Zoombies 2 (2019) Movie Script

[ rattling ]
[ man ] All right,
people, listen up.
We're going in, and we're taking
as many animals as we can.
Now, there's not a lot of time,
so we gotta move quick. Layne?
- Yeah?
- I want you to take your camera
and record everything.
We need to show our investors
that they're getting
their money's worth.
[ Layne ] You got it.
[ man #2 ] Hey, boss,
is Jezel coming with us?
- She's gonna parachute in
and open the gate for us
so we can get in.
[ man #2 ] Man, she's crazy.
- [ chuckles ]
You're telling me.
All right, let's load up!
- Yes, boss!
- Yes, boss!
[ parachute rustles ]
[ keypad beeps ]
- You're late.
[ grunts ]
[ laughs ]
All right, move in. Layne.
- Yeah, boss?
- You're on inventory.
- Copy.
- Animal cages? Cable nets?
- Check.
- Pheromones?
Tranquilizer darts?
Two pistols and a rifle?
- Check and check.
- Use those sparingly.
- Nobody wants a tiger hide
full of bullet holes.
All right, people. We're in this
for the money. Let's go!
[ animal squealing ]
- I've just about
had it with you.
- [ squealing ]
- What's in that stuff?
- Snips and snails
and puppy dog tails.
- Come on. Tell me.
- It's a cocktail
of my own creation,
paralyzes the animal
from within,
and the tiny dart tip penetrates
the skin without damaging it.
- [ squealing ]
- That bastard,
he's gonna give us away.
- Then shut him up.
Let me see that.
Ugh. So much noise.
Now I could think. Let's go.
- [ growling ]
- Layne, you're with me.
you've got Canada's finest.
- Gentlemen, we're going
for the big game.
Jezel, stick close
to the western edge.
- We have to be out by sunrise,
before the rangers
do their morning sweep.
- I'll see you in four hours.
Hey, be careful.
- Aww. You actually care?
- You don't?
- Depends, if you
come back for me.
- Always.
- Ah.
Get out of here before I have to
punch some more sense into you.
- Hmm.
- [ chittering ]
- Ah, guess he found his friend.
- Good. Now that they know
what they're up against,
those little thugs
will leave us alone.
- Poor little guy.
[ laughs ]
- [ chittering ]
[ group chittering ]
[ snarling ]
[ wind blowing ]
[ large animal grunting ]
- Vedder.
- Copy that, boss.
[ Layne ] I didn't know
this zoo had this many animals.
- This isn't a zoo.
It's a refuge.
- What's the difference
between a refuge and a zoo?
- A refuge is where animals go
before they go to the zoo.
You'll do good
to educate yourself.
- Yeah.
- Now help me open this gate.
[ animal groans ]
- Jackpot.
- I'm gonna play
with my new toy.
- Here.
- Dart.
- Hey, will that stuff work on
something as big as an elephant?
- We're about to find out.
[ animal chitters ]
- Bro, what was that?
- Don't worry about it.
[ group chittering ]
- Hey, what are those things?
- I don't really know,
but they're
getting around us real fast.
- Hell, no.
- I don't see anything.
[ chittering,
snarling continue ]
- [ screams ]
- [ screams ]
- [ rifle fires ]
- [ screaming ]
[ screaming ]
Ah, shit! [ screaming ]
- [ screaming ]
- [ gunfire ]
- [ chittering ]
[ snarls ]
- [ screaming ]
- Vedder! We are leaving!
- Here!
We gotta get out of here, man!
[ gasping ]
[ Jezel clicking tongue ]
Don't be shy.
Come on out.
Mama Jezel
wants to come out and play.
Give me the bag.
[ spraying ]
- Ugh. That smell.
- They'll think it's their mom
- Nobody's home.
- [ chittering ]
- Wait.
Come on out.
I'm your friend.
Get the cage ready.
Come on out to play.
Come on now, baby.
[ twig snaps ]
- What's that sound?
- Calm down.
You're scaring him.
- I hear footsteps.
- Stop being paranoid,
and help me.
Get the berries.
Step right in...
just like that.
Mama needs a new pair of shoes.
Just like that.
Got it.
- Easy money.
- Told you.
All right.
[ sighs ]
- [ porcupine chitters ]
- Oh.
Mama porcupine.
Oh, don't be mad.
We just took your baby.
You can have more.
- [ squeals ]
- All right, let's go.
- Stop.
- Layne, run.
- [Australian accent ]
Put the gun down
right now.
- Ooh. I love
a man with an accent.
- I said drop it.
- Fine.
Wow, chill.
- How many more are there?
- Porcupines?
- More of you, smartass.
- We came alone.
- You're lying.
Cuff 'em both.
- Told you I heard footsteps.
- Shut up, Layne.
- Why don't you both shut up?
- [ chitters ]
- Hey, little one.
No one's gonna hurt you anymore.
What did you shoot her up with?
- A magic potion. I'm a witch.
- Is this all
some kind of game to you?
- Yes!
[ laughing ]
Oh, come on. It's not like
they're endangered or anything.
- Take our new friends.
Put 'em in the back of the jeep.
Isaiah, bring a second cage.
I want to keep
the mother separate
until we know
what's going on with her.
- Yeah. You got it.
- It's all right, sweetheart.
I know just the person
who's gonna fix you up.
[ music playing ]
- [ grunting ]
[ animal squealing ]
- Hi, Rosie.
Got a big day.
- Yo. Good news. Bike's fixed.
- K.D., you can be
a mechanic in your next life,
but today, can you please
stick to being a vet?
- Oh, it's her graduation?
- Yeah. She can't stay
in here her whole life.
- That the Ginga vaccine?
- Among other things.
If the herd rejects her,
she'll need as many advantages
as we can give her.
- Aww. She'll be fine.
You think we should sedate her?
- I just gave her
a mild sedative,
but I can't protect her forever.
- Hey.
