Znachor (1982) Movie Script

I finished. You can stitch.
You are brilliant, professor.
Let's not exaggerate, dear colleague.
I don't know anybody else
who can do such a surgery.
For your information, I know a surgeon.
who, soon enough, will
manage just as well as me.
...in such a surgery.
- Who?
- You, dear collegue.
- Professor, you had three calls.
- All right, I was just leaving, thank you.
To make sure of the success of.
...our surgery we have
to wait till tomorrow.
If something shows up, call
me immediately. To be honest...
...nothing will show up.
Forgive, dear collegue,
but I must go You know...
We are celebrating
eight years of marriage.
- Congratulations professor!
- Thank you!
No, no, thank you, I can handle it.
- Good afternoon.
- Sir...
- Mr. Professor...
- Silence!
Where's the madam?
What happened?
Where is she?
She left a note.
The madam left. Together with the girl.
I called her a taxi and brought
her things down. Two suitcases.
Dear Rafal! I don't know if
you could ever forgive me...
I fell in love. And this
love is stronger than me.
I wasn't worthy for you.
Your celebrity made
me feel even smaller.
I'm taking Marysia with me. I
can't imagine my life without her.
Do not look for me. It's useless. Beata.
First part Antoni Kosiba.
Please... Please, you good citizen...
...make a 5 bucks donation, for helping.
...the government's monopoly of
alcoholic beverages. Only 5 bucks.
I see, you think I'm
some kind of beggar.
Wrong! I'm a good
citizen of this country.
Excuse me, but what do you need?
Happiness, health, wellbeing...
and many more... it will be good...
Hey, my good old friend! Thank you!
One minute! One minute please!
Let me repay your kindness.
Yeah, yeah... I don't have
much! But I offer you my company.
Noblesse oblige! I'll pay!
Me, Samuel Obiedzinski. Voila!
Yes, your highness. Napoleon and
Alexander The Great were fine men.
So what?
Hey, another one please.
It's empty.
I must tell you.
It's not good to be famous. From up
high, it's much more painful to fall.
Smaller you are, the better.
Like me, Samuel Obiedzinski.
I'll never fall down...
...because I'm not famous.
I don't want to be
famous. I'm not a fool.
What's with you, are you bankrupt?
Or they sent you far
away from home with work?
No, nothing of the sort.
Maybe a woman then? Changed her mind?
She just quit.
Let's drink.
Women are worst than plague.
The woman who stays with you is like
a vampire. She sucks all your blood.
Other women squeeze your money out.
...and other women cheat you.
A woman seems to be a little goose.
...and she kicks your bottom...
...and you'll never get over it.
I know, I suffered a lot.
Strong as an oak tree...
...not even you, brother,
you will not bend...
...and you can't be torn out by the roots.
Drink, it'll be easier.
Yes. You're right.
Torn out by the roots...
Everything's all right, just drink.
Human tragedies are often
bounded by nonsense. Yes. Sure.
A tragedy and...
Hey, buddy. Who's paying?
Hey, don't sit here, go on.
Where should I take you, sir?
Please, please...
Do you know where he's living?
Has he got any papers?
Sobchek, search him.
I'm asking you again, who are you?
First name? Surname? Hey,
you there, are you deaf?
No, sergeant.
And, please, don't get upset.
I didn't do anything wrong.
Don't bend the truth.
What shall I tell you?
I don't know my name.
Maybe I don't have a name.
I know, it sounds
strange but I'm not lying.
So, you never had any papers at all?
How can you find work then?
In the cities, of course,
they asked me for papers.
...and I couldn't get a job anywhere...
...but in villages, no one
cared about the papers.
Here, everybody can call
themselves as they like.
They call me Jozef Barba.
Don't be afraid, sergeant.
I'm not a criminal, nor a thief.
Have you ever been convicted?
Yes, twice.
Where, when?
First in Sokle.
where I stayed a month.
Recently, I was jailed for two weeks.
What for?
For vagrancy, but unjustly.
If a man searches for
work, is he a vagrant?
Just because he doesn't have any papers?
Let me go, sergeant.
I'm a peaceful man, I'm
not gonna hurt anybody.
Let you go, you say?
Unfortunately, it's impossible.
Now, we must send you back to the county.
...and let them solve the
problem with the papers.
It's true.
...that if you have papers, you're
somebody and if you don't you're nobody.
I tried to get identification papers.
I went to the law court, to the police...
I asked them to give me
any identification papers.
