Zomblogalypse (2022) Movie Script

(drum roll tapping)
- Greetings children,
Captain Disillusion here!
For now.
Society has long been
obsessed with the apocalypse,
and the collapse of civilization
So, how close is it?
Well, from lizard people
to the illuminati.
And UFOs to ghosts.
We've laid many of these
conspiracy theories
about the end of days, where
they belong.
On the biggest trash fire in
Only problem is, there's a new
that's taking hold of the
A horror story as old as time.
Well, as old as George Romero.
That's right, zombies.
Those decaying ghouls,
that have been devouring
our screens for decades,
and just won't seem to die,
no matter how hard Rick Grimes
and The Walking Dead tries,
have apparently been clawing
their way into the real world.
As you know, most of my debunks
centre around one
video or channel
that's attempting to pull the
wool over your beautiful eyes.
But in the last few weeks,
there's been an unprecedented
of supposed zombie
attacks, caught on video.
These have come from all over
the world,
from people who couldn't
possibly be connected, right?
Now before anyone blames Russia,
I'm going to take each video,
and try to find a rational
Because I know one thing.
Zombies aren't real.
Just like Father Christmas,
and the NRA's integrity.
Sometimes, you need to take
a step back to see the truth.
These videos, bar the
terrible student shorts
and low budget web series,
all share one thing in common.
Anatomical accuracy.
Here, you can see this poor
fellow's guts,
ripped out before his very eyes.
But how could this be so?
Well, with the help of
our old friend, CGI.
All these examples,
display a distressing a
amount of medical accuracy.
But the usual telltale
imperfections are not present.
So, what could this mean?
I'm pretty sure it's good old
achieving high-end
visual effects realism,
with cold hard cash.
What we have here is nothing
more than a viral campaign,
for a new TV series, or
video game.
About a zombie doctor,
and their wacky, anatomically
correct hi-jinks.
Because, what else could it be?
It's not like zombies
could actually be real.
I mean who cares if for
the first time ever,
I couldn't find any evidence of
Haven't I done enough, YouTube?
Haven't I debunked enough,
to get this one on faith?
Anyway, that's all the
time we have for this week!
Remember, love with your heart!
Use your head, for everything
(zombie roaring)
(fire crackling)
(dramatic orchestral music)
- So, this is it.
This is the end.
Thank you, for being there
with me through this.
It's been a real journey.
But, all things must come to
an end.
And so must graphic novel week.
Can I just say,
I have had such a great week.
Words with pictures, who knew?
They just go so well together!
You know I took a real risk this
going with graphic novels.
But, it's paid off.
I've learned so much.
Words and pictures, pictures and
Great combination.
Welcome back to
"Books in the Tent",
with me your host, Hannah.
Much better I think than
"Books in the Bath",
because people keep trying to
get in and shower in with you.
And all the pages get soggy.
And you see things you don't
wanna see, so much better here.
Back to regular old words, next
But I'm looking forward to it.
Be a nice change of pace.
You know, this blog has been a
A real help for me in the
because as you know viewer,
it's been a right slog.
Getting a bit boring, these days
And to be honest, I've had
enough of that.
A bit stuffy in here,
let's go out.
So yeah, I sort of thought
I'd reimagine my old blog.
Now that we're living in the
Do you wanna have a look?
Pretty good, I think you'll see.
There we are.
We made it quite homely, really.
Quite pleased with it, anyway.
So, it's nice to be
surrounded by all these books.
If only I could read...
(laughs) That's just a joke.
Of course I can read.
- Tony has blocked up the toilet
I mean, I think it was Tony.
It was either a zombie, or Tony.
Or, part of a zombie!
Or, a zombie's pooed in it.
But, I can't get it out.
There's this gunk-
- Yeah, Miles.
Can you-
- And you can't get the-
- Miles, Miles.
- Bat under the-
- Please put some clothes on.
- Really, really...
Really worrying.
- Right, okay.
Back to my blog.
- Yes, and your millions of
- I've got four subscribers,
- Yeah, it's all Tony though.
- Yeah well, at least he's
trying to be supportive.
- Supportive.
- Yeah.
- I think Tony's reached
that stage of the apocalypse,
do you know what I mean?
- No, not really.
- Well...
- I think-
- I mean.
- I think we should-
- Yes.
- Check on him actually, yeah.
- All right, I'm gonna bring
Oh, you've forgotten your bat!
Just, oh no!
- Tony?
I'll get his attention like
last time.
- [Hannah] Uh, Miles.
- No up, I'm gonna fire up.
- No, Miles.
- I'm gonna shoot the ceiling.
- Miles, please!
- Hey, hey, Hannah, Miles.
Check this out!
(Tony laughing)
You see that?
- Yes, no.
- Dude's dead, so he doesn't
know to dodge the ball!
- Very clever, Tony.
Yes, very clever.
- Hey, what's eating you two?
You both look like someone's
shit in your cereal.
Which was not me, this time.
- Things are just getting
a little bit like,
samey, you know?
- Well, I mean...
It has been like 10 years.
- It's been 10 years?
- 10 years!
- [Hannah] Are you sure?
- Bloody hell.
It has.
- Yeah, 10 next week.
- [Hannah] Man I thought it
had been like, six months.
Wait, how old does that make me?
- Five?
- I mean, time flies
when you're just sort of smooshi
and not really caring.
- Well, that's why we should
be doing fun things like this!
Or maybe we should, you
know, go out some time?
We should go shopping,
it's been a while.
We should hit the road.
- All right.
- Yeah, come on.
- Well.
Come with us.
- [Hannah] Do you promise it
will be nothing like last time?
- I promise nothing!
- [Voiceover] A few moments
(dramatic orchestral music)
- Oo.
- Looks pretty clear!
- Yeah.
Oo, it's my tummy rumbling.
- [Hannah] Okay, well I've
got a list.
- Oh, good.
- Yeah?
- [Hannah] The only thing is...
Well I wrote it, but then
actually we need everything.
So, the list is actually
- Yeah, that's not really
- Thanks, Hannah.
Very useful.
- I know it looks clear,
but I'm just gonna send the
drone up.
Get a bit of over watch.
- Yes, please do.
- All right.
- Does the drone make a lot of
- Totally.
- [Hannah] Well, this is
Why does this feel like
we're setting off a firework?
- And away we go!
(drone buzzing)
- [Hannah] Wow!
(dramatic orchestral music)
How's it looking?
- It's looking kinda clear.
- What do you mean, kinda clear?
- Apocalypse you know,
you never know.
- Yeah.
(drone buzzing)
- Yeah, no, no.
I think we're looking good.
- Sweet.
- It's looking good.
- Okay, so.
What's the plan?
- Yeah.
- [Hannah] Well okay,
I'll tell you the plan.
But you have to do the
planning music first,
or it doesn't work.
- Yes, do the planning music.
Do, do, do, do, do, do
- [Hannah] Okay, so.
Tony's gonna start with the
drone still.
- Sure, yeah.
- We're gonna send Tony in first
- Yep, sure.
- Then what we're gonna do,
is we're gonna go in together.
- Go in.
- We're gonna grab all the
canned food,
that we can get.
- All the canned food.
- [Hannah] Anything that's in
a packet-
- Packet.
- If you look at the expiry-
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, sweet
child of mine.
You realize this isn't
a supermarket, right?
- What is it?
- [Hannah] Where are we?
- It's a garden centre.
- A garden centre, Tony...
- [Hannah] Why have you
brought us to a garden centre?
- Cause we've ransacked
Look, I've showed you
guys this loads of times!
Red, red, red,
red, red, red, red.
- Well we're here now,
so let's just go in
and see what we can get.
- Yeah.
Plus there's a weed stash
in here.
- I knew it!
- Yeah.
- I'm just gonna do one
last check.
- Okay.
(dramatic orchestral music)
It's looking good.
(zombie screaming)
- Oh, shit.
- What?
- (whispers) Clown zombie.
- Clown zombie, why'd it
have to be a clown zombie?
- [Hannah] Why don't we
let you deal with that one?
- Yes, you go first.
- [Hannah] And if there's
any others,
we'll deal with it.
But you deal with that one.
- Yes, go on.
- [Hannah] Happy for you
to take that off our hands.
- Fine, just keep an over
watch on me would you?
- Whoa, too much power,
too much power.
Where's the self destruct button
- There is not a self
destruct button.
That's an urban legend.
I don't put self destruct
buttons on absolutely everything
Just the microwave.
- [Hannah] Do not press it.
Whatever it is, don't press it.
(footsteps crunching)
- [Tony] Ugh.
(gun clicking)
(gunshots firing)
(footsteps crunching)
(footsteps crunching)
(dramatic orchestral music)
(drone buzzing)
- Pew, pew.
Pew, pew, pew.
- [Hannah] Well, we should
probably follow him.
Come on.
- I'm playing on this, now.
- [Hannah] It's not a
computer game.
It's a bloody drone!
You're supposed to be using
it to keep an eye on him.
- I am, I can see him.
- [Hannah] Well, what
is he doing?
Is he still in the box?
- Uh, he's still in the box, yes
- Well, why don't we just-
- The zombie hasn't seen him.
- [Hannah] Look, it's taking
Let's just hide in here.
- He's gonna sneak up on it,
he's gonna sneak up on it.
Okay, oo.
- [Hannah] Shall we wait here?
- It's like a greenhouse,
in here.
(dramatic orchestral music)
(zombie screaming)
- Oo!
- Oo!
Clean up on aisle three.
- Yeah, that's gonna stain.
(footsteps tapping)
- [Tony] Oh, oh god.
Kid zombies.
So adorably terrifying.
I can't shoot, I can't...
Here, here, get the foot.
Get the delicious foot.
Get the foot, get the foot!
(zombies groaning)
- [Hannah] Is it Tony?
- (whispers) No, it's a zombie.
- [Hannah] Oh.
(zombie groaning)
Oh, wow.
