Zimnicea (2021) Movie Script

Comrade First Secretary?
-Do you remember?
-Well, that's life.
Zimnicea is dropping.
The snow is melting, the rains
will come, it will increase again.
I'm just joking.
Don't you get I'm joking?!
Guys, I believe
I was crystal clear.
Tonight, everything must go
according to the plan.
Full house, festive atmosphere,
amenable for the changes
that will take place.
Are we clear?
Comrade First Secretary,
please allow me to report.
Every criterion was met.
The workers from the power plant
and the foundry will fill the room.
Working people's representatives
will also be there, as specified.
No problems should arise.
Starting on Monday, comrade Dumitru
right here will take over as Mayor.
As for me, I remain at your service
To appoint me wherever you see fit.
Wherever you see fit...
You talk about Dumitru,
but you're thinking about yourself.
Comrade Stefan, I'm not the one
to decide where you are fit.
The Party...
... decides.
Yes, comrade, I got it.
The Party, of course.
But I believe
you've known me for a long time.
-We've worked together...
... pretty well.
You, representing the county,
me, representing Zimnicea.
If I may, comrade First Secretary,
we will keep working together,
maybe even better
than before.
Without trying to belittle the work
of comrade Stefan,
him doing a good and proper job
as the mayor of Zimnicea,
I think however that there is room
for some improvement.
Such as?
Please allow me to bring
certain measures to your attention.
As the head of the Party's housework,
I conducted an up-to-date analysis
regarding the assets and liabilities,
and I believe some of them
may be used in a more judicious way.
For instance...
... we have here
some holiday homes which...
What do we have?
Comrade First Secretary, on the bank
of the Danube we have holiday homes
which may be made available
for the comrades from the headquarters,
from Bucharest,
and not kept only as local Party assets
as comrade Stefan insisted on doing.
Just saying...
Is this for real?!
-You have holiday homes?
-On the bank of the Danube, comrade.
Holiday homes?!
On the bank of the Danube?!
-Comrade First Secretary...
-And you keep this a secret?
Comrade Stefan...
Don't you realize that in those homes,
the comrades from Bucharest
could have come to relax, rest, fish?
Of course, after carrying out
their respective duties...
And you didn't say a single word.
Is this how you think the Party
will consider you...
... fit?!
Comrade First,
how can you possibly think I wouldn't
make everything available to the Party?
They're not up to the standards,
comrade First.
-They must be painted, decorated.
-But for you and your people...
Were they up to the standards
for you and your people?
This discussion is not over yet.
All right, let's focus
on tonight's meeting.
-What time will it start?
For tonight's meeting,
I think it is better
not to interrupt the working hours.
You know better than anyone that
the plan must be achieved.
So, we will start at 8:00 p.m.
It's too late.
It's too late. There'll be a reception,
a dinner, dancing, refreshments.
-We can't spend the whole night.
-Comrade First, tomorrow is Saturday.
We can sleep till late.
It's late, I said. That's why
we're appointing a new mayor.
Because people are sleeping till late.
Is that clear?
Get out of here.
Enjoy your meal,
comrade First Secretary!
There you go.
-Listen, Dumitru...
-Yes, comrade!
I don't want any shortcomings.
Yes, comrade.
I understand.
Don't you worry!
Enjoy your meal, comrade!
Good bye.
Based on the true story
of March, 4th, 1977.
Written and directed
by Bogdan Naumovici
Good day to you,
comrade mayor!
I'm not the mayor anymore,
Dumitru is.
-Good day to you, comrade mayor!
Dumitru, come here.
-Come here.
-Have you got a light?
No, I quit smoking.
-Hey, you! Have you go a light?
-Yes, comrade mayor!
-Care for a smoke?
-Told you, I quit.
C'mon, take one, they're original!
From Bulgaria.
-From across the river?
-Of course.
-No, I'm done smoking.
-Suit yourself.
Listen to me, Dumitru...
I know you think
you've hit the jackpot,
but listen to me, you have to be
really careful with this Anghel fellow.
Listen, as one man to another,
don't you think after being a mayor
for so many years
it's time you allow others, too?
-Good evening, comrade Mayor.
-Good evening.
And don't I allow them?
Didn't I let you?
Have I done anything to you?
You haven't, I'm just saying that...
You have to be very careful
with him.
Listen to me, he's not a man,
he's the devil himself!
Why are you saying such a thing?
Cornel, the Militia commander,
told me that he's a good man,
that he helped him.
He helped his wife get hired to
the new Oltcit auto factory in Craiova.
-He helped her get hired, my ass!
-He did!
Yes, he hired her,
but at the same time he hired him, too.
-Good evening!
-Good evening.
What do you mean?
Now Anghel has something on the chief
of the Militia, too. Now you get it?
