Zinda (2006) Movie Script

'They say time is the greatest healer.'
'But time tormented me.'
'I don't know what time
has turned me into.'
'For, I was human once.'
Bala. Balajit Roy.
A table for three, please.
Sorry, sir.
You don't have a reservation.
Are you married?
- No.
You're not married?
But I am married.
And this is our first anniversary. How
can a guy who has such a beautiful wife..
..not book a table
on his first anniversary?
Correct. Correct. He's correct.
Joy. That's Joy Fernandes,
my best friend.
And this is Nisha, my sister-in-law.
I tell you, she made a huge mistake
by marrying my friend.
If not marry her, I'm surely
going to have an affair with her.
And don't worry,
my friend is absolutely understanding.
See. Mr. Bala.
- Yes?
Can I have an affair with your wife?
Sorry, sir.
I'll have to ask the manager.
Manager? Why ask the manager?
When I got married,
did I ask the manager?
So why must I ask the manager
before booking a table?
I know my friend made a reservation.
Did you make it?
- Excuse me.
It's your wedding anniversary. Correct?
- Correct.
She's presently your wife. Correct?
- Correct.
So why would I make a reservation?
- Correct, buddy.
Enough of all this.
Let's go from here to another place.
Otherwise, I'm leaving.
No. No. - One minute.
- Wait, we'll do something.
Please call the manager.
What seems to be the problem, gentlemen?
They don't have a reservation, sir.
What reservation does one need
to have an affair in Bangkok?
But you need to reserve a table.
- But I want to have an affair and..
Let's...let's ask the manager. Sir..
Please understand. Please understand.
- Please give them the table.
Please. Follow me.
- Thank you.
That idiot thought we were really drunk.
- You guys overdid it today.
Honey, ask him.
I used to be a terrific actor in school.
- Yes, he wanted to become an actor.
But became a software engineer by
sheer accident. Shah Rukh Khan is lucky.
If this guy were in the movies,
Shah Rukh Khan would have been out.
You jerk, I'm here in Bangkok
and you're returning to Mumbai?
My brother is getting married.
- Brother's wedding, not yours.
- Hear me out.
You can't help having siblings,
but you choose your friends.
So who's greater? The one you can't help,
or the one you choose?
Do you hear that? He ought to have been
a writer. Instead, he's into software.
Javed Akhtar is lucky. Had this guy
been in films, Mr. Javed Akhtar..
If you guys are finished with your
flashback, may we order some food?
I'm very hungry.
- Sure, darling.
Indeed, he should have become a chef..
- Just a minute. Just a minute.
It's my wedding anniversary today.
Let me say something romantic to her.
You settle for romantic talk,,
while I do the actual romancing.
Don't you feel ashamed?
I do, but one look at my face,
and she goes running away.
A sister-in-law is like a mother,
you know?
Don't let my father hear that.
It will give him strange ideas.
(Both laughs)
I've never been able to figure out
the friendship you guys share.
We haven't figured it out either.
- Explain it to her.
Open that, will you?
- Sorry.
(Champagne cork popping)
This is not fair, Bala.
You have such a lovely house..
..an affectionate friend like me..
..and a beautiful and caring wife..
..and what do I have?
- Come closer.
You got bad luck.
(Both laughs)
I wish my company would let me
develop software in India itself.
Tell me something.
Is this software really going to be..
..the end of the postal services?
Why else are they investing
so much of money in my project?
But their condition is that I operate
only from their office in Bangkok.
Will you make a lot of money?
As much as the top industrialists?
Much more.
- How come?
Because the industrialists
don't have a friend like you.
Pull my leg, go ahead. But no matter
how much you blackmail me emotionally..
..I'm going to have an affair
with your wife. - Oh, yes.
Remember that girl in school?
I was about to hit on her when you..
Hurry up, your cab has arrived.
You'll miss the flight.
One minute.
Tell me something, Bala.
Why are wives so jealous
of the friendship men share?
You'll find out when you marry.
I was about to,
when you made away with her.
See? Isn't she beautiful?
I will be on the flight
for four hours now.
I'll see if I can find a nice airhostess.
And you can have fun here.
- Have fun?
We don't even have
a bed and you talk of fun?
You have the floor. Granite-top.
