Zoo Wars 2 (2019) Movie Script

Chubby, I trust all is in place
to execute my most devious plan yet.
- It is, my terrible evil leader.
- Great, uh.
The Zooverse animals
will never know what hit them.
That's it, carbon-based.
You're getting the hang of it now.
Feel free to open up the warp speed
function once we clear this space junk.
You can feel the Sparkle Express's
full power at your, erm... foot tips.
This is so awesome, B-52.
Beats a day at the office anytime.
What are you doing
in space anyhow, elephant?
I thought you had
an office job to go back to.
I do, but I asked for a two-week
paid vacation on the account of
I saved the universe.
They couldn't say no.
Too bad I got to be back
at the office tomorrow.
I wish this time
in space never ended.
Every day is a new mission.
This is so cool!
Remember when a Hamster Planet
needed a chew stick?
We took care of that pronto.
The giraffes were all tangled up
in one big neck-knot.
- Solved that in a snip.
- I'm having a blast.
Thanks for the free
flying lessons too.
Who said anything about free,
I expect something
in return for the valuable
professional training
I'm providing you.
Oh, er... well, I mean,
I don't have much.
I live pretty modestly.
In my own dimension,
that is. What do I owe?
Well, I could use a case
of synthetic printer lubricants
from your office,
if you must know.
Printer oil? You want me to,
uh, steal printer oil
from my office?
No. Not steal.
You shall borrow some oil, Nuke.
You can replace what you've borrowed at
later time and they promote you to, uh,
Chief Office Manager or whatever you
space animals aspire to these days.
Uh, um... Okay.
So, I'll get you the oil.
- Do you have a copy machine on board?
- Copy machine?
Don't be silly, elephant.
Whatever would I do with a
copy machine out here in space?
No, carbon-based,
it's for my personal mechanics.
Peps my performance and keeps
my system running like a dream.
Oh, er, well, yeah. Sure.
Oh, I'll get you
the whole case then.
I wouldn't want the best
motherboard in the universe to get,
erm, he-he, rusty.
Say, I can't help but notice
you're still flying the Express.
When are you gonna return Princess
Sparklefeather's personal fleet vessel?
Never. The Princess gave me
the keys to this baby.
It's now the B-52 Express
for all intents and purposes.
Cool bananas. Ha-ha. Ah,
how is the Princess these days?
Aah! Fabulous. Loving her honeymoon
at the Twin Island Planets.
Simply divine. Swimming and playing
fuzzball all the day. The dream.
Fuzzball? Oh, wow.
"teach your big ears how to fuzzball,
molecular form, and watch up ahead.
It appears as though we're about
to encounter a meteor storm.
With the Nebula Two wormhole rather close
on our left, and Nebula Three on our right.
Your navigational field
should be vertical.
Er, what happens if we slip
into one of those wormholes?
It's likely we'll be thrust
into another dimension.
Oh, I see. So, we can just find
a wormhole back then, right?
It's possible. The statistical probability
of discovering a return wormhole,
once a Carbon has successfully
migrated dimensions is exactly
4.324675859 percent out of 100.
So, not terribly likely.
Oh! Erm... Ah...
Maybe you should take over
ship controls for this part.
I think that's a smashing idea,
Whoa! Watch out!
Hold on tight to your floppy ears,
Carbon, it's about to get rough.
I think I'm gonna be sick.
Try to control yourself
for space sake.
You're in the hands of a
tightly calibrated machine here.
Ooh, that was close.
How about two cases of printer oil, B-52?
Ha-ha. You've earned it.
Oh, carbon-based, you know how to
flatter an old machine like me.
I'd cry if I had tear
ducts. Unfortunately, I do not,
but I'm thinking of getting a pair as
soon as I return to my home planet.
I think two tear ducts
is all I need to feel
like a real organically
viable life form.
What do you say, Carbon?
Could you imagine me with tear ducts?
I bet you could never
tell I was a synthetic organism
if I started pouring
buckets of tears right now.
You'll be like, "Oh, that's a real
living thing." You would too, OMG, he-he.
Yes. Sure, he-he. Tear ducts are
all their age these days.
Hello again my Siders. I hope this transmission finds you
oh, so unwell.
Long time no see, Boo Boo.
You sure know when to drop in, don't you?
Oh, it's a gift I've got.
I'm just excellent
at this stuff.
Dropping in,
dropping out, scaring folks,
you know,
evil leader stuff, he-he.
Whoa! Meteor hit! Meteor hit!
Boo Boo, if you'll excuse us, you caught
us at a really bad time right now.
I do mind actually.
I was just calling to tell you...
Over and out, Boo Boo.
- You dumped Boo Boo's call?
- I did, indeed.
- He's gonna be mad!
- Oh, let him.
Letting out some steam will do
that rodent form some good.
What do you think he wanted, B?
I imagine he wants
what he always wants,
chaos, mayhem, and destruction.
It's just a matter how
he's going to go about getting it.
I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Oh, dear.
I just can't deal with any more
chips and dents on my face
from all the emotional roller-coaster
of dealing with space villains.
I... I don't understand.
I was calling those cheese-brains
to give them my evil gloat speech.
What just happened?
Chubby, check our connections.
If those 3D transmitters
are on the fritz again,
we are taking this ship right back
to Ships-R-us for a full refund.
I've had it with lousy
customer service. I've had it!
We used to be able to
get what we wanted by instilling
fear and dread in every being
we encountered. Not anymore.
This ease-and-lab-garbage
has ruined the universe.
Anyone thinks they can
get away with anything.
Um, it appears as though the Sparkle
Express terminated our connection, Boo Boo.
Excuse me?
They... they hung up on me?
- It appears so, yes.
- Ugh! Feta, feta, feta, feta! They will pay for this.
They've no idea
what's in store for them.
I hope everyone enjoys this.
Let's all join hands
and sing kumbaya together.
A moment of truce
between the Nice Side
and the Mice Side
while they can.
This Zooverse hasn't seen
the last of Boo Boo Squeal.
Phew! That was close.
Well, nice flying B-52.
It is what I'm programmed
to do, carbon-based.
Now that the perils are
behind us, I'll drop you off
back at your planet Zootrini.
And remember you mustn't tell anyone
of our missions. Lest you wish
to see them greatly endangered.
My trunk is sealed, B.
Hey, you're back.
I... I thought you quit.
Huh? Er, oh, hey, Marty.
No, just took some time off.
Trust me, I thought of quitting,
but I guess
I'm too soft in the gut.
Oh, darn! Yeah, there was all the gossip
around here that you had jumped ship.
That you were off fighting
the bad guys, never to return.
Oh. Uh, not quite.
Ha-ha. Well, maybe a little.
Nuke, uh, I want you to know while you
were gone, you became our symbol of freedom
for all the animals, especially
the ones stuck in this office.
I got your picture hanging up in my
cubicle and everything, want to see?
Oh, that's okay. I believe you.
Unfortunately, I'm back
at being just another one
of the office animals.
I don't deserve
a picture on anybody's desk.
Yeah. Well, to me, you do.
Welcome back, Nuke.
Thanks. What's been
going on at the watering hole?
- Eeh... You haven't missed much.
- I didn't think I would.
Hey, the boss dumped
a bunch of your workload on me.
Sorry about that, pal.
Nah, no worries.
You know I have
mad computer skills.
I can cluster compute to a
super computer
performance with my eyes closed.
Ha-ha. Crazy.
But, uh, now that you're back,
mind if I forward it to you?
