Zombie Movie (2005) Movie Script

[car engine rumbles]
[car engine dies]
[radio static]
BROADCASTER: The dead body must be exterminated by destroying the brain
or severing the brain from the body.
Should we be unable to stop the spread...
Military officials have not ruled out the use of artillery shelling
on areas heavily congested with the undead.
SAM: Can we listen to Metal Skull?
PAUL: Nope, we're saving the battery.
[distant explosion]
[distant gunshot]
It's just that with a full tank...
Ow! What was that for?
I didn't see you run in to help with that towny wanker but me, so fucking drop it!
DARRYN: Better leave it, bro
That really hurt, you dick!
Thanks, man.
Just one bit, you prick.
[distant explosion]
[distant gunfire]
[distant screaming]
[gun cocking]
[zombies moaning]
[gun squeaking]
Don't waste the ammo. We might need it to fight our way out.
Yeah, that worked for Harry.
How's your hand, bro?
It's all right.
You're gonna turn into one of them... skull-for-a-face cunts.
I am not. Doesn't even hurt, all right?
What do you think you're doing?
C'mon, mate. I really need a smoke.
You can't smoke in the car!
Fuck off.
This is dad's car and you can't smoke in it, he's asthmatic!
I don't think your dad's gonna mind too much.
I mean, the car's need even vomit. One little ciggy wouldn't hurt, would it?
We were gonna tell you bro, but this isn't the right time.
Your dad's dead.
We were looking for you at your house, mate.
And there he was.
Dead, bro.
All fucked up.
What about mum?
Was mum okay?
Oh... fuck, what?
She was eating him.
Gimme a fucking cigarette.
But you don't smoke!
[jean button and zipper opening]
[Paul shaving]
[Darryn urinating]
Ozzy Osbourne.
Yeah. Sabbath?
Yeah, fuck yeah.
Yeah. Fully, man. Fully.
KISS! Yeah...
Fuck, Sam? KISS ain't evil, bro. They're gay.
KISS ain't gay.
They wear make-up.
Yeah, but they got chains, spikes and dragons for feet mail on their boots.
Dragons! Rawr...!
Fuck up, Sam.
Paul mate...
The fuck is this?
Lot of good that does.
Yeah, hold on.
Is dad's toolbox still in the back, bro?
Yeah, bro.
Right there.
[drill rattling and squeaking]
[wood chipping]
[metal grinding]
That's it.
[gasoline pouring]
All of it, bro. We don't wanna run out of DNA.
That's it.
We're geniuses!
Like Sabbath.
sigh Yeah!
Shall I get out and push?
Fuck up, Sam!
[key snaps off]
pent up
[zombies moaning]
[Sam sobbing and weeping]
Fuck up, fuck up, fuck up!
Leave him alone, he just needs a cigarette.
And I could fucking have one if you cunts didn't have to start smoking.
Come to think of it, none of you would have even started smoking
if this cunt had just filled the tank to start with,
and we wouldn't even still be here
if you had to drill the fucking hole in the right fucking place!
I'm sick of it...!
I'm sick of all this shit...!
I want you to kill me.
Don't be so stupid.
What's the difference? We're fucked...,
everyone I know is dead...,
and we're stuck in here... waiting to starve to death.
I've been thinking about it.
I've made up my mind.
You just need a cigarette.
I need to be dead.
And if you don't wanna be good mates and save me a lot of pain...,
then hell, I just have to step outside and not close the door.
But I'd rather not.
Can we eat you?
I guess.
Were you gonna like... cook me?
How are we gonna cook him?
The lighter still works.
We could barbeque bits of him.
Nah, it'd take forever.
You could set fire in this here tire compartment and use the lid for a hot plate.
Burn my clothes, wind the windows down a bit.
You'll be fine.
Don't eat my cock and balls, still wet.
Where you gonna do it, bro?
The throat?
Nah, too much blood.
What about the heart?
It's only a Swiss army knife, mate.
Let's give it a go, then.
[stabbing repeatedly]
(murmuring) Stop!
What's he saying?
He's saying this isn't deep.
Give it to me, bro. You're fucking it up.
I'm not fucking it up!
Stop, stop, stop, stop!!!
[rapidly stabbing]
Ah, fuck it.
T-take me..., take me to the hospital.
I-I need a doctor.
Got a first aid kit right here in the boot. Ay, Paul?
[gun squeak]
Sorry, bro.
I was just trying to help, ay?
[Sam groaning and wheezing]
Fuck up, Sam.
PAUL: Darryn, mate. ...I don't feel to good, ay.
You wanna lie down, bro?
[meat sizzling]
Sorry, Sam. I'm just so fucking hungry.
[Paul growling]
Paul, mate. Keep it down, ay?
Fuck up.
[Paul growling]
Sorry, bro.
You're putting me off my food.
[zombies gnarling]
[ripping Paul's head off]
[bashing hole in]
[manhole opening]
Sorry about your dad's car, bro.
Fucking geniuses.
PAUL: All of it, bro. We don't wanna run out of DNA.
[heavenly music plays]
[engine starts up]
Can we listen to Metal Skull?
Yeah, bud. Of course we can.
[Crumb's "Burn Baby Burn" playing]
You know you've got me chasing fire
You know you've got me on the run
You say that you don't know and you don't even care
Mmm, but you look like you having fun
Well, I wanna take you higher
Burn, baby, burn, baby, burn, baby, burn
Oooh, I come by desire
Burn, baby, burn, baby, burn, baby, burn
I know you just can't wait to see me
I know you just can't wait to see
You say that you don't know and you don't even care
Ooh, why don't you let me be
Well, I wanna take you higher