Zombie Killers Elephants Graveyard (2015) Movie Script

Things fall apart.
I always believed zombie movies
were silly.
The zombies moved slow
and would eventually rot away.
Even if they ran
or attacked in waves,
the military could fry them
and militias in every town
and city would gun them down.
Contagion movies
were always scarier.
Elwood was formed out
of necessity,
contained by a barrier
I ordered made from anything,
including the walls
of a vacant church.
God left us long ago
to face the choices
of our actions.
I was a military doctor
turned leader of Elwood.
I had wells and water sources
constantly tested
for contamination
and created a system
of evicting those
who fell to infection.
It was my responsibility
to keep the fear contained,
even if I could not contain
the plague itself.
A girl's pregnancy confirmed
my belief
that what was happening
outside our fence
was bigger than anything
a movie could dream up.
I waited for this endgame
to play out.
I held things together
as best I could.
Life is about choices
and this was a result
of man's choices, not God's.
I accepted my choice
because fences come down
and things fall apart.
A military man named Seiler
drafted the last
of our young people
to patrol the fence line,
to go outside
and to bring back food,
fuel, and supplies.
The townsfolk called them
zombie killers.
Seiler and his team
embraced the name.
With uniforms cobbled
together from sportswear
nabbed during supply runs,
they used paintball guns
for training, recreation,
and to discourage
the fog of war,
and to prevent his team
from choking up in real battle.
I saw them as a symbol
of stability
allowing our town
to sleep better at night
and to move more freely
during the day.
Seiler saw this collection
of orphans and misfits
as his own.
Shock one, shock one!
That stuff
still tastes like shit.
Where was your cover, Kennedy?
We just shot
the president, people.
- Who's responsible?
- My bad, Ma'am President.
President Kennedy.
Oh, man, I love it.
You said that like ten times
before we started.
- What was that?
- I wasn't--
That's right. You weren't.
Yeah, Ian, what the hell?
You wanna die on this hill,
No. No, sir.
It's all good, Ian.
I'm not the first Kennedy
to take a headshot.
It's not all good.
It's still a country.
And that crack about
the president was uncalled for.
Show some respect.
That's why
you're pulling guard duty
while we go on the hunt.
Now, Radler,
where's your head?
Where's your head mask
for that matter,
Andrew Lloyd Webber?
Other side of the fence?
We need you here.
- Yes, sir.
- Come on, newbie.
You're one of us now.
No, no, no, please!
No, no! No!
You got it wrong, Doc.
Somebody please listen to me.
It was wrong.
- Sit down, Lenna.
- No.
You stop it.
No. No.
This isn't about my grass
being too high
or my house not being kept up.
Somebody's gotta say it.
Doc ain't God.
We're all pretending
that this is normal?
Does this look normal?
Lia, please say something.
I ain't sick.
Accept his righteous judgment.
No. No!
You don't have to go, Lenna.
Listen to him, Lenna.
You listening?
You still have a choice.
I've changed my mind.
He was a man of action,
a man of war.
- On great occasions such as...
- Here they come.
...the funeral of a village
...he drank his palm wine out
of his first human head.
We should head down
before they catch wind of her.
Me and the boys would like
to stick around a little bit.
I mean, I know we ain't the
but we could use the practice
in picking off a few.
Suit yourself.
Hike back.
Get your rounds done as well.
You got it?
Whoa! Morning, cupcake.
What is Nikki doing
with a boy like you?
Whoa. Easy now.
See, little boys kick stones.
Men kick ass.
You feel good doing
what you do?
Doc likes to keep things looking
as good as possible.
Your trailer's seen better days.
When are you gonna get
that up to code, soldier?
What are you gonna do,
evict me?
Why don't you just move in
one of the closer houses?
Because it was my dad's,
and in case you forgot,
my mom's really sick
and can't be moved.
See, when you're sick,
you get better.
She's not sick, sport.
She's dying.
So why don't you stop living
for dead people
and start thinking
about your brother
and take care of your mom
the right and merciful way?
See what you don't
wanna do right now
is try and act tough with such
a stupid-looking uniform.
Zombie killers.
- Fuck you.
- Right.
When did you shut
the genny down?
I was on time, relax.
Take this.
Dero was by.
Don't ever let him in.
Got it?
I know. I know.
I hate him.
Hi, Mom.
What time did you get in?
Just now. Here.
- It's cold.
- Oh!
Oh, what I'd give
for a nice cold beer again.
You didn't get too beat up
We go out in the morning.
Deer hunt.
Keep your eyes open, Ian.
I do, Mom. Always.
Not for them, honey.
