Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight (2017) Movie Script

Help! Run away!
There's a monster!
What is that?
What in the world is that?!
Where are you, Double Dragons?!
Come save us!
Double Dragons,
we're waiting for you to save us!
When monsters appear in our world.
Two heroes
put their lives on the line to protect us all
and destroy one vile monster after another.
As long as their hearts are free of fear,
they will shout their names
an enormous force will enter in their bodies
transform them into invincible
and all-powerful superheroes.
They're known as
the "Double Dragons of Heaven and Earth."
Earth Dragon Guillotine!
Heaven Dragon Blades!
This chicken monster
is the greatest foe we've ever encountered.
let's fight!
The monster is so huge...
Face no fear, Heaven Dragon,
or you won't be able to transform.
Who are we?!
Earth Dragon!
Heaven Dragon!
How could this be?
Heaven Dragon, what's going on?
I can't transform!
Lone Ngau
was no different from other kids.
He always imagines himself
to be superhero in manga.
Wherever hero exists,
there's always monsters.
And Lone is about to encounter
his monster today.
His father, Wing Ngau
has been released from prison.
Broketooth Bill!
If you call yourself a man,
get your ass out here!
You bastard!
I treated you like my brother,
but you cheated me like a chump!
You owe me
and you're gonna pay back now!
If you don't,
I'll chop up your family!
You bastard!
Open the freaking door!
I'm his mother.
was chopped to death two years ago.
I don't believe you!
You got lucky!
I don't know what I've done to deserve this.
No mother...
should endure the pain of burying her son.
It's been over a decade
since I've seen my own son.
You poor man...
This is all I've got.
Take it.
take care of yourself.
Now that I can't get my revenge,
I have to go repay a debt.
After all these years...
studying abroad really changed her.
That's awesome.
What you think of her comparing to Shuen?
They're completely different styles.
She uses a stick and Shuen uses Taekwondo.
What if they both use sticks?
Won't know without a real fight.
I'd like to challenge her too...
How many times have I told you that
girls can't perform the role Wu Song?
I'm just exercising.
I can't perform on stage anyway,
not even practise?
It's my duty to keep you in check.
Rules cannot be offended.
Our family troupe
was supposed to go to your father.
If he hadn't...
It was an accident, wasn't it?
Stop shutting yourself in here
after all these years.
Why are you people here again?
I told you I've already signed the papers!
We're moving out soon.
Not even Lone knows what happened.
1 5 years ago,
to pay for Lone's medical bills,
Wing took the fall for a car accident.
Shan's brother pushed her
out of the way in time,
but he was killed
and Shan was crippled.
Shan has shut herself
in the opera troupe society ever since.
Move out?
Where are you moving to?
I haven't apologized to you.
I haven't repaid my debt to you.
Should I apologize before repay my debt?
should I repay my debt, then apologize?
What do you want?
I'm looking for you.
I mean,
I'm looking for my son.
I did this to you...
and I killed your brother.
And yet...
you looked after my son for over ten years.
That's right.
I must repay my debt to you.
- Come on.
- What do you want?!
Chop me.
- Stay away from me!
- Chop me!
Stay away!
Come on!
- Shan!
- Auntie!
- Get away!
- Chop me!
- Auntie!
- Just chop me!
- Please chop me!
- What are you doing?!
Back off. Who the hell are you?
Who is your son?
Don't you dare to touch Auntie Shan again.
Back off!
Or it's gonna get ugly.
He's the one?
You're her niece?
You're so big now.
That's right.
I ruined your family.
Chop me.
From now on,
we're even.
- I...
- Stop your bullshit. Leave!
I haven't repaid my debt!
Get out!
I haven't repaid my debt!
I haven't repaid my debt!
Even the monster stood in front of him,
he didn't have the guts to fight it.
This superhero
chose to hide.
All these years
without your father by your side.
How did you get by?
He's dead to me.
You guys are getting ready to move out.
I want to document your life.
These are Cantonese opera props?
These are weapons of men.
The truth is...
suppose we plan to make them
according to tradition. But...
After a while,
we thought it is time for a breakthrough.
Take this spear, for example.
It's extendable.
It's perfect for low ceilings on the stage.
This is our newest invention.
The Lethal Dragons!
It's coming soon.
What about that?
How about that panda?
Don't ask about that one.