Sure, go ahead.
Awesome. Thanks, pal.
You're a true hero.
What do you think? Could you
get this done by Tuesday?
- Next Tuesday?
- Uh, nope.
- Tuesday tomorrow.
- Argh.
- Chubby, get Kitty Clank on the monitor, will you?
- Right away, boss.
Ahh. Boo Boo, I've heard much about you.
It's a pleasure to finally
make your acquaintance.
I'm certain we can do some
galactic damage together.
That's the idea,
Kitty Clank. Ah-huh.
From the moment I hatched my plan to
renege on the Nice Side's peace treaty
and plunge the Zooverse
back into war, I thought of you.
Ha-ha-ha. I'm flattered, buffed and
lubricated by your words, Boo Boo Squeal.
And a robot of your reputation
deserves a prominent position
in any galaxy's war, so I'd like
to offer you my right hand.
What? Uh, no, don't be giving
your hand away, Boo Boo.
You need
both your hands or paws.
Uhm... No, they're hands.
They look like teeny tiny
hands with cute little nails
and tiny pink padding.
Ha-ha. They're so cute.
- Chubby.
- Don't give one of them away, Boo Boo.
It would be incredibly
inconvenient without one hand.
You won't be able to rub them together
when you do something evil and, and you...
Will you pipe down, Chubby?
I'm speaking figuratively.
A seat at my right hand,
you moron. A seat.
- Oh.
- Anyway...
as I was saying,
I'd like to offer you
a seat at my right hand,
Kitty Clank.
It's an honor
to be asked, Boo Boo.
I'll join your army because
I believe in your cause, war.
I hate peace as much as you do,
if not more.
Oh, my last evil
escapade failed.
I was turned into a cuddly
little robot kitten.
I tasted peace and cuteness
firsthand, and I was horrified.
- The abomination.
- Indeed.
Do you have any idea how
much sweet talking I endured?
How many fluffy bows
I wore around my neck?
How many balls of yarn
I had to play with?
I'm sick just thinking about it.
Sounds like a nightmare.
Total nightmare.
I was able to escape.
If there's anything
I can do to help bring war
back to the Zooverse,
I'm all in.
Sweet mascarpone! Welcome
to the fold, Kitty Clank.
You will receive your first
wicked instructions shortly.
Over and out.
Chubby, locate the space
crust of Ta-Ta the Third for me.
He usually loiters
around Nebula Two.
Right away, Boo Boo. You're so cute
when you're overcome with revenge.
Eeh, what was that?
I... I mean, oh, you're
terrifying when you're angry.
Ah! That's better. I've been
this way since I was a wee mouse.
My schoolmates
lived in abject terror.
All I needed to say was,
and they shuddered in fear.
I'll bet they did.
I'm nothing like
that Kitty Clank though.
Did you get a load of that guy?
Crazy as a mad hatter
in a hailstorm that one.
Totally unhinged I tell you.
- I'm still here.
- What?
Oh, eh, oh... I will be
in touch soon, Kitty Clank.
Uh, until then, carry on the good work.
Chubby, how long
have you worked for me?
Uh, as far back as
I can remember, Boo Boo.
Every day, 12 hours a day
for 7,000 ion years.
Yup. It sounds about right.
And, you know,
it would be nice to think you knew
how to do your job by now,
wouldn't it?
Is that a rhetorical question,
Boo Boo?
No, Chubby.
It's an actual question.
Ugh. Argh.
I don't know how I endure.
I really don't.
Start our ship's coordinates,
Chubby, at once.
Right away, Boo Boo.
I think I'm gonna have to find a
couple of toothpicks soon, Marty.
Toothpicks? Whatever for, Nuke?
You got something
stuck between your tusks?
No, I just need something
to keep my eyelids open.
Have you ever tried chicory root, Nuke?
It's the best.
That thing will wake
you up in a snap.
Nah. Chicory root gives me
the jitters.
Eh, you are a sensitive
package there, Nuke.
- Can't imagine how you saved the universe.
- Sometimes I can't either.
- Wake up, Nuke.
- Ah, uh, What?
I didn't say anything.
- Oh. Uh...
- It's me, Bongo Bananas.
What? What are you doing here?
I work here, buddy, remember?
I think all that
adventuring went to his head.
That poor elephant
has gone and lost it.
- I've come to warn you, Nuke.
- Warn me?
Yes, of a great
disturbance in the Sauce.
- No!
- Hey, uh, are you okay over there?
Maybe you need to take
a little more time off.
It's Boo Boo Squeal.
- Boo Boo?
- Yes, Boo Boo.
He's assembling an army.
He's planning
to break the Zooverse
peace treaty and attack.
So, that's why he called.
Has he contacted you?
Yeah, earlier today, but we sort
of, er, hung up on him.
hung up on Boo Boo Squeal?
You know how B-52 is. He's got
a bit of a temper. Ha-ha.
I know, I know,
Nuke, my friend.
Synthetic organisms are
always hamming it up
just to make sure we remember
they have feelings too.
Do they ever. What about
Boo Boo Squeal, Bongo?
I fear Boo Boo is
almost ready, Nuke, dude.
Ready? But, Bongo Bananas,
he doesn't have the Sauce.
- How dangerous can he be?
- Hey, bud,
if you need a banana break,
go ahead. I'll cover for you.
More dangerous than you
realize, Nuke my friend.
He's building an army of some of the
baddest baddies the galaxy's ever known
and he's planning on regaining
the power of the Sauce.
- What can we do?
- Why don't you take
the rest of the day off, Nuke?
I'll punch out for you.
You need to call on your
robot buddy, Bon Jovi, stat.
- You mean B-52?
- B-52, Depeche Mode, who cares, Nuke, dude?
He has a space vehicle.
You need to get to it
right away.
- But he just dropped me off.
- Want me to call a space cab?
We need you out there,
Nuke, saving the Zooverse.
Get on the Sparkle Express and on that
mission right away my elephant friend.
- Should I go now?
- Yes.
Tiptoes, I can hear you
clear down the hall.
Did you come back
to work or to socialize?
Oh, sorry, boss.
Eh. Working away here.
Typedy type, type, type, type,
titype, type, titype.
It's great to be back with you, guys.
It really is. Oh, how I missed it.
There's no time
for watering hole chat, Nuke.
Boo Boo Squeal must be stopped.
The Zooverse depends on it.
- But what can I do?
- Are you asking for more work, Tiptoes?
You want the Zooverse to
survive, don't you my friend, Nuke?
- Well, yes.
- Well, all you had to do was ask, Tiptoes.
I'm sending files
to your desk now.
I need them completed
by day's end.
Nuke, you got to cool down.
You're gonna overwork yourself.
You don't want
Boo Boo to reduce this Zooverse
to rubble, do you,
my elephant friend?
- No.
- Excuse me?
Nuke, it's now or never.
The Nice Side needs you.
- What do I do?
- Are you paying attention, Tiptoes?
Complete the files and send them
to me when you're done.
Do I speak Zirconian?
Just hit enter.
Good luck,
Bongo, Bongo
are you still there?
B-52, long time no see.
Exactly one, one trillionth of a plutonium
ion by my calculations, carbon-based.
In other words,
not very long at all.
Ha! I never thought
I'd be so happy to see
a robot who doesn't
understand humor.
More like a robot that has no time
for anything but factual information.
Humor is for elephants who
perform circus tricks for peanuts.
Hm-mm. Speaking of, you got any?
- I haven't had lunch yet.
- Negative.
