Zombiepura (2018) Movie Script

Hey, stop messing around.
Hey, Kayu.
Hush, I'm at the final stage.
I just need to gather weapons,
throw the smoke bomb,
kill the boss,
head shot, helicopter rescue,
and I'll win.
Quick, keep your handphone.
Don't get me into trouble.
Wait, wait, wait.
It froze?
This camp's signal reception is so poor.
We must book out.
Corporal Tan Kayu, Corporal Tazan.
Damn it, what the hell are you doing?
Even your mothers know that everyone
is supposed to stand at attention
when they hear the anthem!
Chit-chatting during guard duty, right?
What is this?
Playing games? Well done!
Regimental Sergeant Major's orders,
All mobile phones are banned
during this in-camp training.
Bro, chill man.
We aren't recruits anymore.
Who's your bro?
Oh, what is this?
Not giving respect to your wife?
Do you want me to charge you?
I told you before,
my upper limbs are excused from duty,
I can't hold rifles.
In fact, I'm a non-combat clerk.
I shouldn't be doing guard duty.
If your upper limbs are excused,
don't let me catch you eating, drinking,
or wiping your ass
with your hands, understand?
Carrying rifle makes my hands feel sore
and it will tremble.
Tan Kayu, you are the laziest,
most unfit, and the weakest soldier
I have ever known since basic training!
Have you counted your bullets?
Five bullets.
You better don't lose them.
You will be charged.
Guard duty is the only time
you have live ammunition with you.
You have to take care of
your standard issue items properly,
Where are your field bandages and ID tags?
What ID tag?
Don't be crazy,
but only recruits have ID tags.
We are veterans,
we have lost our tags long ago.
How are you going to fight a war
without your ID tags?
How is your mother going to know that
it is you, when you die in a war?
Maybe something must happen to you
for you to get a clue
on what's going on, right?
Our country is very safe,
why would a war happen here?
If anything happens,
with one nuclear bomb,
The whole island will be destroyed.
Let us book out, please.
If I let you go,
who will do guard duty then?
The whole unit has gone outfield.
Let me tell you,
our mission is to protect the camp.
Damn it, you want to play punk with me?
Knock it down, push-up position.
Sergeant, we are here for reservist,
we don't do this anymore.
Damn it, you want to play games with me?
Mount the chin-up bar,
Hey, bro.
Chin-ups are not
in the fitness test anymore.
How can we test your strength
without chin-ups?
Let's see how fit you are
after all these years.
you can't even complete one chin-up.
Even your mother can do better than you,
Your father.
What's wrong with my father?
Your father is here!
Sergeant Lee!
Crawling through the battlefield
makes the grass dance!
Not tactical at all!
Why didn't you man the gate properly?
A few men returned from outfield,
and gave us a bunch of excuses.
Broken legs, broken arms,
headache, stomachache, diarrhoea!
Make sure you take the headcount.
Yes, dad.
I've told you,
while you're in camp, call me sir!
Yes, sir!
Yesterday, there was this joker who
wore his underwear like a helmet
and danced like a monkey.
There were videos taken,
and they were put online!
Make sure that you collect
their mobile phones, and lock them all up!
This is a top-secret camp.
All these punks, they come back
for reservist duty only once a year.
They have no clue!
Yes sir!
I'm going to book out now.
The entire battalion is outfield.
Make sure you do your job,
and defend the camp.
Don't embarrass me.
Yes sir, I will make sure
my men do their job!
What are the eight core values of the army?
Loyalty to country,
discipline, professionalism,
fighting spirit, ethics, safety...
Bully the soldiers!
This Sergeant Lee Siao On
is very outstanding.
Basic training, best in his company.
Sergeant course, Golden Bayonet,
army half marathon, fitness tests,
obstacle courses.
He holds the record for everything.
Also, I heard his Operation Blue Bird
was very impressive.
It's Blue Bridge.
All these operations are useless,
it's only for show.
These type of people,
they only know to sign on to the army
and follow the system.
