Zombie at 17 (2018) Movie Script

When I was 10,
my sister was killed
in front of me. My life
was never the same after that.
And now, 9 years later,
my life has taken another turn.
It's become a living nightmare.
Amber! Amber, January 25th.
Died in a hit and run.
Driver's name was... Ron Wilson.
We were walking home from...
from where?
Mrs. Cole's house,
the neighbor's.
We were hit by a car
driven by Ron Wilson.
We had just left Mrs. Cole's
house after dropping...
- Tia! Tia!
- She was 17. She died.
- What are you doing out here?
- I...
- I wasn't feeling well.
- It's like 10 below.
- Aren't you freezing?
- Yeah. I... I... just...
I just thought
that the cold air would help.
- Are you gonna throw up?
- I thought I was. I'm okay now.
You're not pregnant, are you?
I know you said you and Connor
aren't having sex yet,
- but if you are, you can tell me.
- No.
I just feel like you've been
acting different lately.
We're not. I'm not pregnant.
I think it was something I ate.
Well... Mr. Meyer saw you
outside the window
and asked me to come
check on you. Do you...
- feel like you can go to class?
- Yeah.
Every day, it gets harder
and harder to be normal,
to act normal.
I can hear things,
smell things, taste things
a hundred times stronger
than I ever could.
At the same time,
I can feel my brain dying.
My memories are slipping away
one by one.
The older ones are the
hardest ones to hang on to.
This means, pretty soon,
all my memories of my
sister Amber will be gone
and I can't let that happen.
I started keeping a journal
to record
everything that was going on,
but with my sharpened sense
of hearing,
it was becoming more difficult
to concentrate.
- Can't you read?
- I can read better
than you can spell!
- Why did you do that?
- I'm trying to concentrate
- on homework.
- You can't even hear it!
I'm gonna tell Mom you're
bullying me. Now, get out!
Oh! Hey, sweetie!
I brought you chicken
home for dinner.
How are you?
You still look a little tired.
Don't worry, Mom.
I'm just going
to the library to study.
It's hard to concentrate here.
Is Emory bothering you again?
He just doesn't understand
how important this year is
- for you getting into college.
- No. He wasn't bugging me.
I just... I'm distracted.
The roads are slick.
I'd rather you stay home.
Mom, I'll be careful.
We talked about this last week.
I know. I know. It's just...
It's just sometimes still hard
seeing you walk out the door.
I sometimes still see her leave.
I'll be fine.
Get home early.
I will. I love you.
I love you too.
Oh! You forgot your coat again.
- Hey!
- Hey.
- Bye.
- Bye!
It's been tough trying to hide
my condition from my mom.
I know that she's worried
about me.
She's obsessed that something
is going to happen to me
like it did with my sister,
but I don't have the heart
to tell her it already has.
Is it that hard
to get some new books?
I spend half of my time trying
to be a normal teenager.
Spend time
with my boyfriend Connor,
I still play basketball.
The other half,
I spend researching.
Trying to find a cure
for my... condition.
- Hey, babe!
- Hey!
- Why are you whispering?
- I'm in the...
- the library studying.
- So...
you still want to come around
tomorrow night, right?
Seems like you haven't been
feeling too good lately.
Yeah, of course.
I already told you I wanted
to make your favorite meal.
Would your feelings be hurt
if I suggested something else?
- Like what?
- Well...
Jason can get us into
Draxen Club with him and Sammy.
You have to be 21.
Not if the bouncer
owes you a favor.
What do you think?
You said you wish we could go there.
We could double date.
Um... Yeah, sure.
It's... it's your day
so it's your choice.
Of course, I'll be there. I want
to spend your birthday with you.
Great. Awesome. I'll see you
tomorrow at school.
This is gonna be awesome,
by the way!
- Yeah.
- I love you, babe.
Because everything
Jason does is awesome.
- Happy birthday, babe!
- Best.
Birthday. Ever.
Look who's at the bar!
It's Riley.
You met him at the mini mart
that one day.
- You don't remember?
- No.
OK, let's go say hi.
Riles, Hey!
Connor, man!
How are you doing?
- What's up?
- I'm good, man.
- Tina, right?
- Close. Tia.
Right. Nice to see you again.
Let me buy you guys
a drink. Huh?
- A couple of beers is good.
- Alright.
How did you guys get in here?
A couple of fake IDs?
- No. My buddy Jason got us in.
- Jason?
Jason Ellzey. He's here
with his girlfriend Sammy.
- Do you know him?
- Yeah, yeah.
I know him.
Just those two beers.
- You can cash me out.
- Are you leaving?
Yeah. I actually have work
early in the morning.
- My girlfriend does too, so...
- Hey!
Check to who
Connor's talking to.
Interesting that he can afford
a night out,
but he can't seem to pay you
the 3 grand he owes you.
Let's say hi!
Hey. What's up?
Hey, sorry! The bathroom line
was super long.
Hey, babe. Um, Connor, Tia,
this is my girlfriend Jasmine.
- And this is Jason and his girlfriend Sammy.
- Hello.
- Hey... Another round! On me.
- Don't worry about it. We were actually
- just on our way out.
- Come on! It's early!
- Girl time. Let's go dance.
- OK.
Well, these beers
are going right through me.
- I'm gonna go to the bathroom.
- It's over there, man.
Look, I'm gonna be real.
