Zip and Zap and the Captain's Island (2016) Movie Script

- Dear Three Wise Men...
- No, no.
Dear Three Swindlers!
It's Zip and Zap,
the kids who asked you
for a World Cup soccer ball and
a submarine last year.
And we got neither,
just crappy presents instead.
Let's be honest.
This relationship isn't working.
You've been screwing things up
for years now.
That's why we were forced to make
a very painful decision.
Melchior, Gaspar, Balthasar...
You're fired!
Kick the road, losers!
Oh, and don't worry about
our presents.
We'll take care of that.
Merry Christmas, little bro.
Where's my remote-controlled
Hey, check it out!
Look, a ball!
What's this?
It's a melon.
What do I look like?
A bonehead with a limp.
Put that out and find some toys.
Hey! Put that out!
What are you doing?
Don't blow on it, lamebrain!
Grab toys!
Run as fast as you can!
Let's go!
Run, run!
Don't sigh like that.
- Were not even allowed to breathe?
- No.
You were going to let us
choke to death!
Keep this up and you'll never
watch TV again.
- You already said no TV.
- Then no more bicycles.
We already did that.
- Summer camp too?
- That too.
I've got it. Make them
do dishes every night.
No, they'll break
all of my dinnerware.
Wow, you can't think of
any more punishment?
Maybe because since the toy store
accident we've had them all.
Accident? An accident is tripping
and spilling your soup.
What you did is categorical
- Categorical what?
- Come on, we're not criminals.
The newspaper said you are.
Well, it also said to blame
someone's parents.
I'm only guilty of trying
to raise you right.
Like I've always said:
you get what you deserve.
Not again. I'd like to see you
when you were kids.
I never disobeyed my parents.
Integrity, decency
and proper manners.
That was my motto.
We must be arriving.
- Arriving where?
- Yeah, tell us or we'll swim home.
We're visiting...
a publisher for my novel.
How thrilling.
- We'll be back for dinner, right?
- No.
We're staying for a few days.
We've decided that after
your last fiasco, you don't deserve
Christmas vacation.
- No Christmas?
- Take note, another punishment.
You're the worst parents
in the world.
It's going to start pouring
any minute.
You can start rowing because
I think we're lost.
- Did you follow the directions?
- Every turn.
Maybe the map the publisher sent
is wrong.
Don't worry about us. We'd rather get lost
out here than go to Dad's thing.
For once we agree. We'd rather
not have to look at you.
We should drop you off
in the next ditch.
Look! Finally.
We can ask in the town.
Are you sure? That road
isn't even on the map.
Come on, where's your sense
of adventure?
I've never had one of those.
Do you think we missed
the road to town?
It looks like an orphanage.
Should we ask inside?
Hey, look at that guy.
Get an umbrella, you pinhead.
I'll be right back.
How may I help the gentleman?
I told him, this map is wrong.
Your father's just as stubborn as you.
Hey, don't compare me to him.
Mom, if you worry about everything,
you'll never enjoy anything.
It's better to worry,
later surprises come along.
Sense of adventure...
You can't just waltz through life
like a lunatic
without thinking about
the consequences.
Okay, change of plans.
We're staying here tonight.
- Are you sure?
- No, Dad! This sucks!
Calm down. We got lost.
And apparently we can only
go back the way we came.
It's too dangerous in the rain.
- We'll go tomorrow. Okay?
- No.
- Let's hit the road.
- "Hit," he says.
More like "kick."
My novel.
Thank you.
And don't even think about
going in there with that.
Please wait here.
Miss Pam, the owner of the house,
will be down to greet you shortly.
- Magnificent.
- Cool.
Nice gang.
Who are they?
If you read a book you'd know.
Captain Nemo,
Doctor Jeckyll and Mister Hyde,
Peter Pan, Allan Quatermain,
Sherlock Holmes,
the Invisible Man...
And the painting, Captain Hook.
All great literary characters.
How boring!
It's a little peculiar, isn't it?
Miss Pam has an amazing
book collection.
Wait until you see my other
collections, my dear.
Welcome to you all.
I'm Pamela.
Or, as everyone here in this
little world calls me, Miss Pam.
Nice to meet you.
Jaime just told me the awful news.
How unfortunate!
Lost and nowhere to go.
- At first we...
- Luckily I'm here
to rescue this happy family.
Give me five?
Too slow!
You'll have to be faster than that.
Now, let's see.
Raise your hand if you're...
Nobody else?
