Zoot Suit (1981) Movie Script

Here are the keys,ese.
Take it easy now. Yes, sir.
Take it easy,guey.
Put On A Zoot Suit
Makes You Feel Real Root
Look Like A Diamond
Sparkling, Shinin'
Ready For Dancin '
Ready For The Boogie Tonight
All The Hepcats Up In Harlem
Wear that drape shape
Como Los Pachucones
Down in LA.
Wherehuisasin Their
Pompadours look real keen
On The Dance Floor Of the
ballrooms donde bailanswing
You Better Get Hep Tonight
And put on a zoot suit
Hey, baby doll.
Hey, pretty. What's shakin'?
Hey, man,
you call that dancing?
- Downey!i'rifa!
- I'toma!
It's not your night.
Trucha, Ese Loco
Vamos Al Borlo
Wear Thatcarlango
Tramos Y Tando
Dance With Yourhuisa
Dance To The Boogie Tonight
'Cause The Zoot Suit
Is the craze in California
Tambin En Colorado
Y Arizona
They're Wearing
Thattacuche en el paso
Y En Todos Los Salones
De Chicago
You Better Get Hep Tonight
And Put On A Zoot Suit
Ladies and gentlemen,
themonoyou're about to see is a
construct of fact and fantasy.
But relax,
weigh the facts...
And enjoy the pretense.
Our pachuco realities will only make
sense if you grasp their stylization.
It was the secret fantasy
of everyvato...
Living in or out
of thepachucada...
To put on the zoot suit...
And play the myth.
Ms chucote que la chingada.
I'pues, rale!
Extra! Extra!
Qu pues, nuez?
What the hell's going on,ese?
The city's cracking down
on pachucos,carnal.
Don't you read
the newspapers?
"Death awakens
sleepy lagoon."
extra! The cops ain't got nothing on me,
and you know it.
You're henry reyna,carnal.
The zoot-suiter.
The bitter young pachuco
gang leader from 38th street.
That's what they got
on you,ese.
They can't do this
to me,ese.
They can't lock me up!
Calmantes montes. Chicas patas.
Haven't I taught you
to survive?
It's all
a marijuana dream,loco.
And I was supposed to
report to the navy tomorrow.
the sailor man, huh?
You just couldn't stand
to see me go, could you?
They were gonna cut off
your DA.,carnal...
give you those tight putopants,
make your ass look like an apricot.
So what business is it
of yours? It's my ass.
Muypatriotic, huh?
The japs have sewed up
the pacific.
Rommel's kicking ass
in egypt.
But the mayor of LA. Has declared an
all-out war on chicanos. On you.te curas?
I don't wanna hear that.
And as soon as uncle sam finds out
you're in jail again, pues, ya estuvo.
Unfit for military duty
because of your record.
Forget the war
Your war is
on the home front.
City of the angels.
Monday, august 2, 1942.
El pueblo de nuestra seora la reina de
los a ngeles de porcincula, pendejo.
Press release.
Los Angeles police department.
A huge showup of nearly
300 boys and girls,
rounded up last night by police
and sheriff's deputies,
will be held tonight, 8:00,
central jail, first and hill street.
Victims of assaults,
rape, robbery,
purse snatching
and similar crimes...
Are asked to be present for the
identification of suspects.
I don't believe you really
want to be in the navy, hank.
Pachuco shit's hitting the wartime fan.
You go around dressed like a target.
I was born a target.
Right here in LA.
What's the phony charges this time?
Why, you jackass...
can it, smitty.
Don't tell 'em shit, ese.
We know all about the gang fight
saturday night out at the sleepy lagoon.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You don't know?
What's this from?
What's that from?
Playing parcheesi?
We've got witnesses, hank.
You and your pachucos drove into that
williams ranch like pancho villa,
and you left a corpse behind...
a kid named joe sanchez.
I know 50 guys by that name.
How about henry reyna?
They a dime a dozen too? Nel, ese.
There's only one. This one.
Then you must be
the one we want.
Anchors aweigh,ese.
Good-bye, navy.
Start talkin', hank.
The lieutenant's over there, smart-ass.
Screw you, flatfoot.
Why, you...
te vamos a chingar, cabrn.
Hang tough,ese.
You don't deserve it,
but you're gonna get it anyway.
Ah, forget it.
He's out cold.
Get up and escape, henry.
Leave reality behind.
Con tus buenas garras
muy chambelin.
Escape through
the barrio streets of your mind.
Through a neighborhood
of memories,
all chuckhole-lined.
And the love...
And the pain...
As fine as wine.
It's a lifetime ago,
last saturday night,
before the sleepy lagoon
and the big, bad fight.
Tu mam, carnal.
I'm home.
Ah, just in time.
Supper's ready.
Where's the boys?
Sam, Sam,
For goodness' sake
Go Out And Get Yourself Some clothes
that rate Some Clothes That Rate
Go Shopping Now So you
can meet your sunday gal
I'll Do It
I'll do it today
Henry! Rudy!vengan a cenar.
And This Is What I'll Say
I Want A Zoot Suit
With the reet pleat
With The Drape Shape
And the stuff cuff
To Look Sharp Enough
To see my sunday gal
Come and eat.ay.
I thought you weren't gonna
wear that thing anymore.
this one last time.
It's my farewell dance.
Hmm. I don't know what you see en
estas cochinadas de"suit zoots."
We call 'em drapes.
Ah,s,drapes, huh?
Zoot suit,esta.
What are the police calling them?
They're arresting boys right off the streets.
Only the worst-dressed.
To Look Sharp Enough To
see my sunday gal What?
I'la cena pues!
I don't know.
I have a terrible feeling that
something bad is going to happen.
It's all right,ese.
We can handle it.
I Want A Very Scat Hat
With a trim a-brim a-baby
Just To See My Sunday Sam
O"rale, jefita.
Una de lamina con unos
de cemento de volada.
I'deje ah!
It's just
a good taco,am.
I'oye! I'oye!
What are you doing with my coat?
Mytacuche, ap.
Chicano style. Chicano?
I'me lleva la chingada!
