Zola (2020) Movie Script

You wanna hear a story
about how me and this bitch here fell out?
It's kind of long,
but it's full of suspense.
["But Not For Me" playing]
[singer vocalizing]
Church bells are ringing
Not for me
But not for me
Not for me
[Gail] You could taste that shit
before he walked in
It was fart. It was egg. It was nasty.
What you call it
when their skin get red like that?
-Yup. I saw that shit on TV.
Why it get like that?
[chuckles, speaks indistinctly]
Here we go. I'll get you some ketchup.
I didn't like that place.
There was just something about it.
It had the wrong air flow.
-I didn't tell you?
It was like the energy was off.
What table am I at?
Thanks, guys.
[Jonathan laughs] The closer you are
to the city, the prettier the girls.
I don't make the rules.
Hormones in the food help out
hormones in the water.
Chicken taste like real chicken.
Nah, that ain't chicken.
-Y'all got jalapeo poppers?
[Zola] We don't.
[Zola] So I met this white bitch
at my job.
I was her waitress.
She came in with this old-ass,
big-ass Black dude.
Damn, bitch, you got perfect titties!
I wish I had titties like that.
Like little apples.
Thank you.
So you just gonna pull that dyke shit
and not include me?
You so dumb. Like, why you so dumb?
Every one of my tables is fruit loops.
-You said it, not me.
I'm tired. I'm gonna take a break.
[Stefani] I feel like we met.
-I don't know. You dance?
-I dance.
-Okay, bitch, me too.
You're not supposed to be back here.
-What you doing tonight?
You wanna go somewhere with me?
["My Nene" playing]
-That's my
-That's my
That's my ass
That's my ace
Shorty so bad
All these niggas want what
They can't have
-That's my
-That's my
-That's my
That's my ass
My baby, my nene
[Blanco singing in Italian]
Same bitch that won't dance for money
be the same bitch
that be out on the block.
Same bitch that wanna smile in your face
be the same bitch
that gonna come for you later.
-On God!
On God!
Like, why you on my Twitter?
Why you on my Facebook? Tumblr?
Why are you DM-ing me?
Sis, why you tagging me in photos?
You don't even fuck with me.
-Sis! Sis!
-Let me know!
Yeah, sis!
[cell phone ringing]
You gonna get that?
She looks like you.
You think so?
I think she looks like her daddy.
He got a lazy eye, though.
I hope she don't get that. You got kids?
[cell phone continues ringing]
Time to go.
I'm hungry.
[Stefani] Put your number in.
[keyboard clicking]
[Zola] You got my Twitter,
my Tumblr and my Facebook.
-[Stefani] Follow for follow, bitch.
-[Zola] Bitch.
[explosions over video game]
Hey, you wanna play this?
Come on, jump on it.
[clicks tongue]
Oh. Shit, man!
[cell phone chiming]
I don't feel like cooking tonight.
Where you wanna go?
You want me to choose?
You heard anything I said?
Why you looking at me like that?
Yo, am I missing something here?
[cell phone chimes]
Last month, I went dancing
at this cute spot in Florida
where my roommate's girl
made like 5 G's a night.
My roommate just told me that
he going down there tomorrow,
and he asked me if I had any friends
that wanna make some money
and you the first bitch I thought of.
Damn, bitch!
We just met and you already
trying to take ho trips together?
When we leaving?
Be ready by 2:00.
Who's all going?
Be ready by 2:00!
Who's all going?
Me, my boyfriend and my roommate.
Last time I was there,
I met a rapper
who had a song on the radio.
-Hey, who is that?
-Text me your address.
You just dropped me off the other night.
You think I remember, bitch?
I don't know where I am right now.
I'm gonna have to fuck my nigga calm.
-What's that look on your face?
-I'm going to Florida to dance.
-Since when?
Did I ever say anything
to make you stop dancing?
-You've been trained to know better.
-Oh! So I'm trained?
When a man don't have anything to say
about the way you make
your money, he don't like it.
So, what if I don't?
You know I'm working
on getting a better job.
-You like that?
-I do.
I'mma go to Florida
with this white girl I met,
and we gonna dance.
Are you close?
Okay! Phew!
[rap music playing indistinctly]
Hey, bitch!
This is gonna be so fun.
-It's my bitch Zola.
-Hey, bitch Zola.
[Zola] It'll be 48 hours
till I know this nigga's name.
Baby bitch Zola.
This is gonna be so fun.
-That's my purse.
-Oh, yeah. Sorry.
-Thank you.
-You got it.
Let's do it! Take the crew!
-[Zola] Hi.
-[X] How you doing?
Yo, Derrek, let's go! Let's--
[camera shutter clicks]
Hey. Hey. Hey!
Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana, Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana
I got Molly, I got white
I got Molly, I got white
I been trapping, trapping
Trapping, all damn night
Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana
I got Molly, I got white
I got Molly, I got white
I been trapping, trapping
Trapping, all damn night
Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana
I'm selling them bricks
Out the Phantom
Got Hannah Montana
I'm drinking the lean
Out the Phantom
Glaw, Glaw, Glaw
Fuck nigga got anna
Got your bitch, she white
Hannah Montana in a Panamera
She a college girl
But her wrist Katrina
In the kitchen
And she baking like Anita
Hit the club
Diamonds shining
Like I'm drinking margarita
I'm in London with--
-Oh, damn!
-Oh, I'm dying! I'm dying!
Show Zola.
[man] Oh, my God!
He be doing the funniest shit, Zola.
[Zola] I ain't seen him
do no funny shit yet.
I'm gonna make videos like this.
[man on video] Oh, my God!
[upbeat music playing on radio]
Bring me up.
[Stefani] I'm so hungry,
I could eat a dick right now.
[Zola] You got tissue?
[toilet flushes]
[trippy music playing on radio]
I swear on my life!
I swear on my mama's life!
I was like, what, like, huh?
Like, this dookie-ass bitch
with her nappy-ass hair was up in my face!
I was like, "Look,
if you're gonna slide
up and down a pole all night
in some doo-doo-ass drawers,
clean your butt!
Have you some wet wipes, boo-boo,
'cause nobody looking to get
giardia on account of no ho!"
Like, not again!
Then this bitch was up in my face!
I was like, "Look, booger bitch,
best get your ghetto ass up out my face.
It's not my fault
I make more money than you!"
-"Clean your butt!"
-"It's not my fault you nasty!
It's not my fault
I make more money than you!"
-"Clean your butt!"
-On God!
-[X] Turn that shit the fuck up!
[Stefani] Yeah!
They say that I'm crazy
I used to talk to a stove
I tell it to lock
Shit, I tell it a lot
Go to the dealership
Fishtail off the lot
You know I'm comin'
Straight out the block
You know I'm comin'
Straight of the top
Shawty said she want five million
I told her to leave
And called her a thot
Shit, you can like it
Or not
I'm comin'
Straight out the pot
Still got some Act'
In my stock
Nigga, I ain't gotta lie
Nigga, I ain't gotta try
You wavin' that thing
In the sky?
We wavin' that thing
At your body
We wavin' that thing
At your eye!
Why let your man
Feel like an end?
Why let your man
Feel so bad inside?
What makes a man
Stay awake all night?
What makes a man
Feel so good?
And what makes a man
Walk a thousand miles?
-[X] Yo, Derrek.
-[Derrek] What's this?
[X] A little spot,
just for a couple hours.
-[Derrek] All of us?
-[X] I thought you was tired.
-[Derrek] I'm not tired.
-[Stefani] You look tired.
[Derrek] I guess I'm tired.
You already look pretty.
-You know they filmed Miami Vice here?
-You remember that movie?
-I don't.
-Well, you've seen it.
-Look at those lips.
You like it?
You don't think it's too pink?
-I wanna lick them.
-Okay. Chill.
-Yo, don't tear up the room. Shit.
-My bad.
[Zola] So we get to Florida
and show up at this nasty motel.
[X] Don't worry about the smell.
Ain't nothing a little
air freshener can't handle.
We gonna be at the club all night.
This room for Derrek.
Do not trip.
Don't trip.
Yo, I'm not trying to stay here, for real.
Hey, hey, hey.
I don't wanna see your face like that.
You only gotta be here till they get done
with what they gotta do.
Our room's not ready. What can I do?
I'm not a hotel. I can't make it ready.
-I got that.
-It don't make any sense
putting a bunch of money
into a room you'll be in alone.
You're not gonna like that. So
-We save money today
-[cell phone vibrates]
[X] and get to the pool
and the pia coladas tomorrow.
Yo, um, but I can just come
with you guys to the club?
Nigga, what did I just tell you?
-I'm sorry.
It's not so bad, is it?
[exhales shakily]
[softly] Yo, it kind of is.
Well, we'll be back soon.
Whose is that?
And whose is this?
Gonna make me throw up.
Yo, I'm hungry.
You need all these bags?
Which one you really need?
-[Zola] Just this one.
-I'll leave this one here.
-Watch them bags for us. Cool.
-All right.
-[X] Ready?
-[Stefani] I'll text you.
-[Derrek] All right.
-[X] Watch her bag, all right?
[Derrek] Yeah. I got it.
-I'll text you.
-[Stefani] Yeah, text me.
-[Derrek] Keep in touch.
