Zigeunerweisen (1980) Movie Script

A Seijun Suzuki film
A Cinema Placet Production
Produced by Genjiro Arato
Yozo Tanaka
Kazue Nagatsuka
Kaname Kawachi
Yoshio Harada
Naoko Otani
Kisako Makishi
Michiyo Okusu
Toshiya Fujita
Directed by Seijun Suzuki
Did you say something?
That's odd.
Didn't you hear that?
There was a voice.
That's Sarasate
on the record.
What's he saying?
So you don't understand.
A dead body has washed up!
She was a fisherman's wife.
She fell in love with a traveler.
They ran away together.
But she ended up
holding him back.
So he pushed her into the sea.
They were last seen arguing
on the rocks last night.
Seen by the light of the moon.
Name and address?
Are you deaf?
No, I can hear.
Are you making fun of me?
No, that's your role.
You've got no reason to arrest me.
No reason?
You know perfectly well why.
No, I don't!
I want an explanation!
There's no escape.
Give yourself up.
Give up?
Wait. Excuse me.
Who are you?
Here's my card.
"Military Academy..."
Professor of German.
Senior Professor.
This is my friend.
His name is Nakasago.
He was also a professor
at the academy.
A professor?
You can, of course,
make further inquiries.
That won't be necessary.
My apologies.
Please forgive me.
That wasn't very nice of you.
I invited you to come with me.
But you refused
and went off alone.
You did the same thing.
No. I wanted to go with you.
But you refused,
so I had to go alone.
I didn't expect
to run into you like this.
Six in all.
Six crabs crawled out
from her crotch.
They were red all over.
They ate her flesh.
That's why they were all red.
- What do you think?
- About what?
You think I killed her,
But I didn't.
She killed herself.
I told her not to follow me.
She just went crazy.
It was suicide.
Still, you're partly responsible
for her death.
The first and most important thing
Is that a man should not sleep alone
The written character
for 'man', perhaps
Shows two people sleeping together
As for the second point
What would they do
when they shared a bed?
That's enough!
I fancy some eel.
I'll eat you.
What about you, sir?
Any one will do.
Will she cook them?
Yes, she's very good.
Call a geisha.
Not a sourpuss,
one with some life.
I'm sorry, no geisha are available.
They're all busy.
- All of them?
- Yes, I'm sorry.
They're all attending a party
for the prefectural officials.
This is one big eel.
Eels are our local speciality.
It's O-lne. O-lne!
- Hey! She's a geisha!
- No, I'm sorry.
- She's not?
- Well, yes, but not today.
- Why not?
- Her younger brother just died.
We just held the funeral.
She's in mourning.
A geisha in mourning, eh?
That's interesting.
- Call her.
- But, sir...
His bones were red?
My brother poisoned himself.
When you take poison,
the stomach ruptures.
You normally writhe and vomit blood.
But he wanted to keep the room clean.
He died without spitting
a single drop of blood.
His face was all twisted
in agony and torment.
And then?
Then we cremated him.
His bones weren't any different.
Ordinary white bones. But...
When I brought the urn home
and lifted the lid...
Was it red?
A pale pink.
Like cherry blossom.
As if blood was seeping out.
That's strange.
The old folks say the blood
he didn't spit out stained his bones.
That he can never rest in peace,
and I must pray for him every day.
Red bones, eh?
Your bones are pretty
and delicate too.
I'm not weak, though.
I'd never take poison.
Sorry about all that.
Though hundreds of leagues
from the capital
I must tell you that
my member missed you so much
The redness
of your Gate of Heaven pulsates
A woman takes her pleasure
beneath her man's belly
Oh, how good it was
to share the same bed
No one thought
she would ever take another man
Why did your brother kill himself?
I really don't know.
Apparently he fell in love
with a married woman and was jilted.
Quite foolish of him.
Two men and a woman.
A triangle.
That's always dangerous.
Don't you agree?
Oh, the beggars?
A father and his children.
The battle between the sheets
has passed its climax now
She reaches down, rag in hand,
and wipes her twat clean
They're husband and wife.
Please take me in your arms
and do it again
I'll do my best to make it hard for you
The older man and the girl.
The young man is his student.
How do you know?
I should know.
They come here every year.
