Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay (2016) Movie Script

My daddy is the world's best writer,
One of his dialogues, I like the most.
Wow, what a writer!
God is the one
who does the drawing of our life.
But we are the ones
who fill it with colors.
Colors, in form of people
who become our own.
If we find good people,
then life becomes great and if not then...
Hey, watch out! Oh, this stupid rain.
-Let's go please.
-Let's go.
Listen mister,
can't you see who came in first?
Look madam, it was me.
That's your door, please leave.
I'm getting late, thank you.
You have no idea who I am.
Your eyes are telling me
you are from Kashmir.
But madam stop ogling
or your eyes might pop out.
Dude take it easy, or you will be
responsible for the consequences.
Brother,will you kick this joker out
by yourself, or do I have to do it?
Okay, okay. I am leaving.
I just came in to put this packet here.
Instead, I shall keep it
at the front.
What is in this?
You will both know when it explodes.
What rubbish are you talking about?
You will know that too, after explosion.
I am a different kind of a bomber.
-Run, run! There is a bomb in the cab!
-Run! Run!
-Run! Run!
-Run! Run!
Let's go to Clifton...
Bomb! There is a bomb in the cab!
Everyone is scared in this country.
There is no bomb, man.
Oh my God!
Just stop here.
Driver, keep the change.
Give me my change back,
I have already had a bad day.
Yeah, it's me.
You followed me all the way here?
Hello? You are the one coming from behind,
and then you accuse me of following you?
Tell me what do you want!
-You are the one following me.
-No, you are.
No, you are.
-What are you doing?
-I am checking you out.
What is it in your rear
that I would be after?
You don't even have the manners
to talk to girls.
Hey, you girl!
-Zain, my buddy!
-Faraz, you are getting married.
I can't tell you how happy I am for you.
-Here, I have got a gift for you.
-Thanks buddy.
What is this weird place
-that you have moved to?
One cheap girl was following me
from the road to your parking.
And she wasted so much of my time.
-I cannot explain to you.
-From where?
Now stop talking rubbish.
What are you doing here?
This is my friend's place.
Faraz, are you marrying her?
-No I am marrying the other one.
-This is the same mad girl.
Front or rear? Where shall I stab you?
-Zain, run!
-Stop her, stop her.
-Faraz, stop her.
-Myra, let him go.
-She is a mini bomb, can explode anytime.
-Wait, I'll show you!
What did you say?
-Myra, let him go. He is my friend.
-Myra, stop. Are you mad?
She is a hit, got me in a shot, I fear
Nothing happens, as she is on my mind
Thin as a kite, white as the color
Of milk, fights with her eyes with me
She plays with the hearts of people
When she looks at them secretly
I have to hold my heart
And sing when I look at you
You are my nightingale, I am your darling
Be my better half, I am yours
You are my nightingale, I am your darling
Be my better half, I am yours
Don't hit on me
In the middle of the road
You are a beggar
I ride a Jaguar
I am a high class girl,
I will not be yours
You are a local
I won't suit you
Your face seems nice but then
It seems fake, stop telling lies
By putting hair gel
Don't ring the bell
Of my heart and get inside
Let's go outside
In the moonlight
You'll ride in my car
And we'll eat in the candlelight
We'll play music in the car
And dance together
Baby don't say no
Lets make a wrong into a right
When I play with guys' hearts
When I look at them secretly
I just die when you do that
I see you and I sing
When I look at you
You are my nightingale
I am your darling
Be my better half, I am yours
You are my nightingale
I am your darling
Be my better half
I am yours
You are my nightingale, I am your darling
You are my nightingale
I am your darling
Dodo, why are you still awake?
I told you, do not draw all this stuff.
Did I tell you or not?
Why do you draw all this?
Why do you write such stuff?
There is nothing left in this story, Dodo.
Dodo, I am talking to you.
Don't scratch your bum,
answer me.
Do you want to pee?
How is my mini bomb?
Which cheek seems sweeter today?
Yes, the right one.
You are so sweet, you know.
How I've missed you, all day at work.
I am really tired today.
Please, can you get me something to eat?
I have to work on the presentation,
got to present at 10:00 a.m.
and then have to finish the script.
Myra, do you know how difficult it is
to write the climax of a script?
I have had it up to my neck,
but the producers...
Oh my God, the producer has called me
three times since morning.
My outgoing calls are blocked.
Please, can you get your phone?
Myra, what's wrong, baby?
Is everything alright?
Why aren't you talking to me?
What is wrong, baby?
Aren't you ashamed of asking the same
question over and over again?
As always, you will not admit it.
But I will not stay now, as always.
These are the keys and details of...
how I was running
this standstill household.
Take care of it now because I am leaving.
Myra, Myra.
Just listen to me, what is wrong?
We had a patch up just three days ago,
you promised that you will support me.
See, there you go.
And you? You are taunting me again.
The same taunt that I am trying
to get rid of for the last six years.
I wish you had worked this hard
in changing yourself.
Why don't you put in some effort yourself?
Myra I don't want to change myself,
I want to change the circumstances.
I work hard all day at the office.
I work like a dog
so that we are able to run this kitchen.
And I am able
to maintain this lifestyle for you.
After that I stay up all night like an owl
and work on my script
so that I can become someone someday.
For God's sake, man.
I want to become a filmmaker.
It's my dream, my passion.
This is your problem.
You are ready to become a machine,
to fulfill your dreams.
But you cannot be a human.
And maybe that is why all you have
in your life is "me, myself and I."
Not me!
Myra, you are misunderstanding me.