-[Stefani] I'll call you.
[Derrek] All right, y'all have fun!
Yo, yo. Yo.
Girl, I don't know.
This place feels like it got roaches.
I told you we good.
-Okay, and what about our bags?
-You ask a lot of questions.
[hip-hop music playing]
[people chattering indistinctly]
Dear heavenly Father,
we come to you thanking you today
for all the bounties that you
have bestowed upon us, Jesus.
Now, we are asking you
a special prayer today.
-Special prayer!
-[dancers] Special prayer.
-Special prayer!
-[dancers] Special prayer!
Lord, we asking you to send us niggas.
[dancers] Yes!
-Send us niggas, Lord.
-None of them fart-ass niggas!
-[dancers] No!
Father, send us niggas with culture.
[dancers] Yes!
-Send us niggas with good credit!
You know if he got good credit, Lord,
-I know you sending him with a big dick.
Don't send us no no-dick niggas!
-Hit us with a big dick, Jesus!
Father, we are asking you
humbly today to send us these things.
-[woman] Bring them!
-Send us these things!
-[woman] Yes!
-Send us these things!
[woman] Amen!
-Jesus, I just feel all He--
-[woman] Lord Jesus!
Oh, I feel him. He moving.
He moving. He moving.
He moving. He moving!
[dancers exclaiming]
Please, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.
-Amen again!
Thank you, Jesus. Thank you.
Felt the spirit in here.
-Hi, boo!
-Hey, boo.
-Oh, did you feel the spirit?
-I felt it.
-Thank you, Lord.
-Who you gonna be tonight, Zola?
Who you gonna be tonight, Zola?
Who you gonna be tonight, Zola?
-You need these.
-For who?
This a pasties-and-panties joint.
-A what?
-[all] Pasties and panties!
Baby, somebody got me twisted.
I'm a full nude type of bitch.
Not tonight. You need a permit
in Florida for anything else.
Girl, how we supposed
to make shit in these?
Easy! You a sexy bitch. I'm a sexy bitch.
We gonna make money.
Hold up. Let's take a pic real quick.
[Zola] From here on out,
watch every move this bitch make.
-Oh, shit.
-Hold on.
Wait, I don't look good in that light.
-Yeah, this lighting. Okay?
["Tell Me" playing]
I just wanna
I just wanna take my time
My time
My time with you
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
We're here alone
While the thunder is roaring
And the windows are blowing
'Cause it's storming
And pouring tonight
I put my hand on your chest
I can feel your heart
And it's beating kinda fast
So is mine
In this moment of silence
You look me in the eyes
Nothing is verbalized
But so much is said
I need you so much
The more I'm away from you
The more of you I want
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
You look a lot like Whoopi Goldberg.
I want to hold you
[man coughing]
Till I can't feel again
[on voice mail] Hi. This Stefani.
I'm not here right now. I'm busy.
Leave a message after the beep.
If you don't, I ain't your friend.
[line ringing]
[on voice mail] Hi. This Stefani.
I'm not here right now. I'm busy.
Leave a message after the beep.
If you don't, I ain't your friend.
-Where you been, bitch?
-Here, B.
The manager wanted me to tell you
a dude here wants you to do a private.
-He used to play football.
-Tell your boy I'm ready to go.
-Hold it.
-We look cute. Let's take a pic.
-We cute. We fine.
Money. Titties. Money. Titties.
Hey! Damn! That's enough!
All up in my face.
Cute. I'm gonna send these to X.
'Cause we cute.
Okay, what's the deal
with your boy, your roommate?
We cool.
He used to take care of me.
[Zola] Mm. "Take care of me"
in stripper language
means he is her pimp.
I am not here for that.
He just take care of me. That's all.
Okay. Too vague.
[cell phone vibrates]
He'll be here in 30.
I can take that one too.
Be right back.
[hip-hop music playing indistinctly]
-Hey, bitch.
My friend just told me
there's a spot we could go dancing,
but you gotta do private dances.
-Why? How much money you make?
-Well, 'cause he gonna ask.
-Ask what?
You'll see.
We'll see.
[X] What y'all make?
[both] Nothing.
My other girl had a bad night too.
Y'all wanna trap?
What you got for us?
I set you both up on Backpage.
[Zola] Backpage is where
you buy and sell sex.
Bitch, strike two.
-Good looking out.
Youse about to get you some.
[grunting] You know I got you, girl.
Okay, wait, wait, hold up.
These are pictures
we took in the dressing room.
Okay, look, I get it. Trust.
I am not the one.
Get your coinses. It's been real.
I'm out.
Hey! Shut the fucking door, bitch!
Where you from, nigga?
Nigga, where the fuck you from?