Ay, viejo.
Hijo,don't go out
like that, eh?
Por favor.
You look like
an idiot,pendejo!
Ay, enrique.
Rudy, sit down.
Haven't I told you not to use that word?
It means
you're trash.
You about ready to go, rudy?
Where's thecarnala?
Putting up her pompadour,
like always.
Come on, sis! Step on it!
We still gotta pick up della!
I'm coming.
What happened to
Mmm,pueswhich one?
Ooh, you mean
That's the one!
The one with the tattoo. I'ay, seor!
Henry, sit down,mi hijo.
Oh, I'm not very hungry,
Look, here's my share
for this week'srefn,eh?
Ay, no, hijo.
No, go ahead.
I got my last paycheck
at the shoe repair today.
Bendito sea dios. I still can't
believe you're going off to war.
I almost wish you were
going back to jail.
Qu caray, mujer. The muchacho
is finally doing something right.
I should know!
I'chihuahua!when I was in
the mexican revolution, I...
ay, no empieces con tu diablo derevolution,
because we'll be here all night.
What are you laughing at, mensito?
you worry about getting yourself a job.
You're still
eating here for free.
All right then.
Keep yourpinchebeans!
You see?
You see how he is?
How long before
he ends up in jail too?
Tell lupe we'll be waiting outside,am.
Come here,mi hijo.
where's my tequila?
Por qu? What are you gonna do?
The bottle,mujer!
And two glasses.
Hmph.no, pues s.
Just like the saying goes,
"from such a stick,
such a splinter."
"De tal palo,
tal astillota."
So, you're taking out
mycompadre'sdaughter, eh?
She's very pretty.
And very young too.
Innocent.t sabes?
Mira, ap.
I'm not gonna do anything.
Ah, pero qu va, hombre.
I know I can trust you.
I'm glad you're leaving all
this pachucomierda behind you.
And I'm proud
you're in the navy.
Just do me
one favor, eh?
You know that switchblade
in your pocket?
- yeah,ap.
- rip apart that goddamn silly suit.
Why bother to wear anything?
I'ay, am!
You look like aputa... uh, a pachuca.
Where's the skirt?
I'ah, jijo! Where's the rest of it?
I'ay, ap!
It's the latest
american style.
Like the guys' drapes,
huh, hank?
Ah los guacho.
"Ah los guacho"? What's that?
Uh, it means,
"I'll see you later,"jefe.
Me lleva la que me trajo.
Cada Sbado En La Noche
Yo Me Voy A Borlotear
Con Mi Linda Pachucona
Las caderas a menear
Ella Le Hace
Muy de aquellas
Cuando Empieza A Guarachar
Y al comps de los timbales
Yo Me Siento Petatear
Los Chucos Suaves
Bailan rumba
Bailan La Rumba
Y le zumban
Bailan Guaracha Sabrosn
El Botecito Y El Danzn
Los Chucos Suaves
Bailan rumba
Bailan La Rumba
Y le zumban
Bailan Guaracha Sabrosn
El Botecito Y El Danzn
You got a match?
El pueblo de nuestra seora...
De los a ngeles de pachucos.
August 8, 1942.
Here comes hank.
Hey, how about it, fellas?
What's the real scoop on the story?
Sex? Violence?
Yeah. Sex.
Now go get screwed.
Hey, kid, this is no time to be antisocial.
There's a war on.
What's a good-looking american boy
like you doing with these beaners?
Dodging the draft?
They're gonna kill us all.
Look, I can't
believe it, hank.
Are they really gonna
pin us with a murder rap?
I got a wife
and kid,ese.
"Zoot-suited goons
of sleepy lagoon"?
Hey, that ain't bad,ese.
Listen to this pip-squeak.
About the biggest heist he ever
pulled was his tootsie roll.
Here's your
tootsie roll,ese.
Hey, knock it off!
Pachuco army
is falling apart,ese.
You better do something.
I don't need your advice. The last time I
listened to you, the bulls gave me the saps.
What did you expect,
a parking ticket?
Mira, ese. the DA.'s indicted
the whole pinchegang for murder.
All except for
little brother rudy.
He was at the sleepy lagoon too,
The cops
don't know that.
They got ways of finding out.
Hi, boys.
The name's george shearer. Your, uh,
parents retained me to handle your case.
Do you mind if we sit and
talk about it a little bit?
Pngase trucha.
Este me huele a chota.
Uh, did you say
to sit down?
Thank you. Uh...
First thing we better do
is get your names straight.
Let's see here.
Who's jos castro?
Right here.
Ismael torres.
Yeah, that's me.
But they call me smiley.
Oh, I see.
Uh, you must be, uh,
thomas roberts, huh?
I ain't zoot suit yokum.
Well, that makes you
henry reyna.
So what if I am?
Who are you?
I told you. The name's george shearer.
I'm a people's lawyer, henry.
A people's lawyer?
Simn, ese. We're people.
At least they didn't send
no animals' lawyer.
So what does that mean?
You work for free, or what?
That's really none of your damn business,
is it, henry?
For what it's worth,
I'll tell you a little story.
The first murder case
I ever tried...
and won, incidentally...
was for a filipino.
I was paid exactly $3.50 plus a
pack of lucky strike cigarettes...
And a note
for a thousand dollars.
Never redeemed.
Does that answer your question?
Yeah, well, how do we know
you're really a lawyer?
Well, you think I'm a cop?
What are you trying
to hide from the cops? Murder?
Sabes qu,
Mr. Shearer?
Don't do us
any favors.
All right. All right.
You want another lawyer.
All right. I'll talk to the public
defender's office about it.
Wait a minute,ese.
Where you going?
De cincho se le va a volar la tapa.
All right. Come on, kids.
Come on! Cut the crap!
All right. All right!
It's fine. It's fine.
Everything's fine.
Thank you.
I think you're making
a big mistake.
I wonder if you, uh,
know who your friends really are.
You realize that you boys
are facing a mass trial?
Any of you know
what that means?
You're all going
on the block together,
the whole so-called
38th street gang!
The DA.'s charging
conspiracy, henry!