Imagine surviving 10 years,
just to get eaten by a postman.
Oh no, it's a granny!
Oh, I can't film that.
- [Miles] Probably best not.
- No.
Cor, you're missing
something really grim here.
Cor, he's really going for it,
isn't he?
- [Miles] Does that look good
on camera?
- I've turned it round,
you can't see.
(gunshot firing)
- Hey guys, what's happening?
- Zombie postman.
- Another one for the big book!
Do you have any idea how
rare a postman zombie is?
Nowhere near as bloody
common as hipster zombies.
Those fuckers just spawn
(zombie groaning)
Everything's coming up Milhouse,
- [Hannah] Well, that's
the only good thing
that's come out of this.
- Yeah, it's been a bit of
a waste of time
to be honest, this trip.
- Are you kidding me?
I found some tomatoes,
over in the other shed.
- Yeah, one tomato does not
a salad make.
- Ah, I suppose.
But come on guys,
we need to start getting
outside of our comfort zone.
We need to start thinking about
and fertilization,
all that kinda shit.
- Eh?
- Well, can you do that?
And then we'll just
eat all the produce.
- No, we've gotta do this stuff
Ride or die!
- [Hannah] Or, have a
sit down and a Hobnob.
- This is much better.
- Yeah, we should do this
more often.
A slower pace of life.
- Mm, I dunno what
people are talking about.
Zombie apocalypse,
is a piece of cake.
- Ah, you had to say
piece of cake.
I want a piece of cake, now.
(all muttering)
Whoa, shit!
(gunshot firing)
(upbeat rock music)
(zombies groaning)
- Okay, breaking into a car 101.
- This is gonna be good.
- Yeah, erm...
(Tony groaning)
- Oh, there's zombies over there
So, you might wanna-
- What?
You all right there, Tony?
- I fell down.
- You okay?
Yeah, can you hold this?
You've accidentally
locked the door!
- What?
- [Hannah] You've
accidentally locked the door!
- Oh, I dunno how to...
How do you, er...
- Miles!
Miles, I'm gonna smash your
gramophone to smithereens,
if you don't let us in right now
Come on.
Come on you, it's time to get in
Let's just get in there Tony,
come on.
Tony, get in the car!
Tony, get in the car!
(zombies groaning)
Close the door!
- [Miles] You all right?
Well, we're in the car!
(zombies bashing)
- Might put some music over
this bit, when I've finished.
Editing it, make it a
bit more interesting.
God, feels like we've been
in here for about a year!
I need a wee.
- Again?
- Yeah, listen.
Can I swap you the camera
for the pee bottle?
I'll make another funnel.
- I object to the lack of
dignity, in this situation.
- [Hannah] Oh, it's warm.
- Hello, beautiful.
- [Miles] Oh god, what have you
Brain eating zombie?
- Dude I've told you, brain
eating zombies aren't real.
- Yeah, but there's a
whole section in your book
devoted to running zombies.
- That's because I know
those diarrhea inducing dicks
are real.
I mean, brain eating zombies,
what are the gonna do,
go to school?
- [Miles] There are no fast
- Fastards.
- [Miles] But I tell you
what, it's not going in here.
I object.
- Hey!
- [Miles] You'll thank me later.
So, what's the latest
- Stripper zombie.
- Oh really, where?
(window squeaking)
That is one grizzly back story.
- [Tony] It's not the cheap
gag you're looking for is it?
(camera whirring)
While er, while that develops,
Is there any point in asking,
if you're anywhere near
pissing yet?
- I can't, they're all looking
at me.
- Well, obviously.
So, this book of yours Tony.
What are all this little
symbols, and stuff?
- Oh er, methods of dispatch
- [Miles] Right, so that one.
What's that one?
- Abacus.
- [Miles] So, you killed
a banker with an abacus?
- A banker zombie, but yeah.
- Oh, right.
We'll there's a kind of poetic
justice to that, isn't there?
- Oh, oh god.
- [Miles] What, what,
what, what?
- It's Alan.
- Who?
- Alan Grenadehand.
I gaffer taped a grenade
to his hand five years ago,
and the fucker's had it
in for me ever since.
- [Miles] Tony,
why did you do that?
- The lols?
He's got a big,
solid death grip on that.
I mean, as long as he
maintains it.
We're probably gonna be fine.
- [All] Ah!
(pee trickling)
- I think we have to get
out of here, now.
- What is he doing?
- Meat drone.
- Meat drone?
- Yeah, I mean I was planning
on using it for a barbecue,
but needs must, we're in
a bit of a pickle here.
- Okay, those are gonna have
been frozen for about 10 years.
You can't eat those now, Tony.
- No, that's okay!
You can freeze meat for 10 years
- [Miles] We can freeze
meat for 10 years,
but you can't eat it after
10 years.
- I mean it's been in
the freezer,
connected to a solar panel.
I mean, it'll be fine.
And like, I can eat this stuff
all the time, and I'm good.
- [Miles] How are you
still alive?
Two or three months tops,
for frozen food.
- Yeah.
Two or three, for chicken.
- It's like a really hardy
immune system, you know.
- [Miles] Why don't I
distract them, right?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Okay.
I'll beep the horn, okay.
- Yeah, we just distract
and get all these guys
at the front.
And we send this out the back.
- Okay.
- And it just draws them away-
- Yeah, but-
- But, I could beep the horn.
- Well I'll beep the horn.
- Yeah, but I-
- [Miles] In fact,
I've got the horn.
I've got the horn.
- Yeah, but I'm the driver.
I'm the driver!
- Let's just fruit one, two,
three it.
- [Miles] Fruit, one, two,
three, okay.
- Fruit, one, two, three.
- All right, all right.
One, two, three.
- [Miles And Tony] Bananas!
- Pear, oh fuck.
- Every time.
- Okay, cool.
- Every time.
- Let's do this.
- You guys always say
banana, and-
- [Miles] Okay, right.
You ready?
- No, we're committed,
we're committed.
(horn beeping)
- Hang on, just let me
get in the back.
Just let me-
- She's getting out the back.
- [Tony] I'm lighting her way.
- Just let me...
- [Tony] Oh, they're
getting a bit angrier now.
- [Miles] They're gathering,
they're gathering.
Are they gonna come
through that windscreen?
- Oh no, it's working,
it's working.
- [Miles] Oh, she's out,
she's out!
Pass her the drone.
- Here, here.
- Take the meat, take the meat!
- [Miles] Release the meat!
Release the meat!
- Chicken wings?
- Okay, okay.
- [Hannah] Yeah, it's up.
It's up.
- Oh, they're noticing.
They're noticing, look.
Look, look.
- Is it working?
- Okay look, they can see it!
They can see it!
Look, they're noticing,
they're noticing.
They're moving off.
Look, look.
- Wow, I really didn't think
the plan was gonna work.
- [Miles] No.
It didn't have a good
chance of working, did it?
- Oh look, she really
wants those chicken wings.
- [Tony] I really want
those chicken wings.
- [Miles] You don't, Tony.
Three months, remember we said?
- You know, this whole episode
has been really distressing.
We could have died.
- Never could the
hang of Thursdays.
- Yeah, a few close shaves
for the blog, there.
- Well I don't think a blog
really covers it, anymore.
You know, the a stuff we've seen
And the things that we've
I just feel like,
if we'd have died.
What would be have to
show for it?
Hundreds of hours of
knitting tutorials.
And a book review blog,
that only Tony watches.
Thanks, Tony.
You know, we used to be
film students.
Maybe we should make a film.
Maybe we should make a film.
Just a true account of the
last 10 years.
Like a monument to our survival.
- What, like "10 Years a
Zombie Survivor"?
- Well yeah, but maybe with
a better title than that.
- I can't think of a worse
title than "Zomblogalypse".
- Hannah's right, though.
We've had a lot of great
shenanigans in the apocalypse.
We can make an awesome
movie out of that.
Just minus all the boring
bits, like the pooing.
- Hey, I like the pooing.
- Yeah, I love pooing.
- Fine, you guys can make
a movie about pooing.
I'm gonna make 90 minutes
of exploding fun times.
- Okay, well we can't make
three different films.
We all have to make the
same film, obviously.
- Okay, well we'll all work
together then.
- All right!
- Yeah!
- Team Zomblog.
- Team Zomblog!
- We're a crew!
- [All] Yeah!
Sorry, well we can work
on that bit.
- I'll get Tony Droney
back to us.
- Okay.
- You call your drone
Tony Droney?
- What else would you call it?
- Teeny tiny Tony Droneykins.
- Er, a slight problem.
They followed the drone.
- Oh my god.
- "Merde"!
- Turn the drone off,
turn it off!
- I can't the battery's died.
It's set to return to home!
- Well, how fast can it go?
- 40 miles an hour!
- Why?
(Tony screaming)
(door crashing)
- Think this is all the cast
and crew we're gonna need.
- [Miles] Yeah, they're
not exactly
gonna form a zombie union.
- [Hannah] Well this
means, we can make a movie.
(all cheering)
(dramatic orchestral music)
- And action!
- Action.
(upbeat dance music)
- Come on!
- Yes, let's get the survivors.
- Yes, they're over there.
Let's kill them!
- That's my line.
The survivors are over there!
- Let's kill them.
- They're over there.
- No, let's save them.
Save them.
God, this boom operator is shit!
- No!
Can you hold that, while
I sort the boom out?
I think it's all right.
- [Miles] Oh no, no, no, no.
No look, this way, this way.
This way.
- It's just...
Like that, like that.
(camera crashing)
(upbeat dance music)
(gunshots firing)
- Well, I guess these zombies...
- [Both] Have missed
their ticket.
- No, I'm saying it.
- No, I'm saying it.
- No-
- No, oh yeah.
Cause I was gonna say...
- Okay, fine, fine, fine.
Well, I guess these zombi...
Sorry, I'll wait.
- Okay.
- Well I guess these zombies...
- [Both] Have missed
their ticket.