For you.
Look up.
Look ahead.
I'm more afraid
of what's behind me.
I hope there'll be a time
when you don't have to be.
You go be with Collin.
There was another eviction today
and he's upset.
It was Lenna.
Circle back with Nolan.
Keep an eye on things.
I'll be fine.
It's not you I'm worried about.
- Cut it with your knife.
- You already know, baby.
We're going further out
every time.
Well, there's less
and less of them.
And there's less and less game.
We gotta go out further.
Deer was never scarce.
- Neither were we, though.
- It's not funny.
- They don't eat deer. Do they?
- Maybe they do now.
There's three.
Hold your fire.
Come on, let's go.
- Any day now, son.
- Yes, sir.
Breathe. Be steady.
You're not gonna shoot
the first squirrel
that comes out on a branch.
You're gonna wait.
I'm just sayin'.
How do we know they're
not human?
Because they're walking like
movie zombies.
- Now just take your shot. Huh?
- Okay.
They're not human.
Not anymore.
Good shooting. Go ahead.
How'd that feel?
I just don't ever wanna hit
a real person.
Yeah, that's not pleasant.
It wasn't a headshot,
but it's a miracle
you hit him at all.
That's good shooting.
That's never gonna be me.
This will guarantee it.
Black. Blood's always black.
Grip the fear, Radler.
Listen to him, son.
That's what makes sure
you don't end up like that.
Hi, sweetheart.
Is your husband home?
Can I ask why you need
to speak with him?
I'm here to spread
the good news.
What is it, Lia?
Slow day at the old cult camp?
I'm just taking advantage
of this beautiful, blessed day
to come talk to you.
Have you given much thought
to where you go when you'll die?
Hopefully not
the same place as you.
You're a conflicted man,
Rory Jacobs,
and I know your pain.
Worry about your own pain, Lia.
You've despoiled a child.
She should be with the last
of her kind
guarding the community,
serving God,
and not catering
to your lustful desires.
Let me in. Let's talk.
God knows you.
He speaks of you.
He tells me things.
What are you so afraid of?
That maybe I'm right?
That maybe your old hands upon
the downy hair between her--
Get off of my property.
Let God in, Rory.
Let me in.
Let your soul be saved
before they consume it.
I won't say it again.
me in.
God bless.
Well, thank you, you brave
soldiers, for feeding us.
I think the wildlife out there
is being infected
by the groundwater.
We continue to test the streams
and wells weekly.
I wanna go out
to the fracking site.
No need to go out that far.
I think this might be starting
underground, Doc.
If that's the case,
it could leak into our aquifer.
We make house calls to test
for that, Rory.
You don't seem
too concerned, Doc.
Look, if it makes you feel
better, talk with Seiler.
Take his team up
to the gas well.
But you can't take his
whole team.
They're needed here.
We got Dero,
but that can go either way.
You know what I mean.
I'll take two.
- Hey.
- Can I help you?
Just in the neighborhood--
- Why me?
- Oh, my God, Ian.
How many times are we going
to have this conversation?
No, honestly.
I mean, Stoller, Manning,
they're so much more your type.
Okay, so I'll just go
date one of them.
The only unattractive
quality you have
is your completely
lack of confidence.
I mean, you're sweet,
and you're different.
And you're-- I don't know.
You're what I need.
You know, I really wish
you wouldn't smoke.
Oh, yeah, 'cause this
is what's gonna kill me.
It didn't bite me!
It didn't bite me!
Bite check.
Been a while they been
this close to the fence.
Anybody seen 'em this close
to the fence lately?
No, sir.
First squirrel.
Arm up, wheels up.
Manning to Sarge.
We're at gate three.
Run the entire...
I guess we should go
and inspect gate three then.
Has Ian inspected gate three
Just ask me
if I'm screwing him already.
I'm asking.
Are you friends with
Toni, Nolan?
Over here.
Ah, isn't that beautiful?
Leftovers, huh?
Must have been attracted
to Lena.
Why do they make a show
of the evictions?
I never understood that.
You know my parents
were evicted?
My dad was bit
and my mom went with him.
Why make it public?
Just kick 'em out.
It sends a message, I guess.
They didn't do that
where I came from.
That's why you had
to come here.
Come on.
I wanna drive, Nolan.
You always drive.
Piece of shit.
You know, sometimes--
sometimes I just look at this
like it's a whole lot of
Look at this.
Do you really think
if a whole horde came,
that this will hold them off
for one second?
I mean, I've seen some
fast ones out there.
They run, but we do have
nature on our side.
They're just gonna--
they're rotting away.
I mean, they gotta
fall apart eventually.
