Zombie Hunter (2013) Movie Script

up and survive ..
Because fighting demons ..
dirty way, toward evil.
Seeking to discredit us.
The authorities need to make the discussion at
Capital Hill today to discuss a new drug.
Being seen around the world.
A new drug called SIN.
Are these synthetic drugs can
cure the disease is spreading?
The drug epidemic is spreading from nightclubs to
to high school and to our children.
A few months after its emergence, the total ..
drug users has tripled,
combination of marijuana, heroin and metholmetamine.
Although the dangers are obvious effect,
Not sure where the original of this drug,
Authorities wonder:
What's this?
- You all right?
- Yes. Perhaps due to eating something.
Technical errors.
You want to get up and watch TV?
My boyfriend is below.
He will be angry with us both ...
We enjoy a little.
I'm sure he will not mind.
You sure?
I'm sure.
We still record?
Although side effects include vomiting,
hallucinating and screaming loud ..
a symptom of long-term,
however, the effects of the toxin is unknown.
Zombie Hunters / b
1 year later. / b
Hunters / b
150 miles / hour
speed of sound.
feeling so great.
Look there
your friend is waiting there.
Angel of Death
Friends you a dirty.
You are already a dirty when I see you.
But not anymore.
Check the engine.
Damn .
Tonight .
Nothing other than an empty, cold and lonely.
Alone in a place like this,
it's always a bad sign.
Sometimes need impact,
otherwise we incur.
Sometimes, some good fortune
world news ..
IPesanan Full Brief.
World now like ... crap.
empty, cold, and lonely.
Wait of time.
He was watching me.
They only have one objective ... to eat.
But over a period of time,
you will get something crafty.
A bloodied black cat,
not what I expected.
This is the good part.
When which shot gun,
Scene brain out of the skull.
I just say they are cunning,
I did not say they are good.
two different things.
You have a friend in the back there?
No one makes me smile
when murder at noon.
Tequila is the thing that makes me smile.
6 months is a long time.
I have not found the survivors in 6 months ni.
Media calling them:
Meat Eaters.
I'm probably the only one left.
I'm wrong.
I am not the only one who stayed.
There's a guy in our camp yesterday.
found a sense of joy that are still healthy.
But this is different
Feeling cold,
He looks stringy.
I love it.
I always wondered.
Maybe it's too long, do not feel
nothing for months except grief,
pleasant feeling.
Very pleasant.
Hi handsome.
Excuse me, I do not mean
to distract you.
What are you doing with my shoulder?
You do not remember anything? You've been shot.
You are shooting at?
No, I would not
do anything stupid like that.
No, Lyle who shot you.
- Lyle?
- Yes.
There are how many people are here?
I am now alone,
Fast Lane Debbie.
- We have 6 people, Jerry, Alison, Ricky,
Father of Jesus, and of course Lyle. - Father of Jesus?
They call him so.
I'll go find out. My first story.
I do not want to hear about it,
on my first story.
You know, this is a miracle when ...
You turn off ... he did not.
Lyle is a terrible shooter.
And you, I'd bet
you can play the "gun".
- A real shooter. Never shoot in vain.
- Never shoot in vain?
Take it easy, cowboy ...
Quiet ...
Almost a year too
since the last time I met a man, like you.
I bring you ...
Uh! Excuse me, I think I should knock first.
Yes, you should.
Hey, what's that thing?
Just cola, I remind you feel thirsty.
- There's nothing else I can bring to you?
- Ah yes, give me a tequila.
Sorry, we do not have tequila.
We'll let you rest.
Come on Debbie.
Debbie, she needs her rest.
He will be back soon, he was fine.
Debbie liking.
Something in your mind, Debbie?
What do you do?
You appear just like that, then
for ye yourselves with him?
- What? - Do not make me face, Alison.
I know you want him.
Seeing him so
For you virgins with him? This is really sad.
Yes Debbie kah? At least I'm not
arrogant men ride bicycles.
I just want for him greeting "Welcome".
Yes, welcome.
Hey! Can you help me here?
This conversation is not over.
Damn, Jerry, you stand there.
Hey, forbear!
Damn you made me surprised.
- Are there any? - Yes, the driver, was not sure it
can move or not, but it works.
How can he? The injured it?
He was injured but will survive as well.
I'm not sure he can survive
old out there.
I do not know, it makes me nervous too.
- Nervous? What do you mean?
- With the hell out there ...
If anyone can be saved from Hell,
you should be like the scum out there.
- Banjingan!
- Look what he did behind the sister's.