(gunshots firing)
(gunshots firing)
- Guys?
I think we're going to need
some help on this project.
- What about like, one of
those kick go-go things?
- You really wanna drag other
people into this debacle?
- Well maybe they'll help, if
we make it worth their while.
It's all about the perks,
these days.
- I'm sorry, but I don't think
people are gonna get involved
for a badge, and a thank
you in the credits.
- Okay, well that's not quite
what I mean.
If you think about all the stuff
we used to take for granted,
before the apocalypse.
- Bum scrape!
- What?
- He means bog roll.
- Yes, yeah.
Creature comforts, exactly.
So, food and shelter.
Sanitary towels?
I think if somebody offered
me a fresh wet wipe, I'd cry.
- So, let me get this straight.
We offer a bunch of stuff,
we may or may not have.
To a bunch of people
who may, or may not
survive the apocalypse.
And in return, they give
us their precious time?
- [Tony] Yay, capitalism lives!
- Okay, let's make the perks
video then!
- Well, have you got any ideas?
- I have any ideas.
(gentle folk music)
That all right?
My name is Miles...
Watts, Poppington, Earl
Gray, the Third, Esquire.
Of life.
I come to you...
I come to you.
I come to you, with
an opportunity...
With an opportunity.
An opportunity to live, like me.
In this glorious,
natural surrounding.
We're about the embark
on the most ambitious film,
ever made.
Howard Hughes was a weakling.
James Cameron is a peasant.
None of them possess
the steel, and integrity
of the project, that
we're about the embark on.
A cinematic account of
the last decade.
A decade that changed
the world, if you will.
A film 10 years in the making,
that will reach the very
summit of the filmic arts.
But we need your help.
A mountain cannot be
built in a day.
Well obviously, you don't
build mountains, do you.
- Yeah, I know.
But it makes sense
with the next bit.
- And neither can a movie.
- See?
- We need your help.
So pick a perk, and
donate to us your skills.
Perks include...
A great big, fuck off tank.
For Sunday drives,
and smooshing things.
Easy peelers!
Cause something in this
apocalypse, has to be simple.
A combine harvester.
Don't know what the fuck
it's for, but it looks cool.
A lifetime supply of wagyu beef!
And a traffic cone.
Because no nuclear bunker,
is complete without one.
Just donate your time.
And we'll make the rest
of your miserable lives,
a lot less miserable-er.
Donate, and be a part of history
(gunshot firing)
(zombie groaning)
Or, be its dinner!
See, pretty good.
- I don't know.
I feel like we might be
overselling it.
- Look, just get the campaign
online now.
And then we'll worry
about that shit, later.
- Okay.
- Just press that.
- Yeah, all right.
- And that.
- Can you just...
Yeah, I know.
I know how to do it!
- All right.
- I've done it wrong.
Oh, look!
- Shit.
- Oh.
Oh, wow.
Oh my god.
- Well, that escalated quickly.
- We can't deliver this.
I mean, I might be able to
paint some bog roll gold.
But, where are we gonna
get a nuclear bunker?
- We'll just get one.
It's the apocalypse, you know.
And then we'll clear it out,
and we'll give it to a donor.
- Can't we keep it?
- It's not a pet.
What if we can't deliver
the perks?
- We can't deliver the perks.
- What's it matter, anyway?
I mean, what they gonna do?
Eat us?
- So, intros.
Right, I'm Hannah.
- Hi.
- This is Miles.
- Hi.
- This is Tony.
We're the writers, directors
and stars of the film.
- I'm sure it's gonna be
well worth it,
and we're all gonna have a
lovely time.
And we'll all be alive...
I mean, we'll all learn
by the end of the experience.
- Yeah, it was great to
see such a huge response
to the online campaign.
So, I'm not sure why the
internet's still working.
If it's sort of lightning, or
goblins, or whatever it is.
However it works.
But if it means we can make
this film, we don't care!
Still a lot of trolls
in the comment section,
but, you know.
Never mind.
- Yeah, just ignore them.
- Well, to be honest,
I'm still struggling with
why anybody would give a fuck
about wanting to make a
film about the apocalypse,
during the apocalypse.
- Oh who's doing that,
that sounds good.
- Look, I don't really care.
Where's the steak and nuclear
bunker at?
- Steak and other
associated perks,
will be rewarded upon
completion of the final film.
Thank you very much.
- You might notice as well,
we've got a few documentary
people filming and stuff.
It's not just for posterity.
We promised a making of on the
So, we are stuck with them.
The DVD is vanilla though,
- I don't think anyone
really cares
about DVD special features,
it's the fucking apocalypse.
- Okay, look.
It might be the apocalypse,
but the format wars will
never be over.
I'm guessing you did not opt
for a physical media package?
- My partner and I,
selected the premium...
- Platinum.
- Platinum producer offer.
- Oo, big spenders!
- Well, it's been 10 years,
and entertainment is in
short supply,
so this should be entertaining.
If nothing else.
- You'd hope so.
- Will there be on-set catering?
- Yes.
- Will there be a vegan option?
- Erm, I think there
might be a couple cans
of numberetti spaghetti
lying around.
- Oo, oo, that actually is vegan
- Oh, great.
- There you go.
Numbers, great for vegans.
- Helpful.
- Who knew?
- Thank you.
- I suspected.
- Okay, why don't we do
a table read?
And everyone can just sort
of, put their hands up
as we go, and we can
just dish out roles...
Yeah, does that sound good?
- Yeah, that sounds like a
good idea.
So Tony, script.
- Get the script.
Remember with the-
- What, now?
- If you'd like to get the
script, you've prepared.
For the notes, that you've-
- Oh. (laughs)
I did that, didn't I?
- Yeah you did, yeah.
- Did you though?
- Yeah, one sec.
- [Hannah] Oh, you want to
get more out.
- [Miles] Oh right, okay, oh.
- [Hannah] Great, oh
he did do it.
- Good, that's good, yes.
- Bit of a work in progress.
- I'll share it with you.
Can I share it with you?
- [Miles] You can share my
script if you like, yes.
(papers rustling)
- It's five pages long.
- Like I said, work in progress.
It's the first draft,
chill your boots!
- Miles, do you want to do it?
Cause you can do that
thing, with your voice.
- Oh yeah, the thing
with my voice.
Act one, scene one.
Nah, I can't do that. (coughs)
The beginning.
God, you can tell
you wrote this, Tony.
- [Hannah] Yeah.
- The Saga Begins,
intro the Zombloggers.
Hanging in their flat,
generally being cool.
- Being cool.
- Excuse me.
Is the flat gonna be a
set, or an actual location?
Just cause, you know.
I'm a bit scared to go outside.
It's quite harrowing, out there.
- Well, seeing as we don't
want any of you in our home.
Yes, it will probably be a set,
- Okay, and who's building that?
- You?
- Me?
- I just thought that's
why you kept interrupting.
- No, I don't know-
- Great right,
you're building the set.
Let's see, where are we?
The Zombloggers are
being awesome.
- Are you gonna be
wearing your own clothes?
- Oh, for fuck sake.
Will the questions never end?
I'm just gonna be wearing
this shit.
You know, and you can sort
out your costumes, right?
- Yeah oo, could I get
like, a viking helmet?
But, without the horns.
It turns out, that's actually
a factual inaccuracy.
- Okay.
- You're a factual inaccuracy.
We don't hold that against you.
Hannah, do you want to chime in?
- Just don't make me
take my glasses off.
- Why would I make you
take your glasses off?
- I thought you were in
charge of costume?
- No, erm...
I was just asking.
- Well, why are you asking us?
It's your job.
- Right, back to the script.
The Zombloggers continue
to be awesome.
Their boring housemate Adam,
We need someone to play that,
don't we?
- Oh, yeah.
- Oh, I quite like acting.
In fact, I...
Had a reoccurring character
as a rent boy,
in Coronation Street.
And my...
Coriolanus was...
Award winning.
- You do have a beard, so...
I mean that could work, yeah.
- Adam didn't have a beard.
So, what's that got to do with
- Oh, shh.
Take your hat off, maybe?
Yeah, just take it off.
And we can see, just so...
Oh yeah, no you could play Adam.
He could play Adam.
Don't you think?
- Very lustrous.
- Oh yeah, I think he
should play Adam, you know.
- Yeah, whatever.
- I mean, you get eaten by
zombies, but it's a good role.
- I might be asking for this,
but how are you gonna do
the zombies?
- Er, we're not gonna "do" the
- No, I mean...
Are you planning on using
real zombies, in your film?
- Well, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, they're also really
- Well, that's the fun part.
That's the, erm...
Oh what do they call it,
it's the...
The frisson!
(Pete stutters)
- I don't care how good your
film is,
nobody wants to die for it.
- Oh my god, what a kill joy.
Okay fine, right.
We'll stick green paint
and a wig on that guy.
And we'll just, you know.
He can stand in for them.
You know, if it's good enough
for Romero,
it is good enough for us.
All right, Mr. Health and
Safety Pants?
- What, so I'm in charge
of health and safety?
- [Hannah, Miles And Tony] Yes!
- Right, so we're in town.
And zombies are eating Adam's
face off.
- That's you.
- But we'll use a stunt face
for that,
so don't worry about that.
And then the script sort of
runs out then, doesn't it.
And it says, well we
meet a load of survivors.
They're shit, we're great.
We live, they don't.
And then, that can be played
by you lot!
- So, erm...
What about the ending?
- Well, life doesn't have
an ending.
- Yeah, but.
Except that it does.
And it, erm...
It usually involves teeth,
around here.
- Well, this is an
active document.
So, the film's just gonna stop.
Because we're all still here.
Beyond the end of days.
- We'll blow something
up at the end,
to keep the 18 to 34's happy.
- And who's going to shoot it?
You're not doing that as well,
are ya?
- Well, no.
For this, we need a real artist.
You know, because we want it
to be really cinemategrophic.
