Zombie Holocaust (1980) Movie Script

We will begin by showing the stomach ..
... And the study of the digestive gut.
Our current course is for the stomach ...
As I said, our current issue is the stomach.
The stomach pouch is in the digestive tract.
The main section is located between the esophagus
and duodenum.
Looks like curved bag
clockwise cavity ...
... Which we call small curvature.
It has a plurality of functions that are not necessarily related to digestion.
Better to slash his head!
-Why do you say this;
-Esy Did not you say ...
... That want a helping hand ...
... To read?
You must have a sick sense of humor to laugh at the anatomy lesson.
It is completely inappropriate.
And very offensive. I see no reason ...
... I hold you anymore.
Yesterday the body was intact.
-I I checked!
-It is the second time ...
... Happens something similar.
There must be someone ...
-... Psychopath in this hospital.
Perhaps tha'prepe to mention the police.
No, this is excluded. Police investigations ...
... Will harm our reputation.
Frankly, I do not understand.
These would be perfectly understandable in a primitive society.
But in a modern city like New York?
Doctor Ntreilak ... really think ...
-... That differ greatly from their primitive?
-I do not know.
Finally finished the anthropological investigation requested last week Professor Stanford.
Sorry I deposit so late but ...
-... The last days I had many things on my mind.
-Symvainei Nothing Laurie?
No, no, I'm fine.
It is something else, Professor.
Do not get frustrated with the time. Your job is always excellent.
You're the best researcher I've ever had. What then to employ?
Strange things happen in the hospital.
Human members disappear. Today
we discovered that someone had stolen a hand.
Sounds like classical student prank.
Like those that make the fraternities in initiation ceremonies.
-Can ...
-Eprepe To see what forced us to do ...
... In my own student years.
You can leave me at the end of the Square, professor,
in front of the restaurant. I'll get lunch there.
-Thanks Who brought!
-I Do anything Laurie!
-Yes Here!
Laurie, I thought you were a vegetarian!
Yes, a few times ... but today I decided to make an exception.
See you Professor! And if you need me, you know you can call me.
-I Know that anthropology is my secret passion.
-Chacha, Okay Laurie!
It was opened earlier than 10 minutes!
God, they have removed his heart! I have never seen such a thing!
As if the uprooted!
-I Want to tell anyone!
All right, doctor!
-Yes, What can I do for you?
-I Am Susan Kelly from New York Express. I can pass;
-Once I leave.
-No Matter, it will not take too long.
Now that you got, what you want?
I would like some information about the strange happening in your hospital.
Something about cannibalism.
-Where You hear this shit?
-Let's say...
... That sniffed.
-Seriously; So you have to be synachomeni because there is no mystery ...
-... For which you want to talk.
-Koita, I have to leave because I shift ...
-This hour;
-Why Have not ever worked on that shift.
I am informed.
I will replace someone.
How come you have so many primitive relics?
Besides his degree in Medicine I and the second in anthropology.
-What is this;
-It's Ritual knife ...
... For human sacrifices.
Now excuse me ...
Take him down!
Grab him, fast!
Do not believe!
It seems to me incredible!
We must call the police!
What happened;
Torrens, Torrens, why?
Torrens, Torrens, why?
I caught a few words only.
Guild Kido ....
And nothing else.
I fear that we have available to us little information.
The word Kido does not tell me anything.
But me tells me.
It was a very common word in ancient Southeast Asian dialects.
And what does it mean?
The sulfur island or something religious.
-Mipos Know if the word used in the Kido Malay Archipelago?
We ask why the nurse ...
... Came from that place.
-Opote May have to do with an island from which they came.
-phenyl Know much about them of people.
I am tempted to steal your ...
-... By Doctor Ntrilok. Just for a little!
-Xechaste The Sir Chandler.
I want to show you something.
In the Moluccas, it is common practice of cannibalism.
-In All primitive peoples is without exception.
Probably the nurse was cannibal, that cannibal.
Similar cases have been in other cities.
For this the Ministry of Health put us to investigate.
Enter slide!
So far we have managed to keep it hidden.
But these are the elements that we have for the specific events.
Not too pleasant sight.
Magnified image.
He is the only one we caught today.
They caught him eating the heart of a woman who died in a car crash.
Unfortunately we could not interrogate him.
When he found the police reacted so violently forced to shoot him.
And he seems to Asian.
Yes, yes it was!
Although speculation, must have been one of the Moluccas is not good.
Is there a relationship between this man and the other in the hospital.
Noticed the tattoo on his chest? It's the same.
I looked ...
... And is also located in the Moluccas.
My friend, Professor Stanford confirmed.