But no. They said that
there is no such law.
Try to find who you really are.
Everybody is registered somewhere.
Am I right, Mr. Kundejko?
Yeah, yeah. It's true.
When a person is born, I make a paper.
When a person dies,
I make another paper.
Here are the registers
for the whole county.
Take that away! This
desk has other purposes.
Get him out of here!
Antoni Frantiszek Kosiba.
Kosiba. Antoni Kosiba.
We gathered here today to honour the
memory of the brilliant man of science...
...of Poland...
...professor Rafal Wilczur.
In all these years we didn't lost our
faith that he'll come back some time.
But unfortunately, the
secret of his disappearance...
...until this day, is not known.
Me, by all means...
I tried to do the best...
...not to dishonour the
reputation of his clinic.
And today, naming this
clinic after his name.
...and erecting a monument in this respect.
we bring a tribute to
one of the best persons...
...to an excellent professor.
...and to a brilliant man of science.
May I have some water?
Thank God, we have plenty of water.
Behind the door there is a
tub. You can drink from there.
May I have a seat?
I don't mind at all. Take a seat.
Where are you coming from?
From far away.
I'm looking for work.
I worked at a blacksmith,
here, in Mizcunah.
But he soon left.
In Mizcunah?
I know the blacksmith there.
- The one with the squinting eye?
- Yeah, that's him.
- Are you good at smith's work?
- Yes, smith's work and.
...at many other things.
How come?
Yes. Just so... For 15 years
I'm trying to earn my living...
...and I learned to do many things.
They told me that in Mizcunah the
army recruited some of your workers.
The harvest time is near. They're
looking for work at the mills.
So I thought you are
looking for workers.
Not even Sunday we
can't have a bit of rest!
How can I welcome a stranger
to my home with all that racket?
If you don't want it,
I'm not forcing you.
You do that.
Don't be upset.
I only met you once.
Leave me alone.
Maybe you have the best intentions.
But you can be a bad man.
I don't know your name
and where you coming from.
My name is Antoni Kosiba.
...and I come from Kalisha.
Where is this Kalisha, end of the world?
Yeah, pretty far away.
You come here and give
me this piece of paper.
How do I know that you didn't steal it?
You're walking around, don't you have.
...a place of your own?
No, I don't.
Don't you have a wife?
How come?
I don't know.
The woman is the origin of all wrongs.
Yeah, it's true.
Because of women we suffer shame,
we have troubles and headaches.
However, God's will is to marry them...
You don't have any relatives?
What about you?
I have my family.
And if suddenly, God forbid, they die...
...do you have any other people...
...here, to help you?
You win. You're clever.
You're right.
But I need young, strong men for work.
You can hardly carry yourself.
You seem to have travelled a lot.
Yes, I travelled.
How is it then?
It's ordinary, like everywhere.
Have you been to the holy places?
At Kalvarii...
Ostroi Brame, lasnoi Guje...
Oh, God.
And you could listen to the services?
And the icons?
Did you really see the miracle
- working icons?
Yes, I did.
And did you see miracles as well?
No. But I've heard
many things about them.
What about the healings?
Yeah, I've heard about that.
And about that Catholic icon?
I don't know... Does it help
people of other religions?
For instance the Orthodox people.
I don't know.
But if the man is good...
...it must help him.
In the name of the Father, and of
the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, amen.
I live here for 6 years.
I'm doing well.
The old man is tough, but correct.
To tell the truth, he had a brother.
who left him in misery.
And his children were very poor.
I don't know if it's true
or not. Think for yourself.
His older son drowned.
The second one disappeared
in the war and left a widow.
She's now living with them.
A woman so young.
And the youngest son,
Vasilia, you saw him.
His legs are broken.
The old man almost lost his mind.
He brought doctors from town...
...he spent plenty of money for nothing.
The doctors took his money,
but they couldn't fix his legs.
It seems that he's cursed or something.
Why are you crying?
Should I laugh?
I'm gonna kill myself.
I can't stand it anymore.
This is silly.
You're young, you have
so much time ahead of you.
I can't urinate. I'm
sitting here like a log.
I will be old sooner
or later, I understand.
My father stole my uncle's share...
...and I have to pay for his sins!
Why did God crippled me?
How long have you been like that?
5 months.
Did they bring the
doctor in the first day?
He promised that I would walk
again but he didn't cure me.
What did he do to you?
He put some splints on my legs...
...then he bandaged them...
