Zombie Massacre (2013) Movie Script

( machine clanking )
( machine clanking )
( hard footsteps )
( car whizzing )
( car whizzing )
- ( music blasting )
- What?
I can't hear you.
Tell me there's no range
in this fucking place.
( sizzling )
( speaking foreign language )
( water running )
( explosion blast in distance )
( sirens blaring in distance )
( dripping )
Yeah, great.
I really need it some way.
( groaning )
( wheezing )
man: Listen, Mike.
I'm stopping in a city
five minutes from here
so I can try and call you
back from a fixed phone line.
( tires screeching )
( growling )
( screaming in distance )
( screaming )
( growling )
( growling )
( snarling )
( wheezing )
( growling )
( gun clicking )
( gunshot )
( blades whirring )
( growling )
( snarling )
Jack Stone.
35 years old.
Four of which
spent in Iraq.
Medal of the Congress.
An expert in
high-risk missions.
A capable man in
every aspect.
So tell me, General.
What on earth
makes you think this
capable man will accept
a mission like this?
In exchange
for his freedom.
Stone is currently detained
in a six-by-nine-foot cell
where he's
serving a life sentence.
What could a man
in his position
desire more
than his freedom?
And what's he been
charged with?
Treason and murder,
Mr. Secretary,
but I'll spare
you the details.
A widower with a
seven-year-old daughter
he hasn't seen
since he was detained.
a capable man with
great strategic skills...
a natural leader.
But as I said...
a Mr. Nobody
with no one
left waiting for him.
Mr. Secretary: No one apart
from his daughter.
man: Why do you think he
accepted the mission, sir?
So you're absolutely sure
that Stone will carry out
this mission
suspecting anything?
I will personally
travel to Romania
and follow the situation closely.
The Romanian government
has already been informed.
Everything will proceed
as planned.
Rojznov is...
nothing more than
a small dormitory town,
with the power plant workers
and their families
in the middle of nowhere.
The explosion will erase any trace
of the laboratory
in the building.
But how can we be sure
that Stone can carry out
this mission on his own?
Well, that's simple.
Because he won't be
on his own.
John "Mad Dog" McKellen...
...AKA, The Specialist,
expert in
explosives and firearms.
He could build
a lethal weapon
just with a glass
and a pencil sharpener.
To Mr. McKellen, we owe
the explosion
of the Congress Palace
of Johannesburg in 1997.
( bomb exploding )
More than 50 people died
in the bombing.
Dragan Ilic...
the sniper.
They say during
the Kosovo War,
Mr. Ilic killed
more than 300 people
without ever leaving his position, ever.
He could shoot a mouse dead
from over a mile away.
( gunshots )
( speaking foreign language )
Eden Shizuka.
Unbeatable in
hand-to-hand combat.
Now, she will be
should our men find themself
in a difficult situation
and low on ammo.
She learned how
to fight from some
monk in Japan
where she'd moved from
Northern Ireland
with her mother...
but that's not important.
So I guess
you're gonna tell me that
they all have a daughter
- waiting for them at home.
- No.
I will tell you,
they will each have
$2 million
waiting in
their bank accounts.
They are soldiers of fortune,
Mr. Secretary.
They would do
anything for money.
So the money we offer them
will help keeping
their mouth shut.
At least until they
have left for the mission.
How can we be sure that
there will be no survivors?
There could be a family somewhere
hidden away,
waiting to be rescued.
With all due respect, sir,
I would be more worried
should someone divulge
what we did to that city.
Theoretically, we should not
have been active
in that part of Europe.
I urge you to bear in mind
we are very short on time.
We would not be
able to sustain
a possible
virus propagation.
Those... monsters
could eventually
find a way to escape
the security perimeter,
and we don't
have a cure.
Not since our dear
Doc Neumann passed away.
And there's no trace
of his daughter.
Oh, yes, we...
we did search for her,
but, well, the situation
was already critical.
But should we find
that she is still alive,
then we will bring her in.
You can be
sure of that.
Now is the time to act.
The ground water
tables have been sealed
and the toxicity of the cloud
has vanished.
Rojznov has now
been quarantined.
- ( growling )
- But those things are infected.
One would be
enough to infect
the whole country in
a matter of hours,
and in a few days,
the world!
( sighing )
May God forgive us all.
( plane approaching )
( alarm sounding )
man: Look at them run.
Just like chickens.
Why run when,
just around the corner,
someone is about to blow up
a nuclear power plant
to exterminate the whole
whatever them things are?
In fact, they're like
a bunch of rabid dogs.
