Zombie Town (2023) Movie Script

(gentle music)
(gentle music continues)
(gentle music continues)
- [Dan Voiceover] The
film you're about to see
is not based on any
real life events.
The actors playing the
zombies in this movie,
were not in any way transformed,
mutated or surgically
turned into actual zombies.
This is not real.
If you at any point
feel like they are real,
just keep repeating.
It's only a movie.
It's only a movie.
It's only a movie.
(dramatic music)
- Missy, come on.
(dramatic music)
Come on, they're
right behind us.
Come on.
(dramatic music)
They're all infected.
Who else isn't anywhere?
- In here, come on,
let's go in here.
(dramatic music)
(both panting)
(dramatic music)
No we're trapped.
- No, there's a stone staircase.
- Okay go, let's go.
(dramatic music)
- Good work.
You must be the last ones.
Did you bring the canisters?
- Canisters?
Mr. we're in really big trouble.
The Canisters child,
we're lost without them.
Don't you know that?
(dramatic music)
(zombies moaning)
Look out now, just
get behind me.
(zombies moaning)
(Missy screaming)
(zombies moaning)
(dramatic music)
- Ah, ha, ha, ah, ah no, no.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
(dramatic music)
No, no, that's a
little too close.
(dramatic music)
Hey, hey, hey, hey, easy there.
(dramatic music)
- We good?
Woo, scary stuff.
Well that was a scene
from 1978's, "Night
of the Mausoleum."
Produced right here in our
very town of Carverville.
That's right,
director Len Carver.
The same carver that Mayor
Winslow renamed our town for.
Well, Carver has his first
new zombie movie coming out
in over 30 years.
No one knows anything about it,
except it'll premiere here
exclusively in Carverville
tomorrow, on
Halloween night, ooh.
Well, I'm currently
standing here
in front of his Majestic
home on Washington Street
to see if we can
catch a glimpse,
maybe even an interview
with the reclusive director.
As you can see, people have
been waiting a long time
for him to release a new movie,
and the demand for a new film
has reached an all time high.
You guys must be fans
of Carver's films.
- Carver, he's the greatest
director in cinema history,
the greatest.
(Chance laughing)
- You, you, actually mean
greatest horror
film director, huh?
- [All] No.
- The greatest period.
Dude, what is wrong with you.
- Don't disrespect
the master like that.
(people speaking indistinctly)
- Well, since we don't think
we'll likely get an interview
with the director today,
let's cut to the last interview
he had, 30 years ago, today.
- So, yeah, no,
I won't be making
any more films.
(camera shutters clicking)
- [Fans] No.
- Settle down, relax.
What do you want from me?
I, I, I just wanna retire to
my estate and be left alone.
Okay, thank you.
- Sir, sir, sir, Mr.
Carver, you must have
one more movie in you, sir.
Can you at least sign my,
"Hockey Zombie Patrol" poster?
- Get a life.
Just, I'm, I'm so tired
of this, okay, all of you,
just forget it.
- Well, Carver's made it known
that he won't be
promoting his new movie
through media junkets.
So the town will just have
to see it on opening night.
- [Fan] His ugly,
tired, ugly shirts.
- Stop it.
Get back.
- [Fan] He's the greatest
director of all time.
- One of Carver's biggest fans
is also a Carverville's
Theater owner, Richard Landro.
- Ow.
So, Mr. Carver
himself contacted me
through the, the, the email.
He trusts me, of course,
we were good friends
in high school.
And he's a wonderful, wonderful.
And he specifically told me
to encourage the entire town
to attend the premier,
and he was going to
be present himself
to present his, his
new masterpiece.
It's gonna be, it's gonna
be a great, great night.
I mean, I wouldn't
wanna miss it.
I, I, I would suggest bring one.
- I can't believe it,
that's your boss on TV.
- Yeah, yeah, I know.
I've heard enough about
this stupid movie.
- The report isn't over yet.
- Amy, it's over.
- Nice.
- Pay more attention
to your history test,
you're supposed to
be studying for.
- Mike, you're not my mom.
But thank you so much
for always caring
about me and my grades.
That's why I love you.
Like a brother
and a study partner.
- Thank God.
- Besides when you
get into Caltech,
who will I have to study with?
- Look, if I get
into any university,
I'm outta this cruddy town.
- Yeah, yeah.
Here we go again with how
much you hate the town.
God, Mike, give it a rest.
- I told you, the only
thing is town values
are Len Carver horror films.
- Take a pill, dude.
He's awesome, you're
just not cool.
- Because I don't
like crap movies?
- No, because you're a wuss.
- Look, I'm just
not a horror fan.
- Because you're a wuss.
- Yeah whatever.
See you at school.
Hi, I'm late again.
- Mike, I saw your boss
on the news this morning.
Are you working
tomorrow at the theater?
They're showing a
zombie movie, Mike,
I know how much you
love zombie movies.
- Funny.
Mom, when are we moving
outta this stupid town?
- Hey.
Excuse me.
What did we say about that?
This town is your
home, Mike, okay.
You just need to figure out.
- What it is that
I love about it.
Yes, yes.
Which is nothing.
Love you, bye.
- You forgot your lunch.
(gentle upbeat music)
This town ain't big
enough for the both of us
(gentle upbeat music)
And it ain't me
who's gonna leave
(gentle upbeat music)
Daily, except for Sunday
You dawdle in to the caf
where you meet her each day
Except for Sunday
(gentle upbeat music)
increasing heartbeat
As 20 cannibals
have hold of you
They need their protein
just like you do
This town ain't big
enough for the both of us
And it ain't me
who's gonna leave
(gentle upbeat music)
- [Radio Host] It's
another chilly Fall morning
in Carverville.
All your little demons
and ghosts out there
bundle up tight.
Tonight expect SOME
boNE rattling shivers,
maybe even a flurry or two.
It's a no-brainer Where
I'll be on Halloween.
Tomorrow is Len Carver's,
"Zombie Town" premier.
- What the hell you
doing, you moron?
