Zombex (2013) Movie Script

KGCR Cold Coast Radio. The fastest
radio program throughout the East Coast...
Honey, have you seen my
tractor key?
I have a feeling that I
someone wants to play a trick.
Face it, mister yet. You have breakfast
now first and take your pills.
Then you forget the old tractor,
because you will not have enough energy
to stay awake until noon.
Call me. I
want to hear your opinion.
When our Gulf Coast
the heaviest destruction
for over 100 years suffered
, we knew
your neighbors of Chandler Pharmaceuticals,
that our most important task would be to
our friends and families to help.
As you all know, we have
in recent weeks
counter drugs distributed to you.
These have been developed in our research laboratory
and to help you
easier to bear this terrible burden.
Hey! What are you doing?
We will continue to be there for you and your loved ones
We do everything possible to save lives.
Call us now at
, at 504-Chandler.
- Harvey!
911 You have an emergency?
Hello? I need a
ambulance, please.
I think I have
killed my husband.
I know you're upset.
What is your address?
Madam, please give us your address.
Our people on the phone waiting
24 hours a day to take your call.
Chandler Pharmaceuticals makes the way
for your recovery.
KGCR Gold Coast Radio
sponsored by Chandler pharmaceuticals.
We have already talked about it, right?
We have talked about this disease,
this virus, this crisis,
in which we find ourselves.
And indeed caused by the drugs,
marketed by Chandler pharmaceuticals
These alleged drugs were handed out to you,
to help you with your depression to
. You have no depression.
You live in the Promised Land, just
here on the Golden Gulf Coast!
In the land of plenty! You should be
vigilant, you should reflect on themselves.
And take care of themselves.
Take these pills out the window.
Throw them which face back! I know that you fear.
Value a dollar only five cents.
You want to hide,
stay and watch TV there. But I leave.
Do not! I'll call to arms!
Be attentive! Be
pissed! Stand up! Become a loud!
They are human beings
grace of God!
I'm sick of it and
should have it too full.
The Chandler
pharmaceuticals come from
and throw just as with our money in order to
because the government this company
zuschttet and their shareholders with more money
as a circus horse could skip
. For God's sake.
Oh. I still rotating through completely.
Jesus Christ! This party waitress
I'll throw out today yet.
The leaving all the garbage from
last night are easy.
Hey, pig's cheek.
I distribute your cerebellum around the bar
Charlie! Jesus Christ, I thought
, you were one of those!
Shit hurts.
What the hell are you looking at my bar?
And how the hell did you get in?
What do you mean "what I'm looking here
"? And how am I get in?
I've had a few short
, Katie Ann,
this dancer-security-Chick.
I do not know, man.
I just know that you have a fucking gun
think my face.
So you're still in my bar
and no one has noticed it?
Jesus Palomino, I have
find myself better people.
By the way: Do you see like shit.
I have to stop with the shit, man
. It gets worse by the day.
In the ass you are anyway.
What does this now mean
You never get what the
row, Bro. Take a look...
Do you want a drink of water?
Look at me. I was caught with hard drugs
, was over in Angola
and got clean. I knew that I must do
either end of it,
go back to jail. Or die.
That was a damn good incentive to keep
the woman, the child, the Bar
and the other shit. You on the other hand
're full in the ass.
Charlie, I do not say it like that, but
you're not the criminal type.
The jail is certainly no
option. Besides, you're a musician.
You'll certainly not rich if
you play in the bars of New Orleans.
For this, they kiss you every day
No offense, but
you're not too old for this,
to any pussies hinterherzurennen
and sink in bars?
Yes. I do not know, man.
What for?
16, can you hear me?
Have understood, 56
We drive to the crime scene.
So a shit like this here,
I have never seen before. Man!
This makes no sense. These people
have spent their whole lives here.
Give me a sip of you!
I thought you had stopped?
I did too. But with
so I can not help it.
You should not start again
Man, now give me already a
sip. You guys are all beginners!
God, there's so much blood.
Have you ever seen so much blood?
I can not believe this.
Something I've never seen.
As if three alligators have
because raged inside.
Alligators I've never seen
something like make.
Hey, Bitch! You know that we have the pills
count there. Premises rather the garbage.