He's gonna put you and all your
buddies right in the gas chamber.
But we didn't do nothing!
We're innocent.
On the level.
Okay, say we believe your people's
lawyer stuff. What does that prove?
The press has already tried and convicted us.
You think you can change that?
I honestly don't know.
But public opinion
comes and goes, henry.
What matters is
our system of justice.
I happen to believe
that it still works,
no matter how slowly
the wheels grind.
I promised your parents the best
defense that I'm capable of.
The question is,
uh, henry,
will you trust me?
We need a lawyer,ese.
You expect us to defend ourselves?
What difference
does it make?
"What difference
does it make?"
are you on anyway?
The side of the heroes
and the fools, hank.
Which one are you?
- you're on.
- hey, good.
Same here.
It's about time.
All right.
Now let's get to work.
I want you guys to tell me
exactly what happened.
Right from the beginning.
Well, rafas pushed rudy...
thepedoreally started at the dance...
Last saturday night.
O"rale,little dude.
yea, rudy!
Hi, little dude.
Cuando Salgo Yo A Bailar
Yo Me Pongo Muy Catrn
Las Huisitas Gritan
Vamos A Bailar El Swing
I'o"rale!who do you
think you are?
Don't touch me!
Ese, surote.
How about a dance
for old times' sake?
No te hagas gacho.
Wanna trade partners?
Sorry, bertha.
Is this
your newhuisa?
This little fly chick?
Come on, berti. Let's dance.
that's the downey gang.
Think they're
looking forpedo?
Nel, ese.there's only
a couple of them. Be cool.
"Be cool."
Huy, huy, huy.
Forget it, smiley.
He's with shirley temple.
She doesn't know the difference
between being cool and beingculo.
Watch your mouth,
Cuando Voy Al Vaciln
Y Me Meto A Un Saln
Las Chavalas Gritan
Papi, Vente
Vamos A Bailar Danzn
Qu traes, cabrn?
Aquellos Ojos Verdes
De Mirada Serena
Dejaron En Mi Alma
Eterna Sed De Amar
Hank, I feel like
everybody's looking at us.
So? Give 'em the shine.
De Besos Y Ternuras
Hank, I'd really like
a cigarette.
Oh, yeah?
Okay, let's go for a smoke.
hey, sailor.
How you doin'?
Hi. Outta my way.
What do you say, brother?
How do you feel?
I'm flying high, jackson.
I'm feeling good.
Sabes qu, carnal?
I'm gonna join the army air force,
Simn,tail gunners.
Button up your fly,
Oh,simn, ese.
Huisa, lupe-lu.
Rudy, if you go home drunk again,
mi ap'sgonna use you for a punching bag.
Yeah, right.
hey, hank. Are you and your tomato
going out to the sleepy lagoon?
Why? You need an excuse
to take my sis,cabrn?
What are you
looking at,ese?
Jesus, hank, have
a little finesse, huh?
Ese, rafas.
Estoy guachando, ese.
Maybe we should take rudy home.
Everything's under control.
Come on. Let's dance.
Tocan Mambo Sabrosn
Se Alborota El Corazn
Y Con Una Chavalona Vamos
Vamos A Bailar El Mambo
Hey, man!
Don't push me around, man!
It was an accident,ese.
You're chickenshit!
Rudy! Rudy!
Come on,carnal.
I can take care of myself.
Rudy, you're drunk.
I told you not to mess
with myfamilia,rafas.
We were after the navy bean.
Agutala, ese.
Let's kick that swab jockey's
ass together.
I don't like the odds.
You think you're some kind of hot shit
just because the navy accepted you?
As if you didn't try. You better go back
to downey, ese,before you regret it.
Don't let him tell you that,ese.
I'toma, ese!
That's what I think of yourputanavy,
army and marines.
What are you gonna do about it?
I'm gonna have to teach you some manners.
You and how many queers?
Just me and you,cabrn.
E!I es tuyo, rafas.
All right. That's
the way you want it?
You got it.
All right!
Come on.
Pues, that's exactly what the
show needs right now,ese.
Two more mexicans
killing each other.
Everybody's looking
at you,ese.
Don't give me that bullshit.
I got thisfilerofrom you.
Did I tell you
to kill thevato?
Control yourself, hank.
Don't hate yourraza more
than you love the gringo.
Get out of Here.i'pntate!
What? Oh, shit!
Estsuave, ese.
I'll see you later.
After the war.
Rafas! I'o"rale pues!
I'ese puto!
I'chinga a tu madre!
Hey, you did it,ese!
I'se escamaron todos!
You were solid, hank!
That was "all reet"!
Ha! He didn't do nothing.
The old hank would have
slit that rafas's belly...
Like a fat pig.
That's all I'm gonna take
from you, bertha. It's over.
Come on, baby.
I'o"rale pues!
Buy US. War bonds!
Defeat downey! Thirty-eightrifa!
De Los Bailes Que Ment
El Bolero Y El Beguine
De Todos Los Bailes Juntos
Me Gusta Bailar El Swing
Henry reyna?
my name is alice bloomfield,
and I represent the congress
of industrial organizations.
Okay. So?
Henry, I'm here to offer you...
The support
of the working people.
And you're gonna need the support
of the working people, henry,
because the press has been saying
that this pachuco crime wave...
that this pachuco crime wave
is fascist-inspired.
Can you beat that?
They claim it's sinarquismo.
Sinar qu?
"A fifth column fascist movement dancing to
tunes played by rome, tokyo and berlin...
As relayed through mexico city."
Did you ever hear of it?
This one's all yours,ese.
Look, lady, I ain't stupid, but I don't
know what the hell you're talking about.
I'm talking about you, henry, and what
thedaily press has been saying about you.
Are you aware you're in here...
Because some big shot in
san simeon wants to sell papers?
It's true.
So what?
So he's the man that started all this mexican
crime wave stuff. You get the picture?
Somebody's using you
as a patsy.
Who you calling "patsy"?
I meant a political victim.
What do you mean "victim"?
Uh, look,
let's back this whole thing up
and start over again, okay?
Henry reyna, hello?