-You Could arrange a meeting with him?
The interpretation of Kido word is correct.
I just added a little detail.
It was the name of the island where the Kido lived.
-Wait a minute!
The same!
never -Ekanan sacrifices to it?
Yes, human sacrifices.
-Your Thank professor. Hello!
-Hello Laurie.
-Nice to meet you!
-phenyl Know the object your teacher.
-It Is one of the leading anthropologists ...
... Expect to win the Nobel Prize.
From what it seems they can not help many people.
-Depends on you.
-Akougetai Like to give up.
Basically I did not want to meddle outset.
-Lori, What happens?
-Is Someone in the apartment!
There is no one here now!
-Leipei Anything?
... A tiger with the Kido symbol that hung there.
-Thes To call the police?
In what will benefit?
I had to pick the mitingk in my office.
Could na'tan worse.
-Sou Need a drink!
Unfortunately it is quite common to find one burglars in his home.
I'm afraid I was not a burglar.
It is something else. Something I do not understand but is related to the symbol ...
You have to ...
... I get along with Peter!
Sou'cho something!
About mitingk in my office ...
Our traveling companions should not wait.
"Fellow traveler"? Where are we going;
For your information, we organize a mission to the Moluccas.
Did you know that there is an island where the natives call Kido?
It will help us Dr. Omprero being there for years.
Of course, we will not tell him the real reason of our stay there.
It would be very good to you and thou with us ... as physical anthropologist.
Look now ...
-I Have already gotten the OK from your doctor Ntrilak.
-It's not that!
I lived there with my parents when I was a kid.
It was the most beautiful days of my life.
There tha'thela to ...
... See again those places with the other eye.
Yes, but you can not spend your whole adult life
being glued to your childhood.
-To George and Susan!
-What is she doing;
-Is The girl of George.
-Elate Have a drink!
-Foveri Idea!
It will be our straitjacket.
I imagine that would tell you that ...
-... I'm a rude and noisy bitch!
-Sy You said!
I should add that I'm ambitious ...
... I know how to get what I want and I have sold my soul to journalism.
Who knows; Can this story be your first Pulitzer!
-Elpizo About to run good!
How long is the Doctor Omprero Island?
~ 5-6 years ...
...I am not so sure.
With all this heat and with the journey, I have exhausted!
-see What passes a reporter?
-This Is bullshit!
You know very well that megalodimosiografoi not run outdoors.
They do not even leave their office!
This happens when you are rich and famous.
What I intend to become and due soon.
And this will be done with this trip.
-I wish!
-Me too!
-phenyl Exactly what we were looking for!
-For What reason to come here a ...
... Renowned surgeon?
Cure patients. Is Albert Schweitzer syndrome.
-Doctor Omprero!
-Ase Me help!
-What are you doing;
-Chairomai To see you again Doctor Chandler.
-The Last time I saw you were in Los Angeles!
-Yes exactly. And now...
... To introduce you to my team. From here the Laurie Ritzgouei anthropologist.
-Hi Sas.Chairo much.
-What are you doing;
Susan Kelly will hold the calendar of our mission.
-From See my assistant George Harper.
Come, spend!
-It Is perfect in this exotic island.
-Syngnomi I am become a burden but only you could serve us as a basis excursions.
-To offer you a drink?
Glad to honor your visit.
Life is too monotonous without parea.Alla has playgrounds.
I hired four porters and a guide for your mission.
Moloto ...
-Moloto From seeing the doctor Chandler.
-Nice to meet you!
It knows very well the area.
-By Serving for years. I have the blind faith.
-I'm sure...
... That will go very well.
Of course we will communicate via radio so do not hesitate to contact me.
What we would like is to start as early as possible in the morning.
-No problem!
-... I'm very tired and I would go to my room.
-I Know how long is the transition thus far. Show the lady her room.
-Thank you...
-Good night!
-See you at morning!
Unfortunately it will not be no pleasure cruise.
The Kido island is away from here, doctor?
It is at the other end of the archipelago.
It is the last island before you reach the open sea.
It is the most primitive island that I have seen. Will fascinate you.
-If I understand correctly, you want to study the manners and customs.
-Elpizoume Think so.
Very afraid that I do not share your enthusiasm.
I know very well the people of Kido.
They are violent, superstitious and resist ...
... In every culture form.
Sometimes I come to pick up and go to heal them.
It seems that you need a holiday.
Why do not you come with us to New York just finish?
-I may come.
-What happens;
-Koita Peter ...
... It's horrible!
Looks like symbol.
The symbol of Kido!
Calm Miss Ritzgouei. If you wanted to do you harm, they could have done so easily.