...and in two months he
removed the bandage.
And then?
He looked and said.
...that not even God can help me.
Move your toes.
That's it. Now your foot.
I can't. It hurts.
It hurts?
Yeah. You gonna walk soon, boy.
It's very good that
you can feel the pain.
Your bones aren't well fixed.
We must break them again, and fix them...
...and you'll be all right.
If you couldn't move your
toes, then it would be bad.
But it's all right.
How can you tell?
I just know.
It's simple.
We just break them
again and fix them back.
And you can walk again.
Doctor Pawlicki wouldn't agree.
We don't need him.
I'll do everything.
You'll dance like before.
What are you talking about?
This is a surgery.
The doctor himself couldn't do anything.
You'll do it, you ignorant?
Do you want him to be crippled
for the rest of his life?
The doctor wasn't asked for his approval.
...and you already determined
that he hasn't anything serious.
- Do you know what he decided?
- No, he didn't tell me.
Listen. He wants to kill himself.
My God!
Leave God alone. He's
not gonna help you.
And your so called
misfortune, in your family...
...that you've been punished for
stealing from your brother...
- Where did you hear that?
- It doesn't matter. Listen.
- It's not true, I'm telling you!
- Everyone slanders.
And your son thinks the same.
My God, my poor boy.
That will do. And your
troubles will be over...
...and your boy will
carry the mill's duties.
Are you able to do it?
Listen, Antoni. If he's gonna die?
No. He won't die.
Can you swear?
I swear.
On the Virgin Mary?
On the Virgin Mary.
And on Jesus Christ?
Yes. On Jesus Christ too.
Then, swear.
I swear.
- Hello.
- Hello.
What do you want?
I'm listening.
Have you got some thread?
What kind?
Yes. How thick?
The one for embroidery?
No, for stitching.
Yes. And more resistant.
Here you are.
I know you're a brave boy.
Squeeze your teeth and don't talk.
I'm gonna tie you up, not to move...
All right.
Otherwise my work will be in vain.
It will hurt a bit.
Antoni. Will I walk again?
Walk? Of course.
Same as before?
Even better.
Drink this.
Bite this. It'll help.
Don't look.
My son...
You're alive...
Zenek, what are you waiting?
The people are tired of waiting.
Thank you, I've read it.
So soon?
Are you gonna tell me stories today?
Do you want me to tell?
Of course!
No. Why only I have to
talk, and you not to?
I'll listen.
And I will listen, with pleasure.
I don't have anything to tell you. You
travelled a lot, you've seen so many things.
But I haven't met a
gorgeous girl like you...
You're mocking me.
I wouldn't dare.
Mr. Leszek...
We used to say: "Ask!
If no one gives, take!"
Here you go!
...and I'm at your feet.
Hello, Marusinka.
How can I help you?
Same. Cigarettes and matches.
Here you go. 60.
Thank you. Good bye.
Do you realise what could he imagined?
I felt like a lover
hidden in the wardrobe.
A nobleman in a shopkeeper's wardrobe!
But I must confess that the
shopkeeper has beautiful legs.
Would you please, count, to pass
over with the same ability, back?
Don't you like me?
I'm waiting.
Don't you want me?
All right.
How about now?
C'mon, move your foot.
Does it hurt?
A bit.
Now try to flex your leg.
I'm scared.
C'mon! Courage!
It moves.
You see?
Easy, easy. Don't hurry.
Now, the other leg. That's it.
You're gonna be all right. In a
week or so you will stand up, slowly.
- Antoni.
- What?
Will I walk in a week?
Not suddenly. You have to get
used with it, little by little.
It can't be, I don't believe it.
Upon my word. Unlikely, but it happened.
And then a reception was
made. Guests... Have come...
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
Do you still need silk thread?
No, this time, be a sweetheart and give
me some tobacco and cigarette paper.
Here yo go. 70.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Good bye, lady.
Good bye.
What is it, count?
No surprise if hunting
these animals was permitted.
I now understand why lord's
Karrigan gun gone off by mistake.
It's not funny.
Sorry. Where were we?
"And then a reception was made... "
Yeah. You're right.
Noted guests were Radzivillii,
Kazakevicii and us, Czynskii.
Me, your count of Czynski, being
the only bachelor 'round there...
...all the bag of bones brought their
daughters there, searching for husbands.
And I didn't like them!
The orchestra played a mazurka!
And along the walls, lots of pretenders.
God, what country goslings!