- Ricky?
- Let go of me!
You do not learn to resist lust?
- Behold this.
- Let him go, Lyle, you hurt him.
We are just kidding, right Ricky?
Alysson Come on, you defend him.
Gold is tested by fire.
So it was nice to him.
Understand what I'm saying?
You have to be alert. If you have
weapon, I would be careful.
You understand what I'm saying?
Damn you, nice to meet you.
Father, this boy has made one.
He was just 12 years already do as they please.
I was 15 years old, stocky Si!
Hey stranger, you need a chair?
You want to ... sit?
It's quite difficult. Yes, leave it alone.
- Hey, how are you well?
- Very good.
Thank you for treating me.
Are you hungry?
You scoundrel who shot me?
Why did you do anything stupid like that?
I thought you were one of them,
Meat eaters.
You stupid or what?
- Where's my car?
- I let it, outside of the trench.
- You do not take it all?
- You wanna get out of here?
Tomorrow morning you brought me
to place my car.
What do you mean early in the morning?
I did not wake up before noon.
Ok, I'll take you.
Hey stranger, what's your name?
I have no name. No more.
- You have a family?
- Yes.
- So, where are they?
- Dead.
So it is that.
You're not the only one living.
Look around you.
Here too lonely, very lonely,
You do not get any meat eater?
Meat eaters? We call that now?
We have met with but Meat Eater
we overcome them quickly.
But it is only a matter of time
before they came here.
- They have always been so.
- How long have you been here?
Difficult'd say, three months,
perhaps more so.
- We're one of the survivors.
- Meat Eater?
- No, the prisoner.
- Ricky, indecent interrupt people talking.
You know that.
Non-meat eaters.
There is a town in the south of here.
There is an air base.
We plan to go there and flew away.
Jerry, good mechanics and
always strive to try.
I've been flying in the Air Force,
from the Pacific toward Hawaii.
There are islands off the coast of California.
Totally isolated.
No man ever lived.
We plan to start from scratch,
far from any disease.
We are not prepared to fight the meat eaters.
We are not prepared to deal with them.
We kill, we survive from this disease.
I do not blame them.
They are poisonous and crazy.
They saw us coming,
they were waiting for us.
We only source of food for them.
We have prepared a bunch of bull,
to be taken to the slaughterhouse.
But we're safe.
Thanks to these people.
He has saved us all.
We have all been blessed.
Meat is delicious, Alisson.
Take the time to eat.
Doors open, man.
Ye who believe
So tell me, what should I believe?
Believe in good and evil.
If you do not believe that a (good),
you are the other (bad).
You believe in the right of that thing huh?
Heaven and Hell?
You Dalan life fairy tale.
Go to a tropical paradise,
build sandcastles.
If it was not a fairy, what is it?
We need hope.
And do not make mistakes. Of course not.
And you will be there.
- There is only one way to escape.
- Really?
What is it?
Reclaim the evil we have done.
He is banjingan, but he's right.
Everything is ok?
Yes, it's all good.
Knife you look great.
I need to work better.
Meat eaters are killing jobs?
Not exactly work,
it's just a way of life.
No one another.
Feeling cold and empty.
Cold and empty it on my time.
Now you have us, probably not much
but at least no friends to talk to.
We all feel the loss,
just the same.
Maybe talk about hope can help.
Maybe start with journal writing.
He's right.
I do not like guys who talk a lot.
The only thing they can not,
is your soul.
They want to take my soul.
This is very embarrassing.
This is very bad.
My car is broken, wounded in the shoulder and
men do not use take everything.
I really want to kill him.
As I'm saying,
we may have lost the message.
You need to find for me, boy.
Please fix it!
I can see her point.
He would make a big mistake.
I hope he knows, that's the problem
Meat-eating, he will not fear,
and fear
before I tear her heart.
And cut his neck.
This is it.
Hey, you need help?
Murder in a day.
Other alcoholic beverages.
Many times better than last week.
I like your style, man.
You just need me to take this time?
He cut one of their hands,
then he turned and stabbed one in the neck.
and amputations person.
Very impressive.
Its sounds interesting,
what an interesting story.
How many have you killed?
How much?
I will be back.
I do not know, but still not enough.
I'm sure he has a lot to kill today.
So you're going to teach me how
Where be great too?
You have to drink a lot.
Why is he going too fast?
Stupid whore.
Whore ...
This is the first time you, too?
He did not say "good night" at all.
But he certainly knew what he was doing.
I know how you feel.
If you want to talk to
one, my good listener.