- They call it a jungle
for a reason.
- Brooke! Hock's on the radio!
- Uh, I'm busy.
Can you take a message?
- He got some poachers.
- Randy, are you okay?
How many poachers are there?
- Two that we know of so far.
We managed to catch 'em
before they did too much damage.
- What kind of damage
are we talking about?
- They shot a crested porcupine
with some kind of toxin.
- Okay, toxin.
Can you be more specific?
- I'm not sure. I need you
to take a look at her
for yourself. Be there soon.
- You're bringing
the poachers here?
- Unless you got a better idea
where we should hold them
for pickup.
- You bring those
animal butchers back here,
and I will not be
held responsible for my actions!
- Easy, Brooke. See you in five.
- She sounds
like quite the charmer.
- Lady, you have no idea.
- We can stay here if you want.
- And let those animal thieves
ruin Rosie's big day? No way.
She's being released back
into the wild as scheduled.
- All right. You heard the boss.
Let's load up Rosie
and take her home.
- Wait.
If you're gonna go out there,
you need protection.
- But we got tranquilizer guns
in the jeep.
- These aren't for the animals.
- You think
there's more poachers.
- Well, if there is,
- then we need to be protected.
- Oh, please.
If you really want
to get back at those poachers,
hose 'em down with these,
animal pheromones.
- [ chuckles ]
Then all the cheetahs, boars,
and antelopes of the refuge
would chase 'em down.
- Humped to death by a lion.
[ men laughing ]
- If that don't teach a poacher,
nothing will.
- [ laughs ]
- K.D., I'm serious.
You watch yourself out there.
- Yeah.
Come on.
- Logan, let's go prepare
for our guest.
[ Vedder panting ]
Gotta get out of here.
Wait. No, stop. Stop.
Can't breathe.
[ panting ] Oh, God!
- How bad is it?
- It's bad!
- Let me see.
- It's bad! No!
- Show me. Show me.
- No, no, no.
- Oh, God!
- Oh, God. No.
- Okay. Okay.
Uh, there's first aid
in the truck.
- No. No, I'm not
going back there!
- But you could die
of an infection!
- We'll die if we go back there!
- What do you wanna do?
- We gotta get the hell
out of here, man! [ groans ]
The base must be nearby.
- Whoa! You want us
to turn ourselves in?
- It's better than being dead!
- [ grunting ]
- What animal was that?
- I'm not sticking around
to find out!
- No! We have come too far
and done too much
to get arrested now!
- You wanna die in here?
- The wall, over the wall.
We'll climb over.
- I can't climb with this hand.
- I'll boost you up.
- No. We gotta get
the hell out of this place
before someone else gets killed!
- I am not getting arrested
because you decide
to grow a conscience!
Now get up there!
- [ grunting ]
- Move!
- [ both scream ]
- [ screams ]
- [ screaming ]
- Is the prep area clear?
- Let me see the porcupines.
- [ snarling ]
- How long has she
looked like this?
- She didn't look like that
when I picked her up.
- Is it rabies? Or peritonitis?
- The babies are fine.
- She's gonna chew through that.
- Yeah.
Logan, give me five ccs of
pentobarbital to keep her calm.
- On it.
- Hock, where do you want 'em?
- What did you do to her?
- Lady, you're gonna
have to beat it out of me!
- You're a monster!
- Hey, hey, hey,
calm down.
You're better than that.
We'll get justice, but we'll
do it the right way, okay?
- Jail? [ laughs ]
Been there. Done that.
[ Hock ] Lock 'em to the bench.
Secure the weapons.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.
- Wow, this is nice.
What is this, Gucci?
- Careful!
That's a custom-made item.
- Let's go.
- So you like
to shoot things, huh?
- You have no idea.
- [ laughs ]
Hey, what if
I have to use the potty?
- Use this.
- You gonna be okay?
- [ breathes deeply ]
- I'll behave.
- Okay.
I'm gonna call it in,
organize a pickup.
- Okay.
- [ porcupine snarling ]
- Logan, where are you? ndale!
- I'm coming. I'm coming. Sorry.
- Uh, dispatch, this is
Animal Rescue. You read?
- This is dispatch. Over.
- [ snarling ]
- I have it.
- Yeah, we're gonna need
a chopper out here stat.
- What's the situation?
- What's the soonest
you can be here?
- In about six hours.
- Six hours?
- [ hissing ]
- I didn't know
they could do that.
- They can't.
- This stuff barely fazed her.
- Give me another five ccs.
- But that'll kill her.
- And the disease
she's carrying can't?
I can't help her until I
calm down her convulsions.
- Here.
- Just get here when you can.
They're sending
a chopper for pickup,
but they won't be here
for six hours.
- Six hours? Randy, really?
They can't get one here
any faster?
- I guess animal thieves aren't
high on the priority list.
- Okay, well,
I don't think I can handle them
being here for six more minutes.
- Well, don't.
Just go to your lab.
I'll take care of them.
- [ sighs ]
- Logan, let's get to work.
In 60 minutes, we'll wake 'em
and do a urine
and alkaline test.
I want to get started right away
on the blood work
to find out a...
- You okay?
- [ sighs ] Yeah.
Uh, just the stress, I guess.
- Here. Here's some water.
Look, don't worry.
Those poachers will get
what's coming to 'em.
- Will they?
'Cause what if
there are no consequences?
- Help! Help!
Help me! Help!
- Randy!
- Help!
- Randy! Randy! Randy!
He tried to break in to the lab!
- Who did?
- They're gonna kill us!
They're gonna kill us all!
Close the doors!
Load up the guns!
They're gonna kill us!
- Toronto?
- How many more of you
are out there?
- Dead! Dead! They're all dead.
- Who's dead?
- Everyone!
- Damn it, stop questioning him,
and start helping him!
We'll tell you
everything you want to know!
- Where's he bleeding from?
- Hard to tell.