Get your ass back in this car
before I put your ass back in this car.
I picked you up at your house.
I know where you live.
I know where you work.
Next time you fix up
your mouth to talk to me,
remember that.
Close my fucking door.
Put your seat belt on.
[seat belt fumbling]
I got you--
I got you girls a real nice spot.
It's on the other side of town.
[cell phone clicks]
[elevator dings]
[elevator whirring]
[grunting, urinating]
[toilet flushes]
[faucet running]
Hey, you invited this bitch down here.
Show her what's up.
Girl, you got this, all right?
Bitch, you got me fucked up!
You had me out here thinking
we was coming to dance in Tampa.
But the okey-doke was your bum-ass
thought I was one of these hos out here
popping pussy for pennies?
While I bide my time to make
the real money ass up, face down.
No shade, no shame, do you.
But that is not what you told me
I was coming out here to do.
You gonna hit me?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
This is messy! You are messy!
Your brain is broke!
Have fun, be safe, wear condoms.
[tearfully] I didn't mean
to bring you into this.
Like, I swear on my life.
I swear on my mama's life.
You're my friend.
I didn't know
it was gonna go down like this.
I'm scared. I don't wanna be alone.
He know where I live.
He know where my baby live.
Look, I took this trip for my baby.
I do everything for my baby.
[phone line beeps]
Yo, cookie, it's Derrek.
Obviously. Um
I'm just trying to see what's up
and how it's all going.
'Cause I haven't heard from you,
so I'm like a little worried and shit.
But, like, um
I'm thinking about stepping out
and get some food.
So are you trying to eat?
Uh, 'cause I can wait or
I can, uh, go. All right.
So let me know.
All right, call me back. Okay, bye.
[voice mail] Nothing has been recorded.
All you gotta do is check them in.
He ain't gonna force you to trap.
Oh, bitch, I know he's not.
There's a guy on his way up.
I'll stay here till I can get my bag
from that nasty-ass motel.
What do I have to do?
Just be nice. Say hello.
Make them feel welcome.
-You like?
[elevator dings]
[knocking on door]
What are you doing? Let him in.
Okay! Damn!
-How old are you?
-How old are you?
I ordered a white chick.
-Motherfucker, if you don't
get your hand up out my face He ready.
-He ready.
How old are you?
Old enough.
I brought you something.
[zipper unzips]
[Zola] They start fucking. It was gross.
[both laughing]
Anyway, we had to leave the trap.
Bumping. Then those girls just left too.
-Puerto Rican?
-Dominican chick.
Hey, say, say, say. You got a lighter?
-Yo, what's up?
-You got a lighter?
Nah. Nah, nah. There should be somebody
-It's all good. We just chilling.
-You go on. then.
[siren wailing]
-Thank you.
-[door closes]
That guy just gave you 150 bucks.
Twenty minutes on the pole
is damn near 150.
On a good night.
Pussy is worth thousands, bitch!
-I don't set the price.
-Uh-uh. Give me your phone.
-Hand me your phone.
My feet.
Where's the
Okay, no.
No. What is this? Who likes this?
Come on, girl.
If a nigga like the photo,
he don't care about the price.
Stand up.
-Yes. Keep moving. Pop. Yes.
-[shutter clicking]
No teeth. She don't need teeth.
I use too much teeth
when I suck dick, sis.
That's facts.
Trap phone. Put it in.
Who you doing this for?
My baby?
Right. Keep that same energy.
Five hundred a pop.
-That's too much!
-It's not.
[cell phone chimes]
Nigga on his way up here right now.
$500 for 15 minutes of pussy.
-Okay, bitch.
-Okay, girl.
Okay, girl.
-[Zola] Okay, B.
-[Stefani] Okay, B.
[upbeat music playing over speakers]
What's popping, my guy?
Nothing. What's up with you?
Oh, shit. Ain't nothing to it, man.
Didn't I see you earlier?
Across the street at the motel.
-Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
-Thought so.
-I think I saw you there.
Yeah, you was with them two chicks.
Pretty-ass girls, with all their bags.
-The Black one with the phat ass?
-That ass special, right?
-It's a phat ass.
-For sure.
And the white girl with the pretty face.
-That's my girlfriend.
-Okay, cool.
All right. What brings y'all here?
Making shmoney.
-Making that shmoney.
Always a good thing to party.
Cash them in. Cash up.
Right. So it's your first time in Tampa?
It is.
So you gotta let me show you around.
-Fucking right. It's my city.
I'm down.
You gonna love this motherfucker.
For real.
Get a pack of black and milds,
and we can roll.
Hey, I'm down for the B&M.
[cell phone chimes]
[Sean] Yo.
Text me back.
-I'm worried about you.