I understand the not so choice
First, believe it or not ...
But I understand.
- He thinks this "open party" for him?
- Who? Alison?
Where there is a way, there are men.
I saw that, let.
So, just do.
- Yes, let's do. - Really?
- Yes.
I would like to do this from day one.
Open your shoe. (Laughter)
Come on, all right.
We should go from here.
What's going on?
- He's going to kill me.
- Who?
- Where's Jerry?
- I do not know, let's go.
Continue interesting.
- Where is Ricky?
- I do not know.
Ricky, where are you?
- Ricky.
- What?
Ricky, where are you?
- Alison!
- Ricky.
- May I hold the door.
- Hunter where?
I do not know, just keep appealing.
You think this is funny, huh?
No one laughed at Alison.
No one.
You'll be ok, Ricky?
Hey, you can handle here?
Can you wear pants?
- Where is Jesus?
- I do not know.
- Run.
- Damn.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Hey, I'm here to play with you.
I think you better there.
Let's get out of here.
Get out of here, this is mine.
I will show to you.
I also know how to play with it.
We spend all this.
Get out of here.
Everything is ok?
Ok, thanks for asking, Alison.
Feels like broken bones,
exposed and infected with this damn thing.
Feels like hell.
But I'm okay.
You know about the monster?
I do not know any such thing.
It was awful when it hit us.
Who wants that?
I'm just saying, they are not
easy shot.
- Yes.
- Yes.
Damn, that's what I expect.
What The stout?
The stout was gone.
The stout was gone? What's going on?
What do we do now?
Where do we go?
Anyone have any suggestions?
Gasoline for cars?
Maybe something could fly out there.
- I'm not sure whether it is ready or not.
but I ... - It will fly.
- If it can fly, I can fly.
- No one ever thought to look for it?
Wait a minute, fuel for aircraft?
Where will you get it?
We are not talking about back there again, right?
Best what else do we have? We have no
anything since the last months. Things change quickly.
Perhaps the city was empty now.
Empty? Excuse me. I just do not want the road
night full of danger.
I think we will be killed so easily.
Who was nearly killed?
It almost killed you?
- Well
- You are? We even almost killed too!
Lyle was dead, Jesus was dead. Go!
Please fix myself? Excuse me.
Since when did you take over this, Alison?
What do you want? You thought
about other people with your ego?
Girl, you're done?
Jerry, open the truck engine.
There is such a thing that can be heard?
Install this.
You want it?
Yes, that's only pair.
Yes, just like that.
What do you do?
God. I am not a whore like your sister.
- Excuse me, I just ...
- You just what?
No matter which conveniently you can, right?
Hey, are you okay? Everything okay?
Everything is okay, Alison.
Thanks for asking.
Heart feels relieved you care about all of us.
Hey, I know you can hear me.
Listen, about yesterday.
I was drunk and did go wrong.
What do you mean what? I talked about yesterday.
Well, I drank too much and if I had to say something ...
Say something?
Well, just to say something.
Like I say, I drank too much.
Yes, me too.
If your memory back, do not remember it. Ok?
If people are drinking a lot,
it does not mean anything.
You really do not remember, right?
What do you think?
Clear, cool and quiet.
Let's go.
I must admit that this place
not as I expected
Are there any?
No, there's nothing dry.
Hey, make a guess who is doing it?
A little advice? Beware,
anything is hiding here.
Waiting for the kill.
I often see this scene.
What is it?
Get out of here, kid.
What's this?
Oh, my God.
What's gone wrong.
I think it is not possible at all.
I'm too old to look at things that way.
I think we better get out of here.
Damn, he's right.
We need to go from here.
I told you, but no one
Debbie listened Fast Lane.
So what else are you waiting for?
Gas petrol.
We need gas.
You guys, where our trucks?
It is now appropriate.
Hey, are you going?
Can you tell us what happened?
You'd spoken nothing
or you just go away?
Hey, do not pretend not to hear me, ok?
Like it or not, we manage together.
So where do you want to go?
We need trucks.
I went looking for the truck.
What are you waiting for? Let's go.
I will follow him. Ricky, you stay here.
- Come on, Alison.
- Staying there, Ricky.
Not what you can do,
only remain here.
Uh, what's that smell?
Take this to be alert.
How about you?
Do not worry about me.
What's this?
Be careful in there.
The atmosphere is very relaxed.
I want to go from here. If we go from here,
The first thing I'm going to strip naked and jump into the sea.
That's very nice.
That has happened already.
Debbie, you never had a boyfriend before?