Everything that Anghel says
is sacred to him.
If anyone steals or embezzles
and he's caught by the Militia,
he calls Anghel first
to see if they know each other,
and only then it gets reported.
Only if Anghel approves it, get it?
So has he got something on you, too?
-Good evening, comrade Mayor!
-Good evening.
He's got something on all of us.
He'll have something on you, too.
On me? Why?
What do you mean on me?
For me, the law is the rule.
Dumitru, I'm telling you this
from experience.
You do as you please.
He's not a man, he's a monster!
This Anghel fellow.
He has a saying...
-Good evening.
"My order must not be discussed,
it must be obeyed."
Good evening and welcome!
We're ready.
We were waiting for you.
Yes, comrade, it's all set,
everybody's inside.
Good evening, comrade.
-Good evening, comrade!
-Come on, comrade Dana.
Good evening and welcome!
after leading this city, as shown,
with outstanding results,
time has come
to promote new people,
who can come up with new ideas
and fresh energies
for the prosperity of our beloved city
on its way to the rank of Municipality.
I am giving the floor to our
County's First Secretary,
the highly esteemed comrade Anghel.
Dear comrades,
beloved Zimnicea residents,
as you already know, for our county
and for the whole country as well,
Zimnicea is an exemplary city.
Indeed while it cannot be compared with
the country's great industrial centres,
still the plan is getting fulfilled,
isn't that so?
-Of course it's getting fulfilled!
You see... the fishing, the harbour,
the power plant...
They all serve a purpose
and they all made Zimnicea
a city we are proud of.
And which should be treasured
by all of us.
Because the Party doesn't sleep.
The Party is thinking!
How can we make things work better?
How can we exceed
and not just fulfill production goals?
How can we upgrade?
The answer is
a new mayor.
A young, energetic, responsible man.
A man in whom
the Party, Zimnicea and me included
place all our trust and confidence.
Comrade Nicolae Dumitru.
A mayor from Zimnicea,
for Zimnicea.
-Keep calm!
Come on, easy! That's it.
That's it, we're here.
Come on, easy.
Don't be scared!
Follow me.
Good God, this place is totalled.
Come on, easy.
Easy, easy...
Come on, that's it.
Are you all right?
Let me move these things away a little.
It's okay now.
There you go, it's okay.
Take a sit over here.
There you go, that's it...
Comrade First Secretary,
it's over, we're fine.
We're fine.
How can you say that we are fine,
Dumitru? How can you say that?
There are thousands of casualties.
The city... is in ruins.
Comrade First Secretary,
calm down, please!
We haven't even got out of
the city hall. How do you know?
That's why you're just a mayor
and I am what I am. Because I know.
Because I have to know.
Do you think that the Central Committee
comrades expect me not to know?
You are absolutely right.
You are right.
Where's the phone?
-Well... here it is.
-Not this one!
But which one?
The Central Committee direct line,
for fuck's sake!
It was right here, it must have
fallen to the floor. Look, there it is!
It just fell down.
There you go.
-Are you okay?
-Yes. Go, go!
Hello, operator...
No one answers.
-No one?
Maybe the Central Committee
fell, too...
It's impossible
for the Central Committee to fall.
It's impossible, that's why
it's the Central Committee.
Hello... operator!
Put me through
to the Central Committee!
Anghel speaking,
from Teleorman county.
Put me through to the Central Committee
right away!
The Central Committee?
Anghel speaking,
from Teleorman county.
I must report a disaster.
May I speak
to comrade Secretary General?
Is he all right?
In Nigeria?
Thank... Or, better not.
No, I didn't mean... International
affairs are very important.
Especially with neighbouring
and friendly countries, of course.
Now, tell me...
Tell me, who's there
from the Permanent Office?
No, from the Permanent Office
of the Executive Political Committee.
Comrade Cornel Burtica?
Precisely, put me through.
Comrade First... just a sec, if I may.
Please, let's calm down a bit.
Let's analyse the situation,
let's find what are the damages,
or, God forbid,
potential casualties,
and only then report
to the Central Committee.
Please, until anyone picks up,
let's go outside, see what happened
with our city, calm down the people.
-The Party must be informed!
The party must be informed!
I don't give a fuck about the people!
People can see with their own eyes
what happened.
-You really don't get it.
For the Central Committee,
we are their eyes and ears.
Yes, we are.
-Got it?
-Yes, comrade.
Hello, comrade.
Good evening,
comrade Secretary Burtica!
Anghel speaking, from Teleorman.
Comrade Secretary,
allow me to report.
What do you mean?
In Bucharest?
Dozens of collapsed buildings...
Thousands of casualties...
Oh, my God!
Please, excuse me,
comrade Secretary...