I know that I have been busy
and ignoring you but...
Please don't go,
I am so close to my success.
But if you leave, I'll end up nowhere.
Myra, you said you love me so much.
Is this your love?
Myra, say something. We have got a family.
Myra, you are doing a huge mistake.
It wasn't a mistake that I fell in love.
But the mistake was that
I fell in love with you.
Go to hell!
Don't ever show me your face again.
How many times will you mend
How many times will you break
How many times
Will you come back
How many times
Will you go again
For a while
In this town
Take a look
At me
Everything is empty
Either just go away
Or else
Be mine
Either you find me
Or else
Show me how to live
With this helplessness
Show me how to heal
The wounds you give
Make something out
Of my failed life
At least reward me
For living this meaningless life
Come again
And again
To leave me again
Mend again and again
To break me again
How many times will you hold me
How many times will you throw me away
How many times will you leave
For a while in this town
Take a look at me
Everything is empty inside
She has left you again for the fifth time.
But the good news
is that mommy hasn't taken her stuff.
That is really good news,
we will go at night to bring her back, OK!
Daddy, I am not going to get married ever.
-Because then,
I'll be in a trouble like you.
What is it? Do you want to go to the loo?
Yes, full pressure. Hurry up, open it.
Oh, hurry up. Come here.
-What is it?
-Both, number one and two.
Both number one and two?
Come here, give me a kiss.
I want to go to the loo too.
Hurry up, open it.
-Which one?
-Number one and two, both.
So you want to go to the loo?
I won't let you go.
I'll eat you!
Hurry up, we are already late.
I told you so...
You are like your mom in this matter.
She gets herself late and blames me.
-Ooh la la, double the energy.
Got it!
Zain Ahmed, taking a loan from the bank
was your biggest mistake.
Lord please save me. Lord please save me.
Lord please save me. Lord please save me.
Run. Nothing will happen. Run.
Dodo, you are not supposed to play
with your food.
Finish it quickly.
I don't feel like eating.
I want to go to daddy.
Why have you brought me here
to grandma's house?
Let's go back home.
-What do good kids do?
-They don't talk while eating.
But they have their dinner
with mommy and daddy too.
Why have you become an angry bird?
Daddy is coming to convince you
and give you a kiss.
Look, there is daddy.
See, this is how much you love daddy.
We are all one, mommy. If one gets angry,
the other will never stay happy.
Look, daddy is here for real.
Come on, buddy. Let's convince our friend.
We'll go home and do a party.
Do you remember that our story started
on a rainy day too?
Your car and my bike broke down that day.
And you know
what was the reason of all that?
So that we could be together.
Myra, we were supposed to meet.
And if we hadn't met there,
then we would have met somewhere else.
Because we had to meet each other.
We had to become one.
But we met each other to love.
Why are we fighting then?
Do you think I am going
to let that happen? That I let myself die?
Are you insane?
I just want you to agree
on this one thing.
Please compromise for awhile.
The film is going nowhere,
you will make it eventually.
But for a little while,
just concentrate on our lives or else...
Or else what?
I have good news. I have got a film!
I have a meeting
with the producer tomorrow.
He has called me to sign the contract.
Aren't you going to congratulate me?
Which one do you want?
One is sweet and one is not.
This means
I am not going to get any help today.
Then I'll guess for myself.
And if you guess it wrong,
I am going to kill you.
Have I ever guessed it wrong before?
Maybe, I might have ignored it.
Why did you stop? I like it so much.
Mommy and daddy
are supposed to be like that.
And how do you feel
when mommy and daddy kiss?
Then it feels even better.
I'll get him.
Stand here.
Now we will both do
the dead man's dance for Dodo, OK?
Get tense, get tense
Get tense about me
Get tense, get tense
Get tense about me
I am a little sentimental
I am a little romantic
Turn it off, turn it off!
I don't even feel like watching her.
Then why would the public watch?
He clad a bold dancer like Tameera
in full clothes?
We have to release this movie,
not in Ramzan but on Eid.
He has been shooting little known faces.
He has no idea how to shoot an item song.
Oh man, such a newbie.
And he has wrapped her
with the entire cloth market.
To hell with this television's director.
Hey, is she natural or has makeup on?
Hey tell me,
did you work at cloth shop earlier?
-No boss.
-Just a minute.
Is this the same camera? Such a huge bill
for such a tiny result.
Why do you love clothes so much,
make them shorter and shorter.
Use shorter clothes in an item song.
Or else my clothes will be ripped off
before the release.
Wow, mister.
Do one thing, go sit in a temple.
People will worship you
and you can earn charity too.
We aren't getting any TRPs,
go get lost from here.
Could you concentrate less on her
and more on work?
We aren't getting TRPs.
Stop his next month's payment.
Boss, if you want, shall I put in
Bappi and Chummi in the dance number?
Oh, what pretty transgenders,
with beautiful names like Bappi, Chummi.
Why don't you put me in an item song too?
Get lost!
And look at this makeup artist.
Hey sister, please improve your makeup.
The girl is still dark.
She has to get married some day too
or else...
She could only find someone like me.
-I'll tell you one important thing.
A TV director should not be given
a film to direct.
These TV directors just know how to
show the tears of women.
And the commercial directors just know how
to bring the audience to tears.
Shall I make you cry?
Oh Mr. Sparkle,
I will sparkle myself in my film.
Hey, you come here, sister.
You people eat dry bread at home
but on set you go like,
"Baby will eat burgers only.
Baby will drink coffee only.
Baby will drink that juice."
Did your dad get you this juice?
