Zlatna pracka (1967) Movie Script

I'll be speaking the language
of my old country.
We're living in beautiful time.
An unattainable standard.
Man, that beautiful and
smart creature,
Has invented everything,
everything he wants, all he needs.
We're living in a world
without problems,
it's peaceful everywhere,
people are liking each other.
Everything is good, good.
Beauty and wealth have
changed people.
There's no more good and evil,
all people are good, and smart.
But I'm not going to talk about that,
you know that yourselves.
I'll show you pictures from that awful
times when my grandfathers father
came from Europe.
Everything electronic. There in Europe
is one big mountain, Kosmaj in Serbia.
There's one place there where's no
houses even where there is houses.
Form where my grandfathers father
came to the west.
It was awful in old country.
The Turks, wars, kings...
Instead corn and bisons,
paprika grows there.
I got this photo album from my poor
grandfathers father,
and one small device,
they call it slingshot.
You put stone here and
then hit in the head.
And one big gold mine that
my grandfathers father
earned with this small slingshot.
I'll be talking about how
he became real man.
My poor grandfathers father from
Writer and director:
This is happy town
It was somewhere in the middle
of great wasteland
that was in that time, in the last
century, simply called the west.
It was a happy town until they were
hoping to find gold nearby.
And then they started leaving it...
Only respected citizens have stayed.
He was not exactly respected...
The judge.
Saloon owner, the pianist,
But don't look at those people.
My grandfathers father hasn't arrived yet.
With the group of his countrymen
he's still traveling across the America
to that promised land - Happy Town.
Kreza, If only we could find
some shade here
to lie down a bit so I can rest
from this difficult traveling.
Important thing is that we got away
from all that Serbian fuss. - You're right.
Our priest Simeon is a smart man.
- He is.
"Follow me children", he says.
"Enough with all these Turks. "
"With all Karadjordjevic and Obrenovic,
enough with rebellions and mutinies. "
"Let's go to peaceful world,
to look for some peace. "
Our priest Simeon is a smart man!
- What's that? - I'm saying you're smart!
Drive more carefully, don't jerk
that much, my kidneys will go off.
No use, oxes are pulling like mad.
Another month or two, and we're there.
Be careful not to confuse the roads.
- Don't worry, minister has explained it.
Mister? - Minister.
Mister? - Minister!
Kreza, you're such a fool.
How do you say in american?
Is it mister or minister?
Mister.. Minister!
Small head, small intellect.
Sharo, you have the biggest head!
You should watch the road, that we don't
stray. We should go properly.
That Kreza's mister has explained
it to us.
He says: "Immigrants, straight
forward, then left,
and Happy Town is there. "
And I wouldn't like if we stayed
in those New Yorks. - Why?
It's crowded, noisy... I don't like that.
I like it in silence, then I
put my hat on the side,
and then I start one dance...
No time, we're late! Let's go!
Get in!
- Let's go!
But while grandfathers father travels to
Happy Town, his destination,
he lives diverse and cultural life.
I'll introduce you with
more Happy Town residents
that are important for this story
and grandfathers father.
This is fat Sam. The richest man
in town and all around.
Unusually meticulous and sensitive.
His servant Laki - Lucky, was mute.
And because he was quiet all the time
he was the best servant.
Business mans were called gunmen
in that time.
These are Sam's guards, Blacky and Smoki.
Boss man Sam had very simple way
of running the business,
and he managed to convince all small
farmers nearby to give him their land.
Everything was, slowly but certainly,
in Sam's hands
Everything except the most
important part of land
that contained forgotten Indian mine.
No one knew about the mine
except Sam.
Even the owner didn't know anything.
Bill called Moljac.
But he didn't want to give the land
because of malice.
He didn't care about the land.
He didn't care about the money either.
But he was Irish. Sam was English.
And because of that he didn't
want to give him anything.
And so that last part of free
land, golden land,
because of malice, waited
for my ancestor Sibin.
But that's the other part of the story.
For now, grandfathers father is
still traveling.
Is she looking?
- Who? - Stanija.
Nope, she doesn't.
- She'll look, or my name's not Sibin.
