Zombivli (2022) Movie Script

'Janardan Musale
Charitable Trust Hospital.'
Get him down. Now.
Get him down.
- Move him.
Be careful.
Hello, Sawant!
Doctor, see something's
happening to him!
Hold him tight.
Don't let him move his legs!
Hold him still.
I have to give him an injection.
Doctor, he's burning with a fever.
My hands are burning.
I can't hold him.
Hold him...
Hold him tight!
Hold his shoulder!
Calm down, my boy.
Hold his hand properly!
Calm down.
- What?
Water for him. Go, check her.
- Help him.
Datta, watch him.
Just write everything down...
- Doctor.
Continue with the treatment...
- What's wrong with these people?
I have no idea.
Did Chinese 'bhel' cause that?
Chinese 'bhel' can give you
food poisoning,
loose motions, vomiting.
Not this.
Please check these medicines.
What disease is this?
If food didn't cause this,
what caused it?
You're a doctor. Say something.
Maybe they had a lot
of dirty moonshine.
What else can it be?
- Hey, listen.
A middle-aged woman
and a girl drank moonshine?
These women hail from Janata Nagar.
You don't need to say more...
- Janata Nagar! You moron!
You call names to our colony
at the drop of a hat!
Do you think it's teeming
with thieves, drunkards and scums?
Does he look like a drunkard to you?
Hey Jaggu!
Jaggu, what are you doing?
Jaggu, let go!
- Save him!
Jaggu, let go!
- Let go!
He is a doctor! Jaggu!
Jaggu, let go!
Sorry, boss!
- Get lost!
- Get out! Now.
Get lost...
- I am leaving.
Call the police! Call the police.
- Sorry.
He is mad!
'On 900 meters, turn left towards'
'Janardan Musale Marg.'
900 meters?
I want to go to the bathroom.
Step on it, please.
Seema, come on.
I'm driving slow because I care
about your and the baby's safety.
I'll be fine.
He should get used to troubles.
Or else kids become soft and stupid.
My Mom would drive a tractor
even in her last trimester.
Your Mom is unique.
'In 15 meters, take a left.'
Seema, we'll be there in five.
Don't worry about the moving.
My mom's system is amazing.
We'll follow that.
Box number 1 will
have kitchen stuff.
All the utensils, pots.
Box number two will have
the bedroom stuff.
Box number three will
cover the living room.
My dad was always on the move,
so my Mom made a career
out of moving and packing.
My Mom...
- Damn with her husband!
You cussed my father?
The baby just kicked.
Mind your tongue, please.
- It's my number.
Hold on...
Gosh! Looks like,
there's a water shortage.
I'm glad our tower
has a 24-hour water supply.
Where is the water?
A water tanker came here
three days ago.
Some of our residents
wash cars every day.
Hello? When did you see me
washing my car?
Stop making baseless accusations.
Your eyesight has weakened.
I was jailed during the Emergency
for taking on the government.
How dare he threaten me!
Bhide, fight with government
or peel peas
for all I care.
- Don't you...
People, take a break.
No point in fighting
among ourselves.
Look at him.
- Musale took us for a ride.
He lured us into Dombivli with
his lie of 24-hour water supply.
He then started a water tanker
agency to sell us water.
That's right.
Open the gate.
- The tanker is here.
It's a small truck.
See, his eyesight has weakened.
I don't know about you guys,
but let me tell you my reason.
Had I known about this stinking slum
right before the tower,
I wouldn't have moved in here.
Don't rush.
- Okay.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I'm Sudhir Joshi.
We're the new residents.
Apartment 703.

I know.
Please watch our boxes.
We'll take a quick tour.
- Go without fear.
Everything is safe here
except for water.
"You and I, we live in a separate
world. Isn't it awesome? Isn't it?"
"This world... full of a rainbow
of colours. Isn't it awesome?"
"Isn't it?"
"My breeze is yours now."
"You and I
we have the same address."
"You pamper and praise me
night and day."
"You roam around like a banshee."
"The day passes like a breeze."
"Looking after you,
taking care of you"
"Fulfilling your demands..."
"The day passes like a breeze."
"My love, I'm a kite,
I fly helter-skelter."
"You are my thread, my string
You are my breeze."
"I'll never leave your side."
"You are my thread, my string
You are my breeze."
"I'll never leave your side."
"Damn it!"
"Ant! Ant!
I'm dripping with sweets."
'Hello, Maharashtra. This news
will send a shiver down your spine.'
'Here's the footage.'
'Like a wildfire...
- Move.
'this new disease is running through
Janata Nagar slum area in Dombivli.'
'This person has a severe headache.'
What channel did you tune into?
Play a movie.
'Almost all the...'
'It's more entertaining
than a movie.'
News channels are so good
at giving background scores.
'Who is responsible for this?'
'Will the government get
its act together?'
'We bring you a ground report
to find answers to these questions.'
'I am Anjali Mhatre
with cameraman Shivgopalan'
'and you're watching
News Superfast.'
'Stay alert 24 hours.'
"Dear me! A scorpion stung me!
Oh God..."
"What do I do? Who do I tell?
- A scorpion stung him!"
"Oh boy... Oh, girl!
- A scorpion stung him!"
"A scorpion stung me!"
How do they do it?
Who is it?
Santya, is that you?
What are you doing here
at this hour?
Tortured by your wife, right?
Some boys were making a video
at the station.
It looked very smashing.
Let's make a video together.
What's happening to you?
Don't come near me.
Stay away. Don't come near me!
Stay away! Santya.
He's going to work.
Sudhir, it's your Mom.