The freedom to choose! The
freedom to speak! Freedom!
Freedom is not for pharmaceuticals
and certainly not for
Chandler pharmaceuticals.
I know that it
is hard for you, Charlie.
What the hell happened in there, Jim?
We'll soon find out.
This shit does not happen in my community.
I have a forensics team
requested, from Baton Rouge.
I'll every sheriff from the surrounding communities
and start every available man on
We'll get answers and find out
, what happened to your mom.
This is not my mom I do not know
what it is, but it's not my mom.
Who would do this to your thing?
All the people here in the area
loved my family.
This shit makes no sense.
Listen, Charlie. Our families
have known each other for many years.
We find your dad.
And we find the one who did this.
I'm not going to sit around
and wait on it.
The FDA will never allow the
We would lose an ass
of coal.
The patients showed more side effects in the past
It would be hard put to cover up the
Chandler pharmaceuticals distributed
among the citizens of the information,
that they help them get through the day.
They help you through the night at,
the week or the month.
They even help with the attachment!
They should get you over the worst.
In all this it should help them.
And now for the record:
I'm not worried about a pissed-off
gulf coast DJ.
And I said to Pierre,
that I wished I
Russ Chandler outside
to run into.
That would be a good opportunity
to the bully to miss.
We are back in New Orleans ninth
district. In our region, the popular
and controversial DJ Aldous Huxtable.
I wanted to ask you, and I hope
that you give us an answer.
They preach so emphatic about the
trigger for the events that occurred.
I can tell them exactly,
what the triggers are, Connie.
There are greed and avarice.
You have to be a genius
to figure it out.
This is since time immemorial that.
Obviously Chandler
pharmaceuticals is nothing more
than a bargaining chip
our government. She let it be,
That your
"posttraumatic anti-stress" - Drugs
in recent months to distribute the
inhabitants. And now we see
what these mind altering
pills are capable of.
I tell them, you are...
- Okay, okay. Aldous.
You are the wrecking ball
our society.
As you can...
How can you be so sure,
that there is a connection there
with the drugs?
Could not it rather a be living
in the water parasite,
from the time after Katrina?
The facts are still very clear.
In recent months,
the competent authority Drugs
can do nothing about
these experiments in experience,
which were
incidentally commissioned by...
My son returned with acute
PTSD from Iraq.
God bless him.
He was involved in the tests with these drugs.
And now? What should I do now?
You should get him out from these tests!
He is not a participant of the test,
it is the test! My goodness, this
pharmaceutical companies
Chandler pharmaceuticals, and the
competent governmental authority
they provide your son with drugs that have
camouflaged as anti-depressants.
But oh, it's the devil,
it's voodoo. It is a virus!
And you guys are crazy! You take it with
right and left, no matter
as it just comes and swallows it like a candy!
What's wrong with you?
Wow. Just look at us. Our
fathers would be very proud.
Why do you need
Black Rain as a bodyguard?
We need Black Rain
not as a bodyguard.
I want you to be eliminating this
creatures for me.
So you need me
to dispose of your garbage?
This will not be cheap, Rush.
The disposal of garbage is your
task. To pay you for it, is mine.
There are about four or five thousand
of these persons.
Yes, more or less.
It has it changed completely.
I wants you, you are removing for me.
Here is someone I want to introduce them.
Dr. Soulis?
Welcome Katie Ann.
That was guys against girls?
And what have you to do with it?
Dr. Soulis is the Managing Director
of research and development here at Chandler.
Yes, thank you. Listen. Let me tell you something
about the background of this drug.
As I myself witnessed what
devastating aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
had on the residents of New Orleans
, I saw a crystal clear chance
for a more effective treatment
of post-traumatic stress
and anxiety-like behavioral disorders,
under which seemed to suffer
from the patients.
I immediately started with
the development of an innovative drug,
which should help to solve the stress
and returns the poor people
their former life.
I'm strongly assuming
that it was not your intention,
To make the victim to mindless killers,
Dr. Soulis?
Oh, quite the contrary.
I think the doctor may
speak for themselves.
Thank you. Yes, really. Quite the contrary.
You have to understand,
there was an extreme craving
for this drug.
There was not much time
for further clinical testing.
What we did not know was that,
with the increasing burden,
their blood changed during
the treatments of patients.