- [Radio Host] Can
you believe it?
It's been almost 30 years
since his last film.
In the meantime, we're
creeping it real,
with a song dedicated to our
very own master of horror.
- Die.
Just me.
(Andy laughing)
Your faces.
Should've seen your faces.
You'd make yourself laugh.
- Hey Andy, can I
use your bathroom?
- Oh, Mike, you know I can't
let you use the bathroom
unless you buy something.
- But I don't have enough
money for your expensive bikes.
Besides I already have one.
- Buy something
cheap, a reflector,
maybe a gum, I got a
gumball machine, no.
Or maybe a sticker, one
of my Andy stickers.
Maybe a little
basket, cheap basket.
You know, carry your,
carry your school books.
Maybe a holder for your phone.
You don't wanna be
without tour phone.
(car horn honking)
Watch the car.
(gentle upbeat music)
Let me tell you about
I can turn and
I like to twist
But I love stomping
just like this
Not much work
You just sort of relax
And listen to the gentleman
play that track, yeah
(gentle upbeat music)
Oh now yeah
- Oh.
(students screaming)
(both laughing)
- Oh my God, dude,
we got you so good.
(both laughing)
Pee stains and everything.
(both laughing)
- What's wrong with you?
Seriously not funny guys.
- What?
Come on dude, it's Halloween.
- Well, dude, you're
the mayor's son,
you're supposed
to be more mature.
- Like you?
(both laughing)
- Well, at least you
guys don't have to worry
about real zombie apocalypse.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- 'Cause we kick ass.
- No, 'cause zombies eat brains.
- Are you saying
they we're stupid?
- No.
- 'Cause if you are, I
would watch myself, simp.
(both laughing)
- [Student] Put it on
like you did something.
(both laughing)
- Bro, he called
us stupid, like us.
- I mean.
(people speaking indistinctly)
(locker door slamming)
- Amy, Amy, Amy.
You coming to my zombie
town party tonight?
- Yeah.
Maybe, if I'm not
loaded with homework.
- Think it over.
(people speaking indistinctly)
(locker door slamming)
- Hey.
I just saw Chad and
the zombie crew.
Coming to the party too?
- What?
I wouldn't be caught dead
going to that stupid party.
Wait, you're not
actually going, are you?
- So, Chad invited you?
- Drop the act, honey.
Everyone knows that
you're in love with him.
- So, Amy, what's your
Halloween costume gonna be?
A donation pile?
- You know, I was thinking
that you should go
as Medusa and her two sisters.
One of you gorgons lose this?
(Amy laughing)
- Chad Newman, jockasaurus rex.
At least you don't have
his phone number, right.
Oh, no.
Since when?
- Sixth grade.
Stop being jealous.
- I'm not jealous.
I just wouldn't want
a text from him.
He's a stupid idiot.
He's a, he's just stupid,
he's over.
- We are so late for biology.
- That's not all you're late
for, young Michael Broadstreet.
- Mrs. Boneyard.
- It's pronounced Bonnard.
You have overdue
books, Mr. Broadstreet.
- I'm super late for class.
- Gee, I love your
costume, Mrs. Bonnard.
What are you, a witch right?
- Oh, it's not a costume,
I was sweeping the floor,
sweep, sweep.
Oh, you just couldn't
help yourself
with making like a little
joke, could you, Michael?
Okay, fine.
One month detention.
- Whoa, Mrs. Boneyard, Bonnard.
- Excuse me, I have
to tell the principal
about this little exchange.
- I have to study and I
have an after school job.
Mrs. Boneyard, please.
(dramatic music)
- [Narrator] The
horror master is back.
Len Carver brings you another
flesh dressed extravaganza.
(victim screaming)
The earth is plagued
by zombie cannibals,
blood thirsty, sick and twisted.
(victim screaming)
This walking dead movie
will zombify your mind,
paralyze your eyes, and
sabotage your senses.
(dramatic music)
You'll laugh, you'll cry,
you'll kiss five bucks goodbye.
(zombies moaning)
(victim screaming)
(zombies moaning)
- Ew, ew, ew, ew.
- [Narrator] "Zombie
Sophomore Feast."
(dramatic music)
A Carver Production.
(dramatic music)
(birds chirping)
- Hey guys, it's Deano the Carv,
the biggest Carver
fan club in the world.
We're sitting outside
Carver's house
and we caught a rumor,
he's planning to drop
off the movie tonight
at Landro's Theater.
We will be there.
- God.
- We will cut.
(dramatic music)
- Miss. Bonnard,
can I please go now?
- I presume you and
your little friends
all wanna see that depraved
movie tomorrow night.
- Carver?
I hate his movies.
(gentle upbeat music)
- You do?
- Oh God, with a passion.
- You're free to go.
(gentle upbeat music)
- Really?
- I said go, before
I changed my mind.
- Thank you so much.
(gentle upbeat music)
- Besides, maybe I can still
catch, "Mr. Really Right 2."
(dramatic music)
- [Mike] Oh, no, not these guys.
- Hey, Mike, you got a
let us in early, man.
- The premiere's tomorrow okay.
We're showing a
romantic comedy tonight.
If you don't buy a ticket for
that, you can't get in, cool.
- Dude, "Mr. Really Right 2."
Come on, you're not gonna
make any money off of that.
Let us in.
Do you have the prints already?
Has Carver been by?
Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike,
you know why we're here.
Collectively, we are the Carved.
The most.
- Dedicated.
- Hardcore.
- Len Carver fans on the planet.
And we are here to see,
"Zombie Town" and pay respect
to our eternal master
of the walking dead.
(hands smacking)
- Amen.
- Wow.
Dean, just, just
come back tomorrow.
- Oh, Mikey.
Mikey, come on, maybe we
can work some arrangement.
How about I mention
your name on my Insta?
It'll get you girls.
Maybe Amy will even like you.
- Amy and I are just friends.
- Yeah, sure.
(all laughing)
You'll rue the day, theater cog.