That was a gift from Lone's dad
before he went to prison.
You hate your dad so much
yet you kept the panda.
You're a conflicted mess
filled with negative energy.
Not at all.
My mom died when I was six
and my dad went to prison when I was a kid.
Why would I be upset?
No way.
I owe a lot to your Auntie Shan
for taking us in
and teaching us how to make props.
What's that you're holding?
Negative energy meter.
It detects your negative energy.
That's awesome.
I majored in supernatural studies.
So I've been researching this for some time.
I'm also a member of S.A.A.S.
What does it do?
Special Abnormal Activities Squad.
Like Mulder from X-Files.
That's all you had to say.
Let's talk about your love life.
Do you have a girlfriend?
I don't want to answer that.
I'm telling you,
Shuen is my idol.
I'd like her to kick me...
What are your dreams?
Don't mock me.
My dream is to save the world.
To have the person I love
share my muscles with me.
You know,
I'm a man
who's worked hard on building his muscles.
If those muscles
were only seen in the shower
by myself,
that is pointless.
Are you free tonight?
It's cool and breezy up here.
I have a cabin
with a private garden.
When it rains,
I even get a personal pool.
I live here.
But I also want to live in your heart.
Do we work out often?
Lone doesn't work out much.
Every day,
he does only one sit-up,
when he gets out of bed.
What a bum.
Promise me.
Don't fall in love with me.
I'm no good for you.
Have you ever seen
a man with a six-pack
having just one girlfriend?
That'll never happen.
I like her.
- You like her?
- Yeah.
We have a saying in Cantonese opera history:
Wearing a broken costume
is better than wearing the wrong one.
There are rules that must not be offended.
This one, for example,
has four flags on its back.
Which is called the "Dai Kow".
Then what's this stuff?
That wand is
an heirloom of the Yip family.
It's the Demon Fighting Wand.
A Demon Fighting Wand.
- Wait, kid!
- Is the staff that powerful?
Put that down!
A Demon Fighting Wand.
You can't touch that.
Chan Chi-wah!
Apologize for what you did.
I'm sorry.
Let's shake hands and make peace.
Be careful next time.
Accidents happen
when you bump into people like that.
Go. To. Hell.
We're in rush. Let's go.
This isn't the way to go.
You prick!
You should've pummeled him.
Why don't you pummel him?
He's gone. Next time.
Screw you, man.
where are you taking that stuff?
We're moving out tomorrow,
so I want to find a storage
for the props we made.
Just throw all these trash away.
have you found a new place?
Don't worry. I have a six-pack.
I'll definitely have somewhere to live.
Did I ask you?
I'm asking you.
Auntie Shan,
I have only a one-pack,
but I've learned a lot from you.
I've picked up a bit of talent.
If I can't sell my beauty, I'll sell my talent.
Trust me,
I'll take care of you.
I trust you...
to screw up!
- The Gam
- Brothers!
Double Dragons of Heaven and Earth.
See ya.
You guys went from
Academy of Performing Arts to do some...
community performances?
That's nuts! We don't do that anymore.
- See ya.
- Mascot?
No, we don't do that.
See ya.
Miss Yip,
I have an admiration for artists.
But society is changing rapidly.
We have to keep up with the times.
We have to adapt to new environments.
Otherwise, society will leave us behind.
Our company would like to buy this building
and put up a large shopping mall.
That's right. If you sign now,
our company
will offer you a generous bonus gift.
Are you done?
I signed the papers a few days ago.
We're moving out.
These are the bonus gifts.
Please enjoy.
Shut the door.
- Watch out!
- Go away!
This is my 4,998 times deliver you food.
You don't have to deliver to me anymore.
Why, Shan?
We're moving out soon.
Where to?
It doesn't matter.
No matter where you go,
I'll still deliver to you.
I know your food tastes good,
it doesn't fit my taste.
What is your taste, then?
I can fit any taste.
Your taste just don't fit me.
Yit, I wrote you a song.
Luck's coming your way.
It's just a strike away.
Guys, we're not here to bowl.
- Go away!
- Step aside!
Sure thing.
Shall I continue, Yit?
Why are you putting these here?
Yeung, I don't know how to answer her.
Isn't this place romantic?
Come to play bowling some time.
I'll teach you.
I can really bowl you over.
Will you act in serious?
What will you do
without the Cantonese Opera Society?