So much so that it is
a negative behavior pattern to
resulted in some parts of your brain.
I mean, ultimately, these are
patients, according to our experience,
more or less brain dead.
Let me summarize it for you
in very simple terms:
It's not even so much
brain function exists,
that these poor bastards to
could tie the laces.
And what about the human
basic need to survive?
I would not say that you are
human. The point is, you see,
need these people, they require
and want fresh blood
and do everything. Your instinct
wants it that way. Whatever happen!
Wait here. They belong to me.
The trigger is stiff.
Throw time on it a glance.
I will just informed that
we have a surprise guest.
A guest caller on the line,
it is Dr. Soulis.
It is something like the father
of this drug. He is a scientist.
Has and develops, because of the
post-traumatic-stress syndrome.
And the result is violence and
corruption in our beautiful city.
Dr. Soulis, we know your call
appreciate. Are you there, sir?
Hello? Aldous...
A very good evening, sir.
Aldous, let me explain.
My project was the development of
an innovative treatment.
Not only to live with PTSD,
but to cure it under certain circumstances.
What can you offer us? What
information we can get from it,
to get out of this fatal
I wanted to give them back your life.
Okay. I have good news and bad news
What you want to hear first?
So, I always prefer
the good news.
All right. Here
is the bad news.
You scoundrel.
There is absolutely nothing we could do
for these poor people.
If you are taking this medication,
it leads to massive brain damage.
And it gets mixed
with other illegal substances...
Croak shalt thou, that thou hast made me
so dependent.
I have no idea what are you talking
there, man.
...These act as an accelerator.
Result, the conversion takes place
almost rapidly.
We unfortunately have no other
choice but to eliminate the victims.
The good news is that we have
colleagues, at the University of Texas.
In the medical center. They say
that you could reverse the effect,
all of you who have taken the drug within
the last 72 hours.
You're right, these are really good news
, sir. This is fantastic.
And how can we get to
this serum?
On this, there is in Texas,
from the medical center?
Well, as you probably know,
the airport was closed,
I mean the Louis Armstrong Airport.
In fact, this is true.
Likewise, the entire airspace
was New Orleans.
How no-fly zone. I
do not know for what reasons,
because you know as much as I.
Our government...
...Denied the flight to get there.
There you have it.
What can you say to
? What can we do?
Chandler pharmaceuticals keeps us
on a short leash,
long as we take this
Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen,
here speaks again Aldous Huxtable.
It was previously rare
that I'm speechless,
but today is
to a particular case.
That's why I make myself
on the way to Austin
to the serum to find
and herzubringen it.
I can not just sit here and wait.
For all those
which are in dire straits, is
Pierre, my assistant, here,
answer your calls
and passes the information,
if you are in trouble.
It is time to put
the fight. The war...
Aldous that came in here for you.
What is it?
- No idea, it was dropped.
What do you mean dropped? By whom?
I do not know. Military.
- Military?
Yes, yes. Camouflage, any
badge, all that stuff.
What is it?
My God. He has told the truth.
Is that what I think it?
Pierre, I have to go now.
Aldous Huxtable logs off.
God have mercy on us all.
I do not know how I go there
and how long it will take.
The way is long and
my time is short.
Take that with.
Pierre, I wish you could come with me.
Take care of yourself.
- Thank you. God bless you.
Are you Aldous Huxtable?
Yes, that's me. Do I know you, sir?
Get into the car!
- You're welcome.
I think I've peed me.
You go to the door, Bro!
Move your ass, I'm just gambling, man!
Fuck you, nigger. This is
your shit and your door.
Pass on prefer, otherwise
are you there like that.
What is going on?
Ah, hi Sorry to bother you.
Do you think we could get two grams
of your good stuff?
From the good stuff?
- Yes.
I interrupting my fucking game
because of two crappy bags?
No, no. Sorry. Can we get a
That would be better!
Yes, make two out of it.
I'm still money from my dad.
Age, I hate this part of the city.
The guys chasing me afraid.
We need a hiding place for it.
If Mom and Dad find that
they'll kill us.
200 Okay.
If you only touches my fucking game,
I get the out. That was it.
Hey, you draw to you with
us a pure if we...?
That would be really...
