Zombie Shark (2015) Movie Script

Come on, let's go!
It's getting cold.
Just a few more minutes.
Did you guys hear that?
No, no, no, no, no, no!
( gasps )
Falling behind there, sweetie?
Worried about me,
are you, Bridget?
( chuckles )
No way, just leaves
more tips for me.
Order up!
I was coming!
All right, guys. Here you go.
Amber, relax.
It's her first week.
She's doing fine.
- Yeah.
- Stop stressing.
- Sorry about the wait.
- Mmm.
Oh! Watch the merchandise,
I'm saving it
for my wedding night.
That's OK.
I don't wanna buy it.
I just wanna lease it
for tonight. ( chuckles )
Sorry, but you and I both know
you can't afford it.
So, you're new here or what?
I'm Sophie. I just moved
to the city a couple months ago.
I'm staying with my sister.
OK. You should come
stay with me.
( chuckles )
Yeah, come on, baby.
Bridget, can you cover for me?
Is there a problem, here?
Nothing I can't handle!
OK. Well, you've had enough,
so I'm gonna cut you off.
Amber, it's fine,
they're just joking around.
No! He knows the rules!
It's hands off!
- Aw!
- Amber!
( shouting )
Come on, big boy.
Oh! OK.
( choking )
Bridget! Do something!
Set up some shots.
All right, boys!
That's enough of that!
The action's over here.
Bring it in.
We're gonna have some free
drinks on the house, right now.
( cheering )
That's right! That's what I'm
talking about! Yeah!
( thumping on counter )
Woman: Shots, shots, shots...!
Woman: Yeah!
( cheering continues )
Hi, babe!
It's quiet in here.
Amber started a fight.
Amber started a fight...
and I missed it.
Did anybody film it?
Oh, nice!
( chuckling )
Hey, Soph!
What happened this time?
Ask the warden.
This warden?
I messed up tonight.
Hmm, I'm sorry!
I had it covered.
You know, I'm not a kid anymore.
Both: Yes, you are.
If I wanted my every move
watched, I would've stayed
back home with mom and dad.
So, what's up?
Well, I am happy to announce...
that the legendary...
Jenner Branton's streak
of bad luck is officially kaput.
I got us
a super sweet online deal...
for a romantic, weekend,
- Really!
- Uh-huh...
Where to?
There's some new vacation spot
on some island off the coast.
- Red Plum Island. Heard of it?
- No.
It's supposed to be
beautiful there, though.
Clear skies...
clear waters...
there's a campsite...
a marina...
you and me, under the stars...
snuggling by the fire, mmm...
- Me like!
- Uh-huh.
- But what's the catch?
- No catch.
I... I just thought
that we could bring
Sophie along.
Jenner: Look.
I know that things have been
really tense...
since she moved in with you...
and I just...
I don't know, I just thought...
you know? It'd be a good...
a good opportunity to have
some fun...
for a change.
Thank you.
Plus it was a lot cheaper
when I signed us up
for a group rate.
Ah! OK, yeah.
What do you say?
The three of us?
Great outdoors...
Sure, sounds like fun.
And I don't work again
till Monday. ( slaps )
Well, looks like you've got
yourself a date.
Two dates.
we need four...
to get the discount.
( sighing )
- How is it looking, Roger?
- ( chuckles )
Ah, well, it looks like it
took a few stray rounds from
last night's little episode.
It's totally busted.
- Can you fix it?
-( sighs )
Yeah, I can fix it.
There's a lot of delicate
I'm gonna swap parts out for
though, but I should get
it back online.
It's gonna take a while, though.
( sighs )
Just get it done.
It may be
the only shot we've got
at finding the damn thing.
Or solar sonar?
Where the hell is Cage?
Here, ma'am.
Did you find the test subject?
My men have been out all night,
combing the waters.
So far, we've come up
with nothing.
I'm pretty sure it's dead,
I don't wanna hear
about pretty sure.
I need the thing dead!
Do you understand the magnitude
of what it is we're dealing
with here?
When Congress gets wind of this!
We need to minimize the damage.
With all due respect,
Dr. Palmer, I was brought on
as Chief of Security.
I wasn't aware that
I was going to be chasing
You're here, Sergeant Cage,
because I was told
you were the best.
Are you or are you not?
Yes, ma'am.
Find the shark.
Before something worse happens.
Hello! This is Jenner Branton.
Yeah, I was just checking
about our reservations
for this weekend. Just--
You're a lifesaver.
Jenner: I couldn't find
reservations anywhere!
It's James here, on The Tiger.
This just coming in from
the National Weather Service.
Looks like we've got a severe
storm advisory for tomorrow.
Strom clouds are expected to
move in
And I'm happy, she'll be happy.