- Do you know what, Dragan?
- Eh?
This is turning out not to
be a picnic in the park.
You're getting soft,
my friend.
Remember Laos?
It's never gonna be
worse than that.
Aye, I remember.
But every time we seem to get
ourselves in bigger shit.
C'est la vie,
mon ami.
Just think
about big bucks.
That should set up your
mind with ease.
man on PA: All soldiers
get ready for evacuation.
John: Aye, Ill think about it.
- You know what?
- What?
This is my last gig.
Let's just blow up
these shitheads,
level this place.
And then I can
get my ass
in a first-class seat...
all the way to
the mountains.
Im gonna open a restaurant
on the beach.
I cannot picture you
wearing a Bermuda,
some flowery
Hawaiian shirt.
But you do like my haggis
and leeks, don't you?
Hell no.
The only thing
your slop is good
is for maneuvering
the fields.
Im no longer
subject for your
exotic culinary
They always ended up
in a hurricane of shit.
Do you know what?
It's always with
a skinny-ass like you,
as you didn't like eating.
Im so sorry to spoil
your self-glorification,
but I love eating,
as much as I care
what happens after.
I don't like when
your "cookings"
get from
my mouth to my guts.
It's some nasty shit,
believe me.
You don't want to know.
man on PA: All personnel
prepare for evacuation.
You're right.
You're full of shit.
( chuckling )
Do you know
there's a saying?
If you do not like eating,
then you probably
don't like fucking, either.
( chuckling )
Your mother
never complained.
And Im pretty sure
it was something like,
if you can't cook...
you can't fuck.
Well, my friend...
I can cook.
And I can
lick my own balls.
( laughing )
( helicopter approaching )
John: What do you say,
Do you like cooking?
Id love to see you
in the kitchen,
from pot to pan,
with nothing on...
but a teeny-weeny apron.
Save a bullet, will you?
Give up, my friend.
Women are never very
talkative people like us.
Deep down, they know we can
show them paradise
beneath the sheets,
and they feel it
in their guts.
( chuckling )
Give up?
Are you kidding?
What do you say,
How about you and me
get something on
between the sheets?
man on PA: All soldiers get ready
for evacuation.
Who the hell is this guy?
Good flight, Lieutenant?
Let's not waste
any more time.
We let you in
from here.
( screen beeping )
You'll be escorted up to
the security
containment perimeter.
Once inside, you're on
your own.
Just the way I like it.
The bomb will be
primed by our engineers.
You will need to get as close
as possible to the reactor
and get there
as quickly as you can.
Why don't we
go in through there?
It looks a damn sight
easier to me.
It's too risky.
That's the most
populated area,
hence the more likely to be polluted
with the infected.
It gets better and better.
the area you'll pass through
should be considered safer,
but not safe,
so watch your backs.
Be on alert
at all times.
You'll take this
side street,
which leads directly to
the nuclear power plant.
Should everything go as planned
once the bomb is placed,
you'll have about an
hour to get back to this base.
One hour?
Bloody hell.
And what happens
if you're late?
The school bus will
come and collect us?
Here, you will find a helicopter
waiting to take you to
a safe military depot.
There you will be
held until the dust
from the explosion
is settled.
Only at that point...
will the mission be classed
as accomplished.
The answer to your
question, Mr. Ilic...
...if you are late...
you die.
Considering the sum
we're paying you,
a delay
cannot be accepted.
Oh, talking about money.
( computer beeping )
Carter: As we agreed,
one million now,
the rest once the mission
is accomplished.
Any questions?
Very well.
Mr. Stone, if you please.
( computer beeping )
I hope at least
you care about
this mission, Lieutenant.
Should the virus propagate,
it would be the end.
You must move quickly,
place the bomb
and get out.
It must be made to look
like a terrible accident.
The power plant explodes,
the Rojznov
inhabitants die.
Their country mourns
their loss
and the United States
share in their sorrow.
Nobody will know
any different.
This is your mission.
Im sure you fully
comprehend the situation.
Im not here to comprehend
anything, General.
Im here
for my daughter.
Of course.
You have my word,
you will
hug your daughter
once the mission is accomplished.
The case will be closed,
all files will be lost.
You'll have
a new beginning, Jack.
Don't try to pull
any smart moves.
We will be watching your
every step via satellite.
Accomplish the mission
and you'll be
a free man.
( gate screeching )
( engine rattling )
( gate screeching )
This doesn't look good.
What did you expect?
Balloons and bouquets?
( beeping )
John: Abandon all hope...
ye who enters here.