It's my first day at work.
- Bless you.
See, we've already
set up everything.
Do not create a mess.
Your son makes a mess.
She is lying.
Who is in the back?
She is Malti.
Wow! You found a maid already!
And efficient at that.
The couple is so lucky.
- It's okay.
Listen to me. The prayer room
must face northeast.
You know northeast? A direction
between east and north.
Offer curd and sugar to your
husband before he leaves.
Listen. You have to recite
those verses every day.
Your baby...
- Damn with mom's your husband!
The baby just kicked hard.
I'll call you later, aunt.
Fine, talk to you later.
Mind your tongue, will you?
Tell your baby
not to kick so much.
I see.
Wait, let me check.
Did you take a shower today, uncle?
No one's uncle here.
- Okay. Brother.
Maybe she took a shower.
I took a shower. So what?
Stop doing that and sign this.
House rules for our tower.
Take a shower
every alternate days.
Don't think about turning
your balcony into a garden.
We don't have enough water to drink
and certainly not for plants.
Power once cut will be restored
in 10 to 15 minutes.
Don't make incessant calls to find
out when the power will be restored.
Are you crazy?
Look back!
Who are you talking to?
Are they rushing there?
Wait, I am coming.
I'm talking to you.
- Come on, guys! Attack!
Too cheeky, isn't he?
Is he your younger brother?
- How could you?
I'm the father of your baby, right?
- Hmm.
Put this on your office desk.
- Here.
Thank you. Take care.
Madam, can I ask you something?
Did the baby really kick?
Let's go.
"She sauntered in, with style
with grace and all."
"She sauntered in, with style
with grace and all."
I don't have water.
No, there is no water.
'A healthy body needs minerals.'
'Presenting the world's first
mineral infused water'
'that boosts your
power of immunity.'
'A boost to your immunity.'
'That is our solid guarantee.'
'Immunity boosting water
by Aqua Oasis.'
Brilliant innovation, Mr. Dubey.
No one came up with
this brilliant idea.
Virus, bacteria are infections
are on rise.
How will we save ourselves?
Our boss said
there's only one solution.
Let's boost immunity through water.
Super! A booster shot of an idea.
Down with Appa Musale!
Down with Appa Musale!
Down with Appa Musale!
Down with Appa Musale!
Wake up, wake up!
- Appa Musale, wake up!
Down with Appa Musale!
Down with Appa Musale!
Down with Appa Musale!
Down with Appa Musale!
Dombivli is facing an acute
shortage of water
and yet we've set up a huge
water factory right in Dombivli.
Our water and the public's water
are not the same.
We purify dirty water
and give it back to the community.
We don't store that water.
What will we do with it?
We're not shipping it to China.
It's our water!
- Not your private property!
It's our water!
- Not your private property!
It's our water...
- Get lost.
It's our water!
- Not your private property!
- Yes, sir.
This is our plant.
You'll have to
do your best here. Okay?
I'll try my best.
- Good.
Sir, what happens in that section?
The main system
is beneath the ground.
Authorised personnel only.
Only the boss decides
who goes in there.
But the...
Trouble outside the factory.
- What?
Vishwas is protesting outside.
Jaggu, what are you doing?
You'll kill him.
Let go!
- Jaggu!
Jaggu, let go!
Vishwas, what are you doing?
Jaggu, let go!
Take him away. Come on.
Give him some water.
Stay in your limits. Understand?
The cops are just a phone call away.
You'll find yourself
behind bars in a flash.
Then you can protest from the jail!
Hey! Time to decide.
Should I call the boss?
Or will you apologise
and make a quick exit?
Call that darn Muslya.
I want to meet him.
Why should I apologise?
Who hit the guard?
Jaggu did it.
- Listen...
Save that phantom Jaggu story
for your Janata Nagar boys.
Don't give me that crap.
Get lost.
You're a lackey!
Tell Musalya
that if he doesn't fulfil
our demands in three days,
I'll sink his factory
in the same water.
You should leave,
you have very little time left.
I'll leave later on.
I have a plenty of time.
Now get lost. Move.
Sir, who is Jaggu?
That crazy fellow's right hand.
He is crazy.
- Okay.
Janshakti Morcha.
He's just running a scam.
Janata Nagar will be ruined,
thanks to him.
I don't need to do anything.
Mr. Musale will take care of him.
Mr. Dombivli!
Staring into that mirror
won't grow your muscles.
I do 101 push-ups in the morning.
- Of course.
Spicy-tart chickpeas!
I want spicy-tart chickpeas! Now!
You made me quit drinking
and now you want to eat snacks
at this hour.
Oh! So sweet!
- Hmm?
Please get spicy-tart chickpeas.
I want them.
No, my son. I've had a busy day.
I'm so darn tired!
- Hmm?
Six months ago, you forgot
to get a condom,
so that's why
we ended up like this.
Dear, you are so smart.
You take after your Mom.
I'll get your spicy-tart chickpeas.
Who eats spicy-tart chickpeas
so late at night?
'Turn right.
You've reached your destination.'
Excuse me.
I have to place an order.
- Yes?
Take his order.
- Yes, sir.
Spicy-tart chickpeas.
Spicy-tart chickpeas. What else?
No. No drinks, just snacks.
Forty bucks.
Listen, smart Aleck!
Take back the bottle.
Get regular water.
You guys...
You are a bunch of cowards.
Did you enjoy the show?
there isn't a lot we can do.
Muslya is stealing water from
Janata Nagar and minting money
and we are getting a raw deal.
You guys should call for a strike!
Then Mr. Musale will sack all of us.