Dresses, sewed out of grandmothers'
shawls, after the latest parisian fashion.
In the room, an air of
alcohol and moth balls.
But... Noblesse oblige.
Each of these sad girls.
who wanted to dance with count Czynski, will
remember this for the rest of their lives.
I approach. I bow.
Excuse me, but I'm busy.
What happened?
Did I offend you?
No, you're too well-off to
talk with me, count Czynski.
Can I help you?
Forgive me, please, but
I must clean the shop.
I'm afraid that if
you're going to stay here...
...your elegant London
made suit will get dusty.
Do you want anything else?
All the best!
Farewell, lady.
Leave the crutches!
I'm afraid.
Throw them away!
Come here.
Hello, madam Marysia.
Tomorrow's Sunday and it seems
that we'll have a good weather.
Yeah, probably.
Could I, Miss Marysia...
...invite you to take a walk
through the park, with me?
Although... You're welcome, Mr. Zenek.
Everything that my dad has...
will be mine some day.
I'm glad.
As you see, Miss Marysia...
...if my father will go to the landlady...
which is also your tutor...
...and he'll talk to her, and
he'll ask her to marry him...
I don't understand what
are you saying, Mr. Zenek.
Your father is married.
Yes, but I'm single.
No, it's impossible.
I don't care if you
don't have any dowry.
You're an intelligent, beautiful girl.
With a wife like you
I wouldn't be ashamed.
I have plenty of money.
And, thank God, I'm healthy.
I could make you happy.
You'll see, Miss Marysia.
It's impossible, Mr.
Zenek. I don't love you.
Real money...
You'll have enough money
till the day you die.
I'm very much obliged to you.
I wouldn't pay me
with any kind of money.
But everything I have, it's yours.
What's with you, Procop?
Have you gone crazy?
Take it.
I didn't do it for money.
I felt pity for the boy.
I said take it.
No, I won't.
It's from the bottom of our heart...
Take it!
And I'm telling you from
the bottom of my heart.
...that a loaf of bread in my pocket.
...and some tobacco, will always be enough.
Listen, Antoni.
If I crawl on my knees
would you take it?
Everybody will blame me when they'll.
...find out that I didn't repay you.
Aren't you ashamed for that?
It's not Christianly. Take it.
Don't you want gold?
Then, can I ask you...
...to stay with us...
Here you go.
Thank you.
Heavy rain, isn't it?
I can wait, if you're not in a hurry.
It's a long way till
the mill. You'll get wet.
You knew I was from the mill?
Of course.
You are the quack.
Everybody talks about you.
Why do you look at me like that?
Oh, no... The song...
I've heard it before.
It was well known once.
My mother used to sing it to me.
So you're not the owner's daughter?
No, I just work here.
Where is your mother then?
My mother died...
when I was little.
If she had lived in our times...
...you should have cured her.
Where's your father?
He died earlier.
I don't remember.
I always lived with my mother.
I have no relatives.
It's not easy to be alone.
Second part Maria Jolanta Wilczur.
So are you the quack?
I just work at the mill.
But you try to cure people.
Do you know that it's a crime?
What do you want? Who are you?
I'm a doctor, unlike you.
Besides, I have a doctorate in medicine.
You're very much mistaken if you believe.
...that I'm gonna close
my eyes regarding that.
...you're poisoning people.
You powder a bit of this in
a quarter of a litre glass.
Drink it hot.
Half of glass on an empty stomach, the
other half before you go to bed. Got it?
Yeah, yeah.
Leave it.
God bless you.
So you're saying that
I'm poisoning them?
You're saying that you treat them?
None of them have died.
They didn't die. But in
this way, they'll surely die.
I forbid you to torture
them with such practices...
...in such a dump, in such a misery.
Your hand has more germs
than a hospital has.
If you don't stop with this
so-called medical practice...
I will throw you in jail.
I didn't hurt anybody.
And in jail... People live there too.
All right. I've warn you.
Hello, doctor.
Remember me?
As you can see, I can walk.
And I don't limp at all.
Antoni cured me.
And you told me that I
would never walk again...
...that I will always be an invalid.
How did he cure you?
He saw that my bones were badly knitted.
He broke them again
and he put them together.
I can dance, too!
Excellent. Congratulations.
Let's go!
You're a good man, Antoni...
...but you don't realise
that you could be rich.
You could have.
...plenty of money.
There was a large crowd at your door.
Of course! God told us to
take care of sick people.