... by mid-morning,
with high winds,
and heavy rain...
hitting the Coast before moving
west along the Gulf Coast,
later tonight.
That is, if the current
weather pattern holds.
Everyone is advised
to stay inside.
I'm just finishing
loading up the boat right now...
so, we'll see you guys
pretty soon.
...while we wait out the storm.
All right.
Well, we'll see you then.
All right. Thanks again. Bye.
( sighs )
( phone rings )
( birds chirping )
Hey, Mrs. Steele!
What's going on?
What's this Sophie tells me
about you taking our girls...
to some deserted island
for the weekend?
Ah... It's Red Plum Island...
and it's not deserted,
there's people there.
Mmm, sound suspicious to me!
Tell him I know where he lives.
Ross has issued the first
of many death threats.
Don't worry. Your girls are
in good hands. Scout's honor.
We missed you and Amber...
at Memo's birthday party
last week.
Yeah, I know. Um...
You know, we tried, um...
but Amber had to fill in
for a friend at work--
You don't have to make
excuses for her.
I'm working on her.
Don't you worry.
- I know you are.
- I gotta go to the shop.
- I'll be back in a bit.
- Bye.
You take care of my girls.
Mrs. Steele: The next time
you decide to whisk
my only daughters...
off to some deserted island--
It's not deserted.
Just... give me
a little more warning.
OK. Well, how about...
we just call you when we get
settled into the cabin, OK?
- Be careful!
- All right, bye, Mrs. Steele.
This is nice, babe.
- I get boyfriend points, huh?
- Definitely.
All right!
( Amber chuckles )
Hey, what is that place?
Looks abandoned.
Hey, is that where we're going?
Yeah, they said
we each get to pick out
one to stay in.
I'm joking, Bridget.
That's not camping.
That's the north side
of the island.
That's where all the rich people
build their summer homes.
See, now that it's
getting colder,
most of them have already headed
back to the mainland.
See up here?
We're headed
to the south side.
Wow! Very nice, babe!
I'm impressed!
What did I tell you, right?
Mmm, I guess
the bad luck streak is over.
( Amber chuckles )
Jenner: Let's go!
What is this?
Thought y'all said
we were staying at a resort.
Did I say resort?
I am... um...
I don't think I said resort.
What did you expect?
Um... How about...?
full body massages, spas...
little cabana boys,
running around, waiting on me
hand and foot.
I can't afford that
on my salary.
Well, I think it looks awesome.
We can do a little fishing,
walk along the beach...
It'll be perfect.
How are you?
Hi! I'm Jenner Branton.
You must be... Santa Claus.
Jenner: Psst!
There's your cabana boy,
Jenner: Um, a party... of four.
Sophie: Reminds me of dad,
I think he'd like it here.
Hey, you are the one
with all the good memories
of mom and dad.
There's still time, you know?
They just don't know you
Reality check, Soph.
They never knew me.
Besides, they have you.
You are a much better daughter
than I ever was.
( Jenner whistles ) Hello?
Hello? Okie-dokie,
I think he's broken.
Are you there?
- Anything?
- Um, we're checking in.
I don't know if they told you
guys that we have four people
coming in for Jenner Branton.
Oh, crap!
Don't, don't; get out of here!
How many times have I told
you to stay away from
behind the counter.
And if it happens again,
I'm calling the sheriff.
( laughing )
Sorry about that!
Homeless man,
always coming in here.
Hey, look, I wanna apologize
for keeping you all waiting.
I had breakfast burritos
this morning.
And I'll tell one thing,
they gave me the squirts.
( laughs )
What can I do for you kids?
Um, I'm Jenner Branton.
Oh! Mr. Branton! Of course.
( clearing his throat )
Welcome to Red Plum Island
where all your dreams
come true. ( solemn )
My name is Lester and I'm here
to attend to your every need.
( chuckles ) If you could just
get your signature, here.
I'll get your keys.
Thank you so much.
We saw your cabins.
Well, there'll be more cabins
Still working on expanding
the guest accommodation.
What did you say
your name was?
- Lester.
- Lester, nice to meet you.
Hey, so... like, what is there
to do around here?
Oh, well, um...
We have swimming...
boating, fishing, parasailing,
but only on Saturdays.
There are trails that go deep
into the woods...
that are perfect for hiking.
And we have
a brand new Redbox kiosk...
outside of here,
if you want to watch a movie.
And it's the only one
on the island.
I'm pretty proud of that.
And of course,
after the sun goes down,
I do a little dinner show
over in our rec room.
Well, I grill, make cocktails...
I tell you, it gets
pretty wild up in there.
Cocktails? Do you have a bar?
Do we have a bar?
( laughing )
The bar!
Jenner: Cool!
Um... Where's the bartender?
At your service!
( laughing )
This is perfect, Lester.
Thank you.
OK. Well, I'm gonna head
to the beach.