A challenge is great motivation!
A challenge is great motivation!
A challenge is great motivation!
I have to worry about unemployment?
Someone like me..
a man with a six-pack, right?
Did you see that?
It works.
I've possessed in her!
Watch out for cars.
Stop being so immature, OK?
What is that...
Double Dragon stuff of yours?
- Come again?
- Double Dragons of Heaven and Earth.
What is all that Double Dragon stuff about?
It's a vow of life and death between men.
Do you know who we are?
Earth Dragon!
Earth Dragon!
Earth Dragon!
There's a car, man.
I won't move until it's done.
What receipt?
Back away first. There's a car.
- Get away.
- Earth Dragon!
Move away. The car's coming.
Watch out!
Heaven Dragon!
Stop the car...
Stop the car...
- Stop!
- Heaven Dragon!
Earth Dragon!
The Double Dragons of Heaven and Earth!
What the hell is wrong with you?!
Die somewhere else!
I got something in my camera.
It's truely unusual.
I'm uploading the video to the server.
Get it analyzed right away.
Keep in touch.
We should stop.
Stop what?
Double Dragons. We ain't kids anymore.
What are you talking about?
We've had this vow for 1 5 years.
We almost got hit by a car today.
You wouldn't have let me die alone.
How can I let you die before me?
You don't have to fix the lock.
We're moving out anyway.
No problem.
I've fixed it before anyway.
You won't tell me...
where you're moving to.
And you won't tell me...
what you need me to do for you.
I still have to repay my debt to you somehow.
Don't worry.
I'm a stand-up guy.
I'll just stay here and fix this lock.
If you don't invite me in,
I won't go in.
- Shan.
- Hey, man.
Is that delivery for Shan?
Let me pay.
Put it on my bill.
Shan, want me to kick him out here?
Do you want to do the Double Dragons?
It might make you feel better.
Let's try it, man.
Lone, Yeung.
Say hi to Uncle Lone.
She has a son.
- Is he...
- No.
- Could he be...
- No.
- You didn't use a...
- No.
- If you work out the time...
- You shut up.
You two haven't changed one bit.
She is...?
The ex-girlfriend who is indescribable.
You shut up.
Could he be...
I didn't use a...
If you work out the time...
we broke up six years ago.
The kid is two years old.
You're off the hook.
Lone is off the hook!
Michael, my boy.
Let's go pick daddy up from work?
SAAS: "Abnormal activites in progress!
Report for duty!"
I gotta make a call!
Respect comes from others
but embarrassment comes from yourself.
The break-up was ages ago,
but he still had to retain some pride.
Eat up and leave.
You still don't believe me.
I really want to repay my debt!
Leave when you're done.
I won't leave!
Not even if you kick me out!
1 5 years ago...
that reckless driving case...
has damaged your leg
and killed your brother!
The truth is...
I'll never be able to explain the truth!
Don't kick me out!
I just want to repay my debt to you!
Have you had enough?!
I don't want to talk about
how my brother died for me!
All these years...
I've shut myself in here
to punish myself.
I've put myself in prison. Do you get it?!
Why did you come back for?
Why did you have to bring this up again?!
You're out of prison now.
You can take your son back.
What about me?
I ask you where can I go?
Where can I go?!
I don't know what to say.
I just want your heart
to have some comfort.
Can we start over...
from today?
I want you to know
that I'm a determined man.
I'm here to repay my debt to you.
Please stop this nonsense, okay?
I don't want you to be in your prison anymore.
You don't know where to go?
Come on.
Let me take you out.
I thought he did look a bit like you.
You may be off the hook,
but we still gotta work.
Why are the lights off?
We still gotta work even scared.
Let's go.
Come on.
Lower your voice.
I want to give my son a surprise.
What's wrong, son?
Look who's here?
It's Sailor Moon, your favorite!
Hey! What's wrong?
Are you angry?
What's wrong?
Oh, Wah wants to give daddy a kiss?
- What are you doing?
- What's wrong?
- No, Wah!
- Stop, Wah. No!
So sticky at his age.
He's definitely gonna be gay.
You really can't spoil kids.
Very troublesome once you spoiled them.
Has to be justified.
You can't do that to your parents.
Pushpin Wah?
A zombie makeup
for your birthday party? Impressive!
You want to prick me again?
I'm not falling for that again.
