Zombies from Outer Space (2012) Movie Script

Hello Maria.
We were already expecting you.
Hello Franziska.
Weren't you supposed to be
at the market a while ago?
Did you oversleep again?
It's always the same with you.
I know.
And the little one is
hungry again too, right?
Breastfeeding still not working?
No, the pain in my breast
is getting worse and worse.
And there is just not enough
milk for the little one.
Did you go and see a doctor yet?
The doctor?
He doesn't do much besides talking.
He just blames it on the radio.
Are you okay?
I'm alright. I always cough
when a car is passing by.
Sometimes you're kinda strange.
Shouldn't you keep going?
Yes. You are right.
Get well soon.
See you tomorrow.
And don't slack around
with Robert again.
You are just distracting
him from his work.
Hello Maria.
How are you?
Are you alright?
I'm a little late.
Don't worry about it.
The people won't starve.
I know,
but the market is almost over and
I have to go the American base.
Do you know what you'd like?
Hm, I'm not sure. I'd like some...
And for you?
Ah, yes. Hmm...
just give me the usual please.
I know you are in a hurry...
but I wanted to ask you if...
well, the thing is...
The two of us could go
in the wood someday...
Ahhh... I'll bring a blanket
and something to drink...
Don't get me wrong.
We can also go to the movies and...
...or how do you feel about dancing?
I'll see you tomorrow, Robert.
Oh Maria. It's you.
I didn't even recognize you at first.
Where are the others?
Well Maria.
You're kinda late today. The soldiers
can't be on break the whole entire day.
But you'll buy something, right?
My break has been long over... and a
second one... no, I can't do that.
But I won't tell anyone that
you fell asleep in exchange.
Maria! That's pretty sharp of you.
Alright. I'll take something.
Let's see. What'd you got in there?
Can I have one of these apples...
...and a pretzel.
Thanks. How much would that be?
20 pfennig.
Keep the change. Thank you.
Thank you.
Private Anderson!
Oh! Captain Welles.
Isn't your break already over?
Yes it is.
I apologize... ehm...
I just thought, I wanted...
50, you thought?
There is a lot left Maria.
Yes, I'll sell it on the market.
Aha... isn't it a little
late for that?
Here is what we do.
I'll buy all your food and
give it to our kitchen...
Mmmh, then we finally get something
fresh and delicious on the table.
...but only if you go out to a
dance with me next Saturday.
Would it be that bad to
go on a date with me?
No, but I... my stepdad...
I don't think he would allow it.
What happened to your real parents?
I gotta go,
Wait. You gotta leave your things here.
But if I can't go outwith you?
Don't worry about it.
I'm with the U.S. air force.
We freed Germany.
So I think I can manage to free
you from you evil stepparents.
And don't forget. You owe me.
Be on time tomorrow.
How the hell do they eat these things?
Good morning, General Cooper!
Good morning, Captain!
Is everything okay, sir?
Wipe that smirk off your face.
Just look at that mess.
It must be damn good,
since you put all that effort into it.
Well, I can't tell if it's good or not.
Does anyone even know what's in there?
I don't know either,
but maybe I can help you out.
I bought some fresh food from one
of the town girls this morning.
General Cooper speaking.
Ehm... yes...
You can go now...
What did the delivery
contain that you just got?
Ah, sounds good. Bring me...
Jesus Christ!
What did you do now?
It's not how it looks,
Mrs. Hofmeier. Maria... well...
Maria didn't do anything.
She is a witness in a murder...
...well, we don't actually
know if it was murder...
...we did discover a dead
female body though...
That's horrible.
Well... Maria is the one
who found the dead woman.
Do you know who she is?
Yes, it's Angelika.
Angelika Huber.
But I'm actually not allowed
to tell you that information,
...so please be discreet about it...
...I guess it will be in
tomorrows paper anyway...
...but until then, you
can't tell anyone!
Of course.
Oh my God, that poor girl.
Her parents must be devas-tated.
Yes, I'm sure of that.
Well, I gotta go. We will do our best to
find the son of a bitch who did it.
Ah, one more thing,
Mrs. Hofmeier.
Obviously Maria is still very
shaken up about what happened.
It would be nice if you could go easy
on her and take care of the poor girl.
I mean, you don't find a dead
body on a daily basis.
Oh, I will take care of her for sure.
You got to be kidding me.
Don't you think I know what's going on.
Just stop with the innocent act.
You overslept again. I'm sure you
were only able to sell half the food.
