Zombies Have Fallen (2017) Movie Script

My name is John Northwood.
And this is a story of a girl,
and her gift,
a gift that shook the world.
Police have reported the disappearance
of a missing
three-year-old girl in York.
The news came when neighbors described
hearing two gunshots from next door.
Police are still searching
for the missing girl's parents
who've also disappeared.
Two bodies were found in a lake on
the outskirts of York this morning
around 10 a.m.
They're believed to be the parents
of the missing three-year-old
who vanished suddenly from
her home a fortnight ago.
Police are continuing
the search for her whereabouts.
Today marks the 20th anniversary
of the York Angel,
whose family was tragically
murdered in 1992.
The world still asks the
question if she is still alive.
And if so, where is she now?
At Raven Health Care,
we understand the importance
to keep your body healthy.
Our research facility contains
the latest in medical technology
to ensure we provide
the most accurate results.
Our dedicated staff members
work around the clock
to bring you the miracles
of tomorrow, today.
Our goal is to strive towards excellence
and provide our clients with the
best health care money can buy.
Our promise is to be with you
every step of the way.
Your healthy is in our hands.
The gentleman's here to see you.
Ah. Send him in, will you?
Your staff seems a little bit
on edge, eh, Raven?
Well, what with today's events,
they have every reason to be.
Please, take a seat.
So, tell me...
Why does a wealthy man,
who owns one of the most profitable
private hospitals in the country,
want with a man like me?
I need you to locate someone for me.
And I want you
to bring her back unharmed.
You know my services don't come cheap?
I'm quite aware of your reputation, Max.
And your methods.
You're a nasty piece of work, Max.
But you're exactly what I need.
Okay, then.
Tell me about her.
Her name is Kyra.
She's a mentally disturbed
patient of mine
and she needs special attention
due to her abilities.
As a child, she had
incredible psychic skills.
She could move small toys
without touching them.
I experimented on her mind.
As Kyra grew, so did her abilities.
But she became unstable.
She began to fail
the psychic tests on purpose.
So we had to take drastic steps,
injecting her with drugs
which suppressed her mind
and allowed us to keep her
under control.
Of course, there were side effects.
The drugs affected her mind
and she began to hallucinate.
She spoke of terrible visions
of death and destruction.
Kyra believed that the world
was coming to an end.
Her mind was fractured.
But needless to say, she's the
most dangerous girl on Earth.
She is not my flesh and blood,
but she is my property.
She could bring down a helicopter
in a matter of seconds.
If she wished.
Is that why you wanted her back so soon?
I think I might have to double my price.
She was aided by this man, Randall.
I believe you know him.
Yeah, I know him.
He's my old mentor.
Trained me and a few other assassins.
Till I decided to work for myself.
Somehow, he discovered everything
about Kyra and the experiments,
which in the eyes of others
would be classed as
illegal and a crime against humanity.
She could be anywhere right now.
Well, fortunately, Randall
commandeered one of my vehicles
and they're all fitted
with a GPS tracker.
I'll provide you with
anything you require.
I need two vehicles.
One jeep and one van.
And a group of your best men.
If this Kyra's as dangerous
as you say she is,
then we need to be prepared
for whatever she throws at us.
I'll see to it.
Oh, and, Max,
if you see Randall on your troubles,
I'll handsomely reward you for his head.
Raven, I'll gladly do it for free.
Keep running, Kyra.
Now the hallway should be clear. Go.
When you get to the end, there
should be an elevator on your left.
Take it down to the car park
and I'll meet you there.
Why are you helping me?
My name is Randall.
I'm here to get you out.
We need to get you to safety, Kyra.
I'll be sending you to a friend
called John Northwood.
He'll be able to help you.
Don't worry, Kyra.
Everything will be all right.
Excuse me.
Do you know a John Northwood?
John Northwood?
I was told he'd be here.
Never heard of him.
I heard you've been looking for me.
Who sent you?
Follow me.
Apologize for the cloak and dagger.