They have to.
Look, you can't just believe
that we're the only ones here.
Look, seriously.
You're trying to tell me
that the entire U.S. military
just got its ass kicked
by a bunch of corpses?
It sounds stupid.
Instead of this mess,
we just--
we build a moat
and we put these spikes in it
and we let 'em fall in.
You know, as many as it takes
to fill it up.
Then we just pour gas
down the trenches,
light that mofo up and KFZ.
Kentucky Fried Zombie.
I like the sound of that.
- Dutra.
- What? Shit.
It's Lenna.
Dero and his idiots
didn't get the head.
- I got this.
- Wait.
- Lenna.
- Whoa, Ian.
- Lenna.
- Ian, don't talk to her, man.
Manning to Dutra.
All good there?
Dutra to Manning.
Yeah, we're fine.
Your head is so far up your ass,
you're tea-bagging your tonsils.
I just wanna see
if there's anything left in her
in case this
is gonna be my mom.
Look, your mom--
Your mom's got cancer.
And we're all screwed anyway.
But once you die, that's it.
You're dead.
What are you feeling?
I know why you took my blood.
No, you don't.
You don't need blood for this,
do you?
It's just a precaution, Toni.
Everything's fine. Really.
Am I infected?
So far, no.
Well, I've been spotting.
It's like nothing
I've ever seen before.
Can you save some next time?
Is my baby infected?
Not yet.
Well, not yet?
- How do you know?
- It's still growing.
How do you know for sure?
Listen, Toni,
you're not infected,
so I have to assume
the baby isn't, either.
I don't have the proper
instruments to do an amniocentesis.
I could kill it.
There's something
you're not telling me.
It's just that there's--
First pregnancies can be tricky.
Just need to keep
a close eye on you.
Seiler's good for the run.
What run?
We'll talk about it later.
So why is Rory going to
that fracking well?
Because it doesn't matter
what he finds there.
I wanna know
what he finds there.
The goal is to hold on
as long as we can.
Let him go.
Got some work to do
on his girl anyway.
That Nolan kid has some work
to do on her, too.
Rory doesn't need to know that.
So what are your tests showing?
I'm not sure yet.
I want you to keep an eye
on Lia.
As things get worse,
she's gonna heat up her
sinners in the hands
of an angry God bit.
I'll snuff that fire.
We give thanks.
Now let's hear the words
from our beloved sister Lia.
Thank you, Joe.
Jesus said the church
was his rock.
This is ours.
We are sheep who have fenced out
the wolves
from taking our bodies
- and our souls.
- I just wanna go up there
- and tell her to shut up.
- So do it.
- We tore down our refuge...
- Maybe I will.
...our place of worship,
to take the wood and the
materials to build a fence
for our community
to keep us safe.
If you have the love of God
in your heart...
...nothing can harm you.
Not even from the outside.
And it is our children
who protect us
under the leadership
of our hero Sergeant Seiler.
And they keep us safe.
And every day those children...
...battle for their souls.
And it is the children
and the fence that stand
between us and Hell.
And the fallen have given
a child, Rory Jacobs.
You took one as a wife.
Good Christians
know what you are.
Well, thank God
for good Christians.
Go home to your whore, Rory.
Who touched you
in your naughty place
to turn you into this, Lia?
You people better wake up.
You can sing and pray
all you want,
but God has nothing
to do with this
or with what's going on
out there...
...or with her.
Strong words from a wife-killer.
- You don't got it.
- I got it.
Here we go.
- Nice.
- Nice shot, Stoller.
- Thank you, sir.
- Manning reporting fire.
There's some squirrels
in some bushes.
Everything's fine, over.
All right, all right.
All right, I got this.
You see that one?
Yeah, yeah.
Where you going?
- Shoot 'em in the ball sack.
- Dutra, come on.
We're soldiers.
We don't talk like that.
Uh, I'm gonna shoot 'em
in the groin?
I'll allow it.
Oh, yeah! Get some!
I know they're not human
anymore, but Jesus.
It still doesn't feel right.
All right, guys, just headshots
from now on, all right?
Just headshots.
All right, headshot.
Hey, Manning,
what are you at now?
324? Wow.
Here's 325.
Nice shot, man.
Radler's got a lot of catching
up to do, I tell you that.
Nah, I like that kid. I think
he's gonna fit in just fine.
Yeah, we just gotta
break him in.
Just like everybody else.
Remember Ian?
- Remember how we broke him in?
- Where is he?
- He's with Nikki.
- Oh.
- Nikki!
- What does she see in him?
- I don't get it.
- Oh, she's sees some swagger!