I'm offended.
I was there for you when
you came to me and needed help.
And then, I see you
out here clubbing it up
with your girl.
It's almost like you don't feel
responsibility to pay me back
in a timely manner.
Jason, that is
a hundred percent not true.
Things been really tough lately.
Look, it's Connor's birthday,
OK? I'm here with my girl.
Can we just talk
about this another time?
Let's go have a cigarette.
You're still driving
that blue Mustang?
- Yeah.
- Great.
Sign it to me,
we'll call it even.
Where are the pink slips?
At your house?
Dude, I'm not signing my car
over to you.
That's crazy! I told you
I'd get you your money.
No... I didn't...
I didn't mean crazy. I just...
That car is worth like 8 grand.
I owe you 3.
Perfect. You can
sell it to me for 5.
Look, I gotta go, OK?
- Itaking this seriously!
- What the hell? Get off me!
You don't take advantage
of people who help you!
Get up, brother.
Come on, Riley!
Hey, uh... Where's Riley?
I don't know.
We were just over by the bar
and then he took off
to take a call.
So, how long have you two
been together?
- Just a few months.
- How about another round?
You know what?
I think I'm gonna go see
where Riley snuck off to.
Hey, Sammy... Let's go dance.
What's going on?
You're acting weird.
- Something is wrong with Riley.
- What?
We were outside having
a smoke, talking about the money
and then he copped an attitude,
and so I punched him.
I knocked him to the ground and then
I kicked him and then he just...
started coughing up blood
and... I don't know what to do.
Okay, where is he?
He's out back in the alley.
Let's go.
Okay, this isn't
my fault, alright?
I didn't mean to do it!
He's alive, right?
He's dead.
Come on.
Emory! Emory! Emory! Oh, God!
Look at me! Oh, my God!
You brat!
Woah! What did you do
to your eyes?
What did you do to your eyes?
What is going on down here?
He scared the crap out of me!
He was just laying here in the
dark with this fake blood.
- Emory!
- It's just rubber.
Dylan brought it
to class yesterday.
Emory, what in the world
are you doing? It's not funny!
- Go to bed.
- Jeez, none of you can take a joke.
Why don't you ask Tia
about her eyes?
I have no idea
what he's talking about.
- Hey!
- Hey!
What's up?
Is something... wrong?
- Riley's dead.
- What?
Yeah, they found his body
this morning behind a dumpster
- at the club.
- Oh, my God!
They don't have many details.
Apparently, it was a homicide.
- How did you find out?
- Jason texted me
like, five minutes ago.
I mean, the bouncer told him.
It's horrible! He seemed
like a really nice guy.
He was.
Are you going to class?
Uh... Yeah.
Yeah, I...
guess I need to think
about something else.
Yeah, I'll just...
I'll see you later.
- Um... Are you okay?
- Yeah, fine.
It doesn't look
like you're doing too good.
I haven't been sleeping a lot
lately, but... I'm okay.
Seriously, I'm okay.
Alright. Um...
- I'll see you later.
- Okay.
Thanks for coming in.
- I appreciate it.
- Of course. I mean,
we still can't believe
that this happened.
- Was he robbed?
- Uh, no.
At least, he still had
his wallet and his cellphone.
you were talking to the victim
and his girlfriend
- inside the bar?
- Yeah.
Uh... We didn't know
that he was gonna be there,
but... when we saw them,
we bought them a round.
After that, Jasmine said
you and she went over to dance
and that was the last time
that she saw Riley
- before the attack.
- That's right. Uh, we talked
for a minute and then he said
he had to take a call
and then he walked off.
That was the last time
I saw him too.
Good job, everyone.
Now, I want you to move
the ovaries off to one side
so you see the coil tubes
of the oviducts.
Why can't we just
do this on the computer?
I feel like we're in 1912.
How do you not think
this is cool?
- Oh!
- Jesus, it's still alive!
No, it's dead. It's dead.
- Why the hell is it moving?
- A dead animal
or a person can have
reflective muscle action
up to 12 hours after death.
- Can it still feel?
- No.
Once the brain is dead,
there is no feeling at all.
Did you see Riley talk
to anyone else?
Actually... We...
Yeah, remember, we...
We saw him talking
to that tall guy
when we first came in.
I don't know who he is, though.
- Tall guy?
- Yeah. Like, 6'2, 6'3 maybe.
- Short, brown hair.
- That's right.
Was it a heated conversation?
Um... No,
it wasn't heated, but...
it was intense.
- What was this guy wearing?
- I think it was
uh... a black shirt.
I don't...
really know, it was so dark
in there, it was hard to tell.
And you'd never seen
this person before?
No. But...
I mean, we weren't really
thinking much of it.
So, uh... what happened?
I heard he got beat up.
Official cause of death:
internal bleeding
from a ruptured spleen.
I see.
Alright, well... Thanks.
If you think of anything else...
- ...give me a call.
- Yeah.
Riley was a good friend.
- I hope that you find who did this.
- Oh, I intend to.
Hold up a sec!
- Okay?
- Yeah.
Hey, you know...
I didn't think
I hit him that hard.
You know,
to... rupture his spleen.
I didn't even know that somebody
could die from that.
Forget about it. Okay?
She bought
the tall mystery guy story.
Hey! We're gonna be okay.
I'm thinking ahead.
Actually, you know what?
I forgot something.