It's a little cold outside
to be tanning.
If the sun's out,
I'm out!
This body wasn't meant
for covering, anyway.
She does have two points.
So... I'll see you guys later.
Sophie: Hey, Lester...
What's that little boat
at the pier down the beach?
We saw it when we came in.
Oh! You must be talking
about the base.
You know, it's not sure
what went on over there...
but rumor has it they were doing
lots of testing...
developing chemical warfare...
new kind of mustard gas
or something, I don't know.
They closed down in the 70s.
You know,
there are old stories...
about how the south would
fight off the sharks that
the current would bring down.
Wait... Sharks?
Well, sure!
In some of those old stories
we were nicknamed Shark Island.
Wow! That doesn't sound
ominous, at all.
Look, I've lived here my whole
life, and I've never seen
a shark.
So trust me, you have nothing
to worry about.
Check that out.
Should we go over?
What do you think?
Man 2:
We should call Danny.
Guys, seriously? Take a picture,
it lasts longer.
Man 1: That's what I think
it is, right?
It must've washed up last night.
People used to talk about
how this marina was
the place to be.
But they closed down the base...
and eventually
built another marina
over on the north island.
So all of the wealthy people
build their luxurious homes over
there now.
We saw that.
But I have hopes
of growing this resort...
and putting the south island
back on the map.
( chuckles )
Hey, guys!
You've got to come see this!
Do you believe it!
Bridget: Isn't it awesome?
Jenner: Wow!
This is so awesome!
Sophie: It's a little gross.
I wonder what happened to it.
Amber: Jenner, don't touch it!
I'm just looking at it.
Jenner: Look at this hole!
Jenner: Looks like
it's been bitten by something.
Like what?
Probably another shark.
Jenner: No!
I don't think sharks bite
other sharks.
Do they?
I don't think so.
But I know one thing,
this is going on Instagram.
Bridget, could you just...
Take it easy.
It's dead.
It's not gonna bite her.
This is a
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
We should document it.
She is right.
That's a good idea.
I'm gonna take a picture
for Lester's website.
Maybe that'll bring
some customers in.
( laughs )
Get away
from there!
My bad, man.
Sorry about that, sheriff.
We were just...ah...
taking some pictures
for Lester's website.
We didn't mean anything.
( screaming )
Amber! Run!
Mayday! Mayday!
Please, please, please!
Get me out of here!
We've got to go!
( crying )
Bridget, untie us!
Keys! Keys!
Where are the keys!?
Oh, my God.
Jenner had them in his pocket.
What does that mean?
It means this boat
isn't going anywhere.
Someone call the sheriff.
No, no, no!
No, don't come!
The storm's starting up
out there.
It's all over the news.
Straight-line winds.
They're telling everyone
to stay inside.
Yeah. They'd be right.
I had no idea there'd be
a storm this weekend.
You think the girls are okay?
They'll be fine.
Jenner still hasn't called.
Shouldn't they be
on the island by now?
Will you leave them alone?
You can't shelter them forever,
You've reached Jenner.
I am a little tied up
at the moment.
But if you leave a message,
I will call you back
as soon as I can.
Thank you much.
No answer.
Sophie is not answering either.
Or Amber.
That's typical.
What if something happened
to the boat?
Are you listening?!
They're not answering
their phones!
Well, maybe they are
on the boat, and they can't
hear you over the motor.
Maybe there's no reception
where they are.
Sky's not always falling,
I knew something
like this would happened.
Enough, okay?
We raised two strong girls.
They'll be fine.
That shark was dead.
We all saw it, right?
It couldn't have been.
It doesn't make any sense.
We need to call the coastguard,
or something.
I'm sorry about Jenner.
Amber: Bridget, call for help!
Bridget: Call who?
I've one bar and no Internet.
Amber: We're drifting away
from the dock!
What do we do?!
We gotta get
off the boat!
Wait, wait!
Stop, stop!
We're trapped!
The motor is destroyed.
Bridget: We're screwed!
Sophie: Amber, what do we do?
The radio.
( screams )
Hello?! Hello?!
Is anybody there?
Mayday! Mayday! We need help!
We're in Red Plum Island
Amber: Mayday! Mayday!
Can anyone hear me?!
This is a restricted access
military channel.
- You need to contact the local
authorities on the island.
- They're dead!
There's a shark washed up
on shore and it's eating
people and it's after us.
Can you hear me?
It's him, Sergeant Cage.
Copy that. Hang on.
We're coming to get you.
Hello? Can you hear me?
Come in.
Come in.
Damn it, damn it.
I think the radio is dead.
Come on! We need to go now!
Come on!
Sophie: He's still there.
How are we going to get through?
Okay, I'll create a distraction
and you guys run.
Don't argue with me right now!
Just be ready.