I pay and they eat,
let me check how it is.
What is this, sir? You called me
to sign the contract for a film.
Don't worry Zain, that will happen too.
For now, just forget about film
and think about TV.
I have got a wonderful script, My Khalil.
It is known as "Cook ass."
You know I don't do TV.
Come on, look at the money.
Forget the medium.
It's not about medium,
it's about choice. Choice!
Listen to me Zain, or stay at home
without any work.
Dodo, your cake is here.
Call daddy, where is he?
Your daddy has become a filmmaker now,
he will make us wait a little.
Yes, I am going to watch
daddy's film first.
So sweet!
Must be Zain, let me open the door.
So which cheek seems sweeter today?
By God!
You are sweet from head to toe.
What happened, Myra?
Come close to me.
Come close to me
Come close to me, come close to me
Who are you all?
How dare you enter here like that!
Nobody will move!
Dude, cool down.
Or else this gun will get hot in a minute.
So you guys are having fun.
And you have called girls too.
And aunties too. Wow, wow!
And look, they are here
with a complete makeover.
What is the occassion?
Uncle, it's my birthday.
Really? Is it your birthday?
Then why are these people here?
It's a family gathering.
So these are your family members?
Hey! Nobody will move.
Only the family members will stay,
the rest shall leave.
Everybody leaves.
Get out!
Your family and my recovery.
Cheema's recovery,
where is it?
Move away, move!
Myra... Myra!
Cheema, I told you.
You will get your money.
Why the hell did you come to my home?
Dude, why are you trying to scare me?
I didn't come here to bully you,
I just came here to remind you.
This month's... what do you call it?
Yes salary,
I want your salary.
Don't give it to your wife.
Or else this might be harmful
to your kid's health,
got it?
Give me an apple!
Here, have an apple.
Cheema will leave now.
Dodo, Dodo.
Dodo is asleep now, he is fine.
Myra, I know whatever happened
shouldn't have happened.
I am really sorry, Myra.
I will fix everything, I swear.
With this attitude, you can never fix it.
And what if I do?
Then I will fix these plates.
-What are you doing? Are you insane?
-I am not, you are insane.
You are chasing a dream
which is pulling you away from reality.
Film, film, you are not even able
to manage your own life.
How are you going to make a film?
It was our kid's birthday, God damn it!
And the birthday cake is lying there
in the trash.
Did we ask Dodo for all of these things?
So you tell me what shall I do?
Do you know how hard I work
to write one film?
I go to the producers every day
and they lure me
with a film's lollipop
but give me drama's toffee instead.
Can you imagine how it feels?
Myra I can't make serials
of 600 to 650 scenes
with typical domestic issues.
Myra you know very well
that I can't make women cry.
You are making me cry, but how much more?
Myra, Dodo.
Keep your voice down, Zain Ahmad.
What do you mean, baby?
You just care about your dreams,
not me, or Dodo.
Myra, you can't do this.
You promised to live your life with me.
I promised to live with you,
not to die with you.
And listen, I am not one of your serial's
or soap's mother,
sister or daughter-in-law.
Neither am I any film's heroine,
who will be sacrificed.
I am not going
to let Dodo's life spoil anymore.
-What Myra?
What Myra?
Have you taken a look at me lately?
Have you?
What I was,
and look what you made out of me now.
What I wanted to become,
and look what I became.
Myra, what did you want to become?
Were you an astronaut? Engineer?
Senator? What were you!
You were a mere TV host
on some low caliber channel.
And who were you? Spielberg?
How many films have you made up to now?
You know what you are? You are a zero!
And it doesn't matter
if the zero is big or small.
It will always remain a zero,
like his father.
Dodo will not go anywhere,
he will stay with me.
Dodo will decide himself about this.
Tell me, buddy, who are you going
to stay with? Mommy or daddy?
Daddy, I am going to stay with you.
Dodo won't go anywhere.
He will stay with me.
That's it Myra,
stay happy in your world
and I will stay happy in mine.
Don't you dare reach for him.
Dodo! Dodo!
A family is started by parents
and they end it themselves too.
Just like a candy, you put it in
your mouth and you eat it.
And if you don't like it,
you throw it away.
They think of the family as a candy,
can't they see us?
Why do they act like kids?
That too, angry kids.
Whenever lust wounds me
with its eyes' arrow,
I complain to the one who writes our fate.
Oh fate, in women's life...
Oh fate, what shall I say,
the luck of a woman...
For God sake, please cut!
I want some tears, some feeling.
...whenever lust wounds me with its eyes.
-Whenever lust wounds me...
...with its eyes.
You idiot,
where have you brought all of them from?
After seeing their faces and actions,
no one would agree
to even get their kids to take
polio drops from them.
And you want all these fools
to bring the public to tears.
I want a host for the morning show,
not a ghost!
Nagan Chorangi, Mehmoodabad,
Orangi town, Korangi, please turn.
Yes please turn around,
and get lost from here.
Thank you very much, please leave.
I just wasted my time, please go!
You dumb head...
I want a face who not only can cry,
but who can make others cry too.
Someone whose even a single drop
of their tears
will touch the audience's heart!
Rips out their heart! Do you get it?
Find her, Glycerine, find such a host.
Who gets the ratings up
and makes the audience sit still?
Who can attract a long list of brands?
I mean from kitchen groceries
to baby diapers, whatever she touches...
gets sold out in markets.
Go, go and find her.
Hey, you idiot.
Oh my Lord... oh my God,
your servant is really in trouble.
Who is this girl?
What do you want?
Look, the auditions are over.