Are you that dumb?
He's really biting!
Forget any justified.
You gotta get physical punishment with them.
- He's crazy.
- You fool.
Again, fatty?
He's biting my flesh...
You should've talked to him!
Did you have to kick so hard?
- Take this.
- Got it.
Cover him!
- Put him down!
- How dare you?!
Happy birthday!
You biter!
Screw your pushpins!
Screw your handshake!
No problem!
Leave Hong Kong's mission to me!
I'll bring my negative energy meter with me.
Try biting me again!
Can't believe you bit me!
Yit, go!
Put me down!
There are people watching!
Who cares about what they think?
I lost my freedom because I had to go prison.
You're free to go anywhere you want,
but you chose to shut yourself in
like a prisoner.
I don't know what's in that head of yours.
"A leaf drifts away..."
Come on, man. Change the channel.
"Lucky Stars will race tonight again..."
Don't you dare!
"I hope it'll win again."
Turn it louder!
"...we're separated by mountains..."
Remember when I was a kid,
my parents performed in Tai O.
Afterwards, they would buy
those famous egg waffles for me.
I wonder if that egg waffle stand
is still there?
Let's go to find out.
Right now?
I told you,
your wish is my command.
The pier is not on this side.
I'll go to ask for directions.
How did it go?
We'd better leave them alone.
They're having fun.
Let's go.
Having fun?
Doing what?
No one follows, we're clear!
One, two
Crap! Me again?!
It's real. That hurts.
Then we're screwed.
I kicked him way too hard.
Why? You scared?
- I am.
- Then take your clothes off.
What for?
So nobody would recognize us.
You're right.
I've thought about it.
Physical punishment isn't a good thing at all.
I told you.
You have to reason with kids.
You brute!
We've got trouble. Look at this!
Happy birthday!
You biter!
I didn't do it.
- What are you doing?
- I didn't do it!
The same old song.
Every time he's in trouble,
he just says he didn't do it.
What are you taking that?
There's evidence on it!
I'm against physical punishment!
Interested in buying a flat, miss?
It's a steal!
- Let me show you the flat!
- I'll take you!
- This way.
- Okay!
Hey, watch out!
Miss, are you OK?
I call Lone for directions.
It's Auntie Shan.
Auntie Shan, where are you?
It's dangerous out there!
- We lost in Sai Wan.
- We?
Where the hell did you go with that guy?
What is this place?
Sai Wan?
Find a place to hide and keep safe.
This is...
- Hello?
- Hello?
The signal's gone dead.
They got lost.
How are we supposed to search all of Sai Wan?
I think I know where to go.
How do we get there?
He's been bitten, too.
Hop on.
One, two?
Okay, three, two?
It hurts.
We're in trouble.
First, it was Pushpin Wah,
then the teacher,
now the driver.
I think zombies have overrun Hong Kong Island.
No freaking way!
I think it's up to the Double Dragons
to save the world.
I'm ready.
This is our chance!
Step on it...
Hurry up...
He's catching up. This is crazy!
Step on it, Yeung!
I'm trying!
Take me!
Get on quick!
- Hurry!
- Thanks!
Move it!
Climb on!
Hey, behind you!
This is insane!
There's so many of them!
Will he really come here?
We used to live nearby.
Lone liked to sneak out to play
when he was young,
but he could never find his way home.
So we made a promise.
If he got lost, we would meet here.
I hear someone coming!
You're really here!
I can't believe
you still remember this place, son.
Auntie Shan,
the streets are overrun with zombies.
It's dangerous out there.
Zombies? What zombies?
that's what they call the living dead.
It's hard to explain.
Just believe me and watch your back.
Believe you?
No way.
I believe him.
You believe all that?
I do.
Never mind,
let's just get outta here first.
What the hell is that?!
- Help!
- Wait, don't leave me alone!
- Help Auntie Shan upstairs.
- Okay!
- Be careful.
- Lone.
We're clear. Shut it!
Let us in!
- What do you want?
- We were surrounded.
Those real estate agents are terrifying!
We said we weren't interested,
but they kept chasing us!
Some of them even bit people!
Were you two been bitten?
- What do we do?
- You decide.
Open the gate.
- Thank you!
- Thank you!
Move it!
Buy this flat...
Impressive location...
Buy this one...
I ain't buying jack.