It's everywhere.
- This isn't his blood.
- Of course it's not my blood!
- They did it!
- Who did this?
- The animals!
- What animals?
- Uh...
they looked like, uh...
some little meerkats
and a rhino.
I swear to God. They did it!
- Killer meerkats?
You high or something?
- He sure is.
- What does that
have to do with anything?
- Why don't you believe me?
- Oh, I believe you.
I believe you're
baked out of your mind.
- I am not high!
- You know,
this stuff
makes you see crazy things.
Sometimes it makes you
do crazy things.
- I didn't kill
any of my friends.
- What happened? They threaten
to take your cut or something?
I don't know
how it works with you guys.
- I didn't kill anybody!
- Prove it.
- I'm not going back out there.
- Cuff him.
- I came here for help!
I came here to warn you!
- And you are gonna help.
We're gonna find your friends.
Some of 'em
might still be alive.
- I'm not going back out there.
- What are you trying to hide?
- Maybe someone's alive,
but I don't think so.
- Put him in the jeep.
- I told you I'm not
going back out there!
Why don't you believe me?
- I'll believe you
once you take me to your pals
and you show me where this animal
attack apparently happened.
- The animals are going crazy!
They want our blood!
- They want revenge!
- Come on, buddy! We're leaving!
- If we go out there,
we're gonna die!
[ groans ]
- Don't worry.
He's still conscious.
- What did you do to me?
You don't know
what you're doing.
You're making a mistake.
- Maybe he's telling the truth!
- Toronto wouldn't hurt
any of us.
- The jungle's gonna eat you
and your team alive, warden.
[ ranger ] Shut up, and move!
- [ sighs ] Looks like I'm
gonna have to break a promise.
- No.
- Yeah. Looks like
you're gonna have
to deal with them after all.
- But what if he's right?
- About the animal attacks?
Come on.
He was high as a hyena.
- You saw
how that porcupine was acting.
Okay, what if other animals
are acting the same way?
- Remember the kids
from Morocco?
- Yeah, the ones who tried
to steal the colobus monkeys.
- The kids were
so high on shrooms,
they probably thought
King Kong was after 'em.
- I suppose.
- You gonna be okay?
I can leave Isaiah here
if you need a hand.
- No. Logan and I
can handle the ladies.
And besides, K.D. and the others
will be back soon.
- Okay. I'll be back soon, too.
- Okay.
- Hey!
- Hey, hey! Can you at least
let us out of this room?
- We won't go anywhere.
We promise.
- You're not going anywhere
until the chopper gets here.
- What if Toronto's right
and the animals come in here
and try to get us?
- Then I guess you'll know what
it feels like to be poached.
- Is that a threat?
Hey! Come back here!
- Hello?
- We're not done!
- Logan, get me the syringe.
Let's see
what's gotten into you.
- My guess is you guys broke in
through the east gate, yeah?
- Hey, he's talking to you!
- I don't remember.
- Listen. Cooperate with me,
I'll make sure your girlfriends
get a good deal
when the authorities
come to pick 'em up.
- Yes. Yeah, we came in
through the east gate,
hiked in a few miles.
- What were you hunting,
- Elephants.
- Right.
Well, they do share
the same territory.
- Meerkats? No! No!
No, no, no, no!
Turn around right now!
- What, 'cause of meerkats?
- Turn around right now!
- Oh, and, uh,
termites live here, too.
- Yeah, and all the little
animals that suck 'em up.
- [ inhaling ]
- [ laughs ]
Hey, good one, brother.
- [ laughs ]
- You guys
are actually brothers?
- Yeah.
- The resemblance is uncanny.
Why are we slowing down?
Are your guns loaded?
- Chill.
I don't see anyone.
[ Toronto ] There! Right there!
- Isaiah, come with me.
Let's look for survivors.
- Wait!
Wait, wait, wait!
You're leaving?
- Mike, keep an eye
on our friend.
- Copy.
- I showed you
what you wanted me to!
They were killed!
- Stop talking!
- I didn't do it!
Why don't you believe me?
- Meerkats didn't do this.
Body parts everywhere.
[ animal chittering ]
Stay back.
- [ chittering ]
- [ winces ]
- Oh!
- [ squeals ]
[ chittering stops ]
[ animals snarling ]
- What the hell is that?
- Yeah, what is that?
- [ screams ]
- Isaiah!
- Hit it!
[ Isaiah yelling ]
- Oh, man!
- [ screaming ] Get it off!
- Come on! Hit it!
- No!
- What'd I tell you, warden?
The jungle's
getting its revenge!
- I still think
we're releasing her too early.
Look at how scared she is.
- Nah. She's a fighter.
- Just hope one of those crocs
doesn't snatch her up.
- Whoa! You trying
to scare her or something?
Look, Rosie is gonna
acclimate just fine.
- [ thud ]
- [ animal squeals ]
You okay?
- Yeah, I'm good.
- What the hell was that?
- Oof.
Poor bloke
didn't stand a chance.
- It looked like it was dead
before we hit it.
- Hey, let's get Rosie
out of the cage.
- Yeah.
- Sorry about my driving, Rosie,
but you're home now,
and I bet the other hippos
can't wait to welcome you in.
Speaking of which...
- Where are the other hippos?
Hmm. Okay, well,
there's definitely
something not right
going on here.
I mean, the virus,
it just keeps spreading,
and the antibodies--
Oh, wait.
[ gasps ]
- What is it?
- That woman is a monster.
- Brooke,
don't do anything crazy.
- She's gonna answer for this.
- Oh.
- Where did you
get noradrenaline?
- I don't know
anybody by that name.
- No wonder it took
ten ccs of tranquilizer
to sedate that porcupine.
You baked her brain
with liquid aggression.
- What are you talking about?
The toxin paralyzes them
from the inside out.
If anything, it gave 'em a high
they'll never forget.
- Did you see
how that porcupine was acting?