So please turn around,and get lost
from here. I'm in a bad mood as it is.
Sir, I am here for the producer's post.
I can't find the host, and you are here...
to get the producer's job? Excellent, out!
Sir, please listen to me.
I really need a job, sir.
"I really need a job, didn't you hear?"
I have a headache. Nonsense.
Tears? Wait! Turn around.
Come here, come here please.
Are these original?
-What do you mean?
-Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Some one said it, so right!
You... do you want to become a host?
Will you be able to sell emotions?
And play with them?
Can you bring women to tears?
Will you be able to sell poverty
against a mere ten grams of gold?
Can you buy a person's self-esteem?
Because in this country,
poverty sells for a poor person.
Tell me, can you become
the best seller of emotions?
Can you present yourself
as the drama queen?
Can you become the host
of the biggest morning show in history?
Yes... Yes...
You can become a host!
Myra, it was my father's dream
to become a filmmaker.
He spent all his life roaming around
with the script!
I want to become a filmmaker.
Myra, will you support me?
On a strange path
With no signs at all
All I had were your arms
We had nothing to do with the world
Nor we cared
About anyone
You were the only one
Who was mine
When you were around
My heart wasn't that sad
But since you have left
All I have is sadness
You were
The secret
Of my soul
But since you have left
All I have is sadness
I had no answer
To the question
How you
And I connect
You are the one I want
Your are the one who brings
Peace to my heart
Or else what else is left
In this world
The show is about to start.
Masha-Allah !
All girls cry, Myra.
But when a pretty girl cries...
then she doesn't shed tears,
she shed sparks.
-Glycerine! Put some glycerine on her.
How much tears do you want?
This much?
This much?
-Or this much.
Because all I have is tears.
Okay then let's roll. Mr. Mehtab,
standby please. We are going live!
Mr. jib operator,
for God's sake, smooth movements today.
Are you ready?
Roll cameras, please.
And three, two, one.
Jib, we are starting with you.
Smooth movement... and we are live.
Myra, we are live.
When lust wounds me with its eyes,
I complain to the one who writes fates.
Alas my fate, what can I say!
Even my father cuts
my throat with a sword.
-Camera one is on you.
-Others build walls around me
for the sake of honor.
And my own encage me with chains,
for the sake of honor.
All my relations punish me hard.
And even the husband asks
for wealth from me, the sorrowful one.
-And when I am burnt by acid,
-Camera two is on you.
everyone is scared to look
at even my picture.
Although, I serve all my life.
Yet writing those three words
can make me homeless in no time.
I have just one question for men,
when will I be able to live
with honor and respect?
My voice doesn't need your applause
but your hatred...
for those men
who think of women as their slaves.
I am Myra Khan.
And today, I will present a show to you
in which I will become the voice
of such women, whose voices
are unable to reach us.
But please remember that everything
I say will be true but bitter too.
Because on my show, there will not be
any music, dance or a comedy circus.
I will show a woman's pain
which is something even us women
neither want to talk or hear about.
But I will say it out loud,
yes I surely will.
On today's show,
I will scream the truth out loud.
Which will show how barbaric
a human can be.
I have been abused.
Yes, I have been abused...
Yes, it's correct.
What is she saying?
Yes, I have been abused.
And the woman there sitting
on the sofa has also been abused.
Can you please bring the cameras here?
Yes, here please!
And that woman on the third sofa
wearing yellow clothes,
she has been abused too.
Please focus on her as well.
-What nonsense.
-And here, a naive old mother...
can you please zoom in on her?
So that the audience can see her,
this woman has been abused too.
Every woman
who realizes the pain of any other woman
has been abused.
Clap, clap, clap!
Who is this girl?
She is really nice.
Great show!
this is the host
who will bound our client with us.
This woman called Bano
-is here with us on the stage today.
-Zain, what happened?
I feel awkward while asking this,
but how do you feel?
Where are the tears?
-Has she been raped?
-Yes sir, you can check.
Myra, we need tears.
She has to shed tears
or else we won't get ratings.
We'll go on a break and when we return,
we will make history.
And get ready for break
in three, two, one...
Listen girl,
10 to 15 girls get raped in this city
and each one of them wants justice.
But I cannot get you justice
without your tears.
Talal, please take her away.
Bring the other girl,
maybe she doesn't want justice.
-Help me sister.
-No madam, please, I want justice.
I want justice, please.
She has been raped,
and this strange woman...
Is she a woman or a bloody rock?
Please get me justice...
you people said you will support me.
Tears... I want these tears.
Your case is very weak, Mr. Zain.
Your wife isn't just the mother,
but one of the country's
biggest celebrities.
But I am still ready to take your case.
Thank you very much,
you don't know how much it means to me.
I just want my kid at any cost.
That's all right. You will have to deposit
my fees in advance.
Either you will be thankful
or you will have your peace.
See, advertising is an important thing.
This requires all your efforts
and dedication for career growth
and success.
Faraz, this is not the way
to enter a meeting.
Myra is here.
Come, you're most welcome.
That is what I came to tell you about.
Because of your show,
the ratings have peaked.
And there is a long list of clients.
Thank you so much,
can you please leave us alone for a while?
I have been calling you,
why aren't you answering my calls?
Is there anything left
to talk about between us?
You know it very well, Zain.
Myra, Dodo will stay with me now.
And what will he become, being with you?
-Who are you?
Don't shout, Zain,
and listen to me carefully.
You can think of a perfect world
in your imagination but remember,
you will have to face me eventually.
You can ask from your coworkers
to my whole social circle about who I am.