My name is alice.
I'm with the C.IO.
Puro pedo. she's nothing but a dumb broad,
only good for you-know-what.vmonos.
Look, thanks a lot,
Miss bloomfield,
but I'd rather be
left alone, all right?
Wait a minute.
I'm someone who wants very much...
To be your friend.
Can you believe that?
Why should I?
Because I'm with you. Yeah?
Well, how come you ain't in jail with me?
We're all in jail, henry.
Some of us just don't know it.
Hey, george.
What the hell are you doing here?
Never mind. I should know better than to ask.
Have you two met?
I introduced myself. Twice.
Oh, figures. Figures.
Alice has volunteered
to help me in this case.
She's gotta be the most red-hot
organizer the C.IO.'s ever had.
George, that's a lot of red-hot...
You-know-what. You see what I mean?
You two have a lot of work to do,
and my ego is killing me.
Whoa, alice. Just a minute.
I'll be right with you.
Well, henry, uh,
tomorrow's the big day.
Anything you need? Anything I can
get for you besides clean clothes?
Some socks. Some underwear.
I can't go to court looking like this.
I want you to, uh,
take a look at this, son.
Illegitimi non carborundum.
That's latin for
"don't let the bastards get you down."
Excuse me, um,
do you have a light?
Sorry, there's
no smoking here.
Trust me.
Thanks a lot.
Thank you.
I didn't even see it.
Come on, alice.
Let's scram.
Good luck, henry.
We're gonna
beat this rap.
"Good luck, henry.
We're gonna beat this rap."
You really think
you stand a chance,ese?
Yeah, I think I stand a chance.
'Cause that white broad says so?
Nel, ese. Because hank reyna says so.
The political patsy, huh?
Mira, ese.
Hank reyna's no loser.
I'm gonna come out
of this thing on top.
Me entiendes, mndez?
Don't try to
out-pachuco me,ese.
Pues,we'll see
who comes out on top.
Let's go to court.
The superior court of
the state of California...
In and for the county of Los Angeles,
department 43.
The honorable FW.
Charles presiding. All rise.
Please be seated.
Call this case,
"The people of the state of
California versus henry reyna,
"ismael torres,
thomas roberts, joey castro...
And 18 other 'pa-coo-cos.'"
Uh, your honor,
it was reported to me on friday
that the district attorney...
Had absolutely forbidden the sheriff's office
to permit these boys clean clothes or haircuts.
Now, your honor, it has been two
months since these boys were arrested.
Your honor, the boys
of the 38th street gang...
Are characterized by their haircuts.
Two months, your honor.
The thick, heavy heads of hair,
the ducktail comb, the pachuco pants.
You're trying to make these boys
look disreputable, like mobsters!
Yet clothes like these are being
worn by kids all over America.
The zoot clothes
seem to be necessary...
For purposes of identification
of the defendants by witnesses.
I don't believe we'll have any
difficulty if they get a little dirty.
What about their haircuts,
your honor?
They didn't go to jail looking like marines,
Mr. Shearer.
Their hair was long
to begin with.
It's a little late to try to
change their tonsorial appearance.
You may call
your first witness.
The prosecution calls
sergeant frank galindo...
Of the Los Angeles
police department.
Sergeant frank galindo of the
Los Angeles police department.
Look at your gang,ese.
They do look like mobsters.
Se guachan bien gacho.
place your left hand on the bible.
Raise your right hand.
Do you solemnly swear to tell...
come on,vato. sit up.
I'm tired, hank.
My butt is sore.
Look at the soft chairs the jury's got.
Hank is right,vatos.
We look bad.
Ms alba nalga, ese.
Put some class onyourass.
I'cllate el hocico!
Sit up. Come on.
Sergeant galindo, were you the first
officer to arrive at the williams ranch...
Near the so-called
sleepy lagoon...
On the night of...
or the early morning of august 1, 1942?
Yes, sir. I got a call saying that
there was a disturbance there...
Stemming from
a birthday party.
When I arrived,
I found the body of jos sanchez.
You, uh, talked to the mother
of the deceased in spanish.
Yes. That's correct.
She told me it was
her birthday party.
She said a gang of pachucos
attacked the ranch about 1:00 AM.
Henry reyna and his
38th street gang.
Objection, your honor. The use of the word
"gang" Is prejudicial to my clients.
Objection overruled.
"The caucasian... especially
the anglo-saxon youths...
"when engaged in fighting,
will resort to fisticuffs...
"And may at times kick each other,
which is considered unsportive.
"But this mexican element...
"Considers all this
to be a sign of weakness,
"and all he knows
and feels...
"Is a desire to use
a knife to kill,
"or to at least let blood.
This inborn characteristic comes
down from the bloodthirsty aztecs."
Objection, your honor!
Objection overruled!
I move that this entire report
be stricken from the record!
You're out of order,
Mr. Shearer!
Objection overruled!
You may proceed.
"And when added to the use
of liquor or marijuana,
then we certainly have
crimes of violence."
Mmm, pues.
Put on your feathers,ese.
Ya te chingaron.
That's My Baby's Name
Put On Your Drapes
Ese, vato
Make Thosecalcosshine
Ahhh Put On Your Drapes Ese,
Make Thosecalcosshine
Ahhh They're Holding
Court On the corner
Marijuana Boogie Time
Still feeling patriotic,ese?
What do you mean?
The trial just started.
Let's cut the shit and get to the verdict.
This is 1942.
Or is it 1492?
You're doing this
to me,vato.
Something inside you craves the punishment,
the public humiliation...
And the human sacrifice?
But there's no more pyramids,
carnal.only the gas chamber.
But I didn't do it,ese.
I didn't kill anybody!
Got A Woman Named Juana
Juana, Juana, Juana
But All The Men
She made love to
They Call Her
That's My Baby's Name
Who knows,ese.
Maybe your little chick can
save yourcachetes. I'guacha!
Tu huisita, carnal.
After the dance that saturday night,
henry and I drove out to the lagoon...
Around 11:30.
There was a new moon
out that night.
As we got to the lagoon,
we noticed right away the place was empty.