Company march!
To the dining room!
Family, tonight we have guests.
My darlings, these are my children.
Sister Enriqueta, their caretaker,
and Salomon, our gardener.
You've already met Jaime.
- Pleased to meet you.
- Yes.
They look very happy and
well-mannered. How do you do it?
Thank you, but I shouldn't take
the credit.
Yes, Miss Pam, you should.
Well, yes, but only because
I've given them a home.
And in exchange,
they make me so happy.
You see, life hasn't been fair
to them.
They all come from broken homes.
They were born into families with...
troubled parents.
- So none of them have parents?
- No.
But they're very happy now.
- No wonder. Nobody gives them crap.
- Zap, watch your mouth.
You know what?
I didn't have parents either.
They died shortly after I was born,
so I grew up alone.
Well, not alone, because Jaime
was already working
for my parents and he made sure
I was provided for.
- Then you grew up in this house.
- Bingo!
Unlike these children, I was lucky
enough to have rich parents.
So rich...
So rich...
that I ate them!
A few years ago
I decided to use my fortune
to fill this house with children
who needed a home.
The lost children.
But there's a girl missing, right?
- A redhead.
- Oh, yes, that's right.
Where is Pippi, Sister?
Probably reading one of those
novels she loves.
Shouldn't she be here
having dinner with everyone?
My dear, this home is ruled by harmony.
I never impose rules on my children.
Childhood is a time for freedom
to experiment.
Besides, Pippi is a very unique
little girl.
I try to set limits, but with these two
we haven't had much luck.
The system in your orphanage
might work better.
That's an ugly word.
We prefer to call it
a childhood home.
After all, once you cross
the threshold into my world,
you forever become a part
of my big family.
The gentleman and his wife
can sleep in this room.
- And the boys?
- They can sleep in the children's wing.
A house with wings! And we get
the cool one, with no parents.
Behave yourselves.
I don't want any
horsing around or...
Monkey business. Okay, Dad.
We promise not to have any fun.
Stop complaining and think about
those poor kids without parents.
Poor kids? With Miss Pam
they won the lottery.
Come here, you dummies.
You'll miss us some day,
you'll see.
Mom, please, stop...
That's enough.
A loving kiss is like rain,
it washes away the pain.
It's a secret.
No good night kiss
for your boys?
- No way.
- Yeah, no way.
What's up, blondie?
- But...?
- Shh, you'll scare him.
- Scare who?
- The ghost.
Hey, why is the window open?
So a girl came in
through the window?
You wish.
LOG RAF Come on!
He's in there.
- Who?
- The ghost.
Great, you scared him away.
Sorry, with the window open l...
We won't catch him tonight.
Who, the ghost?
There was nobody there,
you wacko.
What's your name?
I'm Pippi.
This girl has a screw loose.
If you would be so kind
as to follow me,
Miss Pam would like
to speak with you.
Boys, I have something to tell you.
And, well,
it's a delicate subject.
Spit it out quickly,
the donuts are waiting.
- Your parents are gone.
- What do you mean, gone? Where?
- They left.
- They'll be back.
This way we don't have to go
see his boring publisher.
Darling, there is no boring
That's the excuse they made up
to bring you here.
They... gave up on you boys.
Burning that toy store was the
last straw. Their patience ran out.
What are you saying?
Your parents don't want you anymore
and they abandoned you here...
What? Mr. Grumpy and Mrs. Bossy
without us...?
Yeah, right! Who are they
going to boss around?
- Zap.
- What?
She's not laughing.
She isn't.
The car is gone.
It's true, Zap.
They left.
They took my slingshot?
To hell with them!
Why are you crying?
You're better off without
people who don't love you.
How are you, children?
Who's winning?
Oh, my little chicks!
Listen up, my children.
We have two new members.
Welcome them like you know how.
Emoclew, emoclew!
Emoclew, emoclew, emoclew!
My children don't say "welcome,"
they say it backwards:
Now go and play.
Go on.
Okay, children.
Who feels like singing?
Me, me, me!
But you know who gets to sing
the first rhyme?
The new boys.
Okay, little chicks, it's easy.
I sing a verse
and you make it rhyme. Got it?
Here we go!
Singing is my medicine.
I do it all the time.
I don't need a pill,
just make the song...
- "Rhyme."
- Come on, little chicks, it's easy.
Singing is my medicine.
I do it all the time.
I don't need a pill...
Go suck on a lime!
What happened here?
Did I do that?