Did it look like she was high
on mushrooms? You lunatic!
- Well, maybe I made a mistake.
- A mistake?
- Yeah.
It could happen to anybody.
- You shoot up an animal
with toxic chemical,
and all you can think to say
is that you made a mistake?
- Like, who cares?
- I care!
- And why?
- What?
- This planet is wasting away.
I'm just trying to make some
cash before we're all extinct.
[ laughs ] Stop looking at me
like I'm a Judas.
There's more people like me
out there than you anyway.
- Hock to base. Come in.
Whoever's there, pick up.
[ Brooke ] Hock,
have you found any others?
- Yeah,
- and I'm afraid he was right.
- Right about what?
Right about the animal attacks
or the poachers?
- All of it.
Isaiah's dead.
- How?
- Aardvark attack.
- [ scoffs ]
Aardvarks aren't aggressive.
- Well, this one was.
I don't know what's going on.
- Oh, God. What about K.D.?
- What about him?
- He and the others
went to release
the baby hippo to the wild.
Okay, if the animals are acting
crazy and they're out there--
- Don't worry about K.D.
I need you to secure the base
and keep an eye
on our two friends, okay?
- I think I know
what's causing this.
When will you be back?
- Soon. We'll radio
as soon as we get eyes on K.D.
Don't let any more animals
in the building.
K.D., you there?
Vet team, I need you to state
your last position. Over.
We need to get to the river,
get eyes on K.D.
- Hey, hey!
Are you gonna take these off?
What if the animals
attack again?
How am I supposed
to defend myself?
- You won't.
- What am I supposed to do?
- Run, fast.
- Logan,
check on the porcupines.
If the mama's awake,
sedate her and the babies.
Then lock up the lab.
For now, it's gonna be
our quarantine zone.
- Quarantine?
- There's a strong possibility
this affliction is contagious.
Go to the lab now.
I'm gonna figure out
what started this
in the first place.
How do I get this dart out?
- Screw you.
[ both laugh ]
- Fine.
- Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
- I'll get it out this way.
- Whoa! Whoa!
- Okay, you just...
push the latch toward you
to-- to the back.
- Thanks.
Now who's gonna tell me
what this is made out of?
Are we gonna do that
the hard way, too?
- [ chuckles ]
- [ snarling ]
- Oh, shit.
Here, porky, porky, porky.
Here, porky.
Where you at?
Logan's got
something tasty for you.
Where you at?
Want to dance?
Bring it.
- [ clattering ]
- Logan?!
- [ snarling ]
- [ screaming ]
- [ snarling ]
[ skittering ]
[ snuffling ]
[ grunting ]
[ watch alarm beeps ]
[ beeping stops ]
[ hisses ]
[ footsteps pattering ]
- Ahh!
- [ hisses ]
- [ yelps ]
- [ snarling ]
- Get off of me!
- [ snarling ]
- You're a bad mama.
[ groaning ]
[ panting ]
[ winces ]
[ sighs ]
[ women screaming ]
- [ muffled scream ]
- [ screams ]
- [ squealing ]
- Get--Get it off!
Get it off her face!
- [ screaming ]
- [ yells ]
- You need something thick,
like a-- a glove, yeah!
Pull it off of her! She's dying!
- I--It's on too tight!
- [ screams ]
- [ screams ]
- [ screaming ]
[ sighs ]
[ panting ]
Oh, my God.
[ gasps ]
- What?! What?!
- Your shoulder!
- [ yells ]
[ panting ]
- Hock to K.D.! Are you there?
- They're probably already dead.
- Is anybody talking to you?
- Face it, warden. We're not
the kings of the jungle anymore!
- Vet team, do you read?
En route to your
assumed location by the river.
Can you confirm
you're there? Over.
- Looks like the mothers
are taking to her.
- Let's just hope
the bulls take to her as well.
[ hooves pounding ]
That's odd.
- Yeah. Nothing should be
herding around this time of day.
[ hooves pounding ]
Oh, my God!
[ yells ]
It's a stampede!
Oh, my God!
Dear Lord,
I come to you in fear.
- Less talk! More running!
[ both yelling ]
- Go! Go, go, go! Ahh!
- Need a ride?
- Get in, now!
- [ K.D. ] Oh, thank you, Jesus!
- All right, guys.
[ Hock ] Wait.
What just happened?
- Go, go, go, go, go! Come on!
- Go! Go!
- I'm trying!
- Come on!
- Something's wrong.
I think it's flooded.
- Go!
- Yeah, well,
you better figure it out now!
- K.D., what do I do?!
- Push the pedal,
and press the button!
Then push the button!
Push the button!
- Got it!
Why didn't you just say so?
[ both scream ]
- Go!
- Got it!
- Come on, man!
- Go!
- [ tires squeal ]
- Whoa!
- Ford!
- W-Wait!
- We gotta shoot these bastards!
- Huh?
- [ gunshot ]
- Oh, God!
[ yelps ]
- Your little BB gun
isn't gonna hurt these things!
Uncuff me!
Do you want everyone to die?
- Take his cuffs off!
- What? You're gonna uncuff him?
- You're gonna thank me.
- And you're
gonna give him a gun?
You're gonna
give a bad guy a gun!
- [ laughing ] Die!
- They're gonna hit us!
They're gonna hit us!
You gotta go fast! Go!
- [ guns firing ]
- [ yells ]
- To the right! To the right!
- Hey, man,
tell him to get-- get away!
Drive the other way!
- Why won't you die?
- Get down!
- No, no, no, no, no! No!
- [ screams ]
[ all screaming ]
[ Brooke panting ]
[ screams ]
[ panting ]
- Hey, girl, are you okay?
Are you dying, too?
Because if you are,
I really don't wanna starve
to death in this room...
with this dead body!
- [ grunts ]
- Come on!
I wouldn't leave you to die
next to your dead friend
on the floor. Come on!