First, don't give Muslya
so much respect.
You are slaves!
You guys don't even take a crap
without his permission.
For him, Janata Nagar is
a garbage dump.
The tower people shouldn't
see the dump. Erect a wall.
And the wall was ready.
Hello, sir.
- Hold on for a while, sir.
I can't hear you.
Tell me.
A protest march was all I asked.
But you picked a fight
at the factory.
They hit me first, so...
Enough with the Jaggu tales.
- Hi.
Take a look.
- What's this?
You are at a bar!
First, I went to
the local pharmacy.
They don't sell
spicy-tart chickpeas.
Sarcasm of a Punekar in Dombivli.
Another level of cuteness.
- Thank you.
I'm coming home. Thank you.
I felt so embarrassing.
I asked for snacks, but no drinks.
He gave me a strange look.
I've bought it for you.
You'll have to finish this tonight.
Don't drink if you can't handle it!
A drunkard just bumped into me!
And God, the stench!
Come home.
- Yes.
I'm on my way.
- Hang up. Bye.
Hey! Who are you?
What are you doing?
I pushed you
because you bumped into me.
What are you doing? Stay away!
Save me! Save me!
Save me!
Stay away from me.
I swear, stay away
or I'll call the police!
Come on, buddy.
I saved you, but you threaten me!
Softie guy! You work
at Musale's factory, don't you?
Don't deny it.
I saw it there in the morning.
Thanks to your company
people in our slum falling sick.
They are going crazy.
Did you see what happened?
Yes, I saw it.
I know what your plan is.
That old drunkard attacks me.
You'll pretend to save me.
Then both of you will swindle me.
I know your kind. You thieves!
You called me thieves?
All of you are thieves!
Jaggu, what are you doing?
- Sorry...
- Sorry...
- Let me talk to him.
Sorry. Sorry!
- I don't want to die!
My boss took me to task,
all thanks to your handiwork!
Jaggu, enough with that!
Hey! Jaggu!
He is a psycho.
Run away! He is a psycho.
He is a psycho!
Sorry, Jaggu.
I won't bully you again. Jaggu!
He is a psycho! Go away.
Don't take Jaggu seriously. Listen!
What do you want? Get lost.
He came this close to me.
He was literally into my face
and then I realised
his eyes were all white.
His eyeballs were white too.
Even his lips. All white.
All the veins in his body were taut!
He scowled and tried to bite me!
- All right, calm down.
Have some water.
I have some advice, ma'am.
He is under a lot of stress.
New house, new job.
It happens with us too.
We get stressed out
when we're transferred.
I haven't met anyone like that
in 22 years of my service.
Something has
gone wrong with you.
Someone beat him up,
but you blame him.
I punched him twice.
See, your husband punched him.
I hit him hard!
- End of topic for you!
If you spot him again,
call me right away.
I'll rush there. Okay?
Thank you.
- Leave now.
Wait, we still have to tell him.
The drunkard left and someone else
tried to strangle him.
I mean, he tried to strangle me.
I even know his name.
His name is Vishwas.
From Janata Nagar?
Yes. I think so.
He led a protest march
to our factory in the morning.
He tried to strangle
our security guard.
He was talking to his hand.
"Jaggu! Jaggu."
That man is a nuisance!
- He was rambling on.
We have no other option.
He'll be an MLA soon.
No one dares a file
a complaint against him.
We'll deal with him, no worries.
Marne, write down his complaint
and pick up Vishwas.
- Yes, sir.
You may leave.
It just hit me.
The old drunkard
who tried to bite me...
He looked like a zombie.
What did you say?
- No. Zom... Zombie.
But what exactly is a zombie?
How do I explain him?
Do you watch Hollywood movies?
Are you pulling my leg?
We haven't got time to scratch.
Please explain me about a zombie.
Go on..
- Zombies are
very, very weird.
They are dead, but not fully dead.
Their bodies are in a rotting state.
Twisted hands.
Normal people turn into ghosts
once they're dead.
- But zombies aren't ghosts.
They're actually alive.
- I see.
They are not like us.
We lead normal lives,
we do normal things.
We eat, we do our daily things.
We take a shower, go to work.
They're not bothered about that.
All they care about
is biting someone.
If you're bitten by a zombie,
you'll turn into a zombie.
Your body starts rotting.
You scowl and attack people!
All right. What's your point?
Zombies have walked into Dombivli
straight out of the movies.
- What are you saying?
What's with zombies?
I saw him with my own eyes!
How's that possible?
- It's true.
Madam. Madam...
- He came this close.
Madam, listen to me.
The attack has left him rattled.
Take him home and let him rest.

We'll deal with Vishwas.
Once we get hold of him,
we'll also find... the zombie.
What's the matter?
Go to sleep.
The world battles with the
recession, people have lost jobs.
But your friends
blow money on boozing.
Drag them to the factory tomorrow.
Right? Go.
What will you do
if I don't pay you for a month?
Can I get the
pollution control board file?
Vishwas attacked you last night,
didn't he?
Yes. But how did you find out?
The inspector called Mr. Musale.
He called me.
He is extremely concerned
when the people who work for him
are in any kind of danger.
The boss wants to meet you.
Did Mr. Musale say that?
It's Mr.Musale's birthday today.
There's a party at his farmhouse.
You've been invited.
Sir, it's an honour.
Sir, the file...
- Don't carry a gift.
Our boss is a simple man.
A pure man.
You'll get pyorrhoea.
I warned you not to chew tobacco.
What have I done?
- Talk to the officer.
Let go of my collar.
Let go!
I'm a party worker
of Janshakti Youth League.