If they are working in the real world,
they won't survive.
He wants me to call him Sergeant?
No way!
Is this really the shortcut
to the medical centre?
You know this camp well.
If you didn't go outfield,
you don't want people to see you.
I always move around tactically,
especially from here
to canteen to eat burgers.
This camp is so big,
I haven't finished exploring.
But I'm not sure,
what if we get caught?
Act blur, live longer.
Act stupid, live forever.
I think I'm not going to report sick.
I'm just going to stay inside here
and slack, it's better.
Take a break from my day job.
Why don't you go report sick with me?
We can go to the canteen together.
There are pretty girls there, right?
What about your weapon?
You can't bring it into the medical centre.
I'll just hide it here.
You are really a thinking soldier.
It's Nathan and Tony.
They are on patrol duty.
If we don't malinger,
we will not have freedom.
Let's book out!
I think we are late man.
So many people reporting sick
and avoiding outfield training.
We want to report sick.
Slacker buddy Tan Kayu!
Chua the player.
You finally show your face.
I thought you're always hiding
in the barracks.
Oh no, I'm not hiding...
We were assigned to guard duty.
That's tiring.
Unlike the good old days,
when we were clerks on duty,
we used to stay in the ops room
with air con, answering phone calls,
drinking coffee and watching television.
So relaxing!
If we don't malinger,
we will not have freedom.
Can you let us skip the queue?
What's your problem?
I'm excused from using my upper limbs,
but my commander forced me to do chin-ups
and I fell down and hurt myself.
I also had fever and diarrhoea last night.
How about you?
I have depression.
You guys have to queue up.
It's not that easy to get medical leave.
Look at the people behind.
Excused lower limbs,
excused upper limbs,
fall down,
I want to book out to spend time
with my family too.
Look at my daughter,
she's having a piano presentation today.
Marksman Chua, you are a lucky guy.
Are you talking about his wife
or his daughter?
I mean Chua is generally a lucky guy.
Just messing with you, why so serious?
We should avoid troubling Captain Yap.
If he complains to his father,
I can't go home.
Who's his father?
His father is an important figure.
Some sort of Senior Minister
works in parliament
in charge of defence.
I don't know what he does exactly.
Do not mess with him.
He's the only one in camp
who can park his car inside here.
I can't even park in here.
What are you doing here? Are you sick?
No fever, and you look fit.
Oh no, I'm here for my friend.
His upper limbs are injured.
- What?
- Although you are not handsome,
you are a good boy.
Drop by my canteen anytime,
I will buy you a few drinks
or some beer!
- Thank you Auntie.
- Hey!
I mean Susie, Susie.
Call me Susie. Don't forget,
I was once in Miss Singapore,
Miss Universe,
Miss Tourism, and also
Miss Chinatown.
Never forget!
Where are you carrying these boxes to?
Need help?
It's alright, my daughter is here.
Are you shy?
Damn it, stupid camp,
so many mosquitoes here.
You're applying too much,
this repellent is very effective!
We are out of stock.
Our neighbour...
Where's our cute neighbour?
Which jerk?
Why are you so crude?
No wonder no guy wants you.
Please, these are all old men
and uncles here,
I'm not even interested.
I'm going out in a while.
You're always giving excuses
when I ask you to help out.
Do you know that when you are around,
my business is better.
We'll be rich!
In life we shouldn't just
think about ourselves.
I have a life outside.
take this to the white horse Captain Yap.
Let him sign the invoice.
I'll be at the canteen.
Your neighbour?
Yes, yes.
Why didn't you mention that earlier?
Let's go to your place next week.
What do you want?
Xiao Ling, I'll borrow this, thank you!
Rub this into our eyes,
our eyes will turn reddish.
We will look very sick,
they will let us jump the queue.
Are you sure?
You will not just get medical leave,
but immediate discharge from the army!
I'm very sure.
Can you help me take off my glasses?
Oh my!
Bloody hell! What are you guys doing?