Hey! Hey!
Over here!
- Go! Go! Come on!
- No!
Come on!
Amber, come on!
Oh, yeah. Okay.
We were there...
And... we're flying
at 10,000 feet.
And what did she do?
- Totally freeze.
- Totally freeze.
The pilot had to take us down.
But to my defense,
we got a full refund.
Besides, I said I was sorry.
It's okay.
Except the fact
that you're boring.
- What?
- I love you anyway.
What? I can be crazy!
I defy you to name one crazy
thing that you've ever done.
How about skinny-dipping?
That water is ice cold.
No way you would
ever get in there.
( laughing )
No way.
( laughing )
I take it all back!
You're a crazy girl!
Stephanie! Stephanie! Steph!
( screaming )
Whoa! What happened?
I heard screaming down on
the beach and I tried
calling the sheriff--
He's dead.
Amber, it's fine. I'm okay.
What happened?
There was a shark attack.
Where's Mr. Branton?
He's gone too.
I dropped my cell phone,
somebody call 911.
We don't have 911 on the island.
The most we have is the sheriff,
and volunteer fire and EMTs.
If you want anything else,
you've got to wait
for the mainland.
But I don't think they're gonna
come out with this storm coming.
There's a storm?
Yeah, a big one.
It's been on TV all day.
You didn't hear?
No. I talked to someone
from the military
over the boat's radio.
I feel like they are the only
ones who can help us
at this point.
We need to try to get back
in contact with them. Do
you have a a CB or...?
- Maybe one in the back.
- Okay, okay.
What good is that gonna do?
You said there's no one to call!
It's just worth a try.
Can you please go help him.
- Why me?
- Bridget.
What is your problem?
I can take care
of myself, you know?
Yeah, so you keep telling me.
On the dock, you should have
left me. I was fine.
But instead, you came back
and it could have gotten you.
But it didn't.
But it could've!
We already lost Jenner,
we can't...
I can't lose you.
It's better me than you.
Eventually, you're going to have
to stop living in the past
and forgive yourself.
Look what we found.
Oh, my God. Great.
- Try that.
- Okay.
Hello? Hello?
Can anyone hear me?
There's a shark on the shoreline
and it's killing people.
Who is this?
Are you with the military?
My name is Dr. Diane Palmer.
What is your name?
Amber Steel.
Where are you, Miss Steel?
We are on the marina.
Where is the shark now,
Miss Steel?
I don't know, it...
It attacked our boat
and then it swam away.
Listen to me carefully.
Is the shark dead?
Did you kill it?
Are you kidding?
No, we didn't kill it.
It ate my boyfriend,
and it killed the sheriff.
Its face was...
It looked like it had been dead
for days, but it was
still moving.
Sit tight, Miss Steel.
I'm sending a professional
to deal with the situation.
Everything is gonna be okay.
- Over and out.
- Amber: No, no, no!
Hello? Hello?
Wait? Oh, my... Hello?
So, we just wait here then,
She said help is on the way.
I mean, it's not like the
shark's gonna come on land.
We just stay away
from the water,
and we'll be fine.
No, I don't know.
You saw that shark that got
Jenner, it seemed to move
just fine on land.
If that thing is actually dead,
then maybe it doesn't even need
to breathe.
I mean, it could kill just as
easily on land as in water.
Amber, it couldn't have been
dead. It just must've been
stunned or something.
No, the hole in the side...
and that big... No!
It was dead!
And it just keeps killing!
Okay. So like a zombie shark?
( man screams )
What are those people
doing in the water?
( man screams )
( screaming )
Get away! Go, go, go!
Woman: Help me!
You have any guns
in the back?
Yes, I have shot guns
for skeet shooting!
- Get them now.
- Okay.
Okay, I'm gonna go,
and you stay here.
- No, I'm going with you.
- You don't even know
how to shoot a gun.
Please, you think you are the
only one that dad taught how
to use a gun?
Locked and loaded, ready to go!
All right. Bridget, let's go.
No way. I'm not dying
for those people.
Damn it, Bridget.
Can you think of someone other
than yourself for just once?
Okay, y'all go.
I'll stay here with the CB
and try to get
in touch with the coast guard.
Hey! Hey!
- Help, help! Help us!
- Stop, get away!
- These bullets aren't
doing anything.
- Get it away!
( gasping )
What is that?
( grunting )
Get inside! Get inside!
Amber! Amber!
Hurry, come on, it's coming!
Amber, come on,
get out of the water!
( Amber moans )
s more than one now.
Thank you.
Who are you?
Sergeant Maxwell Cage.
I'm Amber,
this is my sister Sophie.
It was you
on the radio, right?
We need to
get you inside, okay?
No. Inside? We need
to get off this island.
We're from the mainland.
We need to get back,
it took our boat.