I'm afraid it takes much longer
To stand again the second time
If I can't get it up,
you'll have to sup
Stop it! Stop that!
Hello again!
- Did you eat the eel?
- Yes.
- But no liver, right?
- How did you know?
The cook takes all the livers home.
The cook at the inn?
She takes them to her sick husband.
He has TB.
Eel liver is good for that.
She makes him eat them raw,
from mouth to mouth.
She loves him.
She refuses doctors.
She even sleeps with him.
She really does love him.
The very same bed.
- That's strange.
- What?
You have a strong Tokyo accent.
You can tell?
I lived in Tokyo as a child.
And you became a geisha there?
My father had debts.
He sold me off.
Why did you come back?
I had to leave Tokyo.
I caused some trouble.
Man trouble?
You killed him?
Or just made him suffer?
A known killer, eh?
So you took to the road?
Hey, Speak up.
I'm no killer! I didn't expect you
to get drunk so easily.
I killed a woman.
It was two nights ago.
The police caught me yesterday.
That fellow there saved me.
I got away with murder.
That's not funny.
He is joking, right?
I wonder.
I wouldn't be surprised.
I pushed her off the cliff.
It looked to me
as if he were sucking out her liver.
It seems
their relationship has changed.
The old man looks really beat.
Ouch! That hurts.
- Time to go!
- Yes, master!
Let's part ways here.
You're not coming back with me?
I'm going to follow the beggars.
Something fun is bound to happen.
Hey, wait.
I envy you.
You're always so free.
Selfish too.
Nakasago got married the next year.
His wife came from a good family
in western Japan.
Nakasago Residence
Ah, you're here.
My name is Sono.
They're alike, aren't they?
An incredible resemblance.
What's this secret you two share
about me looking like someone?
Who is she?
Please tell me.
Tell me.
Go on, tell her.
Sorry, no.
Why not?
I can't really explain.
This is delicious.
The beef is so good.
We're not trying to be mean
by keeping it from you. Right?
It's a geisha.
You look like a geisha
named O-lne.
Unlike you, she's a lousy cook.
She's a geisha after all.
- Pour me some sake.
- Right.
Did you say something?
That's odd.
Didn't you hear it?
I heard a voice.
Sarasate's voice.
While he was playing
during the recording,
he said something.
It ended up
on the recording of the music.
At first they thought it was a glitch.
But that's what actually made
the record famous.
What did he say, this Sarasate?
I've listened many times,
but I can't make it out.
I thought you might
be able to hear it.
I don't think I can either.
If only it were a bit clearer.
Speaking of voices,
I heard a strange voice.
I visited my wife's sister
in hospital.
She said something strange today.
I'm to give you the cod eggs
in the cupboard.
Did she mean me?
Apparently so.
Then she fell asleep.
This is delicious.
Do we have cod eggs?
We should have.
No, we don't.
That's strange.
I thought we did.
You're just tired.
Is she really going to die?
I noticed that all the life
has left her eyes.
But she can still see?
I wonder.
Her eyes seemed to be watching us.
But I'm not sure.
Besides, the shape of her nose
has changed.
She's too young to die.
I think she'll get well again.
- Why?
- Why not?
You're wrong!
It wasn't you who said,
"You're wrong!"?
If I had, my wife wouldn't
have been so shocked.
Then she said it.
No. She has this strange habit.
When something new happens to her
she always looks into her mirror.
She did that immediately.
Proving it was
a new experience for her.
Then it must have been you.
You said it.
If I'd been alone, of course,
maybe I just imagined it.
But my wife heard it too.
It's a sign!
You say what you don't mean to say.
And you make out
it's somebody else's voice.
You've gone crazy.
You've got something wrong
in the head.
I'm normal.
There's nothing wrong with me.
It's frightening.
You'd better be careful.
What's wrong?
- What's wrong with you?
- I'm going home.
Please come again.
Nakasago soon took
to the road again.
He wandered around like a gypsy,
leaving his wife all alone.
Where are you headed?
Oh, I've walked all the way.
Aren't you headed somewhere?
Never mind me.
It's going to rain.
Let's hurry!
But where?
Where are we going?
See, it's getting dark.
It'll be dark soon.
We'd better hurry.
Even the glass
of the windows is bursting
Even the garden at the school...