- Fuck off!
Rush? I want the exact numbers now.
How much is
of the stuff really outstanding?
And how many patients were
administered the drug?
And even if I knew how many pills
we released...
There are a lot out there
street dealers who peddle this shit.
The mix the stuff with all sorts.
Why are you asking me that?
For what I pay you actually
? War it out myself.
Rush! I know you know of the serum.
I'm not paying you to make you worry
about a fictitious serum,
the totally ruin my company would.
I'll pay you for it,
that you flat do these creatures
and that calm returns
before it spreads further.
Do you hear me?
Katie, do you hear me?
Wow. A really great automobile is
this. A muscle car from the period,
when they were still made of iron.
That has really cost money,
the vollzutanken times, am I right?
Have you ever heard of hybrid
? I ask you something,
you are wearing no economic,
on fiscal responsibility?
This is yesterday's news. I do not want
to talk shop, but let's just say,
the price of fuel and the ecosystem
not very near the top
on my shitty
To-Do list.
It wanted to have just said.
Have mercy on us. What's going on?
It is hard to believe that these things
our friends and our neighbors.
Thank you earlier
've saved my life.
Yes. Do not mention it.
Wow. Ha...
Do you hear the guys about it?
What? Are you a fan of Zydeco?
Oh yes. My father thought that it
is important for us to understand,
What our heritage is, and the
music has played a major role.
When we moved sometime in the St. Bernard
church, he desperately wanted
that we look at all these guys.
My grandfather thought he was crazy,
but today I really appreciate it.
And you? How do you know the guys?
I've played with the boys guitar.
- Really?
The only white person in the band.
I was a little shit.
Ah, you're not old enough to know
who is Clifton Chenier.
He is no longer with us.
Clear I know. Clifton died a
year after our first meeting.
Jerry Reed would say I was
the swinging little guitar, ha
I played with Rockin Dopsie, Beau Jocque,
Boozoo Chavez and the others.
I do not think that's true,
but I am curious if it is true.
Then you must be from Louisiana.
As yet sits the creme de la creme.
Are you from Louisiana?
I started with guitar and accordion playing
in the Louisiana music scene.
Ha! Oh yes. Charlie. Mister Charlie
Thibideaux how he lives and breathes. That's you!
Of course I know who you are. I
got you in "Tips" in the "One-eye Jack"
seen and in the other clubs.
Yes, of course.
I know who you are. You are a local
legend, this is probably clear? Yes, you ..
Why did not you
further made it to the top?
I mean, you've had this
song, this... what was his name?
Ah, Caricrow Girl, right? Caricrow,
that was it, yes. What happened?
The song is here
never become a hit, right?
No. That was a bigger success
in Europe, where he was the less.
I And? I now take a break.
A break?
Want a sip?
Yes. Yes.
Caution, this is really good stuff.
Is better than nothing.
Holy shit!
The scared me to death.
Are you ready?
Well, then release.
Here is Rush Chandler.
Make it short.
Hey, Rush. Go and fuck yourself!
We're going to Texas.
It starts.
Can you short out a car?
Charlie, we should necessarily from Highway
down. It will soon be night and we...
One of those things might come in
reinlaufen us and demolish the car.
Forget it! I do not let that one
my car scrapped of these things.
One of those things, huh?
Ah! Shit!
What is this? What the hell did you
I sprayed?
What the hell did you injected me?
How long do you take already
Chandlers pharmaceuticals?
What have you injected me?
- How long do you get on, Charlie?
If you do not tell me
what you have sprayed me
I'll blow your fucking brains out.
What I gave you, might possibly,
or even almost certainly save your life.
Listen, I'm not the problem,
I'm just looking for a
solution, like you, Charlie.
You have to begin to trust me.
Now give me those pills.
Give me the pills, Charlie!
Give me the pills.
There was only one, okay? A single!
From Pillbox my old man!
Hey, Beau. Yes, Bro.
Look, I get and a friend with you over.
With you it is not any better, eh?
Good. It's for one night.
All right, we see
us then. Merci, Bro.
We spend the night in Lafayette
. Hey, Aldous.
That I wegblase you the brain,
was not serious.
So, my listeners would explain
every crazy for who claims
I had a brain. Ha!
