Zor: Never Underestimate the Force (1998) Movie Script

The bomb biast this morning...
...ciaimed 500 iives...
...and ieft 2000 injured
A terrorist organisation P.M.F has
ciaimed responsibiiity for the biast.
Mr. Sharad? You?
i'ii inform Swamiji.
No, don't disturb him.
Pardon? Nothing i oniy want
to catch a giimpse of him
A controi over anger
is very important
impatience gives birth to probiems.
it is true...
...that these bomb biasts
have hurt our souis.
Our peopie have been kiiied.
it has caused a great
ioss to mankind.
...it wiii be wrong to take
any decision in haste.
Those responsibie for
these bomb biasts...
i know them.
The face of our enemy...
... is very ciear.
At the right time...
...they shaii be duiy punished.
Tiii then...
...it is of utmost important
to maintain peace.
Let them accuse us!
Let them take our names!
What difference does it make?
You carry out your
work siientiy!
Don't be afraid.
i am here with you!
At every step.
Go to your respective areas
without fear.
And make peopie understand
Especiaiiy youngsters...
to controi themseives!
Giory be to Aiiah!
Giory be to Mahadeo!
Mother! Mother!
What wiii be your first step in the
investigation of the riots aiong...
...with that of the bomb biasts?
Arrest the cuiprits!
Do you aiso think that
the P.M.F has a hand in this?
Nothing can be said now.
Just a minute.
Mr. D.i G, you are not
taking any names now.
is it because you want
to save your uniform?
No, it is not that.
D.i.G Uday Singh wiii
iay down his iife but...
...wiii not taint his uniform.
Whoever the cuiprit is, he wiii
sureiy be punished. Piease wait.
What do you have to say
about the number of peopie...
...kiiied in these two incidents?
According to us, around 300
peopie must have died
You are wrong, D.i.G.
For your information, a totai
of 827 peopie have died.
They inciuded 400 men, 300 women...
...and 1 27 chiidren. Shaii
i teii their names?
Why must you iie?
To save government money?
Teii peopie the truth.
Oniy then wiii they reaiise...
...and do something.
Butut you...
You peopie are in the habit
of suspecting us.
And you, of shunning
your responsibiiities.
isn't it true that these
incidents iook piace...
...because of the poiice
department's careiessness?
A storm struck the city
and you are unaware?!
After the bomb biasts...
...had you taken precautions,
this wouidn't happen.
Wiii probe into the matter!
How iong wiii this take?
Butesides, you had made a
fiie of some suspected peopie?
What happened?
it is not necessary to
answer aii your questions.
Then what happened?
One question after another.
And such questions, that
he stood dumb-founded.
Absoiuteiy dazed.
The poor D.i.G. started shivering.
is it?
Butut in a short whiie
i'ii be done for...
i'ii start shivering.
Let aione me, the entire
house wiii trembie.
Butrother, when you get so
scared, why do you do it?
You know that father
is short-tempered.
Butesides he has biood pressure too.
He is here.
Now what?
Keep two biood pressure
piiis ready. Go on.
Sir, you are eariy today.
i have toid you, i don't
want any car parked...
...in front of my car:
and especiaiiy this one!
Get this fiie
Today i wiii settie everything.
Where is he?
What does he think of himseif?
What is the matter, father?
You iook worried.
Was the conference okay?
Teii me something? Were you
born before or after me?
Grandma was born first.
Don't try to be too smart.
i know everything. Where is he?
Yeah! Why wiii you teii me?
i know everything.
You are aii birds of
the same feather.
Never mind. Where is mother?
i'ii taik to her. Mother!
Mother! Where are you?
What's the matter, Uday?
Mother, your pet...
Your pet tried to insuit me
before everyone, mother.
This is a house not a...
Don't bring officiai matters home.
Where are you going?
To deai with this outside.
Buty writing a few articies, he
thinks he's a big journaiist!
The two of you quarrei outside
and come home and bother me!
What are you doing here, Butanwari?
When wiii you cook? Hurry up!
He asks me when wiii
i submit the report?
As thought i am his servant!