( crow cawing )
( cawing )
( birds squawking )
Dragan: I still don't understand
what Im supposed
to be shooting.
Are they
people or what?
Oh... come on, Dragan.
Does it make
a difference anyway?
Don't tell me you've...
developed a conscience
since we last worked together.
Just trying to make conversation,
considering our
chief, and this one here,
talking is going to be
the hardest part
of the mission.
You talk enough
for everyone, Dragan.
Say that again?
If everything goes
according to plan,
we won't have to
shoot anybody.
We go in, we drop the bomb,
we get out
and forget about this place.
What a bummer.
Eh, Dragan?
I bet you were
looking forward
to blowing the heads off
some poor, innocent
women and children,
like you guys do...
in that shitty country
of yours.
Why don't you go
and fuck yourself
with a Viking helmet?
( crow cawing )
So what brings
you here, chief?
No offense.
But you do not
look like one of us.
You look more like...
one of those
Mr. Nice Guys
that helps little old ladies
across the street.
The only
difference is...
you got muscle.
It has nothing
to do with money
if that's what you're asking,
Come on, man.
We're all in
this shit together.
The least you can do
is tell us what brought you
into this fucking mess.
I was promised
a clear criminal record.
I bring home the mission...
and they cancel
my conviction.
Conviction for what?
Stealing a candy?
Leave him alone,
Come on, chief.
What did you do?
Everything is
allowed in war.
Well, almost.
Let's share
some secrets, huh?
Want to know what was
the worst thing
I did during a mission?
Will you shut
your big mouth?
All right.
Have a go.
I jerked off on a goat.
Jesus fucking Christ,
Do not swear.
( woman screaming in distance )
( gunshots )
( woman screaming )
( heart beating )
There's something wrong.
You can hear
a pin drop.
open the gate.
And you two stay on board.
Hey, what the hell
he's doing?
( beeping )
( gate creaking )
The first lesson
of the perfect bomber:
always save the explosion
'til the very last.
Come on, man,
where is the fun?
Would you cut
the bullshit?
We're sitting on
a prime nuclear weapon.
It's best we get
going, then.
Carter, you remember me?
Im the president
of the United States.
I'm on my farm here in Texas
and instead of playing golf
or whatever,
fucking some hookers,
uh, I think about you,
and not in a good way.
I hope everything is okay.
Yes, Mr. President.
Everything is
going as planned.
Any press around,
I don't want another
CNN feature about me.
And, Carter, don't
fuck it up again,
as in Korea and Vietnam,
almost in
the Second World War.
You remember your father
almost lost the whole war.
No, sir.
There won't be
any problems.
I assure you.
will go as planned.
Okay, go back to your work,
just forget it.
And maybe I just
push the red button
and blow it all up.
Dragan, get to position
and keep your eye
on everything.
Don't shoot unless
absolutely necessary,
and please...
( door closing )
...don't fuck it up.
No worry, chief.
This what
I do for a living.
And what might
that be?
Fucking things up?
( chuckling )
McKellen, you take
care of the bomb.
Eden and I will
patrol the area
to make sure there's
no surprises.
Come on.
Let's get out of here ASAP.
Just give me
five more minutes, chief,
and we'll be strolling away
from this shithouse.
Happy as
a pig in shit.
And rich.
And filthy rich!
( gun cocking )
( mumbling )
( beeping )
( beeping )
( beeping )
What the fuck?
Oh, shit.
I don't believe it.
Im gonna kill that
son of a bitch.
You want to tell me what
the fuck's going on?
John: We're screwed.
We are royally
what's going on.
Take a look at this.
Can't you do
anything about this?
Not only is it welded
to the chassis,
but the primer is
deep inside the engine
and that's linked direct
into the timer.
Any interference by me...
and I could slow,
if not stop the program.
Even to look at
this thing...
could cause a problem.
What are you waiting?
check the area.
John, if we
can't use this car,
then we need to
find a vehicle
in order to get out of here.
Let's check these warehouses
and see what we can find.
Let's get back to Carter
to show him in full detail
with whom he just
tried to fuck.
( beeping )
General, they're in.
Do they have the situation
under control?
Not exactly, sir.
Sir, I think we should
send a message...
Don't waste your
energy thinking, Private.
This mission is a success.
Those monsters will just
make things easier.
Pack everything up.
We're leaving.
Yes, sir.
( beeping )
( growling in distance )
Stone, McKellen...
20 incoming, 3:00!
- ( gunshot )
- ( growling )
- ( gunshot )
- ( growling )
- ( gunshot )
- ( growling )
( gunshot )
( gunshot )
( gunshot firing in distance )
( snarling )
Come on, come on...
