heart."
"Your love has driven me crazy."