- All right, all right.
- Get out of here.
All right, guys, come on.
Let's do 'em a favor.
We're doing ourselves
a favor, man.
Most importantly,
we're doing the town a favor.
Let's go.
Maybe you guys can pick up
some fresh tobacco
on your next shopping trip.
Yeah, I'll put that on the list.
So are you gonna tell me?
I don't know.
I had to leave.
So I didn't really hear
I don't know.
Dero was really creeping me out.
And I, you know,
wanted to come see you
before you went back out.
You ever think of leaving?
Going where?
That'd be like trading
one pile of shit for another.
What if we could go
to a better place?
Yeah, my dad used to show me
all those old zombie movies
where they're always searching
for a better place.
They don't exist.
We will die here.
And what would be so wrong
with dying like this?
And why are you so serious?
I'm leaving when my mom's gone.
You know that.
What if Elwood is the place?
What do you mean?
I mean, what if Elwood
is the better place?
What if we're where
the survivors are searching for?
This isn't living.
Your parents, they let you
play house over here.
Yeah, and you guys play army
up on the hill, Ian.
It's the same bullshit.
Can't win.
Your generator looked
a little empty.
Figured I could top it off for
- He keep you happy?
- What?
Your old man, does he do it
for you? You going deaf?
No, I heard your bullshit.
You got a bun in the oven.
And I heard that Nolan kid
was the baker.
Yeah, well,
I hear a lot of things, too.
Maybe you need a man.
Not an old man.
Or a boy to help take care
of the both of you.
You recommend one?
If you have a clean baby,
maybe I could be the Adam
to your Eve.
Get away from me.
You think Rory should know?
About Toni and Nolan?
She's with Rory now.
She made her decision.
It was for a good reason.
You respect that.
If you could have seen Lia
at the gathering...
Lia's been nuts
ever since I've known her.
I've seen her in action
plenty of time.
So why does she always attack
Rory and Toni?
'Cause she's nuts.
That's why she built that
compound thing down there.
It's almost like a cult.
I see you.
Why are you drinking?
Why aren't you?
'Cause I'm pregnant.
And I don't have a problem.
Neither do I.
Tomorrow's a big day.
If I get--
If something happens to me,
you know how to use the gun.
First on me.
Then on yourself.
But you have to remember to pull
the trigger really slowly,
because if you even flinch...
I'm so tired.
You're so drunk.
I just always wanted
to take good care of you.
I owe you everything.
For that, I am so sorry.
- Nothing gets in.
- Nothing gets in.
Don't forget to pick up
some sunscreen, ChapStick...
more ammo!
We'll be back.
Please come back.
Let me play devil's advocate
What do you hope to gain
by this little jaunt of ours?
I don't know exactly.
But I think I have an idea
of what started all this.
So you figured out what the rest
of the country couldn't?
Is that it?
All right.
Since I stuck my neck out
and I left the rest of the crew
back at base,
can I ask you a question?
Did you kill your first wife?
How's the sex?
Are you tearing each other up?
We're surrounded by zombies
and you find this
conversation shocking?
Tell me honestly.
When you make love,
do you just get lost
in the moment?
It's great.
Oh, good.
I just want you
to feel real passion,
real joy,
'cause otherwise then
all you feel is real fear.
I'm sorry.
My parents' birds
and the bees stuff
was much less intense
than this.
Just love each other.
Love each other and go live.
I'm disappointed every morning
I open my eyes again.
Elwood and I are just
waiting to die.
I know.
Then leave, Nikki.
You go take that risk together.
'Cause it's worth it.
What do you think, Sarge?
Almost 30 miles out,
still haven't seen one.
Wish we had.
You know you're in trouble
when you start missing
those sons of bitches.
If that company
did anything to the water,
the answer's gonna be
in that office.
Let's go.
Never heard of carpooling?
Sarge, you sure no ATVs
down there?
What do we do
if too many show up?
Well, you don't say,
"We got company."
You definitely don't say,
"We're gonna need a bigger boat."
Or "Yippie-kai-yay,
Or "I'm getting too old
for this shit."
Forget it, Jake.
It's Zombietown.
No more wire hangers.
That'll do, pig.
That'll do.
Manning, Ian,
take in the sights.
All right,
get what you came for.
Just make it fast.
Should have let us
bring the ATVs down.
I do not like the idea of us
being trapped on foot.
Rory thinks this place
has something to do with it?
Don't know.
Doesn't matter anyway.
Let's get out of here.
I have come here
to chew bubblegum and kick ass,
and I'm all out of bubblegum.
No, let's make like a tree
and get out of here.