Comrade Secretary Burtica,
allow me to briefly report.
Zimnicea... has collapsed.
Up to 80%.
Yes, comrade Secretary.
More than 80%.
Zimnicea is a martyred city.
I understand.
Comrade Secretary,
please take the appropriate measures.
No, comrade Secretary,
we are already doing our best.
Right now, worker squads are
pulling dead people out of the rubble.
Myself, with my two hands,
dug two children
out from underneath a collapsed house.
Well, what could I do?
The parents... were already gone.
No, comrade Secretary...
We're only doing our job.
I won't be moving away
from the phone.
I won't be moving away from the phone
and I'll be waiting for your orders.
Good bye, comrade Burtica.
Good bye.
Comrade Anghel...
Help me!
Help me.
Sit here.
Comrade Anghel, if I may... Can you,
please, listen to me for a sec?
Please, let's go out
and see what went down in the city.
Maybe there are no casualties,
maybe no buildings collapsed...
And only after...
What if the comrades
from the Central Committee will come
and see that we told them lies?
The Party lies,
is that what you're saying?
Comrade Dumitru,
I'm asking you one more time.
-Are you saying that the Party lies?
-No, comrade Anghel.
The Party lies...
"The Party lies the way ahead", comrade
Dumitru as the patriotic song goes.
The Party knows...
what it must be done.
We'll wait.
Here, have a drink.
To wash off the rubble dust.
See, comrade Dumitru, see
that, after all, there is rubble?
Yes, comrade.
I'm talking about the brick wall
in the conference hall.
It fell right next to you
and a lot of dust kicked up.
But did you go outside
to see what happened?
How bad is it?
Not a thing!
Lots of scared people, that's all.
Nothing crashed down,
only two or three mud houses.
But there are some cracks on
the Danube bank, comrade First...
What are you saying?
Nothing crashed down?
-Not a single thing.
-Did you hear that, comrade First?
-So, I was...
-You were what?
You were what, Dumitru?
I was lucky, right?
Not just me, we were all lucky.
All of us and the city of Zimnicea,
we were very lucky.
After such a big earthquake,
to have nothing that got destroyed...
Let it ring!
Anghel speaking.
Good evening, comrade Secretary.
Excuse me?
I understand, comrade Secretary.
I understand,
we shall take all necessary measures.
We shall take all necessary measures
according to your orders.
Sure, comrade Secretary.
Good bye, comrade.
-Why didn't you tell him...
-Tell him what?!
-That what?!
That nothing bad happened,
Comrade First.
That everything is all right,
that nothing went down,
that people are fine,
that Zimnicea is still standing.
How can Zimnicea still stand?
How can Zimnicea still stand,
when it's a martyred city?
A martyred city?
Since when is our Zimnicea
a martyred city?
comrade Nicolae Ceausescu,
the Party's Secretary General,
comes back from Nigeria.
Tomorrow he'll be in Bucharest.
There are dozens
of collapsed buildings.
And thousands of casualties.
The day after tomorrow,
on Sunday,
first thing in the morning,
comrade Secretary General
will be here.
Comrade Secretary General
will come here?
Nothing serious happened here.
-Nothing serious happened?
-Well, did it?
Nothing serious happened, Stefan?
I've reported
that Zimnicea has collapsed
up to 80%.
You've reported that 80% of our city
has collapsed?
Only two brick walls
collapsed in the conference hall.
I don't get it,
nothing terrible happened.
Ilie, calm down...
This is what comrade First Secretary
has earlier reported
to the Central Committee
before going outside to...
Going outside to what? Didn't you see
how everything was shaking?
Didn't you hear how people
were desperately screaming?
People getting trampled.
People got scared, that's all!
Ilie, enough with the people.
People don't matter.
The question is what are we
going to do
We're going to do
what we've already reported.
What do you mean,
what we've already reported?
What the comrade Secretary general
expects to see on Sunday morning.
But comrade Secretary General
will probably expect to see
a destroyed city...
-A ruin.
We have one day and one night
to take it down.
To do what?!
To do what, comrade?!
To take it down?
But there are people living
in those houses!
What are you doing?
You're not the mayor anymore!
As for you, I think it's time to decide
if you want or not to be the new mayor.
The meeting was not over and I don't
remember to officially appoint you.
Don't forget that an order
must not be discussed...
It must be...
It must be...
By Sunday, the 6th of March 1977,
the city of Zimnicea was demolished.
Nicolae Ceausescu declared
Zimnicea a martyred city
and ordered its reconstruction.
In 1982, the construction stopped.
The workers were needed in Bucharest,
to build the House of the People.
To this day, ten buildings
were left unfinished.
In 2012, in his last interview,
Dumitru, the former mayor,
was still backing the official version
of the Romanian Communist Party.