How clumsy of me!
Let's show our new friends
what a wonderful place this is.
We're the lost children,
who can ask for anything more.
Living at a childhood home
is never a bore.
Always happy,
happy as a clam.
Because instead of parents,
we've got Miss Pam.
Be yourself and have a good time.
Do whatever you want,
it's not a crime.
You can jump in a puddle.
She can drink from the bottle.
No teeth brushing for me.
They look better black, you see?
Do whatever you want,
even undo what you didn't.
You can have it all.
With no rules the sky's the limit.
Do whatever you want,
even undo what you didn't.
With no rules, the sky's the limit.
Pippi acts with passion,
she was born for the stage.
Novels and awesome stories,
they're all the rage.
Here comes Salomon,
always with something to fix.
We've never seen him smile,
but he knows amazing tricks.
Jaime's like a robot,
a robot with one hand.
He can dust, paint and sweep,
or even play like a band.
Do whatever you want,
even undo what you didn't.
You can have it all.
With no rules, the sky's the limit.
Do whatever you want,
even undo what you didn't.
You can have it all.
With no rules, the sky's the limit.
Now smile and give us a rhyme,
give it a chance...
Come on, little chicks.
What do you say?
Eat my underpants!
Do whatever you want,
even undo what you didn't.
You can have it all.
With no rules, the sky's the limit.
Do whatever you want,
even undo what you didn't.
You can have it all.
With no rules, the sky's the limit!
Good morning, darlings.
- How are we today?
- Bad.
Just like yesterday, and the day
before, and the day before...
- Yes, I got it.
- Please, let us go.
- Do it for our children.
- I am doing it for them, my dear.
Everything I do is for the children.
What have you done to them?
They'd better be safe and sound or...
Or what?
What will you do to me?
Punish me with no vacation?
Or maybe smack me?
She's crazy.
But I have an appointment
with a publisher who lives
- on this island.
- Yes, the appointment.
Did he insist by any chance
on meeting the whole family?
Did he ask you for a photo
of when you were both children
for the cover?
We're the only ones
who live on this island, my dear.
You know why?
Because this island is...
I'm sorry, but I'm not at all
interested in your novel.
It's unimaginative
and arrogant.
Typical of adults.
The children are ready.
Take them away.
Oh, you're here. Perfect.
- Come in.
- Go on.
Isn't this thrilling?
No matter how many times
I do this, I always get
that tingle like the first day.
What are you going to do with us?
Please, don't be melodramatic.
I'm giving you a free trip.
- A trip where?
- Not where, my dear.
Which memories would you like
them to retain?
Only to age eleven.
May I have the photos of them
when they were children?
Ready when you are.
You can come out, don't be shy.
Welcome to the childhood home,
Listen up, darlings.
Two new children
are joining our family.
Let's give them a big welcome.
Emoclew, emoclew, emoclew!
Who wants to be the first
to introduce yourself?
Me, me, me!
Hi, my name is Flecky.
Miss Pam said this is my new home
because my parents got tired of me.
Actually I'm a little sad
and I don't really feel like talking.
But when I cheer up,
I never stop.
Oh, and my shoe size
is 5 and a half.
Go ahead, my boy.
Tell us your name.
Come on, don't be shy.
You want to hear
my last name too?
- That Flecky is a total freak.
- And the other kid's a pig.
Though she's pretty cute.
Does he think he's the only kid
who can burp his name?
Hi, new roommates!
Hi, I'm Zip and this
is my brother Zap.
- Have you picked your bed yet?
- No.
All 4 are fantastic. Except that one,
that one and that one.
So you want this one?
Is it yours? If it is,
I'll take a less fantastic one.
No, it's okay. I don't even like it.
Well, I like it
because you picked it.
Which one is yours, knucklehead?
This one.
Then that settles it.
Already moved in.
Forget it. Either move out
or I'll move you out.
Look, kid. There's only room
for one rooster in this henhouse.
And the job... is taken.
So kick the road.
Geez Louise!
Hey, it looks like there is room
for two roosters in this henhouse.
- Right, chicken?
- Rooster.
- Chicken.
- Rooster.
- Chicken!
- Rooster!
Boys, don't fight.
Talking is always the answer.
Well, unless you're deaf or mute,
they just go like this.
Never mind.
Let's see who's nicer and gives
his bed to the other one.
Here, sea monkey!
Come here, don't run away!
We've got a couple of gems here.
Always shutting the window!
Great, the whole circus is here.
