Zombie Night (2013) Movie Script

Oh my god, look.
Oh my god, oh my god.
Tracie honey, don't look at that ok.
That's so sad.
Just call your mom, ok?
Look, we're all going to the panic
room with my dad in like thirty minutes.
We have to be up there.
Look, I don't know where you are but you've
got to tell your dad he's got to turn around
and you guys have to
get here now, ok?
What are you talking about?
Just trust me.
You guys have to get here now.
You just... Tracie?
What did he say, hun?
I don't know he was just ranting.
What did he say?
Dad, I don't -
I think something is wrong.
Ok, here we go.
We'll take the short cut home.
Dad, look out!
You ok baby?
Yeah dad, I'm ok.
Rachel, you alright?
Yeah Mr. Jackson, I'm fine.
That guy came out of nowhere.
Oh my god Dad look over there.
Honey call 911.
Call 911!
Dad, what do we do?
Is he alive?
Tracy, stay there.
Stay there honey.
Oh, oh my god.
Where's the rest of him?
Honey, did you call?
Yeah I just got the recording again.
Dad, look over there!
Rachel! Rachel come back!
Tracie, get the flashlight
from the car honey.
- Rachel, where are you?
- What is happening?
I don't know baby, I don't know.
There she is.
Oh my god.
That is not her.
Dad, who are these people?
Ah, dad is that a hand?
He's alive.
Get back honey. Get back.
He's got friends.
How's that possible?
Come on baby we got to go.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
...in an area of elevated virus
activity, be prepared to evacuate
your home for shelter at the
order of local authorities.
If suspicions of persons exhibiting signs
of infections, report these individuals...
Hey, hey!
Freeze! Freeze!
Don't move.
Ten six seven...
all officers to the station.
Ten six seven.
Hang on! Freeze or I'll shoot!
Stop! Stop!
Ten six seven.
All officers to the station.
Dad. Dad!
You see that light in the distance?
We're going to run
towards that light, ok?
Just follow daddy.
Dad wait!
Dad, what about Rachel?
Shh, be quiet. Be quiet. Be quiet.
Tracie! Tracie!
Please! Please!
Tracie! Tracie!
My phone.
Shhh, hold on.
Baby, stay here.
- Dad be careful!
- Get back inside!
Rachel where are you?
Mr. Jackson?
Mr. Jackson!
Mr. Jackson! Ahhh!
Baby I tried to save her.
I tried to save Rachel.
I tried to save her, I tried.
Don't you worry.
I'm not going to let them get you.
I'm not going to let them get you.
I got you.
I got you.
Birdie, it's Joe.
Tell Patrick to bring water!
It's not him mom,
it's Joseph from next door.
Listen, did Patrick and Tracie
get back yet?
No, not yet.
Ok umm, you and your mom should
just come over because we want
to get into the safe room
sooner rather than later.
- Tracie?
- No.
Birdie, someone is pounding
on the door.
Ok mom!
Listen, somebody is at the door.
I think that it might be Patrick.
Well don't just open the door.
We will be right over, ok.
Make sure before
you open the door.
Help please!
Oh my god please!
Just open the door!
Please let me in!
I don't recognize that voice!
Don't let them in.
Please help me!
Don't let them in!
Please help!
They'll kill us Birdie.
Somebody help! Ahhh!
Help! Please!
Please let me in!
Mom just stay there.
Mom, stay away from the windows.
Stay away from the door.
I'll be back mom.
I'll be right back.
Don't move, ok?
Don't move!
Someone's being attacked.
I think she's dead.
They tried to break in!
This is Barbara Lincoln.
Mrs. Lincoln?
From Silverwood High?
This is Vincent Lopez,
class of 2000.
I got suspended for tagging.
You're an officer now?
Yeah, yeah thanks to you.
You were the only one
that ever believed in me.
Wait, Mrs. Lincoln do you still
live on Pine street?
There's someone in the house!
I think they're going to kill us!
Birdie! I'm scared, Birdie!
I'm scared Birdie, I'm scared!
I'm coming to help you right now.
I'll be right there.
Officer Johnson, stop!
Mom are you ok?
I heard them.
I heard them upstairs.
