Zombies (2017) Movie Script

I don't know
if I'm gonna make it.
-You think they will hit us now?
-A zombie apocalypse?
It sounds like a war zone
out there. What's going on?
Oh, my god. You were right.
There's zombies everywhere.
It's not like anything
I've ever seen.
The station's overrun.
We gotta go!
Okay, we'll follow you.
No, no.
He stays.
I can't just leave him behind!
Look at him!
We can't take him out there
with us. They'll tear him apart.
You leave him be.
He's right.
Leave me.
Leave me!
Let's go!
Come on.
You got a spare gun?
No. Looks like you're
pretty handy with those.
We gotta move.
Watch yourself.
I hate zombies! Okay.
It'll be right up here.
Hey, diesel.
It's right up here.
- You got the keys.
Come on, come on.
I'm trying, I'm trying!
Come on.
Look at that! They're coming!
Here we go. Go!
Where's everybody?
They probably all run away.
Wouldn't you?
Your breath stinks.
You know that?
I'll tell you what.
Get your little butt off my leg.
Shrimp scampi.
Is he it?
-He's it.
-He's all you found?
-Can we get out of here?
-I'm working on it, Marcus!
Almost out of ammo.
I'm not.
Let's cover him.
Where did you find this guy?
Holding cell 3b.
Let's go.
So this is how the world ends.
Stanley? Stanley?
Stanley, Stanley!
Close your eyes.
It's been four weeks now.
They say the world has ended.
But I don't believe that.
I can't.
I find more and more
survivors each day.
I still believe in hope.
But with every day,
it gets harder and harder.
I still do.
I wish you were here,
my friend.
I'll see you soon.
It's a little dangerous sitting
on the porch all alone.
Nah. I got my beer,
got my shot gun.
We got a camp for survivors.
You can come back with me
if you want.
I'm not giving up my porch
to them zombies.
All right. Good luck.
Same to you.
There they all are.
It's good work that
you're doing out there.
Not much else to do.
Could sit and listen
to the quiet.
It's definitely not quiet.
Oh, not a cornfield.
Hey, lady, you're bleeding.
Were you bit?
No, she stabbed me.
-Are you okay to move?
What's up?
Give me a hand.
- Get her legs. Got it?
- Got her.
It's gonna be okay, lady.
Did you bring me anything
this time?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
How are you feeling?
Can I ask you what
happened out there?
We were held up at the law firm,
then the world ended
and this woman
pounding at the door,
we let her in
and she just went crazy.
After she got inside,
she just held us at gunpoint.
She had some sort of vendetta
against the partners.
-Did you know why?
She lets out living people
to get killed by zombies.
She's got more people
down there.
I never got your name.
You gotta get those people
out of there. She's not right.
Thank you, Lily.
Hey, Luke. Come on in.
So? Have you heard anything
from anyone?
We lost Adam.
What? How?
I don't know.
Took a wrong turn.
Got trapped downtown.
It was just...
Too many of them.
What about Rudy?
He made it.
Maybe I was wrong.
Sending people out there
to risk their lives.
There's a lot more people
out there...
And if we leave them,
they will die.
Yeah, but if we send people
out there, they risk their lives
we could use
every capable body in here
to protect the people
that we have here right now.
We are doing the right thing.
I hope you're right.
So? How is it out there?
Cleared a block, though.
32 people dead.
More people.
3241 zombies killed.
68 people saved.
43 still lost.
There's just still
so many unaccounted for.
And heavy road is leading right
through here.
We have no idea what
we're dealing with.
There's gotta be more towns
like ours.
I've sent...
...distress signals
from all the radio channels.
Twin cities, Rochester,
mankato, des moines.
Through all the proper
law enforcement channels.
And I haven't received
a single response.
What you guys think
about heading up here?
Look, we get everybody
in the school bus...
And we get out.
That's a terrible idea.
Listen, it's hard enough for me
to move alone out there.
We have a population
of 25,000 people
we go to a city,
there's a million,
there's two million people.
Our best bet is to stay
where we are and wait.
We know our ground here
and there's less of them here.
What if no one comes?
What if
we don't make it through?
We gotta make it through.
I want it known
that I vote that we leave.
I agree with Luke on this one.
We have no idea what
we're dealing with out there.
Hey! Where did you say
Lily came from?
She came from
that law firm downtown.
That's an awful place
to be held up.
Why? What's wrong?
Because it's right here.
So what's wrong?
That's right across from
central park.
You think you can
handle that, Luke?