It's okay, she's a friend.
Be quiet, guys!
I'm trying to sleep.
Hubba, hubba!
Who's the knockout?
- Pippi, where are you going?
- To catch that ghost once and for all.
Anyone want to come along?
Rock and roll.
I can't believe how brave you are.
I love brave girls.
- How do you like boys?
- Medium rare.
Wait, I think he's in there.
He's right there, looking at us.
He was following us.
The only ghost I see around here
is him.
- That's gonna cost you.
- See? I can see right through him.
Shut up, knucklehead!
You see? It's the ghost!
What the heck...?
Take that, right in the face!
Hit the ground!
He's hitting us with
the whole library!
Come on!
Hey, the ghost is that way!
Where are they going?
Mr. Ghost...?
Where are you, Mr. Ghost?
Tonight I'm going to catch you.
The compass.
Wait, Flecky, wait.
Does it hurt?
Well, it might go away
if you give me a...
- Oh, forget it.
- No, tell me.
What do you need?
They say...
that a loving kiss is like rain,
it washes away the pain.
Science is advancing so fast.
Yeah, I don't know.
If you give me one here...
Yeah, right.
Like I'm your mom or something.
- You were really scared back there.
- Me, scared?
You took off like the Road Runner.
- You squealed like a little girl. Ms. Macky.
- Ms. Macky?
My butt. You're the one
who squealed like a little girl.
Help, open up!
I'm scared!
- Enough scaring people!
- Quiet.
Do you hear that?
Run, run!
There he is!
He's down!
Over there, come on!
I'll catch you, you thieving monkey!
It's Salomon.
Run or he'll catch you.
Where? Where is he?
They're coming! Run!
Over there, let's go!
Come on, hurry up!
Run, quickly!
Come on!
- Where is he?
- He was right here.
He went down here, Miss Pam.
- I'm sure of it.
- Come on, we have to catch him.
You're really good at hiding.
Wait, wait.
I can't run anymore. That monkey
can eat me for all I care.
What was that? An orangutan?
No, it was a monkey.
What's a gorilla doing here?
It was a monkey, you boneheads.
Hey, where's Flecky?
I don't know. She's gone.
- We have to find her.
- No, it's too dangerous.
Besides, she's faster
than any of us anyway.
Hey! That's my slingshot!
Come on, let's go!
Why do they want to kill you?
You're not bad, are you?
- There he is!
- Careful, you'll hit the girl!
You almost killed her, you fool!
- Go after him!
- Yes.
Are you all right, sweetie?
- Did that horrible beast hurt you?
- No, no.
He was protecting me.
And he understands what you say.
Yes, he's very smart.
Too smart.
So he was protecting you, huh?
Well, we can't trust him.
He's been sneaking into the house
and stealing anything he can find.
What if he kidnaps one of you?
I don't know what I would do
without you, my children.
He made it into the woods.
But he dropped this.
- He's trying to get off the island...
- Shut up!
I'll think of something
Now let's go back inside.
Come on, sweetie.
Come to Daddy.
How did this get here?
I'm okay.
Everything's under control.
What's cooking here?
Holy cow!
Salomon has quite a shop
going in here.
He's expecting a war.
The guy likes to travel.
Nice closet.
Oh, okay.
It's a disguise.
- They're not his clothes, bonehead.
- Whose are they?
They're Mom and Dad's.
Look, Dad's briefcase!
And his novel!
You know what this means?
- The dimwits forgot their luggage.
- They would never leave all this here.
Dad took his novel everywhere with him.
Don't make things up.
They abandoned us here like dogs.
After seeing this
you still believe that?
Hey, check this out.
This is crazy!
Hey! That's from Dad's car.
Well? You think they forgot
their license plate?
No, Zap. Miss Pam lied to us.
Mom and Dad didn't abandon us.
They didn't abandon us.
Then... they still love us?
Of course they do!
And we have to find them.
But where could they be?
Well, boys, if that monkey
got them...
chopped up in a ditch somewhere.
Come on, we have to tell you
You know what?
I'm not surprised.
Weird things have been going on
here and they never tell us anything.
Miss Pam is behind our parents
We have to find out
what she's up to.
No, we should try to escape.
Crossing the forest,
there's a town
across the island.
We can go for help.
Yeah, we'll tell the police.
Police aren't cool, but I'm with...
What was your name, Four Eyes?
I'm with Four Eyes.
We should bring the cavalry.
Okay, then.
We leave tonight.
