Zombie Fight Club (2014) Movie Script

I'm sorry
Are you freaking blind? Dammit!
Just do what you're told
We're only in it for the money
Will let him go once the ransom is paid
Stop smoking in the morning
Bro Fung
Mr. Huang, Don't blame us
After all your family doesn't give a shit
Bet you ain't getting along with your wife
Who's this?
Please sign here
Which company do you work for?
Stop staring at her
Go inside
This baby is the fucking shit
It's called Bath Salt,
my cousin mailed to me from LA.
It'll get you really high!
And gives you stamina
Oh, cause you need that
Oh, Excuse me? It's like that?
Oh no You're sweaty
What're you talking about?
You need a shower
It's fin. C'mon
No, No, go shower
No, just go shower first
Hey baby
Babe! Wait for me and don't take one
before me alright?
Be right back!
- Wooo!
- Wooo!
What's up my home girl?
Why did you dress up?
We gonna party here
Are these your new friends?
Let me introduce, this is my girl Linda
- Hello.
- Hi Linda
Why do I keep forgetting your name?
- You're such a jerk
- Anyway,
it's girls, girls, girls
You've got something for me? Thanks
so David is in the shower, just do whatever
Dammit! Still listening to
that old rapper?
Big B
What's up man?
You want this?
Here you go
Play my platinum album,
It kills all the other rappers
Okay, Cool
Hey can I borrow your room for a bit
Bro. sure man.
Do whatever the fuck you want
Thanks Bro!
You, you and you follow me
Wait, what about me?
Aren't you an adult?
So take care of yourself
Oh yeah
Take this and put it in their mail box
And Hey Don't fucking mess up again
I never fuck up
Where all this blood coming from!
Stop messing up
The sky looks weird
Attention everyone,
the cartel is heavily armed
Everyone make sure you're combat ready
Excuse me Sir? Are we authorized to do this?
Who's your Daddy?
Oh, you are so fucking strong
Fuck! I'm the Ironman of rap, one versus all
You're so awesome
Why don't you all come together?
So hot here...I'm thirsty, I need the...water.
What's your problem, I haven't finished yet
Shit! Don't throw up
in my buddy's house
Fucking idiot, she's so high.
C'mon! It's your turn!
Oh fuck!
Fuck! What the hell is this!
Hey I don't like the way you bit me
Damn! Are you really biting me?
Fuck! How dare you bit me?
Damn! You two are fucking psychos
I knew you are the best
Wow! Fuck! What's going on!
Shit, you are fucking sick too
What kind of fucking drug did you take?
Oh yeah
Fuck! Dammit!
Fuck! Dammit!
Hey What the hell?
We're running a classy Halloween party
out here
You come dress like that?
What are you thinking?
Whoa, and the smell! Get a breath mint!
But Check it out, good makeup though!
Yeah! Let's get a picture here. Yeah
Get in here...here
Hey, yeah! Let's get a picture here.
Hey, yeah yeah yeah. Get in here
Whoa, Baby! Try a breath mint, man.
Jesus! Hey, check it out
Get in here. Get in here.
Jeeze, he knows how to play the part,
huh Baby?
All right, go! Eat 'em up, Tiger
Daddy is here
Oh holy shit, help me!
- Shut down the lift
- Sir
- Sir, what's going on?
- Seal the front door,
don't let anybody in!
Damn,what a shitty place,
the elevator is fucked
Fuck man shit, stairs only...fuck
I have a bad feeling about this
Follow my orders
We go as a team, don't mess up the rules
Sir! We're here to celebrate Nana's birthday
Welcome. Welcome
You're here
Hello, sir
Next month will be our graduation
And I want you to have this
Nana Happy Birthday!
Thank you
What's going on?
Don't stand there. Go inside
Hide the blow! Move! Faster!
Put that weapon down!
Drop that weapon!
- Drop that weapon! Squat down
- Drop that weapon!
You get out here
Listen, squat down
Hey Boss
It's you?
You fucking betrayed me
You think you can get away with this
- Are you ok?
- Get out
Let's go. Let's go! I get the money
Let's go, come on
Are you ok, Boss?
- You all right?
- Ok ok. I'm ok
Freeze! Drop the gun
What's going on?
Be quick
Oh shit!Shit!
Shoot the fuck out of him!
- Go!
- What's going on?
Damn! Fuck!
Fuck! I don't wanna die now
I just had my album released
and ton of gals I wanna bed
Oh Fuck!
Tiger, Tiger!I'm Tiger Woods!
What the hell is going on today?
It's supposed to be a celebration party
Help! Fucking help!
Baby, do you wanna shower together
Who the hell are you?
What the hell...
Don't drink the water here. Are you high?
What's up?
What that fuck is going on?
What do you mean what the fuck is going on?
Who the fuck is this chick?
I don't fucking know,
those are your friends
Why don't you ask Tiger who they are?
He brought them here!
You know what she was doing inside?
- What?
- She drank from that fucking toilet
Eww, that's gross
You know what, they're your friends
So it's your problem,
I'm out of this, I'm over it.