Don't we need mattresses?
And there isn't even a towel here.
Right from a sofa-set to spoons,
we still have to buy everything.
It will take us a week to shop
and do up the house.
Haven't you done any shopping yet?
- You were supposed to do it.
Me? - Had you been here,
you would have done it.
And I would have fun with my wife.
- Yes.
Yes, make me burn in envy. Go ahead.
Looks like even the aircraft
will crash at the way I burn.
No aircraft is going to crash
because of a small-time sinner like you.
Well, I must leave you now.
You called me for your anniversary.
Also call me when you divorce.
- I'll handle it. - Shall we?
Not her?
- Just go. - Okay, maybe later.
Go on. I'll fix you later.
(Over phone) Hello.
- Hello.
May I speak to Dr. Chadda please?
- (Over phone) Speaking.
Doctor, this is Nisha Roy here.
I was calling regarding my pregnancy test.
(Over phone) Hi, Nisha. You'll be happy
to know that you've tested positive.
(Over phone) I'm sure your husband
is going to be delighted too.
(Over phone) Congratulations!
- Of course, Doctor.
I must go and tell him the news now.
Thank you so much, Doctor.
Mister.. Mister.. Please.. Please..
How long are you going
to keep me locked up in here?
It's already three months. Please.
At least tell me what wrong I have done.
What have I done?
At least tell me what I have done.
Please, mister. Please.
Don't want your food!
If you have the guts, come on inside.
You want to fight,
come inside and fight.
I'll take you apart.
I'll tear you to shreds.
Mister, please..
Okay, okay. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm just a software engineer.
Never got into a fight with anyone.
Please listen to me, mister. Please.
What do you want? At least tell me.
You want my software?
I'll give it to you.
But please don't lock me up here.
Please, mister. Please.
Please open the door. Please, mister.
Open the door! Open the door!
I don't want any food!
(Banging on door)
Open the door! Please open the door!
Open the door, please.
Open the door.
'Had I known they would hold me captive
in this room for 14 years..'
'..would it have lessened my anguish?'
'Or increased it?'
'Fried wontons.'
'Morning and evening, every day, every
single day.. the same fried wontons.'
Fuck it!
'Red Circle.'
'It's believed in Buddhism that
when two people are destined to meet..'
'..the place they meet at
is called the Red Circle.'
'Is that what you're trying to tell me?'
'I'm waiting.'
(Tune playing)
'Whenever this tune is played
they release valium gas into the chamber.'
'It's a gas used to control
dangerously violent criminals.'
'When I've passed out..'
'..somebody comes and gives me a haircut,
cleans up the cell..'
'..changes my clothes.'
'In South East Asia cup..'
'..Thailand defeated Malaysia 2-0
and won the series with a record win.'
'Now for the crime beat.'
'An Indian woman was murdered
near the pier in bungalow no. 486..'
'..at Sandhurst Road last night.
'She used to live all alone..'
'..ever since her husband,
Balajit Roy, went missing a year ago.'
'He suddenly returned home last night.'
A quarrel ensued between the couple..'
'..following which Balajit Roy
murdered his wife and escaped.'
'Bangkok police says that the blood stains
found on the victim's clothes..'
'..match with Balajit Roy's blood group.'
'The fingerprints found on a glass
also match with those of Balajit's.'
'The Bangkok police have launched
a massive manhunt for Balajit.'
(Mirror shatters)
'I'm undergoing punishment.
My crime lives on.'
'And I'm being kept alive.'
'You're keeping me alive only
because you want to meet me, too.'
'But you can't control the way I think.'
'You can't control my memories.'
'I'll think of every person
I ever had anything to do with.'
'Every human being I might have harmed..'
..in any way.'
'And my pain.
You can't control that either.'
'Every line I carve on myself
will remind me of this time.'
'One line for each year.'
'Who are you? And when are we meeting?'
'Now, even I'm waiting
to meet you face to face.'
'And this time, I won't just wait.'
'I'll ready myself.
For you. Only for you.'
'I have survived.
I will escape and destroy you.'
'Princess Diana was given a final farewell
at the Westminster Abbey today.'
'Hundreds of thousands of people
'..to take one last look at her remains.'
'The Indian army is doing its best
to throw out Pakistani infiltrators.'