No. Crossing the woods
at night is too risky.
And we need supplies.
We'll leave tomorrow,
but at the crack of dawn.
Dawn has a butt crack?
Let's go!
What a sucker.
He had no clue.
This is cause for celebration.
- Gross!
- What a pig!
- Where are you going?
- Quick, run!
Let's go!
Come on, hurry!
Come on, guys!
Quick, give me your hand!
- Grab me!
- It hurts, I can't stand up!
- Grab my hand!
- Hurry, Pippi! He's coming!
- Pippi, grab my hand!
- No!
You guys run!
- Pippi, please!
- Let's go!
- Let's stop.
- Yeah.
Good idea.
No danger. I'm dizzy.
Poor Pippi.
- I blew it.
- Yeah.
Leaving her behind
wasn't very nice.
But at least you tried.
You want to help her?
Then keep walking until you reach
the police station and come back
in a patrol car.
That's what I'm going to do.
Flecky, Flecky.
That's the way back to the mansion.
Then that's not the way to go.
Come on, guys.
We have to save Pippi,
find your parents
and stop that damn asteroid
from hitting the Earth!
Okay, that last part
was a little extra motivation.
But that would be cool, huh?
Come on, let's go.
Hey, cool. This tree is even nicer
than the last one.
- I'd say it's the same tree.
- Let me see.
Confirmed, we came through here
- Tom Thumb is leaving clues.
- What?
Thanks to me, we know
where we are. Lost!
If only we had a compass.
I don't need a compass.
The forest talks to me
and tells me which way to go.
Follow the moon, Four Eyes.
Go home.
Come on, it's getting dark.
Hey, move your butt.
We'll sleep in this clearing, okay?
We're going to sleep here?
In the woods?
- Got any better ideas?
- No.
What's wrong with you?
You keep turning your head
like an owl.
Huh? No, nothing.
I'm fine.
Are you cold?
Here, take my blanket.
Thanks, Zip.
That's nice of you.
Here, take mine. It's warmer.
Are you going to tell me
what's wrong?
- I need to pee.
- That's all the mystery?
Just go over there
and take a leak.
It's just that...
it's dark...
and not cool at all.
Boys' bathroom, girls' bathroom.
Anyone else need to go?
Okay, go ahead.
Pick a tree.
Do you mind?
I can't with someone watching.
What's wrong?
There's something over there!
- Did an animal attack you?
- Over there, by the tree.
There's someone there.
He said, "Hey!"
Take it easy. You're tired.
Yeah. We'd better get some sleep.
Sleep? No way.
I'm not closing my eyes.
That thing is out there somewhere.
- I don't know where.
- Macky, calm down.
Go to sleep, I'll stand guard.
I will too.
So will l.
I mean sleep.
I don't see myself
as a guard.
Maybe a fireman.
I hope they're okay.
Sure they are.
They can take care of themselves.
Mom and Dad don't need anyone
to tuck them in.
We can hardly follow the sun...
Watch out, clumsy boy.
Keep your eyes peeled, Pink Floyd.
Watch your step.
Watch out!
You were saying, Pink Floyd?
- On three we kick our way out.
- Three!
The gorilla!
Holy cow!
Run for the trees!
No, wait. We're saved.
Hi, Mr. Gorilla.
Can you help us get out of here?
Come on, he's a monkey.
Monkeys are stupid.
He can't understand you.
Then you must speak the same language,
because he understood you.
Great. He's going to steal
our sandwiches.
That's it, cut the rope!
He's a monkey.
How will he open the knife?
Maybe if he were a circus monkey...
Oh. Maybe he is a circus monkey.
Thank you very much, Mr. Gorilla.
I think he wants us to go with him.
He's a monkey!
What are you talking about?
Okay, boys.
We have a compass now.
Who do you think made this raft?
What a smart gorilla.
He says he's going to sail away.
Salomon said he was trying
to escape.
Look, what are those things?
No wonder they want to catch him.
He's a kleptomaniac.
What? It's a gift for Flecky.
Zip, Zap, come and see this!
Holy guacamole!
What's this doing here?
Definitely a circus gorilla.
Look! That's Sister Enriqueta.
"Demented nun escapes from
psychiatric hospital."
"Ruthless animal trafficker
disappears mysteriously from prison."
That's Salomon.
"The search for Detective Holgado
Who's that?
Mr. Gorilla is Detective Holgado!
Why are you a gorilla?
What a crackpot.
He says Peter Pan did that to him.