I forgot something.
- No worries.
- Bye.
- Have a good day, Tia!
- You too.
It was the strangest thing.
I felt like I had
switched bodies.
I could see what the frog saw
before its brain ended up in a jar.
If I were surrounded by six
or eight of these things,
would I stand a chance with
'em?- Well, there's no problem.
If you had a gun, shoot them
in the head. That's a sure way
to kill 'em. If you don't, get
yourself a club or a torch.
Beat them or burn them.
They go up pretty easy.
Oh, my God! It keeps dropping.
The police told me last night
that they were questioning
everyone who was at the club.
You and your girlfriend
should go in voluntarily.
We can't! We're underage.
It's homicide. They're not gonna care.
They just want information.
We don't have any. And besides,
I don't think he was involved.
Hey, Jasmine.
- Sorry about Riley.
- Thanks.
Look, I don't mean
to bother you guys at school.
I found out which one you go to
from social media.
I was just gonna send you
a message, but...
I thought it might be better
to come in person.
She thinks Jason has something
to do with Riley's murder.
- What?
- I don't know for sure, but...
when Riley and Jason left
to go talk together
while we were on the dance
floor, Riley seemed...
- I don't know, really nervous.
- I'm telling you,
- Jason would never do something like that.
- Look, all I'm asking
is that you go to the police
and just tell them what you saw.
- I saw them walk away together.
- Exactly. And then,
Jason came back to the table
without Riley.
Look, I'm not implying Jason had
something to do with this when he didn't.
And besides, if the cops are wasting time looking
at Jason, they won't find the real killer.
- No, the cops are gonna do their job.
- I'm sorry.
If they ask if we were there
that night, I'm saying no.
- Just tell them what you saw.
- Look, I'll talk to Connor. Here, what's your number?
Riley was a great person.
I wish you could've had
the chance
- to know him better.
- Me too.
- Hi.
- I saw you at the library.
Oh... You were
researching the undead.
Wow! Good memory.
Do you always pay
close attention to what
- other people are reading?
- No. I just have a passion
- for zombies, so I took note.
- Really?
What other passions do you have?
A little of everything.
I guess I'm a bit of a polymath.
I don't even know
what that means.
You should learn it
before you take the SATs.
I am... doing
a... research project
on zombies.
Do you think you could help me?
- I could pay you...
- Yeah, sure.
Uh... History
or anthropology?
Your project,
what class is it for?
- What's your name anyway?
- Flynn.
I know. We had greek mythology
together freshman year.
Right, yeah. Sorry, I forget
a lot of stuff lately.
It's okay. I just have
one of those faces
people tend to forget.
- I won't hold it against you.
- Thanks.
Hey, you know, those books
you got from the library,
they're crap.
There's a better place
- for information.
- Where?
Well, if you meet me here
at lunch, I... I can show you.
- Okay.
- Alright.
See you after class.
- So, where are we going?
- My house.
If you're trying to trick me into a
lunchtime hook-up, that's super lame.
Oh... No, I... I...
I wouldn't do that.
I swear.
Trust me.
Here it is.
Wait till you see my basement.
I've been collecting
data on zombies
and other paranormal stuff
since I was 6.
This place is insane.
- But... oddly inviting.
- Here, see.
It's the Center
for Disease Control's
preparedness guide
for the zombie apocalypse.
This is real?
The US department
- of Health and Human Services actually put this out?
- Yeah.
Uh... here. Cinematic History of Zombies...
Globalistic Zombie Walks...
Of course,
George Romero's biography.
Why don't we start by
you telling me the real reason
you're researching zombies?
What do you mean?
I can't help you
unless you're real with me.
And I think if anyone
can help you, it's me.
I'm trying to find a cure
for zombism and... soon.
I knew there was something
I liked about you.
So, how did it happen?
You can't tell anyone this.
You're the only person
who knows.
I promise I won't tell anybody,
but people are gonna
start noticing.
I mean, you're already
starting to change.
I'm not
a hundred percent sure, but...
I think it happened last July
in the parking structure
at the mall.
Hi, kitty!
Are you hungry, baby?
Here you go.
Is that crazy?
Because, to tell you the truth,
I'm really scared.
Stuff keeps happening to me
- and I can't stop it.
- What kind of stuff?
My body temperature keeps
dropping every couple of days.
I'm losing all my memories
and my coordination
and eating and drinking
makes me sick
unless it's brains.
Look, I... I wrote it all down.
The only thing
that seems to be good
is that I can hear and smell
better than I ever could
and... I seem
to be getting stronger.
Here. Bend this.
- What are you doing?
- I'm calling Steven.
- Who's Steven?
- He's someone you really need to meet.
I'm gonna leave him a message,
then we should really
get back to school.
Sorry, I can...
I can roll it up.
It's okay. I don't mind.
I guess
we're a little late for class.
It's okay.
- Thank you. For today.
- Yeah, uh,
I'll keep your secret.
I swear on my life.
Well... hopefully yours
is longer than mine.
I'm gonna help you, you know?
You're gonna be okay.
So, um... I'll text you
when I hear back from Steven.
Oh! Nice of you to join us.
- Sorry.
- We were just talking about the frog's brain.
Now, you notice behind
the cerebrum the optic globes.
Now, what did you notice
about them, Tia?
Um... That they were tangy.
- Tangy?
- I'm sorry.