A lot of people
are still looking for me.
All for different reasons.
Please, take a seat.
So what's your name?
Just "Kyra"?
How well do you know Randall?
Not that well.
I'd never seen him till today.
Well, tell me your story.
I'm all ears.
If never been able
to recall my memories well.
I've always had trouble.
Randall helped me escape the hospital.
I've never left before.
He said I'd die if he didn't.
None of this makes any sense to me.
Raven has taken care of me
since I was a child.
And now there's men after me.
Chuffin' hell fire.
- The thing is, Tyra...
- Kyra.
Whatever. You're not the first
person to come looking for my help.
Randall used to do it all the time.
Whenever he thought
there was gonna be trouble,
he's say, "Go find John,
Go find John. He'll help you."
He always used to get me into his shit.
What's your point?
I'm old.
If you'd walked through
my door ten years ago,
I might've been able to help.
But you're a decade too late.
I don't protect people anymore.
All the answers are on here.
He said you should look at it.
It'll explain everything.
I'm done, Kyra.
Can't be involved in this shit again.
I've got a friend who
might be able to help.
The best thing for you to do now
is go wait for Randall in the bar
and be on your way.
No doubt you've already met Kyra
and tried to figure out
what I've got you into now.
over the past year, I've been trying
to infiltrate a man called Raven
and his secret organization.
He portrays himself
as a private hospital owner,
but that's just a smokescreen to
hide all his illegal activities.
For nearly 20 years, he's performed
so many unforgivable tests on Kyra
to enhance her abilities,
I don't know
what she's fully capable of.
But I know
that she needs to be protected.
She cannot return to Raven.
If she's captured again,
an innocent life will be lost.
Now, I bet you're wondering
why you should even care.
And I know you gave up
this life a long time ago.
And we didn't part on very good terms,
but I had no one else to turn to.
Kyra's been dealt
a cruel hand in her life.
Please help her to start a new one.
By doing this, I know
I endangered myself.
This will probably be the last
message I'll send to anyone.
I just wanted you to know, John,
that you were my best student,
and I'm very proud of you.
And I know you'll make the right choice.
Move in.
Hands up, civilian.
Let's go.
John Northwood.
Get inside.
Still alive?
I wanna make a deal with you.
Give us the girl.
And I promise.
You won't come to any more harm.
Unless you wanna beg for your life.
Like that coward, Randall.
I need one of you to go in
there now and take him out!
Target down.
And the girl?
Bringing her out now.
Goodbye, John.
Don't shoot!
Repeat, don't shoot!
Well done, John!
Well done.
Nobody's following us.
I think we lost them.
Thank you.
It's all right.
No, really.
You could've just left me
to die back there.
But you didn't, so, thanks.
Have you got that bit of paper
I gave you earlier?
Have you got your seat belt on?
Target's name is John Northwood.
Him and I trained together
with the same mentor.
Tell me about him.
He's highly intelligent.
Trained in hand to hand combat.
And crack shot with a gun.
Leave no room for mistakes
on this one, Max.
You know how important
it is to get Kyra back.
Let's hope this John Northwood
can be taken care of.
I'm better. I'll find him.
And I'll kill him.
See that you do.
Prove to me that you're as good
as you say you are.
Is this the place?
You wait here.
Got you now, pal!
John! Thought you were a burglar.
I could've killed you!
Good job you didn't.
Good to see you, man.
Yeah, you too.
Years of bounty hunting and this
is what he does in his spare time.
I like them.
I really like them.
Just thought I'd give drawing a go.
Nah, we've got no time for this.
Just a quick one.
What is it?
Just taste. Cheers.
Ah, that hit the spot. So tell me,
what's a gorgeous girl like you
doing with this fella here?
Billy, I need to tell you something.
It's about Randall.
He died a few days ago.
Oh, God, no.
That's why we're here.
We need your help.
What do you need from me, exactly?
Kyra's being hunted by a man
called Raven and his mercenaries.