And Bambi does my hair.
No, no, no.
He means Miss Pam.
Zap! Remember what Dad said?
These are all literary characters.
Miss Pam must have brought them here
because they're like characters
from novels.
She's starting a collection!
Of course!
And she's Peter Pan!
Then who are we?
If I'm Peter Pan,
you, my darlings,
are my lost children.
- They followed us.
- No.
You were escorted by someone
more discreet.
You call him the ghost.
But in my collection he's...
the Invisible Man.
- Come in here, you idiot!
- Now?
I'm coming.
Miss Pam, these clothes
are very uncomfortable.
I'd rather be naked.
Where are our parents?
We know they didn't abandon us.
What did you do to them?
Take them back to the mansion.
Gather everything
and burn the raft.
- Why the long faces?
- Because we're sick of you.
What have you done
to Macky and Flecky?
They're fine, don't worry.
It's nice to see that
you've become friends.
- That's what I wished for.
- And our parents?
Give us back our parents
right now!
That's going to be a problem.
Either fun friends
or pestering parents,
but you can't have both.
What do you think?
Mom! Dad!
Mom! Dad!
- We have to open this!
- Don't worry, we'll get you out!
Open up, damn it!
Dad! Mom!
What are you doing?
Stop this thing!
Boys... It's time to choose.
- Mom! Dad!
- Please, stop!
Don't hurt them!
Say hi to your friends.
Where are our parents?
Right there. Like I said.
Either pestering parents
or fun friends.
And who wants bossy parents
when you can have fun with your friends?
We do. Give us back our parents.
They may be pests,
but they're our pests!
No, you can't choose
such horrible parents.
They punished you
and made your life miserable.
So what?
It was for our own good.
That's a lie!
What's good about punishing you
with no Christmas?
Oh, my boys.
Parents never do anything
to help their kids.
They're only trying to satisfy
their own frustration. Besides,
they always break their promises
in the end.
Okay, so they aren't perfect.
But you know what
they're really good at?
- Being our parents!
- And that's worth 5 zillion Christmas'.
It's obvious you never had
parents to raise you...
and to say no to you
every now and then.
I did have someone to raise me.
Who, him? Give me a break.
A butler
serves you like a dog.
That's not a parent.
What a disappointment.
And I thought you'd be
the prize of my collection.
But that's all right.
I can wait forever.
And I always get what I want.
That's what makes me... Peter Pan.
Actually, Peter Pan was a boy.
A boy who didn't want to grow up.
Exactly, my dear. Just like me.
Emoclew, my friends!
Who wants to play a game?
We can hunt a ghost,
run away from the mansion,
or fall into Salomon's trap.
Nothing? You don't feel like
playing anything?
Then you're all grounded!
I told you.
That girl is a wacko.
Have they said anything, Four Eyes?
What's wrong, you guys?
Did Pam... l mean Pippi...
that lunatic say where your parents are?
Zip, are you mad at me?
Why did she turn him
into a gorilla?
Miss Pam tricked him
into coming here
so he could be the Sherlock Holmes
of her collection,
but he tried to escape.
To mock him,
Pam turned him into a gorilla.
What will happen to him now?
What happens to anyone who
doesn't comply with her wishes.
She's tired of him.
She'll turn him into something
more docile.
What you said yesterday...
Do you really miss your parents?
- Of course we do!
- We'd never give them up.
And their rules, their punishment?
They're parents.
What can we do?
Remember when we got the measles?
Dad made us wear kitchen mitts
so we couldn't
scratch ourselves.
He stayed up all night,
fell out of the chair
and whacked his head.
What a bonehead.
I don't want to have kids.
And if I did, I wouldn't let them do
anything they want.
And if they get mad at me, fine!
It's better than being
a yo-yo mom.
A cool mom.
My parents are a drag.
But hey, they're my parents.
They grow on you.
You're not happy here either.
I can tell.
Pam doesn't treat you well.
Help us and run away with us.
There must be someone
waiting for you somewhere.
I lost my home a long time ago.
And my family.
It was Pam, wasn't it?
It wasn't her.
Her father...
was to blame.
Once upon a time
there was a wonderful island
where a little girl named Pamela
lived in a world of happiness.
Her father, who everyone called
the Captain,
was a brilliant naval engineer.
Her mother would read the little girl
a book every night.
And she would always say...
"Life is the novel that we live.
And you, my little Pamela,
can be any character you want."
But one day, her mother got sick
and her world of happiness
was shattered forever.