She'll look at me like icon.
She'll pop her eyes like
a bird when she sees a worm.
What are you talking about? Here, you
have to win a girl with kindness. - True.
Serbs are used to get them by force.
Just to get there...
I'll give her wallflower and I'll say:
" Here Stanija, with love. "
If it's not enough, I'll pick it all day
long, even if I'm all pricked off.
Serbs were smart enough to bring
women and girls with them
because on the west it was big lack
of that... what's it called...
Article, yes.
That's why is no surprise that arrival
of poor Julie triggered that reaction.
The fastest one of all candidates
was Long Joe.
He just said: "Allow me miss, this is
my son, this is my house, I'm Joe widow.
And he took her before judge for marriage.
Happy newlyweds.
That's how Julie lost her first husband,
and got her first house in
heritage, and first child.
Second husband too, Short Jim,
had a house,
and a child from some marriage.
On the west, of course, life was fast.
Rich and dynamic.
Julie had some experience,
if she lost her husband,
she'll have a house
and a child.
Oh yes. People were able
to love back in the days.
The one that is most in love is also
the most careful one.
Boss man Sam will not rush, because
he doesn't like public standoffs.
Only in fast development countries
you can get married 6 times in one day,
get 6 houses and 6 children
and stay unmarried.
What she's doing now?
- She's drinking schnapps.
Stop! Why are you lying?
She's eating bacon.
Don't be afraid my dear!
You know Kreza, how angry and grumpy
I am. I would fight for a woman.
You?! - Me, I swear!
- Don't embarrass us among these nice
american people. - I won't, I'm just
saying. There's no need for fighting.
I'll win her with beauty.
Lucky for you Sibin, that you're my blood
brother, otherwise I'd show you beauty.
You're beardless! - Beauty is not in big
head and beard! It's in man power!
If it's not too much trouble for you,
go back home and ask Radojka...
What's Sibin like... Come on priest
speed up those oxes
to finally get in that peaceful country
to rest from Kreza, and this suffering.
I'll introduce you with the
Happy Town sheriff too,
before the real story starts.
Once this sheriff was the fastest
gun of the west.
His old fame will handle this brawl too.
He has just one small flaw, that
fortunately,no one knows.
His hands are shaking so bad that he
couldn't even shot a house anymore.
Good shot.
Renown must be kept!
Good shot...
Sixfold widow Julie was getting angry.
She owns half town, she has pack of
children, but doesn't have a husband.
And it's spring time.
She had enough of people running away
from her like she's a bad luck widow,
She had enough!
She wants a husband.
It's spring time.
She wants a husband.
It's spring time.
Hey Djak!
- At your service Mr. Sibin.
Ask this guy in american, is that Happy
Town here somewhere. - I will.
He says 'yes'.
I understood. It's not a hard language.
It must be a nice town huh?
Thank you oh Lord, our father,
for bringing you orthodox people
to promised land.
Don't chant priest! When we build a church
and set up our lives, we'll all sing!
I praise you lord, our only father...
Clean up a bit that these americans don't
think that we are Turks or Barbarians.
God forbid.
- Let's do it!
What the hell is this Kreza?
- Let's get out of here Sibin. Turks.
How can it be Turks in America,
what's the matter with you?
Look at this villain! Give me a pebble.
Please be careful.
Hurry please.
- Now you'll see...
Hurry up Kreza.
God help you mister!
Don't be afraid brother, we're Serbs.
You shot him too weak Sibin.
- I shouldn't break his head, should I?
Throw that fire lock and it's ok.
- This?
Love your neighbor mister!
In the name of the Father,
and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit!
Hey Djak, come here to translate, it seems
that we don't understand the americans.
What have they done to you Kreza...
Give me some water to wash his face.
Water in their language.
- Give me what water.
Hey, how many of you is down there?
What is he saying? - That half of the
house and the land are yours now.
Thank you for that my friend,
but no thanks!
Take it Sibin, maybe that's the custom.
He'll be insulted. -What have I got into...
Well thank you! Let's kiss. Kreza!
Give some schnapps to celebrate
in our way!
Yes, yes. Kreza will bring it!