I am a social worker.
You can't arrest me without a cause.
Keep quiet.
Are you going to teach us
what we can do?
A complaint has been filed
against you.
A complaint? Who filed it?
Why don't you tell me? Take a guess.
Musale. Who else?
We're fighting for the rights
of Janata Nagar.
We have a right to protest.
Talking about rights!
Where did you learn these words?
Sit down.
Now tell me everything.
That drunkard man with a
reddened face tried to bite him.
I have no idea.
Last night, you tried to strangle
a guard of Aqua Oasis Water Company
and last night you tried to strangle
Sudhir Joshi, the engineer.
Darn that engineer. Sir.
I didn't strangle him.
He did it. Jaggu.
He is Jaggu.
Your Mom named you Vishwas,
but she named your right hand
as Jaggu.
Why don't you tell me the names
of your rest of the body parts?
Shut up!
I named him Jaggu, not my Mom.
I realised he and I are different.
So I named him.
Fine, you may leave.
Thank you, sir.
Are you kidding me?
Marne, throw Jaggu in the lock-up.
- Sir.
I swear...
- Move it!
I saved that engineer!
Please hear me out.
I swear, it's the truth.
I won't lie to you.
That's why,
we arrested Jaggu, not you.
Don't be afraid and
make it clear to Mr. Musale
that you can't work
if you are scared.
Taking care of his employees
is his responsibility.
Of course,
he must be worried for me.
That's why he invited me
to the party.
After all, I'm just his employee.
But you and I are a couple.
So come home for dinner.
Okay, Manya?
I'm leaving now.
I have to buy some stuff.
Are you going alone?
- Don't worry, I've booked a cab.
Malti is with me
and she knows the neighbourhood.
Take care.
- Yes.
I'll be back soon.
- Okay.
- Bye.
Manoj, we have to hurry.
Hey, look at them.
Guys, wait. Here they are.
You fools! You get stoned at night
and don't turn up at work
in the morning.
I got chewed out by the manager
for this.
Can't you hear me?
Are you guys deaf?
Hey, what are you doing?
Please enjoy.
We have food and drinks.
- Congratulations.
Hello. Greetings.
Heartiest wishes on your birthday.
A selfie, please.
- Sure.
Sudhir! Sudhir! Please come here.
Sir, he is Sudhir Joshi.
Hello, sir. Sudhir Joshi.
Pleased to meet you.
I hear that Vishwas attacked you.
- Oh dear.
He tried to, but I fought back.
I'm glad you filed
a complaint against him.
The people of Janata Nagar have
made him a hero.
A Punekar travelled all the way
to Dombivli to file a complaint.
Make a drink.
- I don't drink.
Really? That's bad.
Your life is wasted.
What happened?
Couple of percentages.
I didn't get you.
You wanted a file
from the pollution control board?
Dilute the numbers by
a couple of percentages.
Appa Musale has your back.
So don't you worry.
Of course, you're right.
But I think...
- Condoms!
Condoms offer only
97% of safety, Joshi.
Tope, is that you?
Will you give me
birthday wishes tomorrow?
Warmest wishes on your birthday.
May you live long.
Happy birthday to you, sir.
Birthday, birthday.
Don't get so nervous, Joshi.
I got your back.
I'll straighten him out.
I give you my word,
I'll take a sting out of his bite.
Who is it?
What do you want?
Janata Nagar Police Station.
What? Trouble?
There's trouble at Janata Nagar.
People are fighting each other.
How come there's trouble at
Janata Nagar when he's locked-up?
People are raising hell
because I was arrested.
I'd already warned you.
Today, it's only Janata Nagar.
Once I get famous,
entire Maharashtra will burn
when you arrest me.
You're hardly known
outside your lane.
Maharashtra will burn. Shut up!
Get the car ready. Quiet!
- Keep quiet!
Where is the cab driver?
Yes, ma'am?
- Where are you?
I'm at the location,
but I can't see you.
I see a wall.
Your building is beyond that wall.
Far away.
You took the shortcut, didn't you?
Why don't you follow the map?
I'll give you zero stars.
What's your name?
Fine, please hurry.
- Yes.
I have some status.
Why did you tie me up
with these small fries?
- He is full of himself.
What are you? A Bollywood star?
You wuss, stay away.
He is getting too close
my comfort.
Listen to me, sir.
- You.
Don't kill him!
- Hey.
You might break his neck!
Jaggu, let go.
He might die, Jaggu.
- Hey.
Jaggu, don't harm him.
- Let go!
This is what Jaggu does, sir.
Jaggu does his thing
even if you treat him nice.
Vishwas, let go!
Let go!
Vishwas, let go!
Let go!
He might die!
- Are you all right?
Are you out of our mind?
Tell him!
Hurry! Move out!
What's the racket about?
Sir, they are hopeless.
Park the car, I'll handle it.
"The scorpion stung!
- What do I do?"
"Oh God!"
"The scorpion stung!
- What do I do?"
"Oh God!
The scorpion stung!"
"Who do I tell?"
Madam, let's run!
"Oh dear, oh God!"
"What do I do? Where do I go?"
"The scorpion stung!"
"The scorpion stung!"
- Hey wait!
Hey! Hey!
"The scorpion stung!"
Let me find out who barged in here.
These intruders are scoundrels.
You go there...
- Girls, don't be afraid.
Open the door.
- Why are you so afraid?
They are goons!
I've witnessed the '93 riots.
- Open the door.
I'll shoot every one of them.
These aren't riots!
They are possessed.
I'll shoot them. Let them come.
What are you waiting for? Shoot him.