Why free?
I don't need money.
I'm not starving...
...and I don't have anyone to inherit it.
That's a shame.
That you don't have anybody.
That you're not married,
that you don't have children.
I'm old enough.
Oh, you're old!
Any woman will marry to
you. I would marry you.
So you say.
I would marry you. Without
hesitation. It's true.
All right, let's stop the twaddle.
And why is this a twaddle?
You know, every month...
...someone is always proposing to me.
I'm still young, although I'm a widow.
But I didn't like anyone.
But I'd marry you.
Just give me a sign.
I'm serious.
And my father-in-law
will be happy.
I have no energy.
What, you don't like me?
I like you, I don't like
you, it doesn't matter.
Just so...
You need a woman, am I right?
You monster!
Get stuffed...
I hate you, you lunatic!
Damn you!
I came to ask for forgiveness.
What have you done wrong?
I was tactless last time.
Maybe. I didn't notice.
And I think it is regrettable.
...that the count's thoughts
were about my humble person.
One of our advantages is that.
we are polite...
...even when when we're hurt,
we are lured to be different.
I wasn't deceived by
your politeness, count.
How come? Since when?
Since the beginning.
I can't understand
why are you so worried.
You're wrong. I'm not worried...
...if you forgive me.
That's what I thought.
That's very well.
I hate you.
I hate you for...
What for?
'Cause I don't have
the power to forget you.
Please, Mr. Leszek...
I don't wanna see you again.
Don't come anymore.
Good afternoon, Mrs. Marysia.
Good afternoon.
You surprise me...
with your cleverness.
...and with your talent.
Why's that?
The sofa.
What sofa?
What sofa?
You, in the shop, near the counter...
...together with count
Czynski, rather intimate...
I don't understand.
No need to. Understanding is
not important. The skill is.
You're a bastard.
You're a sick bastard.
Yeah, bastard.
Apologize to the girl.
What's wrong?
Don't make me wait for you.
I'm sorry.
Give him a hand.
Don't stand there.
Why are you laughing?
Cool off!
How embarassing!
How dared he? Why?
Calm down, Marysia. He'll not dare to.
There will be others.
Others? Let them try it once.
You can't stop them all.
It's ridiculous to pay
attention to everyone...
Ridiculous. You're
not living among them.
As a matter of fact, I told you,
there's no need to meet again.
I always felt that
something will happen.
But, Marysia...
Please. Please...
...don't come back. Never!
I'm begging you.
I don't want to see you again!
Please, give us half an hour.
Me and your father want to
talk something important.
Half an hour?
Is it too much for your parents?
No, mother, I'll listen to you.
You see, there are rumours that
your frivolity passed all the bounds.
We never blamed you for anything.
But I have an obligation.
Our son mustn't lose his dignity.
What do you mean?
How could you beat that peasant?
I don't understand, dad.
To intercede for a girl...
who was offended in public,
means that I lost my dignity?
This girl, Marysia, she's a shopgirl.
Does it matter?
Of course.
Do you really know her?
As long as I'm buying
cigarettes from her...
Every day?
For this, it's not necessary
to be there for several hours.
And when it is necessary?
You really don't undestand,
that your daily visits.
...at this shop, will draw attention.
Strange, innit? It's just
a shop, a public place...
where everybody can be there.
My dear. Your argument.
...it's ridiculous.
I hardly believe that
your interest for the shop.
...is caused by the study of
subtleties related to trade.
There's something going on
between you and this little girl.
Even so, then, what?
Do you want to tell me what a
pleasant conversation means to you?
All right, mom.
Do you think that this
girl is right for you?
With your position in the society?
With your intellectual and social level?
You don't know her.
Imagine that, I had no
intention to meet her.
I heard enough.
Because of your often visits,
this girl was offended...
...probably by one unlucky admirer.
And you had the insolence to
implicate in a disgusting fight...
...to protect the honour of
this girl, who's easy to get.
Why are you talking about
her with this offending tone?
For a woman with your
education, is at least indecent.
I'm ashamed of you.
Excuse me.
Are you rude with your mother
because of a shopkeeper?
You're right.
I did all this fuss and I'm guilty.
As a decent person, I cannot
admit talking trash about her.
My dear, you assumed a
ungrateful obligation.
It's not your duty to
save her reputation.
We decided that, for a period
of time, it's best to leave.
To calm down your passion.
You gonna go with uncle Eustachie,
in Warsaw. You gonna enjoy yourself.