Real estate agents
are crazier than zombies these days!
It's just a job, man.
Why did those agents have be so crazy?
What kind of job?
We saw with our own eyes,
people getting bitten and turned into zombies.
Crap! The lock's broken.
I already fixed it.
So what?
Wait, we seal the door and the windows quickly
or we're screwed
when they make their way up here.
Sealing doors and windows
is the perfect job for a handyman like me!
Stop talking and get to it, then!
Got it!
Does that work?
there's no signal on my phone
and I can't find Yit.
What do we do?
She said she has something to do
and asked us to take the camera back first.
What do we do if something happens bad to her?
Don't worry, Auntie Shan.
We now go and look for her right now.
It's a mess out there!
Don't worry. We'll bring weapons.
Stay safe.
We will, Uncle Wing.
You shut up!
Be careful, son!
We will, Uncle Wing!
I said you shut up!
What's "shut up"?
It means stop talking!
Here we go!
The gate are opened
and the first one out
is the favorite Lucky Stars!
Why are the horse races still going on
like nothing's happened?
The horses racing will always keep going.
Supreme Powers has come from behind
like a crazed beast!
It's passing every horse
and hitting everything!
Why is the picture gone?
Who are you?
You can't just break into the studio!
They ain't human!
Who are we?!
Earth Dragon!
Here's our chance, Lone.
We're killing zombies tonight!
The Lethal Dragons!
What would you do if I turn into a zombie?
I'll cut off your head.
What the hell? I'm your bro, man.
So what?
You're not my girlfriend.
What if I am your girlfriend?
Right, you don't have a girlfriend.
What about Liz?
That was six years ago.
She ain't your girlfriend.
Well, you two were together
so I guess she's your girlfriend.
What about Yit?
She's my girlfriend.
Yit is your girlfriend?
Yeah, she's your girlfriend.
Something's up.
That wasn't a zombie, right?
If it isn't a zombie, it must be a ghost.
Why the hell would a bride sit there?
What then?
Are we getting off?
What, you scared?
Let's move!
Miss, are you okay?
- Shuen!
- That's her.
Come on. One, two?
Forget it.
It's really her.
You don't believe it?
Trying squeezing hers.
I do
I do...
- Shush!
- Quiet!
- Shut up!
- We'll slice you!
Shut up!
- Let's go!
- Nah.
Let's do a test run.
Battery's dead!
I got it.
Let's go!
Let's go!
Move it!
What's that you're holding?
Negative energy meter.
It can detect your negative energy.
What's going on?
What the hell is wrong with you?
It's no time to play!
Come back!
Does it hurt?
It itches a bit.
Why are you so pale?
- Nothing.
- Really, I'm fine.
Guys, do you know how to work this thing out?
I want to collect your negative energy data.
Why don't you tell me what makes you unhappy?
That brat...
He gets camera face.
My mom died when I was six
and my dad went to prison when I was a kid.
Why would I be upset?
No way.
Lucky me to have help from your Auntie Shan
for giving us a shelter
and teaching us how to make props.
Let's talk about me.
I'm an orphan,
but I always tell myself
that it's okay not grown up with my family.
is all grown up now.
But being his father
never got a chance to see him grow.
You young man
should take the time
to talk to your parents.
Do you understand?
All these years
without your father by your side.
How did you get by?
He's dead to me.
Open the door...
- Son!
- Outta the way!
Where's Yit?!
Did she get bitten?
She's fine.
She needs to do something urgent for work.
Don't worry.
Hey, who's she that Lone is carrying?
The girl?
Don't wanna talk about it.
The girl?
Are you okay?
Actually, I'm not.
All this training was useless.
I'll shut up.
Wai Wong's Delicious Chili Sauce!
Great with bean sprouts
and fried pig intestines!
Did you want to say something?
Thank you.
I'm hungry.
Do you have salad and beer?
Chips and ice cream!
Chips and ice cream?
Thank you, brother.
Eat that first.
He just sent a text message
saying he's not coming.
Our friends and family
were already in the church!
What was I supposed to say?!
Forget it. The world's ending anyway.
The streets are filled with zombies.
No one cares about your wedding now.
What did you just say?
I said, the streets are filled with zombies,
No one cares about your wedding now
My Shuen!
My Shuen!
What are you doing?
Are you nuts?!
- Are you nuts?