( can clanking )
( growling )
( growling )
Come on...
( snarling )
( gun clicking )
( growling )
( snarling )
( groaning )
( snarling )
( growling )
( snarling )
- ( growling )
- ( gunshot )
( gunshot )
- ( growling )
- ( screaming )
( gunshot )
( panting )
( snarling )
( growling )
( snarling )
( whistling )
( growling )
( floor creaking )
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
steady, chief.
There are more
of them coming.
How much ammo you got?
I got about 12 cartridges
for this piece of shit.
That's better than nothing.
Move it,
we're out of here.
Oh, shit, Jack.
What are you
looking at?
Come on.
Decide who's gonna put
a bullet in my head.
Ill do it myself.
I don't want to hurt
your chances of meeting...
my Lord.
Don't make me beg.
Do it now.
My brother.
So many wars.
So many women.
We will fight again.
We will fight...
Forgive me,
my brother.
Forgive me.
We will meet again.
( gunshot )
( breathing heavily )
John, let's move out.
We're not gonna
die here today.
At least not
before Carter does.
If we're gonna make it to base
before the bomb blows up,
we're gonna have to
go through the city.
John: We're gonna die
in that city, chief.
And we both know it.
We have to
get a vehicle.
It's the only chance we've
got to get back
to the military base
and get the hell out of here
before the shit really
hits the fan.
Granted, that is if
we have a working helicopter
when we get there.
I seriously doubt Carter
hasn't thought about
every single
possible escape route.
And I swear, if I come
across the son of a bitch,
he's gonna have a close
and deep encounter
with my knife.
( beeping )
Sir, you should see this.
You're a dreamer, Stone.
What is it, Private?
We just received
a call from the runway.
There's a technical problem
with the blades of our helicopter.
The mechanic has
already left the base.
Damned idiots!
Sir, I alerted the pilot
and he's already
working on it.
He says he can fix it,
he just needs a little time.
That's exactly what we don't have,
you stupid fool.
Do you want us to end up
like those things out there?
No, sir,
but I thought...
Then save your excuses
and get the helicopter
unless you want to
face a court martial.
Yes, sir.
( beeping )
It's a wee bit classy...
...but I think it'll do.
Of course...
providing the owner's
all right with it.
Well, if that
guy's the owner,
I think he'll be just
fine about it.
Son of a...
( chuckling )
you do talk.
The wise only speak
when it's time to speak.
The fool never shuts his
goddamn sewage hole.
Oh, fuck you.
Do you know what?
My lips get
a little bit loose,
especially when
Im nervous.
You must have a very bad case
of chronic nervousness.
All right, kids,
shut up and get in,
we're running
out of time.
Ill drive.
( car doors opening )
If we just
get out of the city,
we might just have
a chance.
And how many of those
ugly bastards
do you think
there are out there
just waiting for us?
There's a lot more of those
than we have ammo for, John.
I like your optimism, chief.
They don't call me
Mr. Fucking Sunshine
for nothing.
These don't need ammo.
No problem.
( engine revving )
( squishing )
( growling )
( growling )
( gunshots )
( growling )
( growling )
Jesus, chief.
This is getting serious.
Hey, Scotty.
A gift for you.
And what am I supposed
to do with this?
( engine revving )
( growling )
Luckiest son of a bitches
Ive ever seen.
It's no wonder
this government
wants to blow this
shithole up.
Going any further without
weapons or ammo is suicide.
Another run-in with a bunch
of those wild creatures
and we're
gonna be joining
their fucked-up family.
And where are we gonna
find any ammo around here?
Ive got a funny feeling,
A local gun store,
if there ever was one,
is not gonna be
open today.
( tires screeching )
Okay, chief.
Watch where
you're driving.
( growling )
( growling )
Jack: Get inside!
( gunshots )
John: Chief!
Who took the smile
off his face?
( growling in distance )
That's definitely
not a rat.
We've got you
covered, chief.
Go get the ammo.
( growling in distance )
( snarling )
Come on, baby.
Where have you been
all my life?
( gagging )
For fuck's sake!
( growling )
( growling )
( neck snapping )
( snarling )
( growling )
( snarling in distance )
( growling )
( gunshots )
Who are you?
Open the cell
and Ill tell you.
Im not gonna
ask you twice.
Then we're in a stall,
don't you think?
Im not saying anything
unless you
free me first.
Listen, lady.
In just a little while,
this place is gonna be
like the 4th of July
and that cell is gonna be
the last place you
wanna be.