No, it's schnapps I swear!
Take some priest. Hey father, Kreza
and I will stay here.
and you and Djak go to town to
accommodate other people.
What a sip father, well done.
Autumn goes by, I didn't get married,
mother was often saying to me
"My son Sibin
enough with the girls!"
He wants schnapps again... I don't
have the still room here man!
Wait until plums are mature.
Give him schnapps, he'll go away. He'll
drink it in more value than this land.
You Sibin, are left unmarried!
I don't understand these Americans at all.
- Take it easy, they'll learn serbian.
What is Djak saying? How are the others?
- They're good.
They all have jobs. He's working for
some widow Julie in her store.
Father Simeon works for widow Julie
in barber shop, making haircuts.
Priest in barber shop? All of his
customers will lose faith after clip.
Mia works for widow Julie in stable,
and grumpy ika works for widow
Julie in the smithy.
Why are you bothering me with that Julie?
- It's not my fault she owns half the town.
Leave that aside. You know very well
for who I'm asking!
Ah, Stanija.
Stanija works with her mother
for Fat Sam.
For What Sam?
- That one, that one...
The one that sent all the cops on Bill,
so priest hit him with the cross.
Works for him huh?
- Yes, he's a great boss.
All this land that you see,
and that you don't see, it's all his.
I don't care about the land!
But how can I get near Stanija when
we beat up those people?
That's because you're grumpy
For you, with love Stanija.
This one is unbaptized.
He'd drink whole West Morava.
Ok, Ok!
- You want it, huh?
Sibin wants it to, and Kreza!
But we don't have it!
See ya'!
God help you!
- God help you!
God help you!
- God help you!
God help you!
- God help you!
What do you want? I'm
not talking to you.
It's like they're all mute.
No one greets me back.
Where are these people running?
They recognized me.
When you beat up one of them,
others are also scared of you.
Cute kids!
Who does this women looking at?
- Me.
That goes back in my youth.
As soon a girl sees me,
she wants to die at once.
Kreza, she's looking at me so bad.
If only she's a bit bigger,
I'd forget Stanija.
God help you!
Let's avoid misunderstanding bride,
I was going to get Stanija.
These flowers are for her.
There, she's angry because of Stanija.
If you're jealous, you don't
have to push me, you know!?
Don't worry bride, I'll come again.
Look Sibin, they are standing still.
They're afraid that they'll
beaten again.
Let me go!
You see? He's offering us fire lock
just to let him go.
Thanks, but I don't need it.
We're not poor!
We are not taking charity.
You can go, we're not angry.
Are you crazy? Why are you hitting me?
Kreza, go down.
Come on, smell it!
Sibin, look.
I'll show you how to fight.
You're aiming poorly!
You want some more?
Look, people are laughing at you!
Brother Sibin, sheriff says that...
- Who's that?
Something like their serf.
- Yes?
He's says that you're not
fighting by the rules.
How's that? Do they have fighting rules
here? - Yes, they do.
You have to take fire lock,
or as they say - revolver.
Yes, yes.
- And you have to shoot each other.
And who dies is lost.
- What do you mean dies?
That's the custom.
- Custom again!?
What kind of custom is to die!?
Tell him that if it's custom, to come
here to wrestle
or to throw rocks from shoulders,
or who can spit further.
That's the custom! I could've died
in Serbia if I wanted to!
I wouldn't go this far!
No use Sibin, he has the right
to ask for shooting.
You don't say.
- Yes.
Kreza, mate, what should we do?
- Should we run?
- Let's go.
There's nowhere to run.
- No.
Look at that!
- Look at that!
My God, boss stood up, and
I though he can't walk.
No mother! He's a rich man, so
he doesn't bother with walking.
Why he shouldn't drive?
He's so angry!
Zibi! Zibi!
Zibi! Zibi!
If you say 'fine' again, I'll slap you!
Kreza, lock the door.
- Yes.
Dig a hole for us to hide.
Do something!
I wouldn't be scared if I were you.
I would break that dark man's head...
Well break it mate!
Break the other one's too!
I can't, but if I were you.
Bill, go out and surrender.
