Zila Ghaziabad (2013) Movie Script

Hey man, get up.
Can't you hear? - Are you deaf?
Kick his butt.
Then he'll understand.
Have you reserved the seat?
Quiet! Boss is sleeping.
Fauji Bhai's back.
I'm coming.
"I broke the tip-cat."
"Threw the marbles."
"I broke the tip-cat."
"Threw the marbles."
"And took up the gun."
"I broke the tip-cat."
"Threw the marbles."
"And took up the gun."
"I roar, I snarl,
but can't be over-powered."
"I sing,
dance, lock horns for no reason."
"I come first,
the rest come later."
"This is district Ghaziabad."
"This is district Ghaziabad."
"I sing,
dance, lock horns for no reason."
"I come first,
the rest come later."
"This is district Ghaziabad."
"This is district Ghaziabad."
"Blood splatters.."
"Blood splatters are common
like colours in festival."
"The river runs red with blood."
"Just like the bull
tramples the fields."
"My actions are fearless."
"My actions are fearless."
"I scratch my foot with a knife."
"Rumbles, thunders and
rains acid from the clouds."
"I sing,
dance, lock horns for no reason."
"I come first,
the rest come later."
"This is district Ghaziabad."
"This is district Ghaziabad."
Is this enough or should
I get more from the car?
"This is district Ghaziabad."
"This is district Ghaziabad."
At least return our guns.
We'll leave our jobs.
One thing, brother.
Do men and women stay together?
Why would I come back if they did?
Gandhiji's first principle
is 'non-violence'.
"What bullets can't achieve,
sweet talks can."
Repeat after me.
"What bullets can't achieve,
sweet talks can!"
Very good!
Boy. What mischief were you up to.
Sorry, uncle.
Uncle at home, but at school..
- Oops. Master.
I want every child
of my class to study hard.
I want you to carve
a niche for yourselves..
..so that the entire
country says proudly..
"He's from District Ghaziabad.
We'll do it, Master.
- That's more like it.
Ut seems uncle Sonpal was
watching English film at night.
First pull it in
then let the smoke out.
What the..
What's going on?
Brother, this..
This isn't mine.
Omi, here's your cigarette.
I don't want it.
It's not mine.
How dare you force
us to smoke? - Yes.
They're teaching us bad habits,
But, Omveer..
Do you want a slap?
Goodbye, brother!
It wasn't me, brother!
It's not my fault.
I know who ordered the cigarettes.
Listen to me, both of you.
If I ever catch you two
smoking again.. - No, brother.
I will break your legs.
Never. Never again.
Forgive us.
Fine, I forgive you.
Those rascals ran away. - Yes.
Satbeer. - Yes.
Why don't you move to Delhi?
You're well educated.
You'll make some good money.
Why don't you think
about your future?
No, brother.
I want to stay here.
And mend the future of my village.
If you don't bring the remote-
controlled car for me this time..
..I won't talk to you.
I see.
I promise, whether your
father returns or not..
..but you'll surely get your car.
My son, I can just eat you.
Go to your mother.
Aye, General.
Mother. - Bless you.
Look after yourself.
Mother, there's no reason to worry.
Look after mother. - Yes, mother.
One more thing. - Yes.
No more cigarettes. - No. Brother..
It wasn't me..
Yes, yes. I know.
Master, the president's
called for you.
Tell him I'll be right there.
Why has the chairman called you?
- Don't know, brother.
Maybe he wants some legal advice.
Look, keep a distance from
this chairman. - Yes, brother.
Take care.
Raise your hands.
Do I have to tell you separately?
They're really ashamed
on their actions.
Get lost.
Hands up! Straight up!
If you could solve this problem..
..they won't get fired.
Welcome, night-hunter.
You could touch my feet?
I never touched my
father's feet either.
Yes, it will give you a backache.
Get to the point, Chairman.
Do you know him?
Who are you?
Chawli's President.
Last night you robbed his bus.
I know, deliver two lakhs
to my manor, and take your bus.
Okay? - Yes.
Now get going.
Get going.
And, the inspector.
Son, I had arranged for everything.
So why snatch his rifles?
If he acts smart,
won't I snatch his rifle?
It's only because we've
a good rapport with the police..
..or I would've taken
their clothes and beaten them..
..black and blue.
Forgive us, sir.
Excuse me, brother-in-law,
but can I say something? - What?
You're no longer
respected in this city.
Any cop humiliates your men now.
How about a slap?
Just give me a hug, Master.
he's the Master (teacher).
Most educated and sexful
person in the village.
That's successful.
He got it,
he's not that stupid. - Yes.
So, how are you doing?
- Just fine, Master.
Fakira. How are you?
No, no. Not there.
Get up.
Get up you fool.
This is your place. Next to me.
My time will come too.'
Mr. Chairman, I..
I forgot all about you.
Deliver 100,000.
You'll get your rifle.
Thank you, sir.
That plot..
Get that plot vacated.
Rashid has seized it again.
I've been humiliated
all over the city.
Just throw him out.
Chairman sir, don't complain
if a few men get killed.
I want that plot back at any cost.
And, I don't care how many die.
Just get him.
Use your hands, not bullets.
Elections are round the corner.
What are you staring at?
Get going. Lazy-bone.
Look at him walk
like a pregnant woman.
I'm guess men in your
family bear children, not us.
What happened? - No. Nothing.
Suman, get some tea. - Yes, father.
Chairman sir.
I fail to understand..
..why you don't take up
this land case in the court.
Master, I could go to the court
if I had all the papers..
..and I also tried to
get it from the record room.
But the land's worth millions.
And, it's good for nothing.
You can handover
your incomplete papers..
..and incomplete tasks to me.
I will complete them.
If I can be of some use to you,
it'll make me really happy.
Thank you.
Why don't you try?
Of course.
Bullets couldn't solve
this problem nor violence.
Just stun them with your violence.
They will feel humiliated.
If you leave without meeting me,
then you're in for trouble.
Biscuit? - No.
How about a kiss?
So, when is Karam returning?
Brother will return
only after two months now.
Is everything okay?
- Everything's just fine.
So, goodbye.
And, also check up
on the Loni Road's tender.
Don't worry, Chairman sir.
See you then. Goodbye.
See you.
Who's that?
You think you can
leave without seeing me.
Come in. I'll dry them in a jiffy.
Come in.
Don't be shy.
What will the people say
if you go out wearing wet clothes?