So it will be in your best interest
if you hand Dodo over to me.
I might let you meet him once
or twice a month, or else...
If things reach to the court,
then I swear...
You won't even be able to see Dodo's face.
You all sit down...
Zain, what did you do?
You insulted such a big celebrity.
The only good thing in your life
was being Myra's husband.
And you ruined that too.
Mind your language, boss,
this is my personal matter.
Please do not interfere.
Solve your problems at home.
Don't you know she is our client?
She might be your client,
but I have nothing to do with her.
You have nothing to do
with this office as well.
I am quitting myself,
I don't want this ass licking job.
-You are fired!
-Get lost!
-I said I am quitting.
-Go to hell.
I cannot lose him.
Please help me God.
So tell me, Myra,
did your husband
used to physically abuse you?
he used to hit me a lot.
I object, Your Honor,
my client has never...
Tell them, lawyer uncle,
that mommy is lying.
Daddy used to kiss mommy a lot.
Your Honor, I request you
to please call Dodo to the witness box.
So that he can tell
with whom he wants to live with.
Permission granted.
Son, you don't need to be afraid at all.
Tell judge uncle what the truth is.
I never lie, lawyer uncle, God gets angry.
Good, son. If you have to select
between mommy or daddy,
who would you select?
Point to be noted, Your Honor,
the truth of a naive kid.
Don't be afraid, son. And say one more
time who do you want to stay with?
Did you hear? Daddy.
Son, why are you confusing the court?
The court is confusing me.
It's not letting me finish my answer.
Judge uncle, you ask the question.
Okay son, if you have to live
with either mommy or daddy,
who would you stay with?
-Lawyer uncle, now let me talk.
-Go ahead, son.
Judge uncle, I like both chocolate
and ice cream, fifty-fifty.
Mommy seems like ice cream to me,
she's cool...
who loves...
who tells lies and truth for me.
And daddy,
daddy seems like chocolate to me.
No matter how many problems he has,
he stays sweet to me always.
Judge uncle, I want to stay
with both mommy and daddy.
Mommy and daddy are the world to me.
Judge uncle please,
I want to stay with both of them.
Judge uncle, I want to stay
with both mommy and daddy.
-Dodo, Dodo.
I request the court
to please call upon
Mr. Zain Ahmad to the witness box.
-Be strong brother.
Mr. Zain Ahmad.
Hello, Zain Ahmad.
Hello, Mr. Zain Ahmad.
Yes , I am sorry, Mr. Zain Ahmad.
I think you are lost in some film's scene.
But we are trying to call you back
from reel life to real life.
Would you mind getting
into the witness box?
Your Honor, they say that
to reach somewhere,
one has to leave from somewhere.
Like Mr. Zain Ahmad,
who came from a flop filmmaker's house
to his flop filmmaking journey.
And the sad part is...
that might be interesting for him.
That the suffering is not just for him,
but for his whole family.
Because like father like son.
I don't know where to start
with Zain Ahmad's chronicles.
This person can ruin anyone's dreams
to fulfill his own.
As a husband,
he has violated his wife's rights
in all instances.
Not only did he keep her confined
inside the house,
but he has also been hitting her.
Point to be noted, Your Honor.
Just because, his wife wanted to help him
in running the household.
She wanted to work
and add happiness to the house.
And those things that he as a father
was unable to do for his kid,
she wanted to do as a mother.
Mr. Zain Ahmad, have you ever paid
your child's school fee on time?
But you took a loan of fifty lacs
from the bank to make a film
that you never returned.
Because you never made that film,
you were not able to make it.
And you spent all the money
for your own luxuries.
when you visit his rented house,
he lives like Prince Jahangir,
free from worries about the future.
How can a person like him
protect his offspring?
Because of his wrongdoing,
he can be homeless at any time.
A person like that can become a father
but cannot "be" one.
A child without a father
is like a house without a roof.
This saying is not for a father
who has passed away
but for a father who is dead to his child,
even after being alive.
Listen to me.
Come here...
Are you married?
-Do you have kids?
By God's grace!
-How many?
-Are you sure they are yours?
-What rubbish!
You are the one who's talking rubbish!
You are tearing the honor of a father,
measuring it in terms of money!
Tell me how much will it take you to sell
your child, to let him go away from you?
Now you can decide this
being rich or poor.
It will be only you who will die.
It will bring death, only death.
If only the kids are your own...
Come on,
tell me why are you dumbstruck now?
Tell me, why are you quiet?
Do you even know what a father is?
A father was the first flower
from paradise who was bloomed...
by God's own hands, by making him a human.
He is the fragrance of that love,
which was smelled by Eve.
And you know what happened then?
God sent the offspring on Earth,
this offspring.
But what does offspring mean?
Neither you can understand
or this court.
One has to have a reputation for it
and should have lots of money and
I have none of them, what can I do?
So if you can at least be a little bit,
just a little bit considerate...
I beg in front of all of you
for forgiveness.
For God's sake,
if there is any honor left
in being a father, even a little bit...
Please, let me keep that honor.
I ask for your forgiveness
and I take this case back.
You can give his custody
to whoever you like, Your Honor.
I know his mother will take
better care of him than me.
Daddy, daddy,
I want to stay with you, daddy.
I want to stay with you, daddy.
Dodo, Dodo!
By keeping all evidences and witnesses
in mind,
the court has decided.
Zain is not able to bear
the responsibility of a child,
therefore the court orders to give
Dodo's custody to Myra Khan.
and requires Zain to stay away
from his child
until he is able to bear responsibility
of taking care of his child.