'Air strikes continued
for the fourth day today,'
'It's raining outside.'
'The sound of freedom.'
'I will get my freedom.'
(Tune playing)
'The country celebrated
the new year with pomp.'
'Only this camera captured the plane
crashing into the World Trade Center.'
'It was 8:42 am on Tuesday.'
'The second tower of the World Trade Center
in New York was also reduced to rubble.'
'People fell over each other
in order to break..'
'..every last remnant of Saddam's regime.'
'Australia set a huge target of 559 runs.'
'Those that escaped were lucky.'
'But those that were
swept away by the waves..'
'..were separated from
their loved ones forever.'
'Everything has come to a standstill.'
'In the last three years,
everything came to a standstill.'
'Neither was there tune,
nor gas, nor was I made to pass out.'
'Nobody gave me a haircut..'
'..nor did anyone clean my room.'
'But I'm ready.'
'The day I come face to face with you,
I will destroy you.'
(Tune playing)
(Elevator bell dings)
'It's getting difficult to recognize
Bangkok after 14 long years.'
'So how will I recognize him?'
'Where will I look for him?'
'And what must he look like?'
'Who is he?'
'I haven't come here to save the women
of this city from these thugs.'
'All I want to see is whether
the training I received from TV..'
'..is any good.'
(Tune playing - Phone rings)
(Over phone) Did you like the clothes?
Who are you?
And why did you do this to me?
Why did you hold me captive
for 14 years and set me free like this?
You've been transferred, not set free.
From a small prison to a bigger one.
This city is a prison for you, Bala.
Where would you go, if you left it?
Who are you? And why did you do this?
Fourteen years?
(Over phone) It takes either a madman
to do what I did to you..
..or a lot of hatred.
If this is how much you hate me..
..why did you keep me alive?
Why didn't you kill me?
Who are you?
Matt? Paresh Gilani?
Imran Hafiz? Sameer Hafiz?
Who are you?
(Over phone) I'm doing research on you.
Who I am should not
be as important to you..
..as much as why? Not who, but why.
Think, Bala.
And think hard.
Carefully read the book of your life.
The period at school is over.
And it's time for homework.
By the way, your steak is getting cold.
486. Sandhurst Road.
- No English.
Sandhurst Road. Near the pier. Pier?
Sandhurst Road. Near the pier.
Mister, you're an Indian.
So sit in an Indian's car.
Don't get into that guy's trap.
He'll take you on a joyride..
..and not even take you
to your destination.
He'll burn a hole in your pocket too.
So come on, I'll take you there.
Where do you want to go?
- 486, Sandhurst Road.
By the pier.
By the way, you didn't ask the question..
..every passenger asks Jenny Singh.
"How can a woman drive a cab?
That too, in Bangkok?"
I know Bangkok like the back of my hand.
That's because my father
used to drive of tourist buses.
And I spent more time in the buses
than I spent at home.
That's because my mother died
even before I could say, "Mummy."
My father and I were the only ones left.
Father resigned from his job
at the bus-service and bought this cab.
But you know that tragedies
and bananas never come in singles.
Father died too.
Maybe to drive God's car.
All that is left now is this taxi
and my antique house.
The most beautiful one in Chao Thep.
Plot no. 62.
Belonging to Jenny Singh, sir.
You appear to be the silent types.
Where do you want to go now, sir?
How much do you earn in a day?
You're not a taxman, are you?
Without tips, 3000.
On good days, I make 5000.
Here are 10,000. I want to go
around the whole of Bangkok today.
For so much, I'd take you
around the whole of Thailand.
Where will I get fried wontons?
- China Town. Let's go.
"This then, is my story.."
"..about a quiet life"
"The silence asks me.."
"..why I'm tolerating the indignities?'
"A legend, of days gone by.."
"..from the lips of loneliness"
"Every wound seems to speak.."
"..it seems to say something to me"
"Agonising thorns of memories.."
"..I pick from my past"
"In the refuge of crumbling walls.."
"..I'm still alive"
"It's certainly not love,
my rosegarden sees.."
"..lurking shadows of death"
"My eyes are excited with
everything that is familiar"
"There is no one who
can tell me how much.."
"..I will have to wait for light"
"There is no one...
neither with me, nor at a distance"
"There is a friend, my heartbeat.."