I understand that, but right now
we have to contain
the situation.
What is the situation?
That's classified
for now, ma'am.
Those things ate my boyfriend!
It was dead, and it just...
Are you from the base?
Lester said it was shut
down, but is still open?
It would have to be. How else
did you get here so fast?
What's going on?
I heard there was chemical
warfare testing? Is that
what this is?
Did you do something
to those sharks?
Look, I'm not at liberty
to discuss anything until
we know what's going on.
We need to get you inside, okay?
No, that's not good enough!
Bravo team, this is Alpha 1.
What's you status, over?
- What is it?
- Repeat, Bravo team.
Give me a sit rep, over.
What's going on?
It's another attack.
It's my men.
I need to get you inside.
All right? You need to stay
somewhere safe until someone
comes to get you.
Take us with you. We can help.
No, you need to be safe.
Just stay there.
No, I don't know if you realize,
Sergeant Cage, but nowhere
on this island is safe
as long as they have us trapped.
Unless you have more rockets.
No, I only expected one
of the sharks.
Then you're gonna need
our help if you want
to rescue your men.
My vehicle's this way...
Wait, what about Bridget?
We can count on Bridget
to take care of herself.
That's what she's best at.
Mayday! Mayday!
This is Red Plum Island,
do you read? Over.
Mayday! Mayday!
This is an emergency!
Do you read? Over.
Amber: Stay here!
We'll be right back with help!
What just happened?
Did that dude just have
a rocket launcher?
Oh, no.
Bravo team,
this is Alpha 1 come in. Over.
Bravo team.
Bravo team.
This is Alpha 1 come in. Over.
They spent every shell.
Still didn't stand a chance.
Damn it.
They are all dead?
How is that possible?
What happened to them?
Over there.
Is the blood drawing them in?
What's wrong with them, though?
They're going nuts.
Diane: Cage,
what's the situation?
Cage: The whole team is gone,
And the shark?
He's still here,
but we've got worse problems.
Subject Bruce has friends.
More sharks?
And they seem
to be infected, too.
Oh, my God.
As far as I can tell,
the infected sharks are
killing the islanders.
The other sharks are swimming
in, they're eating what's left.
It's like they're
being poisoned.
They die when they
ingest the body parts
and then they come back.
And Bruce is just watching them.
If I didn't know any better,
I would think that he's trying
to turn them.
I think he is trying
to make more like him.
If they're turning
after eating the remains,
that must mean that the
infection can spread to humans.
To what extent,
I don't know.
How is that possible?
I don't know that either.
( sobs )
Ma'am. Please advise.
Contain the situation,
Sergeant. However you can.
In the meantime,
I've gotta figure out
how to reverse this mess.
Acknowledged. Over.
( sighs )
What'd she say?
They totally left me here.
What the hell?
That army guy don't need
their help.
This is so like Amber.
So like both of them.
They are all
goody two-shoes.
And wanna save
and help everybody.
Actually, I think that's
a noble characteristic.
- Shut up.
- OK.
So sue me if
I don't wanna die.
Does that
make me a bad person?
I mean, it's all
meaningless anyway.
This world
is going to crap.
We're all
just directionless.
Hiding behind
social media from each other.
Simply just to be reassured
that this all means anything.
That we even exist.
Or anybody even cares.
Bridget, I didn't
know you felt that way.
guess I feel a lot of ways.
Just nobody can
ever see past my boobs.
Long enough to listen I guess.
Well, I listen.
You are a good guy, Lester.
Thank you, my mother
always said so.
I'm still not having sex
with you, though.
Yeah, thank you.
I'm painfully aware of that.
Why do those people keep
coming to the water?
They're setting up
a zombie shark buffet.
Should, should we warn them?
- Bridget: Get out of there!
- Lester: Get away from
the water.
- Get away from
the water.
- Get out! come on!
As the strom
continues to bombard the
while we're seeing
a rather bizarre report
from our affiliate station
on Red Plum Island
about a series
of shark attacks.
Corresponding journalist
Cat Ward is recovering
from her own close
call on the island.
Captured here.
And I warn you, this
footage is shocking
and may be difficult
for some viewers.
( water splashing)
Son of a...
It's Sophie.
Put her on speaker.
Sophie, baby!
- Sophie: Mom are you there?
- Sophie I'm here!
Dad's here too.
Mom, you're breaking up!
We saw the news, some
kind of shark is attacking?
Are you OK, baby?
How is your sister?
Sophie: Yeah, we're fine.
We tried calling
Jenner and --
Sophie: Jenner is dead, mom.
Hello, this is Red Plum Island
trying to reach the coastguard.
Is anyone there?
Mom, can you hear me?
No, no, we're OK. I'm OK, Mom.
Where is Amber?
I wanna talk to her right now.