Oh mom, that was me.
That was just me. I was getting...
Anybody there?
Anybody there?
I have a gun!
It's ok mom.
I think it's nothing.
It's nothing.
Stay here mom.
Come out!
Come out.
I have a gun and I will shoot it.
Shoot it!
Don't shoot me, don't shoot!
Don't shoot.
Janice? Is that...
Please don't shoot.
Don't, don't move.
Stay where you are.
I'm not one of them, I promise.
Why are you bleeding?
Please, I didn't mean
to scare you.
I didn't know where else to go.
My boyfriend, Michael,
he just attacked me!
He tried to bite me.
Oh my god look at this.
They are tearing each other
apart out there.
It's just not safe to go.
Irena, don't go.
I have to go be
with my family now.
God bless and protect
you sweet boy.
Please, we will take you home
when it is safe.
I can't wait.
Do you understand this?
My mother needs these.
She needs me.
Karen, will you shut her
the hell up.
But your dead will live.
Their bodies will rise.
The earth will give birth
to her dead.
Go my people. Enter your rooms
and shut the doors behind you.
That's enough.
Hide yourselves for a little while.
Until his wrath has passed by.
- I'll slap your face!
- Dad what are you doing?
I've had it!
No one is leaving this house!
This door doesn't open for you
or anyone else!
What about Tracie and her family?
They had their shot.
That's it, they missed it.
No, you promised me.
I'm not your servant.
You have no right.
Oh I have every right. This is my house,
this is my family. That gives me the right.
What is wrong with you?
Take this, take this.
Stop it.
Stop it, you go in here.
I'm sorry Irena.
This is for your own good.
What are you doing?
Locking her in this room.
She's safe.
She's safe. She'll be fine.
Now come on, let's get going.
We got to get everything
up to the safe room.
We got to lock that door in
about ten minutes. Come on!
Let's go, come on.
Joseph she's screaming.
She'll run out of steam
pretty soon.
She's ok. Come on. Come on.
It's ok. She'll be fine.
Oh god. It's the same recording.
Text her honey.
I did. She hasn't responded.
I told them to get to the
madden safe house.
I don't want her to leave the house. It's
not safe for her to go outside right now.
Do you think help will come?
For us?
For anyone?
I don't know honey.
Crap there's another one.
Here take this.
Just take this.
Dad I don't know
what to do with this.
Do whatever it takes honey.
We are gonna get through this.
Dad! Dad!
Dad! Get him off me.
Dad! Please help!
I gotta get something
to cut that wire.
Ouch! Ow.
- Maybe you should put this on your face.
- Oh thank you.
I didn't know where else to go.
It's ok. You did the right thing
by coming here.
I called the police.
They should be here by now.
The Police? What...
Oh! What happened?
The power is out mom.
Oh thank god.
Oh listen, we are going to have
to take everything that we can
that is not nailed down and put
it up against the doors.
This one and the front one.
Ok anything flat and strong, we are
gonna put up against all the windows.
And nail them up
against the windows.
I mean anything that's not nailed down. Anything
strong let's put them against these windows.
Call the police again. They
should be here by now.
Mom don't you understand?
Everything is dead.
I want to help.
I'm sorry.
Listen mom I'm sorry.
Listen, the phone is dead ok?
The phone is dead and we can't
call and wait for somebody
to come and help us.
We have to do it ourselves. Mom.
- What was that?
- It was just mom.
Janice please take my mom to the basement
and lock the door behind you ok.
- Birdie. - Mom it's ok.
- Oh Birdie.
- Mom please.
- Birdie.
Come on Mrs. Lincoln
we'll be ok.
- Mom please! Just do it.
- Birdie.
Come down to the basement. We can
wait for the police together. Birdie.
- I can't mom.
- Wait for the police together.
One step.
Alright good.
One more. There you go.
One more.
Ok be careful.
You be careful.
I know my way around.
Last one.
There you go. Alright.
Let's find you somewhere to sit
here. Let's go through here.
Just a few more steps here.
- Step up.
- I know.
One more. Ok.
Alright, umm... Stay right here
and I'm gonna find you a chair.
Alright. Here you go
Mrs. Lincoln.