You're our guest.
Father, say something.
Come on, it won't take too long.
No need.
- It won't take two minute.
Oh no!
Will you take your clothes off,
or will I have to do that?
Here you go.
And this one? - I..
By the way,
how are your studies going?
I'll surely fail this time.
Fail? Why?
What to do?
I can't concentrate
on studies these days.
By the way,
I was thinking of getting married.
"I never thought from this angle."
Okay...I'm leaving.
Master. - Yes.
By the way..
I've a complaint. - With me?
These days...you pay no heed to me.
I can never forget you, Suman.
"I'm completely bowled over."
"The heart's in love."
"I'm completely bowled over."
"The heart's in love."
"What's this confusion?"
"There's no solution."
"Love's a strange riddle."
"What's this confusion?"
"There's no solution."
"Love's a strange riddle."
"The lanes of love."
"Are filled with flowers."
"It's filled with fragrance."
"Let's fly with the breeze
and meet beyond the clouds."
"I can never forget you."
"I can never forget you."
"How can I forget you?"
"I can never forget you."
"I'm completely bowled over."
"The heart's in love."
"Why does the moon...peek
at me though the windows?"
"Why does the moon peek
at me though the windows?"
"When I looked,
it hid behind the clouds."
"Counting the night away,
awaiting for the dawn."
"The lanes of love."
"Are filled with flowers."
"It's filled with fragrance."
"Let's fly with the breeze
and meet beyond the clouds."
"I can never forget you."
"I can never forget you."
"How can I forget you?"
"I can never forget you."
"I'm completely bowled over."
"The heart's in love."
"I'm completely bowled over."
"The heart's in love."
"I'm completely bowled over."
"The heart's in love."
Stop here.
You're all just a bunch of cowards.
Brother, Fauji attacked suddenly..
You cowards can't handle Fauji.
No need to get so angry.
What else do you want me to do?
Play this game of
seizure all my life?
Sometimes me or
sometimes that Chairman..
And all this,
is because of that Fauji.
I don't know what to do with him?
Think about getting rid
of the Chairman, not Fauji.
Mother, I think..
This matter won't be resolved..
..until there's some
more bloodshed. - No, Rashid.
You won't do anything.
I will handle this
matter personally.
What will you do?
I will call for the
village council meeting.
The power of attorney,
of this disputed plot..
..was given to Mr. Sooraj Kumar.
Who then sold it to my client Mr.
Rashid Ali.
Here are the power
of attorney papers..
..and purchase agreements.
So, on what grounds can you say..
..this plot belongs to Brahmpal
Chaudhary? - What..
Seizing someone's
land by force is a crime.
And I can get you arrested
under section 441.
Chairman, how long will
you make false claims..
..on these lands?
Or do you still believe
we don't own this land?
Liar. Cheat.
You can check them.
With the village council's
permission.. - Let it be.
I would like to make a
plea on behalf of the chairman.
I will plead this case
on behalf of my client..
..chairman Brahmpal Chaudhary.
The disputed land
legally belongs to him..
..and I've all the
documents to prove it.
The papers that you've presented
in front of the honourable
'Panchayat' are fraudulent.
In our terms..
I can get your client Rashid
Ali jailed for three years..
..under Indian Penal
Code 420 for fraud documents.
Mr. Lawyer.
Speaking in English doesn't
prove wrong to be right.
First of all.
The man your client
brought this land from..
..never belonged to him.
The power of attorney,
on the basis..
..of which you're
making the claims..
..was rejected seven days
prior to the date of purchase.
Here's the court's affidavit
and original documents.
And the sale agreement's
attached with it.
Made with the real
owner of the property..
..which is in the name
of my client Brahmpal Chaudhary.
Bhura. - Yes, brother.
Show it to the lawyer.
- Yes, brother.
Take a good look, Mr. Lawyer.
It's in English. And, there's a
Hindi copy attached too.
The papers are original.
After reviewing these documents..
..the village council has decided..
..that the plot legally
belongs to Brahmpal Chaudhary.
Wrong! Absolutely wrong!
The council's giving
the wrong verdict.
Look, Fatima.
If you have any objection..
..then you're free
to approach the court.
The council have given
their verdict. That's it.
Didn't I tell you?
Wonderful, Master. Wonderful.
Mr. Lawyer, this isn't England.
This is district Ghaziabad!
Long live brother Satbeer!
"Youth is at its peak."
"Youth is at its peak."
"Everyone's after me."
"I am the queen of Ghaziabad."
"I am the queen of Ghaziabad."
"My lover's here in-charge."
"Don't think.."
"Don't think I am yours."
"Don't think I am yours."
"Don't think I am yours."
"Don't think I am yours."
"I am the king of Ghaziabad."
"Don't try to boss me around."
"Why can't.."
"Why can't you be mine?"
"Why can't you be mine?"
"Your figure's so hot."
"My heart's out of control."
"I've nowhere to go."
"That's your effect on me."
"My kiss is not for free."
"My kiss is not for free."
"And he thinks of
taking me in his arms."
"I am the queen of Ghaziabad."
"My lover's here in-charge."
"Don't think.."
"Don't think I am yours."
"Don't think I am yours."
"I am the king of Ghaziabad."
"Don't try to boss me around."
"Why can't.."
"Why can't you be mine?"
"Why can't you be mine?"
"You might have a lot of lovers."
"But there's none like me, try me."
"You might have a lot of lovers."
"But there's none like me, try me."
"Big-hearted! Fearless!"
"There's no one who can tower me."
"I am the king of Ghaziabad."
"I am the king of Ghaziabad."
"The in-charge salutes me."
"Why can't.."
"Why can't you be mine?"
"Why can't you be mine?"
"Don't think I am yours."
"Don't think I am yours."
"Get lost."
I'm too drunk, buddy!
Will you give it?
What do you mean, sir?
But you're willing
to give it, madam.
Call back! Call back!
Why did you kick me?
What happened?
- Rascal.
I sent you to the court
to register the plot in my name.
But you got it registered
in your name instead.
You've such a huge property.
What difference does
it make if I take one?
It does make a difference,
you think it's for free.
If sister was alive today..
..she would've certainly
gifted me a few plots.
I've been tolerating
you because of your sister.
Get lost.
If I ever see you here again,
I will stab you to death.
To hell with you and your manor.
I'll never see your face again.
The old man's lost it!
He'll take his property
with him to heaven.