(gentle music)
- This whole town
is just a bunch of
zombie following idiots.
- The time has come for
you to face your fears,
Michael Broadstreet.
- Mr. Landro.
- It's more of a vampire
thing and a zombie thing.
But I mean, if I
went full on zombie,
I wouldn't be able to speak.
So there's that.
Mike, smile.
- Can we just please work, sir?
- It's a good idea.
Come with me.
So you and the, and the others
will arrive half hour early,
you'll put on your zombie
masks and costumes, okay.
Hold that for me.
And, oh, oh.
I gotta show you something.
(Landro laughing)
So who do you think built
that remote controlled zombie?
Why don't you put that
down, gimme a hand?
So I can use him
for zombie movies,
or I can use him
for vampire movies.
And tomorrow night I'm gonna
spring him on the Carved.
(both laughing)
So Mike, Mike, I know you
don't love horror movies,
you know, but a
lot of people do.
So if, if you watch them
for what they truly are,
I mean, not just, you
know, zombie movies,
you might, you might
just see something
that you love about them, huh.
(gentle music)
(car engines revving)
(thunder rumbling)
(dramatic music)
Oh my God.
- Oh my God.
(dramatic music)
- Oh.
Let him in.
(dramatic music)
Oh it's been,
I mean, it's been,
it's been a few years.
Is that the masterpiece
under your arm?
- Pleased to meet
you, Mr. Carver.
- Is the projector ready?
(thunder rumbling)
- Well she's old and
she's a little rusty.
But Mike here, YouTubed how
to thread her and run her
and we're gonna be ready, ready
for tomorrow night's premiere.
No problem, right, Mike?
- Yeah, no problem.
- There you go.
(Landro laughing)
Do you, do you remember
this issue of Monster Mag,
Mrs. Grammarly gave us
a detention just for.
- Richard, are you sure
there are enough
seats in the theater?
It's important that
everyone in town be here.
- Sure, sure, Len, yeah.
Theater seats 666.
Sounds like a joke, but
it's technically correct.
- [Mezmerian] Destroy
your films Len.
Destroy your films.
(dramatic music)
- Oh.
- Mr. Carver, are you okay?
- Oh.
(dramatic music)
One step to can, I
can't push through.
- It happens every time.
Come on sit.
- No.
- Just sit down and relax.
- No.
I won't be playing the film.
- Let's get that.
That's very heavy.
Put that on the counter.
Get me a glass of water, quick.
- I won't, I won't do
it. (dramatic music)
- Oh my God.
- Don't play the movie.
Don't play the movie.
- It's okay Len, call 911.
Call 911.
(police sirens blaring)
- Everybody stay
back, stay back.
- No, no, the master
of the flesh walkers,
fallen, the master has fallen.
- Dean, you gotta
get yourself home.
Mom's got dinner on the table.
So you go home, get.
Crane, Dimp, same thing,
you guys get outta here.
- He's gonna rise again,
he's gonna rise again.
(people speaking indistinctly)
(gentle upbeat music)
- Is that dear old Mr.
Patterson on the stretcher?
- No, it's just some random guy.
Enjoy, "Mr. Really Right 2"
Ms. Bonnard, Bonnard, right.
- You need to make an arrest.
We're dealing with
the real crisis here.
- You need to get gone, boy.
Or you want a repeat of
what happened last week.
- No.
Carver, we're gonna save you,
we're gonna save
you, Carver, Carver.
- Okay, hide that.
I'm gonna tell Mr. Carver
that he suffered a stroke,
a stroke of genius.
And he'll believe me,
if I tell him when he's
still, still woozy.
If you need me, I'll
be at the hospital.
How, how many do we have
in the theater tonight?
- One.
- 100?
- [Mike] No one.
(gentle upbeat music)
- Mrs. Bonnard?
- Yeah, Ms. Bonnard, yeah.
- [Actress] Look, I don't think
we should see each
other anymore.
- [Actor] I know you've
been cheating on me.
- [Actress] You
know about Frank.
- [Actor] Frank?
I thought you were with Mark.
- Oh.
- All right.
All right I'll come clean.
- [Actor] Yeah.
- [Actress] I'm pregnant
with both your children.
- No.
- [Actor] What is it.
Making love with you
Has left me peaceful,
warm, and tired
What more could I ask
There's nothing
left to be desired
Peace came upon me
and it leaves me weak
So sleep, silent angel
Go to sleep
(gentle upbeat music)
Sometimes, all I need is
the air that I breathe
And to love you
(gentle upbeat music)
- Amy.
- Amy.
- Stop.
- Stop.
- Stop.
- Where do you
think you're going?
- You can't go in there.
Mike's in there.
The executioner.
- Yeah, he's the.
- Amy, Amy, Mike Broadstreet
murdered Len Carver tonight.
Don't go in there, he
can't be trusted, Amy.
- Come on, come on.
- Let me see it, let me see it.
- Oh.
Oh my God, they don't make
them like that anymore.
Mike, you need to
tell Mr. Landro
that it is movies like
that, that Carver filth,
that keeps me from
coming to his theater.
- I think we're the
only two in this town
that feel that way.
- You're right, Mr. Broadstreet.
We're the last two sane
people in Carverville.
(both laughing)
I'll see you in detention.
- Thank you.
I won't forget.
Have a good night.
(dramatic music)
Oh, gimme your phone,
I'll take a picture.
(dramatic music)
- Cool.
Okay, so when do we watch it?
- Tomorrow.
- Dude, what are
you doing to me?
- I'm not kidding.
I'm dead if I show
that stupid thing.
- So you are telling me
that I dragged my butt
all the way down here
to take a picture
with a movie canister?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Hey, where are you going?
- Oh, you know, I have to
get ready for Chad's party.
A lot of football seniors
are gonna be there,
and maybe I'll even
make out with Chad.
Night is young and so am I, so.
- Fine, fine.
I'll thread the movie.