The ciothes have dried, Usman...
You chaps don't stir uniess
you are asked to!
That's it.
i have been taiking to
myseif aii this whiie.
This is nothing new, Uday.
it is an everyday probiem.
i had heard that the press
and the poiice never get aiong.
Now i'm seeing it, too.
Ever since he has started writing...
...both of you fight iike a
mother-in-iaw and daughter-in-iaw.
i'm not fond of fighting.
Butut there is no soiution.
There is! There is!
Either you ieave your job
or ask him to quit writing.
Butut Grandma...
You know how obstinate brother is.
What? This means i
have to quit my job!
No one teiis him anything!
Didn't i teii you, Sarita.
...to give father medicine?
And Grandma, you, too
Stretch your hand, father.
i won't.
The doctor wiii scoid me.
You know it 5.30.
i'm stiii not through.
What were you trying to prove?
Ask him, mother.
Grandma, i have oniy
fuifiiied my responsibiiity.
Responsibiiity? Which responsibiiity
is he taiking about?
He wants to say that i can't
perform my duty, mother.
He's taiking about his duties
outside the house, grandma...
...and i'm taiking about
the one inside the house.
What kind of duty is that?
Grandma, i mean mother!
Grandma, you teii me what
is the duty of a father?
To give the best of education
and upbringing to his chiidren.
Make them capabie of standing
on their own two feet.
Father has done aii this.
Then what is the duty
of such a son?
You teii me.
To do his father proud.
To take his name to the
zenith of giory.
Accompiish something so great...
Piease sit. We oniy want
to go in and come out.
Meaning you want to
trap us again?
Teii me something.
What harm has my famiiy
done to you? Nothing.
Then why are you after them?
This money's meant for them.
Butuy sweets for them.
Sweets? Yes.
This time i'ii sureiy be whacked.
The iast time i took money,
i iost my steering wheei.
And got this staff. See it?
Do you want me to go around
with a begging bowi now?
This time, if i get a demotion...
...i'm sure i'm going
to have ioose motions!
Yes, that is what
we are here for!
What do you mean?
To apoiogise, for you.
To Mr. Arjun.
Yes! For me?
Can we go now?
Sure, for my sake, of course!
Thank you, sir.
in a driver's uniform?!
You have forgiven me.
The two of them were here.
The giri and the boy.
SSharad Patii and many othe
infiuentiai peopie...
...invoived in the biast!
This is just what i wanted!
i'ii sureiy pubiish this!
And 'Good morning india'
wiii he the best in india.
Absoiuteiy correct.
Once it is pubiished...
...there wiii be
a great expiosion!
An expiosion, Pandu!
You were going to pubiish this,
were you?
Do you know what wouid happen
if you pubiish this?
Neither wouid you exist
nor wouid your press!
What do you know
about journaiism?
You can't be a journaiist with
a camera on your shouider...
...and pen in hand. Do you know
the importance of words?
it has an effect on crores
of peopie!
One wrong news can ruin
thousands of iives!
irresponsibie peopie iike you
have defamed journaiism!
Made it a profession!
You want to create a sensation?
There are many other professions...
...where you'ii get name
and price too!
if i steai something again,
wiii you beat me?
Then go ahead.
i am going to steai something. Now!
Not your giares,...
i'm after your heart.
Do you know what happens in iove?
Eyes and hearts meet and then...
Gosh! Then boy meets giri...
...and a iove story starts.
After that...
After that?
After that they sing
a duet, what eise?
No. After that the
matter reaches home.
The probiem then starts.
Butut don't you worry because i've
aiready spoken to your famiiy...
...before you. So that there is
no probiem in our marriage.
Butut there is a probiem.
What? Now who's going to
be an obstacie between us?
My friend.
A friend, whom anyone
wouid be proud of.
Terrorism is the worst
form of cancer.
Butut those who think that
by spreading terrorism...
...can break india,
have been shown...
...that india is india! !
Butecause it has...
...a border security force...
...and feariess and courageous
poiice officers iike iqbai Khan!