But listen indeed no
Alex Jones, if you ask me.
Of this you've had enough.
Who the hell do we have here?
Everything ok with you? Why
you are walking on the road?
You do not know, that here is a
run around some nasty characters?
We're out of gas, and
all gas stations are closed.
We wanted to tap into here
to come to Texas.
Look here, old man! I know
not know what you're doing,
but you should put down the fucking gun.
Immediately! Okay?
Charlie, what are you doing? Come back!
Are you tired of life?
Do you know who do not
and have weapons!
Hey, hey. You will now
immediately go back!
Charlie, what are you doing?
Holy shit.
You are.
Now if that is not my favorite dancer
from all over New Orleans!
Okay! You're the guy from the bar,
the musician,
with whom I've been drinking the Short!
That's right.
I do not know what you
has devious here,
on this side of the road in South
Lafayette, but I get a hug?
What the hell are you doing out here?
This is my buddy Beau.
How about if we move our
reunion inside,
where it's safe? Who knows what
running around out here?
Yes. Let us go in, because
it is safer. Come with me.
Now come on!
I've told you, that you shall stay away from
my property.
Slide your ass over here!
Clean with you! And you too! You too! Not you!
Hey man. Welcomes you always
as an old buddy?
I can not
believe that you are still alive.
Mr. Boudreaux I do not know you, but
I love you already.
Thank you very much, let
embrace. Thank you, thank you.
Just call me Beau. Everything is going well.
You gotta worry about.
Thea. Thank you very much.
- Call me Beau.
Katie Ann. Thank you, sir. Thank you.
Nice to have you here.
Listen ago. You all look,
as if you could tolerate a fucking drink.
Follow me.
This here will prescribe you
every doctor, just that.
This is a Bon-Tom-Rule-Ey.
Treat yourself to a drink.
Sit down.
I would like to propose a toast.
Namely the prettiest
burlesque dancer in Crescent City.
Hear, hear.
Only we can not so fully run
leave, like last time.
Otherwise we end up as
food for these creatures.
Absolutely not.
Here is Aldous Huxtable of KGCR Radio!
I call our friends
in Southern Louisiana,
that there will be no
creature feed today!
I'll drink, brother.
- Hear, hear.
Is exactly what I meant.
So, you're the
conspiracy theory type from the radio?
Oh, you gave me so many times awarded this item.
These and many others.
No, Madam, I am many things,
but I'm not a conspiracy theorist.
This is what traitors, and that,
my love, is something that I'm not.
Wow. Traitor, yes? Then
you want me certainly do not know.
Yes, I want.
Come on, guys. Let's chill out a bit
and a good...
No, let him speak calmly.
No, no, no, Charlie.
I want to get to know you. I just wonder,
out what you want on the highway here.
You have weapons and told us
, you want after Texas.
So, Al. I want to be a part of the problem
more, but be part of the solution.
And that's why I want to go to Austin,
to me there to take care of my karma.
And when I get there,
I find Willie Nelson
and smoke a cigarette with the jazz man.
Oh, I'm with you.
Do not worry about your karma.
We work for Rush Chandler,
why we are here.
Wow. Hello. She has spoken.
Yes . And She talks a lot. Rush
Chandler? You work for Rush Chandler?
You belong to "Chandler pharmaceuticals".
Your expertise, you are the
Black Rain Security.
Hi. Katie Ann. Perhaps
you know my dad.
I am the former heiress
of Black Rain Security.
Former heiress?
The former! Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, Katie Ann.
Then I will now times
pronounce a toast.
You had to endure a certain amount of
by the corrupt machinations of your father.
And the evils that
has he done as a mercenary.
I'll dedicate this toast, because
you had the courage to stand up
to find your truth
and my faith in humanity
In these hard times.
- Amen!
God bless us all!
We turn on the system and celebrate
a goddamn hurricane party.
I talked to Karen next door.
And she says that all your
Rotary Club meeting
have been canceled until further notice.
And these creatures have invaded
your new sevens in
and have totally devastated him.
Imagine only? A 750 full of creatures.
- goo on the new seats! Ih!
Ha? Yeah, it's terrible, sweetness.
And the Louis Vuitton suitcase that you
you bought me is not big enough.
Can I take all of my dolls?