Susie -Proseche where you step!
-Yes Susie!
Welcome aboard, sir!
How about to run as if the island that will go?
I do not know, I'm very excited.
E. Peter!
The island is there?
I think so. Moloto!
He continued in this direction.
-What Is sir?
-How Long will it take us to go to that island?
-about 1 hour.
And perhaps perissotero.Echoume problem with the machine.
-What's the matter with him;
-Has Overheated. Must...
... Stop to calm a little.
Will soon darken. It is not good to ....
... That risk by releasing the boat so late.
We must go to the nearby coast to build the boat.
We can get closer to that island?
Yes, with some difficulty, but we will get there.
Better to camp over there tomorrow to leave for Kido.
A happy sounds!
-Can I try it?
You want a little soup?
Thank Moloto.
Why you got guns?
As a precaution!
They look dangerous, if you ask me.
People were looking for were dead. But here people ...
... Is very zontanos.Den have to worry ...
... If we remain alive.
There tha'tan ugly idea to have our minds.
-You The care of George?
Me and Moloto will guard the first perspective, okay?
Missing someone?
The Mekani went into the forest and returned!
What if Peter? Go look for him?
Nah, it's too dangerous to go out there.
If it returns, fine, otherwise we will look in the daylight.
Mekani? Mekani?
-What are we going to do;
-No Of currently trail.
We will go our 3 control.
We will miss half an hour so made sure that no one left the camp.
When I say no, I mean no. Ready to leave George?
Yes, I'm ready.
Come, let's go!
Better to split here. Moloto go ...
-... From there, and thou on the other.
All right, see you later.
-Perimente Me, and I tha'rtho!
-But Susan ...
-Nomizo That I ...
-... To stay in the camp.
Yes, but I want to write everything and ...
-... I do not want to stay behind.
-Come Then.
What happens;
This would not have happened if he had stayed in the camp.
-Come Eh Susan!
Show a little respect!
All you do is you take photos.
There I killed myself, you know.
-I Meant it, just like.
-Akouse With John!
-even John, this is my job and so operate. I have not come to chazomerao.
-The Only interested in your story, huh?
-And How do you call it?
"The Eating Habits of cannibal islands Moluccas"?
Mr Harper ...
... These porters fear.
While you are with us, tha'ste safe.
Now bury your boyfriend and fast!
Peter ...
Come on, do quickly.
We will leave the island when finished.
Go where, Moloto?
Go to Kido.
This is Kido.
OUT wrong sir Chandler.
-No no.
You did wrong.
If the machine will not have spoiled us going to another island.
Nai.Mallon confused.
All these islands I look the same.
It is difficult to distinguish.
If taking us in the right direction, the village must be thither.
Better not take that risk and go on the other side.
-see What I see?
-Yes, A primitive.
What do you say want?
What they say;
They want to return to the boat. Fear.
-San Many not gathered?
-No no!
-I Want to attack us, they want to talk.
... We must show them that we do not need visitors.
Tell them to come back!
Maybe we should go to a higher point so that we can defend ourselves.
Come on girls!
Unhook him and bury him!
Yes; Doctor Omprero, to receive?
Mr Chandler! Mr Chandler!
-Katafera Find him!
Omprero Doctor, the Doctor Chandler am. We were attacked by cannibal.
They killed two of our team now chasing us.
Our position? We are about two miles southeast of the place of our landing.
Northwest; About three miles?
A white building? Yes Yes...
... I wrote.
See you tomorrow morning!
Just hope to get there.
Yes, yes ... as soon as possible! Hello, doctor!
It comes with rescue aid. But we have to go ...
... As an abandoned building tomorrow morning.
-Koritsia, Be sure to rest. 4 We have to leave.
-No, We will all leave.
I do not think about to run one secure, if he stays here.
Mr Chandler, come here!
-What happened;
-Akousame A screaming when we came we saw him in this condition.
Where were you when attacked?
They attacked from the bushes!
It was dark, I could not see them!
I did not see anything.
Yeah well.
Stop Peter. It kataskoteina.
We could not see our one.
-Are You sure you're going in the right direction.
Let us continue to walk.
What happens;
Something bad will happen, sir.
Look there! There!
Kill him!
Let me!
And Susan?
They took it away!
I hope not to have done the same!
Come, let's go!
We did it!
I wonder who he na'tan primitive!
Someone who believe he has supernatural powers.
The cannibal panicked, it saved us.
Thank God! Found you!
That was it! No more you risk!
It was very bad over there!
-I Thought I would have done it.
-Idi You escape danger.
My men they are searching for hours.
You're well Laurie?
