Zombie Apocalypse (2011) Movie Script

83% of Europe's Infected
14. JUNE - VM2 spreads JAPAN
Regime falls in three days
23. JUNE
VM2 PUBLISHED Guthrie Center, Iowa
25. JUNE
The virus spreads uncontrollably through the U.S.
No entry
26. JUNE
27. JUNE
EMP is triggered, Electronic devices do not work
As a last resort CONTROL CURITY
Six months later,
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- We should have stayed a cabin. - And
go hungry? We need to find out what happened.
- Would not they have already found a cure?
- Or we are all dead.
Everyone had gone.
Kevin do not go there.
- Is there food?
- None.
Do not consider some extremely noisy.
Break it only.
Hey, guys!
Come on.
Kevin come on!
Stay behind me. Kevin, this way!
Let's get out of here.
Please help! Not!
Ramona running, get out of here!
Stay low.
Are you all right?
He is still alive ...
- We need to leave.
- Stay away from. - No.
- He will change soon, let's go.
- Hang in yet.
- Ramona come here. - I'm sorry
a friend, but you do not want to see this.
- It's okay.
- What will you do?
Do not look.
- Hello, I'm Henry.
- Have you been injured?
- We do not.
- Have you been bitten? Is there more of them here?
- I do not know.
- Stand up, and spread your hands and your feet.
- Why?
- The normal practice, only now do so. Hurry up.
Spread your hands,
check the bites just in case.
- Will my bites?
- Not yet.
Show your feet. All right, all right.
- I am Mack.
- I am Billy, and he is Ramona.
Nice to meet you, it is time to
when we met the last surviving.
- Did you meet for Henry, this is Julia, Cassie.
- We need to get out of here.
- Indeed. - Golden rules:
"Wandering lonely as clouds."
- Where are you coming?
- Kevin's father is a cottage. There waited for.
We were thinking to stay there until this is over.
Then we went from there.
That way, it is passed.
Not a good way.
- You have to come with us.
- No, we must do something.
- It's too dangerous.
- No, I knew him up to the University.
I'm sorry. But we have to ...
- I do not leave your best friend to lie down over there.
- Maybe she would live even if you do not -
- Wander over there like idiots.
- Like an idiot? You killed my best friend!
She is now zombie; Kevini no longer exists.
I'm sorry, I mean it.
- What was your friend's name?
- Kevin Anderson.
- From where did he come from?
- Of Evansville.
Come on, here it is not safe.
If we stay, we change the zombies. Let's go.
Do you want that you will like Kevin?
We gotta go, come on.
- How far away is the harbor?
- A day or two.
What's that arrow thing is?
- Bow shooters.
- Is probably ahead of the group.
You'd be wrong. We saw them for the first time
Kansas, and which at the place later.
- Are you from Kansas?
- No, we were in transit from the east.
- On our way Catalinaan.
- It saarelleko?
Yep, its army of cleaners.
It is now an asylum.
- So at least we think.
- We know.
We do not really know what's going on,
we had a radio, but it fell apart.
Kevin and we were not getting the car running.
It was EMP. In a way, the nuclear bomb for electrical equipment.
All electronic disbanded. Cars, trains, machinery.
- It was meant to destroy the disease claimants.
- It did not go into the tube.
Oh, man.
Cities continue to burn.
And it can do nothing.
Get used to it, yes.
Look, it's a dog.
I have not seen them in months.
Come here, doggie.
- Come on, we can not take the dog.
- Voimmepas.
- Training for it to be trashing the zombies.
- Julian, you know that we can not, let's go.
Damn dog.
We need to stop. Come with me.
You kamuni.
- Kamu?
- Urine of friends.
Look, I'm sorry about earlier.
I just ...
If we had had time previously,
I might be able to save her.
- There would be no need to shoot ...
- It happened so fast.
That is true at all times.
That is why we are not going anywhere alone. Ever.
- Not even pisulle, right?
- Indicates that the type of those which are non ...
- Embarrassing. - And also,
if the zombie will surprise you with his pants down.
- I'm really shy.
- Excuse me, my mokani. Not a hurry.
Listen up. People who before
lived in the city, are now zombies.
Wanted to you and other new equipment.
Then we do this.
We're going to the city quickly and quietly.
Follow me, please.
If I stop, stop.
When I continue, please continue.