Be kind.
Here you go.
Did they start to make
your life miserable?
Did you find out?
Yes, I've heard.
Everybody looks at me.
They call me a mistress.
They are talking bad things about me.
I know, they won't leave me alone...
...until they'll ruin everything.
Why are people so bad?
Ignore these rumours.
Ignore what people are saying.
And forget him.
He's rich, well known and a noble.
You can't marry him.
He'll never marry you.
I never thought about this.
But he's a decent person.
He'll not permit such
suppositions to be made on you.
...and no one will say
anything against you.
The count will never come here.
I told him...
I forbid him to come.
Does the lady accepts to be my wife?
What are you talking about?
What are you saying?
Do you want to marry me, Marysia?
No, I can't believe it.
Oh God, are you serious?
And your parents?
If you say "yes", I'm gonna
tell them everything today.
They wouldn't agree.
Don't worry. They
will have to accept it.
However, I'm an engineer.
We can manage without them.
And you... My darling...
Maybe you don't love me?
Me? Not loving you?
Let's go, Marysia.
And the shop?
From now on, you'll
not work here anymore.
Zenek, don't do any foolishness.
Leave me alone.
Don't start again.
Go to hell!
Oh God, it's so nice.
Does it mean that we are engaged?
Yes, my darling. You're now my bride.
Your bride... I'm feeling giddy already.
I don't have any ring to give it to you.
Marysia. I'm yours without
the ring. Forever. I love you.
I love you too.
What have I done...
Oh, God...
I've killed them. It's terrible.
Fo... Folks... Hey folks, here!
What happened?
Help them, help me.
Help. They're alive.
They fell off the motor bike...
...but they're still alive! They're alive!
Oh, God...
I can't cure them by myself.
Call the doctor.
Vitalis. Harness the horses!
Wait. I'll go. You go to the mansion.
Call Czynski.
Wait! Wait!
How is my son? Is he alive?
Calm down, madam.
He's out of any danger.
I don't trust this man!
Answer me, doctor, I beg you!
It's not serious.
Some scratches on the
face, and a broken arm.
I immobilized her with
splints, so everything is fine.
There's no need for other examinations.
You do not give instructions. As
far as I know, I should do this.
There's no need for you here.
This girl here needs help.
Is he in a coma, or he's just sleeping?
He's sleeping. He has an open fracture.
I gave him some sleeping
pills, to ease his pain.
Doctor, please come here.
What have you done, are you mad?
How dared you to treat him?
His bone was coming
out. What could I do?
I, myself, I would have waited!
I sent for you but you weren't home.
Should I let a injured man to suffer?
He's right, Mr. Pawlicki.
Here you go. Accept it, please.
No, take them away.
It is said that you treat
poor people for free...
...but, I can assure you, that we can pay.
For me, they are not poor, nor rich.
I'm ready for anyone who needs help.
But for your son, if i wouldn't
have felt the impulse of duty...
I wouldn't touch him.
Because of him, this girl is dying now.
I suspect a brain contusion.
It's necessary a cerebral tomography.
We must take the count to the
hospital, as soon as possible.
Yes, of course, doctor.
What's with her?
The bone penetrated her brain.
She's already agonizing. Medical
practices are useless in this case.
She can be saved, doctor.
The only thing that
I could do for her is.
...to give her an injection.
For cardiac stimulation.
It's hopeless.
Please, turn up her sleeve.
Yeah, she's gonna die.
You don't have the right
to leave her like that.
Undergo a surgery.
What are you saying?
No surgeon can bring her to life...
...not even the most ingenious one.
If only I'd have my instruments...
Fortunately, you don't.
Doctor! I want to
take my son to the car.
All right. I'll call somebody.
Hey, miller, help us here.
You too, please.
Careful not to stumble.
Be careful.
Let's take him to the hospital. Quick.
Doctor, are you convinced.
...that our son's life is not in danger?
It is hard to tell before an
examination and a radiography.
He must be carefully treated.
We'll send him to Switzerland,
at the best sanatorium.
Where am I, what happened?
Nothing, dear, calm down, don't
move, it's not good for you.
What about me?
You were on the motor
bike and fell down.
You have a broken arm,
but there's no danger.
Is Marysia still alive?
She's... Dead.
Calm down! Doctor!
You shouldn't tell him that.
I'm not used to lie!
It was a blow for him.
Maybe he cared for the girl.
You must be joking.
My girl... Do you recognize me?