The Sparkle Express has no need
for organic food supplies.
Even if the co-pilot
is carbon-based?
Especially if
the co-pilot is carbon-based.
I've observed you elephants eating.
Are you aware of what can happen
if peanut shells jam
the master controls?
Not to mention the gas.
Oh, the gas.
It's, it's just, just horrible.
Uh, well, uh, us elephants
are foragers, you know?
Lots of digestion taking place
in the lower intestines.
Flatulence could be a side
effect of a greasy diet.
Er, uh, avocados, for example,
really do a number on my...
Carbon, last thing I intend to
hear is about your gas issues.
Take some antacid
or something and put it to rest.
The B-52 Express
is no place for flatulence.
Now, what are you doing
back there, prey?
Boo Boo Squeal
is planning to violate our truce
and re-start war
with the Zooverse.
Well, congratulations,
Captain Obvious.
- Well... What? You know about it?
- Of course I know about it.
You didn't trust Boo Boo Squeal to
actually honor that peace treaty, did you?
Well, uh, oh...
I mean, he, he said he'd...
Villains always say,
It was only a matter
of time before he reneged.
I'm just pleasantly surprised
peace lasted as long as it did.
We should contact Boo Boo Squeal and
see what he wanted to tell us earlier.
Shouldn't have hung up on him,
you know?
Rats can hold a grudge,
especially evil ones.
Hopefully it won't cause
the end of the Zooverse.
Ha! He'll get over it.
Let's get him on the telly.
Boo Boo,
the Sparkle Express is calling.
Let them.
If they think
they can hang up on Boo Boo
and then call back,
they're sorely mistaken.
Connect us to Ta-Ta
the Third instead.
At least he has some manners.
Right away, Boo Boo.
Greetings, Ta-Ta.
I see you are ready
to join forces with me again.
We've done great evil things
in the past and we shall
again in the future.
What you say?
I say I'm ready to join forces
with the evilest space monster
the Universe has ever known.
Hm, I think I prefer
powerfullest over evilest.
What do you think, Chubby?
Hm, powerfullest encompasses
more traits, I think.
Like, uh, evilest is just
the evilest and then that's it.
Right. Evilest is just bad,
whereas powerfullest is
a limitless characteristic.
I'd go with powerfullest if I had to pick.
It sounds more epic.
Me too.
Powerfullest it is.
Uh, if I could
chime in here as someone
who's also been called both
powerfullest and evilest,
I find that the evilest reputation
has a certain ring to it
that powerfullest
just doesn't have.
Oh, really?
What do you like about it?
Well, if you're the powerfullest
it's like, you know,
"Eh, maybe he's a nice guy who happens
to be the most powerfullest too."
Whereas if you're
known as evilest
they tend to stay
way out of your way a bit more.
It does a lot of the work for you.
There's no mistaking evilest, you know?
I see.
So, it's easier
to pillage and conquer.
- Pretty much.
- Great. Oh. Ah.
In that case,
the rumors are true,
I am definitely the evilest
mouse in the Zooverse,
- and I come to you with a proposition.
- Oh, yeah?
Ta-Ta, how would you like
to join a coalition of evil?
The likes of which the Zooverse
has never seen.
You had me at evil.
Ha-ha. Yeah, tell me more.
This era of peace
has gone on long enough.
The Zooverse is full
of fantastic villains
and we've all been diminished
by playing, uh, nicey-nice.
I heard that. Did you know
that Ranger The Forked Tongue
reads children stories at the
library on Planet Bubbles?
Argh! No!
It's true. I saw him meself.
What was Ta-Ta the Third doing
at a library on Bubbles?
I work a janitorial shift
in there on Sundays.
Ew. Ah, alright.
That proves my point.
I say, "No more."
We want to break the truce.
Attack the Nice Side and
reclaim the Sauce for ourselves.
- Yeah.
- Sounds good. I'm in.
I'll also have you know,
I'm looking for a deputy
commander in this outfit,
and I think you'd
fit the bill nicely.
- Does it pay?
- How's all the Sauce
you can pour on your
spaghetti sound?
Eh, deal!
I have a couple more stops
to make to fill out our team.
If everything comes together,
we'll attack at once.
We'll be in touch,
Eh, eh, Chubby, find me the
ship of Coot-Coot of Planet Warzack.
- I must speak with him next.
- Aye, aye, captain.
And no pirate voice, Chubby.
It's just weird.
Oh, right. Right away, Boo Boo.
Speaking of weird,
did you get a load of Ta-Ta?
Did he put on weight or what?
Ha-ha. More like
Fat-Fat the Third.
You forgot
to sign off there, Boo Boo.
Oh, oh, yes, of course.
Over and out and talk soon, Fa...
I mean, Fat Fa... I mean, Ta-Ta.
Boo Boo? Come in, Boo Boo. It's Nuke
with the Sparkle Express. Come in.
Argh. He's not answering.
I told you he'd be mad.
Mice. So sensitive.
B-52, I feel like we're
in over our heads here.
Bongo Bananas came to me at work
and told me of Boo Boo's plans.
Sounds like a zoo war is about
to break again. What can we do?
There's only one thing to do
at a time like this, carbon.
- What is it? Tell me.
- Oil your joints and get your motherboard tuned.
Oil my... oh, come on.
I'm an elephant.
You can oil your joints and
get tuned, but what can I do?
I suppose you can try
balancing on your front legs,
like they do in the circus.
Some call it yoga I believe.
Thanks. Thanks a lot.
Say, why don't we call
Princess Sparklefeather?
She's the leader of the Nice Side.
Surely she'll know how to handle this.
I told you. She's honeymooning
at the Twin Island Planets
for the next fractal ion.
And then there's
no telecommunication
reception I'm afraid.
Goodness knows
she's earned the rest.
Well, don't you think
she'd want to know
that Boo Boo Squeal is amassing an
army to violate the peace treaty
and get his little mouse
hands on the Sauce again?
Ooh, that would probably
be of interest, yes.
But, as I said,
she's unreachable at the moment.
Then why don't we go get her?
And interrupt her honeymoon?
Heavens, no.
You don't make sense sometimes,
you know that?
I don't make sense?
I'm a robot.
All I do is make sense.
I'm built to be factual.
And yet you're making
an emotional decision
to not interrupt
the Princess's honeymoon.
Hm, I suppose you have
a point there, carbon-based.
I have to schedule a tune up and get
those tear ducts implants while I'm at it.
Aah. We're doomed.
I've located
Coot-Coot's ship, Boo Boo.
He's right up ahead, circling
Nebula 2, just like you said.
Well, what are you waiting for?
Patch me through.
Hey. Do you... do you think I
should go by Chub-Chub instead?
Why would you do that?
You've always been Chubby.
Well, he-he, all you guys
have two names, all but me.
And, uh...
that should tell you something.
- Connect us to Coot-Coot.
- Oh, uh, okay.
Who goes there?
Greetings, Coot-Coot.
It's been a while.
Ho-ho. Fancy meeting you here,
Boo Boo Squeal.
I thought I'd seen the last of you
after the battle of the Planet Bubbles.
Alas, that was only the beginning
of the Mice side takeover.
We've since grown strong
with the Sauce, Coot-Coot.
You possess the Sauce?
Well, no, not currently, it's been
stripped from me by the Nice Side,
but I'm working
on regaining my powers.
- Oh.
- Working hard?
- Very hard.
- Yeah, almost there.
Which brings me
to the point of my visit.