What's wrong, Chairman?
Why are you beating him?
You betrayer!
So, what brings you here?
Mahindri's getting
married next week.
Great. - I needed some money.
How much?
Around two million.
You will spend two million?
My sister's getting
married after all.
It'll definitely
cost around two million.
I pay you handsomely..
..and you also earn
from looting people.
You should save
some money yourself.
Or, do you squander
everything on women?
No jokes, Chairman.
Either you give the
money or just say no.
You know how business is doing.
Two million is impossible.
I can arrange for one million.
You can keep that to yourself.
I can arrange for the entire
money from somewhere else..
You can keep your money.
Hey.. - I don't
want to hear anything.
Don't get angry.
Fauji bhai.
Fauji bhai, I've brought a
new car.. - To hell with your car.
Let's go!
- Fauji.
He's gone mad.
What's this behaviour?
He's just venting his anger.
Come in. Come.
- I can get angry too.
Next time he misbehaves,
I'll teach him some manners.
You got the plot back.
You killed people for it.
That swine chairman must
have made billions because of you.
And when he asked for two
million for his sister's marriage..
..he just refused straightaway!
Brother-in-law bought that car
for master in return of that plot.
And, he's thinking of
starting some business for him.
Hail Lord.
I've told you so many times..
..get rid of that
Master once and for all.
But you never understand.
He's been saying to everyone..
..I'm the chairman's
future son-in-law.
Chairman isn't being fair.
Where's Fauji? - Tell us.
Where's Fauji? - Tell us.
Look for him inside.
Mahindri, there are goons outside.
Don't open the door.
Why you..
Master, Fauji isn't inside.
Don't take his name,
Yes. - Let's get out of here.
See if they've left
any clue behind. - Yes.
They ruined the entire house.
You should sit
at home like cowards.
You claim to be a big goon.
See what they've done.
Shut up! Don't make me crazy.
They didn't leave any clue.
Do you have any idea,
who they were?
I don't have a clue.
Their faces were covered.
They held me at
the point of the gun..
..otherwise I wouldn't
have spared them.
They held you at point blank,
but they didn't shoot you.
Being Fauji's brother
you were scared.
What happened?
Did they attack?
I just found out.
I told you to be
careful of that master.
But you never listen to me.
'Master, Fauji isn't here.'
'Don't take his name.'
Yes. They did mention
the Master's name.
By the way, only Satbeer's
called master in this village.
The dog.
Get the car.
Think before you leap.
Come along if you want to,
or get lost. - Fine, let's go.
Have you lost your mind?
Master's the one who's gone crazy.
How dare he attack my house!
- No, no.
Master cannot be behind this.
You're surely mistaken, Fauji.
Let's sit and talk.
I don't want to hear anything.
And better step aside..
..or else I'll forsake all manners.
Fine, listen.
How do you know that
master's behind this?
I heard it myself.
One of them took the master's name.
And only Satbeer's called master.
Don't try to say that the
girl's lying, brother-in-law.
Shut up, you rascal.
I'll find this out myself.
- Go ahead.
Look, Fauji.
Whoever did this cannot escape?
I will kill myself
at the village square.
But, give me until tomorrow.
I'll find this out myself. Okay?
Fine. Tomorrow.
Aunt. Aunt.
Give me some. - Here.
Aunt, give me a sweetmeat.
- Greetings, aunt.
Give it.
Get lost.
Aunt, I know you're
worried because of Fauji.
I tried to convince Fauji, that..
..a respected man like master
can't do something like this.
He's in a rage.
And you know Fauji's
completely insane.
He can do anything
in a fit of rage.
Son, Fauji's your friend.
You can convince him.
Why will Satbeer do this with him?
Don't be disheartened, aunt.
I'm like your younger son.
That Fauji can't lay a finger..
..on master, as long as I am there.
- Bless you.
Aunt. Just don't let the master
out of the house for a few days.
I'll handle the rest.
Bless me. - Fine.
Lord, bless me.
Greetings, sister-in-law.
I'll be right back.
Do you have to go now?
I'll have to clear
Fauji's misconception.
And, the sooner the better.
Hello! - Hello!
Hello. - Bless you!
Look, Satbeer!
Acting in haste
can make things worse.
But, uncle. I don't see
the harm in talking to him once.
We didn't attack Fauji's home..
..so, there's nothing
to be afraid of.
But, brother Satbeer,
will Fauji understand?
I'm not going there
to brawl with him.
I'll just go talk to him. - Fine.
We'll come along too. - Not again.
I'm just going to talk to him,
not fight a war.
Fine. We'll stand
behind and hear you talk.
Omi, your brother's not that weak.
What if something goes wrong?
Don't worry.
Everything will be just fine.
Look, mother's back.
Hello. - Hello, hello.
Greetings. - Bless you.
Try to convince your son.
He's going to meet Fauji. - Yes.
What are you doing, mother?
Where are you going?
I was just going to meet Fauji..
- No need to meet that madman.
But, mother, I..
Mother, listen to me.
I didn't know you're
so scared of that Fauji?
It's your temper that scares me,
not him.
For my sake,
you won't step out until I say so.
That's not fair, mother. You always
bound me with your oaths.
listen to what mother says.
I just don't get it.
Do we need that chairman's
order to take revenge?
Let's wait until tomorrow.
Otherwise, the chairman will say..
..that Fauji didn't
respect his word.
Try to understand. - Fine.
Listen to that chairman.
He says "Stand
up" and you stand up.
He says "Sit down"
and you sit down.
Today that master
has spread his wings.
Tomorrow, it'll be someone else.
Mahindri's absolutely right,
brother. Don't delay anymore.
That master,
how did he grow so courageous?
No need to think too much.
Let's kill him today..
..before he becomes
a problem for us tomorrow.
I've been trying
to tell brother that.
If he was telling the truth..
..he would've spoken
to you about it.
The longer you take,
the more time he gets to prepare.
Will the chairman help
us in the master's matter?
He's his future
son-in-law after all.
We've to fix this chairman.
I've...a solution!
Fauji, I've countless enemies,
and some really bad.
But, Rashid never touched
their family. Swear on God!
You worked with
chairman for so long..
..but what did you get?
Anyway, forget it..
Hey, hand it over.
A small token for your
younger sister's marriage.
Five million.
Fauji, I'll give
you anything you want.
Join my gang,
and you'll have equal position.
Just like Rashid.
And if I ever make a mistake..