Bring something to drink!
And the other two; Where is;
It was horrible! George ate before our eyes!
They pulled Susan away.
We could not do anything.
We are lucky not caught and us.
Very afraid that we can not do anything for her.
-Sigoura There something to do?
I am sorry.
I am sorry.
Get on out of here Chandler, must meet.
You can not do anything here.
Soon this island not you will be nothing but a bad dream ... a nightmare that will try to forget.
You must leave.
Yes, but we only have a boat.
About two miles from the beach you will find a path ...
... That will take you to your ship.
I saw an anchor as I was coming.
See you in the village tomorrow morning.
Moloto, go with them.
And you?
I can not leave, can I expect my men.
-No Need na'rtheis us, stay with the Doctor Omprero.
-But You will need.
I am an experienced sailor ...
... There will be no problem. Moreover ...
... I know that you get adequate help.
I'll see you and 2 in the village. Be careful though!
What is;
-Something is wrong.
-Why; To the boat, just as Omprero said.
Peter ...
Yes but how Omprero knew where we were?
Why does not the radio told him that we were on a different island than what we were looking for.
And did not hesitate a penny to tell us to abandon the mission.
Perhaps the fact that stumbled upon cannibal was enough to understand.
This island is hiding something.
Perhaps worse than them here their cannibal.
He tried to do everything to keep us away from here.
First sends us to the wrong island with Moloto ...
Not noticed how he wanted to get rid of us?
Say what you want to hide associated with the strange creature who saved us?
It is possible.
-What do you want to do;
-Nomizo That must ...
... To learn what is happening here.
You're crazy! Narrowly spared!
Once we leave, let us inform the authorities.
They will have plenty of time to "tidying up" everything.
Everything will be fine.
Now I want to go ...
... To wait for the coast to take me.
But if you know that something bad happens ...
... Get up to leave without a noiaxei this island.
You can not go back! I will not let you!
To see if I can put forth to put it in the water!
There seems to work well.
To see the other.
Watch out!
Omprero ...
Look, Peter, Susan!
Susan, Susan!
Now we will open the ganglia ...
A kind of bypass which will release the blood pressure in the brain.
The blood will be extracted will be granted at the end of surgery.
Do not do it!
You do not do this Doctor, no!
The patient cries in despair before the deduction of the vocal cords.
We need a second injection to maintain
the individual's senses.
-Are You sure you do not want to stay here?
-Nomizeis I'll be safer here?
-What is;
I do not know, I thought I saw someone.
It can be any shade.
Let's go!
Now we are going to spend more frontier in science.
We will transplant the mind of a young woman at the head of a man dead for 10 days.
I promise that and thou be born again as the other creatures created.
Try to keep you away from Quito ...
... But your stubbornness leaves me more room.
So Chandler?
From here!
I guess even worry about Susan. Na'ti!
This is typical lower IQ sample.
Not only doubt the existence of my discovery but do not understand it too!
You're a bloodthirsty trelaras!
This is your own perspective.
The difference between us is that I do not limit myself to such watertight ethics.
I am about to discover the secret ...
... To raise the man's age at 100 years.
You saw these corpses?
I can enliven whenever I want.
I worked on this project for years.
All you could use are guinea pigs.
I told them that ...
... If you became my guinea pig would become immortal.
Not say lies.
Thanks to you, redo cannibal.
It was the religious custom that simply encouraged them to revive.
I wanted to make them come to me.
Moloto, prepared the operating table.
-Anypomono Experiment with the white man's mind
-Quick, Get out!
Hold on!
I would not advise to.
I do your injection to anesthetized.
I want my patients to be in perfect physical condition.
Tomorrow I will transplant your mind on one of the corpses in the other room.
You will die and be reborn in youthful body. After you tell me ...
... If the surgery was epitychimeni.Pos is to go through life ...
... To death. And from death to life.
In a few minutes you have fallen asleep.
Good night!
Moloto, prepared by the recipient.
Hold firm head ...
... As will I make the scalp.
Watch now! The pressure is on!
Pick it up!
I give the scalp of the natives to make their rituals.
They think that when the wear increases their masculinity.
Blond scalp have double value for them.
I need a container.
It's your time to be sacrificed on the altar of science. In order to overcome some ...
... Mikroempodia, require some sacrifices.
It is consolation for you to know that ...
... Many generations will benefit from my experiments.
Bravo Moloto ... Let's get started ...
... The transfusion.
Managed to destroy the work of a lifetime.
I am determined to get your minds ...
... To improve my career.
Put him up there.
Catch him!
What are you doing; Catch him.
Are you ok;
Let's go.