Ha-ha. I, I'm assembling
a team of Galactic villains
unlike anything
the Zooverse has ever seen.
Separately we are fearsome,
but together we're unstoppable.
And what are you gonna
do with this team?
We are going to curdle cheese and
tell funny stories about past wars.
What do you think?
We're going to regain the Sauce,
violate that lousy peace treaty
and propel the Zooverse
back into war.
- Are you with us?
- Oh! That sounds awesome. I'm in.
Marvelous! Aah.
I have one more stop to make,
then I'll be in touch with directives,
the gist of which is
to destroy the Nice Side.
I can't wait.
That's the attitude.
Er, Chubby?
End this transmission.
There, that wasn't so difficult, was it?
Uuh, n... no?
How about that goofy creature,
Coot-Coot, huh? Ha-ha.
Brains the size of a Swiss
cheese hole.
Boo Boo, I'm still here.
- Eh! You what?
- Yeah, yeah.
You turned off visual,
but the audio is still live.
B-52, I'd just feel a lot better
if we had somebody else on board.
You know, to get our backs
in case we're in trouble.
We need our very own
Nice Side Hero team.
Excuse me, what would
they do to our backs?
Never mind, it's just
a figure of speech.
Ah, you carbons are known for your
tenuous grasp on your own language.
Hey, I have an idea.
My buddy who works with me
would never let us down.
He's a computer whiz.
I'm going to call him.
Oh, dear. Kingdoms have fallen
on the backs of buddies.
Marty, hey there.
Hey, big guy. How's it going?
Uh, in a bit
of a situation here.
You disappeared again.
You back being a space hero?
Uh, trying to be. Say, did you...
did the boss dump all my work on you again?
Ha. He buried me up
to my eyeballs.
Oh, that's okay though.
I can handle it. I'm mostly eyeballs.
Don't worry. I'll take it all off
your hands when I come back, Marty.
Oh! Er, they didn't call you?
- No. About what?
- Er... The boss, uh, terminated you, Nuke.
They're letting you go. They don't want
a space hero who keeps taking time off.
Space heroes are cool
and everything,
but don't get their work done,
you know?
I hope this space hero thing
works out for you, carbon,
or you'll have to go to the Space
Unemployment office to get your peanuts.
Oh, boy. I hope so too.
Say, Marty, I need a favor.
No need to ask, big guy. You can
put me down as a reference anytime.
- Thanks, Marty, but that's not what I'm talking about.
- It's not?
No, I'm here with my pal B-52
of the Nice Side robotic fleet.
Oh. Ah! Well, excuse me.
Moving up in the Zooverse already, I see.
Uh, yeah, space hero stuff.
You know how it is.
Yeah, argh. Wish I did.
Marty, the Mice Side
is at it again.
They are planning to break the Zooverse
truce and start an all-out war.
Oh. Get out!
I wish I could,
but we have to fight.
- There's no time to spare.
- What's all this have to do with me?
He's about to ask you to agree
to perilous activities
far beyond your skill
or understanding, carbon-based.
Ah, okay. Oh.
Uh, kinda. Marty,
the Nice Side currently has no leader.
Princess Sparklefeather is on her
honeymoon and can't be reached.
- I know this is inconvenient, but...
- That's putting it mildly.
But would you join us to try and
put a stop to this craziness?
- It's going to take time from work, isn't it?
- Probably.
Uh, maybe I should just
call in sick, then.
- Might not be a bad idea.
- Okay, I'm in.
Yeah? Thanks, Marty!
I knew we could count on you.
Hey, since it is dangerous and all,
how about we pick a new name for me?
A new name? What do you mean?
Well, Marty doesn't
really have a ring to it,
you know? How about Zortec?
Zortec? Hmm... I don't know.
Or Eyeballs McSane?
Uh, I'm kind of used
to calling you Marty.
- I don't know if I can stop now. It might take some practice.
- Slim Green Star?
- Ooh! That's very heroic.
- You like it?
Why don't we
think about it, Marty?
- Slim, hey, try it out.
- Okay, Slim.
Nice. Ha-ha. Slim Green Star
reporting for duty.
- Where do we start?
- Right at the top.
I need you to use your
supercomputer skills
to intercept the leader of the Mice
Side, Boo Boo Squeal.
We need to know what he's up to.
Woah. I'm on it.
Oh, it's you.
I'm still waiting
on those three gnats
you promised me
for the last mission.
They are coming, Chewflies,
they're coming.
I'd like to know when.
Soon. I got my bookkeeper
on it as we speak.
In the meantime,
I have a proposition for you.
I always seem to get
the soggy end of the lily pad
with your propositions, Boo Boo.
Well, not this time.
I want you to join us in
violating that ridiculous
truce and declaring a new war
on the Zooverse.
Will I finally get my gnats?
You can have all the gnats
you want Chewflies, eh?
Endless gnats.
Endless gnats? Ooh-hoo.
You speak of dreams, Boo Boo.
Ha-ha. Okay, I'm in.
Splendid, and now
with my fearsome new army
by my side, ha-ha, Chewflies,
Coot-Coot, Ta-Ta and Kitty Clank,
the Mice Side will rise again
and the Zooverses
won't know what hit them. Ah?
Chubby, get me coordinates
for the Sparkle Express. Ha-ha.
It's time
to settle an old score.
I feel a lot better
with Marty on our side, B-52.
He may have never
fought a space battle,
but there's strength in numbers.
You mean Slim Green Star?
You know, carbon-based,
sometimes the power
of the mind
is greater than you think.
- What do you mean?
- I mean, sometimes
all it takes
for an ordinary carbon to rise
to extraordinary achievements
is the belief in oneself.
If Marty doesn't inspire one to be
all they can be, perhaps Slim does.
And therein lies a hero.
Wow, I, I never thought
of it like that.
Well, your brain synapses
are extremely limited.
Huh? Oh, hey, I have another
friend I want you to meet.
We worked the circus
together on planet Nordoozy.
You were in a circus?
Yeah, that was before my cubicle
job crushed my showbiz dreams.
- That's where I met Rudy.
- Oh, fine.
Let's meet this circus act,
alright? Can't wait.
Shh. I'm gonna call him.
I bet he'd love to help us.
Check's in the mail.
Rudy, it's me, Nuke Tiptoes.
Nuke? I didn't recognize.
You've gotten big, pachyderm.
Your ears are huge.
Uh, thanks. Er, I think.
Yeah, I haven't seen you
since we left the circus.
What you been up to?
Oh, you know, same old same old.
I held down
an office job till today.
Ha-ha. Learned to fly
a starship, saved the Zooverse.
Ha-ha. You're still funny, Nuke.
Maybe I should have been a comedian.
It'd be safer, that's for sure.
Listen, Rudy.
I'll make this short and sweet.
How would you like
to join me on the Nice Side
and help defend the Zooverse against
an impending Mice Side attack?
An attack? But it's peacetime.
And peace is about to end
unless we defend it.
Oh, sounds exciting.
Sign him up, he's too dim
to fear anything.
What do you say, old pal?
Are you with us?
Sure, what do we defend first?
Perhaps, um, us.
Not to alarm you, carbon-based,
but it appears
as though we got visitors.
It's Coot-Coot!
Nice to see you, Nice Siders.
I think it's time
for your demise.
- Whoa!
- You okay, Nuke?
What's going on?
Are you still there?
We're hit.
Argh. Are we gonna die?
Negative, elephant,
the damage is strictly cosmetic.
Activating Deep Space lasers.
Hang on, as you carbons say.