The court is adjourned.
Sir, sir. Excuse me, sir.
How do you feel after losing the case?
Do you think justice is served
and are you OK with the verdict?
Will you appeal in the high court
for your case?
According to social media, you deserve
whatever is happening to you.
What is your response?
They say you and Myra had a love marriage.
How did you feel while hitting
your wife? Is there any guilt?
answer our questions, sir. Sir, sir...
Is it true that you asked for money
from Myra to stay away from your kid?
What did you just say?
Is it true that you asked for money
from Myra?
What did you just say?
What did you just say?
Do you even know what love is?
Myra is my wife, Dodo is my son!
Their worth is my love, my belief!
It is my last breath! Is that clear?
Come on! Ask me! Ask me what love means!
My family is my everything!
I love my wife! God damn it!
What were you saying?
Leave me!
Myra is my wife! I love them!
What were you saying?
Leave me!
On a strange path, with no signs at all
All I had were your eyes
We had nothing to do with the world
Nor we cared about anyone
All I had was you
When you were around
My heart wasn't that sad
But since
You have left
All I have is sadness
You were the secret
Of my soul
But since you have left
You have given me
I had no answer to the question
How you and I connect
How yours
And mine, what relation is
And I connect
You are
The one I want
Your are the one
Who brings peace to my heart
Or else
What else is left
In this world
How could that moment
Just slip away from my hands
Was it the storm or just my silence
You were the secret
Of my soul
But since you have left
All I have is sadness
When mommy and daddy
were getting separated,
I loved them even more
and I was getting hurt too.
Dodo, my friend.
How is my champion? You know I missed you.
You know I was mad all day,
and I didn't talk to anyone at all.
Even I didn't talk to anyone
and I was mad too.
You didn't talk to anyone?
Come on, let's celebrate.
-Which toy did you get?
-The one with lights, it's so great.
I played with it all day.
Oh my God, it has lights?
I don't believe this.
Let's go play with it.
Will you show it to me? Let's go.
Stop the car, Khan. I have to pee.
You will have told hold it, Master Dodo,
until we get to school.
I can't stop the car,
your mother has forbidden it.
All right, I have to do it
in the car then.
What are you doing, Master Dodo?
What is going on?
-No, no, Master Dodo. Don't do it here.
-I'll do it here.
What are you doing, Master Dodo?
I am fooling you.
Where are you going, Master Dodo?
-Master Dodo, stop...
-Let's go, let's go! We made him fool.
Master Dodo! Stop...
Myra, please make them cry.
It's such a sensitive topic,
the ratings should have peaked by now.
There is an emergency, boss.
Dodo has been kidnapped.
Really? Let's hijack the ratings then.
Echo Charlie, Echo Charlie.
A six-year-old boy
with fair complexion and long hair
has been kidnapped
by a guy from Karachi Chowk
wearing a black jacket and a black helmet.
Arrest him if you see him, over.
Hey wait, catch him!
We are waiting, uncle.
Catch us if you can.
Catch him!
Catch him!
Stop, stop!
Hey, idiot! We had to take that path!
When things are out of control,
Cheema is the man in control.
Dodo, whatever happens, stay here OK?
Dodo, stay here. I'll be right back.
Cheema, let me go today.
I beg of you, I will pay back
every single penny of yours.
Cheema, please.
You know there lives a bird in everyone.
In some, a scared pigeon.
In some, a parrot that keeps talking.
In some, a peacock who keeps crying.
But here lives a hawk.
Cheema, this is my kid's money!
Cheema, leave me!
Cheema, it's my life!
This is my kid's money!
Hit that dog!
Don't hit my daddy!
Don't hit my daddy!
When things get out of control,
Cheema is in control!
Leave him, he is just a kid!
Come here, come here.
Come close, come close.
-Come here, come here.
-I will not leave you.
Come close, come close.
Come here, come here.
Come close, come close.
Leave me alone, I want to go to daddy.
Leave me alone.
I don't want to live with you,
leave me alone.
I don't want to live with you.
I want to go to daddy!
-I don't want to live with you.
-Dodo, stop it.
-I want to go to daddy!
-Stop it, Dodo!
I want to go to daddy.
I don't want to live with you.
Stop it, Dodo. Stop it! You will not
go to daddy, do you hear me?
I want to go to daddy,
I don't want to live...
Go away from here.
Oh, welcome, welcome.
My wife is a fan of yours.
She watches your show very fondly,
and that's why...
my breakfast is served late.
Thank you. May I meet my husband?
Yes sure, go ahead.
These are the bail orders.
What have you done to yourself?
I beat you like an animal!
So maybe that's why.
This is what you said, didn't you?
Yes I did. But just to secure Dodo,
and you will never understand that.
That's a lie.
You said all of it to feed your own ego.
So that could bring me down.
I wish you could think of me
and not just yourself.
It wouldn't be like this today.
Wow, Myra. You are showing love
and then killing me.
No, Myra. There are no tears
in the promise of love.
But all that's left after love is tears.
Just leave, Myra.
-Who wants it, do you want it?
-I want! I want!
-Say it louder, RC mobile, RC mobile.
-I want! I want!
Say it louder. No, no, say it!
RC mobile, RC mobile.
Say it louder, say it.
Silence. Silence please!
I want, I don't have a mobile.
What is all this nonsense?
Sir, they are rehearsing to beg for gifts.
No need for that,
our nation is already very good at that.
Where is Myra?
No, sir. She didn't even come today.
I don't know how she will understand.
Who wants it? Who wants it?
I think you are not in your senses.
My son has not eaten for three days.