We're not quite sure
about their intentions.
But Kyra believes we need
to head to the North.
It's very important that
we find it before they do.
John tells me you know the
North better than anyone.
I don't know what to say.
You're both nuts!
Billy, we're serious.
No, no, no. You expect
me to believe this?
Kyra, I've just met you.
You're a lovely girl,
but, John, are you on something?
We can get you some help.
We're being honest, Billy.
Randall risked his life to save Kyra
and he died doing it.
He wouldn't have done that for nothing.
We both know that.
They want to use her for her powers.
Go on, then. Go on, then. Prove it.
He wants a demonstration,
I'll give him one.
What a load of pish!
I've heard some crap but you...
Holy shit! How did you do that?
I'm still learning. I guess I
can only do it when I'm angry.
So you can do more
than just move things?
I need your help, Billy.
We need your help.
Me and you together, side
by side like the old days.
You know I would, pal.
But I'm a family man.
My daughter's turning ten soon.
And she needs her dad.
It's not that I don't want to help.
I've got some gear upstairs. A map,
some hunting gear.
You're welcome to take that.
Thanks very much. Let's get
this stuff in the car.
You better hurry and tidy up
before your wife gets back.
Ha! And she's gonna do her a nut.
Do me a favor though.
If you find the prick who killed
Randall, give him one from me.
I will. Don't worry, Billy.
Right. I'll go and get the stuff.
I have got one question.
What's so important about
this building in the North?
I don't know why, but I think my
visions are trying to tell me something.
I'm scared, John. I don't know
what we're going to find.
Well, whatever's waiting for us,
we'll be ready for them.
There's a building close by.
You're supposed to stick by me.
This is it, John. This is
where I was supposed to come.
Be on your guard. Come on.
Can you remember anything?
From your visions.
It's hard to describe.
I feel like I've been here before.
I can see myself.
But it doesn't feel real.
Kyra, there's nothing here.
I've been thinking...
These images might not be
what they seem.
I know it makes no sense, but...
Get behind me.
You know what? I thought this was
going to be a lot more difficult.
Seems age has finally
caught up with you, John.
And here he is!
The great John Northwood.
And his little sidekick.
She's more loyal than you, Max.
You betrayed everything we stood for.
Randall trained us to be the best
and you murdered him in cold blood.
You know what, Kyra?
Raven wanted me
to bring you back unharmed.
But I can't say the same for him!
You're gonna shoot, John?
Still got the nerve?
Well, I'm the best!
Well, don't just stand there, then!
Get them!
Main target is hit.
Whoo! Isn't this fun?
You need to get out of here.
No, I'm not leaving you.
Go now. Go. Go!
Be careful, boys.
She's not your average kind of girl.
Sir, she's fighting back.
Keep moving, men.
you're the man who's been
causing me all this grief, eh?
I must say, you don't look much
like a bounty hunter to me.
Where's Kyra?
In isolation. Away from you.
I know everything about you, John.
I know that Randall
took you in as a child
when your family perished
in a house fire.
He trained you to become
a bounty hunter.
Just like him.
I don't need a history lesson.
I have a question for you, John.
Why does a man with
such skills as you have
land yourself in a mess like this?
This mess is something you began.
You're the one to blame.
But I believe there are a few
things that you should know
before I let our mutual friend,
Max, take care of you.
Kyra has always been gifted,
ever since she was young.
Unfortunately, her parents
didn't think the same way.
So I...
Did what I had to do.
We conducted tests on her
every single day.
And her abilities improved.
Kyra was a miracle.
She was, the miracle.
But over the past few years,
Kyra became unstable.
She began to disobey orders and
accidents became more frequent.
The more enraged she becomes,
the more powerful she can be.
So as a precaution we used drugs
to regain control of her mind.
And it worked for a while.
So we decided the best way
to keep her mind confused
was the use of fabricated memories.
A series of images repeated on a loop.
Images she could relate to.
The key image was the
structure in the forest.