..then, it's your
gun and my forehead.
You will get your due respect.
And, leave the rest to me.
From today,
all your enemies are mine too.
What do you say?
What more do you want?
Rahat, pick up the bag.
Shake hands.
Shake hands.
Don't think too much.
Let's shake hands.
Brahmpal's called for a
council meeting tomorrow, right?
What's he doing here?
Rashid's with me.
And, I don't think his
presence should bother anyone.
So, Chairman, got your answer?
Go ahead, council. Start.
Fauji. What's all this?
We're all unhappy about
the attack on your house.
But, you just can't
accuse anyone for it.
And a man like Satbeer.
You should be ashamed?
Why should I be the only one?
And, I know what
the Master's thinking.
Pardon me,
but I'd like to say something
You won't say a word.
You can do what you like,
but I will speak today.
Are you calling Mahindri a liar?
She heard her attackers
take master's name.
And let me tell you the truth.
Master has his eyes on
brother-in-law's property.
And, it wasn't possible
without getting rid of Fauji.
So he thought, "Let's kill Fauji.."
"..and take over the property."
Rascal, don't try to teach me.
I know who's behind all this.
Calm down, everyone!
Speak up, Satbeer.
What do you want to say?
I've always respected
Fauji as an elder brother.
And, Fauji,
I consider your sister like a kin.
You should've thought
twice before accusing me.
Master. You can convince
them with your preaching.
You're not a lawyer yet.
Stay in your skin. - Enough, Fauji!
Just because I respect you
doesn't mean I'm a coward.
Why you..
How dare you threaten Fauji?
How dare you bring a gun here?
Have you lost it, Fauji?
Rascal, how dare you?
You've shown your true colours.
You've become Rashid's pet now.
Fauji. Have you lost your mind?
Listen, Chairman.
We're going to seize your land.
You can do anything you want.
You're making him your son-in-law,
right? This master.
I'll make your daughter a widow.
Save him if you can.
Save him!
Let's go, Fauji. - Let's go.
If we don't do anything yet..
..everyone will call us cowards.
I'm still alive.
And you don't need
to get into this.
Five men are dead.
Do you want to get us killed too?
Omi, be quiet!
Don't talk too much.
We don't want to get
into this mess either.
But, if we're dragged in this,
then we won't stay quiet!
Master, violence and
bloodshed is not your subject.
Let me deal with that.
This village needs you.
So, focus on that.
Okay. - That's only if he lives.
Shut up!
Whatever. We'll have to
deal with that Fauji permanently.
Don't worry,
leave that to me. Okay.
Everyone please
go back to your homes.
I had warned you..
What if the bullet
had hit somewhere else?
I tried telling you.
Don't get into this mess.
But you never understand.
Madam, don't worry.
I won't spare that Fauji.
Believe me.
Come with me.
Today, in Ghaziabad..
..Fauji killed a village
head in the council meeting.
And shot at Brahmpal Chairman..
..with the intentions
of murdering him..
..which in turn hit Satbeer
while trying to save him.
Brahmpal's supporters
staged road-blocks..
..in different parts of the city
to protest against this incident.
Fauji, whose a
history-sheeter criminal..
..and was recently
released from jail..
..has already started
terrorising the city.
Fauji used to work
for Brahmpal Chairman.
But his recent alliance with
Brahmpal's political rival Rashid Ali..
..has sparked the rumours
of a gang war once again.
What's going on?
And no police officer's
ready to take any action.
A village-head was murdered in
broad-day light in your district.
People are openly
rioting on the streets.
If you can't handle the district,
then resign.
Any...reaction from
chairman's gang? - No, sir.
Nothing yet.
Sir, I had a request. - Yes.
Sir, please give us...Pritam Singh.
Thakur Pritam Singh.
You've lost your mind, Vinod.
Sir, chairman's not going
to stay quiet after this.
We need to stop them before
the gang war erupts in the area.
So, we need Pritam Singh, please.
He's more of a hoodlum,
then a police officer.
Run! Pritam Singh is coming!
He is mad. He will kill us.
Pritam Singh gives everyone
one chance to live.
Those who take it, live.
Otherwise, they regret it later.
Sir. Just shoot them
and get this over with.
The real fun of target practise..
..is when your target's running.
Shooting a still person..
..is like bursting
balloons in the carnival.
Start the car, I'll be right there.
- Yes, sir.
Three SP's have been
suspended because of him.
He's facing more inquiries..
..than charges against
seasoned criminals.
Sorry. I can't take the risk.
Wonder where that master's hiding?
He'll have to come out someday.
They're nowhere.
We searched the entire village.
We couldn't find the master,
or his men.
I think the chairman's
hiding them in his mansion.
That's why he's turned
his mansion into a fortress.
I've great news for you.
Karamveer's coming tomorrow.
Papa's back!
Papa's back!
Where's Karamveer?
Fauji's abducted him.
Brother, you won't go alone.
We won't spare Fauji today.
No one will do anything.
I will go alone,
and bring brother back.
Uncle, why didn't papa come?
Master, chairman sir..
..has strictly asked
me not to leave you alone.
What can he do? Kill me?
Let him.
I will fall at his feet.
Take his bullet.
He's my brother.
If anything happens to him..
..I will never forgive myself.
- Fine, Master.
But take this along.
I'm going to bring my brother back,
not fight!
No, brother.
Keep it, for our satisfaction.
Bhura. Get the car. - Yes, brother.
Corporal sir's sitting here.
Don't mess my mind, Fauji.
And what's this
matter about Satbeer?
Why are you after him?
He's no woman to go after.
He's trying to act smart.
If he doesn't come quietly..
..then I'll fill
his body with bullets.
His sons will be born of brass.
You will kill him?
Do you doubt my ability?
So tell me,
which leg should I shoot?
Left? Right?
Left? Right?
I want this leg, Thakur.
Doubting me.
There's such brotherly
love between you two.
Had I known, I would've
written him a threat letter.
Look Fauji, your fight with me.
I'm right here.
Do anything you like.
Kill me.
Let my brother go.
Master, you're late.
Don't worry. Your brother's alive.
Go on, Corporal.
Meet your brother.
Is it paining?
I've changed my mood.
Come on. - Hurry up!
"Patience has crossed.."
"Patience has crossed all limits."
"He's forsaken the pen and paper."
"And now he'll let
his fist do the talking."
"Even if the snakes
are hiding in their burrow."