(upbeat music)
It's the middle
of the weekend
Hanging with my best friend
All on a Saturday night
(gentle upbeat music)
The band is gone electric
The dancers are eclectic
Everything feels all right
Singing along to
my favorite songs
Swaying to the beat
Laughing and joking
about the good old days
All I keep thinking
is lucky me
- Thanks.
- Okay.
Do you need anything else?
- No.
Start the movie.
- All right.
(dramatic music)
- No fricking way.
- But Amy, I, I, I didn't.
- Dude, shut up.
This must be like an
alternate cut or something.
This is history, dude.
(dramatic music)
What is this?
Are you sure you're
playing the right film?
- Ah, yeah.
I mean, I, I think so.
Are you sure this isn't
just part of the movie?
- I've never seen a Carver film
start with just a blank screen.
(dramatic music)
Mike, go up there and
see what the problem is.
This is not the right movie.
- It can't be.
It's the only movie
Carver gave us.
(dramatic music)
Do you hear that?
- Yeah, it sounds like an
earthquake or something.
(dramatic music)
- Amy, grab me the film cap.
- Mike, what did you do?
(dramatic music)
- Remember safety third?
I'm just kidding,
it's always first.
Hey, Marge, you there, over?
- [Marge] I'm always
here, Jenkins, over.
- Hey listen, you got any word
on how Len Carver's doing
at the hospital, over?
- [Marge] Channel CVRRP
has live coverage,
but you know how things go.
You never get the
truth from these guys.
- You know, listen,
Marge, you know what?
I'm gonna swing by that theater
and see what my
stupid son's up to.
Jenkins out.
(dramatic music)
Marge, did you see that?
Marge, did you see a
bright white light?
What the hell is
going on in this town?
What the hell is
going on in this town?
(insects chirping)
- Mr. Landro's gonna kill me.
- Oh man, what was that?
- What is wrong
with this projector?
- Carver's gonna kill you,
Landro's gonna kill you,
the whole town is
gonna kill you.
- You know you got
me into this, right.
They're part to blame too.
- You invited me here.
I didn't invite myself, Mike.
- You know Amy, maybe
you should have gone
to Chad's stupid party.
- I can't believe
Carver would stoop
to making experimental films.
- Is this the movie?
The whole screen is white.
There's nothing there.
- Yeah, I really
love the acting.
- Oh, it must the new 3D
hardware Landro just installed.
- And you just blew it up.
Yay, jackass.
- Oh, that's why Carver had
to load the film himself.
It was 3D.
I'm going outside to make sure
the rest of the building's okay.
- But you need glasses for 3D.
How do you explain
that explosion.
(dramatic music)
Hey, my phone
doesn't have service.
What about yours?
(dramatic music)
- Same.
- Wow.
The night that Mikey
plunged Carverville
back into the stone age and
gets put in jail for life.
- Can I double ride you.
- On that bike?
I don't think so.
You are so F'ed.
- Damn.
(dramatic music)
(insects chirping)
(dramatic music)
Zombie apocalypse.
- Or everybody just went home?
- Nope, it's a
zombie apocalypse.
- Wait, I think I see somebody.
- Is that Ms. Bonnard?
- God, let's find
someone else please.
- No, no, no, she can help us.
Hey, hi, Ms. Bonnard.
- Boneyard.
- Bonnard.
Loving the zombie makeup.
- Amy, how'd you put that
makeup on so quickly?
- Okay, so Mike here decided
to screw this whole thing up.
- What?
It's your fault
just as it is mine.
- We're really sorry.
The projector and the theater
kinda exploded, kinda.
- Blew all the power and
we wrecked a 3D tech rig
I didn't know it was there.
Cells are down.
(dramatic music)
(insects chirping)
- Way to go, Mike, you
made her catatonic.
(Ms. Bonnard growling)
- No, there's something
wrong with her.
- You mean there's
something wrong with it?
- Amy, what are you
saying, that she's a zombie
from a Carver movie?
Geez just, call
911 or something.
- Our phones don't
work, remember?
(dramatic music)
- Oh, look, it's Dean.
I knew it.
It's the night before Halloween.
And this is all a joke.
Maybe they can help us with
Mrs. Boneyard or Bonnard.
Close enough.
Hey Dean.
- I don't think that
they want to help anyone.
- Amy, for the last time,
the zombies rise
from the dead okay.
Dean and Mrs.
Bonnard are not dead.
- Dispatch, are you there?
Marge, why won't you answer?
What's going on?
I hope you're just
in the restroom.
- I don't care if
it's a joke, Mike.
We probably shouldn't
get closer to them.
(dramatic music)
- All right, Dean, very funny.
Joke's over now.
Ha, ha, ha.
- Marge.
This town is gone crazy.
(police sirens blaring)
- Oh, thank God.
- Officer Jenkins.
- Amy, Mike, have
you seen my kid?
A lot of crazy stuff going
on in this town tonight.
- Yeah.
- Dean, what are you doing out?
You should have been
home an hour ago.
Your mom's gonna be
very upset with you.
(Dean growling)
- Holy hell.
(dramatic music)
(Amy screaming)
(dramatic music)
- I'm sorry.
No, no, I'm sorry, I promise
I won't play the movie, I.
(dramatic music)
(zombies moaning)
You two guys are zombies.
(zombies moaning)
Oh, that means.
Oh Landro, oh God.
Oh God, not you too, oh God.
(dramatic music)
Then wait,
who played the movie?
Can you drive?
(dramatic music)
- Mike they're zombies,
like real zombies.
- No, no, no, impossible.
That's totally impossible.
- Maybe the whole
town's infected.
- Damn it, there's
still no reception.
- Yeah, me neither.
(dramatic music)
- Andy's bike shop,
he's got a landline.
(dramatic music)
Hurry up.
(dramatic music)
- Okay, this is way
harder than it looks.
- Try calling 911 first.
(dramatic music)
- It's busy.
I'm gonna call my mom.
Do you know my phone number?
- You don't know your
own phone number?
- No, why would I?
(dramatic music)
- Okay.