- Shut up!
[ winces ]
- Come on, lady! Help me!
[ sighs ]
- Randy? Are you there?
It's Brooke.
Randy, answer me!
K.D., are you there? Hello?
Is anyone out there?
Is anyone out there? Please!
I'm all alone.
[ sighs ]
What guarantee do I have if I
let you out, you don't hurt me?
- My main concern is
the porcupine had rabies,
so we need to disinfect
your wound immediately.
Do you have any rabies
immunoglobulin on hand?
- Of course.
- Good. We need
to get you a shot
before it compromises
your immune system.
- How do you know all this?
- I'm more than just good looks
- and killer tattoos.
- [ chuckles ]
- I also think
I know how to fix this.
- How?
- The toxin,
it's obviously what's
driving these animals crazy.
I created it,
so I can counteract it.
But I can't do it
while I'm locked up.
I'm also concerned
about your quill wounds.
- I know. I was just about
to take a blood sample of it
to see if the toxin
you shot that porcupine up with
got in my system, too.
- Even if it did, you're immune.
- You don't know that.
- I made sure the toxin
didn't kill people
when I created it.
I'm not completely evil.
[ thunder crashing ]
- [ sputters ]
What the...
- Easy.
K.D., he's awake!
- [ winces ]
What happened?
- You got thrown from the jeep
when we crashed.
I thought you might take it
the wrong way
if I slapped you awake, so I
used a little water instead.
[ thunder rumbling ]
- Where's Mike?
The other ranger.
- I didn't, uh, want to leave
his body out in the rain,
so I found a blanket
in the jeep.
Also, I found your gun
and some ammo.
- You stayed?
- Don't know where
the hell else I would go.
- [ grunts ]
- where are we?
- [ sighs ]
Out by the western border.
- Close to base?
- About a mile and a half,
maybe two.
- So walking distance.
- Yeah.
- [ K.D. ] What?!
Are you crazy?
You want us to walk?
Who knows what else is out there
waiting to rip us in half?
- It's fine. We'll radio Brooke.
We'll get her to come
pick us up in the SUV.
- No. Radio's smashed.
I checked.
- Okay. Grab what you can.
- So--So you want us
to go on a nature hike
right now?
- Look, if we stay calm,
move quietly,
I think we'll be okay.
- No! Th-This is not going on!
This-- This is not supposed
to be happening!
It was just a few hours ago,
I just woke up!
I had plans.
I was supposed to get on the--
uh, a bike.
I was supposed
to go see the-- the zebras.
- I want you
to stay with me, K.D.!
- I did not sign up for this!
- Yes, you did!
Took an oath to protect
the animals, remember?
- But who is gonna protect us?
- You need to hold it
together, man.
- Oh! You!
You are gonna
tell me what to do?!
If it wasn't for you,
we wouldn't even
be in this mess
in the first place!
- K.D.!
- [ grunting ]
- [ spits ]
- Stop!
- No, it's okay. Let him go.
Come on. I deserve it.
Come on. Take a shot.
- Snap out of it, K.D.!
We need your help right now.
Look, you know this area
better than everyone, right?
- Of course I do.
My dad designed it.
- Okay.
What's the best way
for us to get out of here?
[ thunder rumbling ]
- Through that gulch.
That'll take us back to base.
It'll be muddy...
with lots of bugs...
but we can make it.
- Then let's move.
I don't wanna be
out here after dark.
God only knows
what's gonna come after us then.
- Listen, Ms. Sullivan,
I need you to calm down.
- No! You listen to me!
- I've alerted
the enforcement agents
that are already
en route to your situation,
and they're
still being scheduled
to arrive before sundown.
The medical and coroner teams
are still being assembled.
- It's still being assembled?
What in the world is the holdup?
- Dr. Sullivan, the continuing
changes in the weather
and your remote location
provide challenges
in getting to you
as quickly as we'd like.
We're using
all available resources
and personnel
we have at our disposal.
You are not alone in this.
- Well, it sure feels
like I'm alone.
Is there anyone
that can get here faster?
- Be assured
we're doing our best.
- Well, if this is your best,
then your best sucks.
Ms. Sulliv--
- Get the hell away from me!
- Sorry! I slipped!
- You two cut it out.
- Yeah, well, keep him
the hell away from me.
- I said I'm sorry.
- Oh, okay, you're sorry.
What, is that
all you have to say
to the mothers of those
baby elephants you killed?
What about
those monkeys you steal
and sell to some debutantes
in Paris?
- Quiet.
- Whoa.
[ thunder rumbling ]
- Where are we?
- We're in the middle
of a game trail.
- A game trail?
- Yeah.
You know, a game trail,
sort of like what you
turned this whole refuge into!
- Would you two knock it off?
Looks like the animals are
starting to feed off each other.
[ animal growls ]
- We need to find a detour.
- But this is the quickest way.
- To what? Being pooped out
of whatever animal did this?
I don't think so.
- Toronto's right.
We need to get out in the open.
Hopefully then
we'll have a chance
to see the animals
before they see us.
- Yeah, but we
can't get back to base
unless we cross the bridge,
and the bridge
is right over this hill.
- Maybe we
don't cross the bridge.
Maybe we go under it.
- Your microscope
needs an upgrade.
- I put in a grant
for a new one.
- [ sighs ] Well, we had
the same problem at Princeton.
Can you believe that?
One of the top
Ivy League schools,
and we still had
cruddy lab stations.
- You went to Princeton?
- And Yale.
It's not so polite
to act so surprised.
- Well, I just didn't
think somebody who's--
- Like me?
Would blow every chance she had
up her nose or veins?
[ scoffs ]
Being an addict
and a whiz in chemistry
is a bad combination.
Did you make any contact?
- The chopper
that was dispatched earlier
is still three hours away.
Told them
we'd need a medical team,
and that's gonna take
even longer.
- [ glass rattles ]
- Whoa.