"Enemies tremble."
"Their breath shivers."
"They beg for their lives."
"Forsaking studies,
he's out to wage war."
"Forsaking studies,
he's out to wage war."
"Roars, snarls.."
"Roars, snarls,
but can't be over-powered."
"The lion's out of the cage."
"Now listen to him roar."
Your brother will
never speak again.
I killed him brutally!
Start counting, Fauji.
Satbeer's coming
to settle the scores.
Forgive me.
They attacked suddenly, and I..
I couldn't do anything.
I want Rahat's death avenged.
And don't show me your face..
..until you don't kill that master!
Useless bums!
More than 20 have
been reported dead..
..in the recent gang
war between Fauji and Satbeer.
But the most regrettable
incident is..
..that the police
have completely failed..
..in stopping this gang war.
It's also believed that..
..Satbeer's got Brahmpal
Chairman's backing..
..and Fauji's got
Rashid Ali's backing..
..due to which,
people are also calling this..
..a political war between
the two age-old rivals.
Seeing the police's helplessness..
..people are completely
losing hope in the administration.
Will this gang war stop?
Is there anyone to save this city?
Sir, no one can handle this case..
..other than Thakur Pritam Singh.
Think again.
Sir, we don't have an option.
That inspector can alone
spread as much chaos..
..as these two have.
Don't complain later.
- I won't sir.
Thakur Pritam Singh.
"Makes you run for your life."
"The hunter makes
you run for your life."
"So run...run for your life."
"Run, I want no splatter
of blood on my uniform."
"Standing tall.."
"Broad chest."
"Standing tall,
with a broad chest."
"Fists like hammers."
"The face swells up,
you've no clue."
"And you pee in your pants."
"I roar, I snarl,
but can't be over-powered."
"I come first,
the rest come later."
"This is district Ghaziabad."
"This is district Ghaziabad."
"This is district Ghaziabad."
"This is district Ghaziabad."
I want Rashid and
Chairman's files on my desk.
Yes, sir.
'By hook or by crook,
I've led to the downfall of many.'
'But there's a strange
heat in the air here.'
'So, forget the old tricks.'
'It's time to rack
my brains again.'
'History showed
record of just one..'
'..but here, you're fighting
against two Ravans.'
'There are just two players
in this city's underworld.
One's going through a bad phase while
the other's running into bad luck.
'They say, life and death
are a game of hide and seek.'
'But, when Pritam
Singh gets in the game..'
'..everyone else fails.'
That's it,
now it's beyond tolerance.
Fauji. We'll have to
bring that swine down..
..before he harms us anymore.
Thank you.
Here. - Rs. 1000!
Bless you!
Aunt! Here you go.
- Bless you, son.
May you live for a 1000 years.
Hey, buddy.. you don't want money.
The murder of Brahmpal Chaudhary..
..has created a
pandemonium in Ghaziabad!
The supporters of
Chairman Brahmpal..
..created a disturbance
in the entire city.
In many places, the police
had to resort to tear gas..
..to quell the mob.
The people are also angry about..
..the fact that the person
accused for murder, Fauji..
..has still not be arrested.
This murder is expected to fuel..
..the already on-going
gang war in Ghaziabad.
Because, Brahmpal supporters..
..Satbeer gang can go to
any limit to avenge this murder.
This murder incident,
that took place..
..after the new in-charge
Pritam Singh took charge..
..has raised questions
on the police's line of action.
And it looks like the police..
..have already accepted defeat.
Can anyone stop this
war for absolute dominance?
"Come dwell in my eyes."
"We'll talk with our eyes."
"Come dwell in my eyes."
"We'll talk with our eyes."
"All the beautiful moments
were in your company."
"All the beautiful moments
were in your company."
"My heart feels lively again."
"You're my God."
"God knows."
"You're my God, God knows.."
"You mean everything to me,
God knows."
"You're my God."
"You're my temple."
"You're my prayers."
"You're my mosque."
"You're my devotion."
"I am no God, I am just human."
"I am your companion,
partner and benefactor."
"All the beautiful moments
were in your company."
"All the beautiful moments
were in your company."
"My heart feels lively again."
"You're my God."
"God knows."
"You're my God, God knows.."
"You mean everything to me,
God knows."
"You're my God."
"God knows."
"You're my God, God knows.."
"You mean everything to me,
God knows."
"You're my God."
Satbeer gang's
shedding blood openly.
What are the police doing?
Look. We've recommended
the administration..
..to levy a reward of one
million on Fauji and Satbeer.
We hope we'll apprehend them soon.
Sir, why hasn't your department..
..succeeded in apprehending
the chairman's murderers?
Why don't you tell us?
Tell us. - No, sir.
Tell us. - No, sir.
No comments.
One more question.
Move back. Back!
Asking me for money.
Beat him! Beat him!
Don't beat me.
You dare ask me for money?
- Don't beat me.
Don't beat me.
How dare you ask me money,
vile man!
How dare you?
Take that!
Take that!
What's going on here?
What happened? - Nothing, sir.
Don't worry, speak up.
They eat here on credit every day.
Their credit was long overdue.
I asked them to pay up,
but they beat me instead.
I am advocate Pammi Bajaj.
This isn't right, Inspector.
You'll have to answer in the court,
Here's the gun.
Shoot him! - No, sir.
Either you shoot him,
or he shoots you.
Inspector, what are you doing?
Lower the gun, it might fire.
Lower it. - Shoot him!
Lower it. - Shoot!
'Pritam Singh never tolerates..'
'..unlawful men or illegal
business in his city.'
'The city will have
to bear that much.'
Catch them!
Where did the cops come from?
Come on! Run!
Didn't you get
Pritam Singh's order?
Fine, Shyam Singh.
There's bad news.
Pritam Singh's looking for Satbeer.
He's put up brother's
posters in the entire city.
So what?
Let's see what he can do?
Fool, don't take him lightly.
He's been in over 107 encounters.
I've heard he's a madman.
He shoots before he speaks.
That's why, he never stays more than
three months in any police station.
Brother's life is in danger.
Shall we go underground
for a few days?
Shut up, everyone.
Let me think.
That inspector's
threatened to kill us.
Fauji, you're our only hope now.
Or else we'll have
to close down business.
If this continues..
..then, we'll have
to close down all the bars.
If he works according to us,
we'll let him live..
..or else we'll kill him.
He's a policeman.
Think twice before you do anything.