Sir, don't fall for his tricks.
I want to charge him for malingering.
This looks serious.
OK, I will give you medical leave.
Please go home and rest.
Thank you sir.
But sir, this bugger...
Are you aware, that the cornea
is connected via optic nerves to the brain,
which is then connected to the spinal cord?
An eye infection like this,
could lead to brain tumour, aneurysm,
or even to paralysis of the entire body.
Sir, I think he is malingering.
Sergeant, you think, I thought,
who confirm?
And Sergeant, are you aware
that Corporal Tan
is excused for upper limbs?
And he has a pending downgrade
for lower limb, excuse boots,
and he has a back problem.
Why do you need to punish him?
Don't you know
there is already a viral infection
spreading around this camp?
Yes, I know. CK virus.
CK virus?
Confirmed Kidding Virus.
Sergeant, my job is to ensure that
everyone finishes this in-camp training
in one piece.
We all have lives outside.
Nobody wants to waste their time here.
Regardless whether you are a soldier,
a commander, or a captain.
Chua, am I right?
Yes sir.
Don't let this sergeant override you.
What the hell,
I don't care who is overriding,
or who is malingering.
Here's your order,
can you sign this for me now?
This is a restricted area.
Charge me then!
Sir! There's an emergency!
There's a man down, sir!
Sir, another one faking it.
Does anyone know how to carry out CPR?
Medic, administer CPR, now!
Of course it's you,
you have the armband.
One, and two, and three, and four...
and five.
One, and two, and three, and four...
and ten.
One, and two...
Sir, I've forgotten how to do it.
Mouth to mouth! Continue!
Mouth to mouth! Hurry up!
Oh my god
Move it!
Beauty, are you okay?
Get in there!
No, it's too small!
Get in there!
- Ah!
- Sorry!
Damn you!
Don't just stand and look!
Help me out!
What's going on?
I don't know...
Did you see Tazan just now?
Hey! Why didn't you help me just now?
Beauty is still in the cabinet.
Why do they start biting people?
Were you bitten?
No! Maybe you were bitten!
Your eyes are reddish.
It's because of the mosquito...
No, I mean...
I have conjunctivitis...
I've told the medical officer.
Knock it down. Push-up position.
Are you crazy? For what?
I'm not a recruit anymore.
OK, you're normal.
What are you doing?
Black tape. Protecting myself.
Pass some to me.
There's none left.
Where are your standard issue items?
Why don't you use your own?
I don't have it now.
He's infected.
Soldier, relax.
Help me out!
I have rope!
Give it to me.
This is only for internal communications.
No connection.
Stupid camp.
Do you have a mobile phone?
Give it to me.
It was confiscated by you.
Damn it.
I locked mobile phones in the guard house.
I was just following RSM's orders.
I see, you're just following orders.
I thought you were opening
a mobile phone shop.
What do we do now?
It's impossible.
They are turning into...
Into what?
Turning into...
Turning into what?
Turning into crazies.
We need to find out what's going on.
Follow protocol, contact all key personnel.
But RSM isn't here.
All the other officers are outfield
in the forest.
Who's the key personnel left?
Shit. I think it's me.
Then your dream has come true,
you can take it over
acting RSM.
There's a virus.
Crazy virus.
Corporal, on the count of three,
we barge out there to rescue Beauty!
Where can we go after we saved her?
I think we should stay here
and wait for backup.
Hello? I'm your sergeant!
You follow my orders, understand?
Don't be so reckless.
I have an idea.
Are you crazy? What are you doing?
Did you see Tazan just now?
What do you think?
Let's go to the HQ block.
To the canteen!
We're finished.
Land Rover.
Find the car keys.
There are no car keys.
Beauty, were you bitten?
How about you?
Maybe you were bitten.
Wow, what's wrong with your...
I'm not bitten!
I was hit in the face by someone though.
Here, I have bandages.
What should we do now?
We should wait for
the government to rescue us.
When I play games,
they'll always send a helicopter
to rescue us.