It really is night already.
Even the glass
of the windows is bursting
Even the garden at the school...
Who are those people?
On that bridge.
What are they doing?
They're watching fireworks.
Be careful.
Will you stay with me?
I really must go.
Then I shall escort you.
I was once beguiled by a fox
on the road at night.
You're saying I'm a fox?
No, this just reminded me of it.
My apologies.
But you're right.
I could very well be a fox.
And you could very well be
in the fox's den.
A place from which
there is no escape.
Well, I never!
You look like you've seen a ghost.
Didn't you hear that?
It was just stones falling.
Where were they falling from?
Where did they fall from?
Did someone throw them?
Is someone in the garden?
No, there's no one out there.
Please don't leave!
There's no one here.
Please stay here with me
just a little while longer.
I'll think it over.
I'm bored of Japan.
I'm getting married.
I've followed you this far.
But you have a wife.
So you're getting married?
Congratulations are in order!
You like my bones, don't you?
After my body's cremated,
and they're pink,
like pure cherry blossom.
You'll want them, won't you?
I know.
You caress me
as if you were sucking my very bones.
I can tell.
Toyojiro Aochi Residence
What is it?
I can feel pain across my chest.
It's an allergy.
The plum tree in the garden...
It's so itchy!
Close the shutters.
That's why I asked you
to cut it down last winter!
You know all about my allergy.
I'm allergic to pollen.
I have to be careful.
The doctor warned me.
It's so itchy!
Yes, it's me.
Where's my sister?
She's ill.
It's her usual spring allergies.
I thought you were Nakasago.
Has he been to see you?
Yes, with my sister.
With my wife?
Is that true?
It was a very windy day.
It's a miracle she's still alive.
The doctor's already given up.
But she still has her strength.
It might be better for her
if she just died quickly.
Can she see?
They say she can't.
What's wrong?
A bit of dust...
Don't rub it.
You'll scratch your eye.
Come in the light.
Close your eyes.
Don't open them.
Just a little more.
That hurts.
She thought I couldn't see,
so she just went ahead.
She thought it was a secret.
She really enjoyed it!
Are you still there?
Are you angry?
Because I've said too much.
I'm not angry.
This is proof you're getting better.
What now?
Did you eat the cod eggs
I kept in the cupboard?
Yes. Thank you.
Were they good?
Yes, quite delicious.
I bought them especially for you.
I didn't want my sister to have them.
Who is it?
Who's there?
Who is it?
My husband is out.
I said he's not here!
Why are you making love to me now,
when my body is so repulsive?
You're at your best.
Things are best when they begin to rot.
How about lunch?
I was at your place.
Your wife said you were out.
So I headed back.
I see.
How was she?
My wife.
What did you talk about?
Nothing in particular.
I hate to say this, but...
...she's not my type.
She's far too rich.
Is that so?
Like a skeleton
having sex on a tin roof.
What about your wife?
She's not great.
She's far too slight.
There's not much of her.
Bedding her is like chewing on vinegar.
I once took her from behind
in the kitchen.
How was it?
In the kitchen.
Good sex.
At first she fought back,
but then she hung on tight.
But afterwards she cried,
regretting she wasn't
"one of my countryside geisha".
Stupid woman.
Do you treat everyone like that?
Like animals?
Your wife, the geisha O-lne...
And what?
Go on. Spit it out.
You're right, after all.
I won't get angry.
Here. Come on.
How about we swap wives?
Swap wives?
Nakasago! Are you crazy?
Yes, I am.
Don't act so surprised!
I've been crazy my entire life.
You've known ever since we met.
Well, I guess that's true.
So you agree?
Enough of your jokes.
They're the best.
The most beautiful human form.
Remove the skin and flesh
that cover their pure beauty.
Then polish the bones.
I felt that the more women I sleep with,
the deeper I sink into a sea of flesh.
The bones beyond that sea
look so pure and beautiful.
Bones are the ultimate flesh.
As beautiful as ivory?
No, ivory doesn't even come close.
But you might be right.
If I die,
I'll leave my bones to you.
My actual bones, unburnt.
But in return...
...if you die first,
I get your bones.
I'll make a beautiful skeleton
out of you and put you on display.
That would please you, wouldn't it?
Are we agreed?