Do you recognize me?
Where's Leszek? What happened
to him? Is he still alive?
He's alive. He wasn't badly hurt.
Just a broken arm.
His parents sent him
abroad for treatment.
Only if he can recover.
I saved her!
Is it him?
- Hello.
- Hello.
We want to talk to you, Mr. Kosiba.
And you, Mrs. Marysia, how do you feel?
Very well, sir.
I feel much better.
Glad to hear that.
Hasn't she got fever?
No. She had a bit after the surgery.
Can she move her arms and legs?
Her nervous system wasn't affected?
Doctor? I'm in good health...
...but still weakened.
Take it easy.
How can I help you?
Mr. Kosiba.
Is it true that Marysia
was in a critical state.
...and that you performed
a surgery... A trepanning?
Yeah, that's right. So what?
You don't have a doctor's diploma.
You broke the law through your actions.
Maybe. Because the doctor...
who normally has the duty to
treat the patients, to save them...
...instead of doing it, he ran away.
I protest! It's a lie.
I analyzed her situation.
...and her condition was hopeless...
...since she started to agonize.
Some medical instruments
disapperead from Mr. Pawlicki.
He declared that he suspects you.
Tell me, do you admit
that you took them?
Maybe he doesn't.
We better search him.
Don't tell me what to do, doctor.
I know my job.
So, do you admit?
Are they here?
Give them to me.
Are these the ones?
Chech to make sure
that no one is missing.
Yes, I think so.
That's no answer. It must be precise.
Yes, they are all.
I must arrest you, Mr. Kosiba.
What for? It's unfair.
He took them to save a woman's life.
The court will be the judge of that.
Don't cry...
Crying won't do any
good. I did steal them.
To save my life.
That's right. But a theft is a theft.
How long these disgusting supertitions.
...of Middle Ages will exist?
How long should we tolerate.
...the criminal, ignorant
activities of the quacks?
The verdict, which will
be given in this affair...
...maybe should solve,
finally, the problem:
...are we a civilised country
and are we belonging to Europe.
...not only geographically,
but also culturally?
How long will we coexist.
with such barbarism?
Today's verdict.
...should be a warning.
...for all those who
enrich on people's back!
It can't be!
Three months maybe?
No, Marysia. Three years.
The prosecutor was very angry.
You ought to see how
many people helped him!
Although some praised
him, didn't matter.
The prosecutor carried on.
And when they asked
Antoni, after his release...
...if will he treat people again...
...then he said that he'll
never give up helping people...
...and if he'll arrive
on time to save a man...
...he will do it.
So, they gave him three years.
I'm the only one responsible for this.
What can we do?
Let's think, how can he be released?
We cannot help him escape from prison...
My advice is to make an appeal.
And it absolutely necessary
to have an expensive lawyer.
We'll pay him, we must
have something to pay him.
Money is not a problem.
People are ready to give
as much as they have.
If Leszek was here...
Maybe Mr. Czynski can help us?
He saved their son too!
They don't remember.
Neither their son.
Come in.
Your Highness, we are near the border.
Thank you.
Take it.
You'll personally give it to Antoni.
Thank you.
I'll give him money, in your behalf.
I thank you in his behalf.
He'll clear the debts if
he'll thank me himself.
All these should release him.
Oh, Sonia, why are
you managing all these?
Who else?
I will.
- Yes...
Are you gonna stay
with us for three years?
No. I was thinking that after the
appeal, Antoni will be released.
How can you tell?
How will you survive?
Don't cry.
Stop. No one will drive
you away from here.
There's a roof over your head...
...and food, also, is enough.
Why is she crying?
What did you tell her?
It's not your business.
She got angry.
She's like a burden to us.
Not for you.
But for who? Let her leave.
She? Look here! Maybe
you'll go before her.
Come in.
The carriage is ready, your highness.
And the roses?
I cut them, as you ordered.
They are in the carriage.
What should I tell to the countess?
It's all right, Frantisheck.
Please, give it to my parents.
Thank you. Thank you for everything.
Listen, Frantisheck.
Can you tell me where she was buried?
The girl who had that accident.
What accident?
The accident when she was with me.
Oh God why do you say
that, your Highness.
She wasn't buried?
She's alive!
- What?
- She's alive. I swear.
Yes. Antoni cured her...
...that quack from the mill.
He lives there.
Leszek, what does all
these flowers mean?
Means that I will never forgive you!
To the mill!