You'll be safe here ok?
Ven ac.
Venir aqu. Est bien.
Hey hey! Wait wait!
No wait wait wait!
Get out! Stop!
Stop! Get out of the car!
Get out of the car!
- Let go of the weapon Sir.
- We need it! - Let go of the weapon!
Let go of the weapon sir.
Hey I'm sorry...
Everybody get out of the car!
Get out!
She's ok.
She downs stairs.
I left the lantern down there.
Let's get some more things
against the back door.
What's that?
Someone here?
Birdie! Where are you?
Birdie! I want you to come now!
Oh, oh, oh!
How you doing down here?
Mom! Mom! Mom!
Oh my god!
Oh my god!
Mom! Mom!
They killed her!
They're in here!
They killed her!
She's ok! She's ok, she's ok.
No! Mom! No!
Mom it's Birdie. It's Birdie.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Stop! Mom!
She bit you.
You could turn into one of them.
I don't think I am.
How do you know!
I don't.
You've got your sleeping bag
and all of your goodies.
It's just like camping.
Come here.
Everything is going
to be fine sweetie.
This room is safe.
Nothing is going to get you.
And in a couple days,
may be a week...
The police are gonna come and they're
gonna make all the bad guys go away.
Cause the good guys always win.
And we are gonna have
our friends here.
You like Tracie.
What about Irena?
You feel cold.
Are you cold?
Joe? Would you guys
please get in here.
Alright. Blankets.
Umm look, mommy is gonna go get one
more thing then we're gonna be all set.
So I need you to stay here.
You hear me?
Stay right here.
Ok mommy is gonna shut the door.
So you'll be safe.
Perry come on we gotta go now.
You can't stay down here. Ok you
can't stay down here it's not safe.
We gotta go upstairs.
Look this is selfish.
Every minute that you are spending down here
you are endangering your little brother.
You don't understand.
No I do understand. You are trying to
control something you can't control.
And you texting her over and over and over
it's not gonna make her respond any quicker.
I'm trying to control
something I can't control?
Yes. Yes.
What's happening with you?
- I'm trying to keep everyone safe.
- Hey guys?
We have to stay safe.
Now right now this is about us
keeping our family safe.
She is my family!
What's going on?
He won't go upstairs.
I told Tracie I'd wait for her.
You've got to get your ass upstairs
or I'm a drag you up I swear.
Look what are you shaking
your head about?
Look at what's going on outside?
We're not safe in this room.
We got to get upstairs.
That's it. That's it.
She will get back to you
if she can get back to you.
You two are making me crazy.
Now listen.
Those things are outside.
We have a safe place upstairs
and we are all going up. Everyone!
Are you ok?
When Tracie and her family get here
they can call and we'll them in.
Don't cry.
We'll let them in right?
Yes. Yes. We'll let them in.
Please let's go before
something bad happens.
You know all that stuff I said before about
them missing their chance, I didn't mean it.
I just got scared.
Alright we'll let them in.
They will get here. Patrick will
find us and we'll let them in.
But right now we got to stay safe.
Or we can't help anybody, alright?
So we have to go
upstairs right now.
You and...
Nathan! Joe! Perry!
Where is Nathan?
What? What?
Where is Nathan?
I thought he was with you?
No! He's not there!
I don't know where he is!
Where's the gun?
Oh my god!
Get out of here!
Get him out of here!
Shoot 'em in the head!
Shoot it!
I - I don't think she'll get up again.
And, I don't think you'll
change into one of them.
Birdie I'm sorry.
Oh god.
What's gonna happen to us?
I don't know.
You think you mom was r-right
and there's a cop coming?
My mom hasn't been
all there for years.
I don't even know
if she talk to the police.
It's more of them.
They're coming for us.
Maybe the cops.
There's too many of them.
Oh my god.
- Mom it's us!
- Birdie it's us! Let us in!
Are you guys ok?
You hurt?
No. Everything is ok.
I'm ok, I'm ok.
Is anyone else hurt?
My mom.
She bit Birdie
but we think she's ok.
They got nana?
I got nana.
She kept coming after us.
It's ok.
You did the right thing.
I mean she would
have killed you both.