"..which keeps telling me what I seek"
"Life, I live.."
"..swallowing on my own blood.."
"..trying to sew life
together with thorns"
"There is no one with me anymore.."
"..and yet, there is the realisation.."
Stop, stop. How many restaurants
are you going to visit?
What on earth are you looking for?
"My desire to live"
"My heart, like a jungle of memories"
"My heart, scarred by thorns"
Come on. Let's go to the next one.
"Piercing thorns of memories.."
"..I pick from my past"
(Foreign language)
(Foreign language)
(Shoes squeaking)
Wait for me in your cab.
(Drill whirring)
Hello, sir. Out. Out.
I don't want to get into trouble.
Nor do I want your money.
Find another taxi.
Else, Jenny Singh will land in prison
and God will own the cab.
(Drill whirring)
- Shut up and drive.
Where to?
Some deserted place.
Ask him who he works for and where.
(Foreign language)
(Screaming in pain)
(Foreign language)
Ask him again.
(Foreign language)
(Screaming in pain)
(Foreign language)
(Drill whirring)
Hold it. He's willing to talk.
(Foreign language)
Get in the car.
Cathay View.
After that, you may leave.
Go away.
(Drill whirring)
(Screaming in pain)
There's always room in my hotel.
No, not the bodyguards.
We'll have your guest picked up
from wherever you say..
..and keep him here
for as long as you wish.
No, no restrictions on the period, sir.
We held a man here for 14 years.
Yes. Additional services
will cost you extra.
If you want us to torture your guest
everyday, it will cost you extra.
Yes. I'll let you know the dates.
They should be available.
As you wish. Pay in installments
or a lump sum. It's okay.
Why did you do it?
Business. Nothing personal.
Who asked you to do it?
Who makes us do it and why,
we never know anything.
We only do our job.
"Death has been shamed.."
"..for, in body.."
"Death has been shamed.."
"..for, in body.."
"..there is still life"
"So much of wind,
after all, my breathing.."
"So much of wind,
after all, my breathing.."
"..everything else has
been reduced to dust"
"I live.."
"..but what for?"
"I'm alive.."
"..but what for?"
"But what for?"
"I'm alive.."
"..but what for?"
"The assault was murderous.."
"..and yet my fondness for wounds.."
"..is still alive"
"My pulse is dipping,
the pain agonises me.."
"..everything else is dust"
"I am alive.."
"..but what for?"
"I'm alive.."
Taxi. Taxi.
Chao Thep. Plot no.62.
Look after yourself, Bala.
You? You have come back?
Spare me, please.
I don't want your money, alright?
Find yourself another taxi.
Hey, fool, you brought him here?
(Foreign language)
Look, mister, you are trouble, alright?
Trouble in my cab, trouble at China Town
and now trouble in my house, too.
Go away from here.
Look, I don't want to die so soon.
I want to live.
Have you really been through all this?
You were quite ill last night.
You fainted and I got worried
Then I called a doctor.
He put stitches on your back
and has given some medicines for you.
- Do you have a tape-recorder?
'Why don't you have him killed?
- It is important to me that he lives.'
'As you wish, sir.
A client's wish is our command.'
'So we will keep him alive.'
'But keeping him alive for so long
can even drive him insane.'
'No. He mustn't go insane.'
'Keep giving him medicines
and see that he remains in his senses.'
'But how long do we have
to keep him locked here, sir?'
'Keep him locked there for 14 years.
- 14 years?'
'We haven't held anyone captive
for so long till date, sir.'
'May I ask you a question,
if you don't mind, sir?'
'What is his fault?'
'Balajit Roy's fault is that
he has no control over his tongue.'
'Neither will he live, nor will he die.'
'He will be fed twice a day.
A fully monitored room.'
'I want him alive.'
'Alright, sir.'
(Phone rings)
(Over phone)
Our relationship dates way back, Bala.
The moment for which you
and I have waited for 14 years..
..is now very close.
But it hasn't yet arrived.
For now, let me give you
another clue to get closer to me.
To Sea Runset.
Where is To Sea Runset?
That is the old name of Petropoli Club.
But you can get there only by boat.
(Cassette playing)
'Balajit Roy is a special guest of mine.'