No, I sold everything.
Maria, stop lying to me.
Did you throw it away?
No. Here is the money.
I sold everything.
I should have never taken you in.
Nothing but problems is what
you cause, you unthankful thing!
...now hurry into the stable...
the cattle won't feed itself!
After that you have
to clean the kitchen.
Once you're done with all your
work, go up to your room.
I don't want to see
you anymore today.
you scared me to death.
You saw them. Am I right?
They are here to get us...
all of us!
what's wrong with you?
Look... what they did to me.
These monsters!
Yes... run kid. Run!
But it won't help.
Is the little one in bed already?
Yes, he fell asleep right away.
Could you make me a sandwich?
I have to get up early in the
morning and I'm in a hurry.
I will.
When will you be back home?
I don't know yet.
But it could take 2 to 3 beers.
But before any strangers will climb
through your window, I'll be home.
Ha ha, who would ever
be interested in me.
Who knows.
Oh come on...
See you later.
What's going on with you?
I have to tell you something.
You can tell me everything.
You know that.
Do you love me?
You know that I like you a lot!
What's wrong with you?
I recently had a child.
Shit! Why does this
keep happening to me?
And now? What do you think of me?
Who is the babies father?
I'm for sure not it.
I want you to be its dad.
I want to raise it together with you.
Me? Raise a child?That's not my
responsibility. Forget about it.
I can come to America with you.
This was all fun...
...but I don't want to
spend my life with you.
And now... get out of my car.
Is that you?
I don't find this very funny!
Nothing... I can see nothing.
No scratches.
No indication of a fight.
Nothing conspicuous.
She wasn't raped either.
There is nothing, except these
weird marks on her breast.
Who does something like that?
Good morning Robert.
Aah, don't put anything there.
I heard what happened yesterday.
How are you?
It was so horrible...
Her eyes. They just starred at me.
I will never forget that.
Please let us talk
about something else.
Seems like you are really busy.
Oh well...
just the usually, you know.
What's underneath here?
An experiment?
Ahh, don't touch that.
I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to be rude.
But what's underneath here...
...can't be exposed
to sunlight you know.
That's why it's covered
with a sheet.
Will you show me once
you're done.
Sure. But it will be a while.
That's okay.
Maria, I didn't wanted
you to see this.
What's the dead woman doing here?
We are the only ones around
here who can do a autopsy.
That's why they brought
the body to us.
Why didn't you tell me?
You've been through
enough yesterday...
...and I just thought it would
be better if you don't know.
If I would have know that this evil
man comes in right now...
...then I would have done the
autopsy in the afternoon.
He scares me.
Me too.
I've been working with him for a very
long time now, but he barely talks.
I don't even know what he
is working on right now.
Do you think he is doing
anything illegal?
No, no... I don't think so.
...I should try to find out...
No. In the end it will
only get me in trouble.
Are you still not
feeling better?
I could check your blood.
Do you think that will help?
Science is well developed.
You'd be surprised about how much
your blood tells us about you.
Maria, would you be free tomorrow?
I don't know.
Why won't you ever go on
a date with me?
It's not you, I just...
Let it be. I know Maria...
...it's because of the soldier.
The American?
No. What makes you think that?
Maria, I see the way he looks
at you... talks to you.
He is just being friendly.
Maria, I know people like that...
he is just a daredevil.
Everything is okay here.
No special occurrences.
OK Captain Welles. Head back to
base. The operation is done.
I'm on my way back.
What the hell...
Captain Welles,
is everything alright?
I don't know.
Something just ew by me.
What do you mean?
It was like a at plane.
I couldn't really see it well.
It ew by with very high speed.
We don't see anything on the radar.
You must have been mistaking.
No way. You must have seen it.
We almost collided.
Can you still see it?
No. It's gone.
We will check it out.
Come back to base now.
Again!What the hell is that?
That wasn't here a minute ago.
I guess we're not the first ones.
That's General Cooper.
What does he want here?
I'm a little surprised
to see you here.
I was told about the crop circle.
I've seen this phenomenon before.
I wanted to take a look at it myself.
It seems like you're taking
this matter very seriously.
Not at all!
And that's why I want this
issue resolved immediately.
Mr. Stadler from the local police
station already filed the case.
As far as I can tell,
this is vandalism.
Yes, yes... that happened often
in the last couple of years...
...but the bastard responsible for
it, is always faster than we are.
No surprise there.
What do you mean by that?
Don't get fresh on me now.