He is not talking to me.
And all you care about is ratings?
Can't you see what condition I am in?
That is what I am saying!
In such a condition,
the rating conditions and meters
reach their peak.
Please don't mind.
The wedding season is going on these days.
If we show your condition...
in this mumbo jumbo,
we can top the ratings.
I swear upon your tears,
we can break the national record
of 16.6 TRP.
We can make women cry
with the help of tears.
we will be able to play with the emotions.
I am dying here
and you only care about your ratings.
What kind of a human are you?
But... Myra...
I admit I am selfish.
I know I am mean.
But I will find a solution to your problem
and get my ratings too.
But... what shall we do?
Myra, just do one thing.
Give the kid to his dad.
You said it yourself.
He won't be able
to take care of him for more than 15 days.
Remember? Do you remember?
-Yes, so?
-So you overestimated!
Just like the ratings.
He will not be able to take care of him
even for one day let alone 15.
Myra, I'm sure you must have heard.
Love might be strong enough
but money can buy it off eventually.
And now Zain's poverty
has locked his fate's ratings.
Only Dodo's love
can seal it forever.
And it can get me...
Just think of it,
16.6 ratings.
Dude, if you can't afford
the rent of such an expensive flat,
-why do you live here then?
Why do you live like Nawab?
I want money, not your emotions.
-Mr. Shaukat, listen to me.
-You listen to me.
-Dude I have three flats in defense.
-How much, three, three?
-But I still live in Banaras.
-You know?
I don't live in luxury.
-Come on, take his stuff.
-Shaukat, listen to me.
-Just give me one month, I will pay--
-I don't want to listen at all!
You listen to me!
I am keeping your stuff. Take his stuff.
Take his stuff.
Do not give it back
until he pays off all his rent.
You have made me angry.
Chaudhary is calling me, hello!
-Mr. Shaukat, just listen to me.
-No, I will not listen to you now.
No, that was not for you.
Dodo, how did you get here?
Mommy said I can live with you now.
You are not alone anymore.
Your friend is back,
now we will have fun together.
We will eat and drink,
and have fun, right my friend?
Oh Ali
Oh Ali
A humble poet I am
Let me be your muse
In rapture, my very being cries out
Ali Ali
With my every breath comes
Ali Ali Ali
With my every breath comes Ali Ali Ali
With my every breath comes Ali Ali Ali
With my every breath comes Ali Ali Ali
His teacher, his inspiration
Lawgiver, Teacher, True Guide
His teacher, his inspiration
Lawgiver, Teacher, True Guide
Truth be you are the Truth
The Absolute
In rapture, my very being cries out
Ali Ali
With my every breath comes Ali Ali Ali
Adam, the Pure be you
Yusuf the Beautiful too
Adam, the Pure be you
Yusuf the Beautiful too
This you, who's patience guide
In rapture, my very being cries out
Ali Ali
With my every breath comes Ali Ali Ali
With my every breath comes Ali Ali Ali
Dodo! What did you do?
Start the car, hurry!
You're dead!
With my every breath comes Ali Ali Ali
With my every breath comes Ali Ali Ali
-Allah doesn't like
those who lie, Faraz uncle.
Please tell me where my daddy is.
Hi, Dodo.
Stay there!
Let's do it again.
Oh such an easy catch
and you dropped it again?
One more time.
Quiet! Your daddy is dead!
Go away from here! Your father is dead!
Wipe your tears,
not a single tear!
Go away, your father has died!
Go! Go to your mom, go!
Daddy, you are my superman!
You can never die.
Daddy, I haven't got a kiss from you
for 176 days,
not even your hug.
Just give me one kiss, daddy.
Just one kiss.
Just a hug, daddy. You are the world's
best daddy. I swear I will get angry.
Please open the door, daddy!
I will count to three.
I am never going to see you again!
Daddy, love is a strange thing. It seems
like a dream when you are not in love.
When you find it, it seems like a fairy.
And when it leaves, it seems
like a monster, and it makes us cry.
It scares us.
But my daddy isn't scared of anyone.
He is a superman.
The world's biggest filmmaker.
Daddy, will you make a film?
I want to watch it and clap for you.
And give you lots of kisses and hugs,
right daddy?
Daddy, please come to me.
I am drowning
deep down, and there is no one to save me.
A broken star is left alone
It is lost when the moon has gone
Who shall it go to
As everyone is a stranger now
A broken star
Is left alone
Don't know where it is lost
Oh Lord
Please show me the way
Oh Lord
Show me someone my own
Oh Lord
Let me pray to you
Oh Lord
Oh Lord, you have everything in control
Just you are in control
Zain Ahmad, when will you start shooting?
A friend is mad at me.
I have to make peace with him first.
-Dodo! Call an ambulance!
Hurry up! Look, daddy is here.
-Wake up, I will hug you.
-Dodo, open your eyes.
Dodo, open your eyes.
Dodo. Call the doctor!
You both, please stay here.
Go, take him. Hurry up.
He is my son.
Listen, you can't go inside.
How can you stop me? That's my son!
Zain, let him go inside.
Boss, why aren't you doing anything?
Please stop Myra,
or else it will be disasterous.
Let it be. Let us gain maximum ratings.
But how are we going to air
a morning show in the evening?
That's the twist, my dear.
MYRA KHAN NEX My name is Myra Khan.
Who am I and what I am,
I would like you to know that today.
You might not forgive me,
but my God will forgive me, I am sure.
Like all other channels' hosts,
I too have many faces but no identity.