-[Zola] Everything's
-I wanna know that you're okay.
I haven't heard from you
since you left. You all right?
Five stars.
I miss you. I love you.
The club was good too.
Heart emoji. Rose emoji.
I can barely keep my eyes open.
I love you.
I miss you.
[text whooshes]
[panting] Oh, yes.
Oh, tell me you love me.
Oh, tell me you love me.
[man grunting]
[line ringing]
[Stefani on phone] Hey.
Yo, where the fuck are you?
You know, I've been calling you all night.
I don't think my phone's working.
To be honest with you,
the service down here is trash.
Yo, the club closed three hours ago.
-We went to a different club.
-What club?
-Look up a 24-hour place.
-What spot?
It's the one right by McDonald's
that I told you about.
-Didn't I tell you?
-Ding Dongs.
-Ding Dongs?
-That's not a spot.
I'm not fucking lying to you.
Look it up, it's right by McDonald's.
If you went home with a dude tonight,
I'll kill you. I swear to God.
I just told you where I'm at.
Why are you tripping?
-I'm not tripping. Put Zola on.
-Okay, she right here.
Talk to him.
[Zola] Derrek.
Yo, Zola.
What's up, Zola?
Where the fuck are you, Zola?
My dude, I have no reason to lie to you,
but if you do wanna continue
to come for me side--
[line beeps]
Bitch is lying.
I won't let her play you.
I'm fucking done with this.
I'm done with this. I'm done.
I feel bad for you, bro.
That shit fucked up, bro.
I feel bad for you.
[water running]
[softly] Hey, hey, hey.
You been here long?
A hour.
-How much y'all make?
-Eight thousand.
Get the fuck out of here.
Get the fuck out of here, girl. What?
Oh, my God!
Oh, shit. Damn, damn.
That's all from me.
Zola made me a whole new bitch.
So, um
Wait. You think you can
do my job better than me?
[Zola] Yup.
So y'all trying to tell me
that y'all made eight grand
just fucking in one night?
And this bitch didn't fuck?
Get the fuck out of here.
Fuck, bitch, you earned it.
I'm so proud of you. You did good.
[cash rustling]
What? What?
[whispers] Can I get some too?
Can I get some too?
Get the fuck out of here.
You got clothes on your back, right?
You got food in your belly?
Who put tracks in your fucking hair,
your fucking nails and shit?
What the fuck you think,
shit cost is free?
You eat, right? Need gas for the car?
None of this shit is cheap.
Stop tripping.
Don't let that bitch get into your head.
Stay smart.
Come on, let's go! Move, move, move!
[X knocking]
Derrek, wake the fuck up, bro!
Stay here. All I wanna see is more magic.
Got tricks for days, believe me.
Dude, you're nuts, bro. I'm freaking out.
-Yo! Hey, you wanna meet her?
-Holler at me later.
-Meet my girl.
-Holler at me later.
Who the fuck was that?
-That's my friend.
-What's your friend name?
You don't know your friend name, no?
-I don't remember.
He saw us when we
-And he said, uh
-Come, come, come!
that my girl's going to work,
which she is doing.
And then he said, "I saw the car come up."
I was like, "That's the story, dude."
Where the fuck you tell him
your girl work?
Yo, yo, yo. I said
I said it's just some club.
Yeah, yeah, yeah?
So now this nigga know
we got money in here!
We We don't got money.
That nigga could come back here
with a whole crew and slit our throats!
-[X] Hey!
Get your bags! We're leaving!
["Issa Banger" playing]
[singing in Yoruba]
Let's go, everybody. Let's go.
Look me in the eye,
tell me what you were doing.
Look me in the eye,
tell me what you were doing!
[X grunting, urinating]
[toilet flushes]
[seagulls cawing]
Hey, you're in charge.
Watch Derrek.
Oh, is this my lookout promotion?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, this is your promotion.
[cell phone vibrates]
Hey, Mama!
[greets in foreign language, laughs]
[in English] No, I'm not doing nothing,
Mama! No.
Why you looking at me like that?
I thought you were gonna stop.
You said you were gonna stop. I'm not
-I'm not playing.
Don't touch me.
I can smell other dudes on you.
Whose is that?
It's yours.
And whose is this?
[Zola] They start fucking. It was gross.
[Latin music playing indistinctly]
I got you something.
Hey, hey, hey, look inside.
[bag rustles]
What's this for?
-So I can go home now?
I'mma need you to do
what you did last night.
I appreciate your confidence in me,
but I came to dance.
Oh, no, no, no. We're done with that.
Oh, well, in that case,
I'mma sit my ass right here,
and if you don't mind,
you in my sunlight, nigga.
So I'm in your sunlight, nigga?