No, sweetie! You can not take all of.
Just one.
Princess? You get new
dolls when we are there.
One thing I do not understand!
Why do not we take the corporate jet?
I mean, you're the...
There is no flight zone over New Orleans.
I already told you 20 times.
Here nothing makes sense.
We're going on an armed truck
to run away before
genetically modified freaks?
How much do I have again
for this damn tv paid?
Watch your mouth!
But does not matter anyway.
In addition, the jet would be faster.
And I do not,
like this armed truck looks.
And that should rather
not damage my suitcase,
otherwise you have to buy me a new set,
Buddy Boy.
I do not want a new doll.
I want my dolls.
Sweetie? Would you
exceptionally stop?
Hey Jim. Did you find out anything?
Charlie, we found your dad.
It was because of the drugs that take all
other. It was an overdose.
Charlie? Is what happened?
No, no, no.
I am still there. Listen...
Thank you for everything you've done.
I know you can not help it.
I have to go.
I'm sorry.
I started with guitar and accordion playing
in the Louisiana music scene.
I do not think it's true,
but I am curious if it is true.
Charlie. Listen to me carefully.
You'll make it. Thinking
always turn everything will be fine again.
You have no choice,
Bro. There is no one more.
You have to fix it.
Hey man, what's going
outside for a shit?
Age, non-steering from.
Do prefer the coal clear
if I told you busted their ass
Hey, you cocksucker.
Are you tired of life?
Yeah, Bitch!
Good morning, dear people.
- Good morning, Aldous.
Morning, Morning.
- How are we doing since this morning?
Good morning.
- Terrific.
Good. I'm still not quite with me.
I need something from this Joe.
Boudreaux, that's really good stuff.
So really good.
You've experienced a lot, my friend.
Yes and now I need a pick-me, ha?
Merci beaucoup!
- Thank you.
Something tells me that
we should make a whole pot,
For the old Charlie-boy.
You know, the funny musicians
slept through the whole day.
Is lazy like that.
I have a lot of coffee,
we still cook some.
I have the feeling that the good Charlie
last night had a tough night.
Not only Charlie.
Oh, and Boudreaux!
We still need a lot of fuel,
to these pretty ladies on
to bring the border into Texas.
I was wondering if you do not know
where the nearest open gas station
could be.
The stations are sure
all, man. But do not worry,
I tanks in the barracks, the
can take her from me all.
I appreciate, Beau.
Oh, Katie Ann! I'll give you my number,
in the event that we are separated.
We should always be
in contact with each other, you know?
Here you go.
Oh yes, thank you very much.
This is the first time in 15 years that I am
am not listening to the radio,
with the people of New Orleans
and the Gulf Coast.
This feels somehow
weird, you know?
My friend, it'll get better.
The people will never forget you.
You will come back stronger than ever,
if those goddamn things
are first disappeared.
God bless you, Boudreaux.
Listen times. Before you now all
goes, I want to give you something
that means a lot to me and
of which I think it will help you.
I brought the formerly very
best of luck.
It is a lucky chain. You wear around your neck,
and if you sit in a jam
or get into trouble on your way,
then rubs and kisses her she.
This will help you and
they will bring you happiness.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
I'll tell you what brings me happiness.
A little more whiskey in my coffee.
- The signs of the times.
I'll tell you what. I'll drink!
- Yes? So go ahead.
This was a tough week.
This is really what
special. Thank you very much.
She has helped me and I
know they will also help you.
- Right. Le-Bon-Tom-Rulee.
Good morning! Aldous Huxtable! KGCR!
It starts! Come on, party animal!
Get up finally! Ha! High
with you, you old gunslinger!
Do the whole night celebrating...
Oh man. Shit. Give me a minute.
Hey, your girlfriends are
also have long,
had your go-go juice
and are gone. Good bye!
The're friends, the
is true. But not mine.
Women who like women?
Yes. Something of that natural mower.
Oh my God. Run!
Kiss my ass.
This is the first goddamn
times that come in here.
I should quickly
nail up the windows.
Hold dear your head
down, Mr. Boudreaux.
The locals here in the
area are quite uncomfortable.
One more bad news men.
The pretty girls are already gone.
I wanted to bring you the car,
but you would not let me.