Can you wake up?
According to protocol,
we should contact HQ.
Can you stop following protocol
and use your brains?
My mom is still at the canteen,
I don't know if she's ok.
I need to find her.
Maybe your friend escaped
to the canteen too.
What are you doing?
Jump-start the engine.
Are you sure you know how to do it?
They always do this in movies.
The storeman...
I have to look for my mom.
No, we should head to HQ first.
We should have a plan before taking action.
OK, let's save the lady first
before we head to the HQ.
Who's the lady?
Your mother, Susie.
Let's go!
When I play games,
map knowledge is very important.
We have to know where we can hide,
where to power up,
where's the ammunition,
and where's the weapon...
Where's your weapon?
What are you doing?
What are we doing here?
To look for my rifle.
You better not lose your weapon,
or else I will charge you.
I will find it.
This is the shortcut to the canteen.
Line formation, tactical movement.
Follow my command.
What's he saying?
He's just putting on a show. Ignore him.
Corporal, straight ahead, 20 metres!
We can see it.
Keep quiet.
I thought you told us to be tactical.
That's weird.
They are still following
their everyday routine.
Why are they still patrolling
after becoming infected?
What are you saying?
I'm saying, they still remember
the patrolling route
after turning infected.
Their brains have been programmed.
It's muscle memory.
Oh shit!
Quick, take his magazine!
What magazine?
The magazine that holds bullets!
I got the magazine!
Load the weapon!
Weapon loaded!
Fire weapon!
Weapon malfunction!
Give me the rifle!
You misfired?
You will get detention for that!
You didn't service your weapon!
Run! Kayu! Run faster!
They are queueing up
for the obstacle course.
Muscle memory.
Follow me.
Let's clear the obstacle course, now!
They will be following us,
we can shake them off!
Corporal, hurry up!
You are not in basic training anymore!
Corporal! Don't be lazy!
Hurry up! They're stuck!
Hurry! Here they come!
The front door is locked,
let's go to the back door.
I know you can run very fast,
but not everybody is as fast as you are.
My girl!
It's open.
Hey, come in!
Are you alright?
Come on!
Come in Kayu, quick!
Chua, close the gate!
Hurry up, close the gate!
Are you okay?
Wait, I'm ok!
Don't move.
Chua, what are you doing?
Take it easy.
How can I take it easy!
He's going to change.
Sir, help him!
Don't try to be a hero.
Okay, okay.
She's also been bitten!
Hey, calm down!
I'm not bitten!
Sir, she's not infected.
It's an open wound.
Any exposed wound
and contact with blood, dangerous.
No, she's fine!
You think, I thought, who confirm?
Look, we don't know anything
about this virus.
Different people react to it differently.
Some turn very quickly,
some take a lot longer.
You shouldn't have come here!
I'm not bitten!
You shouldn't have come here!
Look at what's happening now!
He has been bitten and shot,
and now all of us are going to die.
Hey, that's enough!
We have already said,
I'm not infected at all.
What's the matter with you?
Chua, sir,
he will change soon.
Sir, for your own safety
we should lock all of them up.
I have the gun now,
we can head to your car.
Buddy, come with us.
Let me out!
My daughter is fine, please let her out!
Stupid Kayu, hey!
Open the door!
You son of a...
Let us out!
You scum!
She's fine, please let her out!
Chua, well done.
If we don't malinger,
we will not have freedom.
Damn it!
Right now, our priority
is to ensure Captain Yap escapes safely.
If you are so important,
why don't you wait for backup
to come rescue you?
Open the door!
Don't you come near me.
Landlines can only call internally.
Who approved this stupid policy?
Thanks to Sergeant Lee,
who confiscated all our mobile phones.
And nobody is answering the phone
in the ops room.
Why is nobody answering it?
Standby your car keys.
This place is so deserted.
By the time anyone knows
what happened to us,
we'll already be dead.
He's putting on a show.
Distract them.
Please let my daughter out!
Let her go!
Let me out!