'Do not bother about money.'
'Such guests do not come along
every other day.'
'He must get complete VIP treatment.
Lace his drink..'
'..so that he doesn't go mad, or die.'
'I want Balajit Roy alive.
I want him alive.'
(Tape stops)
Neither do I have the time
to tell you my story..
..nor to shed tears.
I want this man.
Do you recognize this voice?
But who could hate you so much?
The question is that how
did he get to know where you live?
Ask him that.
(Phone rings)
How was the reunion of two friends
after 14 years, Joy Fernandes?
How did you get to know where I live?
The address of your house
is no big deal, Joy Fernandes.
Your blood group, your DNA..
..and the number of snooker games
you have won in the last 14 years..
I know everything.
- Listen, you..
I can trace this number.
- How can you? It is a private number.
I have my contacts.
But before that,
I need to talk to that cabbie.
Don't except mercy
because you are a woman.
Tell me, who is he?
- I don't know anything.
His name. Where does he live?
I don't know anyone.
If you don't, then how did
he get to know where you live?
How did he send the cabbie here?
Why don't you ask him?
You have his number.
(Phone rings)
- (Over phone) Bala, I have traced him.
He lives in the house
opposite that of Jenny's.
So here we are.
Eyeball to eyeball. Face to face.
You and I have waited
14 years for this moment.
So that before I kill you..
..or perhaps before you kill me..
..we must enjoy this moment
to the fullest. Am I right?
Who are you?
I am what you made me, Bala.
You created me.
And I created you.
By the way, I also created a huge
business empire in these 14 years.
But more than that, I am proud
of this monster that I have created.
You make me proud, Bala.
To make money, is easy.
But to make a monster
is the work of a genius.
Darn you..
Manners, boys.
That is not the way to treat guests.
Especially, when that guest
has very little time to live.
But you don't have another day either.
Come on, Bala. Can you really kill me?
Until you find out why
I held you captive for 14 years?
And why I released you after that?
You have time till July 5th
to find the answers.
It means... only 4 days.
Give me a chair.
I will first destroy everything dear
to you. And finally, I will destroy you.
When revenge is the
reason of one's existence..
..the reason to live is lost,
when one has had his revenge.
A man becomes lonely.
That is why I kept you alive.
Why are you avenging?
What did I do to you?
You want to get to know everything
in the very first meeting itself?
Patience. All in good time.
You will hear the story
as well as its climax.
I don't know how and why you
and I came into each other's story.
What I do know is that I will
script the end of your story.
And I have scripted
every page of your life.
You are sitting before me.
You will meet your friend
and your friend will bring you here.
Every single day of your life
is written in your story.
I am the one
who brought you to Bangkok.
The software company you worked for..
..happens to be one of the
many companies I own.
I have so much money,
such a huge business..
..and yet, I am just like you. Lonely.
But I never felt the loneliness.
Because you were with me.
All 24 hours of the day...
writhing in agony.
It is your pain that kept me alive.
Your pain was my cure.
Now your pain will be my cure.
That is the spirit.
You are my pain and I am your pain.
Let the worse pain win.
Pain can put an end to pain.
He whose pain is the greatest will win.
By the way, you are quite careless
when it comes to women.
You couldn't save your wife.
And you have even left Jenny
all alone at home.
You forgot to shut the door as well.
Go and see if she is alright.
Is she okay?
(Jenny grunts)
Bad manners.
Haven't you been taught
to knock before you enter?
Come on. Go down on your knees
and ask for forgiveness.
Or the girl is going to die.
Makes no difference to me.
- Really?
Then why did you rush here
like an old flame?
Good boy.
You had my business closed down,
you rascal. Now watch the fun.
Here. He is a dentist.
Keep this. You will need it.
Good job. It is going to be fun.
Because it is my turn
to yank out your teeth now.
But I won't do it.
You will pluck out your own teeth.
Love it? Take it.
(Foreign language)
- Now you will pull out his teeth?
Of course, sir. With pleasure.
You will do nothing of the sort.
- Are you kidding, sir?
He will have to pay a price for my teeth.
The price for your teeth
is lying in that bag.
You know my weakness, sir. Thank you.
You are a fortunate man.
He loves you a lot.
Let us end this right here.