So for the last time...
who are you?
You know what?
Fuck you!
You men are always
all and now, aren't you?
My name is
Samantha Neumann.
Doc Neumann's daughter?
Although I doubt you even
know who Im talking about.
Dr. Herbert Neumann,
toxicologist, immunologist.
Surgeon leader for
Project "K"
for the US Army.
Another brilliant mind
in the bacteriological
My father
is not a murderer.
Jesus Christ.
Okay, are you
letting me out or not?
Hey, where are
you going?
I knew it.
A "thank you"
would be nice.
Thank you.
Now if you'd be so kind
as to introduce yourself
and telling me what the hell
is going on here.
( chuckling )
Nice catch, chief.
Is anybody gonna bother explaining
to me what's up?
It's a pretty straightforward
fucked-up situation, babe.
Either we get ourselves
300 miles away from here
or we're gonna look like
those people
from Hiroshima.
No offense.
We'll explain it
to you later.
Right now,
there's no time.
Let's move.
Not a good idea, chief.
( growling )
( beeping )
Call the secretary, now!
Yes, sir,
right away, sir!
( beeping )
( static blaring )
Ah, we're running
out of time, chief.
You're right.
Let's get busy.
Can you shoot?
Im a fast learner.
Come on.
Oh, fuck.
This is my
favorite gun.
Let's go.
Come on, princess.
( snarling )
Pay attention.
Check the mag,
make sure you're loaded.
Click it back into place.
Check the barrel,
you got one loaded,
safety's off.
Point, you're ready to fire.
Don't hit
the convertible.
Ill be careful.
( gunshots firing )
Why were you in there?
A brawl.
In a bar.
In a brawl?
What's so funny?
Nothing, I just can't see you
in a brawl or a bar.
Yeah, well, that's
'cause you don't know me.
( gunshots )
Im Jack Stone.
You're wounded.
Hang on.
Let me look at this.
A regular name
for a regular guy.
You sure don't look like
a regular guy, though.
You don't look like
a regular girl.
Ill take that
as a compliment.
Would you mind telling me
what's going on, Jack?
The government wants to
nuke this whole place.
So we brought in
an atomic bomb,
put it in
the nuclear power plant
and it's gonna go off in
about 30 minutes.
You what?
It's the only way
they could be sure that
the virus wouldn't
It's not a virus.
- Come again?
- It's not a virus.
It's a cytotoxic toxin
secreted by
a "microbiotic" organism
synthesized in a lab.
My dad is the leader
of the operation.
His studies in immunology
had drawn
the attention of the army,
who has funded
his research
with millions of dollars.
The problem is, my father
wanted to save lives
while they just
wanted to destroy them.
( clicking )
( rat squeaking )
( rat squeaking )
Anything to report, Doctor?
Im afraid nothing good,
We succeeded in
controlling the toxin,
but the specimens
are showing
an uncontrollable aggressiveness.
We're experiencing an
irreparable side effect.
The toxin somehow acts on
the cerebral tissues,
destroying any
ability of the specimen
to keep the control over
its own aggression.
It basically acts on
the nervous connectors,
enhancing ferocity at
an exponential level.
Try putting a steroid rat
into this cage
and in a manner of seconds,
- nothing will be left of it.
- ( growling )
These other animals are afraid
of this infected specimen,
so I must
keep it covered.
Not to mention the...
Post mortem physical degeneration.
Explain, Doctor.
the toxin kills every
organism at a touch
and at our
current stage of research,
our experimental specimens
are nothing more than
walking dead bodies.
Very good, Doctor.
Very good indeed.
Did you not hear what
I just said, General?
Of course I did.
But people
die in wars,
or did you forget that?
Thanks to your discoveries,
we can now say we're
working ahead of schedule.
And this way, we can avoid
the boring procedure
of notifying
the families of the deceased,
am I right?
Im impressed
by your work, Doctor.
You most certainly
are our man.
But now the time has
come to take your research
to the next level.
What the hell do you think
you're doing, Carter?
The infection rate
is extremely high,
and don't forget,
we haven't succeeded
in controlling
the cytotoxin's
reaction to oxygen yet.
Do you have any idea
What would happen
if the substance comes
into contact with the air?
The slightest inattention
and the infection
would spread.
- Are you out of your mind?
- Watch your tongue, Doctor.
Surely you didn't
believe the millions
our government invested
into your research
were unsecured, did you?
We want results,
and you seem
ready to give us some.
Now... proceed.
( grunting )
( screaming )
( screaming continues )
Carter, for God's sake.