Sir, give me your car key now.
Car key!
What are you doing?
My daughter is fine, please let her out!
Chua! Don't shoot!
Buddy, are you crazy?
You better think twice!
Let's see who you want to save now.
I'm sorry.
Corporal! Shuttle run!
Corporal! Even your mother
can run faster than you!
Kayu, hurry up!
Would you stop mentioning my mother!
Were you going to save us
or you're just trying to save yourself?
If I wanted to save myself
I would've escaped with them!
Why wouldn't they bite you?
Maybe they will not bite beauties.
Susie, give it a try.
Stop messing around!
We're finished.
Oh heavens please save us.
Sergeant, where's your father?
Where is RSM Lee?
He has booked out.
I wish he was here.
He would be able to rescue us.
What's their nickname for me in the past?
Mad Dog Lee, sir!
If I'm Mad Dog Lee,
make sure you are not Pussy Lee!
What are you guys doing?
Find a way out!
it's flag lowering time.
The ops room will play
the anthem automatically.
They are standing at attention!
Muscle memory.
Girl, be careful. Stay closer.
Is your arm alright?
I'm fine!
Let's go to the main gate.
Oh my god
Damn it. It's Captain Yap's car.
They crashed.
Where is Chua?
Yes, sir
The crazies are awake!
Section, fall back!
What were you doing?
So tired that you can't think?
Mom, you'll be fine!
You will be fine!
I thought they wouldn't bite beauties.
Girl, I'll be ok.
Aren't you very fit and tough?
Why didn't you save my mom?
Mom, why did you rescue that jerk?
in life we shouldn't just
think about ourselves.
You must escape from here.
Come with us....
Let's leave together.
You must bring her.
Bring her...
Bring her out to safety.
What the hell are you doing?
You better wake up, understand?
Do you want to be charged?
Not everyone is as tough as you!
That's why we must help them!
Tazan and I are only here for reservist!
You only know how to
escape your responsibilities!
We must follow the protocol!
You keep following protocol,
but we are still trapped here!
Why can't you stop fighting...
Why didn't you save my mom?
One of you is a lazy coward,
and the other is just an arrogant
and selfish bully,
forcing people to follow your order!
You guys are soldiers,
but you can't even fire a gun.
If you can't save us,
who is going to save us?
Let's go!
Every time I feign illness
or evade responsibilities,
I've caused trouble for others.
Instead of facing my problems,
I always try to find the easy way out.
I was the one who dragged Tazan
to report sick with me.
When he got infected at the medical centre,
it was my fault.
And now...
I also don't deserve to be your commander.
I'm good at nothing.
I will never be as good as RSM.
If we were to follow the protocol,
we would have reached
the ops room at HQ block.
There's a signal set there,
we can contact the army HQ.
I failed to achieve mission objectives.
I was a duty clerk in the ops room.
The anthem can be broadcasted from there.
When the crazies hear the anthem,
they will be frozen.
Muscle memory.
But, how do we get to the HQ block?
This camp is full of infected crazies.
Why didn't the crazies bite you?
The crazies didn't bite me
at the medical centre too.
It's the mosquito repellent!
We both had applied the repellent,
that's why they didn't bite us.
They can't smell us!
Our scent is camouflaged.
Mosquito repellent?
Are you kidding me?
Corporal, look for mosquito repellent!
Where is the ops room?
HQ block, second storey, third door.
Bloody hell, it's really out of stock.
You can find everything here
except mosquito repellent.
we rub our bodies
against Beauty Xiao Ling's.
How can we confirm that
the repellent can mask our scent
from the crazies?
We will have to test it.
Where's Beauty?
Xiao Ling!
Where are you going with the rifle?
Fall back now!
You guys are useless.
I will go play the anthem at the ops room
and then you can join me.
But you are sweating already!
Beauty, stop! This is an order!
They really sent a helicopter here.
Is it here to rescue Captain Yap?
Senior Minister of Parliament,
works in parliament, in charge of defence
don't know what he does exactly.
there's a signal set in the ops room.