The work it out,
man. They are tough.
Hey. Hold on there.
I need to freshen up short.
Will you come here alone right?
No. I come to prefer.
- Okay.
We should take in hand the
We still have to overcome a lot
of Highway.
I would take the side streets.
He's right. We
the Blue Highway route.
Is a side street!
Katie Ann, Katie Ann, here is your old pal
Aldous. Aldous and Charlie.
Wanted to check in times where your just
infected. Between the A and the T's?
Hey, just call us, if you have time for us.
Your Aldous Huxtable logs off.
Shit. Women. You
can not with them...
And can not without. Have you ever been married
- Yes.
No. I sometimes do not understand myself.
I want to do anyone's.
I am a lot of things for a lot of people
. But I do not want that.
I do not believe it. What about you?
No! I was never married.
I travel a lot, you know?
Yes. Katie Ann and Thea,
which are really tough, man.
They are perhaps already there.
Can be.
Maybe you want half an orange? What?
Aldous, you're a crazy
pork cheek, you know?
Yes, I say what I think. And
I do not understand this world.
Oh, shit! Shit!
So if I was to just not awake,
then I am now, I tell you.
Do you know where you want to go? Here
out there you do not survive long.
You're driving in the wrong direction.
There are all dead.
How many are there?
More than you can even imagine.
How did you survive?
That's not important.
I want to go home.
Rest in peace.
Hey Al.
Hey Katie Ann. How are you?
- Are you okay?
Oh, yes. Everything here is
in the green zone. Everything's fine.
We are in Texas since precisely.
Ah, you're in Texas, really? Yes.
We have been here a while.
Oh, cool. We had planned to shift down
a gear and take a break.
Oh, you're now also
finally in Texas? We wanted...
Aldous, give it to me! Give me the phone!
- What?
Hey Katie, listen. I think we should
what to look for the night.
My buddy has a boat
somewhere in the no man's land.
It is on the way to Austin.
We could remain there overnight.
Since we are safe.
I'll send you the address. We
'll meet you in an hour, okay?
Yes. We're starving. How
it looks at you?
We keep and get something to eat.
Cool. Sounds like a plan.
Alright. Be careful.
It starts, baby.
What was that?
I wanted to preserve our dignity.
We are the sons of the South.
We can certainly draw no wenches before
drive us across the border.
Come on!
Can you stop doing, Aldous?
We are doing the same out of gas.
Yes, we are... We
keeping anyway soon.
I told you, this
hybrid vehicles that drive and drive,
the longest distances. The use
as good as nothing, absolutely nothing.
But it's all about the money.
It is better you wait here.
Yeah, okay.
I need a beer.
Let's have a drink. The
we now have really earned.
A lemon soda for you, little lady.
Thank you, Aldous.
See Let's see if the radio works.
All right, babe?
I'm starving.
Al, the distributed times.
Supervisors survival!
Feel initiated.
I lean out the window and tell
what might all think straight.
And what might that be?
Hopefully can not swim the
Do you think only of the? What is
with all of us here?
For you I've got a
lifesaver, Aldous.
Heavens, no. I just wanted to say
I have never been a big hero in the pool.
Also, some of you have send them
buoyancy aids.
The lock and the door
appear to be stable.
Whether that can now swim or
not, we will conclude. Stay here.
Do you want to protect us now?
Prior to these big, bad monsters?
Are you serious, Thea?
Better than nothing, I always say.
What do you say, something to eat?
I think we could all do with what.
What is this, Aldous?
I put it this way: preserves the
in front of us to be like the.
I've kept it safe.
For emergencies.
Shrimp, poor guy.
Thea! Your damn crap things!
Katie Ann, do not! The
brings nothing!
No, no, no, no. Do not!
Let them go. You can not help her.
We must disappear.
Since we were before.
The fuel goes on the company card.
Oh no, no, no. Fuck. Fuck.
Holy shit.
I just want a fair chance.
Fuck you!
Excuse me, but I have to pay short
the water bill.
Can you stop for a moment, Charlie?
- Yes.
- No problem.
This will not take long, you know
her? Is not a very big bill.
Yes. Aldous?
Take the. Just in case.
- Really?
Okay. I think you're right.
Will you sleepy, you'll limp.