- Zombies out there!
Let me out!
What's wrong with this crazy lady?
You shut up!
Are you trying to draw the zombies here?!
I want...
Stop screaming!
Where are your manners?!
Screaming in someone's home like that!
So what if you're his idol?!
Sorry, sorry.
I owe you one.
Taekwondo, my ass.
Where's Uncle Wing?
- Let me go!
- Stop acting crazy!
Why won't you let me die?!
If you die, what will happen to the people
who love you?
I know how you feel.
I've been dumped before, too.
Liz didn't believe
that I could bring her happiness,
so she dumped me at the end.
That's why I always tell myself,
if I give up,
no one would feel sorry for me.
My Shuen!
Even if a great fighter like you
can't get through this,
why don't I just kill myself?
None of my business if you died?
Telling someone not to give up...
I guess you always tell people to do
what you can't do.
Sorry, I'm such a clumsy cook.
I just couldn't get the egg waffles
in the right shape.
Why the hell are you making egg waffles?
It's a war zone out there!
You think I've been joking all along?
The zombies will kill you!
I'm fine.
What are you doing? Who are you calling?
Who do you want to call?
I wanna call mommy.
Hurry up.
Hello, mommy?
What do you want to say?
Does she miss us?
Big brother wants to know if you miss us.
Is she playing mahjong?
Are you playing mahjong?
What else?
Nothing. Tell her I miss her.
We both miss you.
Let's get dim sum!
Let's get dim sum tomorrow.
That's all.
Big brother...
So good at Taekwondo, aren't you?
Just try, get to pass this.
How did you get in?
Your gate is locked,
so I climbed up from the wet market.
Your mouth is full of blood.
That's nothing.
Some real estate agents were trying to bite me,
but they didn't get me.
I bit them back instead.
I'm fine.
I guess those guys
were infected with something.
I need to sit down, then I'm fine.
Come on.
That year, I was six years old.
Other kids were still drinking milk.
you already make me try beer.
At that time, your mom had just died.
You cried all day.
I didn't know what to do with a crying kid.
I drink when I'm sad.
So I thought,
if I gave you some beer,
you might be happy.
The two of us
have never sat down to chat like this.
What else we can chat?
You don't believe anything I say.
It's not that I don't believe you.
Which is you don't believe that
I'd believe you.
No matter what happens...
even if your old dad
can't stand beside you,
you have to carve out a path for yourself.
But remember,
never become too proud.
Don't be arrogant.
I think that
arrogance is the zombie within us.
That's nonsense.
Don't move.
I said, don't move.
Let me see.
What's wrong with your neck?
It's not... nothing.
I'm fine.
I just got bitten, that's all.
Everyone dies one day.
Nothing to fear.
There's always a next life.
What I want
before I die...
is to see you have your own family.
If I know there's someone taking care of you,
then I can rest in peace.
We're getting married soon.
Yeah. We just went for fitting today.
Get well soon.
You need to come to the wedding.
I'll get well right away!
Take this.
My boy!
Auntie Shan.
Egg has brought me food.
What are you doing?!
Keep quiet... stay still...
Are you crazy?!
- Lone!
- It'll be fine.
- Lone
- Calm down...
Big brother!
What the hell was that?
What the hell was that?!
Stay away.
Come here.
What's up, Auntie Shan?
The Demon Fighting Wand
is a Yip family heirloom.
Our ancestor once said,
this staff goes wherever the family goes.
But I don't know
what will happen to me tomorrow.
When you see Yit,
pass this to her.
Tell her...
her aunt won't object her anymore.
Don't worry.
I'll make sure this goes to her.
Hang in there.
I have to repay my debt.
I have to repay my debt.
"A leaf drifts away like a boat..."
Don't sing anymore...
If I don't sing now,
I'll never have another chance to sing.
Uncle Wing!
Hang in there, Uncle Wing.
Hang in there.
"Shed no tears."
"Fret not."
"Life is like the morning mist."
"It'll always dissipate."
"Tonight, we..."
We gotta go...
- Let's go!
- Shan!
- Hurry up!
- Leave her!
- Let's go!
- Shan!
My Shuen!
Come with us!
I'm leaving, big brother!
Let's go!
What the hell is that?
Holy crap.
What the hell is a chicken.
Let's go!
Get in here!
Uncle Wing!
Didn't you say
you have to do something meaningful?
