Zonbi asu (2011) Movie Script

It hurts ...
It hurts so much ...
It hurts so much, Father ...
You must be strong.
Where exactly does it hurt because, Sachi?
That I can not say,
it's just too embarrassing.
The symptoms have returned.
To stop it ...
there is only one way.
Move it!
Do not be afraid, Sachi.
You'll get what you need.
Erwird soon be out.
Okay ...
The final blow!
Yes, now is the time!
Come on, open your mouth!
Here he comes!
Mouth to mouth!
No! Please do not!
No, Father ...
Because I will never get used.
He comes ...
He comes out!
Los plug, clean your head!
Please ...
That hurts!
You bastard!
Eat shit!
Help me, sister!
Come on!
You are the pits!
- Dirty parasite!
You freak!
Stupid cow!
Sister! Want to
me for not helping?
They are coming!
The bugs are coming!
Did you have any?
Oh my God!
You are scared to death!
I had just
a beautiful dream ...
What the hell happened?
All me you okay?
Take! Pull yourself one time
bit together, yes?
All right. The kicks.
I think that is already high.
I do not understand ...
So what exactly is "high", Aya?
You do not need to know.
Hey! Jerk!
You've promised
to stop!
Shut up, Aya!
What, like you're talking about
because with your girlfriend?
Do not you feel well?
You are all green ...
That is because of my medicine ...
Sorry, I have to throw up!
Are you okay?
Would you like some water?
That'll be all right ...
The istja really fully disgusting ...
Who has the two
actually invited?
That was you!
Hey, I just asked Megumi!
She does it really well.
Hopefully I'll get sick.
Stay away from the little ones,
otherwise it's all over between us!
Just look.
Compared with it is
he a bunch of shit!
How can you just throw up so much ...
I could cry ... That a girl
me like this is so embarrassing!
This shit! Would
I just stayed at home!
"If I had just stayed home."
Exactly the same thing I think.
It's about a year ago that
my sister Ai has died.
I am driven to camp,
to the pain of
to escape for a while.
But now I think the more
to this terrible moment.
The more I try to forget
the greater the pain.
Well, finally, is almost there!
The river has approximately
Be 500 meters from here.
What a weather!
Aya ...
Maki has meant that about seriously?
- What do you think?
The one with the parasites to lose weight.
I'm going to eat them, be real thin
me and then introduced to agencies.
I've heard the other day,
that this river teeming with the
Gizmos, which also use the supermodels!
The trout here are already
totally swollen it!
If I catch enough to give
I liked that from you!
Thank you, I'd rather ...
Come on, give me!
Size 0! Size 0!
Go, hurry up!
Hey, you parasite!
LHR need not fear
have to come out!
Yes, you show!
Let me once!
Wow, you did aufAnhieb
managed, Megumi! That was really cool!
And anyway, so hard
This was not, after all!
Top shit!
I'm ready ...
And I sweat ...
- Hey!
Should be but with the
the fishing fun!
I know what a lot better ...
How about it?
Fancy a bit of fun?
- Leave me.
I do not want your drugs,
I want tapeworms!
Well, then I guess they just alone!
As Megumi sets itself ...
Frwen keeps you are?
Listen, Take ...
If you find that I
'm hotter than Megumi ...
you must not kiss me.
Then you can use a can!
You are premier league!
Even hotter than your Aya?
Are you making jokes about?
Maki ...
Go on, tell it.
I'm the best.
The best ...
I would marry you ...
Tell me more ...
Maki ...
You're the hammer, Maki!
How are things going at school?
All right.
Not likely.
You're lying!
Instead, you have no friends,
you train all day karate!
In order to be strong.
You want to be strong because
Ai you save could not.
I know that you have it hard.
But you must try,
to look forward to!
It's nice of you, that
you're worried about me.
But right now I can
just be strong.
Farmed trout have
usually no tapeworms.
But living on the wild bears an
high percentage of the eggs in it!
Bravo, Professor, now know
We also know why you're here.
But ...
The thing istja huge!
How strange.
Bring it on!
- Wait a minute!
Come on, otherwise
I still think about it to me!
Some parasites can include high fever
and even cause brain damage!
Now do not talk shit!
It's too dangerous!
- You could be seriously ill!
You you've got absolutely no
Idea what this is about!
I wanna be a model. For that
I give a lot of money.
I know exactly that I look great!
And yet always get the
Ugly and the ordinary jobs!
You think you're so cool!
You act as if you had never
burp or fart.
As if such a brave little mouse
like you would understand!
What are you saying?
And down with it!
You do not want to puke?
Then you'll feel better.
When it is suppressed,
it will only get worse.
What's it to you?
I know your type.