I meant that
they were... tiny.
Tiny... compared to...
the cerebrum and the medulla.
Okay. Alright.
So, people,
why do you think that is?
Because frogs' eyes
use articular movement
to accommodate. Like humans...
...who can change the shape
of their lenses. Is that why?
She's out of her mind.
Why would Jason beat up Riley?
There could be a reason.
- Like what?
- I don't know.
Maybe... Riley owed Jason
money or something.
Why would you even think that?
Because I overheard them
talking about it.
When? I was with you
the whole time.
- I don't remember that.
- You were really drunk
that night.
No. No way.
What's up with you
and that weirdo?
- What?
- I saw you talking to him.
Nothing. He just...
He has research material
that I need.
Just be careful.
He's obviously into you.
Why do you say that?
Look at him. You're probably
the first hot girl
that's ever given him
the time of day.
- That's not very nice.
- Maybe not, but it's true.
Jasmine thinks I had
something to do with it?
That's what she said to me and Tia.
- I told her she was crazy.
- I already told
the lady detective that I saw
Riley talking to some guy.
Jasmine wasn't with him,
so she probably didn't see it.
What happened after you walked
away from the bar with him?
Nothing happened.
What do you mean?
He didn't, like... owe you
money or anything, did he?
Where did you hear that?
Tia just said that she might
have heard you talking about it.
I was pretty wasted,
so I don't remember much.
Tia's wrong.
I wouldn't say
- anything like that.
- Yeah, I figured.
It sucks, though.
I'll feel better once they catch
- the real killer.
- Yeah. Me too, man.
Me too.
Living with this disease,
I noticed that some days,
my symptoms would come and go.
But sometimes, they'd take
a turn for the worse.
I would crave animal brains
and by eating some,
I'd get better
for a little while,
but over time, my new diet
was becoming less effective.
I had to eat more to keep
the symptoms... manageable.
What is going on?
- Hi, Mom.
- Tia, where are you?
I'm okay, don't worry.
Are you crying?
Where are you?
I... I'm just at Connor's.
I'll be home in a bit, okay?
No, no, no.
You need to leave now.
I cannot believe
you would sneak out
in the middle of the night and
not tell me where you're going!
What if something
happened to you?
You're right. I shouldn't
have done that. I'm sorry.
You know who's out on the road
at this time of night?
Drunks. I can't believe
you would risk your life
for... for what?
To be with your boyfriend?
I said I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.
- I'm not done talking to you!
- There is nothing left to say!
In a split second,
your whole life could change.
I know. I was there
when she got killed.
Remember? But you spend
more time worrying
about people dying than you do
actually enjoying your life!
I won't live like that!
I can't.
Life is too short.
Like I said,
won't happen again.
See, I'm not the only one
who does bad stuff.
Go to bed.
Hey, guys, guys, wait up!
- Hey!
- Hi.
- You ready for tonight?
- I'm sort of grounded.
I have to go straight home
after school.
- We were supposed to drive out and see Steven.
- I know.
Anyway, you'd be willing
to cut class and go now?
So what's this guy's story?
I met him at a paranormal
convention a few months ago.
He's looking for
the same thing you are.
I should warn you, though.
He's further along than you.
- Is he bad?
- He's coherent on the phone,
so I don't know.
- Why are you helping me?
- What do you mean?
Just your interest in zombies
or are you just a humanitarian?
If the situation were
reversed, would you do the same?
Then here's your answer.
And you're sure she wasn't
- at Connor's last night?
- I don't know!
You know, it's just not like Tia
to sneak out.
It's something Emory would do.
But not her.
Tia was doing that.
Remember when her father left
- six or seven years ago?
- Yeah, but it's not just that.
She's been acting strange
lately. Distant, you know.
And she looks exhausted.
It just feels like
there's something going on
in her life right now and she's
not talking to me about it.
Why don't you take her out?
Mother-daughter outing.
Maybe she'll open up to you.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
How did you contract the...
Oh... I don't
know exactly.
It might have been a dog that I tried
to help one night as I was coming home.
He was hopping like he'd been hit by a car.
I tried to pick him up
and put him in the back of my truck, but...
he bit me and ran off.
Now, I heard about this lab
that was doing research
on animals
and they were injecting them
with a neurotoxin
to see if they could
turn them into, uh...
Have you been able
to slow down the progression?
I don't know.
What's typical?
Woah, what are you doing, man?
No blood.
I'm not gonna lie to you,
it's only gonna get worse.
Memory loss,
you'll find yourself coming out
of a catatonic state,
you'll become
more... aggressive.
I need to know what to expect,
how much time I have.
By month three, you'll have
bursts of strength.
The cravings get so bad
you can't help yourself.
Days pass without you knowing
what you did and...
your flesh begins to rot
and fall off.
What did you mean by aggressive?
Dangerous to other people?
Well, not to others like us.
We're dying.
To living people, yeah.
You can almost smell
the fresh, wet brains
inside of them.
And you want it so bad
and you'll do anything to
get it. And after you're done,
you get to experience their
memories for a short while.
You almost feel human again.
To feel blood pumping
through your veins...
and a heart that beats...
Ah... Hahaha! Yeah,
it's why
I don't go outside anymore.
What's that for?
When I feel it coming on,
I chain myself to the wall
so that I can't...
hurt anyone.