Damn you!
Let's go, madam!
- Open the door.
Watchman, the lift isn't working.
Do something.
Don't come close.
Head shot!
Deshpande, it's me.
What are you doing?
Mom, save me!
What do I do?
"Salutations to the giver of joy,
the remover of sorrow and hurdles"
"The one who spreads
love and grace..."
"Hail the auspicious Lord.
"I'll seek your blessings..."
Go away, please!
Go away! Move!
Save me!
Stay away!
Come on, move!
Come on!
You should hit every car!
Let's go!
One, two, three.
Come on!
Go away. Move.
Sudhir, let's go.
Don't stare! Step on it!
Sir, I'm entering
Janata Nagar Police Station.
I'll pump Inspector Koli
for information.
I'm sure I'll get some
important details.
Okay, I'll let you know.
Record it.
Don't move!
You're running away
after locking up the cops.
This isn't as easy as it seems.
They were humans, but now
they're acting like mad dogs.
Don't get too close,
they'll bite you.
What's going on?
I have no idea.
Are you all right?
When I look at these three people,
I realise
something has gone
wrong in Janata Nagar.
The inspector got so many calls.
I must go there right away.
Let's go.
Damn it! Run!
Get down! That was a policeman!
Sudhir, wait.
Let me check.
- Don't go.
- I never cross the speed limit.
I always carry a drive license, PUC.
I goofed up today.
Are you all right?
Mr. Zombie! Mr. Koli!
We've met before. Sir.
Don't come close to me.
You know me.
You said I was stressed!
Don't come close to me.
You're getting me more stressed.
Sir, you...
- Madam, let's go.
- What are you waiting for? Save me!
I saved you the last time.
Now deal with it.
Karma returns.
I won't press charges against you.
Sir, please stop.
There is no later.
Withdraw the complaint now.
Stop there or else
I'll file a case against you.
I hate you!
Wearing a helmet is compulsory.
Do something.
Malti, wait!
Let's go to my place,
it's safe there.
Hurry! Come on!
Get in, you idiot!
- Hurry!
- Come on.
They're getting closer. Move!
- Move!
Hey, hey!
Open the door! Wait.
Open the door.
- Get in.
Let's go! Come on!
What are you doing?
- Let go!
What are you doing?
Looking for bite marks.
Don't you touch me.
I am fine.
- We can't take a risk.
Everyone in the car is at risk.
Back at the police station
I saw Constable Marne
turn into this crazy thing
with my own eyes.
One bite and that's it.
They aren't afraid of the law.
It makes no difference
even if you thrash them.
I beat up one of them
at the police station.
But he kept on attacking me.
- Yes.
Right. Also, they get angrier
if you make noise.
As the car alarms started blaring,
they just rushed at us.
Exactly. When I honked,
they jumped at me.
They are all atheists.
They aren't afraid of gods.
Who are they?
Who knows?
I'd recognised them. Didn't I?
They are zombies. Zombies.
What did you say? Who are they?
- Zombies in Dombivli?
Zombies in Dombivli?
Stop the car.
We appeal to the citizens
to follow our instructions
or you'll be fired upon.
What's going on here?
Due to the infection
that's spreading in Dombivli,
no resident will be allowed
to get out of Dombivli.
Please cooperate with us.
Someone tell them
that we are not infected.
At least, they should let
the people from towers to pass.
You live in a tower.
We also live in houses.
Someone tell them
that we are not with
these slum dwellers.
We live in a tower, so let us go.
Damn it...
- Hey...
Hold on.
Please! Don't fight!
- I'll break your teeth.
We should tell the police.
They don't know
what's going on in Dombivli.
Do not step out of the car.
Please cooperate with us.
Hands up! Look at me.
I'm co-operating with you.
I am a responsible citizen.
Nothing is wrong with me.
Everyone is fine.
Zombies didn't bite us.
In fact, there are lots
of zombies back there.
There are plenty of them.
We just ran away from them.
Please let us go.
If you don't cooperate with us,
we'll take a strict action.
It's a sanitiser.
Look, it's a sanitiser.
I use it every day.
It can kill all our bodily germs.
So I won't be infected. Look at me.
Put your guns down!
Why is he rambling on?
Look at us. Did you notice?
We look normal, right? We are fine.
Zombies do like this...
But we aren't doing it.
Everything is fine.
Please get off the car. Come on.
- Call them out.
Come out. Sir...
- We are coming.
Let me take off my shirt.
Zombies haven't bitten me. See.
Let me show you.
There are no bite marks by zombies.
Take off your clothes.
Look, let me show you.
See. Take a look. See.
See, there are no marks!
Do you see any bite marks? See?
It's a birth mark. Holy basil leaf.
It's considered lucky.
- Madam.
Did zombies bite your husband?
He is all shaken up.
- They haven't bitten any of us.
You too! Take your clothes off!
Don't be silly.
I won't take off my clothes.
How can you do that?
You are from the media.
You should...
- Quiet!
You should talk to them.
Those were my next words.
They have orders from
their superiors.
They won't listen to me.
How can they do that?
We're dealing with
a strange disease.
He is off his rocker.
- Don't you touch me.
They say this disease damages
the brain.
I read that message on my WhatsApp.
Are you mad?
Wait. Let me talk to the police.
- Talk to them.
Excuse me, sir.
This is my last warning.
Get in the car now.
Or else...
- I'm going.
Okay, okay.
No warning.
I'm putting my clothes on.
How dare you warn us!
I am a senior citizen.
- Listen.
I am giving you a warning.
Let us cross the barrier.
Or else, I warn you.
Sir, they have a gun.