These girls who fall under any
want to come across as uncool or depressed.
But in bed, they are beasts too!
What is this?
Cut the crap!
- Silent scream! It makes me horny.
Stupid fucker!
My balls!
You got kicked flat!
Take! What is?
lst what happened?
Are you all right?
- Take! What is going on here?
LHR children!
What was that?
It sounded like "LHR children"!
LHR children!
Darn it, the trout season
has not even started yet!
Has not she?
The guy could call the police!
Hey, Take! Do something!
Okay, okay!
Leave it all to me!
Who are you calling a child?
You got a problem with us?
Not fuck with me!
And not merely make me angry!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Let go of him!
Leave him alone!
Out of the way!
You broke his neck!
Megumi, you need equal exaggerate so?!
But that was just a regular kick.
He's dead
They will arrest us all ...
Count me out!
Someone steals our
Car! How so?
Damn it! l have the
Keys can stick.
You stupid idiot, what
should we do now?
Car thieves? Here in the forest?
Running behind you and grab it!
- That you can forget it!
The truck is gone!
I've lost my fingers!
I need a break!
Let me see, Take.
It is bleeding heavily.
Wait a minute.
This will stop the bleeding.
Will you hold out?
Megumi, my phone works
no, I have no power!
So now what?
Give me the map.
- Here.
There is a village, not far from here.
Let us go there, the
certainly have a phone.
Wait a minute!
Since when are you here the
Say, you little show-off?
Then you're just the leader.
Can you get the other
make sure to get out?
I'm curious.
I'm sorry, but I
prefer to go with Megumi.
Me, too.
You bitch.
Just you wait!
Approximately one kilometer.
Luckily, you're here.
Without you we would
determined already dead
Thank you.
What's going on?
Since istjemand!
The village.
- Finally.
Istjemand apology, at home?
We have an injured person!
- Ls there someone?
lrgend someone?
How awful!
My stomach is doing suddenly hurt so much.
Everything shrinks ...
What the hell is that?
Sounds like diarrhea.
idiot! Want to me about
This is all your fault, with this
Parasites was something wrong!
My fault?
You wanted to eat him!
What are you thinking?
Shit ...
This is my fucking stomach.
Toilet ...
Toilet ...
Quick ... Quick ...
Ah, a toilet!
Oh no ...!
What a dump!
I do not want to go to the bathroom!
I can not stand it ...
It feels very different from usual
My belly ...
He moves.
What it's just?
This is really disgusting!
Oh no, now!
It comes ...
Oh God, I explode the same!
The funk is in the
Story received.
Ah, that hurts!
Damn ...
Why must this happen to me?
Shit ...
That hurts!
What are these pills?
These are drugs!
After all this crap ...
I'm really
the pear wegballern!
Oh God ... Why am I
ever be with him?
Damn, what is this just?
Come on!
I can not stand it any longer ...
Oh my God ...
Ouch, ouch, ouch ouch!
A monster!
Get your hands off me!
Help me!
Inside here is a pervert!
Help me!
Where are you?
Do not let me alone!
Oh man, I have to fart!
Stay away from me!
Stay away from me!
You bastard!
You should let me go!
Get off!
Take your hands off there!
Let go of me!
Let go of me!
You perverted motherfucker!
A madman!
In there is a madman!
A madman?
Go away!
Man, that's really crazy!
Get out!
Shit Zombies!
And I do not have disinfectant spray!
You want to surround us!
Go there in the house!
Take! Come on!
Kindly waiting for me!
Maybe that was it
not such a good idea ...
Everything down!
Oh God!
Here comes a giant stinker!
I want to die ...
Oh no!
Where is the damn door?
It must be somewhere here!
That hurts!
Maki! Oh no!
No, please no!
What are you doing?
Get out!
Cut the crap!
I can not ...
I can feel it ...
It's coming!
It's coming!
Something's coming out!
What is it?
What the hell is that?
This is impossible!
No! Releasing!
No! No! No!
I could do nothing more for Maki.
- What?
Come on, we try it behind your back!
The guy throws shit!
- No!
This is not good!
Now what? Should we
Maki rather not help?
l think wirwerden all die!
Do not panic.
I need to think.
Take it easy.
Take it easy.
Who are you?
Sorry. Aberwirwerden
pursued by these people.
You guys are from Tokyo, right?
I thought so.
Just like the others!
The other?
It was a big mistake,
to take her to the village.
What do you mean?
My belly ...
It hurts so much ...
Feels like giant worms ...
What's that?
They migrate from the stomach to the head.
But I do not let
they eat my brain,
I do not want to end up like
the other villagers.
That will not happen!
Please, do not go!
Help me Naoi!
Help me!
Megumi! You can simply
not kill! So now what?