- Cinematic!
- That doesn't sound right,
- I'll shoot it.
- I see, and what are your
- None of your fucking business.
- Okay then.
- Well, okay.
I think that's everything
sorted, isn't it?
So, let's just get cracking!
- Now, I'm new to this
filming malarkey.
But, I do think there
are some roles
that you haven't allocated yet.
- Oh for fuck's sake then,
you're sound.
You're, I dunno, transport.
You're stunts.
And you're making all
the biscuits, all right?
- Let's go.
- Let's do it, okay?
- Everyone happy?
- Not that complicated.
- Let's go!
- Fucking hell.
- Excellent.
- We are so sorry.
- Yes, forgive us our slight.
- The others, they made us
commit to such a wretched path.
- How dare you make
a rival blog?
Speak, or we shall end you.
- We are so very sorry.
It was truly folly,
to attempt to match the grandeur
of your online footprint.
We are naught but ants.
And you, like Gods on Olympus.
- Yes, how very correct of you.
- You are banished.
Do not cross our eyes again.
Lest you wish to meet
with the undead's tooth.
- Thank you, thank you.
- We will never darken
your door again.
- Next!
- Great.
- Why would anyone talk
like this?
- Look pal, you weren't there.
And we were.
- Do you not think you're...
You're writing it as you
remember it,
rather than what actually
- All right friend, how
else would you do it?
- I don't know, realistically.
- (laughs) This is meant
to be escapism, mate.
If you want realism, look
out the fucking window!
(Phil clears throat)
- Oh hiya, you all right.
- Okay, hiya.
So erm, this isn't as big a
part as ours.
But you will be playing Adam,
and he was the fourth housemate.
So you're sort of important,
by default.
- Sure.
- Okay?
- I mean you die
obviously, quite early on.
But you know, that's what
happened, so.
Shall we just go through
the scene,
and see how you get on?
- Sure, yeah.
- Okay, great.
Good, okay.
Well I go first, so...
(Adam deep breathing)
Oh, just having a little...
A little shake.
- Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba.
Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba.
- He's doing the warm up.
Warm up? Warm up!
Vocal, vocal.
- Vocal.
- Vocal?
- Vocal.
- Oh, vocal chords?
Oh right, okay.
(Phil clears throat)
- He's a professional.
- You all right?
(Adam deep breathing)
Okay, so.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Thanks, ready?
Oh Adam, it's horrible!
What's happening?
- The dead.
They live.
- But how can this be?
- Somebody's been playing
with God's cookbook.
And it looks like they've
brought back a recipe.
From hell.
(all murmuring)
- That's pretty good,
really good.
Yeah, wow.
- He isn't finished, yet.
- Oh right okay, sorry.
- Should wait maybe, a bit.
Is he, is he all right?
- And scene!
- Oh wow.
- Whoa!
- Very good!
- Sorry.
- No, that was so good!
- I was just lost in the art!
- I mean like, such sparks.
Like, really vibing.
- Oh, god.
Gosh, can I just?
- It was fantastic.
- Oh, that's great.
- Thank you-
- Thank you very much.
- So much!
- Nice, nice.
- Thank you.
Oh my, oh god!
- Wow.
- Well for me, it's-
- It's the love of film.
- It's the love of
film, audience reaction.
I love to see the audience,
at the end of the film.
Crying, smiling.
Walking out that theater.
Thinking, wow.
- It's, it's-
- We've just seen some magic.
- It's a piece of...
Well it's kind of sharing
humanity, isn't it?
- Don't really know what
I'm supposed to be doing,
at this point.
No one, there's not really...
There doesn't seem to be a
real organization, as such.
It's just, there seem to
be people doing things.
But I think they're just
kind of looking busy,
so that they...
Look busy.
- Yeah, I've never been
in a film.
I mean, I've never thought
about it...
About watching myself
doing things,
that I've done in the past.
It's like memories, innit.
- [Hannah] But you will not be
in the film
because you're make up.
- Oh yeah.
- Oh yeah, we're doing this now?
We're doing this now?
Yeah, er...
It's been trying.
You know, you come over.
And you're trying to do, with
all of this that's going on.
All of this craziness.
You're trying to do a proper
job, still.
Still got the training.
Still you know, trying
to get call sheets done.
Trying to make sure people
get to set, on time.
Health and safety.
And they're just, you know.
Everything that they're doing
is just like, detrimental
to that.
It's been a...
They're not here, are they?
- I think this is going
pretty well.
- Yeah.
Shame about that chap
who's playing Ad.
He doesn't last the script,
does he?
- Yeah but that's what happened,
you know.
We gotta adhere to the
historical accuracy.
- He died horribly.
- Adam?
- Yeah, he really did.
- Hi, I heard you were
looking for some biscuits.
So, er.
- Yes!
- I thought I'd bring these over
- Oh, thank you.
- I just had to say, I'm
really excited to be here.
I'm a huge fan of the blog.
- You're a fan of the blog?
- Oh wow, yes it's helped
get me through
some very dark days.
- She's a fan of the blog!
Got her through some dark days!
- Yeah I heard, yeah.
- What about the biscuits?
- Oh, yeah.
- Fucking Jaffa Cakes!
- Oh my god, thank you!
Share them out!
- Don't mention it.
Look anything you need,
you just let me know.
I picked the all or nothing perk
So anything you want, just ask!
- That was you?
- Yeah, I'm Lyndsey.
Lucky donor number seven!
- We didn't think anybody
would be that gullible.
- Er, generous!
Generous, as to pick that perk.
And not expect anything
in return.
- Oh I'm a fan, so just
being here's reward enough.
- A fan!
Oh my god, you're lovely!
I love you!
- Thanks, I love you too.
(Hannah crunching)
Anyway, best go get more
Jaffa Cakes.
- Great.
Oh actually, have you
been assigned a role yet?
- I auditioned this
morning, but I got rejected.
So I think I'm in the
wrangling department,
but I'm not really sure
what that is.
- Yeah, that's zombie control.
Don't worry,
we'll give you a stick.
- Great!
Whatever, I'm totally
fine with that.
I mean, they're amazing!
I mean, how can you not
think they're amazing?
I mean, they're just
literally my idols.
Like, I just hope that
they like me,
as much as I like them.
- Give me your hand,
if you want to live.
Give me your hand if you
want to live?
- Live.
Okay, it's Adam's death scene.
Where's Adam?
No, I don't want any Jaffa Cakes
- Actually no, just stay
here a second.
Actually Miles, I've
recast Lyndsey as Adam.
So, now it's Madam.
- What?
- Yeah, I...
- Oh, yeah.
No sorry, sorry mate.
We've just had a little
bit of a rethink, you know.
And I just think you know,
you'd be great in the
stunt department.
- Tony, hey tony!
We're, erm...
This guy is gonna make us
such a great stunt guy,
don't you think?
With that hair, and the...
- Come with me.
We're gonna have loads of fun.
- Great, you know.
I just, you know.
It's just a bit of a
sausage-fest otherwise,
don't you think?
So I thought in the interests
of diversity, I'd recast Adam.
Cause I thought it'd be good,
you know.
To have a positive female
relationship, in the film.
- Adam was a boy.
- Was he though?
- Let me check my memory bank...
Yes of course he cocking was!
- He could have been
non-binary, we don't know.
- Yeah, I'm pretty fluid
about most things these days.
- Well you were the one's on
about historical accuracy.
- What does it matter?
What's that thing you're
always saying?
Be the change.
Well look, I'm doing it!
I'm being the change!
- I have literally never,
ever said that.
You're always saying that to me.
- Am I?
- I think that, erm-
- Yeah that's so great, yeah.
No, I just think that history's
has far too much dick in it.
It's time for a bit more boob.
- Thanks for that, er, PA?
Take a note, please.
Hannah, I hate you.
And from now, I shall only
be communicating with you
via my emissary.
It's two S's, yeah.
PS, eat a poo.
- What?
Oh, thanks.
- Yeah, I've dabbled in
acting before.
Which has...
Which has been great.
I mean, nothing compared to this
I mean, have you seen how
professional these three are?
It's, er...
I imagine that it is, you know.
World class filming experience.
So, yeah I've done a bit.
But, nothing like this.
- I kinda just got thrown
into it, if I'm honest.
I don't really know
what I'm doing.
But I know what colours are,
and sometimes they
look okay together.
So, I think I'm doing an
all right job.
The directors are...
They are so...
So this is a...
Lovely number.
Which I found on a...
On a woman, who was...
In pieces.
You can't really see the
blood, cause it's nice and red.
This one, I found in a bin.
And this is...
- As long as they do, what
they said they're gonna do.
Which is my vision.
My vision is that, at the end,
there will be so much blood.
There will be so much
death and catastrophe,
that it will be...
But I don't know...
I don't know how they're
gonna do that.
(zombies banging)
- Namaste, and welcome
to our zombie boot camp.
Today, I'm going to be
teaching you all
how to safely interact with
the zombie.
Because some health and
safety vampires,
insist that I do that.
First, we're gonna do
a few little stretches.
So, as I do.
(upbeat electronic music)
Okay, that's enough stretches.
Right, we're just gonna do
a few zombie drills now.
So, you know.
Just see what happens.
(zombies groaning)
- Be the zombie.
Be the zombie.
Be the zombie.
(zombies groaning)
(Phil screaming)
- Chaos, absolute chaos.
It's like, it's like...
It's like a war zone.
Except, we're all on the
same side.
But I honestly don't
know if I will survive
long enough to see the
finished film.
- [Camera Man] Do you want
to see the finished film?
- Not really.
(eerie orchestral music)
- Do you think they read the
call sheet?
- Of course the didn't
fucking read it.
- God, I hope they're dead.
(Hannah moaning)
- Why are we up this early?
- Because it was your idea.
- Eh?
- Yeah, this whole thing's
your idea!
- Oh, is it?
Oh, okay.
- It's exciting though, innit?
