Zombie Ass: The Toilet of the Dead (2011) Movie Script

Zombie Ass Toilet Of the Dead (2011)
It hurts...
It hurts so much...
It hurts so much, father...
You have to be strong.
Where exactly does it hurt, Sachi?
I can't tell you,
it's too embarrassing.
The symptoms are back.
To stop it...
there's only one way.
Don't be afraid, Sachi.
You'll get what you need.
It's coming out soon.
The final blow!
Yes, here it comes!
Come on, open your mouth!
Here it comes!
Mouth to mouth!
No! Please don't!
No, father...
I'll never get used to this.
It comes...
It's coming out!
Come on, put your head in!
It hurts!
You pig!
Eat shit!
Help me, sister!
Come on!
You are the worst!
- Dirty parasite!
You freak!
Stupid cow!
Sister! Can't you help me?
They're coming!
The bugs are coming!
Are you crazy?!
Oh my god!
You scared us to death!
I just had such
a beautiful dream...
What happened?
Are you alright?
Take! Pull yourself
together, okay?
Okay. It's kicking in.
I think he's high again.
I don't understand...
What do you mean, "high", Aya?
You don't need to know that.
Hey! Idiot!
You've promised to stop
with this shit!
Shut up, Aya!
Excuse me? Stop talking like that
to your girlfriend!
Aren't you feeling well?
You look green...
That's because of my medicine...
Sorry, I've got to puke!
Everything alright?
Do you need some water?
You'll be alright...
This is so disgusting...
Who invited these two?
That was you!
Hey, I just asked Megumi!
She's doing this very well.
I hope I get sick, too.
Keep your hands off the young one,
or we two are finished!
Compared to her,
he's just a piece of shit!
There's so much puke...
I want to cry... Being seen by a girl
like this is so embarrassing!
Shit! I wish I'd stayed at home!
"I wish I'd stayed at home."
I was thinking the same thing.
About a year had passed, since
my sister Ai died.
I had joined them on this camping trip,
to escape the pain
for a little while.
But now I couldn't help but think
about that horrible moment.
The more I tried to forget about it,
the more it hurt.
Finally, we're almost there!
The river should be about
500 meters from here.
What lovely weather!
Do you think Maki was serious about it?
- What do you mean?
What she said about those
weight loss parasites.
Of course!
I want to try them and lose a lot of weight
and apply with model agencies.
I heard, that
this river is full of those parasites.
The same ones that super models use!
The trout here are all
swollen from them!
If I catch enough of them,
I'll share with you!
Thanks, but I'd rather not...
Come on, help me!
Size zero! Size zero!
Come on! Hurry up!
Hey, parasites!
Don't be afraid, come out!
Yea, show yourselves!
Let me try!
Wow, you did it on your first try,
Megumi! That was so cool!
As if, it wasn't that hard!
Fuck it!
So exhausted...
And I'm sweating...
- Hey!
Let them play with the fish!
I have a way better idea...
What do you think?
Want to have some fun?
- Leave me alone.
I don't want your drugs,
I want tapeworms!
Fine, that's more for me then!
The way Megumi acts...
Who does she even think she is?
Listen, Take...
If you think I'm hotter
than Megumi...
you're allowed to kiss me.
You bet!
You're the hottest!
Even hotter than your Aya?
Are you serious?
Come on, say it.
I am the best.
The best...
I would marry you...
Tell me more...
You're the best, Maki!
How's school?
It's alright.
You're lying!
You don't have any friends, instead
you're training Karate all day!
To become strong.
You want to be strong, because
you couldn't save Ai.
I know it's not easy.
You have to try to look forward!
It's nice of you to
worry about me.
At this moment, though,
I just have to be strong.
Farmed trout usually don't
have tapeworms.
But a high percentage of wild trout
carries them inside!
Well done, professor, now we know
why you're here.
That thing is huge!
How strange.
Give it to me!
- Wait!
Come on, or I'll
change my mind!
Some parasites can cause high fever
or even brain damage!
Stop talking shit!
This is too dangerous!
- You could get seriously sick!
You've got absolutely no idea
what all this is about!
I want to become a model.
I spend a lot of money on that.
I know that I look great!
And yet ugly and ordinary chicks
steal my jobs!
You think you're so cool!
You act like you never
burp or fart.
A tame little mouse like you
can't understand!
What are you saying?
Come on, down with it!
Don't you want to puke?
You'd feel better afterwards.
Suppressing it only makes it worse.
Why do you care?
I know your kind.