- Mom, please, please answer.
Her shift ended an hour
ago, so she should be home.
Mom, is that you?
(mom moaning)
Mom, thank God.
Okay, we are in serious trouble.
You need to come to Andy's
bike shop like right now.
- But be careful,
don't stop for anyone.
- [Mom] Come home, bring friend.
- I think my mom is a zombie.
- Don't be ridiculous.
- [Mom] Amy.
Bring friend.
(dramatic music)
- You right, she's dead.
- Alive, not dead.
There's a difference.
(insects chirping)
- Is there?
(dramatic music)
Hey, that's stealing.
- I mean, who cares?
It doesn't even matter.
Everyone's a zombie.
Probably the whole town.
My mom, my dad, my
brother, maybe even my dog.
It's over, Mike.
- We don't know that.
We can try and figure out
what's going on, okay.
I'm sure there's a reasonable
and practical explanation
for all of this.
Oh, this XV11 is sweet.
- Well, take it.
- I'm not stealing anything.
- We are the last
people on earth, Mike.
No rules, no laws, no
parents, no teachers.
- What was that explosion that
came outta Carver's movie?
(dramatic music)
I should have never
played that movie for you.
- Hey, Mike, before we
turn into one of them,
I just wanted to say that I
think it's both of our faults
for everything that's happened.
So don't put it all on yourself.
And I know how
hard it was for you
to play that zombie
movie, and I get it,
but it was really sweet.
- I'm not that afraid
of zombie movies okay.
- Oh, be real.
- Shut up.
- You're really
gonna have to tell me
what happened to you as a kid,
because this situation
does not accept wusses.
- I don't have to
tell you anything.
- You have to get over
your fear of zombies.
It's just us and them now.
And since I'm the
queen of Carver movies
and you're just a wuss engineer,
I think that I
should take charge.
- Disagree.
- Perfect, so you
can take dictation?
- Yeah, okay, let's
break it down.
Why don't they eat flesh
or brains or whatever?
- Well, you know
Dean's dad, the cop,
that was a soul suck.
- You think my mom is okay?
(dramatic music)
Then we go to the edge of
town and get some help.
- Yeah, makes sense.
- I need the washroom.
Andy didn't let me
use it this morning
and grab anything we need.
Here's some money so
he can pay for it.
- Are you for real?
- Yes.
I'll be right back.
(dramatic music)
(Mike screaming)
(Andy growling)
Amy, get over here.
It's Andy.
Grab something and hit
him on the head, anything.
- But it's Andy,
I can't hurt him.
- What about me?
Hurry up.
(dramatic music)
- Oh.
- I can't believe you
made me tie him up myself.
- I'm not getting
anywhere near him, okay.
(Andy growling)
(dramatic music)
- Oh my God, what is he doing?
- He's calling to them.
Use the backdoor, come on.
(Andy growling)
(dramatic music)
- There's our school,
we're getting closer to
the edge of town, come on.
Mike, you're going
wrong way you idiot?
- I just need to take that pee,
I've been holding it forever.
- God, why can't you
just pee outside?
- I hate pissing outside, okay.
(dramatic music)
Oh, finally.
(upbeat music)
(zombie growling)
Whoa, wait.
(upbeat music)
(zombie growling)
(upbeat music)
How can I do anything
(upbeat music)
(zombie growling)
Taking down
(zombie growling)
She said that's that I
don't wanna chitter chat
Turn into a little
bit of turning
(zombies growling)
Coming up
When you go you will need it
Until you get seated
(upbeat music)
(zombies growling)
- [Amy] We're trapped.
- [Mike] Might be.
Down in the pleasures sent
a help that are heaven sent
Listen to the topic
and listen the lady
- Mike, we have to
switch the plan.
- What?
- I mean, we can't leave
town, we have to stay.
- You gotta be
kidding me, right?
- Carver, he's the one
who made all these movies,
so he has to know what to do.
- You're nuts.
- I mean, it all makes sense.
Carver always hired nobody's
for all of his films.
B actors that nobody's
heard or seen from since.
Mike, don't get chicken on me.
- Listen, Carver's
in the hospital okay,
so we'll never be
able to get to him.
- You're afraid.
Just admit it.
- No, I'm not.
- Yes you are.
Just admit it.
- You want the truth.
- For God's sakes, yes,
I've been waiting to
hear this for years.
- I saw "Zombie Corpse"
when I was six okay.
- I didn't see
that until I was 11
and it scarred me for months.
- One night my babysitter
brought the DVD over.
She and her boyfriend
were watching it,
and I heard it playing
through my room.
So I snuck downstairs to
see what they were watching.
- And your babysitter
didn't turn it off?
- The babysitter didn't
know I was there,
she was too busy making out
with her boyfriend or whatever.
(Amy laughing)
- And you didn't leave the room.
- I just hadn't seen that type
of movie before, you know.
I was just so shocked I
couldn't close my eyes
or run away.
I just sat there, hiding
behind the couch watching.
(Amy laughing)
See, this is why I didn't
wanna tell you, you're evil.
- No, I'm not
laughing about that.
I'm laughing about the fact
that you can't outside.
(both laughing)
- I never told anybody
that, like nobody.
But I should have told
you about it years ago.
- I don't know why
you never told me.
You should have
trusted me, Mikey.
(gentle music)
- I should have.
(gentle music)
Bonnard again?
- She really gets
around, doesn't she?
- The 10 trillion.
(dramatic music)
- Attentions.
Her and I are the
only ones in this town
that don't like Carver movies.
- Look, you need to
make up your mind.
Are you coming with
me to Carver's or not?
- I told you, Carver's
in the hospital.
- Perfect, so we break into
his house and find clues.
I am not running Mike.
Not if I can save my mom
and dad and this whole town.
(dramatic music)
- This eye was on
the film canister.
- So?
(dramatic music)
- It was the only
thing that protected us
from that white light.
(dramatic music)
(car engines revving)
- That's a stop sign,
you might want to.
Richard drive the thing in
a straight line, would you?