Because I will hack the hand
you touched that girl with.
In that case,
you will have to cut off my tongue, too.
Do you believe me now?
Or do you still need proof?
Steel is up 14 points, pharma is
up 23 points. What is happening?
I need 2 million pharma.
With an increase in competition,
the prices will fall.
Get me IT, infocom, airlines,
life insurance, hotels..
Export is growing.
Sell some of my export stocks.
No, no. I am not available for
any meeting. I am busy with a guest.
There are things in life
that mean more than profits.
I am neither greedy for money,
nor afraid of losses.
Even if I lose a million every day..
..it will take me at least 60 years
to go bankrupt.
Sixty years. That means,
I will be ninety-five and broke.
I don't mind it.
See you.
But why outside the city?
Because you have gotten
stuck in this mess.
He escaped because of you today..
..and I had to go down on my knees
in front of Woo Fong.
You are making me a weak.
So you will have to be away from here.
(Phone rings)
(Over phone)
Sir, the two of them have left.
They packed their bags and left in a car.
(Into phone) Keep an eye on them
and keep me informed.
I hope you are not uncomfortable.
If I am causing you any inconvenience,
I can get another room.
I have no problems.
You are the one who looks hassled.
You haven't been with
a woman for 14 years.
If you find Woo Fong today,
will you really cut his hand off?
Because he hit me?
Scholar said he will kill me, too.
Will he really kill me?
Because I am dear to you?
That is what he thinks.
And you?
I have always lost the things I loved.
I don't want to lose anything else.
"I'm breathing.."
"..blood still flows.."
"I'm breathing.."
"..blood still flows.."
"..yet why don't I feel.."
"..that I'm alive?"
"..that I'm alive?"
"Am I alive?"
"Am I alive?"
"Am I alive?"
"Am I alive?"
"Why is my heart on fire?"
"Why is my soul restless?"
"My heart beats to question.."
"..if I am alive"
"Am I alive?"
You must use all your time
and energy to reach me.
Because I am your destination, Bala.
I have also got a present for you.
I have done what you wanted to do.
Just so that you don't waste
your time on such minor tasks.
Every step you take must be towards me.
You know, you don't have much time.
Just four days.
Every single moment is precious, Bala.
And the task isn't easy either.
But 'Labor Omnia Vincit'.
Hard work conquers all.
Hard work conquers all problems, Bala.
(Inhales sharply)
God. My head is splitting.
Feels like a bad hangover.
This is what valium gas does.
Which means he..
- He was here.
Last night.
And he has left something.
'I have done what you wanted to do.'
'Just so that you don't waste
your time on such minor tasks.'
'Every step you take must be towards me.
You know, you don't have much time.'
'Just four days. 'Labor Omnia Vincit'.'
Bala, this man is sick.
He is psychotic.
We must go far away from here.
And what about my 14 years?
- What after you have taken your revenge?
I might become a human being again.
But how does he know
about all this, Bala?
My house, this hotel..
How does he know?
I know. Come on.
What can I do for you?
(Detector beeps)
It was written "Labor Omnia Vincit"
in that letter. What does that mean?
Hard work conquers all.
- What language is that?
Latin. And that is my school's motto.
I need a cyber caf
'To reach one's destination,
to achieve one's aim..'
'..sometimes, one has to wait for years.'
'One has to track the
ups and downs in the market.'
'One has to be careful
about the stocks you trade in..'
'..to see who is collaborating
with whom..'
'..and who is faking the collaboration
to raise his market value.'
'One has to watch everything.'
'Which are the unguarded territories
and where the competition is more..'
'One has to consider
all that before attacking.'
'And the prey is trapped in a way
that he doesn't get a hint at all.'
'And when the prey is at the
hunter's mercy, you need to attack.'
'The final attack to kill.'
'Labor Omnia Vincit.'
'Hard work conquers all.'
'Hard work conquers all problems.'
(Phone rings)
Yes, tell me, Bala.
Joy, did we have a Rohit Chopra
in school?
Yes, he was in our school.
He was 8 years junior to us.
His sister was in our class.
Reema Chopra.
- You rascal, you forgot Reema?
You ought to know Reema better.
Remember your last day in school?
Hey, guys, look. Reema Chopra.
In the middle.. The one in the centre.