The kind that don't want to seem
uncool or depressed.
And in bed you turn into beasts!
What the fuck?!
Stop this shit!
- Cry if you want! That just turns me on.
Stupid wanker!
My balls!
You've flattened my balls!
Take! What's going on?
Did something happen?
Are you okay?
- Take! What's going on here?
You kids!
What was that?
It sounded like "You kids"!
You kids!
Damn it! Trout season
hasn't even started!
It hasn't?!
That guy could call the police!
Hey, Take! Please do something!
Okay, okay!
Leave it to me!
Who are you calling a kid here?!
Got a problem with us?!
Don't fuck with me!
And don't piss me off!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Let him go!
Let go!
Leave him alone!
Out of the way!
You broke his neck!
Megumi, that really wasn't neccessary!
But it was just a normal kick.
He's dead.
They're going to arrest us...
Not me!
Someone's stealing our car!
Damn it! I forgot the keys in there.
You stupid idiot,
what should we do now?!
Car thieves? Here in the forrest?
Run after them and catch them!
- Forget about that!
The car is gone!
I lost my finger!
I need a break!
Let me see, Take.
It's bleeding a lot.
Wait a second.
This should stop the bleeding.
Can you bear it?
Megumi, my phone doesn't work,
I can't get a signal!
So now what?!
Give me the map.
- Here.
There's a village, not far from here.
Let's go there.
There must be a phone.
Who made you the leader here,
you show-off?!
Lead on, then.
Can you lead the others
out of here safely?
I'm curious.
I'm sorry, but I prefer
to go with Megumi.
Me too.
You bitch.
Just wait!
Just one more kilometer.
I'm glad you're here.
Without you we'd be dead for sure.
Thank you.
What's going on?
Someone's there!
The village.
- Finally.
Excuse me, is anybody home?
We have a wounded person!
- Is anybody here?!
How awful!
My stomach suddenly hurts a lot.
Everything is contracting...
What the hell could it be?
Sounds like diarrhea.
Idiot! Do you want to
embarrass me?!
This is all your fault!
There's something wrong with that parasite!
My fault?!
You wanted to eat it!
What are you thinking?!
That's my damn stomach.
Quickly... Quickly...
Ah, a toilet!
Oh no...!
TOILE What a dump!
I dont want to use this toilet!
I can't stand it...
It feels so different from usual.
My belly...
It's moving.
What is that?!
It's disgusting!
Oh no, what now?!
It's coming...
Oh god, I'm going to explode!
This shit is one for the history books.
Ah, that hurts!
Why must this happen to me?
This hurts!
What are these pills?
Pain killers!
They are drugs!
After all this crap...
i need to get high as fuck!
Oh god... Why am I even with him?
Damn, what could it be?!
Come on!
I can't stand it anymore...
Oh my god...
Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch!
A monster!
Get your hands off me!
Help me!
There's a pervert in here!
Help me!
Where are you?!
Don't leave me alone!
Oh man, I have to fart!
Stay away from me!
Stay away from me!
Fingers off!
You pig!
Let me go!
Let go!
Fingers off!
Take your paws off there!
Let go of me!
Let go of me!
You perverted motherfucker!
A crazy person!
There's a crazy person in there!
A crazy person?
Go away!
Man, that really is crazy!
Go away!
Shit zombies!
And I forgot my disinfectant!
They want to surround us!
Go! Inside the house!
Take! Come on!
Wait for me!
Maybe this wasn't such a good idea...
Take cover!
Oh god!
Here comes a real big stinker!
I just want to die...
Oh no!
Where's the damn door?!
It has to be here somewhere!
That hurts!
Maki! Oh no!
No, please don't!
What are you doing?!
Go away!
Stop with this shit!
I can't any longer...
I can feel it...
It's coming!
It's coming!
Something is coming out!
What is this?
What the hell is this?!
That's impossible!
No! Let go!
No! No! No!
I couldn't do anything for Maki.
- What?!
Come on, let's try in the back!
That guy is throwing shit!
- No!
That's not good at all!
And what now? Shouldn't we
try to help Maki?
I think we're all going to die!
Don't panic.
I need to think.
Stay calm.
Stay calm.
Who are you?
Excuse me. We're being
chased by those people.
You're from Tokyo, right?
I thought so.
Just like the other ones!
The other ones?
It was a huge mistake
to bring them back to this village.
What do you mean?
My belly...
It hurts so much...
It feels like huge worms...
What is that?!
They travel from your belly to your head.
But i won't let them eat my brain.