Those lasers are strong, B-52.
Can we withstand this attack?
No ones' ship's weaponry
can disable the B-52 Express.
We're hit. We're hit.
Tell me where you are,
Nuke, I'm coming.
I'll be there
like the old days at the circus.
Remember the song?
I'll be there, my friend
By your side
I'll be there too
Eh, eh. Let's take a ride
To the canteen I'll
be with you Ah-ha-ha.
No matter what
I'll be there too
Prepare for war Nice Siders.
Rudy, Rudy?
We lost your circus pal, carbon.
You're singing on your own now.
Oh, geez!
In hardship and in glee
I'll be there
I'll be there,
My friend, you'll see
Take that, nicey-nice.
And that, and that, and that!
Whoa, that's heavy artillery.
How many warships are out there?
- Standby, carbon-based. My instruments read four.
- Four?!
Stop the universe,
I want to get off.
Kiss you're little behinds goodbye, peace-nicks.
The Mice Side rules
the Zooverse.
We, we have to
do something, B-52.
Uh, can we get out of here?
Attempting, carbon-based.
Incredible, that tin can
you call a ship
is still in one piece?
Well, hello, B-52,
fancy seeing you here.
Kitty Clank, you cat.
I should have known
you were involved.
- You know him?
- Once upon a time, we were constructed in the same factory.
Albeit me, from top of the line
components and from him scraps.
Uh-huh, there's an after-hours
joke by bored technicians.
They inserted a motherboard
into the abominable creation
and it got away from them,
became self-aware.
Took on a life of its own.
Now, it's obviously aligned
with the Mice Side.
Mice Side?
But he's a cat type thingy.
Evil aligns itself
with evil, carbon-based.
Mouse, cat, no matter.
We're the enemy
in their equation.
Prepare to be
blasted to smithereens.
We're doomed.
Never fear, carbon,
B-52 is here.
- Oh, yeah?
- Indeed.
I've had just about
enough of this craziness.
Engage turbo thrusters.
Hold on tight to your little
goofy tail, carbon. We're out of here.
Ta-Ta, tell me, have you destroyed the Sparkle Express,
that pesky elephant and that annoying
robot, my most despised foes?
We, uh, almost
destroyed it, Boo Boo.
What do you mean, almost?
You either did or you didn't.
We attacked savagely and did
loads of damage, I can assure you.
- But?
- But, uh, they were able to warp speed and they got away.
They didn't...
they... they got away?
Argh! I assembled the greatest team
of vicious villains ever put together
and they can't overtake a ship
named the Sparkle Express?
Oh, when it's four on one?
We'll get them
next time, Boo Boo.
Next time? Argh!
The proud space warrior Ta-Ta the
Third, son of Ta-Ta the Second
and grandson of First Ta-Ta,
will get them next time?
Argh! You know what?
You are fired!
That's not the attitude
of a deputy commander.
- What about the Sauce you promised me?
- What about it?
If we can't even down a bucket of
bolts like the Sparkle Express,
how can we expect to regain
the full power of the Sauce?
We'll find the Sauce, Boo Boo.
Uhm, it's too late for promises.
You are fired, Ta-Ta.
Go get an office job
or something, will you?
You're not cut out
for this. Ooh.
Yes, Boo Boo?
Fire him.
Yes, Boo Boo.
But... but, Boo Boo!
Wait a minute, eh, uh,
this looks familiar.
- Are we in the...
- The Sauce Dimension.
- But how... how did we...
- Our systems went into overdrive
during the laser battle,
so when I hit warp speed
it doubled down
on our trajectory.
My calculations tell me
we were propelled
through a rip
in the space-time fabric,
and were therefore
able to cross dimensions.
- Whoa, that's gnarly.
- Indeed.
What do we do now? Those Mice Side
ships are gonna be looking for us.
In all probability, yes.
You'll need to lay low for
a while as you carbon-bases say,
assess the damage
to the Sparkle Express
and utilize Sauce power
to reboot our systems.
If Boo Boo Squeal is able
to tap into the Sauce power again
there may be no stopping him.
That's the risk we face,
Enough Sauce exists
to flood an entire dimension.
If one were
to perform a simple tweak,
like adding jalapeno,
it could be catastrophic to the Zooverse.
Ah, well, I'm worried, B-52.
Worry is not an emotion
that computes in my data-banks,
but I share your sentiment
of great concern.
- So, you're worried?
- If you prefer.
Congratulations on your
promotion to Deputy Commander,
I should have offered you
the position from the outset.
Yeah, you should've.
But hey, live, learn. Ha-ha.
We won't slip up again,
I can assure you of that, Boo Boo.
I don't expect you to,
and I'd like to add to our ranks. Ha-ha.
I thought I'd assembled
the ideal team,
but now I'm not so sure.
I need one more member.
Oh, oh, yeah?
- Someone cunning.
- Yes?
- Someone ruthless.
- Whoa.
Someone so absolutely,
undeniably, incredibly evil
that the entire Zooverse will quake
in fear at the mere sight of them.
- I'm ready, Boo Boo.
- Hey, I think I know someone who fits the bill.
He-he. I'll call on Postal.
- Postal? Oh.
- Postal?
Uh, he lives on one of those bio
diverse planets in the Cumulon Galaxy.
It's a real throwback.
Has an atmosphere, ice glaciers,
mountain vistas,
rolling meadows. He-he.
You know, the whole nine yards.
Hu-ha, sounds like it's bigger
than nine yards to me.
We might never find him.
We should pick someone closer.
Hush, Chubby.
I'm intrigued.
Can you get me in touch
with this Postal character?
Sure, I got his number
around here somewhere.
I... I... I'll have him call you.
Excellent. Mark my words.
Once my army is at full strength
there will be no stopping us.
That's right.
- Oh, stop.
- What?
Uh, just stop.
You're a pachyderm.
It, it, it's silly
when you do it.
Sorry, Boo Boo.
Em, Chubby?
That heel Ta-Ta the Third,
said that the Sparkle Express
used warp speed
to escape our attack.
But they aren't
on our radar screens.
So, where did they go?
Uh, far away I guess.
It would have to be
extraordinarily far away
to evade our Goudas radar,
Unless it was
another dimension entirely,
like the Sauce Dimension.
Oh! Wow, you think?
Chubby, prepare warp speed.
No coordinates.
No coordinates? But, Boo Boo, we'd...
We could implode.
So could the Sparkle Express,
he-he, but they didn't.
And you can't tell me
they had time
to enter coordinates under
intense laser fire from all sides.
No, they just roll the cheese
cubes and took their chances.
I think they landed right in the Sauce
Dimension, uh, uh, and so will we.
The Sauce Dimension
calls all form into itself.
We'll get there.
I... I'm sure of it.
You know, it's actually
kind of relaxing out here, B-52.
Ah, yes. The Sauce
Dimension contains a unique aroma
that can lower carbon-based blood pressure,
as well as cholesterol and put one at ease.
And in my case, it's like
instant component lube.
It's, like, really chill.
I could get used to this.
To be at one with the Sauce is to
inhabit this relaxed space all the time.
You need only imagine it
and it's there for you.
Umm, maybe one day when
I can just let go and be.
You know, when the Mice Side
isn't gearing up for war with us.
They won't find us here,
It's a very precise wrinkle
in the space-time continuum
that leads
to the Sauce Dimension.
And the odds
of Boo Boo Squeal finding it are
4 trillion, 376 million,
802 thousand, 473...
Hello there, cheese brains.