Did they attack her?
We don't know.
She just died of a heart attack
or something. And then she turned
and she kept coming at us so, we
shot her a bunch of times.
And finally Birdie got
her in the head.
Then she stopped baby?
Oh god.
It's ok.
It's the only way to stop them.
I was so worried about nana.
Oh. Oh god.
Ok. Ok here.
Ok, ok.
Mom's got you.
I got you.
Right in there. Right in there.
Direct pressure, direct pressure. Right
there. Direct pressure right there,
Ok good. You got that out.
Oh my god.
Ok. Ok.
Baby don't look. Don't look.
There's suppose to be a police office coming
but they were suppose to be here a while ago.
We gotta go.
The Madden's have a safe house
that we can stay at.
Yeah dad.
Perry promised to let us in.
They have enough food for weeks and he said
it would be best if we all stick together.
Joe said so too.
- I would if he said so.
- Perry promised.
This door is not gonna hold.
Let me check this window.
It's rusted shut.
Give me something
to break this window.
Dad look out!
They're coming!
Come on. Let's go! Come on!
We gotta go. We gotta go!
Come on.
Run next door to the Madden
house as fast you can.
I'm not going
anywhere without you.
Come on.
Do me a favor Patrick, if something happens
to me... If I turn into one of them,
you put me out of my misery.
- Dad!
- Come on. Come on.
Perry. Perry it's us let us in.
Tracie's here.
Perry let us in.
Oh my god we're too late.
They must all be dead.
Perry are you there?
Mr. Madden let us in.
Oh god now we are too late.
Perry let us in!
Come they're coming. Come on.
No wait.
Let us in!
Let us in!
Come on let us in!
Let them in.
For god sake let them in.
Patrick, Tracie, Birdie.
Thank god! Mr. Madden let us in.
I'm sorry I'm afraid
I can't do that.
I have to think of my family.
You son of a bitch.
What are you doing?
They're our neighbors.
I'm keeping us alive.
I'm keeping us alive.
Come on Perry let us in.
Baby please! Perry come on!
There's reports coming in from
Europe that these things and the
attacks just stop when
the sun comes up.
So you only have to make it
through to the morning, you see?
If we make it through this I'm
kill this son of a bitch.
- Honey.
- What baby?
But I can't take a chance and open the
door. Because we had one attack already.
We gotta go. We gotta go.
I just can't take the chance.
- So good luck.
- They're our neighbors.
- Save Perry.
- Come on, come on, come on.
Good luck to you.
Good luck.
Tracie come on!
Come on.
Karen has a green house.
I think she said its storm proof.
Keep coming this way girls.
Come on. Come on.
They've been our
neighbors for 18 years.
Our children grew up together.
You carried Tracie in your own
arms when she twisted her ankle.
How could you leave them
out there to die?
Patrick would have
done the same thing.
Hold on here.
Wait wait wait wait.
Come on. Come on,
come on, come on.
Come on.
Honey give me that rake.
You're ok.
We need more towels.
We need more towels.
There aren't any.
It's ok. You're ok.
If I could see the wound.
Oh! If I could see it!
If we can see it we can sew it.
It's too deep.
We can try to sew it.
Let's just try to sew it.
He's not gonna make it.
He's not gonna make it.
He's not gonna make it.
It's alright.
I'm so sorry.
Don't you dare.
No! Don't you dare.
You want the last thing he sees
is you blowing out his brains?
He's gonna turn.
You want to be in here
with him when he turns?
I will not let you
murder our child.
I'm not gonna murder him.
You did. You killed them.
I did not.
I didn't, I didn't. Ok here take it.
Mrs. Lincoln?
Hello? Is anybody in here?
This is officer Lopez.
Please answer me Mrs. Lincoln.
Mrs. Lincoln!
Mrs. Lincoln?
I'm so sorry.
You think it'll hold?
You think it's storm proof?
That's what Karen said.
You think so?
Perry's dead.
Hush honey. You don't know that.
No. He must be.
Other wise he would have let us
in or run downstairs to be with me.
He - He wouldn't just
leave me like that.
Baby maybe he's hurt.
Maybe Joe has him tied up.