Mr. Stadler,
Mr. Stadler!
A city police officer... can't I even
get 5 without anyone disturbing me.
What is it now?
We found 2 more dead women again.
What do you mean?
Well, we already found
one yesterday.
That's horrible!
Usually it's really quiet here on
the country side, but lately...
Would you mind if we take a closer
look at the corpses tomorrow?
Be my guest. We are only a
small town police station.
If you can help us, that
would be appreciated.
I'll see what I can do.
Did you take the bodies
away already?
Yes... we put them in the car.
Put them away then.
They'll rot in this heat.
You can go too.
Mr. Stadler, you mentioned
that in the last years
there have been a couple of crop
circle sightings in this area?
I don't think Mr. Stadler believes
in your UFO, Captain Welles.
Yes, I did hear about your adventurous
ight and the UFO sight-ing.
Maybe UFO isn't the right word for it.
But yes, I did see something.
And that's not even all of it.
Nonsense, Captain Welles.
You mixed up the fields.
With all due respect, sir,
but I'm pretty sure.
I don't want to hear about crop circles
anymore. This conversation is over.
Yes, sir!
We have more important things to do.
As soon as you find something out
about the dead women, let me know.
But don't waste too much time with it.
It's not really your concern.
Of course, sir!
As soon as I found something out,
I'll let you know.
What is it, sir?
Is something wrong?
Look, the blades are
not kinked, just bent.
Well, I don't see anything.
50 what. What do you think that means?
If you want to bend every single
blade in an area as big as this one,
you'll either need hundreds of
people or a very long time.
But it must have happened
within 5 minutes.
And if that many people would have walked
over the field, I would have noticed.
No. It must have been something else.
It's just how I thought. It was just
a couple of kids from the village.
The same thing
happens every year.
Captain, you're not saying it
was actually an UFO?
I don't know what it was.
But I will find out.
Sir, the ground here...
it's very moist and soft...
...just like somebody was
digging here not too long ago.
That's not possible. The
crop is still there.
Nobody could have dug there.
But look...
You're right.
Anderson, get me a shufe.
I wanna see what's underneath there.
Yes, sir!
You guys stay back.
I don't want to destroy
any evidence.
What evidence?
Should I start digging here?
Yes, but be careful.
Oh God. What is that?
Maybe the answer to our questions.
Who does something like that?
I don't know.
I hope you know what you
are dealing with here?
This is not one of your
little experiments.
You have to completely
discreet about this matter.
This is very impressive.
Dr. Holzlein,
did you understand me?
You can't talk about this to anyone.
Everything concerning this body
will never leave this room.
Do you understand me?
Of course. I'm not stupid.
This incident is unique.
This is not a good time.
Maybe we could...
Wait a second.
But don't be scared. What you are
about to see is not from this world.
What is it?
It's a creature from another world.
From another world...
Did this creature kill the women?
Not this one.
It's been dead for a while now.
But we are not sure if it is the only
extraterrestrial creature on earth.
Maria, you have to tell
us everything you know.
Have you ever seen something
like that before?
Or did you notice strange
lights in the sky?
I know this is all
very exciting for you.
But we have to find out
everything about these creatures.
We don't know where they come
from and what they want.
Maybe they are here in a
peaceful mission, maybe not.
Stop scaring her already.
She doesn't know anything
and hasn't seen anything.
How would you know?
If she knows anything,
we have to know it too.
She already said that she
doesn't know anything.
I don't think we're
done with you, Missy.
You didn't tell us
the whole truth.
Maria! If you know
something, please tell us.
I don't know anything. I...
...I can't really remember.
Last night I walked through
the woods by myself.
...and there was something... but I...
I couldn't see anything.
What was it?
What happened then?
I don't know.
I ran away.
I was scared. But...
all of it felt kinda...
What do you mean by that?
I don't know.
What did you find out?
Nothing. Everything is fine.
Out with it. What's in the files?
The 3 women we found all had a child
shortly before they were murdered.
Which means what?
I don't know as of now, but that's the
only connection we have so far.
In the end,
Maria was spared only...
"because she doesn't
have a kid.
That's complete nonsense.
Gentlemen, that's no nonsense.
Dr. Holzlein is completely right.
Even if only a small
part of that is true,
what do you suggest
we do about it?
Whoever abducted the women,
will do it again and again.
Until now,
we are the only people who know about
this and I'd like it to stay that way.
With Maria, on the other hand, we'd
have someone that we could use as bait.