That's it, baby.
it's beautiful.
It's just a reservoir.
At least at night you can't
see the tires and tin cans.
Come here.
Come on.
It was such a beautiful night,
and the sky was
so full of stars.
We couldn't just sit in the car.
So we got out to look at the lagoon.
Neither of us
said anything at first.
So the only sounds
were the crickets and the frogs.
Then we began to hear music.
What's that?
It sounds like a party.
Over there at that ranch.
See the lights on the shacks?
Oh, yeah. Ah,jijo.
Sounds like some party.
Do you want to crash it?
Chale.i promised to keep you out of trouble,
My father.
He makes me feel
like a nun sometimes.
You're the first guy he's
let me go out with... Alone.
Maybe he knows
what he's doing.
A lot of guys don't know
how to respect a girl.
Go ahead,ese.
Pop her cherry.
You know she wants it.
What's wrong?
Your old man
and my old man.
I don't like
shotgun weddings,esa.
Hank, I'm almost 18.
You're going off to war, and I love you.
Not here,esa.
Anyplace but here.
Too many memories of bertha?
What do you want to bring her up for?
do you want to be like her?
Is that it? Huh?
Get in the backseat. Come on.
Get in the backseat.
What, hank?
Come on.
Uh... ooh...
you must really think
I'm a square.
I'm sorry, della.
I was just trying
to prove a point.
I don't want to go to jail
for statutory rape.
Why does everything
have to be a crime with you?
Can't you just
love somebody?
Just then another car
pulled up to the lagoon.
We thought it was tommy and lupe and
the rest of the gang, but it wasn't.
Come on,ese.
We get to play now. Come on!
Let's go,ese.
Come on,ese.
I'toma, ese!
You better stay here.
Hank? Stay here.
Qu se traen?
Come and find out,puto!
Come on,ese!
Let's play some baseball!
Stay here!
Rafas and his gang left,
heading for the party
at the ranch,
and I held henry in my arms
until he came to.
The first thing he said was...
"let's go into town
and get the guys."
Come on, 38th!
It took about an hour
to go into town and come back.
We parked by the lagoon
and walked toward the ranch.
The lights were still on,
but the place looked deserted.
I'o"rale pues!
Pues, qu pas, ese?
I thought you said
the joint was jumpin'!
Is this your idea of a party? I'm gonna
take care of thatpincherafas for good!
Ay,go to sleep, rudy!
Shut up.
Looks like the party's over.
You see any signs of rafas?
Nel, ese.they're gone.
Then let's go to downey and get 'em!
Ya estuvo.
Everybody, go home.
Go home?
Put the car tools away. Go home!
Get in the car.
Listen to what he says, rudy.
That's when we heard music
coming from the ranch again.
We didn't know rafas and his gang had been
kicked out of the place for starting fights.
So when joey said...
I'o"rale pues!
The party's still got
life in it!
Dancing to records.
O"rale.come on,ese.
They all went there
yelling and laughing.
Come on.
At the ranch,
they saw us coming...
And thought we were the downey
gang coming back again.
Theyattacked us.
A woman ran out with a kitchen knife,
and henry had to hit her.
And then some girl
grabbed me by the hair,
and in a second,
everybody was fighting and yelling.
Come on!
Before we got to the cars,
I saw something
out of the corner of my eye.
It was a guy, and he was hitting a
man on the ground with a big stick.
And henry yelled at him.
Come on!
But he wouldn't stop.
He wouldn't stop.
He wouldn't.
Your witness.
Hey, your honor,
the jury's getting...
It has been brought
to my attention...
That the jury is having trouble
telling one boy from another.
So I'm going to rule that
the defendants will stand...
Each time
their names are mentioned.
Objection, your honor!
If the prosecution
makes an accusation,
it will appear to be self-incrimination.
not necessarily.
You may cross-examine,
Mr. Prosecutor.
Ready for the verdict now,ese?
Miss barrios, are you deliberately
concealing evidence from this court?
No. Are you covering
for henry reyna?
please stand.
Then who was this guy you saw
beating another man on the ground?
It wasn't henry.
He was standing right beside me.
We were defending ourselves...
I didn't ask for your comment.
Why don't you ask me about the downey gang?
Answer my question!
But they attacked the party!
Maybe jos sanchez was already dead!
Your honor, will you instruct
the witness to be cooperative?
I must caution you,
young lady.
Answer the questions,
or I will hold you in contempt.
Sit down.
Now, Miss barrios, if your boyfriend
wasn't the guy with the big stick,
who was it?
It was too dark to tell.
How big a stick would you say it was,
Miss barrios?
As big as this one? Objection!
Your honor, no such club was ever found.
The prosecution is implying...
your honor, I'm not implying anything.
I'm merely using this stick
as an illustration.
Objection overruled.
- could it have been a lead pipe?
- no.
How about a blackjack?
A heavy chain? No. No.
A baseball bat?
Did your boyfriend run over to jos sanchez,
hit him on the head and kill him?
He could hardly walk.
How could he run?
Did smiley torres?
Did joey castro? No. No.
Did tommy roberts?
Did henry reyna? No. No.
Henry reyna!
Henry reyna! Henry reyna!
Did henry reyna willfully
murder jos sanchez? No! No!
- no.
Objection, your honor!
The prosecution is pulling out
objects from all over the place.
Objects that were never
found at the sleepy lagoon.
Objects that have never been proven to be
associated with my clients in any way.
Objection overruled.
If the court please, I wish to make an
assignment of misconduct by the bench.
Quite frankly,
Mr. Shearer,
I'm getting rather tired of your
repeated useless objections.
I have not made
I'm sorry. Someone
is using ventriloquism.
We have a charlie mccarthy
using Mr. Shearer's voice.
I'm going to assign that remark
of your honor as misconduct.
Fine! I would feel rather badly if you did
not make an assignment of misconduct...
At least twice
every session.
You'll have them,
your honor.
How would you like to get slapped with
a citation for contempt, Mr. Shearer?
Witness is excused.
However, I'm going to remand her to the custody
of the ventura state school for girls...