Master was creating enough
trouble in our lives..
..and now there's this inspector.
Better arrange
for your final rites.
He won't do anything here.
He doesn't have evidence.
All the respected people
of the city have gathered here.
Rashid, you're here too.
I don't think you're
too happy to see me.
I'm like you.
The only difference is..
..I wear a uniform, you don't.
Myself Fakira. Pleased to meet you.
He's Fauji. Let me introduce you.
Everyone knows him.
He has a reward of
one million on him. Fauji.
He is more popular than
Hrithik Roshan in this district.
But the only difference is..
..his posters are put
up in my police station.
Are you praising me or
humiliating me, Inspector?
How can I dare to humiliate Fauji?
Shyam Singh. - Yes, sir.
Get something to drink.
Arrange for a girl.
"I am hottie no. 1."
"I am like an atom bomb."
"Every time I shake my waist."
"I am like a bottle of rum."
"Once I get you high,
you never get over me."
"Every crazy heart wants a sip."
"The celebration.."
"The celebration.."
"The celebration's incomplete
without hottie no.1."
"The celebration's incomplete
without hottie no.1."
"The celebration's incomplete
without hottie no.1."
"The celebration's incomplete
without hottie no.1."
"The celebration's incomplete
without hottie no.1."
"Silver loses it's worth."
"My body glows like gold."
"I am an illusion."
"I am like salt."
"No spell can work on me."
"No need to show me those notes."
"I know your intentions are bad."
"Once you get someone high,
he never gets over you."
"Every crazy heart wants a sip."
"The celebration.."
"The celebration.."
"The celebration's incomplete
without hottie no.1."
"The celebration's incomplete
without hottie no.1."
"The celebration's incomplete
without hottie no.1."
"I am hottie no.1"
"I am like an atom bomb."
"Every time I shake my waist."
"I am like a bottle of rum."
"Every street I pass by."
"My lovers whistle at me."
"If you can't get a taste of me."
"Then you're really bad luck."
"My silky blouse steals
your peace and sleep."
"My eyes pierce your
heart like bullets."
"Once you get someone high,
he never gets over you."
"Every crazy heart wants a sip."
"The celebration.."
"The celebration.."
"The celebration's incomplete
without hottie no.1."
"The celebration's incomplete
without hottie no.1."
"The celebration's incomplete
without hottie no.1."
"The celebration's incomplete
without hottie no.1."
Take my advice.
Surrender, and you'll live.
I've an advice for you too.
Take a transfer, and you'll live.
The real fun begins now.
No matter how
ferocious the dog is..
..he can never screw the lion.
Pass me the lighter.
Where's it?
I don't get one thing.
- When sir had the drop on Fauji..
..why didn't he just shoot him?
His name is Pritam Singh.
The harder you try
to understand him..
..the more confused you'll be.
Haven't you heard that saying?
Ancestors were hunters,
and Pritam Singh's a step ahead.
Their number's not up yet.
Pritam Singh will trouble them.
Make them restless.
Make them run.
And, when he's fed-up.
When he's fed-up, he'll bullet a
bullet in Fauji and Satbeer's head.
Delta 1. Delta 1.
Half an hour ago,
few unidentified people..
..have abducted the owner
of Mayur Gutka (tobacco) Rastogi..
..from Navyug Market.
They're fleeing
in a white Zen car..
..which has been spotted heading
towards Ghanta Ghar.
Contact all PCR's,
those are the captain's orders.
Message received.
That rascal inspector.
He's brewing trouble for us.
He's surrounding us from all sides.
I feel, soon he'll
have his hands on me.
Take my advice, do something big.
Elections are round the corner.
Run for the MLA elections.
You didn't get it.
Anyone can be a chairman.
I can be one.
You'll certainly win.
And once you do,
you'll be a minister.
And that inspector will
open the door to your car himself.
And say, "Good morning."
Do it.
You're smart!
Look, I don't like to twist words.
I wish to contest the
MLA election from Ghaziabad.
I just need your support.
You're too late, Rashid.
I've already made a
commitment to someone else.
Not even if I say it?
No one in Ghaziabad..
..has the guts to turn Fauji down.
And, you're one of us.
I'm not Salman Khan..
..who cannot go back
on his commitments.
To go back, there should
be something to look forward to.
Once I win the elections..
..we'll together run
the government contracts.
That's more like it.
Then Sangham Singh's with you.
And the district chairman?
The nominee for the
chairman's election..
..will be...Fakira!
Fakira. You're going
to be the chairman.
You were simply great.
You made Rashid's
plight really bad..
..without firing a single bullet.
And half of his men fled down.
You're great, sir.
- Wow!
That's a good score. - Yes.
Answer the phone.
Hello, Mr. Thakur.
Thinking about Satbeer?
I heard that you're looking for me.
I think about Madhuri as well.
But I never find her.
I wanted to meet you.
- Okay, tell me where.
Will you come where I call you?
Just name the place. - I see.
Fine, come down
to the police station.
I'm on my way!
What do I say, sir?
That Khalnayak movie spoiled
all the boys of this city.
They were teasing the
girls outside the college.
Sir, good-looking heroes
aren't much popular here.
These poor boys
don't have a choice.
They're trying to
look like Sanjay Dutt.
Shave their head!
Sir, let us go. - Don't do it.
Sir, my father's
an income-tax officer.
I see.
But I never take bribe.
Shave it off.
Sir, forgive us. - Sir, please.
Very good, sir.
Very good.
Your food's served, sir.
If Sanjay Dutt had been here..
..I would've shaved his hair too.
This is Ghaziabad, not Mumbai.
Shave their heads!
You're right, sir, but..
- Listen, sir..
Please, sir. - Please..
I'll take it back when I leave.
Pritam Singh?
Hello, Mr. Thakur.
I've heard your name.
Come, sit.
I'm not that popular yet.
There's a reward of
one million on your head.
What if I kill you now?
I've heard that Thakur's
are men of honour.
- Yes.
Get tea for us. - Yes, sir.
You're daring. - I'm sure
you didn't call me for just that.
Thank you.
I want Fauji.
I want him too.
But, how can I help you?
You must have heard.
Birds of a feather flock together.
You both are same.
Then you must have offered
this deal to Fauji as well.
So? What went wrong?
I've done enough R&D on you two.
There's something about you.
When two hunters join hands,
the hunt becomes interesting.
It's like this, Mr. Thakur.
There's a saying in my village.