Be still, and most importantly,
Be very wary.
Who is there? Look.
He did not even get stressed when you find out
that the dog is full of love.
- Wordsworth? - In fact, it is
more. - To encourage it?
I do not. I gave it only one energy bar.
It looked hungry.
Stop it. Die, to see if the bark
zombies. Searching for stuff and go.
Be vigilant, silent and stay afloat.
If you have to land, you will not get up.
At least not as a person.
- Previous were easy.
- As were old and slow.
- Young people are much quicker.
- If you see a runner, stand aside.
- What is it?
- Top of the food chain. A really quick.
A really dangerous.
- It's a phony. Looks like a human being.
- Why do not you just kill it?
Best to avoid metelinti.
It just attracts them more.
Wait a minute.
Over there, it's perfect.
- I do not know, there are plenty of places to hide.
- We are a fast and quiet.
Metelinti will flow to the death.
- The route, it seems clear.
- All right, let's go.
- What does he do?
- If I smell the zombies here.
Are there any people?
Okay, traditional couples,
Let there be new with me.
- Do you find food?
- Why? That's what is far left.
- Literally. - You will need boots
and gloves, to block out the feet and hands.
- They must be hard plastic.
- Zombies softer bite through.
See that they are also lightweight.
More perspire, which are heavier.
- Sorry, it was me.
- Found.
Take the wheels. They are easier
to move the foot, is not it?
- It makes you a target for runners.
- In addition, this makes it difficult -
taking the gun, and you do not hear properly
their income. I know from experience.
Although the end of the world is coming,
people are still clean up after themselves.
Maybe someone who is probably not started, I do not know,
because all the others were dead.
- What do you do, is not that a waste of time?
- Depends on how you want to spend your time.
- What will he then do?
- At least not organize your shoes.
- From that I'm going to take a look behind ...
- Wait a minute, we'll go with you.
So, be careful.
You never know what is out there.
It was seen already out there.
- Do you remember that one guy? - Man's Court?
- Yes, he was with us in the cafe.
He opened the back door
and there were 50 zombies waiting for.
- Are you ready?
- What happened to him? - What do you think?
- What were we looking for?
- Boxing Shoes.
- Boxing Shoes. - Something like that.
- They are probably in those boxes.
- There's one set.
- A suitable size.
We got company!
I want you back. Let's go.
Come, Let's get out.
- We could try the air horn.
- All right, let go. I protect you.
- Come on, Julia.
- What will last?
Come on, this point goes ugly.
- It was the last.
- Why do not they leave?
Their attention was drawn out.
Of the source, it is not confined to a long time.
This is crazy. We lost Kevin
and now he is trying to kill us.
- All is well. - No, no. We can go
cottage, to take food. I promised ...
- Ramona, we will not get there alive.
- How do you know that Catalina is the same situation?
My husband told me.
There is talk about this later.
Search now just a safe place.
- Let's go.
- Come on.
- Do you enjoy even more statistics?
- Yep.
- Who do you think reading them?
- If everything goes well, hopefully my children, -
that I would otherwise not exist yet.
- What if it does well?
- Perhaps the man who finds my body.
- Awful.
- I hope at least someone will find my body.
We are about 25 kilometers from the school.
If we wake up early, we arrive in the evening.
- The school? - Yes, there are other
survivors. It has the following etappimme.
- How do you know that it's still there?
- You ask a lot.
- Sorry, I do not know everything ...
- One of the ryhmistmme went exploring in the east.
- They said that it is still in operation.
- East?
They heard the security area of South Dakota.
Catalina did not know.
- I found it.
- What? - Of civilization.
What is it?
Family Dinner.
Michigan in the summer. I do not want to go
detail, but the smell of it ...
And the length of it.
Did you say that you have a husband?
Yes, Stew. Stewie.
Officially, Stewart Anderson.
Had two weeks crisis management force.
There were sought medical doctors,
and he went to a volunteer.
He fled to the government involved,
and I became my brother Jake creates.
We had to leave
Catalinaan the next flight.
- What happened?
- There is talk about this some other time.
Further flight, do not come,
so I search for Jake's -
and headed west.
The next day, the Julian met.
I was stuck behind the soft drink vending machine ...
- Can you imagine?
- Yes I can.
- Max saved our skins in Pittsburgh.
- I do not know save anyone.
- Encountered a big man in Ohio.