When I'm in that state, I don't
know where I've put the key.
And when you come out of it,
you unlock yourself?
As my brain continues to die,
I'll eventually stay in that state.
And I'd rather starve and die
chained to a wall
than to have that type
of existence.
What happened to her?
Your wife.
You should go now.
Let's go.
Detective Berreiter,
Jasmine Mandeville is on line 6 for you.
- Hey!
- Hey!
- What are you doing home?
- Oh... Emory wasn't
feeling well,
so I picked him up early.
- Chicken and rice soup?
- Yeah. You know, does the trick.
Mom, can you get my controls
down? I want to play a game.
No. You need to go lay down.
I'll bring you soup in a minute.
So I was thinking, let's you
and me go on a girls' weekend.
Just mother-daughter.
We'll go to a spa...
- Oh, my God!
- Emory!
I can't lift it. I need help.
Move, Mom, move.
- Are you okay?
- My leg!
Oh, God! Alright, we're taking
you to the ER. Here.
Okay, just be very careful.
Thank God these books
helped break the fall.
At least it's just a bone
bruise and he didn't break anything.
What happened back there?
- Are you on drugs?
- What do you mean?
You lifted that thing off him
like it was light as a feather.
That happens sometimes!
You hear about mothers lifting
cars off their kids and stuff.
No. No, that's not what
that was. Your eyes changed
color! Your...
your face changed.
What was that?
Tell me the truth.
You won't believe me
if I tell you.
You're my daughter, Tia.
I need to know what's going on!
I contracted a condition that
slowly causes my brain cells to die.
As I lose all my memories
and my motor skills,
other senses increase.
There's not a cure
as far as I can tell,
but I'm looking.
That's not funny.
Why would you tell me that?
You know how scared I am
of something happening
to one of my kids!
That's why I didn't
tell you, Mom. It's not a joke.
From the shelving unit.
- It never bled.
- Oh, my God!
- You need to see a doctor.
- No! We can't see a doctor. If we talk to a doctor,
they're gonna want to admit me and do
tests and I don't have time for that!
If I don't find a cure
in three months,
I'm not gonna be
the same person.
It's your brother.
He... he's ready to see us.
After I eat the brain,
I see all their memories.
How is this possible?
I'm trying to figure
that out myself.
I wish you had told me.
I could have been
- helping you.
- No, I didn't want to worry you, Mom.
And to be honest, it's taken me
this long to fully understand
- it myself.
- Who else knows?
Just my friend from school.
He's been helping me research it.
We're trying to track down a scientist
that may know where it all started.
Of course. What else?
Well... Just one thing.
Have you ever been
to the 24-hour Korean market
on 24th street?
I mean, it's five star.
Tia Scott and Connor
Foster, please come to the principal's office.
- Were you two at the club that night?
- No.
Who told you about that?
Look... I know you two
are both underage,
but I can assure you if you come forward
with whatever information you have,
you won't be
in trouble for that.
There's nothing to tell.
We weren't there.
- Tia?
- I need to talk to you.
The night that Riley was killed,
I heard Jason Ellzey say
that Riley owed him some money.
- What else?
- That was it.
Look, I'm not saying
that Jason did anything,
but it could be a reason for them to...
You know, fight.
Thank you.
- I'll keep in touch.
- Okay.
- I'm heading out for lunch. You want to come?
- Oh...
No, thanks. I've... I've got an errand
actually that I need to run this afternoon.
- Okay.
- Stef, I'm thinking about taking a week off.
- How do you feel about handling things here?
- Good!
- Are you going on vacation?
- I'm...
taking your advice and I'm gonna
spend some time with Tia.
Just get me up to speed
- on the new hires before you go.
- Okay.
We'll go over it tomorrow.
Thanks, Stef!
You're welcome.
I couldn't find out anything about
that research lab Steven told us about.
Me neither.
I told my mom about what's
going on. She's looking too.
You told her everything?
I had to. It's getting
harder and harder to hide.
Flynn, what if it doesn't exist
and we're just chasing our tails?
I... I think I know someone
who could help us find out.
- Hey, kid!
- Hey, Dad.
This is the girl I was
telling you about, Tia.
Hi, Tia. I'm Dr. Murson.
Why don't you... come with me?
She's had these dark circles around
her eyes for about a week now.
She just hasn't seemed herself.
How is that possible?
I'd like to do a full blood
panel if that's okay with you.
- Yeah, of course.
- You can try.
What are you doing?!
Oh, my...
I have never seen
anything like this.
There must be
some medical explanation...
There is.
I'm a zombie.
I'm sorry, honey.
It's gonna be
another late night.
Again, uh?
At least we got a break today
in the case.
- Oh! Well, that's good.
- Yeah.
A girl emailed me some photos
she took at the club
the night our victim was killed.
Shows him walking
- away with someone.
- Oh!
I need to go through the reports
and see if anyone we talked to
- matches the description.
- Dinner's waiting for you.
- I love you.
- Thanks, babe. I love you too.
- Just leave it in the fridge, I'll warm it up when I get home.
- Okay. Bye.
Well, the only lab nearby
is about 90 miles from here.
It's called Cordalas Research.
It was bought by the university two
years ago and now it's a teaching lab.
Well, don't you know
someone who works there?
No, but I will get in touch
with them tomorrow.
Isn't there anything
that you can do, though?
I mean, to slow down
the progression?