...uh, one.
So much for odds.
We meet again, Nice Siders.
Now, if you don't mind,
ha-ha, pass the Sauce.
Boo Boo, allow me to remind you
that attacking us
in the Sauce Dimension
is an astoundingly bad idea.
And why is that, rust bucket?
Or are you bluffing?
Your poker face is lousy,
whereas I won
the Milky Way Millennial
Cheese Tournament back to back.
The Milky Way Millennial
Cheese Tournament?
Wait, how old are you?
None of your business, elephant.
Never ask a mouse his age.
You may have escaped my cohorts,
but you won't escape me.
Now, prepare yourselves
to feel the Mice Side's wrath.
Very well, Boo Boo.
You've got us right
where you want us.
- Fire at will.
- Wait. Do... do... what?
So long, losers.
Chubby, open fire.
Activating lasers, Boo Boo.
- What just happened?
- They fired their lasers
and were thrown back
from whence they came.
There is no aggression
in the Sauce Dimension.
Wow. You mean we're
totally safe here too?
The Sauce Dimension is a pot of
tranquility in the chaotic Zooverse.
All beings who enter it
can bask in its stillness,
while all violator's actions are
reversed on those perpetrators.
I feel like we should
be seated on the floor
in one of those yoga poses
you were talking about.
Well, you were circus-trained.
I imagine
it's no problem for you.
I didn't do the seat routines.
I, I was more of a dancer.
Oh, my. You learn
something new every day.
What the... Where are...
Where did they go?
And where's the Sauce?
Uh, it looks like we're not in the
Sauce Dimension anymore, Boo Boo.
I can see that,
you big log. Why not?
I had those rubes
right where I wanted them.
- You wanna try warp speed again?
- No.
No, no, let them sweat.
They know they can
only run for so long.
And wherever they go, sooner
or later, we'll find them.
Hello, is this thing on?
Chubby, where is this
transmission coming from?
Uh, hmm, looks like the
Cumulum Galaxy, Boo Boo.
It must be Chewflies' friend.
You, you know, Postal.
Dang the technology.
Hello, can anyone hear me?
Oh, we hear you
loud and clear, Postal.
Hey, how did you know my name?
I did not hear
you say my name yet.
We're supposed
to recruit this nitwit?
What's Zooverse coming to?
The Mice Side is all-seeing
and all-knowing, Postal.
- We've been anticipating your call.
- That's crazy. He-he.
So, how many would you like?
- What?
- Cookies.
How many
would you like to order?
Is this just for you,
or for your whole crew?
Wait, er, what,
what are you talking about?
What's this cookie business?
Is this code for something?
I only use a promo code
at Christmas time.
Uh, do you celebrate
Christmas out there?
We do here on my planet.
I think we're talking about two
different things here, Postal.
I'm recruiting soldiers
to join the Mice Side
and wage war
against the Zooverse.
Oh, ho-ho, I'm smelling
homemade cookies.
Oh, do you have oatmeal raisin?
Shut up, Chubby! Listen, Postal.
I don't have time
to mess around.
War is coming.
And it's coming soon.
The Mice Side will conquer
the Zooverse once and for all.
And when that's achieved,
we'll move on to other galaxies
like Cumulon.
If you're smart,
you'll join us now.
Oh, you mean like a, like a,
a, uh, uh... corporate merger?
Can I keep my cookie copyright?
It's kind of my thing.
Uh, it's my granny's recipe,
you see?
It's all in the paprika.
I don't believe this.
Am I being unclear?
Maybe he's just
one-track minded?
Or maybe he's unfit
to join the Mice Side.
Postal, I'll explain
myself once more
with as many single
syllable words as I can use.
We're looking for a bad guy
to join our bad guy army
and do bad things to good guys.
Oh! I see.
I thought you were
a new cookie customer.
Feta me.
Uh, I'm kinda laid back,
you know.
I don't think
I'd be real good in war time.
Maybe in the kitchen patrol.
Yeah. Uh, I see that.
This whole thing's just a big mistake.
I'll tell you what,
do you know any vicious types
who'd be a good fit
for what we're doing?
Someone who looks like you,
but, uh, isn't so... uh, soft?
Hmm, let me think.
Oh, I've got it.
I know just
who you're looking for.
Wonderful. Tell me.
You need to talk
to Badgum and the Beep,
they're the most savage
creatures you'll ever meet.
Sounds good.
Where can I find
these Badgum and Beep people?
Oh, they're up at North in the
planet Bobo's glacial tundra.
Be careful though.
It's not for the weak up there.
Hard terrain.
I like it.
Steel sharpen, steel.
Uh, say, Postal, what's with the
name if you don't mind me asking?
Oh, that's on account
of our mail order business.
Granny's cookies, yum-yum.
He-he. You should
check it out sometime.
Oh, oh, boy. He-he.
Yeah, I,
I'll, I'll do that sure.
Chubby, get us out of here and chart
us to planet Bob-Bobo immediately.
We'll orbit the Northern hemisphere
and locate these monsters at once.
Right away, Boo Boo. Uh, oh.
Before we sign off, do you think
I can place an order
for some granny yum-yum
oatmeal raisin cookies?
Mh-hmm, yeah. Uh, uh, go ahead.
Oh, do, do you have
any macadamia nut also?
Aah. Uh, this feels amazing.
I never wanna leave.
I'm so at peace with this time
in the Sauce Dimension, B-52.
Well, you can begin ratcheting
the tension back up
to an unbearable degree,
Since we've got to head back into
the deep space and open ourselves
to attack from any number of Mice
Side agents who will be aiming for us,
bent on our destruction.
Thanks, that really
puts things in perspective.
- Don't mention it.
- B-52, I have an idea.
Now, hear me out. I know she's
out of range of our technology,
but maybe we could contact Princess
Sparklefeather using Sauce power?
That is an interesting
proposition, carbon-based,
and not hopelessly out of the
question, like some of your other ones.
Uh, he-he, thanks.
So, should we give it a shot?
We're strong
with the Sauce right now.
This might be our best chance.
Indeed, it may be.
I see no harm in attempting it.
Great! Here goes.
Princess Sparklefeather,
hear me.
It's Nuke Tiptoes
and we're in grave danger.
The Mice Side
has broken our peace treaty
and is trying to start war
with the Zooverse.
We seek your guidance, Princess.
We need our leader.
- What do you think?
- Little ham-handed, but you are a flesh and bone organism.
Well, maybe
it got through anyway.
Should I try again? More? Less?
I'd let that one breathe
to see if it connects.
You touched on the key points.
- Right?
- Alright then.
Preparing to exit
the Sauce Dimension.
Oh, to leave is to die a little.
Well, here we are.
Back in the Zooverse, carbon-based.
It looks just
like we left it. No war yet.
There you are.
I've been looking
for you guys everywhere.
Rudy told me you were
ambushed out there.
- Where did you go?
- Long story, Marty.
But we're okay and that's
what matters right now.
Oh, call me Slim,
remember? Slim.
Hey, I've been meaning to talk to you.
It's so busy at work.
They haven't hired
a replacement for you yet,
so I'm taking on
all your paperwork.
I may have to cut back
on my fighting time again.
If that's okay and everything,
you know, because I did...
Oh, uh, sure, Slim.
We wouldn't wanna get you
in trouble at work.
Oh, good, thanks.
I appreciate that.
How's it going on locating
the Gouda and Boo Boo Squeal?
Uh, still working on that.
Uh, uh, stand by.
Kitty Clank's ship approaching.
