Zimna wojna (2018) Movie Script

I knocked. I cried.
she did not want to open
I knocked. I cried.
she did not want to open
I had to put my head
on a stone and slept
I had to put my head
on a stone and slept
My head on a stone,
and legs near the threshold
My head on a stone,
and legs near the threshold
Open up, virgin girl,
be afraid of God
Open up, virgin girl,
be afraid of God
And this is not too crude, primitive?
No, why?
Because every drunk guy
was singing with us.
Oh, Dana, my Dana,
I will not marry you
And I will continue
going out alone
Oh, marriage, marriage...
There would not be
a marriage with you
I will not drink it,
that court's wine
Because it hurts me
and leaves me in headache
Two hearts, four eyes
Oh, oh, oh
What cried during all day and night
Oh, oh, oh
That black eyes, which you cry
are not able to meet you again
are not able to meet you again
Oh, oh, oh
Poland, 1949
It's nice.
- What are they singing for?
- It's for Lemkos.
I thought so.
What a pity!
- Why is it a pity?
- Because it's not ours.
Mr. Kaczmarek, ours or not ours,
it's none of your business.
You have the right to ask,
what are we doing here before
the palace of landowners.
I have a duty to answer:
Now this is your home.
And these doors lead
to the world of music, song and dance.
That music that was born
in the field of slavery.
The music of your grandfathers
and great-grandparents.
Music of pain, harm, humiliation.
If it smiled - it was through tears.
Now you have the right to ask if
we all will enter through this door.
I will tell you:
absolutely not everyone.
Only the best of the best
who will come inside.
and under the watchful
eye of our pedagogues,
Those are who will enter the stages of
Poland and the entire camp.
That's why I am calling you for
a ruthless and noble fight.
with each other and with yourselves.
This is the end of the tragic fate
of Jankov The Musician.
- Hurray!
- Hurray!
- You think you need to know about notes?
- They want it in a peasant way.
And you?
What will you sing?
Something highlander.
And you?
I do not know yet.
Sing your song for us.
I'm off to the water,
come to the water,
How can I give you my hand
I give it to you, and..
Nice. I know it.
It's nice for two voices.
I'm off to the water,
come to the water,
We will not be with each other
Let's teach the horse to swim
So we will go with each other
Let's teach the horse to swim
So we will go with each other
- Thanks a lot.
- You're welcome.
Excuse me...
The girl with the fringe...
Can you perform something alone?
- Sing?
- Yes.
- Thank you.
- Just the refrain.
- Where did you get it from?
- From a film.
There was a mobile cinema in the
countryside and showed a Russian film.
Its name was "Jolly Fellows".
- And what is it about?
- About love! "Heart".
And how about you with dancing?
I know the basic steps,
and I can learn the rest.
- That's great. Thank you.
- Thank you.
That girl has a beautiful pure voice.
- Yes, but there's also something in her.
- What is it?
Energy, tender.
This is original.
If you say so.
Twelve dancers can be easily found.
Do you see yours?
What do you mean with "mine"?
The girl of "Heart".
She is very strange...
Oh, oh!
Nice girl.
And not even from Podhale, but
from Tomaszow. Incredible.
- She has a good voice.
- She even had a sentence.
What sentence?
- Apparently she killed her father.
- What?
Supposedly. She was in jail for some time.
- How do you know that?
- Kaczmarek checked it.
Your head, Zula!
Heads up.
Well, now catch it properly.
- Fuck!
- Fuck!
How was it with this father?
- What father?
- Your father.
What was it supposed to be?
Why you were in jail?
He made a mistake with my mother, so
I showed him his fault with a knife.
He survived, do not be afraid.
Are you interested in me, because
I have a talent or in general?
Try this note.
Pull, pull, higher the leg!
Beautiful, Mateus, bravo!
Hold the pace!
We look at each other!
One, two, three, one, two, three,
a pause, a turn!
One, two, three, one, two, three!
Warsaw, 1951
Two hearts, four eyes
Oh, oh, oh
What cried during all day and night
Oh, oh, oh
That black eyes, which you cry
are not able to meet you again
are not able to meet you again
Oh, oh, oh
And I'm like a boy with no mother
Oh, oh, oh
And who'd love such a boy
Oh, oh, oh
Their heart will become a stone
who put that boy in this pain
who put that boy in this pain
Oh, oh, oh
I've had enough of this.
It starts to irritate me.
Come on, we're going off.
- Wait, let me enjoy it.
- Let them have fun.
We will also have fun.
I must tell you something.
I've never believe in all of this,
in all of folk art.
And this... touched me deeply.
What genius are you!
To make something so beautiful
out of something like that?
Thank you.