Don't be stupid, Doctor.
God didn't
create any of this.
You did.
( screaming )
( thundering )
What are you
going to do?
Dr. Neumann: I don't know, Sam.
I just don't know.
All I know is that I must
put an end to this madness.
I cannot allow that
man to use
my research
the way he wants to.
I just can't.
Yeah, but how, Dad?
( thundering )
It's dangerous.
Listen, Sam.
Get on the first plane out of here,
just leave the country,
go back to the States,
- to your mum's...
- But, Dad...
You don't understand, Sam.
It's my fault.
It's my fault,
and Im the only one that
can do something about it.
I have to do something
about it.
I need you to get as far
away from here as possible.
It's not safe here
That madman is
liable to do anything.
Just leave, please!
And don't try
and contact me
for any reason.
Ill stay in touch.
( thundering )
I know I can't
say anything
to make you
change your mind.
Just... promise me
youll be careful.
I promise.
( thundering )
( cell phone beeping )
( thundering )
My father tried to stop
the research at any cost.
( gunshots firing )
But it was already too late.
He'd created
what they wanted.
A deadly weapon.
Sam: So he secretly synthesized
a vaccine,
certain that,
sooner or later,
it would have been indispensable.
( growling )
( growling continues )
( subdued growling )
( gun clicking )
So thanks to your father,
that bite mark
didn't turn you
into one of those things.
He injected me
with a vaccine
when he realized
how dangerous
what he was doing was.
I know he's got
a solution
for what's
happening here, too.
My father can stop all this.
He's probably working
at it this very moment.
- Sam.
- Believe me, Jack.
- He can stop it all.
- Sam.
Your father's dead.
He killed himself.
It was in the file
General Carter gave me.
man: Freeze!
Drop the gun!
You don't understand.
I have to do this.
( siren blaring in distance )
Jack: He probably couldn't accept
the responsibility
for what he caused.
Im sorry.
Ive got a good idea!
What's the plan?
You know what
a pile of shite looks like
with flies around it?
( chuckling )
Im gonna create
a big pile of shite.
You're gonna have to
trust me on this one.
( snarling )
( glass shattering )
( beeping )
( quick beeping )
John: Have you got
any aspirin, chief?
I think they're gonna need it.
Are you all right?
I think so.
You did good back there.
We're gonna make it,
you'll see.
Are you wounded?
No, Im okay.
It's just
a scratch.
If you don't mind me interrupting
you two lovebirds,
I think we've got
a wee problem.
( car door closing )
What do you think?
John: Aye.
Of course I can do it.
But you need to
give me some time.
John, time is one thing
we do not have.
Two minutes, that's all
I need is two minutes.
( beeping )
What brought you here?
It's a long story.
I bet you don't
have time to tell me, right?
I don't think you want to
know why Im here.
If I didn't
want to know...
I wouldn't have asked.
It's about her.
It's all for her.
You saved my life.
Im good with it.
John, my friend,
whatever you're doing,
do it fast!
( gunshots )
Will ya slow down, chief?
Im getting old.
( growling )
( snarling )
Time's up, John!
Everyone in the car!
( engine struggling )
- Fuck!
- Oh, shit!
Everybody out!
( growling )
( heart beating )
No, no, no!
( woman screaming )
( heart beating )
( growling )
Jack... Jack!
I can't hold them off
for long, guys!
John: Eden, come on!
( growling )
( beeping )
Jack: If we don't stop
for gas soon,
we're gonna run out
and we'll be on foot.
Sam: Jack, there!
John: Ah, so easy.
Sam, get out
and fill up the tank!
John, help me push!
( growling in distance )
( gunshots )
Get back, Sam.
( horn honking )
( gunshot )
Grab the dog
and follow me!
Come on, get inside!
So who the fuck
are y'all?
I said who
the fuck are y'all?
You got a problem?
It's nothing
I can't fix.
Whoa, John,
whoa, whoa, whoa.
Don't play with him.
Come on,
it's okay.
Im Jack Stone.
This is Eden.
This is Sam.
This irresistible bastard
is Mad Dog.
What about you?
You don't exactly
look like
a Romanian
factory worker to me.
Doug Mulligan,
We was on vacation 'til
those freaks turned up.
And, hell, we was
having a good time, too,
weren't we, sugar pie?
This here is Claire,
by the way,
and the dog's Indiana.
She don't
talk a whole bunch,
but believe me, she got many fine
hidden qualities.
Don't take it personally,
big fella.
She's been the silent type
since her psycho brother
killed her entire
family with a hammer.