Sophie: Ugh, mom, this is
not the time to argue.
Look, Jenner had
the keys to the boat.
We're stuck here until we can
radio the coastguard.
I'm not waiting on them.
I'm coming to get you, baby.
Sophie: Dad, no,
don't, by the time you
get here help will have
already arrived.
You'll just be putting
yourself in danger too.
- We'll be OK until
the coastguard gets here.
- Hey, Bill. It's Ross.
Sophie, listen, stay inside.
Dad will find a way
to come and get you.
Stay where you are.
Sophie: Mom, don't!
I don't give a damn
how bad the storms are, Bill.
My girls are out there!
Sophie: Mom, really, we're
fine, tell dad to stop.
Don't worry about us. Amber
is taking good care of me.
The storm is too heavy.
Ain't nobody getting out
there until it lightens up.
Amber had no business
dragging you off there.
With the storm
and everything and now this?
No, no, no, no,
it's not like that.
Oh, my parents must
be worried sick right now.
It took me
forever to convince
them to let her
move to the city.
And I promised I would
take care of her for them.
They're not worried
about you too?
This is my daughter, Marie.
She's beautiful.
It's the only picture I
have of her. She's 10 now.
I had her when I was 15.
Pretty wild back then.
So I gave her up for
adoption and haven't
seen her since.
I'm sorry.
It's for the best, you know,
and she has a great
life, so I hear.
The truth is, though,
Marie was the absolute last
straw with my parents.
I was always
a disappointment for them.
Sophie: What? no,
I can't hear you.
Sophie though, Sophie, I mean.
Straight A's all
through high school.
And she played basketball
and she volunteered at church.
Jenner always said that...
Do you have any family?
Ex-wife, two kids,
a boy and a girl.
I get to see them a lot more now
that I'm a private contractor.
It takes a special kind
to raise a family
in the service.
And I was not that special.
Barely got through.
Sorry. What did mom say?
She blames me for
this, doesn't she?
How bad is it?
Dad is trying to charter
a boat out here to come get us.
But with the storm on
the mainland no one
would go out.
I told them we're
OK but you know dad.
I can meet you
there in 20 minutes.
Oh come on, Charlie. I just
need to borrow your boat!
I'll go by myself,
you don't even need to go.
Damn it, Charlie!
I'm talking about my girls!
( sighs )
I turned off the TV,
I couldn't take it anymore.
I blamed Amber.
What if something
happens to Amber.
And last thing she thinks
is that I blamed her.
It was so easy raising Sophie.
She was always quiet
and reflective.
Never got upset about anything.
Oh, but Amber,
she was defiant.
And angry and always
had to have the last word.
- And she --
- She's just like you.
That's why the two of
you can never get along.
But she knows we love her.
Oh, does she?
We can tell her next
time we see her.
- But what if --
- No, Davina.
She's strong.
She'll be all right.
Have faith.
I guess that's all we have.
Hello. Hello. This is Red Plum
Island, can you hear me? Over.
Hello, we're trying to
reach the coastguard,
can you hear me? Over.
It's the storm,
even if you do get a signal
out there, there's no way
they're gonna send a boat.
We're just gonna have to
batten down and ride it out.
Lester, are you OK?
What did you do to those sharks?
I'm not at the liberty
to talk about it.
No matter how much I want to.
You better start talking.
Right now.
Lester, put the gun down.
Not until
we get some answers.
Look, do you even know how
to use that thing?
Of course I do.
I'm an apex predator.
I'm a heartbreaker!
I'm a widow-maker!
I just, just lost a friend.
Listen, man, I'm no scientist.
I was just brought
on for personal security.
I do know the base
was closed down
a long time ago
and recently reopened.
A Dr. Diane Palmer was put
in charge of a special project
that was contracted
by the government.
A special killer
zombie shark project?
No, that was an accident.
Dr. Palmer was
trying to develop a way
of regenerating dead tissue.
Organs, for soldiers
in the battlefield.
Sharks were used as test
subjects because their basic
internal structure is almost
identical to human beings.
They're good analogs.
They picked this island
because of the shark traffic.
But something went wrong
with one of our sharks Bruce.
He got out, he killed several of
the researchers and he escaped.
Bruce, he is the one
with the harpoon on his back?
The ringleader?
Palmer put a beacon out in the
water that sent out a pulse that
somehow it triggered
the electroreceptors
in sharks and attracted them.
Cage: That's how we brought them
in for capture and study.
So can we use that to
capture it? to kill it?
It was damaged in the firefight
when Bruce escaped.
We have our tech Roger
working on in but until
he gets it fixed, Bruce
is off his leash.
And apparently he's
making more like him.
Although they're not
as smart as him it seems.
- They're more like.
- Zombies.
For a lack of a
better word, yeah.
He is a carrier
of some kind of plague.