We knew that if she ever did escape,
she would find her way there and
we would be ready for extraction.
The only thing I didn't
count on was you.
Kyra is a threat to the world.
And you've been protecting her
all this time.
She was afraid.
I did what I had to do to protect her.
And let me tell you right now,
I am her protector.
And I'll do anything to make her safe.
I'm afraid it's too late for that.
The time has come
to set everything right.
What are you gonna do?
Correct my mistake.
Begin the procedure.
What the hell?
The patient's escaping, sir.
Bring her down!
Bring her down, you imbeciles!
You hear me? Bring her down!
Down here.
Sir, the patient...
She's gone.
Repeat, the patient has gone.
Go ahead, John!
Pull the trigger.
Do it.
Killing me won't do you any good, John.
You got what you wanted.
You got your miracle.
Look, I need you, and I need you both.
To stop Kyra from killing anyone else.
We're following her path on the GPS.
She's heading for the Scottish border.
Where would she go?
Somewhere where she's been before.
Somewhere with a high population.
A city, most likely.
Nah, city's too big.
Get your helicopter ready.
Where are we going?
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
On behalf of Karl and Aliscia,
I'd like to welcome to this, their
wedding day, here at Anvil Hall.
I'm sure they'll join with me in wishing
them every happiness and success
as they begin their married
life together today.
So, Karl and Aliscia, I now
pronounce you husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
You two, come with me.
What's going on down there?
We're under attack.
Kyra's created these monsters.
Billy's with me, but we need help.
We can't let these things
leave this church.
We're outnumbered.
Max! Max!
Send our weapons down!
I've got the package.
Good luck, John.
Excuse me.
No one leaves my service
until I say so.
Just go. I'll be fine. I'm gonna
take care of the rest of these guys.
Guys, we got a problem. Kyra's not here.
Those things are heading to town.
We've got to get to town quick.
Get moving, John.
What's going on? The road's
been blocked by these things.
We need to get to town, fast.
We can't go that way. It's blocked.
Looks like that way's blocked too.
We'll have to try and
make it round that way now!
Aaron, clean up on aisle two.
You all right?
Yeah, thanks for that.
Here, can you handle a gun?
I don't know.
But I've never shot anybody before.
There's a first time for
everything. Come on, let's go.
Come on.
Good job.
Raven, I've got a man on the ground.
But I'm still searching for Kyra.
Maurice, it's not a premier package.
There you are.
Shoot her! Shoot her!
Take the bloody shot!
Stop right there, Kyra.
Isn't this what you wanted?
Was I too strong?
Too powerful beyond your control?
Were you afraid of me?
Afraid of what I might do?
I'm not done yet, old man.
That one's for Randall.
Don't stand in my way.
I need to do this.
No, you don't.
He took everything from me.
Everything I had in this world!
You have no idea what that feels like!
More than you know, Kyra.
You don't know the life I've lived.
I was in a dark, miserable
existence before you arrived.
You saved me.
Let me help you.
Don't need to run away anymore,
you can start a new life.
I can be the father you never had.
I'm sorry, John.
John? I'm sorry.
John, I'm so sorry.
It's fine, it's fine. We can fix this.
No, no, no!
if you truly care about me,
you have to let me go.
Will you stay with me?
I don't wanna be alone.
Hey, Billy. How's it going, mate?
Hey, pal. Just thought
to check up on you.
If just been thinking,
I'm thinking of continuing
Randall's work.
There's people out there
who need to be protected.
I'm starting a new league
of bounty hunters.
Ah, well. If you think that's best.
And listen, Billy.
Thank you for all your help.
I really appreciate it.
I'm here if you need me, pal.
I'll speak to you later, mate.
Speak to you soon, mate.
Bye for now. Bye.
Is this John Northwood?
Yeah. Who's calling?
That doesn't matter.
I have a client
who wants to speak to you.
I'm a bit busy just now. I can
give you somebody else's number...
I insist that you speak to her.
What's her name?
I'll put her on.
What's been going on in here?