- You're dealing with me.
Stop firing. Stop!
- Go back at once.
Get up!
- Or else we'll shoot at you.
Do not shoot. We are going back.
We're going back...
- Citizens should stay at home.
Get in quick!
- Move!
Come on, hurry.
'Janardan Musale
Charitable Trust Hospital.'
We're there.
- Sir.
Don't worry.
Come on.
- Lift him.
Come on.
Don't move. Wait there.
- Yes.
- I'll find a doctor.
Please don't make any noise.
- Please push the chair.
Come on.
Are you okay?
Grandpa, are you okay?
Talk to me. Don't sleep.
They are here too!
Back off!
Back off!
Save me!
Mom, save me!
Please don't bite me.
Hurry! Come here!
Hey! Open the door!
Open the door!
Open the door!
- Wait, don't open it!
Shut the door. Hurry!
- Keep him there.
Hey, move aside!
Let's go.
- Move!
Come on!
They are coming here!
- Open the door!
Please open the door!
- Open the door.
They are after us. Open the door.
Open the door!
Open the door! Now!
Get in now! Hurry!
- Careful!
Come on!
- Keep moving!
Come on, move.
Are you okay?
- Yes.
Are you all right?
- Yes.
Do you want something?
What happened here?
Did the zombies bite everyone?
Zombies who attacked me
carried no bite marks.
It's true.
If there were no bite marks,
how did they become zombies?
I have no idea.
I know.
Two nights ago, you brought
some people here.
But a day before that, we received
ten people with similar symptoms.
We started the treatment
as per their symptoms.
But they weren't responding
to the treatment.
They got angry
and started kicking and punching.
People with low immunity
were affected rapidly.
They became increasingly violent
and they started behaving
really crazy!
Whoever left here are
the only normal people
in the entire hospital.
We are stuck here
and we can't contact
anyone from outside.
We don't know
how to get out of here.
It's the same situation out there.
There are lots of people roaming
the streets, ready to attack.
Someone, pay attention to me.
I am with you.
Check him.
- Please take care of him.
Nurse, get the operating
theatre ready.
Wait here.
I'll take care of him.
'Let's watch some videos of Dombivli
that went viral
'on social media today.'
'In the videos, people have gone mad
and are biting each other.'
'As you can see, they look hideous'
'and weird too.'
'To curb the rumours,
the government has barred'
'the Internet services in Dombivli
for some time.'
'The commissioner expressed
the possibility'
'that the disease that
spread all over Dombivli'
'must've started from Janata Nagar.'
'Janata Nagar is always
in the news for various reasons'
'and now it's at the centre
of the controversy.'
'The disease originated
from Janata Nagar'
'and no one knows how far
it will spread,'
'so it's become a matter
of worry for everyone.'
'Let's talk to Dadasaheb,
the leader of Janshakti Morcha'
'and try to find out
what he makes of this situation.'
'I'm sure the people of Janata Nagar
eat a wide variety of animal meats'
'and that's what has caused
this infection.'
'That slum is so dirty.'
'Of course, they'll be infected.'
'Seal the Janata Nagar area,'
'get the Rapid Action Force'
'to kill all those demons.'
'Not just Mumbai,'
'but if we want to save
this country,'
'then Janata Nagar
must be sacrificed.'
'Hail Maharashtra.'
'Now let's see
what the police have...'
They are getting the force...
That's a propaganda
to sully Janata Nagar.
You are right.
What we saw outside was a lie.
What they're showing on TV
is a lie too.
Only you are right and true.
Stop it, you moron.
I know everyone in Janata Nagar.
From kids to old people.
They are poor and simple people.
There are idiots in every lot.
This disease didn't spread
out of Janata Nagar, that's it.
Prove it.
Prove that this disease didn't
originate from the slum.
Keep quiet.
I'd warned you against taking
these slum dwellers along.
It's only for them that
the police didn't let us go
or else we would've left long ago.
Now we're stuck here!
Stay with
these slum dwellers and die!
You're a lowlife!
Vishwas saved your life
and he is from Janata Nagar.
When a zombie attacked you,
you hid behind Malti.
I made a mistake. My mistake.
Next time when a zombie attacks you,
I'll throw you to them.
I dare you to touch me.
I'll break your face...
Sit here.
What are you doing? Calm down.
Calm down.
Listen, keep quiet.
If you say a word against
anyone here...
What will you do?
I'll throw you to the zombies.
Throwing me to the zombies!
Stay here, I'll be back.
He is out of danger now.
But he's lost a lot of blood.
We need to give him blood.
Who among you has
the blood group B positive?
Sudhir is B positive.
I can't donate blood.
Hey... What's wrong?
- No.
I can't donate blood.
I can't.
Don't worry. I am here.
Blood group and attitude,
both are B positive.
Sudhir, what's wrong?
- Seema, stay away.
Stay away...
- But why?
What happened?
How did you get...
- I...
I didn't realise when
I was bitten by a zombie.
They all attacked me at once.
That's when I must've gotten this.
Please stay away.
I don't want to hurt you
and our baby.
Seema, we must accept the fact
that I don't have much time left.
I'll lock myself up here.
- You should go out.
Lock me from outside.
Don't open the door
even if I knock it.
You are absolutely fine.
- Stay away!
Stay away, why don't you understand?
I'm glad that
instead of you and the baby,
I got hurt.
How will we manage without you?
No, Seema, you are very strong.
You are very strong.
I'm not worried about the baby
as you'll take care of him.
when I learned that
you were pregnant,
I was very scared.
It all happened all of a sudden.
I've been a coward
since I was a kid.