Until I understand what it is...
Ew! what are you making?
It smells gross.
It's not for you, sweetheart.
It's for Tia.
You're getting spaghetti.
Why does she get
something different?
Because she's on a special diet.
- Are you hungry?
- No.
Dr. Murson said you need
to keep your strength up.
Dr. Murson?
Are you sick or something?
What do you have?
Irritable bowel syndrome?
Mwah! I love you.
You need to go do your homework.
I'll let you know
- when dinner's ready, okay?
- Nobody ever tells me anything.
Did you print all these out for me?
I mean, since brains
is all you can eat,
I figured I didn't want you
to get sick of it.
I love you.
I love you too.
- Do you like it?
- It's so good!
- Really?
Flynn, hi!
So my dad spoke to a woman from the lab
who was there when it was still Cordalas.
I'll text you her number.
He said she'd be happy
- to talk to you.
- That's amazing! Thanks!
No problem.
Let me know what she says.
I will.
- We have a lead.
- I have a rush.
The sample is... well, it's
small, but... do your best.
Yeah, call me the moment
you have the results.
Oh, and this stays between us.
There's absolutely
no animal testing at all
in this lab.
But that neurotoxin project
you asked about,
that was the last experiment
that used animals.
University policy.
And why was the
neurotoxin project abandoned?
- Is it because the university bought the lab?
- Animal activists believed
that our lead researcher
was illegally conducting...
personal experiments
on the animals.
They raided the lab
in the middle of the night.
Hundreds of mice and rabbits were set
free and years of research was lost.
What was the neurotoxin
experiment trying to find out?
We were trying to develop
new anesthesia for surgery.
The neurotoxin renders
most individuals catatonic.
Combating unintended
intraoperative awareness.
And... what is that?
A small percentage of people
undergoing general anesthesia
for surgery can actually
feel themselves
being operated on.
But because
of the muscle relaxers, they
aren't able to tell the surgeons.
We believed our new anesthesia
would prevent that.
- Were you the lead researcher?
- Oh! My goodness, no.
No, that was, uh...
Dr. Michael Davrow was
in charge of that experiment.
Is he here,
Dr. Michael Davrow?
No. I'm afraid he was
let go after the raid.
I guess the financiers
didn't like the publicity.
Is there a number
so we could get a hold of him?
Michael went into hiding.
Several of us have tried
to find him over the years,
but... no one has.
- Hey!
- Oh, hey!
Do I still have a girlfriend?
I never get to see you anymore.
Yeah, I've just been
really busy lately.
Maybe you want
to grab burgers later?
- Sure, yeah.
- Yeah?
- See you then.
- Bye.
Hi! I'm trying to reach
Dr. Michael Davrow.
Oh, alright. Thank you.
This man clearly doesn't
want to be found.
- Hey! What are you... What are you doing here?
- Oh, you keep telling me
how great this place is
and I was in the area.
Hey, Tia.
What were you doing in the area?
Just some business.
- Mind if I join?
- Uh...
OK, so you've never worked
at Cordalas?
Sorry, wrong Michael Davrow.
- Alright, thanks for your time.
- So, good news.
The detective officially
cleared me.
I gotta say,
I'm so glad that's over.
I can't believe they'd think
- that I'd be involved.
- Really?
So Riley didn't owe you money?
Excuse me. I need to go.
Listen, you need
to stop saying things
- you know nothing about.
- Maybe I know more than you think.
Can I have my purse, please?
- Tia, wait!
- How dare you set me up?
I'd expect this from him
or... or Sammy,
- but my own boyfriend?
- I'm sorry, okay? He just said
he wanted to talk to you and he thought it'd be
easier if you just happened to bump into him.
So what, you just lie to me and pretend
like this is some sort of date?
No! I did want to spend time with you.
It's a rare occurrence these days.
- You seem to be spending a lot of time with your other boyfriend.
- Don't flip this!
I didn't fake a date so you
could be accosted by my friend.
- No, you just lie about other things.
- Like what?
I'm not even sure!
All I know is that there's
something you aren't telling me.
Look, you've been weird and
distant the last couple of weeks.
If you want to be with that Flynn
weirdo, then just be honest about it.
He's not a weirdo.
You don't even know him.
- You seem to know him well.
- Yeah, and I thought I knew you really well.
I guess I was wrong.
I never should have let you talk
me into this, man. Now she's pissed!
If anyone should be pissed, it's me. She's
been making up stuff and going to the cops!
I don't know what's gone into her, man.
She's acting so bizarre lately.
- Bizarre?
- Here you go. Enjoy.
She keeps ditching class,
avoiding me, and she sneaks off
with this creepo kid
named Flynn.
She says they're working on a project
together, but I question it.
- What all do you know about this Flynn guy?
- Flynn Murson.
He's like the kid that has no friends. He just
sits by himself all day wearing all black.
It blows my mind that
she'd cheat on me with that!
Well... maybe you two
should take a break.
Clear your head.
- Hey!
- She's gonna be a problem.
So what do you want to do?
- What's this?
- Banana smoothie. Extra protein.
Thank you!
- Hi, this is Dr. Davrow.
- Oh!
- Hi, is this the Dr. Davrow from the Cordalas lab?
- Yes.
- Thank you so much for calling me back. I think we've got him.
- My pleasure.
Are you sure
- you don't want me to come with you?