Bait? What?
Well, if she get's pregnant.
That's totally insane.
We'll see.
I'll bring you home now, Maria.
You can't... I have to finish
my rounds... and then...
...I gotta go and help
bring in the hay.
You won't do this
by yourself, right?
Maria, that's just
too dangerous.
But it's still light out.
You'll go home before
it gets dark, okay?
This is very alarming.
Exactly my words.
Should we inform the public?
We gotta keep this a secret...
...for now.
Yes, sir!
That would be it for now,
Captain Welles.
Yes, sir!
But if you allow it, I'd like to
inspect the crop circles again?
If you think that's necessary.
But you won't find anything.
Hey Jimmy,
let's party tonight.
Let's go all out tonight, okay?
I feel like we won't have time to
do that anytime soon again.
After what happened in
the last couple of days.
They will plaster us with work.
They will triple our guard shifts.
Damn, I think you are right!
Come on. Let's get a drink!
Do they have to celebrate tonight?
Especially now, when we are going
through such a rough time.
Dad, let's go home.
Mom is already complaining.
Well, that's how it is. Go ahead.
I'll be right there.
Who do you think you are you...
Hey... aahh...
I thin k that was my fault.
I touched you by a mistake.
It wasn't on purpose.
50 I guess I just
got the wrong one.
Can we get you a beer?
I won't say no to that.
Jimmy, your beer is on me too!
That's the least!
I think I gotta go
and take a leak.
I think I'll come with.
Did you lay hands on my girl?
Me? I don't know what you are
talking about. I didn't do anything.
Hey. That was me.
But your girlfriend already thanked
me with a slap in the face.
We're good now.
Nothing's good.
I'll show you what's good.
Let's go. Come on.
There is a fight upstairs.
Look. Let's get him.
Let's go to base immediately.
See. I told 'ya Jimmy.
This is strange.
The organs, if they even exist,
are in completely different areas
than they are in the human body.
And still their mechanism
seems to working like ours.
They have some kind of blood
and a lung-like organ.
But what do they breath with it?
What do you expect to
find here, sir?
I don't know.
I'm looking for answers.
Come on. Let's take a closer
look at the field again.
Oh! Lysozymes?
Usually Lysozymes
support the immune defense.
But it seems like in this body
they trigger some sort of reaction.
Hold on...
this pattern...
that almost looks like...
Where they hell did
that come from?
Wait! Don't shoot!
What should we do now sir?
Just wait!
If they shoot first,
we'll have a problem.
What on earth was that?
Good God!
There is some sort of strange
liquid on the ground here.
Yeah. It's everywhere. God.
It's disgusting.
It smells weird too. Kinda sour.
You're right.
OK. Jimmy send a radiogram to base.
And then let's get out of here.
Hello, this is Private Anderson.
We are near the crop circles and
I think we just saw an UFO.
Did you find something,
Private Ochmoniek?
I think there is an animal in here.
Be careful, Private!
Stay strong, Ochmoniek!
Don't die on me!
I'll get help.
What happened?
One of these monsters
came to life!
Where is Ochmoniek?
He is dead.
There is another one!
Stay where you are!
I don't think this monster
will listen to you.
But there is a language
everyone understands.
It's not dying.
Why is this monster not dying?
Let's get out of here.
There're more of them.
Safe your ammo. There is more of them.
We won't be able to pass them.
Let's head into the other direction.
Maria! May God be with us.
They have risen. Come on. Come on.
Are you hurt?
Maria! Are you hurt?
It almost got me.
It's okay. You're safe now.
I'll protect you.
No, no... no, no, no...
please, please...
We... gotta get out.
No! Don't go out there!
Maria, the monster is far away.
If we hurry, it won't get to us.
Can you run?
Okay then! Hurry!
Come on, come on,
come on, come on!
There is more of them.
We can't get away from here.
Obermeier's old house.
Yeah. You are right.
We can do it. Come on!
Come on! Come on!
Ouch... holy sh!
Once a week I'll bring old
Obermeier some food.
And what should we do now?
To be honest...
I don't know.
That's Captain Welles
with someone else.
You stay here and if something happens,
you lock yourself in and stay quiet.
Captain Welles! We're here!
Anderson, come on!
I need a break.
Watch out!
We gotta get away from here!
Is Mr. Anderson hurt?
We have to bandage the wound.
We do, but I'm sure I'm
better at it than you are.
Get a gun and make sure
nothing comes in here.