- Yeah.
- Where is everyone?
- Lyndsey's here.
- Oh.
- [Hannah] Hello.
- Oh hello, and what time d'ya
call this?
- What time do we?
Where the hell have you been!
We got into so much grief,
it was a blood bath!
Brian died in my arms.
- Brian's gone, too?
- His head fell off. (sobs)
- Who's Brian?
- You'd know, if you read
the fucking call sheet!
- What's a call sheet?
- We lost three people,
getting here.
If you'd have been with us.
And if you'd have issued
the supplies
we've been risking our
lives for,
they would still be here!
- (laughs) Wow!
Wow, this guy is so intense.
We should get this guy
in the movie.
- Oh, yeah.
- We should.
Right everybody,
let's get into position!
- Wait, what we doing?
What's happening?
- Dunno what we're doing,
that's so unprofessional.
What are we, what are we doing?
- What, really?
- Yeah, what we doing.
- [Miles] Well, I thought
we were gonna do...
Adam, Madam's death scene.
- Okay, yeah.
- Wait, why are we doing
that first?
Like, can't we do it in
order, like real life?
- That...
Is not really...
How film works.
- But, why not?
- Lots of reasons!
Actors aren't always available.
Some of the set and
stuff, isn't ready yet.
The Minster burned down.
And so you asked us to
rebuild it,
so you can film your big
day Zee, or is it Zed day?
Or is it Zay day, because
then it rhymes-
- [All] Z day.
(all chattering)
- It doesn't matter!
- Right, can I just get that?
- Okay, so the Adam death scene.
Do we have shot list for that?
- What's a shot list?
- Never mind, just walk me
through it.
- Okay, so erm...
Right, well we're running
away from the zombies, okay?
So, it's Day Z.
We've found out what's happening
Everybody's a zombie, it's awful
So we're running home,
and then Adam gets...
Sorry, Madam gets attacked
by zombies.
And then we're forced to
leave her, to survive.
And then we sort of, we run off.
There's screaming,
it's pretty awful.
Do you think you could
get all that in one shot?
Yeah, great.
- Yeah.
Might be quite stimulating
to attempt that, actually.
You know, exemplify that
there really is no escaping
from the apocalypse.
- That's great, okay brilliant.
I'll leave that with you,
thank you.
- Coming in.
Lots of blood, and stuff.
And then...
Yup, got it.
- I've been having some thoughts
- Okay.
It must have been hard,
leaving Adam.
- Adam, Adam...
Oh yeah, no.
Yeah, no it really was, yeah.
It was very difficult.
- I'm sure you did everything
you could.
- Erm, yeah?
But I mean, we definitely
will have done
everything we could do, I think.
- Did we though?
I think actually, we ran away
cause we were scared shitless.
- You remember it one way.
You know, I'm just having
second thoughts
about this death scene.
- Oh god, what second
thoughts are you having
about this death scene?
- I just feel like, it
sends the wrong message.
To have the first day
involve the killing of
a female character.
You agree?
- Adam wasn't female.
- Yeah, but they are now.
I just think it's not
right to fridge Madam,
to give us the motivation
to spend the next six
months indoors.
- But, it's what happened.
Secondly, it's not the start
of the movie.
So, we're not beginning
the movie with it.
And third, who cares?
There's millions of deaths
in this movie.
- Well, I just don't think
only one who has to die,
should be female.
- Oh, bugger this.
Ridiculous, ridiculous.
- Er excuse me, can I just?
Can I, thanks.
You'll just have to...
Thanks very much, cheers.
Hiya, so...
We've rethought.
We've rethought the scene
now, and you survive.
- Okay.
- So what we're gonna do,
is we're gonna have some
zombie attack you, right?
But then you escape, okay?
- Okay.
- That all seem fine, yeah?
So if they do attack you,
it's probably gonna be a
stunt zombie, so don't worry.
If not, then Tony will
get them, hopefully, okay?
- Okay.
- Great.
So, is that all fine?
- Yeah sure, yeah.
Happy to be here.
- Me too!
Great, good.
Well, come on everyone.
Let's get started!
- We're not ready!
- Great, roll camera!
(dramatic orchestral music)
- Man, these zombies are a
real menace.
I wonder how long we are
going to have them for?
- Yes, this sort of thing
can really put a ding
in your social calendar.
Right, Adam?
Madam, whatever.
- Yes.
- What do you think is
the cause of this blight?
- It's you.
- Oh erm, bad gout.
- Gout, what like gout?
Like from...
Well, that solves that
mystery then.
- It's you.
- Oh, erm...
- Hark, a wild zombie approaches
(Lyndsey gasping)
- Okay, right.
What we're gonna do now,
is we're gonna heard
some zombies over
from over there, okay?
And then, instead of Madam
getting bitten.
What we're actually gonna do,
is we're gonna escape.
And then we're gonna have
some crisps.
All right, that's the new plan.
- How are we gonna do that?
- Well, you just open the bag.
And then you just...
- Not crisps, the zombies!
How are we gonna stay alive?
- They're fucking...
- It's fine, Tony's got a plan.
- No he doesn't!
- Ah chill man, this is
what you live for right?
- This is not safe, Tony.
- It's cool, man.
- This is not safe!
- It's totally cool.
We're gonna get a stunty in.
Hey stunty, come over here!
Ah come on man, put a bit
more spring in your step,
this is film making!
Right so, I'm gonna go over
lure those lurkers over here.
You're gonna get yourself
in make up
then when we start shooting,
you're gonna have a mingle
with them.
And then we get real close
in the shot,
you jump out, we kill
you, that's the scene.
- Kill me.
- Yeah.
- Shall we rehearse this?
- Nah man, we'll feel it out.
- Erm, okay.
Do you have any safe weapons?
- (laughs) Great, great.
- No, no, no.
How are we gonna do this?
- Well, I'm gonna throw
this at your head.
You're gonna catch it,
pretend like it got you.
And that's it, jobs a goodun.
- Yeah, I really don't think-
- Okay, we're ready over
here guys!
Come on.
Go on, get your best sides
towards the camera, right?
Okay yeah, you're good,
you're good.
Okay, right.
Ones at the back, a bit
quicker, a bit quicker.
Right okay, that's it.
Group you all up,
group you all up.
Brilliant, brilliant.
Right, you guys ready
to roll yet?
Bloody hell.
(John mumbling)
- Done?
- Mm.
- Do I look dead?
- Mm.
- They're not gonna know?
- Mm.
- You're sure?
- Mm.
- Okay.
- Okay, now this is it.
- But why, Hannah?
- Just let them come towards you
- No, no, no, no.
- Just let them come
towards you, it's fine.
(zombies groaning)
All right.
- You're mean.
- Great.
(zombies groaning)
- [Hannah] No, no, no, no.
Because it's good for the film.
- Living the dream.
This is what you want.
- Hold.
You've got friends, now.
You've got friends.
- Okay Tom, can you just...
Can you just like, get yourself
I can't quite see you, there.
- Well done, really good.
- Just make a hole, mate!
Come on!
(zombies groaning)
- Come over here, come over here
Right, right, right there,
right there.
Okay, just stay right there.
Right there.
No, hands down, Jesus!
- No!
- You'll spoil the shot,
hands fucking down!
- No.
- Down, down.
Hands down.
Right okay, here it comes.
Right, this is it.
It's coming, it's coming now!
(blood spurting)
Hannah made me do it.
- Medic!
Oh, shit!
- Cut, great take.
Right, I think we can move on.
Great day, everyone.
Great first day!
- What, that's the scene?
You don't want to make
more coverage?
- I mean, I know
what's-his-name's just died,
but I'd really like
another take, if we can.
- I think we've covered it.
- Someone just died
for that take,
the least we can do is make it
worth it!
- Well why do you think
we're making the film, silly.
See ya tomorrow.
(Hannah whistling)
- We're fucked!
- Of course it's going to be
a success.
I mean, you know.
Whatever the script is,
whatever the actors are.
Whatever I get to work
with, I can turn it around
and make it something quite
- There's a fucking dance
A dance sequence!
Why am I saying dance?
I don't like dancing,
it's unsafe.
It's dangerous, there's a
potential to fall, trip,
smash things, get in the way.
Meet people.
(jolly organ music)
What a spooky time
At the end of the world
When the only company
is zombies
We could be the heroes
on the stage, if we like
But the only audience
is zombies
Zombies, zombies,
zombies, zombies, zombies
(zombies groaning)
- What a bunch of fucking idiots
- Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Ah, ha, ha!
How has it been?
Oh no, it's been an
absolute fucking nightmare!
Are you kidding me?
There's 360 pages of script.
We're doing one shot of
One shot, one shot.
And then, we go to one day.
And somebody has an ear.
And then the next day,
they don't have an ear.
There's no ear.
It's been bitten off.
And then Tony has a beard.
Oh no wait, he doesn't have
a beard.
He shaved it off, just cause
you know, his face was hot.
His chin was too warm,
so he got rid of it.
And then the next day,
oh what shall we do?
Oh I know, Tony just draws it on
With a Sharpie.
So you know, it's going great.
It's going great.
This is the best thing I've
ever done with my life.
Thank you, thank you for asking.
- Okay guys, it's the big day.
It's time for "Meat Legs".
Now, I know we're all
pretty psyched about this.
I know I'm super stoked.
So what's going to be
happening for the uninitiated,
is that we'll be strapping
some meat to our legs.
We're gonna barrel into
the woods.
And we're gonna fuck with
some zombies.
The end.
Yeah, yeah?
Pretty psyched.
So yeah, you guys wanna
get yourself taped up?
- No.
- Lyndsey go on...
It'll be fun!
- Okay.
- Yeah, you do it.
- Cool.
- Yeah, I'm not doing it.
No, no.
- Oh, you're not?
- No, no way.
No chance in hell.
Being brave Lyndsey,
you get the pokey stick,
to fend some zombies off.
Largely useless, but it's,
you know.