Maybe we'll send a tactical team
out there with you, Luke.
I should go in alone.
Slip in, slip out,
draws less attention.
That horde out there is the
largest that we've ever seen.
If we send a team in there,
there's more of a reason and
chance for us to be exposed.
Listen, I got this.
Trust me.
Yeah. Let's trust him.
He's got it.
Just keep trying.
Well done, player.
She's pretty.
Yeah, she was.
Was? She turned?
I don't know.
We were supposed to go on our
first date the night you threw
me into jail.
I'm sorry about that.
You know, every house I go into,
i expect to find her.
Do you know where she lived?
Yeah, I looked there first,
but she wasn't there.
Was there something you
needed me for?
Actually, I've got
some good news.
We found these.
Look, these are abandoned
that lead up into those
old buildings downtown.
Well, this is incredible.
Yeah. Now you don't have
to fight your way
through the hordes.
Thank you.
What's her name?
Bena. I like that.
You know what?
I got a feeling...
That you're gonna find her.
Good night, buddy.
Good night and thank you.
Be careful.
Don't you risk anything
too wild out there, okay?
If you can't
bring them back alive,
you just friggin'
leave them behind.
It's gonna be fine.
Just get some space
ready for our new guests
and I'll see you tonight.
You guys want anything?
Rump roast.
to go with it.
All right, I'll be back.
So good to see you.
What are you doing here?
Having a little dinner
with my guests.
Have a seat.
I like the eye patch.
How did you lose the eye?
World ended.
Why are these people tied up?
These aren't people.
They haven't been people
for a really long time.
Haley, these are people.
No, they are the partners.
I don't understand.
Remember what hell
they put me through?
These two...
Are the last remaining partners.
But they've lost
the privilege of speech
because nothing good ever
comes out of their mouths!
They've caused
so much destruction
for their own personal gain.
I thought it was time
that they paid for all the pain
and suffering they caused.
The world's changed, Luke.
Nature has a way
of correcting itself.
These two had it really good
at my expense.
And now the tables have turned.
They are destined
for a very painful death.
Followed by an eternity
of insatiable hunger
being ripped apart by the
very people they preyed upon.
I thought that was fair.
You are right.
The world has ended.
But not like this.
Why don't you come back with me?
Zombies everywhere.
How do you plan to do that?
There's tunnels underneath
the streets.
I'm fine here, Luke.
I'm not leaving.
Let's go.
I'm gonna untie these people.
Show me the tunnels.
Tunnels are this way.
Stay close.
Oh my god, she killed them all.
Good bye, Luke!
Kids. Why'd it have to be kids?
Hey, Luke.
There's a bunch more
headed this way.
Who's this?
This is my cousin, tala.
Thanks for getting me out
back there.
Yeah, well, we shouldn't have.
I gotta get back to the campus.
Do you guys need a place
to stay? You're welcome.
No, we need to head home.
No, we should go.
It's gonna be dark soon.
Fine, let's go. Come on.
We have guests.
Watch it.
I want to introduce you
to sommers.
This is detective
Stanley sommers, opd.
Is there anybody out there?
Repeat, this is detective
Stanley sommers, opd.
Is there anybody out there?
Oh, my god!
You found her.
And who's this?
I'm tala.
Tala. So good to meet you.
Were there any survivors?
There was 10,
but they didn't make it.
At least, you two are here.
You guys have a nice place here.
Thank you.
You're more than welcome
to make yourself at home.
Eventually, they're gonna find
you and you're gonna be
trapped here.
What she means to say...
It's not a good idea to stay
somewhere too long.
-No, I said
exactly what I meant.
Okay, thank you.
If you need anything at all,
don't hesitate to ask.
Where are you going?
I'm going to scope out
the place.
Well, I can show you around.
- The safest place on campus.
- -It's beautiful.
Watch your step.
It's quite a hideout.
Well, this is it.
It's not much, but it's home.
So tala,
she didn't seem happy about
spending the night.
Yeah, we started out
living here in town.
And then we found out quickly
it's a lot safer in the country.
This place is supposed
to be safe.
They built it to stand
a nuclear blast, so...
I hope it can keep out
a few zombies.
It's kind of like
the unsinkable ship.
Let's hope it's not like that.
This was a good day.
Delivery man and barista
turned zombie killers.
That picture got me through
a lot.
It's so eerie.
You don't hear this out of town.
I kind of gotten used to it.
Accepting that it's the way
that it is.
It's kind of pointless to make
friends with these people.