Hey, what are you doing?
Stop it immediately!
My butt!
My butt sticks out!
One can see my butt cheeks!
It's embarrassing!
Leave it kindly!
Stop it, I expose the butt-crack!
Now I have it!
The head is its weak point!
What's that?
A lnsekt?
I hate insects!
lf any of you hurt?
I gave you yet
said that it hurts!
It takes some time.
The girl ...
What to eat?
I'm starving!
Kiss my ass, tell me!
The daughter Sachi has cooked.
She is sickly,
But a good cook.
As part of their therapy, we are
come to this forsaken place.
But that would have never expected.
Here you are perfectly safe.
Relax and enjoy the food.
I have a question: How are
The villagers become so?
What happened here?
What are these insects?
And what happened to Maki?
ls it about dead?
Please tell us the truth!
The villagers ...
were from an unknown
Parasites attack.
A parasite?
Its origin is a mystery.
They migrate from fish
Small warm-blooded animals.
And sometime after that
colonize humans.
They eat the brains of their hosts
and take control over him.
I've given it a name:
Nekuro ...?
- That can not say no one!
I want to look at your hand times.
When exactly were you bitten?
Out of sheer pain
I forgot!
It was so against 15 clock.
Not good.
You might be already hatched.
What does that mean?
They bite only one reason.
We humans are the
ultimate host animal.
You need somewhere to lay their eggs
store, in order to reproduce.
What does that mean?
I can not follow ... lhnen
What's that?
I have a headache!
This is weird.
Is he on any medication?
Only drugs! Why?
You fool!
Nekurogedoro responded very
extremely on chemicals!
Take! Take! Take!
Is that you?
Want to shower with me?
Can you come here please?
I have ...
so scared.
Do not worry.
I'm with you in a second ...
Megumi ...
Megumi ...
He is ...
Take is dead!
Expect an idiot, ...
an asshole!
But I loved him!
Do not cry.
I'll always protect you.
That's why I'm still training.
I do not wanna run reusable ...
Protect someone that I love ...
I always thought that
would be no problem for me.
But in that day,
The presence of my sister ...
refused my body.
Please not, that hurts ...
Stick your head pretty deep inside!
I can not ...
No, no ...
Please stop!
- Bitch!
You worthless pile of shit!
I think that should
rich first.
How about a snack?
I can not!
What is this?
Immediately hears that!
Look at that big sister.
You want to save the girl? Then
you can easily get caught aufwas.
However! Do you think you
for so cool, am I right?
Then let go even one!
- What?
No, let me go!
Wirwollen hear what, bitch!
I can not!
Please wait!
Sister ...
That's enough.
I'll do it instead.
Holy shit, did you hear that?
What a stink!
You should not do something.
This is unworthy.
You should stay beautiful.
I'm gonna be an ugly pig.
It's better that way!
Are you scared me!
What happened?
Just a bad dream.
Something that I am
did not want to remember.
As I was suffocating.
It depends on the environment!
This Tanaka has a
damn lousy aura.
Something's not right here.
Are you all right?
It's nothing.
It's okay.
In reality, it was
anything but nothing.
I had never
had such pain.
But I've always been good
is to hide my pain.
The only way I was finished with it.
Toilet ...
Where is the bathroom?
Spit it out!
ls it so far?
In there!
Come on, let it out!
More, more ...
Very nice ...
A very fresh Nekurogedoro.
Attempt to swallow it.
He istjetzt in my stomach.
Once inside the New
is must come out of the old.
And there's the medicine.
Get ready to Sachi.
Here we go.
It's so hot, father.
My stomach feels
on, it was on fire.
If you want to live ...
you have to persevere.
My stomach hurts so much!
He comes ...
This is erja!
Slowly, slowly ...
Very good ...
Do the same on ...
- He's out ...
The Nekurogedoro, the so
has toiled hard for you!
Good work, kid.
Look there ...
What are you doing with her?
She is suffering from myeloid leukemia.
Ever heard of it?
Their white blood cells multiply
I found out
that of the Sekretionsflssigkeit
Nekurogedoro resolve these leukocytes.
Therefore, once she gets on
Nekurogedoro day one of me.
For some reason
spare her her brain.
We have a
tacit agreement.
Let my daughter on
Life, and in return ...
We provide them with food.
So, these parasites
are only here because ...
The only reason.
This village is a
pure Nekurogedoro farm.
There's just one problem:
Us the food is out.
Megumi? Because thou hast
precisely scream?
For you there is no escape.
The eggs are the Nekurogedoro
already in your body!
The eggs?
Impossible ...
It was the pasta.
Expressed by hand.
Now just mix still good
to make things look normal.
No wonder I
the stomach hurts.