Nigga, watch your mouth
the way you speak to me!
Watch it!
-Miss, may I help you?
-She don't need any help.
She doesn't need any help.
I'm good.
-She's good.
when I stand, you stand.
And when I walk
you motherfucking walk.
Got it?
By all means, take your fucking time.
I got all goddamn day.
Jesus Christ.
[both laughing]
[man on phone] Holy shit! Shit!
Holy shit!
Yo, I gotta talk to you.
Can you come with me to the bathroom?
Babe, you should take a walk.
Cookie, I don't wanna walk.
Yo, yo, yo.
Yo, yo, yo.
I thought you were done with this.
I didn't come to Florida for this.
Is this what you came here for, Zola?
Do I look like I came here for this?
Oh, so you set up a friend? Again!
[Zola] Let me find out this bitch
done did this before.
Don't listen to anything he say, Zola.
I told you he crazy.
I'm not crazy! Yo!
I don't fuck with you, I don't like you.
I didn't do anything wrong.
How many other girls were there?
I told you, he bipolar.
Run in his family.
He basically has no dick.
All right. Cool.
[Derrek] Everybody knows you're a ho now!
Everybody knows you're a ho now.
I should've known
you was shit when I met you.
[Zola] Derrek shows her his phone.
On it is her Facebook.
He posts the status of both Backpage ads,
and her mom is on there
going off in the comments.
Why would you do that?
You know my whole family's on there!
-I'm trying to help you!
-Don't say shit to me!
-I'm trying to save you!
-I ain't trying to be saved!
Yo! Stefani!
[Zola] It'll be 24 hours
till I hear this bitch voice.
You put that shit up on the Internet?
I did.
-I really should kill your ass.
-Hey, hey, hey!
-Tell them you sorry.
-Hey, man! Come on, man!
-"Man"? What's my name?
Say it, say it, say it. Abegunde.
[all] Abegunde Olawale!
Delete the post.
Sit the fuck down.
Whose is that?
-Whose is that?
-[X] Whose is that?
-[Stefani] Yours.
You better fucking not.
I swear to God--
Oh, you moth--
[softly] Tomorrow,
get some of that Versace.
Yeah? You like that, baby?
I'm gonna get you some Tiffany earrings.
-You like Tiffany, right?
-I like a Gucci dress.
You like Gucci dresses, right?
[shower running]
[handle squeaks]
[engine revving on TV]
Oh, no, I'm stuck!
[cell phone ringing]
[cell phone clicks]
[crickets chirping]
I just--
You tried it. I'm done.
[sarcastically] Okay.
What does that mean?
It means okay, I'm done.
[knocks on door]
[door opens, closes]
[cell phone ringing]
Hey, Ma.
Yeah, I saw that. Um
I'm in the middle of something.
Can I call you back?
-[man on phone] Holy shit!
-Yo, look.
-Holy shit!
-What the fuck?
-Holy shit!
-I've seen this one.
-Holy shit!
-What the fuck?
-This dude's crazy.
-He is.
-Yo, I'll make movies like this.
I swear.
You could make a lot of money
making movies like this.
Holy shit!
-Holy shit!
-I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, yo.
I'm just trying to
distract my brain, you know?
-Like, that's my best friend.
She just, uh
I'd do anything for her, you know?
I I'd give her a lung, a h
Not a heart. Uh--
Kidney, like whatever.
-If she need--
-Were you homeschooled?
[scoffs] Why?
Do you think I'm stupid?
-I look stupid.
-What do I look like?
[door opens]
[car door shuts]
I'm sorry, Zola.
[speaks in Spanish]
Your man said
it was 200 each for the head,
400 each for the gang bang.
He never said that.
Nah, he said that.
-When you talk to him?
I don't set the price.
You know what, I'm actually good
on the gang bang, okay?
I'm easy. I'm fine with some head.
Yeah, I was hoping I could get butt.
She don't do that.
We savages, miss.
[all] We ain't proper.
Look, you know what, I'm good
[line ringing]
[line beeps]
[line ringing]
[line beeping]
[line ringing]
[line beeping]
Y'all wanna hear a story about
why me and this bitch fell out?
It's long, but I'mma speed it up.
-[assistant] Set.
-[director] And action.
We meet at the restaurant she work at.
I was with my community leader, Jonathan.
This very ratchet
and very Black woman
comes to take our order.
I know that they supposed
to be flirtatious and everything
but not like she was.
I'm a Christian. I fear God.
So we exchanged numbers.
The next day,
she called me and she's like,
"I'm a ex dancer.
I'm broke. I need welfare."
I told her I don't fuck with that life.
And she's like, "Who do you fuck with?"
I was like, "I fuck with Jesus,
my Lord and savior."