It's not advisable to make
friends or enemies with the police.
Can't say about enmity..
..but, only a chosen few
get to be Pritam Singh's friend.
Come on.
I'll give you a token
of our first meeting.
What's this?
What happened now?
- Saved.
What happened, Fauji?
I haven't heard
a gunshot in two days.
I can't sleep.
Who killed him?
Let's get out of here.
He joined hands with police.
Let's see how long can Fauji run?
I knew it.
I knew Pritam Singh would
rescue him, and he did.
Fauji. So?
No more guts. Poof!
He took Rastogi! Didn't he?
I suggest that you take retirement.
Get out of here. Go!
You've become a burden.
I asked you to keep
him in the farmhouse..
..but you were scared-stiff.
Four of my men were killed.
- Get lost!
Fauji! Fauji!
Tell him to speak to me..
Tell him to speak to me..
Come on!
He's gone mad!
He's lost his mind!
Pritam Singh knew
where my hideout is.
If he had conducted a raid..
..then I could've never fought
the elections in Ghaziabad..
Don't make things worse.
We need this brute.
You need to make friends,
not enemies.
Elections are round the corner.
Just focus on the nominations,
that's all.
We'll handle Pritam Singh later.
Narender. - Yes, sir
File an FIR against
Rashid and Fauji..
Behalf of Rastogi.
Sir. Let the FIR be.
Don't drag me in this mess.
It'll anger Fauji.
If you don't lodge an FIR,
then it'll make me angry.
And you can even lose your life.
And, the report won't be
lodged in any police station.
Get that.
That's unfair.
He wouldn't utter a word.
But now,
the rascal speaks in a high-tone.
Why do I come to you
whenever I'm worried?
Why do I find peace
only when I'm with you?
Because you love me.
Hello. - Hello.
Greetings, uncle.
- Bless you, dear.
I'll have lunch with you today.
- Of course.
If Rashid wins the elections..
..then Rashid and
Fauji will grow stronger.
So, Mahaveer sir,
what should be done?
We'll need a candidate
of our own against Rashid.
But, where will we find
a strong candidate like that?
Lunch is served, please come.
Satbeer. - Yes.
There's a candidate
in my view? - Who?
Come on, the food will get cold.
You are too.
- Come.
Satbeer. - Yes.
Don't say no, think about it once.
If you do as I say,
we'll certainly win.
Mahaveer sir.
I don't want to
drag her in this mess.
We'll need someone else.
What are you discussing?
It's nothing.
We need a candidate
for the upcoming elections.
So, you suggest someone.
Brother, pass me the lentil.
No, brother.
Don't look at me.
Choose someone else.
I don't know anything
about politics.
Can you join hands?
My brothers and sisters.
Seeing your love and appreciation..
..I've filed the nomination form for
the MLA elections from your city.
Now, it's your duty..
..to make me
victorious by majority.
So, Pritam Singh.
Are you here to congratulate me?
No. I'm here to arrest you.
I've your warrant.
You're making a mistake,
Pritam Singh.
I'll win the elections in a week.
Then I'll be a minister..
..and you'll open the
door of my car for me.
Long live!
Long live!
That's a nice thought.
I will open the door for you.
But that door to the lockup,
not your car.
You think you...can
easily arrest me..
..and take me away
from my own area.
So? Will you come quietly
or I've to drag you?
Let's see...how long
can you keep me in jail?
It's not about how long,
it's about locking you up.
You're used to travelling
in imported cars..
..how will you adjust
to these government vehicles?
Let's walk today.
Come on.
Sir, there's an expectation
of a riot. Please come quickly.
Sign it. - Mr. Sangham.
These are Rashid Ali's bail papers.
I've read them.
Pritam singh has ruined us.
He killed seven of our men.
That Pritam Singh humiliated me,
Rashid Ali, publicly.
That Mahaveer's behind all this.
When he couldn't do anything..
..he put that boy in front.
- Right.
Don't take them ligthtly.
Master and Mahaveer will
do their best to make Omveer win.
And now even Pritam
Singh is with them.
I say kill that
Mahaveer Singh first.
That will scare everyone.
Fauji. For the sake of Allah.
You can shed all the blood
you want after the elections.
Once I win the elections..
..you can massacre
half of Ghaziabad.
No one will utter a word!
Why don't you ever
bring some biscuits along?
Not a single tooth left to chew,
and you demand biscuits.
You're so late.
What else do you want me to do?
Say yes, darling?
Sir, how about some tea for me?
Why, are you my kin?
What are you doing?
Massage it properly.
Son, be like a commando.
Run. Quickly.
SP sir's here!
SP sir's here!
SP sir's here!
Sir. SP sir's here!
Sir, SP sir's here!
- Ask him to sit.
Sir, SP sir's here!
Ask him in.
What's all this?
What's all this?
Criminals are trotting
around in police uniforms.
What are you doing?
Surprising, sir.
He's got an exact
copy of our uniform.
That's why no one
could recognise him.
Ten people are dead
and you're joking.
Sir, you're doubting me?
Sir, Pritam Singh
is a very honest officer.
Just a minute, sir.
Here's my service revolver.
I haven't fired
a single bullet, sir.
I've an account of every bullet.
You never need
your service bullets.
People just keep dying around you.
And, no one knows how they do.
change your mode of working.
We've to answer to our superiors.
Don't create a new
problem during elections.
Get that? - Yes, sir.
Close this Satbeer matter quickly.
Sir, I think we'll have
to do something about Satbeer.
He's like family.
We'll kill whenever we want.
The results of the elections
in UP have be declared.
The results of Meerut,
Saharanpur, Modi Nagar..
..show that the
democratic candidates..
..are in lead from their
party's closest competitors.
And the recent voting
results from Ghaziabad..
..show that influential
leader Rashid Ali..
..has defeated his close competitor
Omveer by one lakh votes.
I promise,
that your brother Rashid..
..will repay your
debt with his blood.
We're receiving news from
all the areas in our favour.
Just get ready to
become the minister.
Pray for me.
Let's have dinner at
master's house tonight.
Mother, I've cooked
his favourite meal today.
Fauji's army.. - Will have fun!
Look out!
You like firing a gun wearing
this uniform, don't you?
I'll bury you in
your own house today.
Where's Rahul? - Rahul!
Stop. - Where are you going?
- Rahul's outside.
Your uncle...isn't listening to me.
Call him out.
Uncle's not at home.
What the..