A few months later,
Mrs Nakasago had a baby girl.
A girl, isn't it?
Her name's Toyoko.
It was my husband's choice.
You're his best friend.
He took part of your name for her.
Would you like to hold her?
He didn't tell you about naming her?
No, I didn't know.
I'm sorry.
He should've told you.
It's an imposition, isn't it?
No, not at all.
Please. Have a hold of her.
She's a big baby.
Yes, quite heavy.
Is Nakasago in?
Has he gone missing again?
He gives you a hard time.
Leaving so soon?
Yes. I have to go.
A little something for the baby.
Good bye.
The following year was marked
by the Spanish Fly epidemic.
Nakasago carried it home with him.
His wife soon became infected.
She died before
her baby was fully weaned.
I firmly believe that Nakasago
deliberately killed her.
In mourning
She said...
...just before she died...
"if Mr Aochi comes,
give him burdock root jelly."
And then she died.
Can Nakasago
really take care of a child?
He has a wet nurse, right?
She ran away, I heard.
When she was suckling the baby,
he came to her.
He wanted to suckle, too.
To remember the taste of milk.
He latched onto her breast.
Did he really?
Yes. Typical.
No wonder she ran off.
What's that you're eating?
A peach.
But it's rotten.
No, it's just on the verge of going off,
which makes it sweet, like honey.
You wouldn't eat it,
would you?
There's a stinging taste
in the sweetness, like poison.
It's really delicious.
But aren't you allergic
to the smell of flowers and fruit?
Strangely enough,
I'm not any more.
I've actually begun to love them.
Maybe my body has changed?
Did you ever visit...
...the hospital with Nakasago?
Which hospital?
Your sister's.
No, I didn't.
Did he say he went with me?
So she did.
She just imagined it.
She isn't all there.
She sees things.
She can't tell what's real.
After all, she is very ill.
Look. A peeled peach is
all wet and slippery.
So is a skinned human being,
they say.
The inside of the spine is
like threads of burdock, they say.
Although maybe not to your taste.
Have Nakasago and my wife
visited again together?
Has Nakasago been here recently?
Na... ka... sa... go?
Who's that?
Don't you remember?
You said he came here
with my wife.
She licked his eyes...
Did you eat the cod eggs
I bought for you?
Yes. Thank you.
Nakasago invited me over,
saying he'd hired another nurse.
Hello, Mr Aochi. Welcome.
It's O-lne.
I thought she was a ghost.
This takes me back
to the night we all met.
She had come back from a funeral
and you forced her to dance.
I enjoyed that inn.
Those three blind beggars too.
Speaking of the beggars -
please, have some.
You followed after them, right?
So what happened in the end?
What was it between them?
Nothing happened to start with.
They just kept walking,
that way they did.
An interesting approach, right?
Neither could move around.
It's been a while
since I had that much fun.
They really tried to kill each other?
The three of them got married.
Who do you mean?
The three blind beggars.
The three of them?
The young ones got rid
of the old man first.
But they didn't know the roads.
The villagers beat them
and pushed them into the river.
So all three got married?
They had no choice.
How else could they survive?
Didn't they kill each other?
Yes, they did.
That's not what she's saying.
They beat each other to death.
The woman was swept away.
I saw it all.
- Which is the truth?
- Don't ask me.
Anyway, I'm glad.
The three of us drinking together again.
I feel a sense of destiny in this.
Well said.
We're man and wife now.
This is our destiny.
You two got married?
I should've brought a gift.
Married? She's joking.
She's only a wet nurse.
She's my nurse, housekeeper
and my geisha. She's convenient.
She just imagines
that we're married.
Let her have her dream.
I see.
I envy you.
I don't mind.
I consider us a couple.
Play the shamisen!
I haven't heard you play
for a while. Go on.
- It'll wake the baby.
- So what if she cries?
...I left my shamisen at home.
Then send for the damn thing!
A geisha should have her shamisen!
You hear me?
Don't make me.
I'm no longer a geisha.
I gave it up.
You! Where are you going?
To meet my master
In spite of this cold weather
With all these attendants
Your attendants will surely be cold!
She's ruined the mood.
Let's go somewhere else.
We'll go find some other geisha.
All right, then.
I'll go by myself.
Being a man isn't easy!
I'm very sorry.