My dad always found faults
with whatever I did.
He never praised me.
I wasn't really a scholar
or anything extraordinary.
I could see it in his eyes.
He thought I was a loser.
So I'm glad about this.
I wouldn't have to see that
disppointement in our baby's eyes
that his or her father was a loser.
I wouldn't be around to see this.
Anyway... I haven't done anything
to make him proud.
I am sorry, Seema.
I am sorry.
Sorry, Seema.
Sorry, Seema.
What are you doing?
I am perfectly all right.
Stay away!
Stay away or else
I'll break your head.
Nothing is wrong with me.
I thought a zombie...
- Stay away...
Please hear me out. I thought
I was bitten by a zombie.
You hit me really hard!
- Stay away!
Hear me out!
- Don't come close.
Don't be silly.
- Hey...
Give me two minutes, hear me out.
This is my last warning. Stay away
or else I'll break your head!
Don't scream!
You'll rile up the zombies.
You're all riled up.
- Hey.
Beat him up!
What happened?
Zombies have bitten him
and he has turned into a zombie.
What? When did you get a bite?
Not true. I thought
I was bitten by a zombie.
No. Last night, he told me that
zombies bit him. Now you are lying!
I'm not lying.
I thought I was bitten by a zombie.
But I just realised it wasn't true.
I got scratched
while running around.
Look at this. It has healed. See.
Seema, stay away. Let me check him.
I'd rather fight with zombies.
Put Jaggu back into the pocket.
show me your wound first.
It's fine, right?
It's not a bite mark.
I have a bite mark too.
Well, it's... it's...
I had a dog bite on last Holi.
That's what I wanted to show.
I've taken an injection too.
That's right.
Count it.
- Madam.
Malti, zombies brain don't work.
But they aren't such fools!
What the hell!
- Forgive me.
I'm your baby's dad, right? Sorry.
You hit me really hard!
I lost my memory.
My grandpa has
regained consciousness.
Let's go.
How do you feel now?
I am hale and hearty.
My grandpa took bullets from the
British for freedom of our country.
My dad.
He took bullets from the Portuguese
to free Goa.
I feel proud after taking bullets
for the residents of Dombivli.
Bullets? Just one bullet from
Dombivli Police.
Why is he so happy?
What did you say?
You are so brave.
I don't know what to say.
Nurse, give her water.
Give her water.
Sip some water.
How did she end up here?
Two nights ago, she was brought here
with some people from Janata Nagar.
They showed the same symptoms.
Her immunity is good
since she is a kid.
So she had a fever,
she didn't suffer much.
We couldn't save anyone
who was with her.
- What?
That his or her father
was a born coward
and remain so for all his life.
I don't want my baby's father
to become a zombie.
I am waiting.
What are you doing?
Stretch your hand.
Wrap your right hand as well.
What if a zombie bites
your right hand?
Don't be silly.
Jaggu needs no protection.
"She sauntered in, with style
with grace and all."
Pay for pure water, it's not free.
Damn you!
- Vishwas.
Put the gun down.
- Vishwas!
No! I want to shoot him!
Shoot me? Put it down!
Sir, just order me.
I'll shoot them down.
Put your gun down!
We want him alive.
You loser, pick up the money
and get lost!
I bought your father.
You're nothing! Go away, loser!
- Hey!
- Man!
It's out of my hand!
- Put it down.
Put it down!
What do I do?
What are you waiting for? Shoot him.
- Jaggu is gone!
Let's go!
Stay there! Don't move!
Or else I'll shoot!
Stay there!
- Forget about them. Move.
He ran away!
- Vishwas.
Hey! Stop!
Don't be arrogant!
I'll fire each one of you!
I asked you to stop!
Look at this!
Money makes you hungry.
Take this!
Mr. Musale, let's run!
Wait! Stop!
Save me! Mr. Musale!
Save me!
Vishwas, let's go!
Let's run!
Vishwas, let's go!
Get in!
- Come on.
Seema, I know you can do anything
when you are determined.
Get everyone into the ambulance
and leave that place.
One more thing.
Please take that little girl
with you.
Leave now!
Sudhir, I... Sudhir?
Hello? Hello?
Let's go.
That's what he said, right?
I didn't listen in on you.
I overheard it, I swear.
It's not time to cry.
Look over there.
It's our chance to save these men.
We can't let it pass.
Come on.
Hey, wait.
- I have an idea.
Get in the car. I'll join you later.
Yes, yes.
Open the door!
Do you want to save you
and your grandpa?
Get in the car now.
Open the door.
- I won't.
I told you so many times not to
take these slum dwellers with you.
But you don't get it.
When they are with us,
the police won't let us pass.
I don't want to die, I want to live.
I don't care
if you become a zombie!
Final warning. Open the door.
- No...
What will you do? I won't open it.
Uncle, open the door.
- Quiet.
I am not your uncle.
Damn you!
Open the door!
Open the door!
Open the door!
Madam, run!
Was it their shower time?
Let's leave before
it's their lunch time.
Damn you!
Hey! Seema, I'm sorry.
Let me in! I made a mistake.
Tell the zombies, you live
in a tower and that you're rich.
Let's see if they forgive you.
Hey! Let me in!
Hey! Wait. Wait! Seema!
[Speaking Tamil]
[Speaking Tamil]
[Speaking Tamil]
[Speaking Tamil]
This guy can speak.
What did he say?
Idiot, he wants you to do something!
We don't want to die
among the zombies!
Don't want to die among the zombies.
We don't want to die.
We don't want to die.
We don't want to die.
Let's go! Get up!