Ma, Pa, little brother.
Yeah, it's some
pretty bad shit
and she's a brave girl.
Jack: I want to thank you again
For what you did outside.
I appreciate that.
and most importantly,
we've got to get
out of here.
Now, what's your
van situation like?
Well, shoot.
The tank's as empty as
Your friend's skull here.
I was hoping to fill her up
and those freaks
turned up again.
I know if we wait it out
and stay real hushed
that they're gonna fuck off.
They don't seem
too bright.
That's not an option.
I wasn't joking when I said
we have to get out of here soon.
( beeping )
Doug: An atomic fucking bomb?
You're shitting me, right?
Well, what the fuck
are we going to do now?
General Carter's plans
include our deaths,
so here we are.
Im sorry we got
you and Claire
involved in this, Doug.
I thought this was
gonna be a nice,
relaxing trip,
but no, those goblin
donkey fuckers...
Always gotta mess with an
honest man's piece of mind!
If we're gonna die together,
we might as well die with
no hard feelings.
Drink up, my friend.
The amber nectar.
I didn't have
any hard feelings.
What now?
I don't know.
I really don't know.
I guess Im never gonna
open that restaurant.
Sorry, Dragan.
At least
we die with honor.
You guys
being serious?
No, we can't give up.
Not while that timer
is still counting down.
If we die here,
Carter will have it
all his own way
and nobody...
no one will ever
know the truth.
The airport is close.
We still have enough
time to get to it.
We have to get to it!
The world needs to know
what happened here.
She's right.
Fuck, I don't even know who
this Carter guy is,
but if this
fucked-up shit is down to him
then I certainly want to
give him
a very large
piece of my mind.
Fuck, I hate uniforms!
They're all
fucked in the head!
No offense, fellas.
But you gotta put yourself
in my shoes, okay?
I... I nearly
died today, hmm?
Doug: # Running
on the railroad #
# Running on the railroad #
# Running on
the railroad now #
Honey pie, you still
pointing that thing at me?
My God, the way
you carrying on,
the only memory you're gonna
have of this entire trip
is gonna be my ugly mug!
( speaking gibberish )
( laughing )
Well, at least it looks
like this goddamn rain
- is finally quitting.
- ( cat meowing )
You should
point this thing out,
get some of this amazing
foreign scenery,
'cause, you know... you know,
I think we are very
close now, you know.
I think we're
almost there.
Are you ready?
I said,
"Are you ready?"
To meet the one,
the only,
Count Dracula!
( laughing )
Oh, what is this now?
Stay in the van,
honey pie.
( dog barking )
Can you hear me,
You okay?
- ( growling )
- Ahh!
Oh, what the fuck?!
( snarling )
Honey pie!
( growling )
Oh, Jesus, God!
( yelling )
What the fuck?!
Get the shit out of my life,
you fucking crazy...
( groaning )
( gunshot )
( huffing )
Next time, honey...
keep your eyes open!
I kid you not.
I almost did a little poo.
We're gonna have to
thin down their number
if we're gonna get
out of here alive.
( dog whimpering )
Doug, how many bullets
do you have left?
Just two, Im afraid.
Maybe we could
draw their attention
like we did back at
the police station.
( dog whimpering )
( growling )
Doug: Holy shit!
I can't get a clear shot!
Fuck you!
Oh my God,
No, no, fuck you!
- ( gurgling )
- ( dog barking )
Honey pie!
Jesus Christ, put the gun down,
darling, please?!
Please, sweetheart,
put the gun down,
we'll be fine, we'll...
we'll get you to a doctor,
I swear, you'll be fine,
sweetheart, please!
- No!
- ( gunshot )
Sweetie pie, no!
Nothing I can do...
Oh, God.
Sweetie pie.
Oh, please...
oh, God.
If you got any good ideas
left in that
brain of yours, chief,
now is the time to
come up with it.
Without gassing up
the truck,
we're not going anywhere.
Maybe we can find
a vehicle around here
to get out of here with.
...just maybe
we've still got a chance.
I still love you
so much, my sweetie.
Jack: What do you have
in mind?
You're gonna have to
trust me on this one, chief.
How fair to
the airport?
Five miles at the most.
Im gonna try and buy you
as much time as possible.
Godspeed, my friend.
Doug: Oh, God, no...
Mad Dog.
Ill be fine.
How are we gonna
know when to get out?
You'll know.
My friend...
you'll know.
Jesus Christ.
( snarling )
And what are you
doing here, Princess?
Time to get
serious, John.
Don't you think the timing's
a little bit off?