Can't you see they are calling you.
My name is not Zibi, it's Sibin.
Man is not calling me.
Oh, my good Turks!
Is there any country where
they don't shoot!?
If you come out, they'll stop.
- I know, after they shoot me.
Where are you my Serbian brothers!
Sibin, don't.
Kreza, you defend the post with Bill,
and I'll go and get some help.
- Alright.
I'm going.
Stop Sibin please!
Do you have a slingshot?
When Serbian brothers arrive, you'll
see who's mother will be wearing black.
Get away! Get away woman!
Leave me alone woman, who's thinking
about love now?
Fat one will see us...
Bride, please don't...
I came to tell you, Sibin,
that my boss is after you.
It seems he'll take your head.
Hey, who's this?
- How should I know, Stanija?
He came by herself.
What? What is it?
I'm not a mule to watch my teeth?
Leave! Leave me alone!
You watch out for some scams.
We're drinking for the money, not matches.
It's important that all people
live together like brothers.
You understand? You don't?
You and I are same? Understand?
On earth peace, and good will
among people.
Little snack, to drink better.
Take it, it's good against flatworms.
He seems strong, but he's not my match.
What are you looking my daughter?
I see, you want to confess.
Priest will take just a sec...
- Later, Sibin.
Help us father, they'll kill us.
Believe in God Sibin!
- It's not about God.
It's Fat Sam and his gang.
They'll kill Bill for the land.
Me, because of Bill.
Kreza, because of me.
- So what do you want?
If we attack together, they're gone!
Well attack them my son! They're not
after me, why should I interfere?
- I'm here.
Grab pitchfork or some other weapons,
we're under attack.
Who's attacking me?
- Not you, me and Kreza.
I was scared for a second!
- Come on, let's go.
Why me? No one's after me!
Grumpy, Grumpy, help me, they'll kill us.
You got yourself in, get out yourself!
- I'm innocent Grumpy!
God is good.
- They can take you tomorrow!
When they're after me,
then I'll fight.
I understand you Sibin, but why should
we fight with them if they don't touch us?
Hey Djak!
They are outlaws and bullies.
They have strength and guns.
Don't look tragically at things.
- I mean black.
People are people.
Why getting us in the middle of that.
You have authorities for that.
- Exactly - sheriff.
Wow Sibin!
- Here, sorry.
What's with you?
You got it too?
Friend and brother!
Where have I brought you!
To die so young!
- Don't cry, we're alive.
Thank God that you're alive!
Drop dead!
Don't curse us!
- I'm not cursing you.
I'm cursing priest, Djak and the others.
But Sibin will remember.
Serbs know how to rise a mutiny
and rebellions.
Kreza, put this under your shirt, boss
Sam has bigger belly.
You, you Smoki.
I'm Blacky.
Kreza is Sam. Understand?
Oh, ok! Fine, fine.
No schnapps while we're working!
Sibin can I walk? I'll fall down
from horse.
Hold on to your saddle like I do.
It's hard to be fat.
God help us to become good outlaws!
Like our ancestors. They were rebellions
first, then they became authorities.
Let's start.
Hey Smoki!
- Hello Blacky!
God help me, and all the saints.
Sam's gang.
Hey Blacky!
Hey, Smoki!
I'm here God dammit!
Don't speak Serbian, you fool.
Hey Smoki!
Why me? I know english!
I speak english! Mother of God...
Sibin, look!
Sibin, my son, we were thinking all night.
And our conscience is not allowing us
to leave Serbian brother in trouble.
Serbian brothers and sisters!
Sisters are back home!
Don't interrupt me Grumpy.
We're suffering for centuries because
of the outlaws, my brothers.
If we look how our people was
suffering since Kosovo
until today, we'll get scared!
Down with our suffering history!
Let's sit down and listen
to orator in peace.
And to make plans in order!
Emperor Lazar, great hero, has
"We'll see who's loyal and who's not!"
That's right! Long love
loyals and not loyals!
Long live!
Good morning. Have you slept well?
And how and why happened
rebellion against Turks?
or how history calls it,
First Serbian Uprising.
It's known. They couldn't take it anymore.