We exploit the pain of other people
on our shows and exhibit their tears
by taking this "victimized product"
which is called "ratings" in our language
and "women" in yours.
A woman...
who gives birth
to the greatest personality
"A mother."
We call her upon our show
and make a joke out of her.
We ridicule her,
tear her apart.
The favorite women as a subject
on our shows are...
women who have been thrown out
from the house or burnt by acid.
Or are divorced or those who have faced
any sort of harassment.
When we call such a woman on the show,
our first question always is,
how do you feel about it?
How do you like it?
Oh, why are you crying?
Please don't cry, everything will be fine.
This is how we console them,
in a fake way.
We put them to shame by calling them here
and then we ask for justice for them...
as a charity.
What's wrong with her?
Our favorite products,
other than women, include Eid,
Christmas and Ramzan.
As the month of Ramzan comes closer,
our scarves reach our heads,
from our necks.
And as Ramzan goes away,
they reach back to our shoulders.
And when Eid arrives,
those scarves disappear.
From charity
and the skin of sacrificed animals...
to exchanging flowers on Valentine's day,
we are there.
I am not saying that every host is wrong.
But yes, I am admitting that I am wrong.
I am a liar.
And maybe that is why
I carry the burden of my sins.
I am begging for forgiveness,
from all of you.
From all of those
whom I called upon my show.
And exhibited them and ridiculed them
Please forgive me for God's sake.
My son is in the hospital.
I request you all to please pray for him,
that he stays alive.
Please pray that he stays alive.
These are original tears, sir.
Mine too.
What did you do, Zain?
This is your dream.
What dream, Myra?
A dream in which he is alive
and he is with us.
He was living in that dream.
He is going, Myra.
He is dying.
Show me how to beg, show me how to pray
I will get on my knees
Just show me how to shed a tear
Oh Lord
Give me the words
Which can please you
It hurts so much
Take the pain away
I am all alone
I am all alone
Oh Lord, listen to my prayers
Please take no more time
In showing mercy
I am all alone, Oh Lord
Oh Lord
Show me
The right way
Oh Lord
Show me someone my own
Oh Lord
Show me how to pray
Oh Lord
You are the only one
Who can control, my Lord
You are the only one
Who can control, my Lord
Do you remember, Zain, that Dodo was just
three pounds when he was born?
He couldn't even breathe properly.
He was just the size of our palms.
Doctors had declared
that he won't survive.
He laid there in the incubator
with his little heart
and tiny eyes watching us.
We were crying, but he was smiling at us.
He was waving his tiny hands,
saying, "don't worry mommy and daddy.
Don't worry, I am all right.
I'll be all right."
Do you know why was he saying that?
I know, Myra.
He could see love.
He could see two people who were together
to make his world complete.
Like every other kid,
he could see his paradise in us.
Do you remember, Myra,
what Dodo said in the court?
Mommy plus daddy is equal to Dodo.
He was right,
but why couldn't we hear him?
He kept crying.
Why couldn't we see it?
He came to ask just for a kiss,
just a little hug.
And I couldn't give him even that, Myra.
You weren't able to give him that.
What kind of a father am I
and what kind of a mother are you?
All that's left is "me and me"
and we forgot about "us."
Don't say this, please.
We don't have the right to call ourselves
mommy and daddy.
And we shouldn't stop Dodo too.
He wants to go back to the stars,
where he came from.
Come on.
We must let him free.
Let us, let him go.
-Zain, listen to me, please.
-We have to do this, Myra.
Zain, this can't happen. Zain!
What are you doing, sir?
I want to...
sign off these ventilators right now.
I want to set my kid free.
Get me the papers.
Zain, what are you doing? Are you crazy?
Dodo is our baby,
our life and you?
What are you doing?
Listen to me.
He is our love, isn't he? He is our kid.
We should set him free,
he is in so much pain.
He wants to go, okay?
-Yes, he wants to go.
-He wants to go, let's set him free.
-No, Zain.
No, Zain.
What are you doing? Are you mad?
Zain, our kid will die!
Why aren't you stopping him?
Why are you just watching?
-Please, doctor! I beg you stop him.
-I am sorry.
My kid will die.
Why aren't you stopping him
and just watching like that?
What? No, please don't shut it down!
For God's sake, my kid will die.
What kind of a doctor are you? Zain!
Dodo, my child!
Dodo, what kind of a friend are you?
You called us your friends.
How can someone leave his friends?
Please, you can't do this to us.
Please wake up.
How much more will you make your
mommy, daddy cry? Please, my friend.
Dodo. Dodo, I know you are drowning.
I won't let you drown.
Daddy, I am drowning very deep.
And no one
is saving me.
We won't let you drown.
I know you are drowning.
Come on buddy, call me daddy.
Open up your eyes, say daddy.
Come on, wake up!
Say daddy, Dodo.
Dodo, call your mommy.
Call your mommy, just once.
Dodo, say daddy.
Dodo, say daddy.
Say daddy!
I am here and so are you
And see how beautiful life is
The sky is smiling and so is the earth
And see how beautiful life is
Come let's fly again
And never fall again
I'm your support
And you're mine
I will hold you
And you will hold me
Let's not fall again
Hold my hand, it's not that difficult
Just take a few steps
The destination is near
Let me be the shadow
Come rest under my shade
Don't walk alone
Let's walk together
Let me be your companion in this journey
And you
Be my strength
Come on
Let's bloom together again
I'm your support
And you're mine
I will hold you
And you will hold me
Come on
Come on
The sky is smiling and so is the earth
And see how beautiful life is
Come let's fly again
Come on
And never fall again