You know if all of you hadn't
pushed me for another movie,
none of us would ever happened.
Red light, red light, yeah.
Oh forget it, we're
in an ambulance.
- It's just like Carver's,
"Night at the Mausoleum."
Mezmerian needs to
find a film canister,
so he stops the dead from
rising from the grave.
- In this movie, right, are
there two teenagers in it,
one named Amy and
the other one Mike?
- No.
- Then we are not in a movie.
(dramatic music)
Now let's get this film cans.
They could protect
us from zombies.
(dramatic music)
- Great.
We missed the best
part of the movie.
- Look, I think the film cans
are where we left them,
at the end of the row.
- Okay, how do we do this?
- Follow me.
(dramatic music)
(zombies moaning)
(dramatic music)
(zombies moaning)
(dramatic music)
(zombies moaning)
(dramatic music)
(zombies moaning)
(dramatic music)
(zombies growling)
- Ha suckers.
(dramatic music)
Please, please, I hope the
keys are still in there.
- I just got my driver's
license, so I can drive.
Hold on tight baby, it's
gonna you one hell of a ride.
- Seriously?
(car engines revving)
Oh, okay, so you can't drive.
- I can do this.
- Get out, let me drive.
(zombie growling)
(Amy screaming)
Oh my God.
(zombie growling)
What are you doing?
- Getting away from it.
- That doesn't make
sense, it's in the car.
Just stop.
(car engines revving)
(car brakes screeching)
(gentle upbeat music)
(insects chirping)
- Let's go to the bike shop.
- What, you have to pee again?
(dramatic music)
(film reel spinning)
(dramatic music)
(ambulance sirens blaring)
- Look at them mindlessly
drawn to the screen
in that theater.
- Madness.
(dramatic music)
- Yes it is, Landro.
Look at you people,
you're all zombies.
You hear me?
Zombies each and
every one of you.
Drive me to the mausoleum.
- Okay.
(ambulance engine revving)
- I thought you said
we shouldn't steal.
- If we get to carvers
and figure out how to turn
everyone back to normal,
then I think that's
payment enough
for one of these
overpriced bikes.
(dramatic music)
(car engines revving)
(dramatic music)
(car engines revving)
(dramatic music)
(baby crying)
(dramatic music)
How are we gonna sneak
into this creep's house?
- Mike, seriously?
I know you don't
like his movies,
but you don't have
to be so negative.
- I'm not being negative.
- Between Carver and Chad,
I'm starting to think
that you're the problem.
- Me?
This whole town is the
one with the problem.
- Well, found a rock,
so I'll get us in there.
- I mean, you are also obsessed
with these dumb movies.
And look where we are now.
A zombie obsessed town
turned into literal zombies.
- Oh.
- Landro, not you too.
(Landro moaning)
(gentle upbeat music)
(Landro moaning)
- Show them in, Richard.
- Oh.
(gentle upbeat music)
- Sir, I work at
Landro's theater.
We met earlier.
- Yes, I know who you are.
- And I also just wanted
to say that I'm a huge fan.
That's the, "Night of
the Mausoleum" isn't it?
- So you're a fan.
- Yes, very much so.
- Then you're a zombie.
- No, I'm not.
Look at me.
- Mr. Carver, you're the
only one who can help us.
I mean, we figured you'd
be the guy to come to.
- Please help us, Mr. Carver.
- Have a seat.
Make yourselves comfortable.
I've got quite a
story to tell you.
(Landro moaning)
It all began in 1974
when I met a man,
a wealthy collector
of artifacts,
who came into possession of
some lost film reels, untouched,
created by Thomas
Edison himself.
(dramatic music)
- That's crazy.
- That's what I said.
Edison hid them away, he
knew they were magical.
Mezmerian believed
that they were imbued
with mystical elements
found only in an old
Egyptian burial chamber.
I was a young
filmmaker at the time,
and he hired me to
examine the reels
to study and record their power.
And their power was
all encompassing.
(dramatic music)
A cinematic alternate reality
conjured up by ancient
alchemists for purposes unknown.
- But there's nothing on
those reels in the theater.
It's just white.
- Well, yes, you see,
you don't actually have
to photograph anyone.
You just roll the film
and it turns the actors
into the living dead.
And then you, when you're
finished rolling the film,
you put it back in the canisters
and it immortalizes their
souls on film forever.
Mezmerian tried to stop me,
but I used the power
of the film to trap him
inside, "Night of
the Mausoleum."
The film that's playing
in the theater now
has the power to suck
the souls out of everyone
in this vicinity.
That's why I need the canisters
to stop the zombie pandemic,
to trap them in the film.
- So the movies, the zombies
that I grew up watching,
they were real?
- You didn't direct them?
- No, I didn't have to.
The film turned everyone I
hired into the living dead.
When "Night of the Mausoleum"
came out, it was a big hit,
not a critical hit,
but a money hit.
And that's the name
of the game, isn't it?
Get a money hit.
I made that film and another,
and another, and another,
and became so famous that they
renamed this town after me.
- Why did you stop?
- The memories,
the memories of those
tortured souls haunted me.
Their anguish cries lived on,
in the voices and eyes of
the people in this town,
the followers, the
devotees, the aficionados.
This bloody damn town obsessed,
never leaving me alone,
demanding interviews.
I couldn't get away from it.
Do you know what it does to,
to have committed
the greatest of sins
and then be rewarded for it,
what that would do to
a director, a person.
- So you wanted to turn
the town into zombies?
- Yes, I did.
But then the guilt stopped me
and I couldn't play the film.
But you did.
You did play it.
And now we have a chance, if
you gimme the canister back,
we can, maybe we
can't save this town,
but we can try to
save the world.
- So we can stop
them from spreading
but we can't undo
what's already been done
to my mom and dad.
- Unfortunately, I
don't have that answer.
And Mezmerian had all
the knowledge there,
and I trapped him before I
could learn the dark secrets.
If he were here,
he'd know what to do.
But we can try.