- He had killed at least a hundred zombies, -
- And he's just looking for more.
- They killed my horse.
- I was angry. My horse with not played with.
- I think it was quite a horse.
That's it. Now it is time for dessert.
I saved the best for last.
- That was actually pretty fun.
- It's easier.
Why no one wants to talk about it,
what was Cassien brother?
It happened before I met them.
They are looking for supplies, and ran into the fold.
- What do you mean? What do you mean a horde?
- It does not happen often, but -
zombies sometimes gather together to
form a herd. Little as a herd of cattle.
They follow each other.
One reason or another, -
- They took Jay's destination.
- They killed him Cassien over?
I hope so, really.
Cas thought he had seen his moving,
when they dragged him away.
He believes that Jayst became a zombie.
It is certainly bad, when you think about,
that Jay is still somewhere, and he is a zombie.
So. The idea is hard to get used to.
What about you, you've missed anyone?
I do not epidemic.
A couple of years before that I lost my wife.
- Cancer.
- I'm sorry.
There he is.
She is really beautiful. Influence
awesome person.
He was.
I promised him when he died, that
continue my life in both of us.
So therefore I do.
Do not worry. We Catalinaan.
What is that?
It's not a zombie. Julian, it is a dog.
Get out of here! Get out!
Come out soon!
Stay away, Julian.
The dog has changed.
I did not know that
disease is transmitted by dogs.
We did not know we.
What about the flame-throwers?
You shoot zombies flamethrower.
So what?
- Then it dies.
- Then, upon a burning zombie attack.
- They are called flares.
- Yeah, but after a while ...
A strong blow to the head,
so no need to wait around.
- What do you say that?
- There was a tarkk'ampuja.
- To have a look.
- I'll be right behind you.
Are there any people?
- About thirty sockets.
- Zombies is greater than the friend.
Let's get out of here.
That's an attractive looking
the last date of sale has passed.
Let it be, there is no incitement attention.
Great, let's go.
These have got his nose.
- Where is everybody?
- Good luck entrenched inside.
What about the poor?
- Here is a horrible stench.
- Due to the zombies.
Are there any people?
- This does not affect the good.
- Should not we should have already seen one?
- Let's go this way.
- I for one I want out, Billy can not continue.
- Hello?
- Take it easy.
- Maybe we should get out.
- They are here.
- Are you sure?
- Yes. They are here.
This is the last protection before the Catalina.
They are here.
Does not look too good
in that all directions.
- Here is a back door.
- We should go.
Did they forsake this?
Who would want to dispose of such a site?
Searching for messages, tags,
traces, or anything.
This is a trap!
They are coming!
Billy! Please help Billy!
Henry, please help!
Please help!
- Please help!
- Close the door!
There was a zombie, so I killed it.
I'm sorry.
What? Where is Billy?
I'm sorry. We had to erillemme.
What do you mean you had to erillenne,
you have four?
- I should have come back.
- Of course it would! Did you leave him just there?
We tried everything, really.
It could have gone much worse.
They were waiting for us inside.
- They could not possibly expect us to.
- They were hidden, it was a trap.
- It was lucky that none of us survived.
- Zombies do not know how to hide, Julian.
What does it matter?
He's right.
We just need to get away from it.
Algae to wait. How do you
size with a man is not out of breath yet?
I do not talk as much as you.
- Are you all right?
- Numb.
- Goddamn it!
- What is it?
- I've lost my comb.
- We will find a new one.
No, Mack. I do not want a new comb,
I would like to own stuff.
- When we get to Catalinaan ...
- What if we do not?
What if everyone is dead?
If there is nobody there?
This is crazy. Crazy, Mack.
All dead, when the
we are trying to get Catalinaan.
- I for one am not going to die.
- No one planned it.
- You are just tired.
- You are right.
I'm tired of the whole thing.
- What's wrong?
- I'm just tired, Henry.
Everything will be all.
Do you know why I go Catalinaan?
One does not zombies.
Two, not zombies.
And three, I want to take a shower.
Request for a toilet water, and water.
Hot water from a tap, without having
that it must be heated by open fire in a saucepan.
Request for hot water to
I can bathe in the shower after.
Preferably someone with a girl.
I do not want much, just a
a small house and garden.
We grew our tomatoes before.
- I'd like to try it again.
- I miss my horse again.