This is the most beautiful day
in my life.
You've reached the priceless
treasures of the national culture,
which is beautiful and glorious.
Your collection has great potential.
I would like it to become our main program.
But I think it's time to enter
new elements for the program:
something about land reform,
global peace, and its threats.
A strong song about the leader
of proletariat in the whole world.
Then we will appreciate it,
and reward it.
In the future, who knows, maybe you'd
visit Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Moscow..?
What do you think about it?
On behalf of the whole "Mazurka", thank
you for appreciating our work,
but the program is based
on authentic folk art.
The rural population does not sing
about reform, peace, and leadership.
They just don't sing that.
so it would be difficult.
I understand.
If you don't mind... I'm Kaczmarek Lech,
The administrative manager.
Comrade Bielecka, I assure
you that our nation
it is not that naive at all,
including the villagers.
On the contrary. They will sing
about these most important matters,
according to their hidden need,
if we give them the permission,
and if we support them.
This is where I perceive
the role of our Mazurka.
Thank you.
Thank you.
About the wise, beloved
by the peoples of Stalin
Gorgeous songs still
arrange our age
About the wise, beloved
By the peoples of Stalin
Gorgeous songs still
arrange our age
arrange our age
We vow you, Motherland...
for the will of great
patriots and revolutionaries...
...Feliks Dzerzhinsky and
Karol wierczewski...
We're going to Berlin.
For the youth festival in December.
Today Berlin, tomorrow Moscow, and the
day after tomorrow God knows where!
...and develop perpetual friendship
with a powerful Soviet state...
Do not you think that something
must be done with this Janicka?
- What is up with her?
- She is so depressed.
The band is supposed to be dyed as
Polish folk, typically Slavic.
May God look at their eyes.
And about this Berlin,
how do you know that?
From the minister.
Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating.
It is dyed.
Do not say that we worth nothing,
We shall be the masters of the world!
This is the final struggle
I will be with you always, everywhere
and until the end of the world.
But I have to tell you something.
I'm covering you.
What does that mean "I'm covering you"?
I go to Kaczmarek every week
to make a confession.
But I am not saying anything
that would harm you.
The worst thing is
that he is attracted to me.
What is he asking you about?
That's what... what were you doing
during the war or listening to slow music,
do you have dollars or
do you believe in God.
Do you believe?
I do.
I knew it will be like this.
Damn me, idiot.
What would you do in my place?
I was for two years in jail.
Otherwise they would not accept me.
Good! I wish a dog fucks you, bourgeois!
Graceless, arrogant!
If I wanted to fuck you up,
I could've done it easily!
Berlin is today, as you
know, the front line
between the socialist camp
and the imperialist camp.
Between the forces of peace
and the revelers.
And on the front line, like any of the
front lines, strange things may happen.
That is why we must open our eyes, be
vigilant and responsible for each other.
And besides, you know what
I am going to tell you,
Germany, however, is Germany.
And that's why if something happened
it'd be the first and last time,
during the adventure of your life!
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
400 meters take about ten minutes.
The Russian sector ends here.
So I will be waiting here.
But what will I do there?
Who will I be there?
You will be there with me.
We'll be together.
I do not speak French or anything.
You will learn it.
You have a good ear. You have a talent.
You are unique.
I do not want to live without you.
Okay. They are coming.
What's up with you? There is a party.
The comrades want to meet you.
Let me adjust my hair, okay?
I'll be there right now.
You look nice.
Hurry up.
- Poland, and East Germany..
- Poland, Germany...
Good friendship.
Communist brothers.
...He refers to it as
Communist friendship.
We are brothers
Brothers and sisters.
We are brothers and sisters.
- Does it taste good?
- Yes.
- It's homemade.
- Really?
It is our specialty.
Thank you. It's very good.
- Fish is from the Baltic Sea.
- Really?
Excuse me.
Paris, 1954
The same order, please.
No, sir.
I'm sorry, we're really closing now.
You can go to the " Marlette",
if you want. They are open till morning.
But between us, as she
has not come yet, she will not come.
How long will you stay in Paris?
Tomorrow we're going back.
How are you living here?
Somehow it works.
I arrange, compose, play in a club.
Good in general.
Do you have somebody?
Me too.
And what? Are you happy?
- I'll take you to the hotel.
- Better not. You know how things are.
Just a little bit.
Nobody will see us.
Can you explain why you
did not come that day?
I felt that we would fail.
I mean, not that we cannot escape...
But that something about me,
that I'm worse.
How is it "worse"?
Worse than you...
Not the worst at all.
- You know what I mean.
- I don't.
I know love is love, that's it.
I know one thing.
I would not run away without you.
Don't walk further.