I wish you didn't have to see that.
- Devils out!
- Blessings come inside!
- Devils out!
- Blessings come inside!
I went to Hibiya
to the Heifetz concert.
I heard that he was going
to play Zigeunen/veisen.
But I was so disappointed.
He didn't even play it.
Blessings come inside!
No one can compare
to Sarasate's vision.
Blessings come inside!
Devils out!
Nakasago once again
went wandering.
We are many hundred leagues
from the capital
Life is hard here
in the wilds of Manchuria
The red skirts of the whores
are all we have to sate us
We pan' the skids
and take our fill
For on the morrow
we're off to war
And the bra vest of us all
to battle gird our loins
Their women will swoon
as we win our victory
The bravest of us are weary
and lay down our heads
A real devil just passed by.
I thought he was going to eat us.
Is he still there?
Still at it, is he?
It's almost noon.
It is noon.
Excuse me, sir!
A call for Professor Aochi!
Hello, Aochi speaking.
My dear, I'm afraid
I have bad news for you.
It's about Nakasago...
The poor man's dead.
They found the body...
They found his body
in the mountains.
Was it suicide?
According to the policeman, he was
messing around with narcotics.
He took an overdose and suffocated.
Accidental death, they say.
Where's the body?
At his house.
The wake is tonight.
You'll have to go.
Can you come home
as soon as possible?
I'm all alone here...
You're new here.
Are you waiting for someone?
Yes, the surgeon, Dr Amaki.
He called a little while ago.
He's running late.
That's him now.
What's the time?
Five o'clock.
Shall we press on
or shall we turn back
Beneath the aurora lights
Russia is a northern country,
one that knows no bounds...
Are you busy?
Yes. I just finished an autopsy.
- Suicide?
- What?
- Your patient.
- No, it was a disease.
He died today at the clinic.
But it was unclear exactly why.
I had to do a complete dissection.
By the way, what brings you here?
That's OK.
Can you remove the skeleton
from a human body?
I have the body.
Remove the skin and flesh
and leave just the bones.
Is that possible?
Is this a joke?
Can you do it?
Not a chance!
There's no medical basis for it.
Even if I could, I wouldn't.
Please forgive me.
I couldn't bring myself
to attend the funeral.
I couldn't watch him
turn to ashes.
I couldn't bear to see it.
I was a coward.
Forgive me.
That's all right.
He wouldn't have minded.
I'm sure he would have understood
how you felt.
Go ahead.
Please take a look.
I'm sure he'd want you to.
No, I have no right.
They were white.
Ordinary, dry, white bones.
My wife is out.
She'll be along later.
The patient has regained her senses,
but she won't survive much longer.
Awhile ago...
...Mr Nakasago came here.
He came to visit me.
He was wearing a black cape.
His hair was long and disheveled.
He stood there, staring at me.
Has he been again
in the past few days?
He was with my sister.
You had the same dream, didn't you?
The same horrible dream as me.
He made love to my sister
in the dream.
It's so strange...
I had the dream first.
But you stole it.
Five years passed.
Hello O-lne.
- And this young lady must be...
- Toyoko, Nakasago's daughter.
Pay your respects to Mr Aochi.
She was taking a nap
when I heard her groan.
She groaned?
She looked so scared. I woke her up
and was taking her for a walk.
I see.
But you'll find that children often react
like that to bad dreams.
Is that so?
I have some business to attend to.
I'm glad I met you today.
It's been a long time.
Don't be a stranger.
Please come and visit sometimes.
Thank you.
We'll take our leave here.
What's the matter?
You look pale.
Didn't you sleep well?
On the contrary,
I sleep day and night.
Still, I'm always tired.
I wake up, drink some water that I keep
by my pillow, and go back to sleep.
Speaking of that water,
sometimes it disappears.
Because you drink it.
No, it's not that.
I wake up and reach for the glass,
only to find that it's half empty.
You just forgot you drank some.
At first I thought so too.
But one time it was
being poured over my face.
I woke up.
I touched my face,
thinking it was just a dream.
But my face was soaking wet.
That was no dream.
Absolutely not.
So who did it?
The wind is rising.
It's blowing through dark places.
A Mrs Nakasago is here to see you.
That'll be O-lne.
What an event!