Maria, you have to help me.
Please get me some alcohol and water.
Does it hurt badly?
No, but everything is so blurry.
Is that normal?
Yes, it's just your circulation.
Rest a bit and you'll be fine.
What kind of creatures are that?
They are living dead.
Living dead from outer space.
And what can we do about them?
Nothing, it seems like.
Our Mr. Scientist can't seem
to find a useable solution.
You shooting around didn't
get us very far either!
But where... where are these
monsters coming from?
The crop circles are their graves.
Basically huge cemeteries
underneath the ground.
They could have been there forever.
Maybe even before we humans existed.
And why are these dead aliens
rising from their graves?
How would I know?
Windows and doors are secured.
We are safe for now.
There are more and more
coming towards us.
I wonder how all the
people out there are.
I'm sure they are all safe.
The end is near!
We gotta get outta here!
We can't leave the
humans to their destiny.
Let me!
What should I do?
Arrrgh... damn it!
What the hell!
Move! Move!
I don't give a rats ass. Is that...
There have been reports. People claim
they saw creatures from another world.
There are no creatures
from another world.
But sir, people have been killed.
Okay. Lock down base.
Yes, sir!
Alright my friends.
This time we'll shoot you back to Mars.
Damn bastards.
You bastards!
Open the damn gate...
Don't panic. This always works.
We'll put the last two onion
pieces in our pork hedgehog...
Is anybody out there that
could help us?
I'm sure this happened to you
before. You're in the kitchen...
And? What's going on?
Any news on television?
No, nothing.
Maybe here is where
it all started
and the others don't even
know any of this is going on.
Why here and not in a big city?
I'm telling you, the ones out there know
damn well what's going on here.
It doesn't matter where the monsters
are coming from. We're not safe here.
You got a better idea?
I'm off to the Americans.
I'm safe there. I'm sure they will...
50 help me please...
This is not my business.
Help me father...
help me...
Our Father, who art in heaven. Hollowed
be thu name; thy king-dom come...
Who's there?
Show yourself!
This is the house of God!
God didn't create you!
Maria, could you get
me a glass of water?
I'll be right back.
What happened?
Where is Maria?
Professor Stock... he took her.
Where did they go?
Into the woods.
We gotta get Maria back.
Are you crazy? There are tons
of those monsters out there.
You don't get it, do you?
Maria is the key!
What do you mean by that?
Her genes have been crossed
with the aliens' ones.
What did you find out?
Every abducted woman had been drained
off her breast milk completely.
Due to my research, the aliens can't
survive on this planet very long.
They don't have a body defense mechanism.
They would die pret-ty quickly.
But they found a way to extract a good body
defense mechanism in a concentrated way...
...through human breast milk.
With the lysozymes in there, they are able
to resurrect the dead aliens again.
They are practically invincible.
What does Maria have
to do with all that?
Her blood.
Her blood has the same structure
than the aliens' blood.
Not a very strong body defense mechanism,
but just enough to survive on earth.
She is some sort of experiment.
A pioneer of a new race.
But why do the aliens make
their dead come alive again?
To create new living space.
Professor Stock.
I should have known.
He knew about Maria from
the very beginning.
Where could he have
taken her?
The crop circles... yeah...
maybe the crop circles...
Let's not waste time then. If that's
true, I know where we have to go.
What do you want from me?
Let me go!
Move over!
What is it?
We discovered an UFO.
I can't...
I just... I can't walk anymore...
Are you insane?
We gotta keep moving!
Just leave me here.
Is everything alright?
I'm sorry... I don't know
what's going on with me.
Everything is so blurry.
He is burning.
What's going on with him?
He is changing.
Changing? Into what?
He's got a virus.
He was infected through the bite.
Bullshit! Let's go.
Something strange is going on in me.
I can feel it!
I will try to fight back the
monsters as long as I can.
Go! Get out of here!
Open up. I have a child here.
Open up now. I have a child with me.
Come on.
This way!
You're too early. The invasion shouldn't
have started until a couple of weeks.
Time is up.
We have to start now.
Your monsters attacked us before.
What was that all about?
We had to take that risk in order
for the plan to work on time.
But I almost had the
girl where I wanted her.
A couple more days and I
would have fertilized her.
That doesn't matter.
Everything is going according to plan.
According to plan?
According to plan?
What does that mean? The last crossing
has to be done with a human again.
We will create an even stronger race
than you could have ever accomplished.
The strength of the human body,
combined with our intelligence will create
a race, that will rule the whole universe.