Good psychological body armor.
(laughs) Okay, let's do this.
- [Hannah] All right.
(upbeat rock music)
(zombies groaning)
(upbeat rock music)
(footsteps crunching)
- And then...
- Well then, the head turn-
- Is it look, and do that?
- The head turn-
- Or is, it?
No you turn...
(zombies groaning)
(upbeat rock music)
(zombies grunting)
(crossbow clicking)
- Great, did you see this?
I did see it.
- Oo.
Did we win?
Ah, good.
(Lyndsey screaming)
(zombie chomping)
(blood spattering)
- There, there.
- Oo, maybe be should just
chop it off?
We'll just chop it off.
- What, no, no, no.
It's fine, it's fine.
I'll just, I'll muscle through.
- But, it's...
It's a bit of a nightmare
down there.
- No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, it's fine.
I'll make it through to
the end of the shoot,
and then you can, you know, chop
You can just chop it, then.
- This fucking girl!
I love you!
- I love you. (retches)
Oh god.
Oh, no.
- The pater was in the forces.
And he said sort of,
similar sort of things,
when people were dropping
down like flies.
It sort of knitted people
So I think we're having
something of a similar
sort of thing,
which is all to the...
All to the good, I feel.
- I don't think any of us
are gonna be surviving,
apart from Tony, Miles
and Hannah.
But I think that's all
part of Tony's plan.
- Alas, poor Romeo.
The time has come, to
launch a nuclear missile...
At the zombie queen.
(melancholy orchestral music)
- Okay, cut!
- What, what am I doing wrong?
- It's not so much that
you're doing it wrong.
It's just that there's a certain
Americanism to your
- I suppose it's my upbringing,
- Yes, possibly.
I tell you what, let's
try something.
Say missile.
- Mizzle.
- Missile.
- MissAISLE.
- No, like I said it.
- MissAISLE.
- Okay, there's something
in here
you're obviously not getting.
Let's try,
let's try another word.
- Mobule.
- Mobile.
- MobILE.
- You're trying too hard!
- I'm not trying, at all.
- Try harder, not to try.
- This is really trying.
- You're really trying.
- This is really upsetting.
- Cut it, cut it.
- I don't wanna do this, anymore
- You sure you're all right?
- Yeah, I just don't
wanna lay a zombie egg.
- Oh, you're gonna be fine.
(Lyndsey retching)
Oh, fucking hell.
(footsteps tapping)
- Lyndsey?
(Lyndsey groaning)
(Peter Screaming)
- I mean I think really,
you've got to look at this
holistically, you know?
We're in the middle of a project
and overall it's going very well
(gentle guitar music)
- See it's just through
here, with the ambulance.
And then-
- Oh, this is a good location!
- So, we're a touch concerned
about the production.
- Concerned, why?
I think it's going really well.
- I think the crew might
have a different perspective.
- Yeah well, they may.
But we don't care,
we're the directors.
- Yeah.
- So.
- Exactly.
- Yes well, we took the
platinum producer credit.
Which stated explicitly,
that we would have a hand in
the production of the film.
But so far, all we've had
our hands in,
is the guts of our crew.
- (laughs) Very good.
But it's an honorary
title, so Exec Producer.
Stand around on set,
with your arms folded.
So, well done.
- Perfect.
- It's a lot more complicated
than that.
- It's fine, we know
exactly what we're doing.
This is all part of the plan.
- So getting your crew
eaten by the local wildlife,
is part of the plan?
- Well actually, that
wasn't part of the plan.
But I think it adds an element
of realism to the film,
that's quite compelling.
- It's compelling, it is!
- It's, it's...
- Compelling.
- What they would have wanted.
- Yeah.
- And the film looks great!
- About that.
When can we see the rushes?
- All right, we're getting
a move on, we're rushing.
- The footage, when can
we see it?
- At the premier?
- No, no.
Not good enough.
We want to know that our
investment is being paid off.
- Investment...
- Investment...
- Oh, they gave us stuff.
What did you give us, again?
- 2.5 tons of toilet roll.
Gold leaf, with aloe vera.
Soft touch.
- No actually, that has
been a god send.
Cause we've been using
doc leaves.
Books at the library!
- Books, yeah.
- Just so many of them.
All that ink, on everywhere.
- Ow!
- One of the benefits of IBS.
I'm always prepared for
an errant bowel movement.
- Nice.
- Lovely.
Shall we get back on set?
Cause we've got magic to create.
And you have to do some
looming as usual,
I imagine.
- No, no, no.
I think we have seen more
than enough of your set.
Just do not fuck it up, or
there will be consequences.
- Could you be a bit more
specific about consequences?
Cause at this stage, you know.
We've been through quite a lot,
so that's a bit vague for us.
- Just try and get though
the day,
with an actual usable scene.
Without killing anyone.
- We'll try...
To get one of those.
- We'll try.
- Yeah, try one of those.
- You can only promise so much,
can't you?
- Half of one of those.
Which is what, seven and a half?
- Seven and a half.
- Seven and a half.
I think it's good to
promise people things,
because you know-
- And then not deliver them.
- It builds trust.
- They are gonna be a problem.
- Don't worry.
I have a plan to deal with them.
(both manic laughing)
- (bowel sounds) Oo.
- Oo.
- So here we are on the set,
as it were.
We've sort of stumbled
across this abandoned,
Halloween theme park, or whateve
There's like, limbs hanging
from doorways and...
I think, I think they're
pretend limbs.
This is Pete, who I hired
to replace Pete the medic.
I think Pete's better
at his job, this Pete.
Cause he's got a really big gun.
What the fuck is this!
- It's the set you asked for.
- Yeah, I know what I asked for.
Which I'm asking,
what the fuck is this?
- You gave her two weeks
to build the Minster.
- That's perfectly enough time.
- It took hundred of years
to build the original,
you arsehole!
- Duh, they did it by hand in
those days.
We've got 3D printers
now, this is so shit!
I wanna, I wanna be sick on it.
(Miles retching)
I thought you were good at this.
- No, you put me in the role.
- Yeah, you volunteered.
- I didn't.
- Well, I don't care.
Just make it work, all right?
- You...
You wait 'till the
Producers hear about this!
- Ah, the Producers.
The Producers!
Oh, the Producers!
(boxes crashing)
- Oh!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- What you doing?
Ah, no!
Ah, what are we gonna do?
We've got loads left to
film with her, look at her!
- I don't know, we could...
We could like, CG in her
live face onto her dead face?
- I've seen your CG,
so that's a no.
- Like, stick some human make-up
on her.
And like, you can double
her lines.
And Bob's your undead uncle.
- I don't know, let me
just think, hang on.
Oh okay, I'll get some
Jaffa Cakes.
No Tony, it's not gonna work.
We sound nothing alike.
- I can't tell any difference
between the two of you,
We're doing this.
- Okay, we've got no choice.
- Sound dude, get in here.
Mic this girl up, we're gonna
do a take.
- Sc 49 ah.
Four, four!
- Good board, good board.
- It was not.
No don't applaud that,
that was shite.
- Right, is everyone ready?
- [Miles And Tony] Yes.
- Action!
- Eh, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Okay, action.
And then we...
- Look at the Minster.
Isn't it lovely?
- Yes, I enjoy how the
light is...
When the sunlight through
stained glass windows.
- Of the majestic Min...
- Of the majestic Minster.
- Oh, yeah.
The light in this shot
is amazing.
- Oh god, all right.
- You can't put it there.
- Oh, fucking hell!
- God, all right.
- Look, there's a man over there
He looks unwell.
- He does look unwell.
- Maybe he could be the
start of an outbreak.
- What?
- Perhaps, yes.
- No.
But then, I'll need a
weapon to deal with this.
- Oh.
- There!
- Oh my god.
- So what I do...
Shall I hit him?
- Later we learn that you
should destroy the brain.
- Right, which brain?
Oh, its brain!
Right, okay, okay.
So, I hit it in the brain.
Shall I go and do that now?
- Mm.
- Okay.
- Yes, strike it in the brain.
- Here I go!
- Here's the money shot.
- Gr, arg.
(bat thwacking)
- Ah, yeah.
Beautiful shot.
- [Hannah] Wow, you
really smacked him one.
Actually, that looked great.
I'm really glad we got that.
So, wow.
- Oh, sorry.
- I really hope there's not
more of them.
What do you think, Lyndsey?
Oh where's Lyndsey?
- Oh, Lyndsey's over there.
Can we, can we get Lyndsey?
- Just to sort of...
Nestle in there.
- Oh wait no, don't put the
Don't get that close.
Don't get that close!
(Lyndsey hissing)
(Paul shouting)
- Ah!
(Lyndsey groaning)
- Ah, I say!
- Oh, oo shit.
Oh fuck.
- Oo.
- I knew this would happen.
(Lyndsey groaning)
(zombie groaning)
(crew gasping)
- We need her!
Do we need her?
- She made a shit Minster.
- Well, I mean.
- No, don't...
- Oh, no, no, no, no, no!
(prod designer screaming)
- It's okay, it's okay.
I'll never let go,
I'll never let go!
(blood spurting)
- It's fine, I won't let go!
(John Screaming)
Oh god!
(John screaming)
(blood spurting)
(John sobbing)
(John screaming)
(zombies groaning)
(John screaming)
(John screaming)
- Oh no, Tony!
We're gonna need another
make up guy!
- This is horrid.
- Yeah, it really is.
- Oh, oh shit!
(zombies groaning)
- Oh, Christ
- Oh, shit.
- Oh, they're everywhere.
- Where are the weapons,
where are the weapons?
- Weapons?
The security guy's got them,
for security.
- Well, where's the security guy
- Uh, I suppose he's uh, there!
(Pete screaming)
Oh god, right, you take that.
No wait, I've only got
one bullet!
I've only got one bullet!
(zombies groaning)
- Ah this shot, ah it's
just exquisite!
I've just...