For real, come on.
It's more than
just staying alive.
Fill me in sometime.
So what do you mean?
Kennedy doesn't matter?
Is there anything you wanna say
about the two of you?
It's a simple question, Ian.
Ah, shit.
They were underground.
They came out of the pit.
Well, run, Forrest. Run!
I am getting too old
for this shit.
Good work.
It's not right.
This is not right.
They're not fast.
We're-- we're slow.
Did you take your aspirin today?
Oh, shit.
I don't know what's worse,
having a heart attack
or getting eaten
by these sons of bitches.
What's that?
That's not a good sound.
That's not a good sound.
Let's go. Let's move.
Sorry. Let's go.
- Wait.
- Wait.
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
- On the floor!
- We're not infected!
Move! Take cover!
All right, easy. Easy.
Check 'em.
- We're not infected, okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Get your hands off her.
- Listen.
Daddy likes his new gun?
What happened to you?
Your back tire kicked up a rock
and caught me
is what happened to me.
I wasn't bitten,
if that's what you're thinking.
Zip 'em!
It's a real bitch trying
to eat like this.
Soon as we get you back
to Elwood
and Doc gives you
a clean bill of health,
we'll cut 'em off you.
Till then, you're welcome.
For what?
You drive into us,
pull guns, and kidnap us?
I know trust is hard to come by.
In case you haven't noticed,
the deer have taken
to eating us.
You don't know
if we're infected.
And we don't know if you're
gonna take us back to your camp,
rape her or eat us for dinner.
Or who knows what else?
Either way we're fattening
you up, right?
So eat.
What were you two doing
out there anyway?
We were coming to you.
To the fracking site?
Your town.
You're from Elwood.
We might have room
for a couple more.
Doc will decide that.
We weren't coming there to live.
We were coming there
to warn you.
Thanks for helping
while Ian's gone.
Of course.
You love my brother?
He means a lot to me.
Is he coming back?
How do you know?
I don't.
Then why say it?
'Cause it makes us both
feel better.
Is my mom gonna get better?
- Ah?
- Ah.
All good under the hood.
No bites anywhere, but the blood
will be definitive.
When will you know?
Within the hour.
How about a little
background information
about you and your warning?
Release us
and then we'll talk.
How about you just tell us?
Back off, Dero.
If it means all us dying,
they need to say.
We're dying from the day
we're conceived.
An hour won't kill us.
This bandage will.
You got scissors?
Hey, hey.
Hey, Kennedy, wait.
Is Manning gonna have a problem
with this?
He knows. Pay attention.
I've been doing this a while.
Kennedy, what the hell?
Get a grip.
What is that stuff?
A little perfume.
Deer blood, my blood.
Yours? What?
Like I said, get a grip.
Maybe they didn't hear
the gunshot.
They heard.
And there they are.
Stay calm, stay calm.
Like Manning says,
this is about gripping the fear.
Black eyes.
They have black eyes.
I know. Watch them.
- I'm dropping 'em.
- No, not yet.
- Yes!
- No!
They're turning.
Why are they turning?
Something's calling them.
Kennedy, hey,
what are you doing?
I'll be right back.
So that's how it spreads.
It has gills.
What the hell?
What the hell was that?
What the hell was that?
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Help! Help!
That's all well and good,
but how long are we talking about?
Which indicates fracking
dredged up this
prehistoric protozoa.
I mean,
I think we have a glimpse
of what helped the asteroid
take out the dinosaurs.
The asteroid smacks us,
throw up the protozoa,
wiped out the dinosaurs,
went back down into the Earth.
Here we are again.
The what and the why
don't matter so much.
We think it hijacks
the central nervous system,
shutting it down,
but keeping the dying body alive
like a puppet,
controlling the brain
similar to toxoplasmosis.
The protozoa keeps the body alive
to serve as an incubator of sorts.
We've watched gravesites.
Yeah, and nothing's coming out
of the ground, all right? So--
The dead bodies don't come back.
The protozoa kill the body,
somehow mutate,
then run it into the ground.
The bites spread it
through the saliva.
They don't eat.
They bite to spread the protozoa.
It's reproduction.
But we've found eaten bodies,
human and animal.
- Yeah.
- Something else got at them then.
Some might have
a natural defense to it.
I mean, that would be
an explanation
for dinosaurs and reptiles
being targeted
while other species survive.
- Dinosaur--
- Why are they coming here?
Ever hear of an
elephant's graveyard?
- Yeah, who hasn't?
- Sure, I mean--
It's a legend that older
walk miles
to a destination to die.
Now theories range from food
and water searches,
to the effects of malnutrition.