I don't want to end up like
the other villagers.
That's not going to happen!
Please, don't do it!
Help me, Naoi!
Help me!
Megumi! The just won't die!
What do we do?!
Hey, what are you doing?!
Stop it!
My butt!
My butt is showing!
Everyone can see my butt cheeks!
This is embarrassing!
Leave me alone!
Stop exposing my butt crack!
I've got it!
The head is their weak spot!
What is that?!
An insect?
I hate insects!
Is anyone of you hurt?
I've told you that it hurts!
It's going to take a while.
The girl...
I'm starving!
Fucking hell, give me that!
My daughter Sachi made this.
She's sickly, but a great cook.
Coming to this lonely place
is part of her therapy.
I never expected this, though.
You're completely safe here.
Relax and enjoy the food.
I have a question:
What happened to the villagers?
What happened here?
What are those insects?
And what happened to Maki?
Is she dead?!
Please tell us the truth!
The villagers...
got infested with an
unknown parasite.
A parasite?
Its origin is completely unknown.
They migrate from fish
to small mammals.
And at some point they move on
to humans.
They eat the brain of their host
and gain control over him.
I have given them a name:
- How do you even pronounce that?
I need to see your hand.
When exactly were you bitten?
I've been in so much pain.
I can't really tell!
It was about 3 pm.
That's not good.
They could already be hatching.
What do you mean?
They only bite for one reason.
To them humans are the ultimate host.
And they have to lay their eggs
somewhere to procreate.
What does that mean?!
I can't follow you...
What is that?!
I've got head aches!
This is weird.
Does he take any medication?
Just drugs! Why?!
You idiot!
Nekurogedoro react extremely to drugs!
Take! Take! Take!
Is that you?
Do you want to share the shower with me?
Can you come here, please?
I am...
so afraid.
Don't worry.
I'm with you in a second...
He is...
Take is dead!
He was such an idiot...
An Asshole!
But I loved him!
Please don't cry.
I will always protect you.
That's what i've been training for.
I don't want to run away anymore...
To protect someone I love...
I always thought that would be
no big deal for me.
But on that day, right in front
of my sister...
i just couldn't move.
Please don't, it hurts...
Put your head right in there!
I can't...
No, no...
Please stop!
- Slut!
You worthless piece of shit!
I think that's enough for now.
How about a little snack?
I can't do that!
What's going on?!
Stop that!
Oh look, it's the big sister.
You want to save her?
Then i hope you came prepared.
Exactly! You think you're so cool,
am I right?
So go ahead and fart for us!
- What?
Come on!
No, let go of me!
We wanna hear you fart, slut!
But i can't!
Please wait!
That is enough.
I will do it instead.
Holy shit, did you hear that?
What a stink!
You shouldn't do stuff like this.
It's undignified.
You should stay beautiful.
Me, I'm an ugly pig anyway.
It's better this way!
You scared me!
What happened?
Just a bad dream.
Something i didn't want to remember.
I felt like i was suffocating.
That has got to be the environment!
This Tanaka guy has an evil aura.
Something isn't right here.
Is everything okay?
It's nothing.
It's okay.
Actually, it was far from nothing.
I'd never been in such pain.
But i'd always been good at hiding
my pain.
It was the only way i could handle it.
Where's the toilet?
Come on!
Do it!
Spit it out!
Are you ready?
In there!
Come one, let it out!
Do it!
More, more...
Very good...
A nice and fresh Nekurogedoro.
Try swallowing it.
It's in my stomach now.
As soon as the new one is in,
the old one has to come out.
And we have a medicine for that.
Get ready, Sachi.
Here we go.
It's so hot, father.
My belly feels like it's burning.
If you want to survive...
you have to endure.
My belly hurts so much!
It's coming...
There it is!
Slowly, slowly...
Very well...
Keep going...
- It is out...
The Nekurogedoro,
that worked so hard for you!
Well done, little guy.
Oh look...
What are they doing to you?
She's suffering from myeloid leukemia.
Ever heard of that?
Her leucocytes are multiplying
I have found out,
that the secretions of Nekurogedoro
dissolve these leucocytes.
That is why she receives a fresh
Nekurogedoro from me every day.
For some unkown reason
they spare her brain.
We have a silent agreement.
They let my daughter survive
and in return...
we supply them with food.
Also, these parasites are only
here because of...
Only because of me.
This whole village is just
a Nekurogedoro farm.
There's only one problem:
We ran out of food.
Megumi? Did you just cry in there?
There's no escape for you.