'Cause, eventually,
they're gonna turn,
and then eventually someone's
gonna have to kill'em.
If you and I stick around here
long enough,
that's probably gonna be us.
You wanna stay here, don't you?
Would it really be that bad?
I get that you like this guy,
but we need to go home.
Remember your dad?
I'm sick being out there
all by ourselves!
You think I'm not!
Do you know what happens
to people who get comfortable?
We need to go home, get your dad
and keep moving.
We could stay.
We could help them.
You've seen what Luke's done,
imagine if they had us too.
We could bring dad.
Look, would you just
think about it?
Luke's got a bed for you.
I'm fine out here.
Well, the bed is yours.
You mean, the cot.
Well, I have something bigger,
but I can't bring it up here.
Where're you gonna sleep?
Well... there's the floor.
This is your room.
I'll take the floor.
Okay, then we'll share.
Not on the first date.
Then the bed's yours.
Okay, fine.
You're welcome.
I'm so tired.
I have to be strong
for so many people.
And they don't see
what I see out there.
The weight of people's lives
on my shoulders
Who's this?
This is Dave, my best friend.
Or at least he was.
Why is he locked in here?
Well, he locked himself
in there.
I just haven't been able to
bring myself to kill him.
I lost my mom.
She got sick
and just never got better.
And when she turned...
She immediately killed
my little sister.
I watched her bleed out
in front of me on the floor.
And when she stood up,
there was skin and blood
in her teeth.
And then she lunged at me.
My dad put a kitchen knife
in her back.
And of course that didn't kill
her, just made her angry.
And then she went for my dad...
That's when I got up,
took the knife on her back
and drove it
into the back of her skull.
I killed my mom.
I'm sorry.
We should get back.
Yeah, that was 50.
- I call.
- -What you got?
- Pair of aces.
- -You got me.
What happened?
They came through a wall.
We didn't know that the tunnels
led into this building.
From the looks of it,
they were blocked off.
There's probably still more
of them in there.
I told you guys
this would happen.
There's just no place
that's safe.
They must have followed me in.
Is everyone dead?
Not everyone.
They're gonna be
once the infection sets in.
Where are you going?
To finish this.
I'm going with you.
I can take care of Haley.
Please, stay here.
Take care of them.
I'll be back. I promise.
A lot of people died today
because of you.
Horrible deaths, I presume.
You murdered those people.
And now you've come
to murder me.
I came to help you.
Looks like we got some company.
Why are you doing this?
Let me tell you something,
After all this, if you didn't
have a reason to go to Italy...
Real beauty. Real wine.
Real women.
I got a beautiful Italian
woman waiting for me now.
Then here's to her.
Please, tell me it's over.
It is.
All right.
Let's get this place
locked down.
Everything secure?
We closed up all the tunnels.
Where's bena and tala?
It was a tough day.
They went to bed.
I don't think
they're sticking around.
I get it now.
I understand what you
go through out there.
Those people today...
They died because of me.
I'm the one who found
those plans.
I thought that they would
help to save lives.
I just... wanted to help.
It's not your fault.
People are gonna die.
You just can't give up.
I'm really happy you found bena.
Yeah, me too.
Get some rest, brother.
Good morning.
Good morning.
It's just like old times.
I thought so.
What time is it?
It's ten.
I haven't slept-in that late
in a long time.
Tala and I are leaving.
Oh, I see.
We could really use a ride.
We're gonna miss you, Luke.
Guys, I'm just going out
to the country for a bit.
I'm gonna be back.
Come here.
Take care of yourself.
See you soon, right?
Guys, I'm coming back.
Yeah. Sure.
- You watch him.
- Yeah.
So it's just you and your dad
living alone in the country?
Basically, yeah. I mean,
we try to avoid zombies
when we can
and scavenge from the
We haven't found any survivors,
What brought you to town?
My dad was low on meds.
It's so peaceful out here.
I haven't seen a single zombie.
There's no food for them to eat.
So what started this whole
thing? Does anyone even know?
We lost contact a few days
into the apocalypse.
Last we heard,
the whole us was infected.
Virus, bacteria, chemical
warfare, no one really knows.
I was banking
on bath salts, but...
They're going
right to the house.
What's the plan?
Plan for the worst.
Hey, dad.
-Sweetheart, you okay?
-Yeah, dad, we're fine.
Who is this?
I was asking my daughter,
friend, not you.
Dad, it's fine. This is Luke,
a friend. He's here to help us.
I'm just messing
with you, man.
Here's your meds.
Thanks, tala.