Maybe he's a big rat.
I hate to break it to you all but, Patrick
you are the only decent guy I know.
The rest of them are rats.
Your boyfriend is a rat
just like his daddy.
You know what rats do when the
first sight of trouble?
They run.
God, I don't know what to think.
You just think the best
of people baby, ok?
Do let anybody ever take
that away from you.
- Ok?
- Ok. I really love you mom.
I love you too baby.
Come on. Get behind the table.
What are you doing?
I don't know. I don't know.
Let me think.
We should get the hell out.
Well at least it's holding.
We are ok here for a while.
What's the difference?
There is no point anymore.
What's that?
Watch out baby.
Shit! Don't look.
Maybe they'll go away.
Oh my god. Oh my god.
Maybe it will really hold.
Wait. What is that one doing?
He's just gonna
hit the foundation.
There is no foundation.
It's a dirt floor.
We should have gotten
out when I said.
There's too many of them now.
Dad do something!
This is my family! Back off!
Back off! Back off!
Back off!
My family!
Back off!
They listened.
Dad you did it.
What's that sound?
This is the police.
Everybody get down. Get down!
The police.
Get down. Get down!
No Dad. Dad we have to help him.
Help him!
Get down.
Come on. Come on. Climb up.
Climb up to the mate and balcony.
- What?
- You gotta get up there.
Come on baby.
No dad I can't climb like that.
Tracie I'm get you safe but you got to help
me out here. I can't do it alone. Come on.
Come on. Get up. Get up.
- Put your foot up here.
- Ok.
Trace wait for us
when you get up there.
There won't be enough room.
We won't all make it.
We'll do it honey,
it'll hold you.
Come on.
Got it?
Give me your foot baby.
Come on Birdie we got this.
Birdie take Tracie inside.
I have a promise
I intend to keep.
Come on.
No. No.
I'm so sorry Perry.
We have to do this.
We have to do this.
I'm so sorry Perry.
Oh my god!
Oh my god. Oh my god!
Karen get out!
Help us.
Please help.
No we can't take the risk.
Come on.
You wanted us dead.
No, no, no. We were
just trying to stay alive.
Who's in there?
Nathan is still alive?
- He's so scared.
- He's in there?
Oh my god.
You'll hit Nathan.
Alright Nathan. Come out this way
buddy. Just crawl around your dad, ok?
Come around here buddy.
Nathan baby.
Come on out.
It's ok. Come to mommy.
Come quick.
No! No!
Let go! Let him go!
Come on honey. Watch out.
Hurry they're inside!
Watch out honey.
Come on. Watch out.
Come on Tracie.
The bank.
I know the code.
There's a security system.
We'll be safe inside the vault.
Perry. I love you.
Come. Come on. Come on.
What about that car?
Maybe we can try to get it
working or something.
- Where's your car Karen?
- It's in the garage.
But the keys are in Joseph's pocket.
Dad. Dad look. The police.
- Are those police lights?
- Come on.
Help us!
Help us!
Officer! Help!
Those weren't police lights.
Those were construction lights.
Dad we're trapped.
We gotta go down.
We gotta go down.
Here Karen. Hold this.
We're going down. Get ready.
Go Go!
Nathan you go next.
Quickly but safely.
Go ahead honey. Go ahead.
Give me that rock!
Come on guys let's go.
I'm so sorry about Perry.
And about your husband.
I am so sorry I ever
doubted you and Perry.
Honey he loved you so much.
He wanted you there. He just
He couldn't move.
Oh my god.
I knew it.
I'm trying to move this plate.
It's stuck.
Maybe we should stay down here
for a while. I mean if we only
have to make it till sunrise
this could be our best bet.
You know it's not a bad idea. Maybe we have
to figure out what's behind those vines.
I can't imagine it
could be any worse.
I think you better come see this.
What is it baby?
They're digging through.
Come on honey follow me.
Come on.
We gotta run come on.
Help me out with this.
Ok. No everybody help.
Just put your weight into it.
We can hold them off ok?
Dad what are we gonna do?
We gotta hold them off honey.
We gotta hold them off.
I think one just fell through.
This is crazy!
Alright we can hold them
off until sunrise.