We're hit again.
This is just too much!
Hold on to your trunk, carbon.
We're back in action.
Marty, uh, I mean, Slim.
Can you scramble his commands
and get him off our tail?
Easy-peasy, Nuke.
You know my tech skills
are legendary. Hu-hum.
Maybe I should change
my name to Techno-Slim.
Slim is good, Marty. Let's just
stick to the Slim right now, alright?
- Can you scramble Kitty Clank's commands, pretty please?
- I'm on it.
No one stands up to the Mice Side
and no one survives Kitty Clank.
- How long, Slim?
- Hold on. Uh, almost there.
- Marty?
- Slim. Oh, wait.
I just got a bunch of papers from work
I have to decode. I'll be right back.
Prepare to meet your destiny, Nice Siders.
- Slim!
- Looks like we got company, carbon-based.
A vessel is approaching.
Two o'clock.
Friends or foes?
I'm not privy
to that information, elephant.
Could be either, I'd say.
Oh, great. We're finished.
Hey, it's Banana Rama.
Long time no see, pal.
For the infinite time,
my name is B-52.
Aah! I'll let it slide
this time on account
of your venerable age,
Commander Ham Sanders.
Ah, Banana Shamana,
let it go, will you?
Life is too short
to get hung up on the name.
Look at me, I don't even know where I
am right now, and I'm still doing great.
That is very Zen of you,
Commander Ham Sanders.
- Commander Ham Sanders, who is he?
- Old pal of mine.
He fought the battle of Zorex until all that
was left of him were boats and his dentures,
and still defeated the entire
Zorex army on his own.
Oh, they don't make heroes
like that anymore.
How in the universe
are you, honey?
I'm alright, besides these darn, rusty
butt bolts that are giving me a hard time.
Ah, butt bolts are a pain
when they flare up, but...
- Who is the shrimp?
- Hello there, nice to see you.
This shrimpy alien form?
Not sure.
I woke up this morning and I was in
this space pod next to a shrimpy thing.
No idea how I got here,
and how to get out.
I'm, uh, taking life
as it comes.
We are on a mission to help the Nice
Side, Commander Ham Sanders.
- Princess Sparklefeather sent us, remember?
- Uh, nope.
She was honeymooning at the Twin
Island Planets when she intercepted
a call for help from the
Sparkle Express and here we are.
Ah, we're hit. We're hit!
Our weapons are jammed.
We're losing power.
One more hit and we're smoke.
- Oh, great.
- I see you're having a problem
with that pesky metal kitty.
Need a hand?
If you don't mind. We've got a
lot on our plate at the moment.
- Could you give us a boost?
- I'll do you one better.
How about the brand new
plutonium hydrolyzer?
I'll let you have it
for 10,000 space bucks.
- Ha-ha. I'll do that for you.
- Commander Ham Sanders, we don't have time for this right now.
Let's just give
these guys a boost.
Alright, fine. Boost them up.
Wow. You guys are rad.
Commencing nuclear warp speed.
Stay safe out there.
Will do.
Nuclear warp speed engaged.
Hey, uh, where are you going?
Oh, that was close.
Believe it or not,
that Ham Sanders
was a strapping
young robot at one time.
Yeah, I'll take
your word for it.
Here we are, Chubby.
Planet Bobo-Bobo.
Those ice glaciers are vast,
but we'll know our targets
when we see them.
They'll be the most savage, mighty,
terrifying beasts this planet has to offer.
Eh, uh, er... What's this thing?
He's transmitting from the icy caps
of Bobo-Bobo, most evilest Boo Boo.
Do you wish to communicate?
There must be a mistake.
This cannot surely be
the monstrous creature we seek.
Must be another
space cookie peddler.
You think? Oh, goody.
Chubby! We don't have
time for cookies.
We're assembling
an army of savages.
Oh, he-he, okay.
- Meek.
- That's right, Beep.
I am Boo Boo Squeal.
Leader of the Mice Side
and I'm seeking Badgum and Beep.
I hear they are ruthless.
- Meek.
- If you know where they are, speak up.
Reveal their lair.
I have a proposition
for them, they can't refuse.
- Meek, meek, meek.
- Get the coordinates
to this urchin, Chubby.
Don't let it out
of your sight, obviously.
It's leading us
to those warriors.
Coordinates locked, Boo Boo.
Well, we got away
from Kitty Clank's claws.
I wonder how many more things
Boo Boo has in store for us.
He only needs a gang because he
hasn't yet gained full Sauce power.
If he does that,
he'll be a one-mouse army again,
and no one will be able
to stop him.
But we stopped him
once before, B.
Don't you think
we can do it again?
I believe in the Sauce,
With the Sauce,
all things are possible.
Greetings, Nice Siders.
Whoa! Princess Sparklefeather.
My heavens. It's the Princess.
I heard your message, Nuke. I've been waiting
for you to get closer, so that I can respond.
- I wielded Sauce power.
- You did, Nuke.
It was very smart of you to call
from the Sauce Dimension.
Otherwise, I'd have
never known of this menace.
I hope Commander Ham Sanders
was of help in your mission.
Yes. He saved us
from Kitty Clanks claws.
Wonderful. Hammy's
never let me down.
Princess, Boo Boo's dispatched a gang
of bounty hunters to come after us.
He was even able to enter the Sauce
Dimension while we were there.
This is terrible news. So,
Boo Boo's really intent on restarting war?
Yeah, but... but he hasn't gotten his
little rodent hands on full Sauce power yet
and he won't if we have
anything to say about it.
I'll handle
Boo Boo Squeal, Nuke.
But Princess,
your honeymoon! You'll let...
Honeymoon? Ugh, I'm bored.
I wanna return to my warrior
princley duties at once.
Hooray for
Princess Sparklefeather.
Oh, what kind
of trickery is this?
You creatures had better
stop wasting my time.
I'm seeking the fierce warriors
Badgum and Beep.
That's us.
I'm Badgum.
He's Beep.
You've got to be kidding.
Is this some kind of joke?
What do you want, mister?
You mean to tell me we located
that little ball
of fluffy feather for this?
Oh, boy.
They're so cute.
- I think I'm going to melt.
- Chubby?
- Yes, Boo Boo?
- Uh, shut it.
I was told you two
are the most vicious specimens
this planet has to offer,
is this true?
We are vicious.
- You are?
- Absolutely.
- Meek, Meek.
- What can you do?
We get them with cuteness.
You... You what?
We're so impossibly cute,
you see.
OMG. They are
so unbelievably cute.
Uh, I think I'm going to burst.
That's how we work.
We get them
with ultimate cuteness.
Nobody can survive
our cuteness. Nobody.
If you want to hire us,
it'll cost you a bucket of sardines.
- MeeK.
- Two buckets.
I think I'm getting a migraine.
Do you need your fish oil,
Boo Boo?
No, I don't need my fish oil.
Argh! I need
evil scary creatures
to assemble my army.
I need to get that Sauce.
If I can just regain full Sauce
power, all of this can go away.
No more mouthy pachyderms.
No more bumbling henchmen.
No more fluffy space penguins.
Oh, just Sauce.
Flowing, boiling,
bubbling, churning Sauce.
- Pouring, puddling...
- Boo Boo.
Sauce! Uh, Sauce!
Hey, Boo Boo!
All the Sauce power.
- Boo Boo!
- What?
The Sauce Dimension?
You did it, Boo Boo. We're back
in the Sauce Dimension.
I did it.
I did it!
The Zooverse is mine.