We wasted all the bullets.
Tell your uncle, "Fauji was here."
What? - Fauji was here.
What happened, son?
- Uncle...Fauji.
Rahul. - Mother.
Mother, are you okay?
Are you okay?
No. Suman.
Corruption will end
only when humans do.
Let's see how many seats
does sister win this time.
Fauji. Hello.
How are you?
Get some tea and
snacks for him. - No.
I'm in a hurry.
So, why did you call?
Satbeer's wife...died
in your firing.
Someone always dies in the firing.
Fauji...don't you think..
..you should've told me
before doing something this big?
You're the MLA now.
I'll set the city on fire now.
You're my brother.
What's done is done.
I'll take care of it.
That's all I wanted to say.
See you.
How about some tea?
- No, some other time.
Take care.
Just because he killed
a few people in the elections..
..I feel he'll reap the
rewards of me becoming the MLA.
But, Rashid, Fauji's one of us.
That's left to see...how
long he's with us.
"You are my mirror."
"You are my wealth."
"You're my temple."
"You're my heaven."
"I will protect you always."
"This promise will never break."
"All the beautiful moments
were in your company."
"My heart feels lively again."
"You're my God!"
Yes, Sangam.
We've a live footage
of Satbeer in the riot.
That's more like it.
Now, I'll send a strong
report to the government..
..and no one will
be able to save him.
Just wait and watch the fun.
Thank you, Sangam. Thank you.
Satbeer's been taken care of.
He was driving me crazy.
I couldn't sleep at nights.
Now for the inspector. What
should we do about the inspector?
I've an idea.
Shut up, you witch.
Take her.
Fauji started this tiff, not us.
By falsely accusing
brother Satbeer.
Of attacking his house.
The rascal.
He turned a good man
into a wanted criminal.
Who brought her here?
I did.
I apologise for
my brother's mistake.
He killed my sister-in-law.
He opened fire on our house.
I only brought her here..
..to drag that snake
out of his burrow..
..so that I can kill him.
Your brother isn't
that weak, that..
..he'll have to take
the help of a woman..
..to kill a dog like Fauji.
You don't understand, brother.
We won't get a better chance.
I mean it, we won't.. - Enough.
Enough. You'll take
her back right now.
Got it.
Don't show me your face
until you don't take her back.
Yes, Mr. Thakur.
Rashid and Sangam are
preparing a report against you.
To send it to the government.
If this happens, then I
won't be able to help you legally.
I don't have any expectations
with the law anyway.
Omi, brother Satbeer's right.
Let's take her back.
I will..
If you see Fauji in your dreams..
..it makes you pee.
But you've seen him in person.
Satbeer hadn't attacked your house.
Satbeer's law isn't
helpless like yours, Sangam.
No court, no appeal, no date.
Just punishment.
What's so urgent
that you called me here?
Come in, I want you to see a film.
You too.
You should see it too.
Inspector. How have we harmed you?
Why are you after us?
You don't have the stature
to lock horns with Pritam Singh.
I'm after you because
you're with Fauji.
You're with Satbeer as well.
Let's put the past behind us.
We're here to propose friendship.
Then, give me the token
of friendship. - How's that?
Give me Fauji.
Fauji's not a kin, take him.
We give you Fauji,
you give us Satbeer.
Name Satbeer's price.
- Two billion.
The money will be
at your home by evening.
And, Satbeer.
After that, you will have Satbeer.
I know all about your ruse..
..you plotted by
attacking Fauji's home.
That's Ghaziabad, Inspector.
And you know, you shouldn't
take anyone here lightly.
He's lying.
That film's a fake.
Rashid mislead me.
I was naive.
I did all this for
the chairman's post.
Forgive me, please.
We're best friends.
Sorry, sorry.
No, don't shoot me.
No, no, no, don't shoot me.
I'm like your younger brother.
I love you a lot.
Don't shoot me! Don't shoot me!
Don't shoot me!
Don't shoot me!
That Rashid!
He's forgotten his place
since he became a politician.
He's selling his own
brother...to that inspector.
Call the boys.
We'll kill master first.
Then Rashid,
and then the inspector.
I'll come along too.
Are you out of your mind?
If you don't come back..
..I'll never marry
anyone all my life.
God will think a hundred times..
..before taking Fauji's life.
Before you leave, I want to know.
If something happens to you,
what should I do with your child?
What the..
Junior Fauji's on the way.
Did you hear?
Junior Fauji's on the way.
Junior Fauji's on the way.
Junior Fauji!
'Don't show me your face...
until you take her back.'
Satbeer, don't go anywhere.
They're planning to kill you..
..along with Fauji's gang. Yes.
Thakur has made a deal
with Rashid for two billion.
I don't know whether
Satbeer survives or not..
..but no one can save Fauji today.
If death comes between us,
I'll kill death too.
Go, son.
I want you to give
Fauji a brutal death..
..so that God thinks twice before..
..creating demons like him.
Killed for no reason.
One by one they all perished.
Who will erase their existence?
Who can it be,
other than rascal me?
Welcome, Fauji.
What's wrong?
You look upset!
Something wrong?
You made a big mistake, Rashid..
..by dreaming about Rashid's death.
is a different game.
A politician and a gangster
can't be friends for too long..
..and you know that.
I needed you, and I used you.
You're no longer needed,
end of your story.
So, Pritam Singh.
You cheated me even
after taking two billion.
You showed the true
colours of the police.
You'll need a few more lifetimes..
..to understand the police.
But any number of
lifetimes aren't enough..
..to understand Pritam Singh.
I won't spare you!
Bloody politician!
Master. Your luck's really bad.
Gandhiji's first principle
is 'non-violence'.
"What bullets can't achieve,
sweet talks can."
Repeat after me.
"What bullets can't achieve,
sweet talks can!"
"What bullets can't achieve,
sweet talks can!"
Why don't you move to Delhi?
Why don't you think
about your future?
I want to stay here.
And mend the future of my village.
The motif of my life's finished.
There's nothing left for me.
Here, big brother.
And shoot me.
'It was against Pritam Singh's
nature to let any criminal live.'
'But, there was something
about Satbeer..'
'..that touched my heart.'
'And, for the first time,
Pritam Singh..'
'..got someone punished legally..'
'..instead of punishing
him in his style.'
'Because, if I had killed him,
God wouldn't have forgiven me.'
We're proud of you, Pritam.
Keep it up.
Well done!