We should make a run for it.
We don't know what's out there.
Yes but we know
what is behind there.
What are you waiting for?
Hold the door.
Everyone just put
your weight into it.
Can't take that risk
with my son's life.
Come on honey let's go quick.
But mommy.
Help us!
He's all I got left. I'm sorry.
We have to go.
We have to get through these plants.
Help mommy get through these plants ok?
We have to go back and help them.
I know you want to help. I know.
But we have to get
through there, ok?
We have to get through
the other side. Help me.
There you go.
Good. Go!
Baby we're not gonna
be able to hold this.
Listen to me. I want you to take Tracie
and I want you to make a run for it ok?
You guys get a head start.
Just go.
I love you. Just go.
Move on three.
Tracie, Tracie we
don't have a choice.
No we can't leave dad.
Not the cemetery.
There's gotta be a safe place.
Come on. Stay quiet.
Help us!
Oh my god! It's Rachel.
Hey! Hey Rachel!
Take him!
Take him! Take him!
Hey girl! Hey look at me.
Watch over him.
Rachel! Come on.
I'm going to check it out.
Scream if you hear anything.
Sometimes I have a nightmare.
I had it lots of times.
And everyone I know is a monster.
And they touch me.
And I turn into one too.
It's gonna be sunrise soon ok?
We just have to hide until then.
We're gonna make it.
Ok come on. It's safer in here
then it is out there.
Come on.
Alright let's barricade the door.
Let me see if I can find
something to use.
Good Job. Good Job.
Mom. Look!
Here you should take this.
That's great.
Get back. Get back.
We gotta get Nathan safe.
Ok come on.
Sshh. Right here.
You. Stay. Stay back ok?
We need you to stay there.
Oh no baby you don't want that.
No it's fine just let him keep it.
Oh my god. They're here.
God it's gotta be sunrise soon.
I'm putting you in a casket.
You'll be safe. They can't
get a hold of you.
You'll be safe. Get in here.
Mom no!
It's only a matter of time
before they get in here.
Ok so you'll be safe in here.
Now help me pick this up.
But what about you?
I'm gonna stay out and protect you
from anything that comes in here.
No I'll help. We have a better
chance as a team.
Baby you're right ok? You're
right but your father promised
to keep you safe and now
it's my promise too.
Nobody should ever ever have to go
through what you went through today.
But I've got it ok?
I've got it. Now lift!
Ready? 1... 2... 3.
Ok good. Perfect.
You look after Nathan ok?
I want my mommy.
I know sweetheart.
I want my mommy too.
You are the bravest
boy that I know.
You look after my little girl ok?
I love you mom.
I'll see you at sunrise.
I love you too baby.
I want my mommy.
I want everyone to be ok.
I know. I know, but
we need to be very quiet.
We can't let them hear us.
God. Screw this.
No. Please. Please stop.
No. No.
Please don't.
Please don't let them get me.
Baby! Baby!
Baby it's me!
It's me.
I just went for where all
the action was and
I figured that's where my
Birdie is gonna be.
Where's Tracie?
She's safe. Patrick!
Oh no! This doesn't look good.
Come on baby we make a great team. I'll
set them up you'll knock them down.
I love you Patrick.
I love you too Birdie.
Sshh. Very quiet.
As quiet like a mouse.
Sshh. Sshh.
Quiet. Not a sound.
How do you turn it off?
How do we turn it off?
Are you ok?
Quite a hook there baby.
It's ok. It's ok.
Come here buddy.
Come on, come on out.
How about some pancakes? Huh?
You like pancakes?
You want some pancakes?
Ok I'll tell you what.
There you go.
My Birdie here makes the best
pancakes in the whole world.
I bet we can talk her into
making us some ok?
Alright let's get out of here.
Come on guys.
Just look straight ahead.
Ok buddy.
Just keep walking straight out of
here buddy. Don't look at any of this.
It's ok. Keep going.
Oh god.
Don't look baby. Don't look.
Keep your head up.
It's ok buddy come ready?
Come on.
Oh my god.
Thank you daddy.
Could not have seen a more
beautiful sunrise.
What happens tonight?
When the sun comes down again?
Come on guys.