It is said that the people
make the worst decisions,
if you are tired and hungry.
Yes. If that were the case, then we would have
both dead now, and so do you.
Mindfulness and not carelessness.
- Right.
Hey. We can do it,
Katie. We'll make it
Katie? Katie!
Gentlemen, I want to see your cards.
Yes, sir. We are from
New Orleans, Louisiana.
We are here to let us help in Texas
of your scientists.
The I appreciate that, son.
- Aldous, let me do that.
Yes, sir.
- S...
Hey, hey, hey.
I have a valid firearms license for it.
A bit too much filling for a
penis on four wheels, you two doves.
Wow, wow, wow, wow! Hey, hey!
- Wow, wow. Slowly!
She Holt out of the car!
- Out of the car! Get out!
Hey, we're in America.
We have the right to bear arms.
Gentlemen! Out of the car!
The hands over his head!
All right, all right!
- This is utter bullshit.
I want to see your hands!
The hands on the hood!
Her way to treat your neighbors?
We need your help, and so you treat us?
You keep quiet, sir.
You wannabe John Wayne,
God bless John Wayne.
Okay. Are you coming straight from hell?
Me should not look
so pissed you prefer.
No, sir. We are not the
problem. We look for the solution.
It revolves around the
good people of New Orleans,
not about us and not about you.
here is all just about me.
Yes, sir.
I have only one Father, and
I wonder, do you know him?
Will we have with you a problem
if we solve your bonds?
No, sir!
That would be all men.
I want you now
told me why you two turns up here
and have more weapons
than the Branch Davidians.
What? They capture us,
bind my hands,
hurt our civil rights,
our right to be armed...
Aldous! Aldous!
- ... and you want information?
The next word from
his Schandmaul you shoot him!
Aldous, hold at least once
mouth, okay? Let me talk.
I would listen to the advice of your friend,
if I were you, boy!
Sir, the reason why we look,
like hell, is,
that we were in hell and back.
Do not worry, I tire
Do not with details.
Oh. No, no, no, boy.
Weary me. Weary me.
This is not my mom, who would only
so what to do to her?
All the people here in the area
loved my family.
This shit makes no sense.
Boy? Boy!
Are you okay?
- Charlie?
Yes. Excuse me, sir.
It was all a bit much.
Gentlemen, here is someone who
would like to speak with them.
Ah, Commander.
I have your prescriptions.
Thank you very much.
So I knew you would come both.
Did you know it?
Dr. Soulis?
- Oh my God, Peter.
Good to see you. I
knew that I meet you.
Well, Charlie?
We had almost made it to the top.
Hang in there, brother. It is
not over until it's over.
We have no control over.
We have had long
no longer under control.
I've always believed very firmly,
you cease only to fight,
if one is no more.
This is too great, Charlie.
This is just too great.
This is good news. The only
what we should have to find out
is a bit about your contacts
to the infected people, yes?
Ha. That you can forget it.
You will not get my blood. Over my dead body.
Zwing him not to, kid.
I think this is
a suggestive opinion.
You take me no blood from
! What you injected us?
I curse you,
for the rest of your life.
Charlie splashing
you something! What the hell is that?
What the hell is going on here?
You sons of bitches!
How are you? Good?
There's a call for you, Doctor.
Listen. If they die, we can use the
Thank you, Commander.
Yes? Yes, sir. Yes!
Well, thank you very much. I believe that.
I say to you quite frankly, the
Phase One was an enormous success.
Yes, the New Orleans experiment
is making great progress.
We just go about it.
Yes. Smaller tests are now available at the row.
This is the beginning of Phase Two.
Thank you very much.
Very good. That one does not look really healthy,
Commander. What would you say?
The creates that already.
Your sons of bitches. Oh God...
Your sons of bitches.
- Aldous? Be careful.
What have you done to us?
Calm down and breathe deeply
. Calm down.
And let act the serum.
You shitty government puppet
and your Fidel Castro cocksucker.
Still no manners.
He has never had any.
Well, we want then?
I made me real worried about you, man.
What about you, Soulis?
Give him something!
Thank you very much.
Hey, buddy. How was your day?
Let me go short. I want to see what makes Mom.
I'll be back at you.
Treasure you come again?
- Yes, I'm coming.