I know how to get out of here.
Come on!
- Let's go.
Gosh! Buddy! I can't fight anymore.
You guys should leave.
- No.
You saved me twice.
I won't leave you here alone.
- Let's go, Vishwas.
Vishwas, get up!
Damn with zombies!
"Sending waves of pain...
- He hits you with his hammerhead!"
"Striking fear...
- Sending our hearts racing."
"With his bloodshot eyes...
- He glares at us."
"He bit me! A zombie bit me!"
"Oh dear!
- The scorpion stung!"
"What do I do?
- The scorpion stung!"
"Oh God!
- The scorpion stung!"
"The scorpion stung!"
"Oh dear!
- The scorpion stung!"
"What do I do?
- The scorpion stung!"
"Oh God!
- The scorpion stung!"
- What do I do?
"I just wanna, wanna, wanna say.
Run, run, run away!"
"Come on, Zombie, come, come!"
- Sudhir!"
"I just wanna, wanna, wanna say."
"Run, run, run away!"
"Come on, Zombie, come, come!"
"Oh dear! Oh God!
- The scorpion stung!"
"Where do I go?
- The scorpion stung!"
"Oh dear! Oh God!
- The scorpion stung!"
"Oh dear!
- The scorpion stung!"
"Don't go there!
- The scorpion stung!"
- The scorpion stung!"
"How do I go?
- The scorpion stung!"
Come here!
Gosh! This will run forever!
Let's go out!
'Fire Brigade.'
Doctors, go ahead with everyone.
Sudhir is stuck there,
I can't abandon him.
You are right.
I won't abandon
people of Janata Nagar.
I stay with the team
till the circle closes in.
What are you going to do?
I'll bring back everyone safe.
Listen, drive them away.
I'll stop them till you leave.
Let the public
see the footage we have.
We don't have much time.
Listen, you should leave.
Sorry, I broke our no driving rule.
Damn with the rules!
'Two months later...'
Can I hold her?
- Go ahead.
Wait, let me hold her.
- Careful.
This is how you hold her?
- Yes.
Am I holding her right?
Her nose is just like her Mom.
Even her eyes are just like
her mom's or his...
Seema, one important point.
- Yes?
Don't go out for a few months.
You've roamed around enough!
Don't drive a car. No pick-up truck.
Driving a fire truck
is out of question.
I've brought a black thread
from my guru for the baby.
Once you tie it to her...
- She is pretty.
troubles will stay away from her.
She'll be safe.
Zombies and diseases will
stay away from her.
- Damn it!
Sorry, sorry, aunt.
The baby just kicked.
The baby is already out.
Let's ignore that.
Ignore, ignore.
"I hid in my home on
a new moon night, bolted the door."
"I hid in my home on
a new moon night, bolted the door."
"No one was at home
and that's when a zombie struck!"
"No one was at home
and that's when a zombie struck!"
"He is possessed!"
"He is possessed!"
"He sneaks up on you
and takes a chunky bite!"
"He is possessed!"
"Deep, dark, haunted night
striking fear deep into my heart."
"Deep, dark, haunted night
striking fear deep into my heart."
"Tried to break the door down,
but a zombie jumped on me."
"Tried to break the door down,
but a zombie jumped on me."
"He is possessed!"
"He is possessed!"
"He sneaks up on you
and takes a chunky bite!"
"He is possessed!"
twisting, they're haunted."
"Crazy, angry, like a ghost."
"Crazy and angry.
Like a ghost."
"Oh God, listen to our prayers."
"I was blown away
with their horrendous avatar."
"I was blown away
with their horrendous avatar."
"No one was at home
and that's when a zombie struck!"
"No one was at home
and that's when a zombie struck!"
"He is possessed!"
"He is possessed!"
"He sneaks up on you
and takes a chunky bite!"
"He is possessed!"
"Sending waves of pain...
- He hits you with his hammerhead!"
"Striking fear...
- Sending our hearts racing."
"With his bloodshot eyes...
- He glares at us."
"He bit me! A zombie bit me!"
"Zombies bump into you...
- Everywhere you go."
"The path is dangerous...
- Strewn with troubles."
"His sting is so deadly...
- No time to drink water."
"He bit me! He bit me!"
"Oh dear!
- The scorpion stung!"
"What do I do?
- The scorpion stung!"
"Oh God!
- The scorpion stung!"
"Who do I tell?
- stung!"
"Oh dear!
- The scorpion stung!"
"What do I do?
- The scorpion stung!"
"Oh God!
- The scorpion stung!"
"I just wanna, wanna say.
- Run, run, run away!"
"Come on, Zombie, come, come."
"I just wanna, wanna say.
Run, run, run away!"
"Come on, Zombie, come, come."
"If he caught you...
- He bites."
"If you let him go...
- He still bites."
"If you stop...
- He bites."
"If you run...
- He chases and bites you."
"If you get up...
- He bites."
"If you sit...
- He bites."
"If you laugh, he bites.
If you cry, he still bites."
"I can't tell you how much it pains!
This pain is beyond me!"
"The scorpion won't go away."
"Stop the scorpions!"
"I can't tell you how much it pains!
This pain is beyond me!"
"The scorpion won't go away.
- Stop the scorpions!"
"Stop, stop!"
"Oh dear!
- The scorpion stung!"
"What do I do?
- The scorpion stung!"
"Oh God!
- The scorpion stung!"
"Who do I tell?
- The scorpion stung!"
"Oh dear!
- The scorpion stung!"
"What do I do?
- The scorpion stung!"
"Oh God!
- The scorpion stung!"
"Stop the scorpion!"