The eggs of Nekurogedoro are already
inside of your bodies!
The eggs?
It was the pasta.
Squeezed by hand.
Just got to mix it all up,
so it looks normal.
No wonder my stomach hurts so bad.
You guys are nothing but food!
Hey, wait!
Wait, wait!
My stomach hurts so much...
I have to fart.
Close your ears!
They're coming!
I can't run away,
it hurts so much.
I'm going back to the hospital.
I saw him using some kind of
Maybe it can help us.
You two go ahead!
Please don't die now...
Oh no, they're coming
closer and closer!
How long until those things hatch?
Not very long!
I don't want to die like this!
How could this happen to me?
Help me!
Save me, Naoi!
Pull yourself together
and be a man!
My stomach hurts, but I'm going to
make it. Promise!
I will smash your heads in!
Take this and that!
You pig!
From the ass?!
I can't believe it!
That ass is loaded!
Fuck you, you ass monsters!
It's stuck!
That ass ate my bat!
Oh no!
Hey, stop this immediately!
What the hell are you doing?!
The parasites are innocent.
They just want to survive.
And so do I.
Come with me, Sachi.
Let's leave this place.
Your father has gone insane!
What do you even know?!
Stop it.
I won't fight a sick person.
You fucking annoy me.
Your condescending attitude...
I hate healthy people!
Not bad, am I right?
Every time I'm bored,
I watch action movies and practice.
Blade! Equilibrium!
You don't have the slightest chance!
Just look!
That put you off balance.
Over there is a building!
Maybe someone's inside!
They pupate in the heads of their hosts.
These things are not part
of our own eco system!
Maybe they're from outer space!
My head...
My head hurts...
The same thing happened to Take!
This is worse!
I have to... release the fart
of the century!
I'm bleeding from my ass!
Hey, four eyes!
You can't escape your fate.
You're going to fart till you die.
That is your fate.
That sucks a lot...
What a shame...
But you either fuck
or you get fucked.
I prefer the former.
How unfair!
Let go!
Get off!
Forget about that!
I caught the pig!
Run away, Aya!
All is well, that ends well!
Let me at least be your hero
for once!
Who's there?
Is that you?
You bet...
But half of me is already
being controlled...
I will give you a nice little parasite!
What is that?
Please stop!
No! Not there!
Stop it...
No, don't...
It's inside!
And now let's go deeper!
You're already completely infested
with parasites.
I'm jealous.
Leave me alone!
I'll pull them all out.
Open wide!
You're too late. I have complete
control over her!
Aya, please!
She's as good as dead.
My parasite is something really special.
It's a parasite queen!
Way more beautiful than the others.
It suits me perfectly.
You have to run...
Don't interrupt me, bitch!
Please, I beg you...
Please kill me...
I can't do that...
As long as I'm still human...
Kill me...
Hurry up...
I'm so sorry.
I couldn't save you.
You were the one, who saved me.
My body...
It's burning...
My eyes...
My eyes!
Something is moving...
inside my body!
You won't escape!
Look at me!
I'm flying, I'm flying!
Finally I can do
whatever I want!
I'm coming!
And now the tits!
My stomach hurts...
Oh no...
I'm going to...
I farted!
How embarrassing...
Hey, little Miss Perfect!
Did you release a stink bomb?
Oh no, what a disappointment.
I can just imagine how you must feel.
You'd rather run away, than fart in public!
How horrible! And what's going to happen
when you lose against me?
You would rather die, am I right?
This can't be...
Let's go!
No... Don't...
This is the end.
The tentacle in your body will expand
and kill you.
It's out!
I can't stand this!
We did it!
We won!
Am I right, my queen?
Soon I'll be dead, too, Ai.
Sister... Don't you want to help me?!
You shouldn't do stuff like this.
It's undignified.
You should stay beautiful.
And that's why you can't die.
But how...?!
My farts work like a jet engine!
I want to live my life.
I have to thank Ai and Aya for that.
To sacrifice myself for other people.
I am not afraid.
No matter how terrible everything is:
When other people are in danger,
I will fight!
Even if I have to fart!
Stupid worm bitch!
I've got something nice for you...
It's in!
Stop! This pain!
My beautiful belly!
I'm going to explode...
Just a moment...
It's almost done...
Enjoy your time in hell!
You did it, sister.
Ai... and Aya... you all...
I will live my life.
That is...
our car!
Become my daughter!
We can play games like father and daughter!
Let go!
Let's start right here!
How cute!
You stupid asshole!
You're full of shit!
Full of shit!