We can try.
We, we may be able
to, to reverse it.
- Zombies may want my soul,
but at least none of them beat
me up in the school bathroom.
- What, Chad?
Really Mike, just
give him the can.
- Having a little lover's
quarrel at a time like this.
- Mike, just give Carver
the film canister.
We're trying to save the
people we love right.
- I never love this town.
I always hated it.
- Mike.
- You're right, Carver.
Maybe this is what they deserve.
- Give me the canister.
- Screw you and this town.
- Landro, get your
damned employee.
(Landro moaning)
- I'm out here.
(dramatic music)
- Get him.
(Landro moaning)
- Now we don't have the
other half of the canister
to stop the film.
Don't you have any others
from your previous films?
- I do.
But they're all at the
mausoleum and the cemetery
and some politician
locked it up.
- All of your films
are at the mausoleum?
- Yeah.
- Mayor locked that place
up after a ton of teens
tried to break in.
But I think I know
a way in, Chad.
- Chad from your
teenage lover's quarrel?
(zombies moaning)
- Chad's dad is the
mayor, he'll have the key,
he has every key in town.
- But what?
- But there's a
huge party going on.
- So?
- So it'll be
swarmed with zombies.
- Yeah.
- Believe me, I know
how to handle zombies.
We're taking the ambulance.
You guys stay here.
And I'll drive this time
because you guys don't know how.
(both moaning)
- Drink.
- Sure.
- Oh.
(insects chirping)
(dramatic music)
- Mom.
(dramatic music)
I didn't mean to do this.
I only played the movie because
I wanted Amy to be happy
so she'd hang out with
me instead of Chad.
I'm so sorry Mom.
I'm so sorry.
(dramatic music)
- This town is your home.
You just need to
figure out what it is
that you love about it.
(zombie growling)
- I love you, Mom.
I know what I need to do now.
I know what it is that
I love about this town.
- Your lunch.
(dramatic music)
(ambulance engine revving)
- Poor Mike.
- What about him?
- Nothing.
Listen, there're going to be
a lot of zombies in there.
I mean a lot.
Chad is super
popular and this is
the biggest party of the year.
- All right.
Well Amy, just keep
this can close to you.
The eye of Ra is the only thing
that will prevent those
bumbling, stumbling zombies
from sucking out your soul.
- Well, what about you?
- Don't worry,
I'll be all right.
- Okay, well, I'm not joking
when I say there's a
lot of zombies in there.
(gentle upbeat music)
- Super popular.
Doesn't look like this
guy Chad has many friends.
- Oh, looks like it.
He invited his little
sister, his little brother,
his aunt and our math
teacher Ms. Simpson.
- Just don't let your guard down
when we're looking
for those keys.
- But they'll know,
I can't do this.
- I'll direct you.
(gentle upbeat music)
And it's getting nearer
(gentle upbeat music)
I hear them coming after me
(gentle upbeat music)
Looking for
something good to eat
There can be no doubt.
- Let's split up,
find those keys.
(zombies moaning)
Walk on, sister.
(gentle upbeat music)
(zombie growling)
- Chad, not you too.
Chad, it's okay, it's just me.
You don't have to be
afraid, I, I put it away.
Listen, I really need the
keys to the mausoleum.
Do you know where your
dad might have put them?
Chad, listen, you're a
really cool guy and all,
but you're not exactly my type.
So about those keys.
Oh yeah you guys are
definitely made for each other.
(zombie growling)
(gentle upbeat music)
(insects chirping)
(gentle upbeat music)
Carver, where are you?
Carver, where are you?
Carver, I need help.
(gentle upbeat music)
- I have the key.
- Okay, great, but
I still need help.
- I'm gonna go and figure
out how to stop all this
and then you'll go back to
normal and you'll be fine.
- Wait, what?
You're gonna let turn
into one of them.
- It won't be long,
I'll figure it out.
- You're ditching me?
- I promise I'll be back.
You're my fan girl.
(gentle upbeat music)
If you need a zombie hideout
(gentle upbeat music)
- I'll never watch another
zombie movie again, I promise.
Mike, what are you doing here?
I thought you left town.
- Get behind me.
(gentle upbeat music)
(zombie growling)
Sorry, Chad.
Just a little payback.
You'll be fine.
(gentle upbeat music)
- [Amy] Come on.
(gentle upbeat music)
(insects chirping)
- Are you okay?
- I lost the canister, Mike.
- Don't worry about it.
It's fine.
(gentle music)
(insects chirping)
Why wasn't Carver with you?
- He left me.
- Where'd he go?
- To the mausoleum.
(gentle music)
- Is this the mausoleum?
- Yeah, this is it.
- Okay, just gimme a second.
(dramatic music)
- [Amy] Hey Mikey.
- Huh?
- It's open.
And I think Carver's
been here too.
(dramatic music)
- Okay.
(dramatic music)
- Oh.
- Carver.
- My movies,
he wants me to do
the impossible.
- What are you talking about?
What's going on?
- My films are in that tomb.
- All of them?
- He wants me to destroy
them, I won't do it.
- Who's telling you that?
- Mezmerian, he's in the mirror.
(dramatic music)
Mezmerian, no, no.
I told you I refuse.
Go away.
- They must be destroyed.
It's the only way to stop
this cinematic reality loop
that we've created.
- But, but, but
these are my films.
This is, this is my legacy.
- [Mezmerian] Len.
- Yes, boss?
- Your films must be burned,
you have to destroy them all.
It's the only way to
free all of the souls
you've trapped for decades.
- Burn my films.
- My old friend, you
can save the town
and free all of us to resume
our lives from the era
in which we were trapped.
Oh man.
(dramatic music)
- Oh, oh.
Oh, oh.
I did that to them.
I did that to them.
(dramatic music)
All right, all right,
I'll, I'll do it.
And end this punishing regret.
- [Mezmerian] Free us all.
For us all Len.
- For the fans.
- For our town.
- Let's get this lid off.