I told her that my good friend,
Abegunde Olawale,
who a promoter in Tampa,
had invited me and my boyfriend
to Tampa to be his guest for the weekend.
And she was like,
"Let me dance at the club he promote at."
And I was like, "Is that how that works?
'Cause I don't know how that work."
In Tampa, the club don't let her dance
'cause she dirty.
But everybody loved me.
Reason to be a jealous bitch number one.
So she takes all these pictures,
and she pops off a Backpage ad.
And I was like, "Backpage ad?"
Like, "What is that?"
At the hotel, I stay with her
because I'm worried about her safety.
She wasn't getting any calls,
so she puts my picture up
with her picture,
and she ain't even ask.
I was very put off.
Nobody liked her.
She made $1.
Everybody loved me.
Reason to be a jealous bitch number two.
[man] I'm not resisting you.
I just wanna go home.
I'm not fighting!
I'm not fighting!
[officer] Stop fighting
and get on the ground!
-[man] Okay! Okay! Okay!
-[officer] Fucking nigger!
-[Taser clicking]
-Okay! I just wanna go home!
-Put your hands behind your back!
-Help! Help!
-Put your hands behind your back!
-Help! Help!
-Put your hands behind your back!
-Help! Help me!
Help! Help!
[door dings]
[man playing steel drums]
[X] Five thousand for two bitches.
Client wants two.
Two thousand for one.
Last one.
-You cold?
-A little.
-Let's just go.
-You don't gotta do this.
You got a little money on you right now.
You can stretch that out.
[inhales deeply]
-[man] Who is it?
[man] Shut the fuck up, bitch!
[steel drums playing]
[engine revving]
-Take the car and go home.
-I love you.
I love you too.
You know I'd kill for you, right?
I know you would.
-We gotta call the cops.
-No, we go up and we get her.
-We got nothing to do with this.
-We don't?
How the fuck do I know
you ain't in on this?
-I'm not.
-Oh, yeah?
Then how did you get out
and she got all hemmed up?
You were supposed to be
looking the fuck out for her!
-Who's looking out for me?
-You still got that piece?
Get over here.
[man] Who is it?
Motherfucker, you know who this is.
-I want my bitch.
-[man] Which bitch?
My bitch.
[man] I been all over Tampa,
and I ain't met a bitch named "My" yet.
You want me to let you in
while you flashing
that fucking gun in my face?
[Zola] Guess who opens the door.
The nigga Derrek was doing magic with
at that nasty-ass motel.
-Yo, I thought we were homeys.
-We not.
[X] He ain't got shit.
[Dion] Take your motherfucking
clothes off!
-Turn around.
-This isn't you.
Man, put your shit back on. Hurry up.
Pick your shit up. Hurry up.
Hurry up, motherfucker!
Come on.
-You're good.
-[X] Yeah, I know.
-[Dion] Don't try no slick shit.
-[X] I'm good, buddy.
Those some nice
motherfucking shoes you got on.
I'm not gonna lie.
-Yeah, a little place.
-Oh, yeah?
-Put the fucking gun down.
-All right.
[Dion] CC.
How you doing, CC?
All right, let's do this.
Relax, okay?
Don't rush in here, rushing me.
Telling me what to do. I got this.
What's your name?
You got some pretty-ass eyes.
No, thank you.
Why is this bitch so bitter?
What did you all do to her?
Where is she? Where is she?
-[Dion] Hey. Hey!
-Just give her back!
Don't move that fucking fast in here.
Look, y'all don't know me,
I don't know y'all,
but don't start getting delusions
of motherfucking "gander"
when niggas is pointing guns in your face.
God damn it! Y'all stressing me out!
I'm trying to be a hospitable host.
Brother, I understand.
I don't know how they do shit
where you from, but where I'm from
you don't just jump
in another man's backyard
and pull your pants down,
and start pissing and shitting
wherever the fuck you want to.
[X] I get you.
[Dion] So I'll go 20 grand for the bitch,
and guess what?
All is forgiven.
[X] Twenty grand?
Bitch can pull in 20 grand
a weekend by her goddamn self.
[Dion] Fact. That's why
she don't belong to you.
[X] Zola, stand up.
Zola, stand up.
-[Dion] I dare you.
Try it in this bitch and I bust your ass!
Fifty grand.
Fifty grand. Hey.
Fifty grand. Fifty grand.
And you can keep this, all of it.
Look at this shit. Look at this shit.
Give it a taste.
Taste it.
Zola, don't you fucking move.
-Taste it.
-[inhales deeply]
Yeah, you like that, don't you?
Yo, put your fingers in.
Yeah, lick it.
Yeah, you like that, don't you?
Taste it, brother.
There we go.