- Damn, it was certainly a huge horse.
- So.
I just want to get out of here to anywhere.
I do not want to die
as Billy and Gary.
Julian, take a map. We continue our trip.
- I think I should follow that road.
- We can go to their houses over.
- We will be following the path of the.
- All right. After a few hours after it gets dark.
We should go. Let's go to
See far as possible.
Look at that.
Things could be even worse.
How far do we need to go?
Maybe we will go in the wrong direction.
- Give me a break. We go to the right direction.
- You see that smoke over there to come?
- Look at the.
- That house seems to be on fire.
- I see some movement ahead.
- Me too.
- What is it?
- I'm not sure, but it seems to get along with.
Perhaps there are those archers.
What do you say, autammeko them?
Let's go. Hello!
- Hello!
- Julian, not so fast!
- Let's go. - We lost two ours.
- We lose more if you can not come now.
- They surround us. - Cassie, Henry!
- Shut up, attract them after us.
Last chance, we'll go.
- Where are the others?
- I do not know.
- I wonder how much there is still a witch?
- I do not know.
Thank you for coming to pick me up.
- He will come. - Keep him urgently.
- What? - Distract him.
I am here.
Henry, look out!
I wish I'd found this before.
Damn, that's that ugly.
Let's go.
- Where are we going?
- We have a ready asylum.
- Fortunately, no one is chasing us.
- We left Nate to deceive them.
How one man can
mislead hundred zombies?
One of the girl. Do not worry;
he knows what to do.
- How many are you?
- Only three of us.
We are no longer far away,
beware of his yarns.
- They are marked with color tape.
- Is the ribbon, then uncover them?
No. Are zombies
not know what is the ribbon.
We appreciate your help, but
we need to look for our friends.
- Do you think they survived? - We
survived more than 3200 kilometers, so yes.
- I'm pretty sure that they survived.
- Do you have survived so long?
- Hello, I'm Mara. - I'm Julian.
- Hey, Julian.
They want to go back, there
a further two individuals. You will not survive.
They are thought to be more.
We need to go.
We are close to. If you want to go
kaverinne get, so you protection.
As long as I stay alive.
All right. Damn, Cassie, where are you?
We were going through the city by ferry,
when we came into a large number of dead.
- We call them just zombies.
- What is the ferry?
Catalina ferry to send a couple of
survived the pick-week intervals.
- At least so we heard.
- We heard from the east.
- Although it took a while to get here.
- We went for about six months.
We have been looking for a route past the dead,
but the city is full of them.
- We have a rule that we do not go to the cities.
- A good rule. We came from Chicago.
We started with 20 survivors. Police officers and
firefighters, who were well armed, -
but only we survived.
- It was certainly difficult. - They would have
still alive if they had listened to us.
Itreitti is full of dead,
so we can forget about it.
We all know what it looks suburban,
we could come from the south and to avoid this area.
- It will take at least two or three days.
- Of course. We do not know what we find there.
- How about this north-western route?
- We checked it when we came here.
There are lots of dead, but compared to the
other options, it is probably the best.
We need to move quickly, not weapons.
Our approach only those who are a danger to us.
I do not know whether your team ready for this.
Maybe you'd better stay here, -
- And allows us to bring help.
- We are ready for this.
We just need to
search for Henry and Cassie.
That kind of thinking gets you to death.
We saw what you did in the past,
we do not believe you survive it.
I have to think about my team,
we do not die on behalf of others.
Okay, I'll do this easy for you.
If Henry and Cassie are still alive, -
they go this route.
We will be with you until then.
- After that you are alone.
- Thank you for your service.
All right. This area is
greatest concern.
- There are lots of dead.
- Can not you just call them zombies?
- That's right.
- The streets are narrow and they are difficult to avoid.
So you will do what we say or you do not
not at all with us, understand?
- We will help you through.
- Okay, this will be an important day.
Let's try a little rest.
My team is keeping watch.
- I have a question.
- Yes?
- We found your arrow for weeks.
- What about it?
- Why do you use bows?
- It's a good and quiet weapon.
All know how to use weapons, but
no one will even apply to arrows.
Since most people do not
can shoot bows.
- We are part of the archer groups.
- All right.
Good night. Let's go, Banks.
- Do you want me to supervise, that you get some sleep?
- We have a system that -
that does not work if we take
to the outside.