-Can I put my hands down now?
-Yes, you can put them down.
Put your hands down,
i ain't killing you today.
But don't fool around
with my daughter.
Okay, there's a huge horde
of zombies headed this way.
We don't get many visitors
around here anymore.
Hey, it's a fit young man!
Think your skill sets ought
to go good together.
Oh, my god.
Okay, we need to leave.
- Leave?
- Yes.
We're not leaving.
My wife and little
girl are buried there.
A bunch of zombies
won't run me out of my house.
If we stay here,
we're asking to get eaten.
Look around, son. We have
everything we need.
We're set up for this.
When the zombies get here,
they're gonna tear us...
And your house to pieces.
Come on, let me show you around.
This is nice.
Where did you find all this?
Been collecting stuff for years.
You never know when government
is gonna try to take over.
Or, you know, zombies
overrun the world.
Or that too.
I do like this.
But there's still
only four of us.
I didn't even show you the
best part yet. Come on.
You see those tanks?
They're wired to detonate.
We have them all
rigged together.
And I have the detonator.
It's wireless.
At this point, even if we
tried, it's not like we
can get through that horde.
You know, they just might pass.
We only have to draw them
into the tanks and boom!
One shot they're all dead.
This could work.
So what you think the
chances are they pass right by
us and we don't have to fight?
I've seen enough movies to know
this is probably a bad idea.
But it could work.
We can go out there.
Three against thousands.
Four against thousands.
I like those odds.
I think we should face them
head on.
Do you hear that?
I've never heard them sound
like that before.
It's really unsettling.
Here they come!
Come on! Get some! Whoo!
Cover me!
12, 13, 14, 15.
16, 17, 18.
Bring it! Picked the wrong dang
farm didn't ya, freaks!
It's working!
Come on, baby!
Get some of this!
Ha ha! 22. Loosing count.
You're a fat, boy, ain't you?
I didn't even try too hard.
Come on.
Should've counted as two.
You've been eating
a little bit too many people.
We got to hold a little longer!
It's working.
Horde's coming this way!
Okay, we got to fall back.
Fall back!
All right, let's get inside.
Yeah. Blow it.
All right, brace yourself.
Three, two, one...
What is wrong?
I forgot to flip
the breaker switch.
-Where are the circuit breaker?
-Way out there, by the shed.
Dude, for freaking real?
You guys, look at that.
I'm going out there
to turn it on.
I'm going to go with you.
You take care of her.
You guys, looks at that.
If we can get to the combine,
we can clear a path. There's not
a single zombie there.
Ok, when that thing
turns on, you blow it!
Got it.
Have you ever driven
one of these before?
Are you sure about that?
Okay, think I got it.
Engaging thresher.
The combine and zombies.
-We might get stuck.
-Yeah, we're gonna get stuck.
We're getting closer.
I'm never eating corn again.
I don't eat corn.
Almost there.
This was your idea.
You're cleaning the combine.
All right, here we go.
Three, two, one...
I just double-checked everything
upstairs. We're looking good.
I haven't seen anything
down here.
I'm actually kind of surprised
that plan worked.
Yeah, me too.
I'm gonna make some breakfast.
Should we wake her up?
Yeah, I'll do it
you guys are good together.
They're making breakfast.
You go ahead. I'll be right up.
Can you give me and Luke
a minute?
Of course. I love you.
I love you, baby.
I love you too, dad.
The horde is gone. We made it.
You're gonna be okay.
I can't turn into one of them.
I don't want to hurt anybody.
There's still a chance.
No, there's not.
There's no going back now.
I'm sorry.
I didn't want it
to end this way.
You know...
In the world before this...
We would have
been good for each other.
Maybe love.
I need some rest.
I'm gonna check on you
real soon.
Did you do this?
Because I'm not ready
to let you go.
I'm already dead.
What's that you say...
About hope?
There is... no hope, Luke!
Look at me.
Look at me!
Who do you think you are?
You are a coward!
You're so selfish.
You couldn't even kill Dave!
You're a coward...
What's going on?
It's gonna be okay.
I received an emergency
broadcast from the CDC.
It was just a virus.
A virus!
The body has a natural ability
to fight through it.
People are fighting through
the virus!
Dave's gonna be okay!
We're all gonna be okay!
Where's bena?
She come back with you?
I killed her.
All those people I killed...
If I would have just laid low...
Given it more time.
They would have been okay.
They would have been alive.
You didn't know.
You thought you were doing
the right thing.
We all thought we were doing
the right thing.