Yeah, man, that's it. That's it, yeah.
Yeah, I know you like that. You like that?
Yeah, that shit smells good, right?
-Just like I thought.
-Yeah, that's it.
Don't cry.
Oh, shit.
Hey, drop your gun
and tell your buddy drop his gun.
There must be a fucking
grand misunderstanding
going on in this motherfucker.
[X] It sure fucking is. Drop your gun
and tell your boy to drop his gun.
I'm not fucking playing.
-[CC] The fuck, man!
-[X laughs]
[X] Drop that motherfucking gun.
Get the fuck out of here.
Hey, Derrek, they got her in the closet.
Give me that.
Yo, yo! Give me that fucking gun.
Oh, yeah. It's right there.
Thank you.
They got a Hummer out there too?
Yeah, that's it.
[CC] I don't know this man.
I had nothing to do with this.
Nigga, really? My mama just cooked for us!
-This nigga ain't gonna shoot.
-I'm not?
You know how many niggas and bitches
tried this before you?
Come on.
Come on.
Lord Jesus!
Shut the fuck up! You bitch-ass nigga!
-[CC] My grandma told--
-Fuck your grandmother!
Fuck her! Fuck everybody!
-[coughing, gurgling]
-[phone ringing]
You okay, bro?
["Love Again (Akinyele Back)" playing]
-She got that
-Dick in her mouth all day
-She take that
-Dick in her mouth all day
She said she wanted my
Wanted my
Dick in her mouth
All day, day
-I give her that
-Dick in her mouth all day
-She play with that
-Dick in her mouth all day
Safe travels.
-I think I'm in love again
-Love again
Here I am, my love, just like
When we first hooked up
Feeling like I'm animal
Feeling like you're edible
Bendable, I been away
I don't have too much to say
You say, "Say it anyway"
I say, "Take your shit off
I'm not playing, bae"
You little freak
What you are is so unique
Smart and full
Of filth and joy
You been with
Some little boys
Now you're with
A grown-up man
One who actually understands
Kid gloves are not
On my hands
I will never condescend
Now spread yourself
She smiled a bit
Gripped the outline of my shit
Oh, my God
I love this chick
I must put my tongue
In this
Into every space I go
[door lock beeps]
Hey, hey.
-You making my smoothie, baby?
-Of course.
Ah. Thank you.
Can I get a kiss?
Hey, hey, hey!
Shut the fucking door.
-You want bacon?
Yeah, so, uh, hate to break this thing up,
but, uh, my time has come to a close.
I'm gonna get you a ticket out of here.
I'm gonna get you
a ticket out of here too.
[Derrek] Yo, we get to go.
We're going home. I can take care of you.
-Okay, chill.
-Yo, cookie
[X laughs]
That's my face.
Those are my tits. That's my ass.
[softly] Wow.
-It's time to go home, Derrek.
-It's time to go home, Derrek.
[Derrek] No, no, no.
No, no, no! Why?
-So embarrassing.
-No, Stefani, look at me!
-Look at me!
I'm gonna kill myself.
-Do it.
-I'm saying, Stefani, I love you!
-Do you hear?
-Yeah. Why you gotta be so extra?
Like, chill.
[laughs] You're fucking stupid.
Yo, I I'm serious.
-[all laughing]
-I'm gonna kill myself.
-Yo, I'm gonna kill myself.
-Why you gotta be so dramatic?
Swear to God, Bible,
this nigga fucking jumped.
[Derrek crying]
[X] Don't you die, nigga!
You stupid little fuck! Goddamn!
Why the fuck you so fucking selfish!
Whole trip you think about yourself.
"Terrible fucking motel room!"
"Tell that little nigga
to come fucking take my bitch!"
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Girl, you know I love you.
[X continues shouting indistinctly]
[Zola] You wanna hear a story
about how me and this bitch here fell out?
It's kind of long,
but it's full of suspense.
["Because of My Best Friend" playing]
Because of my friend
You made me find
My best friend
-You said goodbye
-Oh, because my true friend
I'll never be happy again
No, no, no
Never again
-My best friend
-You broke my heart
After you promised that
We'd never part
My best friend
My true friend
I'll never be happy again
Oh, no, no
I thought she was
A friend I could trust
But now
Now, oh, yes
Now I see
So plainly
That she wasn't
A friend at all
She took you
Away from me
Oh, my best friend
You believed the lie
My friend
-You sacrificed
My true friend
My best friend
I'll never be happy again
'Gain, 'gain
-Because my friend
-Because of my friend
-Because of my friend
-Because of my friend
-Because of my friend
-My best friend
-Because of my friend
-Never again
-Because of my
-I trust my friend
-Because of my friend
No, no, no