Depends what you mean "boyfriend".
No, I just want to tell me no girlfriend
Maybe we can .. you know
I want to get rid of the water.
I can ..
Do not be stupid.
Not as a place to worship huh?
What has happened here?
I'm not sure.
Ricky, was it ye?
Do you play there.
I have no mood to play with you.
I'm going to kick her butt.
What do they do?
Look at what he did.
Maybe that's what they call it.
Why do you say that?
He just do that for fun.
This guy really difficult thing.
What does he?
Let's get out of here.
Was not this the way to get a girl.
Hey, I stumbled upon ..
Come on, we have to get out of here,
let's go.
What's this?
You see something there?
What things do you see?
We saw something.
Let's go.
Where's Debbie?
Debbie was dead? Not likely.
Let's go.
Ricky, do not let up.
Hurry up, Ricky.
Rick, go.
Ricky, fast.
We are ok
Come here
Take you.
Mad Men.
I found the truck.
Hey, what happened there?
Let's move.
Hey, thanks.
You saved our lives. Thank you.
I have a few scars in my class.
There's a story behind my past.
When the last time you made it?
Almost a year.
I did not work long enough.
Just drunk all day.
You know I've been a waste of time?
Why not?
Hard to think when thinking about family when you return.
I do not know want to start from there.
I just want to drink.
Before I knew what had happened,
I shoot all nearby.
Terrible night.
That's the first time I could not go home.
The next morning when I opened the door and
look into the
All decorations scattered on the floor
That's when I knew what had
happened to my family.
I want to be there.
I realize that I know my daughter.
Lying next to him makes me better.
He said, "Happy Birthday, Dad."
He's dead.
Nothing remains but the
ice cream and cake smeared with blood.
That's the first time I see meat eaters.
and since the last time I touch it.
Only one thing makes
I go on living.
What is it?
So what you would do if
they were gone?
Then one day you wake up and realize there is no
what is left for you to kill.
No reason for me to go on living.
That's what I know. I will not be able to heart.
She does not need anymore. It has been taken. Lost.
What do you think?
Too quiet, right?
Clear, cool, and quiet.
I think we should do this immediately.
Not a lot. But I think we can do it.
- If it can be turned on.
- Oh it will live.
You ready? It's time.
Blood new. They are nearby.
And I know they are looking at us.
What happened?
Give me time ok.
You can not switch it on?
Come on baby.
Let's fucking garbage.
It would not be alive right?
Come on!
Come on!
You see that.
Is not it the most beautiful sound you heard?
This is our day.
Damn it, we need fuel.
Hey, we need gas gasoline.
You ever ride a boat like this before?
No. I always feel scared to go up.
This is your lucky day.
I will tell you a good feeling.
You have a couple of hours, this place will be history.
You can walk along the beach after this.
I hope you have brought a swimsuit.
- Jerry.
- No!
Help me.
Save me, stop him.
Help me.
Enter into.
It will not last. Not for a long time.
- We're going to die.
- Shut up.
- We have not much time.
- Shut up you.
- We're going to die.
- He say ...
We will not die.
Damn that's right. It's just a matter of time before it penetrated the door.
then we die.
Where is he?
There's another way out?
How so.
Whoa. The stocky certainly love this all.
We do not have much time.
What is the plan? We go out and continue
shooting up out of ammunition?
You'll be running toward the truck.
How about you?
I'm going to kill this bitch all.
No, they are too many, too strong.
Do not worry about me, beb.
I'm ready to play.
What do you want to do? Save it.
You ready?
Prior to that, if there's anything there,
just want you to know, I'm proud that we meet.
That's what I love.
I remember the case yesterday.
You're a sweet girl, Alison.
You too.
It's not a mistake.
But you still banjingan child.
- Come on Ricky, towards the truck.
- Ok.
Let's go.
- What thing?
- No!
No one is currently the case with Alison.
- Come on!
- Hunter.
Go, go away.
I do not remember that I had no more ammunition
Not the sound I expected.
This is just the beginning, asshole.
When you go to hell, I will find you and ...
I will teach you to use the thing
Alison, do you think this will be?
Yes, Ricky.
It will be.
That was the last time I saw Hunter alive.
Although our future is uncertain,
he saved us by his death.
And for that, I will always be grateful.
I just hope he can meet
with what he wants.
I am always in a state of severe,
severe that you will never recover.
Now I'm alive, I
do not know if it's a curse.
They will not be able to finish their work.
Not able to destroy me.
But I know who can.
If you want all this ends ...
You must do this yourself.