Oh, what the fuck, my fucking pills man.
Fuck! It's so not fucking cool at all
Who's this?
- Please help me! Let me in please
-It's you again
- Let me in, please!
- Hey! What the hell do you want?
What? Aww!
Jenny! Open the door, Jenny please!
I just wanna bring drunken girls for sex
why did I get a living dead this time..
Big B!
He's chubby but he's my brother
Are you fucking
transforming into zombie too?
Davie! Your cousin here. Listen!
Don't take those pills I sent you
Or else...Ah! Mum...What are you doing?
I'm your son...Fuck!
What's going on?
Why the hell is this happening?
What's going on?
What hell
It's not funny,
I'm not scared. Stop it
Tiger, what are you doing?
Quick, help me
Watch out!
Move your ass right now!
Go fast!
Watch out
Just keep going. Hurry up.
Shut that door!
Don't let anyone in
Open the goddamn door! Save us!
Don't let them in
What are you doing?
There are people out there!
Just leave them out there!
We need to focus on our group now!
- Zombies are everywhere!
- What are you doing?
Put the guns down. Put the guns down
Forget about it.
We need to stay here as a team now
Stay focus
I didn't sign up for this shit!
We're a team now?
This is the money
You want this money? Come on.
Take the money. All the money.
We're a team, right?
You know what?
God !Dammit!
Fuck Son of a bitch
Don't go off
take up the money
Hurry up
Alex, give me your gun
Yes sir
Fuck! Get the money
Help me! Don't leave me alone
Boss Go
Shit! I don't wanna die, how dare you!
Hurry, c'mon up!
There is a door
Open the fucking door! Open the door!
Fuck you!
People gone crazy brutally
biting off a person's face
It's cop
Oh, Sir
Sir, you're here to get us out, right?
Go away
Sir, is it true about
the zombies rampage
-on TV?
- Shut up
This world has gone mad
You come here
Hurry up
Bring me bandages and alcohol
Hurry up!
- Open it.
- Hurry up.
Hold down Take it Slow
Sir, let me do it.
Keep pressure, more pressure
- Harder put it harder
- Sir,
my daughter is a bit clumsy,
let me do it in stead
take him out
More pressure. Push pressure
Hey Stay here and put pressure
- No, stop it Sir
- Keep your mouth shut
Sir, what's going on?
Shut up!
Who needs birthday party
when the world is ending
To Prof. Wu
Who is Yi-Yi?
Come here
Did you write this?
I'm attracted to your gentleness look
at class
Especially when you're lecturing,
it's so charming
Since that day onwards...
So turn out you're a well disguised pervert
You fall for your teacher, huh?
Lee, what are you doing
What we do is for money and women
What's the matter?
Please don't
Then you're going to swamp with her
Please don't
Come and put those hands to work
Lift me up
Daddy help me!
Dad, save me please. No, Daddy
Dad, save me please
Save me, do not touch me
In fact you don't need to be mean
We'll do whatever you wish for
Massage me
ls this all right?
Untie me now, quick, get me out of here
How come they just don't die
Yi-Yi, untie me
Untie me
- Sir
- Cut me loose
Sir. Are you alright?
Nana is dead
Why are still alive?
Sir. I didn't mean to
I didn't mean to run off
I really didn't mean to
Don't be afraid
Don't be afraid
Sir, I can't breath
It's going to be over soon, relax
Don't leave, I need you to accompany Nana
I want you to be with Nana
Yi-Yi, you need to keep her company
Go down with her
What should we do?
Don't worry
We've been through so much,
we'll get by
We can definitely get out of this
- Alright
- Do you trust me?
- I believe you
- I'll protect you
We'll get by, I love you
What's going on?
Don't you remember we always want a child
but failed
What's going on?
Are you okay?
Look, this is what you get
when you want to be good
Why do you want to be good?
Why do you want to be good?
Do it. Kill me fast.
I don't want to become one of them
How can I do this?
Quick! Kill me now, I don't want.
I don't want to be liked that
I don't want, I don't want to be liked that
If you don't do it, I'll do it by myself
Don't be afraid, I'm here
- Let me go
-I'm here
It's okay, you can bite me, Bite me
I'm sorry!
I'm so sorry!
Help me
What are you? What are you doing?
Ah! You wanna bite me?
Maria! Help!
Mommy! Jesus! Buddha!
Stand up now
Maria! Come here!
Oh! It wasn't me
What's the salt for?
The TV show said it could get rid of demons
Go get something useful
Hey Maria, don't pour hot water on me
Go away
Go away
Go away, go bite my boss,
don't come any closer
What's going on?
What the fuck is this?
Shut up Shut up. I'm not one of them.
Is that an exit?
Come with me, let's go
Shut up, c'mon
That's the one that killed my boyfriend
Hey, come in
Why are the lights off?
We lost power an hour ago
What are we gonna do?
We gotta get out of here
Get out?
Where can we go?