- Here. Let me help.
- No, no, no.
- [ Jezel ] I got it.
- [ chittering ]
- Whoa, careful.
Spike's in there.
- Spike?
- Yeah. While you
were on the radio,
I put the baby porcupine
in that box.
We're gonna need him
to test the antidote on,
which we can do...
now that I've successfully
reversed the toxin.
- You reversed it
that quickly? I--
That sounds way too easy.
- Oh, it was a bitch, trust me.
Luckily, I had the proteins
necessary to enable
the reaction.
- Where?
Surely this little vet clinic
didn't have all the chemicals
and compounds you would need.
- No...
but I do...
and so do you.
The enzymes necessary to reverse
the toxin is human blood.
Told you I was smart.
- I'm impressed.
- Ah, it was nothing.
- Just one question for you.
- Shoot.
- Why are you wasting your life
capturing exotic animals?
- [ squealing ]
[ Jezel ] Hey, hey, hey!
Calm down in there!
You don't want me to hurt you
like I did last time.
- You okay?
- [ squeals ]
- He's okay.
What about you? Any symptoms?
- Uh, no fever,
a little nauseous.
- Yeah, but you've been nauseous
before today, right?
At least two weeks
- How do you know that?
- Your blood sample
gave it away.
- Gave what away?
- You really don't know?
- I'm pregnant, aren't I?
- [ chuckles ]
- Okay, but if I'm infected
and then the virus
starts to attack--
- Humans are immune
to the toxin.
- You don't know that.
- I created it that way.
The virus can't attack proteins
in human blood.
It was my way of ensuring
the poachers
wouldn't kill themselves
while they're
in the jungle with it.
They're lousy shots.
- Jezel, if you're so smart,
why are you wasting
your life doing this?
- Maybe I'm not as smart
as you think I am.
- No, why do you hunt
and capture the animals?
- [ sighs ]
When you hurt like I hurt...
sometimes the only thing
that'll make you feel better
is hurting something back.
[ Spike squealing ]
- [ chuckles ] Guess they
have the last laugh now, huh?
[ chuckles ]
Payback is such a bitch.
- If you started this,
then you can finish it, too.
- Let's hope so.
- [ hisses ]
[ snarling ]
- We gotta go get him.
- Right.
- You first.
- You first.
- I think this is
where we'll need to cross.
[ K.D. ] Oh, hell, no! No!
You don't even know
what's in that water!
- We need to get
to the other side of the river.
- No! Absolutely not!
- Dude, just get your whiny butt
in the water.
- Toronto...
- No, who you calling wimpy?
- No, listen.
I'm talking about you.
You been complaining
this entire time.
- No, you--
- Toronto!
- What?!
- What?!
- Just stand very still.
- [ sighs ]
There's something behind me,
isn't there?
- I'm gonna count to three...
- Aww...
and then you move, okay?
- Move!
- [ K.D. screaming ]
[ panting ]
- I think
I owe you one for that.
- I'll put it on your tab.
We might need to go back.
- No! We're not
going back in there!
And we not getting in the water!
- K.D., I like you,
but I need you
to shut up so I can think.
Are we near the hippo dock?
- Oh, I thought
you wanted me to shut up.
- Oh, my God.
- Yes. Yes,
we're about the Hippo Dock.
- Good.
'Cause if I remember correctly,
it should be over here.
- What? What should be where?
- Transportation.
[ bowl rattles ]
- Sorry.
I don't like this.
We're supposed to be
counteracting the toxin,
not shooting
more animals with it.
- We don't have to use
the toxin.
We can load it
with whatever we want.
- Stay there,
and watch the door.
I don't think it's in here.
- [ sighs ]
- Well, there went
our test subject.
- We're gonna have to find
another animal that's infected.
- [ scoffs ] Just like that?
- What's the problem?
- The problem?
You've seen how the porcupine
acts on that disease.
Can you even imagine
a bigger animal, like a tiger?
- Exactly. That's why we need to
stop this as soon as possible.
- What? So we just go outside,
find another wild animal
that's crazed
and wants to kill us?
- Yeah.
- And what if we don't find one?
- [ sighs ]
Then we'll make one.
- [ K.D. ] Come on, guys.
Wait up.
- You know, I get it now.
- What's that?
- I get why you work so hard
to protect this place.
- Oh, yeah?
- It really is paradise.
- Well, we wouldn't have to work
so hard to protect it
if it weren't
for people like you.
- Yeah, that's why I think
I should work for you.
- [ chuckles ]
Why would I hire you?
- Eh, you saved my life.
You must see
something good in me.
- He didn't save your life
'cause he likes you.
He saved it 'cause--
I don't know.
- [ water lapping ]
- Shh!
- It's not another snake, is it?
- I don't know.
I thought I felt something...
something really big.
It's not much further. Come on.
[ Jezel ] Damn it.
Where's a bloodthirsty animal
when you need one?
- I don't like this, okay?
We're supposed to be curing
the animals, not infecting more.
- If the cure works,
it will reverse the infection,
but we won't know
until we try it first.
- We should go back and wait
for the chopper, wait for help.
- Do you know how many more
animals could turn before then?
- Okay, we're not equipped
to handle this.
- [ splashing ]
- Shh.
- Are you insane?
A crocodile is dangerous enough
without the toxin in its system.
- Do you see any better options?
This isn't exactly
a petting zoo.
- Let's keep looking.
- [ sighs ] Okay, fine.
- Good.
- Psyche.
- [ fires dart ]
- [ growling ]
- Wait.
- We need to see if it works.
- [ hissing ]
- Are you crazy?
Don't get so close.
- It's changing...
- Amphibians are coldblooded.
Makes sense that they
would process the toxin
differently than mammals would.
- [ growling ]
- [ gasps ]
- Give me the antidote!
Give me the antidote!
[ gasps ] Ohh!
I missed.
- [ screams ] No!
- No!