- No, it's okay.
I'll call you and let you know
what we find out.
Maybe we can put Dr. Davrow
in touch with your dad
- and he can explain some of this stuff to him.
- Yeah.
Well, he made copies of all
your notes, he's working on it.
I'll bring you your notebook
back tomorrow.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
- Emory! What are you doing in here?
- I'm scared.
Do you want me to check
your room for the boogeyman?
Very funny.
Come here.
- What are you scared of?
- Something bad is going on
and nobody's telling me
what it is.
I live here too.
I have a right to know.
I don't want you to worry, okay?
I'm just going through something
right now that you may not...
understand until you get
a little bit older.
Tia, I love you and I don't
want anything to happen to you.
Come here.
No, it's okay, I'm fine. You can
all stop worrying about me.
- T, it's freezing outside.
- What did you come
all the way in the middle of
the night to tell me, Connor?
I just wanted to say
that I'm sorry.
You said that over text.
You didn't
respond. Look,
I used bad judgment, okay?
Jason was hounding me to talk to you, and
you're right, I shouldn't have misled you.
It's just one mistake. Nothing's
worth ruining our relationship over.
It's not just one thing.
It's not just about the whole
Sammy and Jason thing.
- What do you mean?
- Look,
you tried to get me
to lie to the cops.
That's not how I operate, and I didn't
think that's how you did, either.
- I just didn't want us to get into trouble.
- You didn't want Sammy
- and Jason to get into trouble.
- They're my friends!
So was Riley.
And now he's dead.
Look, you and I are just...
life is too short
to be wasting it on
partying all the time.
And I don't like
how you judge people.
The more I get to know you,
the more I realize
that you and I are just too
different to make it work.
Don't say that, Tia.
We're good together.
- You know that.
- No, we're not.
And you're sure
this is what you want?
Change your mind.
Alright. I guess I'll...
see you around.
Um, evidence of a virus...
but the type is unknown.
Result summary. Subject
appears to be contaminated
with blood of a non-human,
perhaps animal in origin?
Diagnosis inconclusive.
- Hey, you! It's Flynn, right?
- Yeah?
Hop in. I'd like
to talk to you.
- Who are you?
- I'm a friend of Tia's.
OK, well, what do you want?
Just get in the car.
Don't say anything,
get in the car now.
You know, you can make this
stop right now.
I told you, I don't know anything
about a murder investigation!
- She never said anything.
- Yeah, what doyou know?
- Nothing I'd tell you.
Did she go to the cops?
What's this?
What are these?
Nothing, just schoolwork.
Really? It doesn't look
like schoolwork to me.
- Huh?
- Whatever, man.
- She's not alone.
- That's okay.
Just follow them.
I'll be back.
- Dr. Murson.
- Dad,
- it's me.
- Hey, kiddo. Where are you? Are you at school?
No, uh, some guy
was looking for Tia.
He drove me out here, took my phone.
I need you to come pick me up, or I
could take a cab to school, get my car.
- I just don't have any money.
- Are you okay? Did he hurt you?
I'm fine. I'm just...
at a bar.
- The Eagle Pen, downtown.
- Okay, I'll send a cab to pick you up.
Okay, thanks.
Mom, what if he doesn't have
the answers?
Well, then he can help us find them.
- Mom, can we stop and use the bathroom?
- Yeah, sure.
I already hated Jason
for what he did to Riley,
but when I realized he'd done something
to Flynn, I pretty much lost it.
Every time I'd started to cross the line
before, I was able to pull it back.
But this time, I didn't want to.
Where's Flynn? What
did you do to Flynn?!
Where is he?
You better hope he's okay, because if
he isn't, I'm going to hunt you down,
tear at your throat, reach inside
your skull and take out your brain
- with my bare hands. Got it?
- He's fine!
Hey, is the bathroom clean?
I think I'm gonna use it before we hit the road.
Yeah, actually, no, they're
not working. Plumbing problem.
We'll just stop at
the next one. Let's go.
Oh my God, your eyes!
It's happening more and more.
You got your phone back?
Dr. Murson, it's Tia.
- Tia? Are you with Flynn?
- No,
but I think that he might be
hurt. I found his phone
with these two people I know and...
I don't know what they did to him.
He's fine. I spoke
to him a while ago.
I was just... I just
wanted to make sure.
- Who are these guys, Tia?
- They're friends
of my ex, Connor. It's a long
story, I'll tell you later.
- Okay. You be careful.
- I will.
- What's going on?
- Did Connor's friends steal Flynn's phone?
- Connor's friends
- murdered someone.
- What?!
- Mom,
- look at the road. I'll tell you the whole story.
- Oh, my God!
I think this is it.
This looks like the house.
- Hi.
- Please, come in.
So... you need to know
what happened
and how to cure it.
Two years ago, I was
hired to head up
a privately funded project
to test the effects
of neurotoxins as a component
of... of...
- Yes. Anesthesia.
- That was the project
- that was shut down.
- Exactly.
The lab was raided by activists.
All the animals escaped,
including a particular rat
that I'd been working with.
Galvani was technically part
of the experiment,
but I'd been doing
additional research on him.
No one at the lab knew about it.
On a trip to Haiti,
I procured
a different neurotoxin
than what we were using.
What kind of neurotoxin?
One that had traces
of human remains
and was believed
to be the toxin
used by voodoo priests
- to create...