I don't know. But we must get out of here
You awake? Let's get going
Uncle, let's go together
I'm useless, I'm a cripple,
I'll be a burden to you
Come here. Here's my car's key,
it's parked right next-door
It's got enough power to get you guys out
Come with us
Kido, I'm not as useless as you might think
I was a better fighter when I was at your age
My leg got lamed, so I end up like this
I was once a fierce fighter
but it's meaningless
Calm down Calm down
Oh I almost forget, come,
I have something to show you
Holy shit
What's this?
It's my armor when I was a solider.
Can't believe I'm going to put it on again
I got a lots to tell you,
and I never get a chance to tell you.
until now,
I just want to say
I just want to say I'm sorry
I didn't protect you well enough
Look at you, what happened to you?
Come mother fuckers
Get out, pass me the weapon
Just go and I'll take care of the rest
Go! You're still young with bright futures
Go and get her out of here
C'mon, I'm gonna wipe you out
C'mon bring it over
Get in now
You know hot-wire. Ok ok. Go go go
Shit, you bit me? I'll bite you too
Hold on
- Seriously?
- Yeah
Nana don't be afraid
No one can hurt you anymore
Daddy will protect you
Now the world is in Dad's control
Don't be afraid
Daddy will find a way to cure you
Nana, you are a good girl
Hey, hey. Get up. Don't drag us down
Fuck off
Just stay with me, ok?
- What's going on?
- Look at me. Look at me.
Stay with me. alright?
Don't be scared, it's good
Look at me
What's wrong with you guys? We're fucking next
You guys wanna see it together?
You wanna live?
We stick together.
What the fuck is wrong with you two?
We stick together. Fuckers!
Go faster
Mr. B
Alright, what're we betting on this time?
It's your call,
bet whatever you want
Fine. I'll give you ten trucks of water
if they can last 10 mins
I will give you twenty female slaves if I lose
Hey. Some of them were movie actresses
Movie stars, oh yeah!
Listen carefully
Survive the next ten minutes
If you're still alive
You'll be awarded with food
and water
Mr. B, it's show time!
Let the game begin
You piece of shit, fight
Wake the fuck up
Now that's what I called entertainment
You've got five minutes left,
get your girls ready
Mr. B, relax, the night is still young
Fuck whoever you want.
I'm gonna have that guy
What the hell!
How could we lose this?
Excuse me Mr. B, I win again
Losers weepers
I'll get my zombies ready
for next time. Go!
Mr. B, don't forget my ten trucks of water
Chill out! You got my words!
Fuck off
That girl is going to be a fun ride.
Bring her to me!
Remember to clean her up nicely.
And that man is yours
The world is cruel
It's survival of the fittest
You'll be the prey if not the predator
Look at these folks
They probably had a fancy lifestyle before
But it's all the same here,
just another walking dead
Old man, let me release you from pain
Are you sure you wanna fight against me?
Go down first
It's me!! I'm your dad
Don't be afraid, it's daddy
Don't be scared, come here
Don't be scared
It's daddy
I'm your daddy
Dad is always there to protect you
I'm your daddy
Don't be afraid
How dare you! Look at my baby
How dare of you with such a beautiful hair?
They are gorgeous
Don't move
Nana, here's your new hair
You have cleaned up well
She is my daughter, Nana
Her dad used to be a good person
He was a science teacher at school
He loves Nana very much
He wants to
find her a mom To take care of her
You're tough
I love a strong one
You fit me well
I don't understand I don't understand
Become her mother, ok?
Leave us alone
We're all crazy
You're crazy. I'm crazy
So what's the difference in us?
I like your look.
I think you should be my slave
You know what?
I think you're stupid in a way
I tell you what, I'm better fuck
I think she is better than you
Get off!
Just like I'd imagined
You hate me right?
But you still get hard
So why is that?
Why is that?
Maybe you should take my pants off
and I'll tell you
Really? You're hungry right?
You wanna have sex, right?
Now I do
Lots of it
All that I can handle
I don't think you can handle me
you need some training
You have no idea
Why don't you just take my pants off
That's it
I have something prepared for you
I think you would like it
Let's go
That's it?
I'm hungry still
Fucking bitches
It's not funny
Oh my god
You Okay?
You sick bastards
Everything you eat, drink and using are from me
That's why you are still alive
You two are really something, aren't you?
Let's duel
Whoever wins
will be granted freedom
We don't have to do this
Forgive me, It's for survival
C'mon I got you
Hun. No matter how good you fight,
Bunch of idiots
there's no way out
Either kill each other or a short cut
to feeding zombies
- Go.
- Go
C'mon, hurry up
What are you doing?
C'mon. Let's go
What are you doing?
I need you to go alone, ok?
No, why?
It's...why You've got bitten?
No, I'm not leaving
What do you mean?
C'mon. Let's run
I need you to go
Please, just go and go now
No, Go now.
Get the fuck out of here now
Get the fuck out of here
I'm sorry, Andy
I'm sorry
Stay alive
Not bad huh.
You can find the way out!
Come over here!
Why are you coming back here again
Wanna get screwed again?
Come over!!
Come over here!!
Nana baby. I'm daddy