Whatever the reason,
something draws them
to these certain points where
they slip into comas and die.
Yeah, but why are
they coming here?
We don't know.
Looking for a better place?
Residual human memory?
What we do know is Elwood
is in their way.
I think you are talking out
of your ass.
The outside world
has been decimated.
Yeah, so what?
Elwood's an elephant's graveyard?
How do we know they're not
changing direction?
You don't understand, okay?
They're miles across.
Millions of them.
Even if they did change
direction by a few miles,
it will still cover
this entire community.
All right.
So how long are we talking?
Stragglers fall back,
merge with the wave
like army ants.
- How long?
- Soon.
We've seen more coming away
from Elwood as we move closer.
Water pulls back from a beach
before a tsunami.
As always, blood results
are available at my office.
They chose eviction.
Let us pray.
You're both infected.
We came here.
We warned you.
Please, just let us go.
Cut 'em loose.
You're not gonna warn them?
If the sun were going to
explode tomorrow and you knew,
would you tell anyone?
Wouldn't change anything.
All you'd do is make people live
their last moments in fear.
What's the official story
gonna be?
Just what we said down below.
It's enough.
It won't be for Rory or Seiler.
Get them when the time comes.
We'll deal with it.
Where the hell are they?
Should be at least a few
of them out there by now.
Maybe they're afraid
of your boys.
Should be more afraid of me.
It's time we talk.
I've been waiting for you
to get home.
I never could sleep till
I knew you were home.
There's a lot more going on out
there than you're telling me,
and I need you to promise
that if things go down the wire
and they get in,
- you're not gonna let me turn.
- I can't.
I brought you into this world.
I need you to help me out.
Do you understand?
I'm gonna die here...
...but I never wanted my kids
When I'm gone,
you take your brother and Nikki
and you get out of Elwood.
I don't know who long we'll be.
Good luck, Seiler.
Copy that.
I think we can handle it, Sarge.
Where do you keep the paint,
you know,
in case we get attacked?
Moving out.
Where do we keep the paint?
You cool with hanging back?
Yeah, I mean after last night,
somebody has to keep an eye
on things, you know?
Check in on my mom just in
case Nikki needs anything.
Nikki? Nikki can kick my ass.
Could she kick yours, huh?
You into that stuff, huh?
Be safe, all right?
Watch yourself, too.
We got some house calls to make.
How long do you think
until we see this, Sarge?
Well, the longer the better.
One day out's too close.
But we'll see.
Why aren't we looking
for Kennedy?
'Cause Doc wants us to see it.
And Kennedy's gone, Manning.
You let her go.
- I tried to stop her.
- Good job.
You gotta have hope, man.
She could be out there.
She could be alive.
She could.
Nothing matters.
Stop saying that.
Just like he said,
we're all gonna die.
Just like your mother.
- Stop, stop, stop it!
- You stand down.
Look at me, Manning.
Look at me, son.
You're not my father.
Blood or not,
the last six years
with all of you does matter.
That goes for you, too.
Now stand down.
It's not dangerous enough
out there?
We gotta deal with this sh--
Get it off! Come on!
They're infected! Black eyes!
They're infected!
- Get off!
- Sarge!
Move, come on!
The other side. Shoot three!
All right, I'm done.
Dutra, stop it!
I'm useless.
We gotta step things up.
- I'm not going back.
- You're coming back.
I'm not giving Dero
the satisfaction.
We finish this job
and I take care of myself.
Can I get you some coffee, Doc?
I haven't run the full test yet,
but your well's
showing positive.
This is because
of the fracking site.
You both need to be tested.
And we all know what
those tests will show.
And how do we know that, Rory?
Because you evicted
that couple for no reason.
And you don't seem
interested in a solution.
You're not taking us
out of this house.
Are we infected?
My baby?
The only way, Toni,
to know for sure--
No goddamn way.
Outside, Dero.
I need to run blood work
on your wife, Rory.
On the baby.
Rory, please.
What are you really looking for?
There's more going on
concerning the baby.
Dero, what's going on in there?
Let's talk.
What's going on in there?
Where's Toni?
- Let's take a walk.
- Toni.
You mind?
Come on.
Don't have all day.
You know something?
This is the reason
why you can't be one of us.
You're scared and you're weak.
You know that, right?
You finished?
Don't touch me.
Right here.
Just have one question to ask you.
Answer yes or no.
You that kid's father?
Grab his weapons.
Mount up.
Move! Come on, guys!
You're not coming back, Sarge?
Manning, you're in charge.
You get back and let 'em know.
You get out, son.
All right?