- What?
I didn't know the effect
until almost a year later,
when I realized that
it had caused a...
a mutation!
It had caused
a mutation in Galvani,
making him susceptible
to what is known
as the zombie virus.
When he bites,
the toxin
that now lives inside him...
is transferred.
To people?
There's no cure.
But I believe I've
discovered a way
to stop the disease
in its tracks.
I've been waiting
almost two years
for another infected person
to come to me
- so that I could try it out.
- Well, why don't we try it on her now?
- I can't.
- What do you mean? Why not?
I don't know it anymore.
One year ago,
I was diagnosed
with Alzheimer's.
I lose more memories every day.
The antidote
is one of those memories
that's gone.
- So you had the cure and now you don't?
- It's not gone forever.
The knowledge exists.
It's locked inside my brain.
I just can't access it.
What the hell
are you talking about?
How does this help us?
You know what I'm thinking,
don't you?
You know how to access
my memories.
If you...
I'm not going to eat your brains,
if that's what you're implying.
What choice do you have?
mean, it's gotta be somewhere,
somewhere in this house.
- We can help you find it. We can look.
- Kate, I'm dying.
It's not just the Alzheimer's.
I've got stage 4 lung cancer.
When I go, that
knowledge goes too.
Your daughter doesn't
have much time.
There has to be another way.
No, no, no! What are you doing?
I'm not gonna murder
and eat you. There has
to be another way.
There isn't. You can save your
own life, Tia. Once I'm dead,
break open my skull without
destroying the brain tissue.
- No. No way.
- Eat slowly.
Once you remember the formula,
a doctor should be able to get
you what you need to create it.
- I'm not a murderer.
- I'll make it easy for you, then.
How do you know
it's gonna even work?
You'll have access
to all my memories.
- You just need to concentrate.
- Sorry
to break up the party, but we have
to have a few words with Tia.
You're not having words with
anyone. Get out of my house!
Get out of the way, old man.
Don't make me kill you.
- You should've kept your mouth shut.
- No, Tia!
- You really think you can kill me?
- What the hell?
- Mom?
- It's fine. It just grazed me.
You know what I have to do.
Trust me, with the Kung Pao sauce, you won't
be able to tell the brain from the chicken.
Eat, Tia. Come on, sit up.
There you go. Oh!
That's okay. It's okay. Just use
your fingers. Use your fingers.
Focus, Tia. Focus.
Focus. Focus. Listen
to my voice, Tia.
Remember the day he was
creating the antidote, okay?
He must have been
using a microscope.
The virus was dying.
Come on, focus. Focus, Tia.
- The virus was dying.
- The antidote is one of those memories
that's gone.
It's not gone forever.
The knowledge exists.
It's locked inside my brain.
I just can't access it.
I got it! I got it!
Salicylate, capsaicin...
- What else?
- Prilocaine, hydrochloride...
Prilocaine, hydrochloride, what else,
Tia? Tia, focus. Flynn, what's going on?
Hey, hey, hey... It's okay.
- Your mom's okay, everything's fine.
- Tia, focus. What else?
Two part prilocaine,
What else, Tia?
What else?
Thank God.
Welcome back.
Come, sit.
Here we go.
Just got one more
little thing I gotta do.
Oh, finger...
Great, thank you.
This won't hurt a bit.
Where's Flynn?
He went to talk to your brother.
Emory's gonna spend the night
at his friend's house.
- Don't worry, he's fine.
- Okay.
I'm so glad to see you.
That stuff he gave you worked.
The antiviral drug he gave me won't
eliminate the virus altogether,
but it'll stop it from
reproducing and evolving.
You have to give me a boost
every couple of weeks.
And if you do it
that way, you feel normal?
It's Detective Berreiter. She has
both Sammy and Jason in custody.
Oh, thank God!
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How's Emory?
- He's okay.
He fell asleep before I left.
It's cool that you went
to go talk to him.
- I think this belongs to you.
- Yes. Thanks.
Thank you.
For everything.
Come on, I didn't do much.
Are you kidding me? If it
weren't for you and your dad,
my mom would be dead
and I would be a zombie.
So, what now?
What do you mean?
We just go back to school
and pretend nothing happened?
I won't tell if you don't.
I was talking about us.
I... I thought
you were with that guy.
That didn't work out.
Yeah, why not?
Because I think I found
someone I like better.
Yeah, who's that?
Before I answer that,
I have a question for you.
Have you ever been
kissed by a zombie?
Hey, guys!
Okay, one for you...
one for you.
- Thanks, Mom.
- So you guys are gonna be careful
on your hike, right?
You took the whistle?
Yes. I have a flare, the first
aid kit, the antivenin
- and my cell phone. We'll be fine.
- Okay. I know you will.
Are you sure you don't wanna
come with us, Mom?
- It's gonna be fun.
- Yeah, just come.
You know, maybe I will.
- You will?!
- Really?!
Yeah. Yeah,
I think I will.
- Alright. You can wear my old hiking boots.
- I have an extra backpack.
- Come on, Mom, let's go!
- Alright.
Sometimes it takes one
tragedy to heal from another.
Some of my memories have
disappeared forever,
like the hit-and-run that killed my
sister, but I still have some of her
still alive, and those
are the ones
- I'd rather hang on to.
- How do I look?
- Let's go hiking, people.
- Okay.
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