[ screaming ]
- Thanks for being a lousy shot.
- Is it dead?
- Looks like it's
in a sort of unconscious state,
maybe a coma.
- It's changing back.
[ chuckles ]
It's really working.
- It's working.
- [ Jezel laughs ]
I actually did something right!
- Quick, let's replicate this.
Come on.
- Looks like
the weather's clearing up.
- Yo, I'm tired.
- I know, but we gotta
keep moving, K.D. Keep going.
- Oh, come on.
Let the little wimp
take a break.
- Yo, shut up! And why did I
get the little boat, huh?
This thing don't even feel safe!
- That's good! Use that energy,
and paddle that little boat!
- [ laughs ]
- Don't make me laugh.
- Why not?
- 'Cause I don't like you.
- Oh, all my friends hate me.
We'll get along great.
- Ah, great. The poacher
wants to make friends
while we're at a zoo,
surrounded by zombie animals.
- Like zoombies.
[ Hock ] There's the lab.
Put your back into it, guys.
- [ hippo bellows ]
- What the...
- [ screams ]
Where'd it go?
- [ hippo grunts ]
- [ gasps ]
- Ohh!
- [ hippo grunts ]
- K.D.!
- No! This ain't fair!
I've spent my whole life
taking care of these animals!
I don't deserve this!
I saved you! I saved you!
I saved you!
- [ screaming ]
- No!
- That's a first.
- It's coming back!
It's coming back!
[ yells ]
[ hippo bellows ]
- Toronto!
Come on!
- Guess that makes us even.
- Don't mention it.
[ hippo grunting ]
[ pistol fires ]
- Randy!
- Brooke.
- I thought I lost you.
You didn't answer the radio.
- Sorry. The radios
got trapped wh--
I didn't think
you'd miss me so much.
- Everything's changed
I've changed.
We've changed.
It's all changed.
- Yeah.
- Toronto, please,
give me a break.
- She hasn't changed.
- We found a cure.
- Cure? This fast?
- Yeah. The key is human blood.
- We're immune to it.
- So if we combine our blood
with the original toxin--
- We can reverse
the change in the animals.
We can save them.
- Wait.
I feel like there's something
you guys aren't telling me.
- I found out a lot today.
- Like what?
- If I tell you,
it'll change
everything between us.
- I'm...
- [ growling ]
- [ screams ]
- It didn't work!
- Let's go!
- Come on!
- Grab something
to barricade the entrance!
- Got it!
- Why didn't the antidote work?
- The toxin's too strong.
You can't reverse it.
- Something must have
compromised the serum.
Outside air? Metal properties
when we put it in the dart?
God, I don't know.
- We'll worry about that later.
Right now, we need
to barricade this door.
- Brooke, what are you doing?
- It's fine!
- No, this is too heavy!
You could hurt your baby!
- Baby?
You're pregnant?
- I just found out.
- I guess we know
who the daddy is.
- I don't know what to say.
- Congratulations.
[ metal creaking ]
- Something's in the pipes.
- Wait here.
[ metal creaking ]
[ creaking continues ]
[ creaking continues ]
[ water bubbling ]
You gotta be kidding me.
[ crocodile bellowing ]
[ hisses ]
- It's in the building!
- [ gasps ]
- [ crocodile bellows ]
- [ screams ]
- Do you got
any more bullets left?
- It's useless.
- [ gun clatters ]
Bounced right off it
like Tic Tacs.
- I know
why the cure didn't work.
- Not now, Jezel.
- If we can't kill it,
then we're gonna
have to trap it.
- The cure will only work
in human blood.
I thought I could make
a synthetic substitute,
but it won't work
outside of our systems,
not in a dart, not in a syringe.
- Just be quiet, you two.
There's a freezer
in the kitchen.
Maybe we can lure it in there.
- Give me the cure
so I can put in me.
- No, no.
- Are you crazy? No.
- We are the missing ingredient.
Maybe that's
why they're attacking us,
not out of violence,
but out of the instinctive hope
that they can be cured.
- Okay, even if that is true,
I don't have another dart.
- The serum's in the lab.
- If I put the cure in me,
I can save all of us!
- Jezel!
- [ gasps ]
- [ screams ]
- [ Toronto] Jezel!
- No!
- [ screaming ]
- Jezel!
- Randy! Randy!
- [ grunting ]
Randy! Randy, it's dead!
- No, no.
- [ panting ]
- It's dead.
It's dead.
- No. No.
No. No. No, no, no.
- T-Toronto.
- Don't touch me!
No, baby. No.
No. No.
- What are you doing?
- Finishing the work
Jezel and I started.
There are still traces
of the antidote
in the crocodile's system,
but oxygen compromised
the integrity of the cure,
and the virus
was able to overpower it.
- Can we make it stronger?
- The cure is fine,
but Jezel was right.
The flaw's
in how it's administered.
We can only cure the animals
the same way
that they were infected,
through a bite.
And since
the protein in the human blood
is the only thing that keeps
the antidote stable and pure...
- They have to bite one of us.
- We have to inject ourselves
with the antidote
so they can feed
directly off us,
essentially turning ourselves
into living vaccines.
- You want us to willingly
feed ourselves to the animals.
- It's just a theory,
but I think Jezel was right.
- Yeah, and you saw
what happened to her.
- Calm down.
- Your girlfriend wants
to feed us to the animals.
I knew you vegans
were frickin' crazy!
- I don't have all the answers.
I'm still trying
to figure that out.
I don't want it come to that.
- Good, 'cause it won't,
- not even close.
- Quiet!
- [ helicopter thrumming ]
- Do you hear that?
- Man, you been
hearing stuff all day.
- No, wait.
- Oh, great.
What kind of animal
is coming to kill us now?
- That's no animal.
- It's help.
Thank God.
I didn't think
it was gonna get here.
- Hey, guys! Come on! Let's go!
- [ gasps ] Oh, my God.