Hold them off as long as you
can, but you get out.
We've been training
for this all our lives.
Yeah, but nothing's
gonna stop that.
Gentlemen, we are gonna die.
That is a fact.
It is simply a question...
...of choosing how.
Now it has been a pleasure
and an honor training you
and serving with you.
Die fighting, not on your knees.
Welcome to the suck.
Thought you said you couldn't do
an amniocentesis.
I lied.
There's something
in there with him.
Well, what?
What's in there?
I don't know.
Nikki, can you give us
a moment?
I'll be right outside.
In a normal world,
the fact that your baby
is not infected gives hope,
hope that we could
reproduce as a race
with little fear of infection.
Even the possibility
of developing some kind
of placental vaccine.
Why are you saying it like this?
I was a GP, Toni.
I barely have the knowledge
let alone the equipment
to do what I do.
There's no way I could make
some kind of magic bullet
- even if I wanted to.
- Doc--
Listen, you and Rory
have to leave.
You are evicting us?
You are killing us.
We're all dead.
Elwood is a hospice.
It's my job to ease
my patients' fears.
That means keeping them
comfortable till the end.
This isn't about evicting you
to save us.
We're all done.
We can still evacuate, Doc.
We have the weapons
and vehicles and food!
We will hold things together
as long as we can.
Give them the choice, Dero.
Let's go.
Don't do this.
We still have time!
Things fall apart.
Right there.
What's it gonna be?
Do it.
You like playing that tough guy,
don't you?
Always having something
clever to say.
How's it feel to know
that your tongue
might work on her...
...but your kid?
That ain't your kid.
How's it feel to know that?
How's that feel to have that be
the last thing
you're ever gonna hear?
Dero, please.
Okay, boss.
Get the baby.
We have to get you back to
There's gotta be some way
that we can get out
of the fence later.
- Please.
- Please what?
Get-- don't let him--
Don't let him die.
Toni, I don't--
I don't have any equipment
or painkillers.
And even if I did,
I don't know how to do
a procedure like--
Ian, it's me. Are you there?
Nikki, it's me. What's wrong?
Where are you? Are you close?
I've been stabbed.
I'm bleeding out.
I'm at the fence line.
I need to know how to get in.
What gateway?
Five. No, no, no, six.
You can't go-- Ian! Ian!
God damn it. Dutra!
No, no, no, no, no!
We've reached the end stage,
I want it all to be done before
Seiler and his team get back.
I always hoped I'd be gone
before this day came.
Sure aren't
paintball guns in there.
You able to do this quickly?
You mainly?
Ian, bite check her.
You're gonna be okay.
- Go, go, go, go. Hang in there.
- I gotta get her to Doc's.
You saw 'em?
They're headed this way?
I'm all set. So is Elwood.
Shooting me's a lot better than
what's coming for all of us.
That's why I took
care of things.
You've known me
since I was a boy.
You've helped take care
of my mom.
I know you think we're screwed,
but let me decide that for
Clear under the stitch.
No infection.
She's ready.
You need to get out of here.
We're gonna leave all together.
Then do it now.
Good morning, Mr. Slater.
How's Nikki?
He'll be okay.
He will one day.
He'll be okay.
I know, baby.
You didn't have much
of a childhood, either,
did you, sweetheart?
Things fell apart so early.
But I'll bet there were some
you still got away with
that I didn't know about.
I never had to hide
anything from you.
I just want you to know
I'll always be loving you.
I'll always be protecting you.
And I'll always be guiding you
from up there, okay?
Okay, we need to do this now.
I can't.
You don't want to,
but you have to.
Where are the others?
Should be up at base.
Get there, get them,
and get out.
Commit to the Lord,
whatever he wants you to commit.
Maybe it's your calling.
Maybe it's a stronger
commitment to the church.
Whatever it is, commit.
Doc, stop!
What are you doing?
I drove out.
Walking from here.
To where?
To them.
No, no, I found help.
There's others.
And there's a chopper, okay?
They've come to help us.
We've got a chance.
The wave's already broken through.
Elwood's done.
But we don't have to be, okay?
Come with us.
They have a chopper
and we can get everybody
and we can get out of here.
I have things to answer for,
- No.
- Listen.
If you can make it back to my
lab, there's notes.
I figured some things out.
Might be useful.
I just didn't have the means.
Maybe your friends do.
Doc. Doc!
Living fire begets cold,
impotent ash.
We gotta move.
They're moving faster.
They'll be here soon.
Load this truck up.
Yeah, what then?
- Ian!
- You're gonna be okay.
Yeah, if we can ever
get out of Elwood.