Frantisheck. What happened?
I don't know. Mr. Leszek told me.
...to prepare the carriage and to
cut all the roses in the garden.
He then asked where Marysia is burried.
And I told him that she's alive.
Go on.
We should have told him.
We thought that this
little romance was finished.
But if this is not only an
adventure but a deeper feeling?
You make me laugh.
Forgive me, your Highnesses.
I completely forgot. Mr. Leszek
asked me to give it to you.
What happened?
Speak up. You scare me.
I don't have my glasses.
Sit down, Eleonora.
My dear parents...
When you'll read this letter...
...your son will not be alive.
I love you very much and I know
...that I'm causing suffering to you.
Please forgive but I
can't live without her.
My life lost any sense.
I was gonna do it
earlier, but before dying...
I wish to visit her grave...
with the request to
carry out one last wish.
Bury me next to her. Leszek.
We almost killed our son.
No. I can't believe it. It's absurd!
Leszek would never do that!
Don't you understand...
...that we can lose him?
How's that?
He knows that she's alive!
He'll never forgive us for hiding it.
Oh, God.
What to do?
Why are you leaving? Stay here.
I can't. I have to go.
So you've decided...
...let's sit, before you go.
Faster, faster!
My love...
My prince. My darling.
You grizzled.
They told that you were dead.
No. I have waited so long.
I thought, I knew...
I'll never leave you again.
Come in.
Present to us, please, your future wife.
Mr. Antoni.
Don't you remember me?
- Hello, Mr. Kosiba.
- Hello.
How do you feel?
Fine. Like in a jail.
You're very beautiful.
Because of a blessed event.
Marysia accepted to be my wife.
To tell the truth, I wasn't
expecting this at all.
Well, congratulations.
Be happy.
Thank you.
From both of us.
Your trial will be
evaluated soon enough.
The lawyers agree that they
can clarify some things.
Is it worth trying?
Why do you say that?
You also saved me.
Please, let us do this for you.
We called for a professor
in medicine, from Warsaw.
I have no doubt that
you treated them right.
If we don't solve
anything, it doesn't matter.
We don't have anything to lose.
Mr. Pawlicki. Are there
many quacks in our county?
I don't know exactly, but there
are about 20 quacks in every county.
They're more like a plague.
As you know, from
interventions made by them...
...by unprofessional actions,
any death was recorded?
Of course. Moreover, according
to statistics of our county...
...about 200 people died after
these so called "treatments".
Thank you. No further questions.
Mr. Pawlicki.
You said that often people suffered.
...from quacks who treated them.
Do you know any victims
of Antoni Kosiba?
It's hard to remember.
Is that so...
Answer me, have you ever heard about
a single death caused by my client?
Thank you. No further questions.
I request the hearing of an expert
specially called from Warsaw...
...professor Dobraniecki, the president
of the Association of Polish Surgeons.
Here you go.
Your Honours.
I was asked to examine certain persons...
who suffered serious injuries
and to draw out the conclusions.
...regarding the surgeries that were made.
All of these performed by
the quack Antoni Kosiba.
I carried out careful tests and X-rays.
which provide us the answer that,
all the surgeries were carried out...
...at a high level of professionalism,
which, unquestionable...
...represent an excellent knowledge
of human anatomy. Yes, excellent.
Many of the patients would not
survive without this knowledge.
Professor, you say that...
...this person which has no
special training whatsoever...
...made complex...
...advanced and very risky surgeries?
Frankly, it's above my understanding.
This quack has either a huge experience...
...or an extraordinary talent...
...blended with an intuition
which only a few surgeons have.
In my life, I saw only one surgeon.
with such an amazing
and ingenious intuition.
Thank you.
The other party has any questions?
As an expert of medical
ethics, please tell us...
...if you agree with theft for
the sake of life salvation?
What ethics, if the accused
doesn't have a doctor diploma?
Objection overruled.
In the history of medicine,
I never seen such cases.
Personally, I think, that none
is more precious than human life.
Thank you, professor.
We've listened both parties.
Now the court wants to
talk with the lawyer.
I don't have anything to say.
I request the permission
to show some evidence.
...of Antoni Kosiba's talent and skill.
I present you a man which the
doctor considered to be hopeless.
Name and surname.
Maria Wilczur.
Louder, please.
Maria lolanta Wilczur.
Excuse me.
Dear judges...
...he's professor Rafal Wilczur.
My girl...
My little girl...
I want you to be happier than we were.