For a period of one year,
To be held there
as a juvenile ward of the state.
If the court please...
if the court please...
this court is at recess
until tomorrow morning.
I'm sorry about della, henry,
and I'm afraid it was my fault.
I shouldn't have
antagonized the judge.
I thought you said
we had a chance.
Now listen to me, son.
This case is
going to be won...
On appeal.
What did I tell you,ese?
You mean you know
we're gonna lose?
It's not unusual, henry.
It happens all the time.
Don't you see, henry?
Judge charles is hanging himself as we go.
I've already cited over a hundred separate
cases of misconduct by the bench.
It's all going
into the record.
Prejudicial error, denial of due process,
inadmissible evidence.
Sabes qu, george?
Don't give me any more
of your shit.
Is there anything
I can do?
Ready now,ese?
Then let's have it.
Has the jury reached a verdict?
We have, your honor.
How say you?
We find the defendants guilty...
Of murder in the first
and second degrees.
Ay, hijo.
Hijo de mi vida.
The defendants will rise.
Henry reyna,
jos castro, thomas roberts,
ismael torres,
you have been tried
by a jury of your peers...
And found to be guilty of murder
in the first and second degree.
The barrio
needs you,ese.
The law prescribes the capital
punishment for this offense. Fight back.
Stand up to them with some style.
In view of your youth and...
Show the world hank reyna has some balls.
In consideration of your family,
and remember...
It is hereby the judgment of this court...
Pachuco yo, ese.
That you be sentenced to life imprisonment...
And sent to the state
penitentiary at san quentin.
Los Angeles, California,
may 5, 1943.
Dear boys, announcing
the publication by mimeograph...
Of theappeal news,
your very own newsletter,
to be sent to you twice a month...
For the purpose of keeping you
reliably informed of EVERYTHING:
The progress of the sleepy
lagoon defense committee...
we have a name now...
and, of course, the matter of your appeal.
We are going to stand beside you until
your names are absolutely clear.
I swear it.
El cinco de mayo.
Your editor,
Hey, boys.
Any good news about the appeal?
One at a time.
Hey, how's my wife?
Tommy, this is from your mother.
I think it's a cake. O"rale.
And this is cigarettes.
And "love from elena."
These are for henry.
And that...
Is for joey.
Oh, wow.
Thanks, grandma.
Do you mind
if I call you grandma?
No, I don't think so.
I like your zoot pants.
Ah, bonaroo, huh?
Eres una ruca de aquellas.
I'm a what?
Aruca.a fine chick.
De aquellas.
De aquellas.
Oooh, all reet,esa.
Hey, look, Miss bloomfield.
I don't want my wife going around begging.
Oh, it's not begging.
It's fund-raising.
I don't care what you call it.
I don't like it.
There's no shame in asking
for money for a good cause.
It's not our custom. If that's what
it's gonna take, then count me out.
Smiley, wait a minute.
Okay. It's not your custom.
I won't ask your wife
to go door-to-door, okay?
So where's henry?
Isn't he joining us?
He couldn't make it.
Why not?
Look, that's his business.
Leave him alone.
I'm afraid I can't do that,
smiley. It's not my custom.
Joey, what's going on?
Okay, tommy, give.
Don't look at me, doll.
I didn't come here to do anything
but bring a few letters and...
listen, alice.
I know what you're trying to do for us,
and that's reet, see?
Shit. Most paddies would probably
like to see us locked up for good.
Now, I'm in here because I
hung around with mexicans,
but I grew up
with thesevatos,
and I'm pachuco too, see?
Simn, esa.
You'd better learn what
it means to be chicano,
and I mean PD.Q.
Hello, henry.
I'd like to
talk to you in private.
Youvatoswant any
of this okie corn bread?
O"rale."paddy cake,"ese.
Mmm. Mmm.
All reet,ese.
That's good.
What can I do for you?
For me?ni madre.
I don't understand.
I'm dropping out
of the case, alice.
You're what? You heard me.
I'm bailing out,esa.
Getting out of the case.
Henry, you can't.
Why can't I?
Because you c... you can't.
What about george and...
and your family...
And all the people in the barrio who've given
their time and money in the last few months?
You can't just quit.
Oh, no?
Just watch me.
Henry, if you felt this way before,
why didn't you tell me?
Well, why didn't you ask me?
But you've seen me
coming and going.
I've been writing to you,
speaking for you,
traveling up and down
the state.
Nothing has come before my
attachment and my involvement...
And my passion
for this case.
My boys have been everything to me.
"My boys"?
"My boys," alice?
What the hell are we,
your personal property?
Well, let me
set you straight, lady.
I ain't your boy,
You know I never
meant it like that.
You're just a white broad using
mexicans to play politics.
Congratulations, henry.
That's the worst thing that
anyone has ever said to me.
Why don't you go help
the colored people?
Why don't you
go to hell?
You know,
you really oughta try...
Working at the sleepy lagoon
defense office for a few months.
All the petty arguments and the
haggling and the lack of cooperation.
"You're too sentimental and
emotional about this, alice."
"You're too coldhearted,
"Alice, you're collecting money and handing it
to the lawyers while the families are hungry?"
"Alice, they say
you can't be trusted...
"'Cause you're a communist...
'cause you're a jew, alice."
Okay. That's the way
they feel about me?
The hell with them.
I hate them too.
I hate their language,
I hate their enchiladas,
and I hate
their goddamn mariachi music!
You all right, Miss?
Yes. I'm fine.
Oh. Oh.
You got a lot of guts.
No one's ever talked to me
like that before.
Yeah, well, you gotta watch out
for us white broads,ese.
I take it back.
All right?
I said a few things too.
I don't really hate enchiladas.
It'shuevos rancheros
I can't stand.
How abouthuevospachucos?
What do we do now?
You tell me.
Can we go on
with the appeal?
And now I...
I was wondering if...
You would do something
very special for me.
Write an article.
No. I'm serious.
I'll get it published.
Article?pues,who told you
you could write,ese?
Chale.the guys would
razz me silly.
I can't write.
Puro pedo.
I've seen the letters you write
to your family. Come on, hank.