Maybe we can communicate
with the helicopter.
After Xiao Ling plays the anthem,
we will join her at the ops room.
Corporal, standby for mobilisation.
Full battle order on, now!
Follow my gaming tactics.
When you encounter crazies.
don't be a hero.
If you can avoid them, that's the best.
If you can't avoid them, hit them.
If you can't defeat them, run away.
Yes Corporal. Avoid, hit, and run!
Operation Crazies, begin!
They are so outdated,
still using CDs.
Are you kidding me?
What's that?
Stupid crazies.
Over to you, guys.
There are other survivors.
Why won't they bite you?
Tell me.
What's going on?
Why won't they bite you?
Black tape rocks.
Xiao Ling!
Stop fooling around!
That son of a mother!
(HQ ops room, do you read me? Over.)
(We are looking for survivors.)
(Is there a Medical Officer Captain Yap?)
(HQ ops room?)
This is Captain Yap speaking...
(Captain Yap, sir!)
(We have dispatched the rescue helicopter.)
(Please standby at the Blue Bridge Gate.)
(The area is clear for helicopter landing.)
Roger that.
Since you are immune,
you are coming with me to protect me.
Come with me!
Shit, use smoke bomb!
Fire in the hole!
Exercise cut.
Follow me, 12 o'clock!
Climb up!
Hurry! They can't follow us!
Climb it like the obstacle course!
Don't grab my ass!
They are pulling me!
Corporal, climb!
If anything happens to me,
you have to rescue Beauty!
We'll rescue her together!
If anything happens to me,
you have to rescue Xiao Ling!
you can't even complete one chin-up!
Even your mother can do better than you!
Stop mentioning my mother!
My mother has passed away.
Come, let's go get Xiao Ling.
(Captain Yap,)
(please get to the Blue Bridge Gate
right now, over.)
Hurry up! Even...
I can run faster than you!
Chua, what are you doing?
Get up!
Buddy, I've contacted the helicopter.
Chua, listen to me.
Stay away from me!
Don't challenge my limit.
Nobody's challenging you, okay?
We can leave together.
It doesn't have to be like this, okay?
You think I'm dumb?
Get up!
Buddy, I'm just like you.
I just want to go home.
My wife, my daughter...
They are waiting for me!
I understand, I really do...
You don't understand!
And you!
Why won't they bite you?
Calm down, Chua!
Let me go!
Don't test me!
I said, stop testing my limit!
Don't make me shoot you!
The rifle
has only
I thought we were buddies.
I thought so too!
You think, I thought, who confirm?
You think, I thought, who confirm?
I'm fine.
Kayu! Sergeant is fine!
Kayu, you slacker,
if I can't escape from here,
neither can you guys!
We can all die together!
Knock it down!
Hurry up!
Where's the medical officer?
Where's Captain Yap?
I'm here for my son!
Xiao Ling.
I couldn't save all our men.
At least you're fine!
(This is the army notification service.)
(For English, press one.)
(For Mandarin, press two.)
(For Malay, press three.)
(To listen to your message,)
(please key in your 7 digit ID number.)
(followed by the hex key.)
(You have been mobilised.)
(Personnel with the codewords...)
(Lucky Strike,)
(Dead Meat,)
(Out Break,)
(Top Prize,)
(please report to your
mobilisation centre now.)
(To acknowledge, press one.
To repeat...)
This is a real operation,
not a lazy practice mission.
Yes, sergeant.
Even my grandmother
can do better than you.
Why don't you ask grandmother here?
Are you talking about my mom?
RSM sir!
Crawling through the battlefield
makes the grass dance!
Not tactical at all!
You better wake up!
Yes sir.
I heard you are excused from
using upper limbs,
excused lower limbs, excused boots,
and you have back problems?
Yes sir, but I've recovered already.
Very good.
After this mission, I will charge you!
Sir, contacted!
We are here to rescue all survivors.
Leave no man behind!
That's it man!