You do not need it any more tomorrow,
because you are a Catalina.
At least that's the plan.
The best plans usually fail,
such as Of Mice and Men, the poem says.
It's really
initially has been said, -
Poe's poem Burns.
Are you trying to impress me poems,
zombivallankumouksen time?
Does it work? That was not.
I hope that's a
satellite and space station.
Try to get to sleep, Julian.
You will need it.
Look. What is that?
Satellite might be, I do not know.
- End of the world can sometimes be beautiful.
- We need to find someone nukkumispaikka.
Tomorrow should be a busy day.
- Banks will go ahead. You need your team
followed by 15 meters. - All right.
- Do you remember the hand signals?
- Maybe.
- Look, listen, wait, please move
and gather. - What does it mean the last?
- It means that I need help.
- If you are hmillnne, so just ask Sarah from.
Our approach only those dead in
see us, or are a threat.
- Ammunition ran out yesterday.
- All right, then there is not never crossed your mind to shoot.
- You have the good version is different than mine.
- We use the arrows.
- If you are able to safely retrieve nuolenne
back, do it. - They are needed.
- Do you believe others have survived?
- Yes, Mack to keep them safe.
- We should go back, Henry.
- No, we are going towards the island. There they are going.
If we get Catalinaan,
there is other people.
I hope so.
I mean my husband.
We have become friends.
- I do not want ...
- Yes.
You are happy when you see him.
Yes, but I do not want to change ...
Then I am also glad.
Are you ready for Banks?
They have a number of I kierrn side.
Some people watch here.
- Probably, this is a stop-and-drop.
- What is the stop-and-drop?
Catches the furthest, where it drops;
the other's bluff.
- They go in the other direction, and we another.
- I bet that a successful first met with a.
Let's go.
Toilets. Yes.
Toilet time.
Julian, what do you do?
I'm all right.
Zombies, run!
Over there, we go into a van.
All in.
The gun looks intact, good.
I'm trying to find ammo.
Here, it is not.
Bingo. I would like to include it.
- Too heavy.
- I ask.
- Take this to your destination.
- What?
- I can not continue to run.
- Why do not you?
Write-up. Julian,
is the author of this.
- No, no.
- Mack, which has been made, it was made.
Hello, MacBeth.
- Be still.
- I can distract them.
- It is a bad idea.
- It is not.
Mack, do not do this anymore difficult.
Find Cassie and Henry,
Catalinaan go and live your lives.
All is well.
He turns.
See the rest.
Ramona, give her a knife.
Henry, behind you.
They will take five.
Let's go.
- They depart.
- Let's go.
Over there.
But this is getting worse.
We are stuck, Henry.
- What is that?
- It seems to be Mack.
- Maybe we get over there on the roof.
- I do not think so.
I have a plan, come on.
Cassie, this way.
Run, it is in front of us.
Come here. Go in.
Suddenly, they come from.
All in, the pace.
Okay, it's locked.
- I do not see any danger.
- If the zombies have not learned to climb.
We get out of this.
- Are you the archers?
- Yes. That's the Banks, and brings Brockton.
I'm Cassie, and he is Henry.
I admire your work.
Where is Julian?
He did not make it, Cassie.
I thought that Julian give up.
I'm sorry, Cassie.
Ferry arrives
Wednesday during the day.
- What day is it?
- Julian would have known.
I found something.
The quarantine policy.
- All the survivors are isolated on the island for a week.
- It will make sense.
Here is food.
Brockton, here.
Oh, my God.
Good God.
- Weapons. Banks join.
- Zombies got here somehow.
- Most returned.
- It does not make sense.
I never seen before
drag out the dead people.
Neither do we.
- What was that?
- What?
I do not know.
- It is dragged over the containers.
- What the hell?
Are you all right?
Brockton, watch out!
- I'm coming. - I'll go over to Brock Johnston.
- Cassie. - Henry, hurry up!
Kis kis, kisuli.
Naughty kitty.
- Meow, but pants singing!
- Henry, watch out.
I'll take care of you, cat.
- Take care of the fool.
- Yes, we did.
l anna minun muuttua.
I do not give.
Goodbye buddy.
Can anyone see a raft?
Are you sure it's coming?
- I hope.
- Yes it will.
Cassie, what do you do first,
when we get to Catalinaan?
I kiss my husband.
And I search for a new sword.
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