He killed Rory and Toni.
Well, everyone's all here
You're making this too easy.
What's the point?
I made a promise to Doc.
You wanna kill shit?
Let's kill those things.
How you doing, sweetheart?
Buy your girlfriend an hour.
Zombie killers, ooh.
I see you.
They're coming! They're coming!
- Let's get a move on, guys.
- Collin, out of the tree.
Let's do this.
What are you doing?
- Ian, let's go now.
- Stoller.
I need you
to get them out of here.
What? No!
You're coming with us.
You have to come.
Go! Go to Doc's.
Clean out everything.
- Come on, kid, let's go.
- I'm not going without you.
- I'll be right behind you.
- No, I'm not--
- Ian, see you down at Doc's.
- Ian!
Are you gonna man up
and kick ass?
We still have time to go.
Go where?
There's nothing left out there.
It's in the water.
It's everywhere.
I was born here.
I'm gonna die here.
It's my choice.
You can go if you want.
Here it comes.
Smoke 'em up, Dutra.
Up top, boys!
It would be so easy
to give up and quit,
but God wants us
to keep on fighting
and stay in the game.
Man will let you down.
But God will always,
always come through!
Watch your back!
Ian, your 6:00!
Hey, Ian,
I'll handle that thing for you!
Manning, let's go.
Come on, big boy.
Hey, who are these people?
Gas tank!
Watch the gas tank!
Hey, slow down! Slow down!
Oh, shit!
Hey, hey, slow down, Ian.
Ian, slow down!
let's get out of here, man.
Life goes by
while we wait to live.
It's not so wrong
to wait to die,
to go quietly into the dark
without incident,
without fear,
just resignation that all
that could be done was done.
Zombie killers, baby.
Looks like we were expected.
Yeah, who are they?
Same guys that dropped in on us
back in Elwood.
You sure about this, Dutra?
You finally caught up with us.
Who's in charge here?
What? You blondie?
You've gotta be shitting me.
He's not.
Oh, easy there, lad.
Lower your gun.
We are on your side.
Lower your gun, soldier.
Or shoot.
Go ahead.
You'd be doing me a great favor.
You see, I'm infected.
Ho, ho, ho, ho! Good man!
I'd have done the same thing.
It's not much.
But it's good for the research.
Come along.
Five iron.
It really is the best club
in the bag.
What research?
Yeah, what's down there?
Hope in hell.
Nice work back in Elwood.
Youse aren't the only ones
that found value in paintball.
We've been developing
a suppressor for the protozoa.
You found a cure?
Not a cure.
It stops the little bastards,
but they're still inside you,
...injected in these...
...and you have a surefire
killer better than bullets.
He's lying.
Why don't you come
find out, missy?
Gear up, lads.
I'm coming for you
and you can't get away
I'm chasing you down
I talked to your best friend,
he dropped a dime on you
He said you're
headed out of town
Don't you know
it's just a matter of time
You can run all you want,
but you can't hide
I'm coming for you,
I'm coming for you
I'm coming for you
I'm coming for you,
I'm coming for you
I'm coming for you
I'm your history,
you can't escape your past
There ain't no hell,
there ain't no way
And it's a miracle
I haven't caught you yet
I'm getting closer every day
Don't you know it's
just a matter of time
You can run all you want,
but you can't hide
I'm coming for you,
I'm coming for you
I'm coming for you
I'm coming for you,
I'm coming for you
I'm coming for you
I'm coming for you,
I'm coming for you
I'm coming for you
I'm coming for you,
yeah, yeah
I can't feel it
As I start to slip away
I can't see it
My eyes are turning gray
I need
I can't feel it
As I start to fade away
I won't feed it
I don't need to be afraid
I need
I need
I need you now
I'm breathing
Stars are falling
on my way
No meaning
Only hunger left to pay
I need
I need
I need
I need you now
I need you now
I need you now
I need you now
Me in my garden,
heart of stone
Set out to live
this life alone
I swallowed everything
but pride
To keep the fire
burning inside
But it's almost gone
Don't know if I can
hold out longer
I'll be here by the fire
where you left me
Waiting for you, my baby
I'll be here by the fire
where you left me
Waiting for you, my baby
And it was up to me
I choose my own destiny
But I can't get away
from the memory
Of falling in love with you
I'll be here by the fire
where you left me
Waiting for you, my baby
And if you get lonesome,
little honey
I'll still be waiting
right here for you
Come back to me
Come back to me
Come back to me,
come back to me
Come back to me
Come back to me
Come back to me
You know it's been so long
That's why I sing this song
Can't you hear me call out
to you?
Come back to me