Haunted by guilt,
the Captain decided
to dedicate his life
to building a new world
for his daughter free of bad things
and sadness.
Anything Pamela dreamed
of having,
the Captain always answered:
"Yes, my darling,
I will build it for you."
One night,
while she was dreaming,
the little girl remembered:
Life is the novel we live.
And you, my little Pamela,
can be any character you want.
To the girl, her father
was Captain Nemo,
a fearless sailor,
but who could she be?
She read hundreds of books
without resting
until she finally found her character.
Pamela didn't want to get old
and die
like her mother.
She wanted to be like Peter Pan.
So she asked for a machine
to stop her from growing up.
And the Captain answered:
"Yes, my darling,
I will build it for you."
But after working a whole year
without resting,
the effects of the machine
only worked while inside the capsule.
Days and seasons passed...
and the little girl became a woman.
And her love for her father
turned into hate.
But the Captain kept trying,
no matter what the price.
Until finally, one night...
he discovered the way
to make his daughter's wish come true.
Before entering the machine,
the Captain asked his daughter to erase
her memories and all of those
years of disappointment,
but she wasn't willing to forget.
For little Pamela,
her father wasn't Captain Nemo
Now he was Captain Hook,
Peter Pan's eternal enemy.
And the Captain realized that it was
his fault that she had drifted off course
into a capricious world,
catered to her every whim.
I can't leave
and abandon my daughter.
This has always been my home.
Couldn't you have just given her
a doll or something?
Okay, you can't leave. But you can help us
get our parents back, can't you?
Not anymore.
I would need a photo of them.
And Pam burned them.
Can't we unplug that machine
or something?
To reverse the effects
of the transformation,
you'd have to destroy the dome
surrounding the island.
The only way to do that
is by breaking the snow globe.
That's the mechanism
that keeps it active.
Okay, where is it?
I'll shatter that thing no problem.
Pam took it from me
years ago.
I never found out
where she put it.
Hey, cheer up.
There must be another way
to get your parents back.
There is.
Yes, there is!
I built it so long ago
that I almost forgot.
You built what?
Hurry, you must go
and tell the police.
- Not the woods again!
- No, you'll flee by sea.
In my ship.
Quickly, open the cell.
Free the gorilla.
All you have to do is cross
the perimeter of buoys.
Once you're across,
the machine will lose its effect
and you'll have your parents back.
Okay. Where's the ship?
The elevator will take you to it.
But you need a key to make it work.
Pam took it from me as well.
She split it in two
and gave each part
to a different person.
- Who has the key?
- Salomon and Sister Enriqueta.
There's the problem.
Come on, we need to find
somewhere to hide you.
Grab here.
Does it hurt?
If you want
I can give you a loving kiss
to wash away the pain.
No, I'm fine.
Come on, we have a lot to do.
Come on...
Hold still.
Oh! Little chicks...
How clumsy of me.
Don't screw this up, Dad.
It must be around here somewhere.
You don't like me anymore?
Huh? No, no. I mean, yeah.
It's just that... I'm worried.
We need to find it
and Zap has to be on target...
And let's not forget Macky.
He'll probably screw up.
Relax. If you worry about everything,
you won't enjoy anything.
Shh. It's a secret.
So do you still like me or not?
Yeah, of course I do.
It's just that...
Well, you remind me of someone.
My... mother?
His mother?
- I got it!
- You got it!
Let's go!
Where are they?
It doesn't matter.
They won't get far.
I told them everything.
Even about the snow globe.
So what?
You don't know where it is.
What am I going to do with you...
What the...?
Thieving demon!
- Come here!
- Coming through!
What are you doing?
Time for your punishment, darling.
You've been a very bad father.
Yes, I have.
Because I never said no
to my daughter.
Oh, yeah?
Is that the only reason?
What about all the years
I spent waiting?
And all the broken promises?
- I didn't want to grow up!
- Pamela,
sweetheart, put an end to all this.
I promise I'll be a good father.
It's too late.
Besides, I never wanted a father.
But guess what Pippi's
always wanted.
A little frog!
Well? Did you get it?
Was there any doubt, super freak?
It's an anchor.
See you later, chumps!
Catch me if you can!
Oh, wait!
You can't see me!
Ow, my hand! My hand!
Let me go!
Let me go, you beast!
Hi, Daddy!
You know what?
I'm going to call you Secrets.
Because you're going
to keep one for me.
It's big, round and has snow inside.