(dramatic music)
(insects chirping)
All right, go to the theater,
stop the projector,
that's the last film,
I'll take care of these.
- Wow.
Do you think I could take one
of these as a souvenir, maybe?
- Amy, no.
- Can your kids drive?
- I may not have my
full license yet,
but I can drive better than you.
- Take the ambulance,
go, go, go.
(gentle upbeat music)
(ambulance engine revving)
(gentle upbeat music)
(zombies moaning)
(all applauding)
(gentle upbeat music)
- We can't stop the
projector, remember.
- Yeah but, we can pull
the film right off.
- Okay well, do it.
(dramatic music)
(zombies growling)
(dramatic music)
(zombies growling)
(dramatic music)
(zombies growling)
(dramatic music)
Quick, the gasoline.
(dramatic music)
(zombies growling)
(dramatic music)
(door banging)
Mike, they're onto us.
(dramatic music)
- Amy, I want you to know,
that no matter what
happens after we do this,
that I love you.
And I almost have.
- I've been waiting
for you to say that.
(gentle upbeat music)
(door banging)
(gentle upbeat music)
(fire crackling)
- [Mezmerian] You're doing
the right thing, Carver.
We have to set things straight.
(gentle upbeat music)
(fire crackling)
(zombies growling)
(dramatic music)
- See you on the
other side, Mike.
- Ghostbusters.
- I thought you said you
didn't like horror movies.
(gentle music)
- Actually, it's a comedy.
(gentle music)
- This town is your homes.
You just need to
figure out what it is
that you love about it.
- I know how hard it was for
you to play that zombie movie
and I get it, but
it was really sweet.
- [Narrator] Zombie movies,
you might just see something
that you love about them.
(gentle music)
(people speaking indistinctly)
(gentle music)
- What are we doing here?
- Oh my God, ew.
(gentle music)
- Hey.
I invited you to
my party, right?
Was that having a party?
- It's okay, Chad.
The party really wouldn't
have been that great anyway.
So me and Mike are
gonna go hang out.
- What?
What is he like your
boyfriend or something?
- Yeah, he is.
(gentle music)
- Simp.
(gentle music)
(people speaking indistinctly)
(gentle music)
- Oh.
(gentle music)
- What?
What's going on?
What is this?
Why am I tied up?
It's not Friday.
Somebody help me, help me, help.
(gentle music)
(birds chirping)
(gentle music)
(birds chirping)
(gentle music)
- You know, Mike, I'm
really not that sad
that we won't be seeing any
more horror movies from Carver.
- He did the right thing.
So did we.
(gentle music)
- You know, Amy, that
wasn't a bad little movie.
(gentle music)
Ain't it good
Ain't it right
That you are with
me here tonight
Music playing
Our bodies swaying in time
In time, time, time
Touching you, so
warm and tender
Lord I feel such
a sweet surrender
Beautiful this dream
that makes you mine
Rock me gently
Rock me slowly
Take it easy
Don't you know
That I have never been
loved like this before
Baby, baby
Rock me gently
Rock me slowly
Take it easy
Don't you know
That I have never been
loved like this before
(gentle upbeat music)
Oh my darlin'
Oh my baby
You've got the moves
that drive me crazy
And on your face I
see a trace of love
Love, love, love
- Well that certainly
gave me goosebumps.
Right, get it guys, goosebumps.
- Really, that's the ending?
- Yes, that's the ending.
- We were really hoping to get
more zombies.
- Like more zombies.
- More zombies.
- It's really nice
that Mike and Amy
walk away happy and
everything, but.
- But yeah, a few more
zombies wouldn't hurt.
- Okay, can we get more zombies?
That's all I'm saying.
- You mean like right now?
Sir, have you been listening
to the conversation?
- Yeah, I've been listening.
So you want more zombies?
Give 'em what they want.
More zombies.
(all applauding)
- Yes, sir, right away.
Projector room, roll it.
(film rolling)
(gentle upbeat music)
I love you 'til
the day I die
So don't die today,
please don't die today
Everything but
you is an ugly lie
That's not how you pray
That's not what you say
If I'm here when you're
gone I'll fall apart
Stop your crying love,
stop your crying love
What's the point of
life without my heart
You're not dying now
You'll survive somehow
Do you want to die together
Yes I do, yes I do
Do you want do die together
Yes I do, yes I do
Do you want to die together
Yes I do, yes I do
Do you want to die together
(gentle upbeat music)
(singer vocalizing)
(gentle upbeat music)
I fear the night
Don't wanna be here
There's a deadly threat
And it's getting nearer
I hear them coming after me
(gentle upbeat music)
Looking for
something good to eat
(gentle upbeat music)
There can be no doubt
(gentle upbeat music)
You're gonna be
a zombie hideout
(gentle upbeat music)
I feel them
creeping upon you
Keep yourself outta site
Or find your head on you
Yeah I'll bite
(gentle upbeat music)
- [Singer] Oh my, this is
turning into a zombie town
(gentle upbeat music)
Go zombie, go zombie,
go zombie, go zombie
Go zombie, go zombie
People gonna need
a zombie hideout
(gentle upbeat music)
People gonna need
a zombie hideout
- [Singer] Oh no, it's like
zombie town around here.
(gentle upbeat music)
- There's a picture
up for you and me
There can be no town
(gentle upbeat music)
Zombie hideout
- Thank you.
I been around the
round, round world
and if indeed the
world is round.
I've been on the flyways,
highways, byways and train ways.
I've played the villain,
I've played the fool,
I've played the clown.
And I will always remember
the great cast and crew
of, "Zombie Town."
- Yes.
- Whoa, Dan.
(all cheering)
(all laughing)
- (beep).
(all laughing)
(gentle music)
You've known my mind
More than anyone
(gentle music)
When all else has passed
This will linger on
(gentle music)
You'll be somewhere
In that place where
I'll be going
(gentle music)
You will always
Be beside me
Without knowing
(gentle music)
Every moment
you'll be with me
(gentle music)
Every moment
you'll be with me