That you have to be a hero?
Show me!
get your wife and your best friend...
- out here!
- No...
It's not that I didn't believe you.
I was worried for you!
I believe you.
I believe that you will...
achieve more than most people!
At least...
you'll achieve more than me!
You shut up.
You shut up...
Uncle Wing!
Let's go!
We gotta go!
Let's move!
In here.
Are you guys OK?
You're still alive!
Where's my aunt?
This is the only pair left.
Does it fit?
Are you awake?
Can you hear me?
How does it work?
How does it work?
How does it work?
Are you awake?
Can you hear me?
Are you awake?
Can you hear me?
Are you awake?
Can you hear me?
Thank you.
Thanks for going along with the lie earlier.
I don't know what will happen from here.
We'll take it step by step.
I trust you.
I'm sorry for your loss.
She says,
she won't stop you anymore.
She trusts that
you'll bring greatness to the family.
Lone, let's go!
Take this. Go!
Why is this here?!
What are you doing?
Why is that?!
I told you before. You just didn't believe me.
Go. Hurry!
We go together!
I still have a mission to complete.
You all will just drag me down.
Go! Meet me at the pier!
OK, I trust you.
The one with the six-pack!
You're the coolest.
Don't die.
Thank you.
You too. Watch your back.
Once we're out of this tunnel,
we'll be at the harbour.
Flying guillotine!
Thank you!
Once we passed the gate,
we'll reach the pier!
What are you doing?
You go ahead.
I'm going to deal with that chicken.
You guys go first.
What are you talking about?
I am not going to be a nut.
Open the gate!
Take Shuen and be safe.
Stop joking and open that gate!
don't give up on yourself.
You're the first woman to believe in me.
Thank you.
Thank you!
I won't let you die before me.
I won't.
Who are we?!
- Lone!
- Heaven Dragon!
Heaven Dragon!
Heaven Dragon!
- Lone!
- Heaven Dragon!
Heaven Dragon!
Come back!
Heaven Dragon!
- Lone!
- Heaven Dragon!
- Lone!
- Come back!
Heaven Dragon!
- Lone!
- Lone!
You come back!
Heaven Dragon!
Why are you doing this to me?
I didn't do anything to you.
Were we meant to be dead from the beginning?
I hate your guts!
I hate your guts!
I hate your bullying guts!
What do you want from me?
Didn't you want to save the world
and protect the masses?
Do you know why you're back here again?
Because you're scared.
Can you tell me...
how I can save them?
Tell me.
Did I do something wrong?
Tell me.
What the hell are you?
Wanna know if this is real?
One, two?
Does it hurt?
One, two?
Does it hurt?
It doesn't!
Stop running away.
It doesn't hurt!
It doesn't hurt!
It doesn't hurt!
It doesn't hurt!
I want to protect them.
You trust me,
I'll take care of you.
I trust you...
to screw up!
Liz didn't believe
that I could bring her happiness,
so she dumped me at the end.
You want to protect them?
Who have you protected?
Back off!
Who is your son?
arrogance is the zombie within us.
That's nonsense.
Why are you so useless in this world, too?
Didn't you want to protect the world?
I did.
I trust you.
You wouldn't have let me die alone.
How could I let you die before me?
I did.
I did.
I did!
So who have you protected?
What have you achieved?
Just a single sit up every morning?
That hurts.
That hurts.
That freaking hurts!
Back off!!!
Excuse me.
Save us, Heaven Dragon!
Look at me.
Heaven Dragon! You finally
free from your fear and transformed!
- Heaven Dragon!
- Lone, you're back!
Heaven Dragon, you're so cool!
Fear has never left our side,
but the more scared we are,
the more we need to fight.
That's what courage is about.
Heaven Dragon!
You can't beat it alone!
I still have to fight it!
Hang in there!
The world's in your hands.
Be careful!
Don't even think about stopping,
because I ain't stopping!
Beat the feathers off that thing,
Heaven Dragon!
What's going on?
It's so fast that I can't see a thing.
Don't give up on yourself.
Don't give up on yourself!
Even I have to die,
I must not give up of myself!
I don't know which world is real.
All I know is
if I have the courage to face myself,
then I can be a superhero, too.
SAAS 9527 reporting.
I've found the chamber in Wah Fu Estate.
I'm going inside for investigation.