What do you say?
Where's the old pachuco spirit?
Right here,
and I saypuro pedo.
Look, can't we just start
by writing each other?
I mean, in private.
Of course.
That's a... that's a wonderful idea.
Then it's a deal?
Deal. I think that we're going
to be very good friends.
You think so?
I know so.
Time, miss.
Gotta go, boys.
Say hello to berti for me, will you, grandma?
And my wife elena.
and give my love to lupe, eh?
I gotta go.
We'll see you, grandma.
I love you. Tough luck.
She loves me.
Chale, ese. She loves me,ese.
She told me.
Oh, come on.
Pinche puto.
So you got yourself
a pen pal, huh?
Don't lean on me,ese.
You're going
Why don't you just let manuela
stroke you and get it over with?
Este vato.
Thatruca'snever gonna
see you as a man anyway.
You know what
they say,carnal.
"A latin lover's nothing
but a fucking mexican."
Give me a break,vato.
One break coming up.
Rec time.
Keep Your Eyes On The Ball
Get Your Back
Against the wall
Let The Rhythm Of Each Stroke
Become your pleasure
Use Your Mind
Concentrate You must win
this bout with fate
Or Become A Prisoner
Of its hold forever
- Handball
- Handball
Watch The Way It Comes
Reflecting off the wall
Oh, It's How You Play The Game
That shapes your life
Now You've Got Time
On your hands
So Rise Up And Be A Man
And Define The Game According
to your rules Ooh, Ooh, Ooh
So Just Get Hep
Get in step
Oh, The Pace Is Yours To Set
And You Alone Control
The tempo of the rhythm
Watch The Way It Comes
Reflecting off the wall
Oh, It's How You Play The Game
That shapes your life
Your, uh,
jewish broad's here again.
Hi, licha.
Hello, henry.
I went to ventura.
I've seen della.
Aren't you gonna ask me
how she is?
Yeah. How is she?
She looks fine.
She's, uh...
she's very strong.
I hate it when you
do that to me.
Half the time I don't
know who I'm talking to.
Why didn't you answer
my letters, alice?
Nobody ever wrote me
love letters before.
I'll keep them, henry,
but I can't answer them. I can't.
I can't be your mother or
your sister or yourhuisa...
Or your white broad.
Nobody's asking you
to be a white broad.
I don't know who
to be for you.
T sabes, hank?
I am alice bloomfield.
I'm a person, just like you.
I... we...
when... when we win
this appeal...
You get to go home,
and I get to go on
to the next fight.
That's who I am.
And if I lose sight
of that,
then I don't know
what I'm doing here.
Thanks a lot, Miss bloomfield.
If you walk out on me this time,
I won't stop you.
Ah te guacho.
Bye, hank.
Licha, huh?
I'qu gacho, ese!
put it to you.
Sabes qu, ese?
Ya cllate el hocico.
You know what
your problem is, hank?
You can't stand yourself,
and you can't stand me telling you.
Shut up,ese.
San quilmas was made for
self-victimizing suckers like you, hank.
Underneath that big, tough
bullshit exterior you put on...
Is a little snot-nosed mexican kid,
shut up.
Begging for the gringos' attention.
Shut up.
You've turned yourself
into a target,ese,
a willing victim of thepinche racists,
and they threw your ass in prison for life.
Shut up!
all right.
New work assignments.
Everybody, report to the jute mill.
Let's go!
What's the matter with you, reyna?
Got lead in your pants?
I said let's go.
We're supposed to work in the mess hall.
You've got a new assignment.
Since when?
Since now. Get going!
Hey, come on.
Yeah. Be cool,ese.
Does the warden know about this?
What the hell do you care?
You think you're
something special?
Come on. Move it, greaseball.
Make me, you white paddy bastard.
Back. Back off. Back off.
Don't be stupid.
All right, reyna.
You got solitary.
I'd say about 90 days.
Where in the hell
you been,ese?
They gave me solitary.
Only this reality
is real now, hank.
Only this place is real.
Sitting in the lonely cell
of your will.
Each second is a raw drop
of blood from your brain...
That you must swallow,
drop by drop.
And don't even
start counting,ese,
or you'll lose
your mind.
Where am I,ese?
What am I doing here?
You're here to learn
to live with yourself, hank.
You're a marijuana dreamer, floating in an
endless night of unfulfilled fantasies,
and there is no time.
I'm henry reyna,ese.
Hank reyna!
A dream,carnal.
Just a dream.
My family.
I gotta think
about my family.
Mi hijo.
mi hijo.
Mis jefitos.
My sis.
Forget them.
Forget them all. Forget your family
and the barrio beyond the wall.
There's still a chance
I'll get out.
Fat chance,ese.
I'm talking about the appeal!
And I'm talking about
what's real.
Pues, qu traes, hank?
Haven't you learned? Learned what?
No court in the land's
gonna set you free.
You're in here
for life,vato.
The moment your hopes come crashing down,
you'll find yourself on the ground,
foaming at the mouth,
como loco.
Sabes qu, ese?
I got you all figured out.
I know who you are,carnal.
You're the one
that got me here.
And you know what?
You're me.
My worst enemy...
And my best friend.
So get lost.
Get lost!
I'o"rale pues!
Pues,don't take thepincheplay so seriously.
Es puro vaciln, ese. Guacha.
You want me to go?
Pues, rale.
But not before you check out
what's happening back home today.
The navy has landed
on leave with full pay...
And war is breaking out...
On the streets of LA.
Mmm, I feelsuavetonight.
Let's dance.
Let's get out of here.
Ow! Ow!
I'o"rale!that's enough!
Good evening, Mr. And Mrs. North and
south America and all the ships at sea.
Let's go to press. "Flash.
Los Angeles, California, june 3, 1943.
"Serious rioting broke out here tonight, as
flying squadrons of marines and soldiers...
"Joined the navy in a new assault
on the zooter-infested districts.
"A fleet of 20 taxicabs,
carrying some 200 servicemen,
"pulled out of the naval armory
at chavez ravine tonight,
"and assembled a task force that
invaded the eastside barrios.