Whatever he bites, it turns.
Wait, whatever he bites?
Like people too?
( growls )
I said I've had about enough
of you!
Come on, get out of here! go!
- Freak.
- Who was that guy?
Some idiot that
I need to get rid of.
He always wants something free.
Gives me the creeps.
Sophie: How do we kill it?
What? In all the zombie movies
do you have to ask?
Palmer's regen agent,
it's activated by the nervous
system you can cut off a limb,
but it still moves.
Like the shark we
found on the beach.
Makes sense
to take out the source.
Aim for the brain.
So what now?
We destroy the infected and
keep the virus from spreading.
That may not be enough,
we need to find a cure.
Dr. Palmer is our only hope.
We need to get back
to her right now.
But if the islanders
are turning into zombies too,
how are we gonna do that?
We need an army to fight
all of them.
Leave it to me.
You get to the facility,
I'll rally the troops,
we'll hold the infected
off here.
Let's go.
Yeah, it's me.
It's time to awaken
the dogs of war.
I mean get your weapons
and meet me over at the shop,
No, I don't have any gas money!
I just gave you money!
( sighs )
Oh, damn.
Wasn't supposed to be like this.
Roger: Doctor!
I think I got
the beacon working.
That's the first good
news I've had all day.
With it we can lure Bruce
and the other infected sharks
back to the facility
for containment
and immediate
And after we do that,
we're gonna start over
again, right?
I don't know.
I don't know if I have
the stomach for this anymore.
This was supposed about saving
lives, not destroying them.
I'm just more
concerned right now
with trying to
clean up our mess.
My mess.
Diane, I need you
to listen to me.
You cannot
give up on this work.
We are virtually
on the edge of giving
the world something
truly phenomenal.
We are about to cure
physical disabilities forever.
And if you give up now,
you're gonna be giving up
on every single
person on this Earth.
Yes, we've had a pretty
significant setback.
But we can do this.
( screaming )
( gasping )
OK, here's the score.
We have a bit of a zombie shark
problem on the island.
- What?
- Huh?
Yeah, zombie shark.
They bite you,
you turn into a zombie.
Let this sink in a minute.
Anyway, what we
do here on this beach...
could shape all human history.
This island has been
ignored for too long.
But we will show the world that
we are made of stronger stuff.
- Yeah?
- Yeah!
So get everything ready.
Because what we
do on this beach today
will bridge the gap
between all humanity.
- Are you ready?
- Yeah!
OK, here they come.
Whatever you do,
don't let them bite you.
Let them remember the time that
they came to Red Plum Island.
- Come on!
- Yeah!
Yeah! Let's get them!
( growling )
Cage: Dr. Palmer, you read me?
Sergeant, you're alive!
Yeah, for now.
We got a development, all
the shark's bite victims
are turning into zombies.
Roger's fixed the beacon,
if we can activate it
we can bring them all
right back to this facility.
If we can get them
all in one place.
Then we can kill
them all at once.
I've got enough C-4 to do
the job. We're coming to you.
Wait, I've been
working on a vaccine
for the virus,
but in order to finalize it.
I need to test it on
one of the infected.
I need an infected brain.
Doctor, I don't
think that that's
a good idea you haven't seen
what this things can do,
they don't exactly stay still
for you.
One of them does.
Come on! come on!
I'm ready for you!
Come on! We'll have
a fish sandwich.
Oh! He's strong!
Wait, okay, I got him, yeah!
( shouting )
Hey! Hey!
Watch out, watch out!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
Oh, my God he took
his arm away! I'm sorry!
( screams )
No, no, no, wait,
it was right here.
Fan out, we got to
find this thing.
Sophie, don't get too far!
Relax, warden.
Guys, I found it!
Amber: Soph, where are you?
Sophie: I'm on the other
side of the grass.
( grunting )
Okay, get back!
Get back!
How are we going to carry it
to the facility?
Get that coat.
Stay back!
We need to get to Palmer.
Hold on.
What is it?
Hold this.
Something's not right.
I don't see anything.
Things are too quiet.
Feels like we're walking
into an ambush.
What, do you think they're
hiding? Are they smart
enough for that?
I don't know. Bruce could be.
They're here!
Watch out!
Argh! Argh!
( gasps )
- Argh!
- Hold on, you'll be OK.
( zombie grunts )
I got it!
( zombie grunts )
Let's go! Get the guns!
Let's go!
Come on!
Sergeant Cage!
He was stabbed.
Thank God he wasn't bitten!
( Max grunts )
It looks like it missed
any major arteries.
I can stitch these up for you.
Not right now,
we don't have the time.
Sophie! Can you help me out.
Is that--
We got you a gift, doctor.
I can't believe you managed
to get one.
Just tell us it was worth it.
That's what were are going
to find out.