I think you should go,
before I get...
other ideas.
General Carter will get
what he fucking deserves.
Come on, now.
Get it together, man,
get it together.
( snarling )
Come on,
you motherfuckers!
Come on!
Jack, just go!
( growling )
All right, let's go!
Im gonna cut your friend
the General's eyelids off,
staple this here photo
to his forehead,
while I gut
him like a boar!
We'll get him.
( growling )
( rattling )
Ugh, Dragan...
I think Im gonna
need you on this one.
( yelling )
( grunting )
Come on then!
Ya wee shits!
Run, Eden, run!
Eden: Never!
John, Eden,
come on!
Get out of here!
God, God...
( screaming )
It is...
time to meet again!
( flames swooshing )
( growling )
What is it, Private?
They stopped just outside
the city's perimeter.
Orders, sir?
Tell the special forces
to be ready.
I want the girl.
Kill the others.
Is the helicopter ready?
Yes, sir.
Let's go.
We're running
out of time.
Yes, sir.
( car doors closing )
( dog whimpering )
( dog panting )
How many shots
do you have left?
Still just the two, Jack.
God, I tried to get 'em
to breed, but, you know,
they just ain't
in the mood.
You have more
in common with John
than just a shitty attitude.
What's the plan?
I say we get out there,
we kill Carter.
Let's go.
( girl screaming )
Carter: Well, well.
Im impressed.
Ive got to give you
credit, Stone.
I underestimated you.
It's a pity.
I could have
used a man like you.
( chuckling )
And who's this...
Put the toy down.
Put it down, Doug.
It's all right, girl.
He gonna get his.
You let her go.
Or I will kill you.
You're in no position
to be giving orders.
We placed the bomb.
My mission...
is accomplished.
Give me back my daughter
and let us go.
What more do
you want from us?
You're much more precious than
you think you are,
Ms. Neumann.
You hold within yourself
the secret of your
father's great work.
I don't understand.
Your blood.
From that,
we will synthesize
Your father's vaccine
and Project "K" can continue
without any more
unfortunate accidents.
Isn't it
a pity there's no room
for your new friends
in our helicopter.
I think we can allow
the little family reunion.
in exchange
for Ms. Neumann.
After all, we're not
Ms. Neumann.
Come here.
I think it's time we were
leaving, gentlemen.
( growling )
Jack, run!
Carter: Go, get them!
( shots firing )
( zombie yelling )
( grunting )
( growling )
( necks snapping )
( yelling )
( dog whimpering )
All right, honey.
You stay right here,
and remember,
be really quiet, okay?
Doug: Jack.
You hold Indiana, she's
gonna keep you safe, okay?
They're a-comin'.
We gotta go.
( grunting )
( grunting )
Let's do this
Alabama style!
( zombie growling )
( gunshots )
( clicking )
Come on!
You bastard!
( growling )
( yelling )
( grunting )
I told you
I hate uniforms.
Come on!
Whoa, whoa!
Okay, honey,
you go with Doug
and run to the chopper.
Im gonna go
look for Sam.
Jack, run!
( growling )
( growling )
( growling )
Come on,
gotta keep up!
( growling )
Go, Sam,
get to the helicopter!
Doug: Holy shit!
( whistling )
I don't know
where the hell you from,
but I know this is
gonna hurt!
( whizzing )
- ( explosion )
- Woo-hoo!
Take that,
you son of a bitch!
( blades whirring )
( growling )
( beeping )
( beeping )
You know, in the end...
that bastard got
what he wanted.
How do you mean?
The general's dead.
Ain't shit left of him.
Or the evidence.
I mean, come on, Doug.
Who's gonna
believe our story?
I wouldn't be so sure
of that, little miss.
Id sure as hell like
to see 'em deny this.
Ahh, Jesus, God...
( yelling )
What the fuck?!
Get the shit out of my life,
you fucking...
You know, my old man
always used to say,
men don't learn shit
from their mistakes.
that happened once...
bound to happen again
sooner or later.
Well, Doug,
I don't know if a few men
can make a difference,
but sometimes it can be enough
to just kick the right ass
at the right time.
( beeping )
( snarling )
( beeping )
( snarling )
( beeping )
( beeping )
( beeping )
( growling )
( beeping )
( gates creaking )
( birds chirping )
( bird squawking )
( growling )
( growling )
( yelling )
( yelling )
( screaming )
( yelling )
( gunshot )
Come on, ladies.
You ain't seen
nothing yet.
( spits )
( gun clicking )
( gunshot )
( static )
( static )
( static and music continue )