It came up to here.
And why it came up to there brothers?
Long live First Serbian Uprising
when it came up to here!
Long live!
And after Second Serbian Uprising
it came up to here again.
For how long, we ask?!
How long will it keep coming up to here?
- Down with wars!
It's not 'Down'.
This war should be 'Long live'!
Otherwise they'll kill us.
- Long live!
And now brothers, gather up rocks,
sharp your knives,
spit in your hands, and follow me!
Holly cross for golden freedom!
When did you become so smart?
We should elect you for serf or duke,
when you care about the people so much.
We'll deal with that later Kreza,
collect pebbles for the slingshot.
I would add, my brothers, thing that
Sibin forgot.
Can't find a pebble...
Kreza, Kreza!
I should at least gather these pebbles.
Nice pebble!
And heavy. It's yellow like the Sun.
Where it hits- grass won't grow.
Brothers, will we all together!?
We will!
Don't get near bride, it's
going to get ugly.
Brothers, this is his house.
So you don't ask 'why they cut
of our heads?'.
Don't run cowards!
Shoot, shoot!
You devils!
Kreza, in the barrel.
Priest, Djak!
Priest, not you!
Get in!
Kreza, it's better this way.
Come on, give me your hand.
Is this his guest room?
They're down here.
If we only brought two more people.
Watch out, they'll kill us!
Don't be scared Kreza!
Sibin won't leave you!
Don't be scared!
Where are you going?!
Where are you going?!
Go after me Sibin.
Come on granny, don't get in the way!
Come on
- It's high.
Did you saw him?
Boss is wearing mother's clothes,
he's so funny.
Kreza, follow me!
Get him!
- Get him!
Get him!
- Get him!
Don't worry bride, it's for
the slingshot.
Right in his index finger!
Come on, don't be afraid Sibin.
- Come on, come on.
You'll only die once Sibin.
Wait for me here. I have something
important to tell you.
Come on, slowly.
For homeland!
Hit him Serbian way Sibin!
With your head!
Get him!
Give back the land you took
from people.
Now I'll hold your head in
the water until you agree.
Count to 10 Sibin.
He can last that long according
to science.
If he holds him a little longer, he'll
die without confessions.
One, two, three, four..
Hey Djak!
Tell that serf that his one has to
sign everything to make sure.
Five, six... Don't struggle,
it's not ten yet.
There's more. Seven, eight,
nine... Kreza, did Djak left, so
I don't make a mistake.
Brothers, it's done!
Starting from today, there will
be no more trouble
and troublemakers!
Where is he going?
- He's leaving.
He says that important thing is that
Sam doesn't own anything.
Now it's all yours Sibin, he's Englishman.
Bravo, Sibin!
What's with you people?
They're saying - gold.
Where did you get this Sibin?
I dug it from a hole at our land.
People, this is from Bill's land!
Get me a horse to get him back.
It's a shame that he
gives me a gold mine for nothing.
Get me a horse!
Give me that gold. Give it to me.
Bill, hey Bill!
Bill, I'm chasing you to tell you.
If you want to trade for keepsake.
I'll give you my hat for yours.
I give you this, you give me...
Thank you, thank you Zibi.
- You're welcome.
Thank you mate, and have a good trip.!
That's how my grandfathers father
became real west-man.
To work for me?
That's how my grandfathers father
became good and worthy host.
He's coming!
He's coming!
He's coming!
He's coming!
Long live Sibin!
Long live!
What's he saying?
- He said that Happy Town has
has elected you for president, Sibin.
Thank you.
Thank you, long live!
Now you are in charge.
Long live!
How are we going to do this Sibin?
What do you mean 'we' Mr. Kreza?
- Excuse me, I have work to do.
That's how my grandfathers father
became in charge,
important man, worthy of
Good luck!
That had to happen.
Because he was real, real, man.
That kind of real, strong men have
created world history.
And that's why it's so nice today.
Nice... very very fine yes?
Hello? What is that shooting?
In Asia? Thank you, fine.
As long is not here.
Thank you.
Kids, lunch!
Come on kids, lunch!
Goodbye. Thank you
So small, but already a man!