Fuck off!
(DOP screaming)
(zombies groaning)
(dramatic electronic music)
(zombie groaning)
(dramatic electronic music)
(Pete screaming)
(zombies groaning)
(zombies groaning)
(Jennifer shouting)
(zombies groaning)
- It's gonna be all
right, it's gonna be okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay, it's all right.
Just don't go panicking.
What? (screams)
(Jo screaming)
(Arron retching)
(zombies groaning)
(Arron retching)
- No, no, no!
No, no, no!
(head crunching)
(dramatic electronic music)
- That's better
Erm, right.
Ah, medic!
(blood spattering)
(gunshots firing)
(gunshots firing)
- Kilimanjaro.
- I uh, I dropped your
bat but then I found it.
- Ah, thanks.
- Ah, that's better.
I feel safe, now.
Okay, well this feels
horribly familiar.
- Oh shit, the DOP.
The DOP's making off
with the film!
Oh god.
- Oh, no!
I don't wanna go in there,
it's horrible!
- All right, I'll go in
there then.
- Okay great, yeah.
I'll find some transport.
- [Miles And Tony] You do that.
- You take care of all
of this, how's that?
- We'll do that.
- Brilliant.
- Let's do this!
- Have a great time!
Excuse me.
Thanks, sorry.
Yep, thank you.
Right, okay.
(gunshots firing)
(zombies groaning)
- Okay, phew!
- All your brains are belong
to me!
Hey guys, do you reckon
they want to eat the brain?
(horn honking)
Oh god.
- Oh, fuck off.
(zombies groaning)
- Nope.
- Fastards...
There's fastards, there's
(zombies groaning)
Remember your kata,
remember your kata.
- Fast zombies, fast zombies
Okay, that makes the
apocalypse slightly less fun.
I've gotta get the...
The zombies out there, but
I've gotta get the film.
But the fil...
Why are we in a scare house?
I mean this is just
asking for it, isn't it?
(eerie ambient music)
Oh, finger.
(zombies growling)
(blood spattering)
(head crunching)
(zombies groaning)
(head crunching)
(gunshot firing)
Popping smoke.
Popping smoke!
(dramatic electronic music)
(zombies groaning)
(Miles screaming)
- Fuck you.
Handsome, though.
Yeah, good.
Style under pressure.
Hannah would hate this, that's
what's making me enjoy it.
We're sneaking through
the bushes
We're sneaking through
the bushes
We're sneaking through
the bushes
- Right.
Okay now, let's have a quick
I see Tony's been popping smoke,
Now, Tony was doing that.
Miles was following the
DOP, to get the film.
What was I supposed to do?
Oo transport, okay I got it.
Great, okay.
Yeah, that looks good.
I'm gonna get that.
I'm gonna get us a nice van.
Let's just...
Not worry about that.
Right open, good start.
Ah, this is great!
Perfect, right, now
where am I gonna put you?
I'll put you there.
(dramatic electronic music)
(zombies groaning)
(dramatic electronic music)
- Right, keys...
No, works in films doesn't it?
(wrapper rustling)
How do you...
(eerie ambient music)
(Miles screaming)
- Ah, it's you!
Right, now gimme the...
This way, this way.
This way, this way!
Through here!
(cage rattling)
I'm going for it again.
Ah, shit!
(DOP growling)
- Why...
I just wanna...
I just wanna get into...
I just wanna have this sweet!
There's not even a way in!
Can I get in there, no.
Can I?
How do you?
There's not, I haven't
got any nails today.
Oh god.
(Tony panting)
- That was intense.
That was super intense.
Let's see where...
Is there a way out through here?
(horn honking)
(zombie groaning)
- Fucking help me!
Help me dude!
You serious?
(head crunching)
(blood spurting)
(throat gurgling)
Looks like it's...
Raining dead. Wooooow
Right, let's get out of here.
Oh, shit!
(zombies growling)
I'm sorry!
- Oh shit.
No, no, no.
No, that's...
Oh, fuck.
Erm, what to do.
(metal clanging)
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
(DOP growling)
- Yeah, laugh it up.
(gunshot firing)
(wrapper rustling)
- Okay, I'm in.
Oh god.
Don't know how long
that had been in there.
Oh, Miles is here!
Can't wait to show him the van.
Maybe I'm gonna give him one
of those sweets. (laughs)
- I got it!
- Well done.
I got us a van.
- So, hang on.
While I was being chased
around the dark by zombies.
- Yeah.
- To get this.
- Yeah.
- You were sat in a van?
- Acquiring the van.
- Right.
- Haven't found the key
for it yet,
but you know, it's quite
good though, innit.
- It's quite good, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Start the engine!
Start the fucking engine!
- It's Alan Grenadehand.
(Alan groaning)
- It's Alan!
It's Alan!
(gun clicking)
- Don't shoot it, not yet!
Not yet, not yet, not yet.
Shoot it!
(grenade exploding)
- Jesus. (laughs)
- Nice shot.
- Thanks.
- Not as good as my shot,
but you know.
- Yeah, whatever.
- You tried the key?
- There's, it's not
under the flippy thing.
- You checked the visor?
- Yeah, of course.
I tried the flippy thing.
It didn't work!
On my, on my side.
- Yeah, well done.
- Hiya, there you go.
All right?
- Did you see that?
- Yeah.
- Nice shot.
- Thanks.
- I told you fast zombies
were real.
- Oh, fuck off!
(dramatic electronic music)
(no camera audio)
- I told you, we should
have saved the sound guy.
- It's fine though, because
that's why
they call it a rough cut, right?
- Yeah, but this is more
of a suicide cut.
- Mm, there's some good
stuff there, though.
I think all the people who died,
would be really, really,
proud of what we've achieved.
- Heard you had a bit of
a bad day.
- Yeah, that's one way of
putting it.
- You lost half the crew.
- Well, in a film production,
there's always attrition.
- The zombie apocalypse,
is not fucking attrition.
- It was worth it, though.
If you see the footage
that we've...
That we've got.
- That's why were here.
Play the rough cut.
- Well I mean,
it's not quite ready.
- Show it to us, now.
(countdown beeping)
- Isn't it a beautiful day
It would be such a shame,
if something were...
Like a zombie apocalypse,
or some, for example.
If that were to happen today.
Don't you think, Lynds,
er Madam?
- Yes.
I've got a lot of things to do,
- Yes and we should do
them together in town,
because we like to go
blogging in town together.
It's the thing that we do.
And we should get Miles and Tony
Go into town, to blog together.
- We must infiltrate
the facility.
- Yes!
We have infiltrated the facility
- [Tony] We have to hack
the apocalypse.
- Ah, they really wanna come
- [Hannah] Lyndsey, can you
help us?
- Maybe.
In my...
In my bag, there's some...
- I can't help you unless
I move, you see.
But I can't move.
- Okay, okay, oo!
I have this small, right hand.
- I stole the zombie eggs,
from the zombie queen.
- Yes, thank you.
Then I now, will put
them in the incubator.
Am I supposed to be wearing a
lab coat?
Put them in the incubator,
and then we can study them.
(Hannah beeping)
- There's only one thing
that can kill the queen of
the zombies.
The tooth of the Megalodon.
- The greatest predator that
ever lived?
- The very same.
Oh my god, the queen.
It's grown!
Destroy it!
- Oh, ah!
I mean, maybe we could have done
more than one take of
- It's very bold, stylistically.
It's very good at sort of,
jerking the audience around.
And I think we may have gone
too far, in a few places.
- It's gonna be great.
- It's gonna be great.
It's gonna be great.
- Is this supposed to be a joke?
Some kind of undead
You've Been Framed?
- Well, no.
I promise, there are no
cameras in any of the toilets.
- I'm speechless.
- [Hannah] We didn't give
you a part.
- I think we've seen enough.
- Hey!
- What are you doing?
- What we should have
done from the beginning.
You're fired.
(Hannah gasping)
- You can't do that.
- Yes, we can.
It's in your small print.
- Damn it, Hannah!
- As Producers, we are
confiscating this material.
And we will assign a new
Director, to re-shoot this...
- But the perks!
- We never cared about the perks
- If you never cared about
the perks,
then why are you making
the film?
- Well, the same reason as you.
The love.
- It was more boredom.
- It's boredom, really.
We were sort of, sitting about.
- We might give you a credit.
If we're feeling generous.
Maybe Exec Producers?
If you'll excuse us.
Have a film to save.
- You can tell our
luck's changed.
Because none of these
hats suit me.
None of them.
And I always look good in hats.
God, look at it!
This is awful!
(sighs) What are you doing?
- I'm playing myself at chess.
And I'm losing.
- Why?
- Because I'm depressed.
- Yeah.
- Because our film got taken
away from us.
And we made that film.
And we suffered.
- Did we?
- And other people suffered.
And also died, to make the...
I didn't think I'd care
this much, to be honest.
- [Hannah] I know, me too.
I feel rubbish.
- And there we go.
I've just check-mated myself,
so that little pleasures over,
isn't it?
- [Hannah] Shall we go
and see what Tony's doing?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- [Hannah] He can make
any shopping trip fun.
- That's true.
- He'll perk us up.
Wow, do you think this place
has been untouched since
the 40's?
- Hannah, this is an antique sho
There he is, hello Tony.
- Meh.
- [Hannah] Wait, what you doing?
- Shopping.
- [Hannah] This isn't shopping.
Shopping's usually fun.
Make it fun, Tony.
- Yeah, make it fun.
- Make it fun.
- Make it fun.
- Make it fun.
- It's not fun anymore.
- Why?
- We lost the film.
- [Hannah] Yeah.
- I thought we were doing
something important.
- Yeah I do, I feel that way.
- [Hannah] I know.
There were all those new people.
And like, other women.
And actual dudes.
- I'm an actual dude.
- [Hannah] Well you know,
like real ones.
- All right, yeah.
- [Hannah] Wait, what's this?