We calculated everything threw and
the plan is working perfectly.
And when will you be done
cleaning out the earth?
The other ships will arrive in 2 days.
Everything is prepared for.
As soon as we are done with
our invasion testing here,
we can clean out the whole
earth within 3 days.
And I can rely on you to spare
the regions I requested.
It will happen as we discussed.
Go now.
I have to finish up this project.
There would be one last thing.
The plans!
The plans!
And now go! Go!
We gotta get in there!
Will they know that we are coming?
I don't think so.
Seems like they do.
Let's go in!
Now we're locked in!
It doesn't matter. We won't leave
here until we've found Maria.
Why are you doing all of this?
Well... how can I put this...
I love her!
What about you? Why are you here?
Because that's who I am.
Does that mean you're
not in love with Maria?
Maria! Maria!
Are you alright?
What did you do to her?
I don't think he understands us.
I understand you perfectly well.
You can take down your armor soldier.
It won't help you in here anyway.
We don't need weapons
to defend ourselves.
Your weapons won't work in here.
Why are you doing this?
Because we need more living space
and this planet is perfect for that.
No it's not. I performed an
autopsy on one of your bodies.
You can't survive on this planet.
We won't, but the new race will.
We crossed our DNA with yours.
Soon our race will be able
to live on this planet.
And all of you will be gone.
That's sick.
That's not sick. It's the future.
A future, you won't live to see.
What was that?
That's my boys!
Your primitive weapons won't do
any harm. You can't beat us.
Maybe not with our weapons,
but I know your weaknesses.
Your immune system. As of now, you are
still not able to survive on this planet.
We need fumes.
Yes. Anything that smokes,
fumes or reeks.
The undead aliens usually only survive
one or two days on this earth anyway.
But if we harm their
immune system immensely,
we can defeat them
within seconds.
No problem.
We got a lot of that!
The girl. Give it to me.
You guys are alright?
Get up.
Can you walk?
Get up!
Let's not waste anytime.
I think that's it.
These monsters tried
to kill me before.
But they won't get me.
Don't shoot! It's us.
Everything okay sir?
Yes, Sergeant.
How did you know we were here?
We saw the UFO on our radar.
General Cooper sent us here.
Cooper? Really?
Yes sir!
Are there more monsters inside?
We only found one in there
and it's not alive anymore.
How did you kill it?
Dr. Holzlein found out,
that the aliens and the alien zombies
are not resistance against fumes.
Yes, sir.
Yes, you heard me right.
Produce as many fumes as possible.
Are you hurt?
No. Everything is fine.
Are we safe?
I don't know...
Now we made it.
It's just because of all that smoke.
That's fine.
We almost defeated all the monsters.
Don't you think that in the end
all we do is defeat ourselves?
Nonsense. They can't do anything
to us. We won this war!
And I'll find a cure
for you as well.
Yes, General. Understood.
Code 19/47.
Yes sir.
To all units. We got a code 19/47.
I repeat code 19/47. Please copy.
Code 19/47!
Stop resisting. You're under arrest.
You have to leave.
What is it?
Everybody will be arrested and
locked away. Code 19/47.
So nobody will be able to
talk about what happened here.
Well, they can't arrest
a whole village.
If they want to, they can.
In the end it would have been
better if we hadn't stopped the aliens.
If you hurry, you can get away.
Almost every soldier
is in the village.
There haven't been any
street blockings yet.
If you're careful, you can make it.
Run away? But where?
We don't even have a car.
2 miles west from here is my car.
And what about you?
You're not coming with us?
No, my place is here.
You gotta go this way.
Thank you!
Will we see each other again?
If everything works out, then no.
And now go.
There is no time.
If she really is the key to saving
mankind, the soldiers can't get her!
Make sure she is safe!
Can I rely on you for that?
I'll take care of her.
...you have my word.
I hope you can make it.
Captain Welles, where is the woman?
I don't know.
He is lying. I saw them together.
What we're doing here is wrong.
That doesn't matter. If it helps
us, it's the right thing to do.
Take him.
He's under arrest.
Make sure all evidence is gone.
Did you understand me?
Yes, sir!
50, Professor Stock. Here we go.
Is there anything else
I can do for you?
No. Thank you.
That would be all.
Well then. Make yourself at home.
I will.
Are you okay?
Yes. Thank you.
Wanna get back on the road?
We still have along way ahead of us.
Will we make it?
Yes... we'll make it!