Take a good look at her, Bala.
It is your last day in school anyway.
You are leaving tomorrow.
I will miss her the most. Really.
You will miss her, not us?
Bala, when I couldn't be her first
despite being the most insolent..
..the most shameless boy in school,
how will you do it? - How will you?
Joy, what if I do it?
- That is a point.
If you do, Bala, I will lose 15 bucks.
Then it is a bet?
- Done.
Come on. Take this.
- Come on, bet on it.
Come on.
- Hurry up. There is no time.
Hi. - Who are you?
- Reema Chopra?
- Hi. Bala.
Balajit Roy.
- Hi. What are you doing here?
Don't you know that boys
aren't allowed here? - I know..
..but I wanted to meet you in private.
- Me? Why in private?
Because I wanted to give you this gift.
- Gift?
Listen, we have never met before.
And I didn't even know your name.
So why this gift?
Reema, accept this as
a token of our new friendship.
Friendship? I am not so sure.
- Come on, Reema, it's just a simple gift.
Take it. - Listen,
I am getting late, I have got to go.
Reema, please. Please. This is for you.
I have bought it with a lot of love.
Please take it.
I don't need it.
- Please, Reema. Please.
Alright, fine.
- Thanks. Reema, won't you open it?
What? - Reema..
- Aren't you a little strange?
Reema, you can't even imagine
how happy I will be. Come on. Open it.
I told you, I have got to go.
Reema, please open it. Please.
- God.
Darn the wrappings.
What the hell is this?
- You like it? It's for you.
And now, wear that for me.
How dare you! (Slaps)
Just go from here.
- Okay, fine, I am going.
I will start shouting. Go.
- Going.. Relax, will you? I am going.
And listen!
Take this shit of yours along with you.
Fine, I'm going.
- Go!
What happened?
- Wait.
- Done!
Hey, it's all done.
She is coming.
I am next.
Remember now?
Now do you remember? Reema Chopra,
you, the auditorium and that panty?
After you were through,
the entire school had fun with her.
That Reema Chopra was a bloody whore!
Reema Chopra was not a whore.
Say she was not a whore.
- Hello, Joy?
Say she was not a whore.
Who is there, Joy?
Say she was not a whore.
My sister was not a whore.
Joy, please talk to me. Joy.
My sister was not a whore!
No! My sister was not a whore!
Yes, Bala.
The story is about to end, Bala.
Spring Towers, penthouse.
Come on.
(Brakes squeal)
I didn't intend to kill Joy Fernandes.
He invited his own death.
I am sorry, Bala.
Keep him busy, while I clean
his friend's blood from my body.
Bangkok always reminds me of Mumbai.
The same ruckus of the traffic,
the same heat..
..the same conspiracies soaked in sweat..
..some secrets..
..and some stories
which have seen bloodshed.
You called me over to tell
the end of the story, right?
You must have noticed that not a single
blow of my men struck your head, Bala.
Not because you are a better fighter.
But because I had forbidden them.
I didn't want you to lose your memory.
It was all a lie, Rohit.
Just to serve my ego before my friends.
To win the bet money.
But it was a lie.
For one small mistake made in childhood,
you shoved me into misery for 14 years?
14 years?
The story doesn't end where
your memory does, Balajit Roy.
Reema. Open the door, Reema.
- Sister.
Open the door, Reema.
- Open the door, sister.
Open the door, Reema.
- Open the door, sister.
(Reema screaming)
- Sister. Sister.
Before I could reach her..
my sister was completely burnt.
It took 14 years for you
to turn into a monster.
But just that one night
turned me into one.
I kept exacting my revenge
on you outside.
But deep within, an 8-year-old boy
screams for his sister even today.
I didn't know, Rohit.
That just a careless word out of my mouth
would lead to such horrible consequences.
Just a careless word?
Your careless word took my sister's life..
..and sent you to misery for 14 years.
Was it worth it, Bala?
Tell me.
Now I realize that it was not worth it.
But, Rohit,
whatever I did, I did it unknowingly.
I ask you today.
Such a grave punishment for
my folly in childhood. Did I deserve it?
Wrong question, Balajit Roy.
Wrong question.
You should ask me why I set you free.
You were held captive and it
was the justice of an 8-year old child.