Were you with a whore?
I can't afford whores.
I was with the woman of my life.
Well, let me sleep then.
Yugoslavia, 1955
Now it looks you are here somehow, right?
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Do you have a ticket?
- Yes.
I am very curious about what you'll say.
New program, new songs,
one even Yugoslavian.
Such a nod to the hosts.
In general, it has now gained
momentum, and fame.
It is a pity you were not there.
You were a talent.
I'll invite you to our lodge.
No, thanks.
I have a very good place.
Good. Good.
See you later.
Silver thread on Serbian cloth
In a thin yarn, fine stitches,
says my beloved sweetheart
Kisses to you straight from Moravia
I promised my hand to touch Milan
Silk thread, comes out my dreams
A thin thread is coming out my dreams
Where are you taking me?
To Moscow.
I'm here legally. I have a visa.
In France, I am a resident.
I'm not Polish anymore.
We know all of that.
Relax, you're not going to Moscow.
You'll go to Zagreb, and from
there to Paris or wherever you like.
The Polish wanted us to
send you back to Warsaw.
But it's not in your favor, right?
- Let me stay. One night.
- The train is waiting.
Please understand, this is about a woman
my love. My life...
And what? Do you want to come
back to Warsaw with her?
"Femme fatale".
They say that Warsaw is Paris of the East.
And I'm like a boy with no mother
Oh, oh, oh
And who'd love such a boy
Oh, oh, oh
And I'm just remains
of a boy and a voice
I will love as long as I live
I will love as long as I live
Oh, oh, oh
Paris, 1957
The piano does not fit here.
We will use it only in the murder scene.
The music came too early.
Wait for the shadow to appear.
- So you have a husband, right?
- Yes.
I did that for us.
But a non-church wedding,
so it does not count.
- What's your name now?
- Gangarossa-Lichon.
- Ganga-what?
- Gangarossa, It's a Sicilian surname.
The most important is
that you are not married.
- Are you?
- Come on!
I've been waiting for you.
Two hearts, four eyes
Oh, oh, oh
What cried during all day and night
Oh, oh, oh
That black eyes, which you cry
are not able to meet you again
are not able to meet you again
And I'm like a boy with no mother
Oh, oh, oh
And who'd love such a boy
Oh, oh, oh
And I'm just remains
of a boy and voice
I will love as long as I live
I will love as long as I live
Le pendule a tu le temps
Qui de nous retiendra l'instant
Aren't there too many
of the letter "r" in a row?
Des amants ont fui survivants
Oh Mon Dieu
This does not sit in the melody either.
How to say it, makes it sits.
And what does this have to do with "Heart"?
It's such a free translation.
I wonder who translated it?
Do not say that is your writer!
Yes, what?
Juliette did it for us for free.
I thought that.
What a stupid text.
"The pendulum killed time."
"Oh my God". Really, oh my God!
She has also found a critic too. Juliette
is a very good poet. So famous.
- They just publish an anthology of hers.
- I will not sing it.
- Well, there will not be a record, then.
- There will not be a record!
And be nice to Michel,
he can do a lot of things here.
Somehow we like each other,
and you'll like that even more.
- Why more?
- Because you're cute.
You have, what they call Slavic Charm.
Do not overdo it with makeup,
because you know...
- What?
- It's good.
And be yourself, do not get worried.
- With a tie or without?
- With a tie.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Who will be there?
- People with different interests.
- Is your outstanding poet here too?
- Probably.
Come on, she is harmless.
After me, she had two boyfriends.
And for Michel, you can choose
the whole thing by yourself.
Good evening.
- Hey, Wiktor!
- This is Michel.
This Michel. This is Zula.
Nice to meet you. I was longing
to see you. I've heard a lot about you.
- It's nice. Thank you.
- You are welcome.
How did the movie come out?
Excellently. We are pleased.
It's also good news for you.
- I am happy for you.
- And for you.
I'll let you talk to each
other, and I will go and look around.
She has a character.
Good evening.
Sorry. Good evening.
- I was thinking a lot about your text.
- Yeah? Which one?
- Of my song.
- Ah, yes.
"The pendulum killed time."
That's nice, but I do not understand it.
Really? It's a metaphor.
Which means what?
That time does not matter
when you are in love.
Do you like staying here?
In Paris? It's OK.
It must have been shocking too.
Shocking? Why?
Cinemas, cafes, restaurants,
shops, etc...
Honestly, between us, I had
a better life in Poland.
Then why did you run away?
I did not run away. I married
an Italian man, I left legally.
Have you ever been to Palermo?
What a pity!
It was nice to meet you.
Excuse me.
What the fuck did you tell him?
- About what?