Dom and Jo Carpenter present
a Dom and Jo Carpenter film,
Zomblogalypse, coming
Halloween 2029.
Directed and produced by and
staring Dom and Jo Carpenter.
- Are you speaking in
tongues now, or something?
- [Hannah] Zomblogalypse,
that's our film!
Who's made that?
- The fucking cheek!
- No, that's ours.
- It is!
- That we, we should...
No, I can't be bothered actually
- [Hannah] No, you're right.
We should!
We've gotta do something
about this.
They've taken our film, they've
stolen it.
- Yeah, yeah.
We go to the premiere.
We swap the films, we show
ours instead.
- Ours?
- [Hannah] We don't have a film
to show.
- We re-shoot it.
- [Hannah] We can't re-shoot...
Well actually I suppose if it's
That comes out in Halloween.
And this is, it's Christmas now.
Then we've got what,
eight months?
- No, Halloween's like...
- [Miles And Tony] Tomorrow.
- [Hannah] Is it?
- Yeah, I find it really useful
to keep track of time
in the apocalypse,
for sanity purposes.
- [Hannah] Okay, well
that's not a lot of time.
- No, it is, we can do it!
We just simplify everything.
That's how we should have done
it all, in the first place.
No zombies, no random
crew humans, just us.
- [Hannah] I mean, that sounds
kinda dull, don't ya think?
I mean, it could make a
fun montage.
- Yeah, at least!
- [Hannah] Do you wanna,
shall we do it?
- Yes!
- Shall we do it?
- [Miles And Tony] Yes!
(egg splatting)
(zombie groaning)
(upbeat rock music)
- Mark it!
Zomblogalypse the Movie, action!
Take one, scene one.
- One one.
- Directors, us.
- Scene one.
Take 2,593.
- And...
Camera, action.
(upbeat rock music)
- Pah!
- Night vision, activated.
(upbeat rock music)
- [Miles] That's a wrap.
- Yay!
- Right.
- Hooray!
- Yeah?
- Yep.
- I think it was quite good.
- It's quite good.
(dramatic electronic music)
- It's open.
- Go on, go on, go on then.
- Okay, we're at the cinema.
- Yes.
- What film have we come to see?
- You do remember why
we're here?
- Yes.
- Good.
- Projection booth's
through there.
Hannah and I will go through,
we'll swap the films.
- Oh, is that what...
Yes, that's why we shot
everything last night.
Okay, so we're gonna swap the
Right, got it.
- Why else did you think we
were doing it?
- Look, I didn't question it
when you wanted to
do a table read
of every episode of Dr. Who,
last year.
- That was re-
- Shh.
- That was research.
Anyway, this is your
hare-brained idea.
You wanted to make a movie.
- Oh, was it?
Oh I'm looking forward
to seeing it now, then.
- Right anyway, get on with it.
I'll buy you some time.
- Okay, what you gonna do?
- What we do best, improvise.
(Tony shuffling)
(dramatic electronic music)
- (whispers) We go through there
(dramatic electronic music)
- [Hannah] (whispers) Ah,
look, look, look, look, look.
- Ah, clear.
- [Hannah] No one here?
- Yeah, everything's automated
these days.
The magic's gone.
You got the film?
- [Hannah] Yeah, hold that.
- See.
- Yeah, what a ride,
what a ride!
Hey, what a crowd!
Yeah, woo!
- Now, we all know this
project came about
in the strangest of ways.
But these are the
strangest of times.
Life is short out there.
So you have to grasp it,
with both hands.
And you all did just that,
so thank you.
- All perks will be released,
after the screening.
Now, we all know how hard
this has been.
Not everyone who started
this journey with us,
has made it to the end.
Although I've seen quite
a few outside. (growls)
(both laughing)
So, while people might not
be here with us in spirit.
They're certainly with us,
in decaying body. (laughs)
Woo, what a ride!
(both laughing)
(Miles slow clapping)
- Well done, well done.
But you forgot one...
Well, three things,
three things actually.
- Well, what's that then?
- Me, and the other two.
Hannah and Tony.
Three, three people.
You forgot us.
- (gasps) What are you
doing here?
- I'm here for my moment in
the spotlight,
just like you two.
- Why do you keep looking
up there?
- Oh there, is that
where the film's showing?
Well if you could put your
film on,
we could all enjoy your
magnum opus.
That would be lovely.
- I think you should just
go up, and have a look.
- I want to watch the film!
- You've seen it, already.
- Not with an audience.
- Just go!
(microphone screeching)
Why don't we all have a
little pre-show Q and A?
- Great idea.
I'll do it, I'll do it.
- No, I didn't mean you...
- Good evening, ladies and germs
Welcome to this evening's
screening of our film.
I'd like to ask you-
- Our film.
- A few questions.
- Goodness.
- Anyone got any questions?
- Yes, any questions?
- Not you, not you.
Him at the back.
The one next to the ugly one.
- Bloody hot in here.
- [Hannah] How do you make
it work?
- I think you sort of
stick it in,
and wiggle it round a little bit
- [Hannah] Yikes.
Double yikes.
(eerie ambient music)
- So, I'd like to ask you some
questions about your film.
That we're about to endure.
Where'd you get your actors?
- Well, as you know,
our previous leads were let go,
due to creative differences.
- Creative differences.
- Yes, it is unfortunate,
but sometimes, you just have
to go in a different direction.
- Oh I see, a different direct..
Was that direction up your
own arse?
(eerie ambient music)
(door slamming)
- I hate uninvited guests.
Aha! (laughs)
- [Hannah] Tony, Tony shoot him.
- I can't, he's a person!
- [Hannah] Is he?
- Oh ho, what's this,
ah? (laughs)
- [Hannah] Okay, Tony.
You've shot loads of
people before, come on.
- It was an accident, though.
And the rest were zombies!
- [Hannah] Okay, listen.
All right, everybody calm down.
All right, everybody just
calm down.
All right, I'm putting the
camera down.
Putting the camera down,
all right?
Okay, just calm down everyone.
Why don't we just...
All right.
Oo look, 10% off!
- 10% off?
Ah you, damn!
- Tony, shoot him!
Tony, shoot him!
Shoot him, shoot him!
- I'll get his kneecap.
(Tony groaning)
- Jesus!
- No, give it to me!
Its my gun!
- Get off, get off!
- [Hannah] Oh my god Tony,
come on!
- Okay so, tell us the process.
You know, other than
sort of standing around,
bossing people with your
arms folded.
And just swanning off,
in your bomber jackets.
You know, tell us-
- Arms folded?
- About your process.
- Arms folded?
My arms aren't folded.
- Of film making.
Well they're not now, are they.
- No, no, my arms are rarely
Actually, sometimes I do fold
my arms.
Because it is a well known fact,
that folded arms help the
blood flow to the brain.
(door rattling)
- Let go of it!
- Give us the gun!
- Why are you so strong!
I can't get his finger
off the trigger!
- [Dom] Get off!
- [Hannah] Recover quickly,
- Get off!
- Yes!
- [Dom] Get off!
- [Hannah] Break his ankle!
Break his ankle!
- Hannah, Hannah.
It's Lyndsey, it's Lyndsey!
(Dom grunting)
- [Hannah] Get him, Lyndsey!
- [Dom] No, no, no, ah!
Get off, get off!
- [Hannah] Get him, go on, yes!
You're the best!
Keep going!
(Dom screaming)
(Tony whimpering)
(guts squelching)
- Oh my god.
- (sobs) Why didn't I shoot him?
(Hannah retching)
- Oh my...
You okay, Tony?
Are you okay, Tony?
You okay, you?
(dramatic electronic music)
- And then, if any of you get
bored during this screening.
Feel free to just leave,
the doors are here.
And here.
- Do you ever...
Actually shut...
- Very rarely, I've been told.
And sometimes I stop listening.
And sometimes like during
this film,
I'll probably stop breathing,
and living.
And die.
- Oh please, if you could.
If you could, that would
be really, really good.
If you could just stop breathing
because I would just really,
really, welcome the sweet...
We all would.
The sweet, sweet relief of that.
(zombies groaning)
(upbeat folk music)
If you should find me lying
face down in the gutter
Don't you bother to save me
I'll never love another
Notify my father, please
But don't save me
But good luck trying to
find him
I ain't seem him since
I was three
If you see him, say
I miss him
But don't you let him
cry for me
Well he stepped out
on the porch to smoke
And I ain't never seen
him again
Mama cried, and then
she lied
Said he'd gone on vacation
And lying's a sin
(zombies groaning)
- [Hannah] Oh Tony,
I feel so bad for you!
Not enough to touch you
or anything,
or help in any way.
- All right both.
Hey, whoa.
- Hey.
- Ugh god, that's horrible.
Oh that's Dom, innit?
- Yep.
- It's all over my foot.
- Yeah.
We, er-
- That's disgusting.
- [Hannah] We had a ripping
time. (laughs)
(Tony retching)
(Miles retching)
- Hey guys, look, look.
The film!
Our version of the film is playi
And the zombies are watching it!
- Well, who's put our
version of the film on?
This fucking girl!
- [Tony] Mark's got eaten
by the zombie queen.
- [Hannah] What?
- [Tony] Oh no, he just
wanted to lie in today.
- Oh yeah sorry, we're making
a film.
(dog eating)
- [Lyndsey] What are we
gonna do?
- Whoa, this is a lot.
(gentle guitar music)
(whispers) Loads of them,
loads of them.
- They're watching the film,
they're watching the film!
- Do you think they're
enjoying it?
- Yeah sure, why not?
- Okay.
- We'll sit at the front.
- Do you think anyone will mind?
- Nah.
- Okay, go on.
(gentle guitar music)
Hey, Colorado, it's been a
long time
Since I last smelled the
breeze in your ponderosa pines
I've been doing all right
And I hope you've been fine
Hey, Colorado, it's been a
long time
Hey, Colorado, it's been a
long time
(upbeat rock music)