Now that you are released,
it is the vengeance of a monster.
Bangkok has an interesting game.
The girl in the centre..
..is an innocent kid.
(Crowd bidding)
And this crowd is bidding
for her virginity.
He one who bids the highest
gets to take her..
..to the bedroom.
And he will snatch her innocence.
I'm not interested in the game.
No? You must take interest then.
- Why?
Another gift from me for you.
Mr. and Mrs. Balajit Roy's happy family.
Then a storm raged
and swept away Balajit Roy.
The poor wife couldn't even
give her husband the happy news..
..that she was pregnant.
Then I walked into her life
posing as your childhood friend.
From the pregnancy to the delivery,
I took great care of your wife.
I never let any outsider meet her.
To the extent that not even
your family friend Joy Fernandes.
On your daughter's first birthday..
I got your wife killed.
And put the blame on you.
Afterwards, I raised your daughter.
And now she is a 14-year old young girl.
Yes, Balajit Roy.
Today, your daughter is
of the same age as my sister..
..when she set herself ablaze.
Now your daughter will also
go through a test of fire.
The one who bids most,
will make a woman out of the kid.
(Crowd bidding)
He was with me for 18 years.
Like a shadow.
I killed him, too,
just to keep you alive.
You won't watch your
daughter's humiliation alone..
..the entire world will watch it.
On the internet.
My daughter won't pay for my sins.
DVDs will be sold.
It will be on every mobile phone.
Hit me.
Why did you stop? Hit me.
Hit me.
But it won't save your daughter.
Hit me.
Don't punish my daughter
for my sins, Rohit.
Save my daughter, please.
Please. I beg of you.
Please save my daughter.
I.. I shall be your slave forever.
I will do your bidding.
I.. I will be your slave.
But please... save my daughter. Please.
I will cut my hands off and give them
to you. My tongue made a mistake, right?
I will cut my tongue off.
Please. Please, Rohit.. Please.
Save my daughter. Please. - Get lost.
My hands were too small
to save my sister.
But you get to save your daughter?
Not fair.
Please. Please.
Rohit, please.
Please tell me where my daughter is.
Please. Please.
Even if I tell you,
you won't be able to reach there.
Because you have only 30 minutes.
I will try. I will try.
I forgot it. I forgot.
I will kill you, Rohit.
If you kill me, who will tell you
your daughter's whereabouts?
Tell me her whereabouts, Rohit.
Your daughter is being sold
in some brothel.
She is getting fucked!
I can save your life
for my daughter's sake, Rohit.
I have achieved my purpose in life.
- No. No. No, Rohit.
Just one word.
Give it to me as alms, please.
I got one last shot left.
- Please, Rohit. Please.
Last and final blow.
Don't let go, Rohit. Please.
- I will wait for you in hell.
See you in hell.
- Rohit, please. Rohit..
Bala. Bala. What happened?
- What?
I know that place, Bala.
Where is my daughter?
I don't know.
(Phone rings)
- (Over phone) Papa.
Where are you?
- (Over phone) At home.
'Rohit spared my daughter.'
'And that was his last blow.'
'Perhaps he too had a heart.'
'Perhaps he saw his sister
in my daughter.'
'That's probably
why he named her Reema.'
"This then, is my story.."
"..about a quiet life"
"The silence asks me.."
"..why I'm tolerating the indignities?'
"A legend, of days gone by.."
"..from the lips of loneliness"
"Every wound seems to speak.."
"..it seems to say something to me"
"Agonising thorns of memories.."
"..I pick from my past"
"In the refuge of crumbling walls.."
"..I'm still alive"
"It's certainly not love,
my rosegarden sees.."
"..lurking shadows of death"
"My eyes are excited with
everything that is familiar"
"There is no one who
can tell me how much.."
"..I will have to wait for light"
"There is no one..
neither with me, nor at a distance"
"There is a friend, my heartbeat.."
"..which keeps telling me what I seek"
"Life, I live.."
"..swallowing on my own blood.."
"..trying to sew life together
with thorns"
"There is no one with me anymore.."
"..and yet, there is the realisation"
"My desire to live"
"My heart, like a jungle of memories"
"My heart, scarred by thorns"
"Piercing thorns of memories.."
"..I pick from my past"