You guys are nothing but fodder!
Hey, wait!
Wait, wait!
My stomach hurts so much ...
I gotta fart.
Hold on to your ears!
They are coming!
But I can not
run away, it hurts so much.
I'll go back to the hospital.
I've seen it down
has used some medicine.
Maybe we can help.
Goes against her already!
Die mirjetzt not merely ...
Oh no, they're getting closer!
How long does it take
before things slip?
Not for long!
I will not die like that!
How could this happen?
Help me!
Save me, Naoi!
Pull yourself together and be a man!
My stomach hurts, but I
going to make it, I promise!
I'll you the turnip
strike! Take that and that!
You sow!
Out of your ass?
That there is not!
The ass has it really all inside!
Cursed are you, her ass monster!
He's stuck!
This is my ass
Bat eaten!
Oh no!
Hey, stop right with it!
What the hell are you doing?
Sachi ...
The parasites are innocent.
You want to survive.
Just like me.
Come, Sachi, let's get outta here.
Your father has lost his mind!
What do you know already?
Stop it.
I'm not fighting against the sick.
You really pisses me off.
Your condescending glance ...
I hate healthy people!
Well, what?
When I'm bored,
Watching action movies and practice.
Blade! Equilibrium!
You do not have the slightest chance!
The shock blew up.
Yonder is a building!
Perhaps there istjemand!
Come on!
They pupate in the
Heads of the former landlords.
These things are not
Part of our ecosystem!
Perhaps they come from outer space!
My head ...
My head hurts ...
Exactly that's what happened Take!
No ...
This here is a lot worse!
I gotta ... the fart
Century let out!
I bleed out of my ass!
Hey, cobra!
His fate may
you can not escape.
You will be so long
, fart you're dying.
That is your destiny.
But this is real shit ...
What a shame ...
But either fucks you
or you will be fucked.
I prefer the former.
How unfair!
Down with you!
You can forget it!
l got the pig!
Path, Aya!
But ...
Naoi ...
Well that ends well!
Let me at least
now be the hero!
Who ...
Who's there?
Is that you?
However ...
But half of my being
is already controlled ...
I'll take a you
beautiful parasites miss!
What is it?
Please stop it!
No! Not there!
Stop it ...
Not ...
He's in!
And now a little deeper!
You are already completely
infested with parasites.
I'm jealous.
Leave me alone!
I'll get her.
Open wide!
Megumi ...
You are too late. l have
now in control of it!
Aya, please!
She is as good as dead
No ...
Hey ...
My parasite is pretty special.
It is the parasite queen!
Much nicer than any other.
It fits me perfectly.
Hurry up ...
You have to run away ...
Do not interrupt me, bitch!
I'm begging you ...
Please, kill me ...
I can not ...
Never ...
As long as I'm still a man, ...
Kill me ...
Hurry up ...
Hurry up ...
Aya ...
I'm sorry.
I could not save you.
You were the one who
saved me.
My body ...
It burns ...
My eyes ...
My eyes!
Something's moving ...
in my body!
You will not escape!
Just look!
I fly, I fly!
Finally I can do
whatever I want!
I'm coming!
And now the tits!
My stomach hurts so much ...
Oh no ...
I'm gonna ...
I've farted!
How embarrassing ...
Hey, Little Miss Perfect! Haste
you set off a stink bomb?
Oh no, what a disappointment.
I can well imagine,
how you must feel.
You run lieberweg before you before
someone else can drive a!
How awful! And what happens
well, if you lose to me?
You'd rather die, right?
All right.
It's not ...
Let's go!
No ... Not ...
This is your end.
The tentacle in your body
will expand and kill you.
He's out!
I can not stand!
Stop it!
We did it!
We won!
Right, Queen?
Soon I'll be dead, Ai.
Sister ...
Sister ... Want to
me for not helping?
Ai ...
You should not do something.
This is unworthy.
You should stay beautiful.
Ai ...
And that's why you must not die.
Aberwie ...?
My fart is like a jet engine!
I will live my life.
That I owe Ai and Aya.
Themselves for others
To sacrifice people.
I'm not afraid.
No matter how terrible it is:
If other people in
Danger, I will fight!
And if I have to fart!
Stupid worm bitch!
l have something nice for you ...
She's in!
Stop it! This pain!
My beautiful belly!
I'm gonna explode ...
Just a second ...
Soon it's done ...
Have fun in hell!
Sister ...
You did it, sister.
Ai ... and Aya ... it all ...
I'm gonna live my life.
This is ...
our car!
Was my daughter!
We can put together beautiful
Father-daughter play games!
Let's start here!
How sweet!
You asshole!
You've just shit in your head!
Just shit in your head!