But I'll only tell you
if you promise not to tell anyone.
Do you promise, Secrets?
Congratulations, Detective Holgado.
You caught the ghost.
Guess what they called me
at the loony bin.
Okay, little chicks.
Who wants to sing a song?
See if this guy does, Batman.
Quick, to the elevator!
Open the door!
Now what do we do?
The lock is shaped like an anchor.
We're sinking, we're sinking!
We're sinking!
Chill out, man.
You'll give yourself a heart attack.
What is this thing?
You guys, this isn't an elevator...
It's a submarine!
I finally got my
remote-controlled submarine!
You can pilot from over there,
because I'm driving.
- No way. I've wanted one for 3 years!
- Step aside, pinhead!
- Forget it.
- Let me drive!
That's enough!
I'm sick of you both!
No more fighting, you got it?
You naughty little frog.
I can't believe you gave them
your little boat.
Hey, there's something down there.
She's right. Turn around!
what is that?
Look, you guys. The buoys!
We're almost there.
What happened?
It stopped!
We're going backwards!
Something is dragging us!
Whoa... What is that?
We need light.
Quick, turn around!
What a surprise,
finding you down here!
- Going for a ride?
- No.
We're leaving your stinky island.
That's too bad.
But that's not going to happen.
I decide who leaves.
And I decide...
- that nobody does.
- Look, princess.
You and your fried calamari
can take a hike. Hit it, partner.
It's an octupus, you pea brain.
Well? Do you feel like
coming home with me now?
This must shoot something.
Hey, wacko!
How about a calamari brochette!
Quick, turn around!
Let's get out of here!
I said it's an octopus!
Hold your breath, guys.
This is going to get tight.
It's going to crush us!
Pippi, stop! We give up!
Please, stop!
Too late, my darlings.
I'm tired of playing with you.
See you never, my friends!
We're sinking!
We have to cover the hole!
For God's sake, start!
How are we going to get out of here?
- We're going to drown.
- Don't say that.
I'll think of something.
There must be a way.
Not this time, Zip.
Hey, what's with the crying?
You're the bravest rooster
in the henhouse.
Am I right?
A kiss won't wash this away.
I took it to give it to my mother.
She would have loved it.
She always wanted us
to follow the right path.
And, well,
for us...
you were the best path.
Are we dead?
We're alive! Alive!
What happened?
It was like we were teletransported.
Of course!
It was the compass!
When we hugged I must have
pressed this button!
Press it again!
Put the compass in your pocket.
We don't want any more trouble.
Look who had my compass.
My father gave it to me
for my 9th birthday.
You should thank him.
By the way, where is he?
There he is!
How do you like his new look?
Pretty jumpy...
for his age.
- Grab those two!
- Everybody freeze!
Move a muscle and I'll use
your heads as a nutcracker.
Okay, my friends.
What do I do with you now?
Let's see...
What would I like to have?
Oh, no.
No more annoying monkeys.
I know! A flea circus!
I've always wanted a flea circus.
To squash it!
- Pippi, please. Don't hurt them.
- Silence!
Where is he going?
Holy cow!
The snow globe!
- Stop him!
- Come here, Satan!
Hit it, Zap!
Snow! Snow!
Snow! Snow!
Mom! Dad!
- Alisa!
- Sweetheart!
My globe...
My little globe.
What have you done?
It's okay, sweetheart.
Your father is here.
Miss Pam, you have to come
with me.
Good work, boys.
Hello, little chick.
Let's go.
I think it's time to find
your parents,
lost children.
Thank you, Captain.
What happened out there?
Where's Pippi? And Sister Enriqueta?
Did we win?
We won.
Then... we're going home?
We all have parents
to put up with.
You're a good man, Pink Floyd.
Now I know you give me such
a hard time because you love me.
Don't get all mushy on me.
You're okay, that's all.
Here. For your mother.
No. I want you to have it.
In case the forest
ever stops talking to you.
These two will hook up some day.
Believe me.
And you know what?
If she ever gets her feet
on the ground,
Flecky will be really cool.
Okay, let's roll.
You guys aren't coming?
Come on, Macky.
They're coming later.
Thank you.
Thank you for taking care of us.
My boys!
- Mom!
- Dad!
The aquarium!
I bet you two broke it!
You're a couple of...!
We missed you, Mr. Grumpy!
There you have it.
In the end, after everything,
we got the best Christmas present
of our lives.
And what was it, you're wondering?
- Parents!
- Our pests!