- That I pretended to be a highlander.
That I was in jail.
That I killed my father.
Even that I danced for
Stalin in the Kremlin!
- But that's cool.
- Why is that?
- Because I wanted to highlight you.
- Highlight me?
- This is how things work here.
- How is that?
I don't know.
Edith Piaf worked in a brothel,
and that makes them love her more.
She was in a brothel.
Why did you that for me?
And Giovanni was not an aristocrat,
he only traded in crystals.
I have no words. I though it's in your favor.
Shall we go home?
I met your mistress.
Good. Nice looking, but...
But in total, you fit each other.
He is a jerk.
It's hard.
Zula, do not worry.
Let things go as they are.
I love him a lot.
Zula, are you OK?
- What are you doing here?
- Go out, I just felt sad.
Not now, honey.
We're going to "Eclipse".
- Everyone is gathering.
- Well. Give me a moment.
In Poland, you were a guy, and
here you are someone different.
No, maybe I'm just stupid
to fell like this..
But it's beautiful
in general, we're in Paris...
I love you by all my strength.
And when it comes to Michel,
do not worry about it at all.
We've signed a contract.
I'll handle everything.
This is empty.
We have only 40 minutes left.
Please, don't waste them for us.
Well. I'll do it right.
You will see that by yourself.
What matters is "yourself".
Everything is here for you.
Believe in yourself.
I do believe in myself.
I don't believe in you.
Can we?
Start over.
What is so sad?
See. Our first child.
What happened?
Actually nothing.
It was great.
The French know what they are doing.
And Michel is a masterful in everything.
He fucked me six times in the night.
Not like a Polish artist in exile.
Does this make me understand?
Come out!
Excuse me.
- What did you do with her?
- Nothing. She came back.
To Poland.
- To Poland?
- Yes, to Poland.
Did I get to Mazurka?
Mazurek, in Bialaczow.
Give me Zuzanna Licho, please.
She just came back.
I understand.
Do not you know where she is?
I do not know how to help you.
You are not a Frenchman.
And not Polish anymore.
As for us, for Poland, you do not exist.
But honestly, what made you
decide to leave?
I'm Polish.
- Sir, give me a break.
- I do.
You'd escaped, betrayed us,
and lied about us.
You left young people who trusted in you.
You don't love Poland, sir.
- I do.
- You do not.
But there is a solution.
If you sincerely regret your actions...
You have a special position
in the artistic circles of Paris, right?
You know people from different spheres.
Poland, 1959
What does this friend remind you?
What does she remind you?
What does this friend remind you?
Good day.
You look horrible.
How many years?
That supposed to be good.
Illegally crossed the
boundary in both directions
and I was spying for the British.
You have ten minutes.
What have we done?
- I'll wait for you.
- Come on!
Find another normal guy
who can support you.
Such man is not born yet.
I'll get you out of here.
Bajo bongo, bajo bongo
Bajo bongo, o bongo Baja
Bajo bongo, bajo bongo
Through the world length and breadth
this is the song today
Bajo bongo, bajo bongo
Bajo bongo, o bongo Baja
Who knows this beautiful dance?
Who dances like me?
O, bajo bongo,
O, bongo Baja
Bongo la, bongo la,
bongo la, la, la
La, la, la, la, la
Bongo la, bongo la,
bongo la, la, la
La, la, la, la, la
Bajo bongo...
It's nice that you found the time.
Come on, Peter, do not be sad.
You'll introduce yourself to him.
He is shy.
- Does he look like me?
- A photocopy.
So what? will you come back to music?
- Not really.
- Yeah.
I am glad that you managed to get
out of there. It was not easy.
But the deputy minister is
our neighbor, and a good friend.
Thank you very much.
I'm grateful, really.
I heard your Paris record.
Very pretty.
Great arrangement.
It would be good to play it
again, here with us, in Polish.
Zula would surely agree with that.
By the way, too.
Mum is coming.
I love you, but I have to puke now.
Stay at the banquet.
There will be a lot of interesting
people from the world of art.
Come on, come on...
Take me away from here.
That is why I am here.
But this time forever.
Repeat after me..
Me, Wiktor Warski, I am taking you,
Zuzanna Licho, as my wife...
Me, Wiktor Warski, I am taking you,
Zuzanna Licho, as my wife...
...and I swear I will never leave
you in any case, until death.
...and I swear I will never leave
you in any case, until death.
I, Zuzanna Licho, take you,
Wiktor Warski, as my husband
...and I swear I will never leave
you in any case, until death.
Help us in that, God.
You take more because you are heavier.
I am yours now.
Forever and ever.
Come to the other side.
There will be a better view from there.
"To my Parents"