Careful, it bites.
The regen agent worked.
Yeah, really well.
You must be Amber Steel.
I'm Dr. Diane Palmer
from the radio.
I... I'm so sorry.
For all of this.
Well, let's just figure out
a way to fix it.
Bruce escaped before we
had a chance to study
his condition.
It appears as though once
the virus takes hold,
the host is reanimated
by an electrical response
in the nervous system.
Like when you take a dead frog
and attach it to a battery
and it twitches.
The dead tissue
is rebuilt to some extent.
But based on your descriptions,
the reanimated have
no thought processes
besides the simple instincts to
move, eat and make more
of its own.
It's not much different
than a regular shark, really.
No, Bruce is different.
He's smarter than the others.
He seems to be planning.
Well, he is the alpha.
He's the only one that
was directly injected.
But without him here to study
there's really no way to know
why Bruce reacted
to the regen agent
the way he did.
Have you found
a cure yet?
That's what we are
about to test.
Where's Roger?
I've been able to develop
a rudimentary vaccine
against the initial serum.
Once injected
into the bloodstream
of a healthy subject,
it should be able to neutralize
the effects of the serum before
the infection ever takes root.
Though we do have a lot
of tests to run.
This may be our only opportunity
to gather data
without running the risk
of creating another Bruce.
Could you secure the patient?
A shark's brain is smaller
than a human's.
It's much more difficult
to find.
Got to get in there
and penetrate without...
damaging it.
Did it work?
So, what does that mean?
It means that it only works
on the living.
The infected are already
too far gone.
But there's got to be a way.
What about those people
that got bit on the island?
You're saying there's no hope
for them?
I'm sorry.
If we had more time, but...
No, this much will have to do.
Cage: She's right.
We've got to stop the virus
before it gets off the island.
That's our priority.
We must stick to the plan.
Activate the beacon, bring in
the sharks
and blow this place
to hell and back,
( screaming )
( screams )
( whirring )
Here goes nothing.
( sighs )
It's on.
Way to go, Roger.
( pants )
Stay down!
They're... they're leaving!
Hey, they're leaving!
( laughing )
And don't come back!
Where are you all going?
Oh, man! They're going
to the facility!
C-4's been planted.
Ready to go.
Call me Max.
I never got a chance
to thank you for everything
you've done for Sophie and me.
I just...
If anything goes wrong,
could you just...
make sure Sophie gets home okay?
You have my word.
But I'm not planning on letting
anything happen to you either.
Sophie: What is that?
It's my brother, Ethan.
He was a lot like
Sergeant Cage.
Always the first one
into the hot zone.
He was very brave.
And he loved this country.
He died for this country.
He died on foreign soil
of a wound that was
easily treatable.
His unit was too far away
from the hospital
and first aid
wasn't adequate.
He died and there wasn't
anything I could do about it.
( sighs )
I decided then that I was never
gonna be that helpless again.
That's why I developed
the regen agent.
To give soldiers like Ethan
more endurance
and better healing capabilities,
you know?
To give them another chance.
But I... never thought this...
I can make it right.
I will make it right.
It's working.
They're coming.
Oh, they're inside.
- Inside?
- Yeah.
There's a pool down below that
has a gate that leads out
to the ocean.
Yeah, that's how we bring
the sharks in.
That's how Bruce got out
after he killed almost all
of my team.
Let's go. Come on.
The vaccine's still inside.
If this doesn't work
that vaccination
is the last hope any of us have.
I'll be right back.
I'm coming with you!
Sophie, wait!
Get to the shore!
Let her go.
I don't know if you noticed,
but your sister is
kind of a badass.
Yeah, she is.
Where is it?
Got it.
( screams )
Take it!
- But...
- I'm bit.
Just go!
I'm sorry.
I need to blow it
before they get out.
Sophie! Sophie, hurry!
Do it!
Max: Three...
two... one!
It wasn't supposed to be you!
Amber, it's Bruce.
He must...
He must have let the others go
in first to test it out.
I told you he was smart.
Come on! Come on!
Amber, stop it!
Come on, if you want me,
come on!
Come on! Come on!
Amber, stop!
Amber, get out of the way!
I got a shot!
( panting )
Amber, move!
( cries )
Max: Watch out!
( screaming )
Don't miss!
( panting )
Is he dead?
He better be.
Sorry about Sophie.
( moaning )
Sophie? Sophie!
Give me something
to cut her out!
( moaning )
( Amber grunts )
( Amber pants )
Sophie! Sophie!
( gasping )
Lester: Sophie?
( Sophie grunts )
Let's go.
( Amber cries )
What's that?
Is the vaccine that's
going to save humankind.
I need to get it into
the right hands as soon
as possible.
Come on.
Let's go.
Come on.
It's over.
The coast guard should
be here soon.