- [ growling ]
- Behind you! Run!
- Come on!
- Run, you meathead! Run!
- [ screaming ]
- Oh!
- [ gasps ]
[ animals grunting, squealing ]
- Oh, that's not good.
- Back inside! Back inside!
How long is this roof
gonna last?
- We're completely surrounded.
- Does anyone know
how to fly a chopper?
- I used to fly one
back in the service,
but it's not gonna be
much help in here.
- That's our only way
out of this hellhole.
- We gotta get to it.
- How? Animals are everywhere.
- We hold up in this room
until reinforcements arrive.
Brooke, secure the lab.
- Hold up in this room?
- Dispatch.
- Like sheep?
- Dispatch.
It's not possible.
They've cut the line.
- Do we have any other weapons?
- What, you think
we've got some kind
of hidden arsenal around here?
- [ animals grunting, snarling ]
- They're here!
They're here!
They're inside the complex.
- Well, they're
not in this room, so...
- How long?
- Long enough for us to stop it.
One for each of us.
When the animals
feed off our blood,
the cure will transfer
directly to their bodies.
Jezel was right.
The cure doesn't work
if it's transferred
into a dart or a syringe.
It's only effective
if it's inside our bodies.
- But we don't know
if that'll work.
- The animals will revert back
to their natural state.
Okay, and this life
that we love and value,
okay, in this safari and
in other jungles like it,
it'll continue
to thrive and endure.
- But what if it doesn't work?
- It has to work!
- No.
- Randy.
- What about the baby?
- I can't let you--
- Randy!
Do you not think
that I've thought about this?
It's not
an easy decision to make.
We don't do this,
there won't be a world
for our child to grow up in
or anyone else's,
for that matter.
- Let me see those.
- What are you doing?
- If I'm gonna kill myself,
I want to at least look
at what I'm gonna do it with.
So this is the cure Jezel made?
- So we're all in this together.
- No. I'm not gonna let you two
die for a mistake I made.
- Toronto!
- [ groans ]
- Help me get him down!
Help me get him down.
He's going into cardiac arrest!
- No, it's okay. It's okay!
It's just icy.
- Why did you do that?!
- So you two can escape.
- You're not invincible,
- It's an antidote, okay?
It's not a secret serum
to give you powers!
[ animal grunting ]
- Everyone, back!
- [ hisses ]
- [ groaning ]
- It worked.
Jezel was right.
- What if it doesn't last?
- Jezel said it'll last,
it'll last.
That girl knew her stuff.
- The trick is,
how do we keep you alive
while they feed off you?
- We can't.
I'm just the distraction
so you two can escape.
- What makes you think
it's gonna be so easy?
- I'll run out,
and, when I do,
the animals will chase me,
and you two can escape.
- The animals
will just chase you?
What's gonna stop them
from attacking us?
- I got it.
We use these for mating purposes
when two animals
don't quite hit it off.
- Great. Hose me down.
- You don't have to do this.
- We can hole up here.
We'll find a way
out of the refuge.
- Did you expect me
to buy that bull?
- Toronto,
you don't have to die.
- Guys, I'm already dead.
My friends are dead.
Jezel's gone.
But you guys,
you got something to live for.
[ glass breaking ]
[ Hock ] Get to the garage!
[ animals snarling ]
- Here! Block it with this!
[ pounding ]
- I don't know how long
this is gonna hold!
- Does this thing run?
- Yeah. K.D. just fixed it up.
- Aw, K.D., man.
It's gonna burn him up in heaven
to see me taking this
on one last glory ride.
Spray me down!
[ engine starts ]
Okay. As soon as I'm out of here
and those animals
start chasing me down,
you get to that chopper!
Do not hesitate!
- Absolutely.
- And another thing.
That kid you're gonna have...
don't name it after me.
Toronto's a stupid name.
- He's wrong.
It's a brave name.
- [ grunting ]
[ both sniff ]
- This is it. You ready?
- Whoo! Yeah!
- N-No!
- Remember what we promised.
No hesitation.
- Come and get
some of this fast food,
you sons of bitches! Whoo!
- Here. Put these on.
- You sure you can do this?
- [ chuckles ]
It's like riding a bike.
Hey, don't worry.
It's all coming back.
[ rotors whirring ]
- Got it.
We're going home.
- This was our home.
[ animals grunting ]
- The cure is working.
- They're changing back.
[ sighs ]
- [ chittering ]
[ squealing ]
- Randy!
- Ahh!
- [ squealing ]
What the...
- [ gasping ]
- [ grunts ]
- Ahh!
- Throw it up into the blades!
- [ yells ]
- Brooke!
You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Your arm.
- Ah, I've had worse.
We make quite a pair.
- Yes, we do. Yeah.
Hi, Dr. Rogers.
It's Brooke Sullivan
from the Foundation
for Endangered Animal Rescue.
- Oh, hi, Brooke.
It's good to hear from you.
- Hi. I just wanted to call
and thank you so much
for taking in the animals.
- Oh, don't mention it.
We're looking forward
to having a few
new cute faces around here.
And just so you know,
I'm personally overseeing
the transfer of the animals.
They're gonna love
their new home
here at Eden Wildlife Zoo.
You have nothing to worry about,
I can assure you.
- That's great.
But you have to promise me,
if the animals start to exhibit
any signs of violent behavior--
- Brooke, our medical staff
is exceptional.
Nothing gets past them.
- Yeah, but if
there is a chance that--
- Listen, Brooke, I know you've
had a traumatizing experience,
and it's completely
understandable to be paranoid,
but trust me.
Your nightmare is over.
The animals are gonna love
their new home.
Listen, Brooke,
I'm so sorry to cut you off.
I have this whole
intern orientation thing
that I gotta set up for,
because we're opening
in just a few weeks.
Can we talk later?
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
- [ sighs ]
- Monte, how far away
are you on those monkeys?