Uh, Boo Boo.
Yeah, I think we have company.
Princess Sparklefeather.
Hello again, Boo Boo.
Uh, what are you doing here?
I came to stop
your impossibly evil plans.
Oh, yeah?
We shall see about that.
I'm glad you're here.
We have unfinished business,
you and I.
I thought we had settled
our business, Boo Boo.
As you can clearly see,
I've regained Sauce power.
The peace treaty is over.
It's war, Princess, and there's
nothing you can do about it!
That's where you're
wrong, Boo Boo.
You may be strong
with the Sauce, but so am I.
Are you challenging me?
Indeed I am. Come at me, Boo.
Let's see what you got.
Mushroom Sauce and Tartar Sauce.
Mayonnaise Sauce.
That's powerful Sauce, Boo Boo.
You underestimated me, Princess.
Now you and all of the Zooverse
will feel my wrath.
Not so fast, mouse.
- Eh, eh, eh?
- Mayonnaise.
Oh, ow. Ow, you crafty,
pink pachyderm, you.
- Ponzu.
- Ow.
- Sambal.
- Argh!
If it's a fight you
want, it's a fight you'll get.
Sauce Choron.
Oh. Hollandaise.
Oh, no, agrodolce? No.
Ha-ha. Eh, give up?
Don't make me laugh.
I will never give up.
Surrender and join me, Princess.
The Mice Side
could use your talents.
Me? Join the Mice Side? Never.
Very well then,
you leave me no choice
but to destroy you.
- Oh.
- Gochujang!
- Oh!
- Gravy!
Time's up, Nice Siders.
Prepare to meet your maker.
Time to turn up the heat
on the burners, carbon-based.
Are you familiar with the term,
"The best defense is a good offense?"
I sure am, B.
Is that all you've got
in your nicey-nice cannons?
Take this.
You never should have
come back here, Princess.
Your miscalculation
will be your undoing.
Surrender, Boo Boo.
Surrender to your true nature.
I know there's good in you,
Boo Boo.
You too have a nice side.
Ah. Wow.
What did you say?
Time to finish this,
Arrabiata sauce.
- Oh.
- Cocktail sauce.
- Oh.
- Devil's hot sauce.
I know mice can be nice.
You know what? Ew, no, never.
Look within, search yourself,
there is nice, mice can be nice.
No, no, no. I'm not nice.
Uh, Boo Boo.
Not now, Chubby.
Kiss your Nice Side and a Zooverse
goodbye, Sparklefeather.
It's all mine now.
Just one more thing, Boo Boo.
Oh, last words?
By all means,
what have you got to say?
Uh, Boo Boo?
Go ahead, Princess, out with it.
- Duck sauce.
- What?
And Thua sauce.
But, how? Huh?
Boo Boo, uh, we're approaching the Nebula Nine
wormhole. Do you want me to reverse thrusters?
Eh, aw... What?
Aah! Stop.
Au jus veal.
Baham pepper sauce.
Aw, oh, no.
Oh, no, no!
Boo Boo, we're nearing
the Nebula Nine vacuum,
we need to reverse
course now or never.
He can't give the order, Chubby.
You need to think for yourself.
Boo Boo is busy
with a stare-down.
Uh, think for myself?
Oh boy, oh boy. Ha-ha.
I get to be the villain
for a change. Goodie.
Uh-uhm, what would a villain do?
Coot-Coot's gonna
blast us to bits, B-52.
Unless he runs out
of laser ammunition,
or we get him first,
Keep firing.
Don't worry, I will.
Hey guys, I'm back.
Never happier to see you.
I'll be there my friend
By your side
I'll be there too
Let's take a ride
Rudy can sing
I'll be with you
No matter what
I'll be there too
In a hardship and in glee
I'll be there
I'll be there my friend,
you'll see
Enough singing and a little
more action here, guys.
- By all means, say goodbye, Kit-Kit.
- Oh, no!
This isn't over.
It is for you, Coot-Coot.
Oh, wow, I'm dizzy.
That's a common
carbon-based weakness.
Focus on
a fixed point and breathe.
Did I do good?
You did great, Rudy, thanks.
Huh. Eh, any time.
Hold on, there's another
transmission coming in.
There are you guys are. Why do move so fast?
That's the way we do things out
here in space, cubicle creature.
- Slim.
- Oh, that reminds me,
I've been thinking
about this name thing,
Slim Green Star
sounds cool and everything,
but I don't think it's really
kinda for me, you know?
I'm gonna stick with Marty.
Oh, I think that's
a great idea, Marty.
Any news on the Gouda?
Yep, okay, I finally got
It's coming right for you.
The, the Gouda is coming for us?
It is indeed.
It's Boo Boo Squeal.
What's he doing?
They're nearing
the Nebula Nine wormhole.
Your contempt for the Zooverse
is turning against you, Boo Boo.
Repent and join the Nice Side.
Join you?
You must be living on Sauce.
It's the Sparkle Express.
Alright, it's time
to play villain
while Boo Boo is busy
in the stare-down.
Arming laser guns.
Yes, yes, yes.
Take that,
Sparkle Express.
I'm an evil pachyderm.
I'm so evil.
Not again.
Hold on tight, living organism.
Someone's Sauce power
must win, Princess.
I agree, Boo Boo, bring it.
- Peanut.
- Tomato sauce.
- Oh.
- Pesto.
No. Creole.
Ooh, you're a formidable
foe, Princess.
It's going to be
a shame to defeat you. Ha-ha.
Likewise, Boo Boo.
It's not too late.
Eh, oh, but it is,
pink pachyderm.
It is.
- Sauce Espagnole.
- Salsa.
No. Ew, it's not over,
I won't concede defeat.
I still possess Sauce power.
Oh, no. Boo Boo, I think we're
being sucked into the wormhole.
What? Er, uh, um... Why?
Well, I was trying
to act as the villain-in-chief,
uh, since you were occupied with
your, your guest, eh, eh.
Initiated a laser battle with
the Sparkle Express and then...
The Sparkle Express?
Ugh. They're here?
Yes, Boo Boo,
but it seems as if the battle
with the Sparkle Express
caused the Gouda
to lose its trajectory,
and now we're spinning
out of control
towards the wormhole.
Wormholes erase everything,
Boo Boo.
It's back to square one for you.
And you too.
It's too late to escape,
you're going down with us.
That's where you're wrong. I was never here
to begin with, you're talking to a hologram.
- What?
- Yup.
I wanna thank you two for fighting
so hard to defend the Zooverse.
The Nice Side is truly honored
to have you in its service.
Ah, uh, oh, shucks.
Uh-huh, thanks, Princess.
I'm not heroic,
I'm just programmed in that way.
Humble as always, B-52.
Don't ever change.
It's not possible, Princess,
my motherboard is fixed on hero.
Well, that's good to know.
Where are we, Chubby?
In the 37th quadrant.
Just around the Twin-Island
planets, Boo Boo.
Ooh, aah, he-he.
Oh, goodie.
I need a vacation.
Chubby, set coordinates
to Twin-Island planets
and, uh, book me a suite
at the Six Space Seasons.
Right away, Boo Boo. Uh, what about
evil, Boo Boo? Got any new plans?
Let somebody else take on
evil duty for a while.
Oh, I need a massage.
So, the Nice Side
reigns victorious,
and the Mice Side
is vanquished, eh?
And those fools
actually think peace will last,
but they've forgotten
all about me.
They thought it was bad before,
well, wait till they get
a load of fl...