She's never visited us before.
- Send her in.
- Yes... but...
- What is it?
- She wishes to talk to you, sir.
The former geisha?
If you'll excuse me.
I'll go and take a peek.
What's the matter?
Why don't you come inside?
No, thank you.
This won't take long.
What won't take long?
Please return the book
Nakasago lent you.
I believe you have his
Sanders German-English Dictionary.
You're so lucky!
That's mine.
I can't believe you!
Property of Nakasago
Sorry, I forgot to return this.
You're right, I did borrow it.
How's Toyoko?
Is she doing well?
Yes, thank you.
Did you leave her at home?
No, she's here.
You must be cold out there.
Come inside.
I'll give you some sweets.
A few days later,
O-lne came around again.
Please return the book
that Nakasago lent you.
Another book?
Yes. One of those
philosophical primers.
Property of Nakasago
Here, I found it.
I think this is the last book
of his that I have.
This is all
a bit too strange for me.
How did O-lne know
I had Nakasago's books?
Perhaps he told her
before he died.
He wasn't that careful
with his books.
And they're all
obscure, scholarly works.
How could a former geisha
remember anything philosophical?
That is quite strange.
It's very strange.
Mrs Nakasago to see you.
And there was a call
from the mistress.
She'll be home late.
I have a question
to ask of your wife.
What is it?
I can ask her for you,
if you don't mind.
Toyoko wakes up every night
at the same time.
She seems to be awake
but doesn't respond to me.
She appears to be
speaking to Nakasago.
Your little girl?
Naturally, a girl may dream
of her late father.
But this poor child...
She can't possibly have
any memories of her father.
He passed away
the very year she was born.
While she's speaking with him,
your name is always mentioned.
What does she say?
I can't catch the exact words.
But I sense it's about something
he loved that he'd loaned to you.
That's what it seems to be about.
I thought perhaps your wife
would know what it is.
Why would she know?
Is that what he said
in the dream?
No, that's just the feeling I had,
that's all.
Did Nakasago ever come here
while I was out?
When he was alive, of course.
Wait, I remember.
Yes, once.
I said you were out,
so he left.
I was sick at the time.
You were visiting my sister
at the hospital.
Why do you ask all of a sudden?
You don't like being asked?
No, it's not that.
But it does make me nervous.
I'm telling the truth
but you obviously don't believe me.
Don't misunderstand me.
Nakasago might have been
quite handsome, but he was crazy.
I didn't like being in his company.
In Toyoko's dream, he apparently
said he'd given you something.
O-lne believes
he was telling the truth.
She seems to think
you'd know what it is.
I have no idea!
He never gave me anything!
He left a record here.
A record?
performed by Sarasate.
I'm sorry. I can't find it.
Are you certain?
I've no recollection
of even borrowing it.
I'm sure he left it here.
It's a ten-inch
gramophone record.
I know what it is!
I just said that I couldn't find it.
If I do, I'll return it.
Is that so?
I wanted it.
Nakasago is surely back
with his wife now.
He was that sort of man.
He never thought of me.
He never cared about me.
That makes me so upset.
I want every single thing of his
in this world.
I want his things near me.
Yes, but...
That way he will always be with me.
Or so I thought.
But how do you know exactly
which books of his I had?
That was strange.
I heard about them from Toyoko.
She talks when she's dreaming.
I listened very carefully.
You're lying.
He knows howl loved him.
Yet he still went back to her.
All I have left of him now
is little Toyoko.
I love her
because she's part of him.
I love her more than myself.
I'll raise her by myself.
I'll never let him have her.
It doesn't work right away.
Let it run and it will start.
Won't you come in here?
You've lost a friend.
You must miss him.
There's some beer here
that Nakasago left.
Shall we party again, like we did?
Perhaps then he will
finally notice me.
Where's Toyoko?
She's gone, hasn't she?
She hasn't!
Toyoko, come here immediately!
Ah. She's gone to school.
Don't leave so soon.
Stay here with me for a while.
You can't leave now, can you?
Who are you?
Just who are you?
Toyoko has gone to school.
She's at school.
Give me your bones.
Why do you look so surprised?
My father is alive.
You're the ones who think you're alive,
but you're dead.
Now! Give me your bones,
like you promised.
Come with me.
The End