The zoot-suiters,
those gamin dandies..."
Why don't you tell them
what I really am,ese,
or how you've been forbidden
to use the very word?
We're complying in the interest of the war.
How are you complying?
We're using other terms. Like
"pachuco" And "zoot-suiter"?
What's wrong
with that?
The zoot suit crime wave is beginning to
push the war news off the front page.
The press has distorted the very
meaning of the word "zoot suit."
All it is is another way to say "mexican"
without insulting your ally south of the border.
But the idea of the originalchucois
to look like a diamond...
to look sharp, hip, bonaroo.
Finding a style of urban survival in
the rural skirts and outskirts...
Of the brown metropolis
of los,cabrn.
Come on!
It's an affront to good taste!
Like the mexican, the filipino
and the black who wear it?
It looks just as ridiculous on the white
kids. You mean the wops and the jews?
Look, sport, be honest.
You weren't even wearing clothes when the
white man pulled you out of the jungle.
- if a uniform is what you want, join the goddamn army.
- why?
Because there's a war going on.
What the hell are you trying to prove?
You're no better than anybody else
in the states. We've got shortages!
Patriotic citizens...
Are going without collars and cuffs
so you can wear those zoot suits.
So. So what are we
fighting for...
If not to annihilate the enemies
of the american way of life?
Perdn, seor.
Is that supposed to be us?
There's that spick. Come on!
Let's get him!
Let's go! Yeah, sucker.
Come on!
We got you now!
I said,
"is that supposed to be us?"
Say it.
Go on.
Say it!
Kill the pachuco bastards!
Come on, zooter.
Think you're more important
than the war, zooter?
Let's see if you've got any
balls in those funny pants, boy.
Maybe we shouldn't be doing this.
Are you nuts?
What'd he do to us?
He's a draft dodger.
Watch out for the knife.
Come on.
Look out!
Come on, boy.
All right. Come on!
Son of a bitch.
Caged like an animal.
A monkey in a monkey suit.
Come on.
Tear it off his back!
He dropped the shiv!
Get him!
Grab him.
Come on!
That's it. Fight, sucker!
Come on. Come on!
They ganged up on me,
You left me,
and they ganged up on me.
Why didn't you
take me with you?
I was at the sleepy lagoon. I was there
throwingchingazos like everybody else.
I went to thepinchedance
with bertha.
I was wearing
your zoot suit.
in yourtacuche.
They stripped me.
They stripped me,carnal.
they stripped me.
They told me you did
90 days in solitary.
You okay?
When did you get out?
Oh, a while ago.
I got four months off
for good behavior.
It's good to see you.
I was afraid
things had changed.
So much has happened.
I heard you're living
with myjefitos.
When I got out of ventura,
my parents gave me a CHOICE:
Forget about you,
or get out. So...
alice says you guys
will be out soon.
Oh, yeah?
George is ready
with the appeal brief.
Oh, hank,
it's almost over.
Then what?
I'll be an ex-con.
What do you think I am?
Look, hank, I'm not trying
to push you into anything.
If you still want me,
I'rale, suave!
But if you don't,
that's okay too.
But I'm not gonna hang around
like apendejaall my life.
I got nothing
to give you, della.
Just give me
some hope.
Ask me to wait.
But what if we lose the appeal?
We won't.
I've screwed up your life
enough already.
You did eight months for me.
Isn't that enough?
I would die for you.
I love you.
Pero me chingan la madre if I'm gonna
throw away my life for nothing!
No touching.
What the hell.
Go ahead.
I love you.
Oh. I love you.
If the late summer of 1942
was the low point,
two years later, the war for the allies is
pounding its way toward certain victory.
On the home front, americans
go on with their daily lives...
With growing confidence and relief as
the war pushes on to inevitable triumph.
Los Angeles daily press,
wednesday, november 8, 1944.
"District court of appeals decides
in sleepy lagoon murder case.
Boys in san quentin given..."
Good to see you,ese.
I thought
I lost you.
It'd take more than the US.
Navy to wipe me out,ese.
Welcome back.
It's good to be home.
No hard feelings, hank?
We won, didn't we?
Simn, ese.
And that's a perfect way
to end this play.
Happy endingy todo.
But life
ain't that way, hank.
Henry reyna went back
to prison in 1947...
For robbery and assault
with a deadly weapon.
While incarcerated,
he killed another inmate...
And wasn't released until 1955,
when he got into hard drugs.
He died of the trauma
of his life in 1972.
That's the way
yousee it,ese,
but there's other ways
to end this story.
Hey, baby, go!
Carnal, Pngase Abusado
Ya Los Tiempos Han Cambiado
Usted EstMuy Agu%itado
Y Hasta Buti Atravesado
Antes Se Bailaba El Swing
Boogie Woogie
Pero Eso Ya Torci
Y esto es lo que sucedi
Los Chucos Suaves
Bailan rumba
Bailan La Rumba Y Le Zumban
Bailan Guaracha Sabrosn
El botecito y el danzn
Los Chucos Suaves
Bailan rumba
Bailan La Rumba Y Le Zumban
Bailan Guaracha Sabrosn
El Botecito Y El Danzn
Henry reyna went
to korea in 1950.
He was shipped there on a destroyer
and defended the 38th parallel,
but he was killed
at inchon in 1952,
being posthumously awarded the
congressional medal of honor.
Henry reyna married
della barrios in 1948.
They still live in Los Angeles.
They have five kids,
three of whom are now attending university,
speaking pachuco slang and
calling themselves chicanos.
Los Chucos Suaves
Bailan rumba
Bailan La Rumba
Y le zumban
Bailan Guaracha Sabrosn
El Botecito Y El Danzn
Los Chucos Suaves
Bailan rumba
Bailan La Rumba
Y le zumban
Bailan Guaracha Sabrosn
El botecito y el danzn
Henry reyna, the born leader.
Henry reyna,
the zoot-suiter.
Henry reyna, my friend.
Henry reyna, my brother.
Henry reyna...
our son.
Henry reyna, my love.
Henry reyna,el pachuco.
The man, the myth still lives.