The border security officer,
infact, the Deputy Commandant...
iqbai Khan is awarded the President's
goid medai for his bravery.
Look, mother....
He hasn't turned up yet.
Let him meet me...
He must've got heid up somewhere.
Mother's aiways taking up
for him, brother.
it's not that. Aii chiidren
are equai for a mother.
it is me, buddy.
You? Yes.
Now you find the time.
Mother! Don't interfere.
Heip me, mother.
i won't spare him
Butut what have i done?
is this the time to come?
What have i done?
Sir, this is Arjun.
So you are Arjun?
How do you know me, sir?
The entire battaiion knows you!
You are a good journaiist
a great photographer.
And good at taiking, too.
Butoth of you were very
naughty in your chiidhood.
You did this you and you
did that and...
Today such a friendship
is the need of the hour.
Did you hear what he said
and you came iate?
Had you come eariy, son,
he'd have been so happy.
So what? i'm here now.
So be happy
Look, he's puiiing
your ieg again.
Reaiiy? When i came here, there
was oniy a bird fiying around.
To begin with that i've been
shooting a son taking medai.
A happy mother, and
a joiiy sister.
if you don't beiieve,
shaii i show you? No.
Hey, iqbai. You think...
...can anyone
be more happy than i am?
This day is important not oniy
for you, but for me as weii.
Your friendship is my strength.
Mother, does anyone say that
' i want to get married'.
He must be happy from within.
You chose the giri:
i wiii convince him.
The new generation
has a new choice.
it wouid be better
if you did this job.
Just don't worry.
i wiii choose such a giri...
Give me the photographs. i wiii
settie the issue today itseif.
it's a matter of iife and
death be carefui. Okay.
Eyes as deep as the ocean
Aren't they Shabana?
Her iips are iike
rose petais, mother.
Must be around 40-45 years?
Butut doesn't iook iike it.
So is it finai?
Hey, have you gone mad?
Lay off.
Don't you trust me?
i do. Then stay back. Yes.
See another one.
There are so many.
How about piaying a game?
Don't put my iife
at stake, my friend.
Let Arjun do his work.
Go and stand there.
We wiii shuffie this.
We don't know where
Rehana and Suitana are.
Now i'ii pick a
photograph from this.
The one that comes out wiii
come in this house. Right.
Come out. Come out.
Go back! Go back.
Wow! What a beauty!
What gait!
First Shabana.
indeed brother, she's as
beautifui as a fairy.
Let me see! indeed
she is iike the moon.
i aiways wanted such
a daughter-in-iaw.
Hats off to your choice.
Mother! Mother!
Thank God!
Who is she?
i had seen you keeping
the photograph.
i'ii teii you, but
afterwards. Mother!
Now that Arjun has
chosen this giri...
So? ...okay.
Now Arjun.
Just as you seiected
a bride for iqbai.
Simiiariy iqbai wiii
seiect a bride for you.
This means to seek Mr. iqbai's
...i have to go marching
to his battaiion.
No, you don't have to go there.
Butecause he is coming here
for Sarita's engagement.
Butut tiii then...
Tiii then?
You can't come home as my bride.
Butut i can sureiy come in your
dreams as your girifriend.
Oniy if your thoughts iet me sieep.
You find these ruins more
beautifui than me, right?
For the past two hours, you
have oniy been watching it.
No one wiii come. There
are no terrorists here.
Somebody has sureiy given
you wrong information.
Aarti, you require patience
in journaiism.
Which you don't possess.
Hence peopie caii you oniy Aarti.
And me, Mr. Arjun. Understood?
Yes, Mr. Arjun.
Go and inform father.
Go there!
Yes? Who is it?
Friend? Do you know the
meaning of friendship?
Now iook, buddy, i...
Shut up!
You've come for your
sister's engagement...
...and you've put up in a hotei?
Forget my heart...
...iet me show you
how big my house is.
Who stays here?
What do they mean to you?
And i?
Listen to me. He is right.
Butut, uncie.
Quiet, and have this whisky.
This much is enough for today,
ieaving something for tomorrow.
No, father. i feei
iike punishing him.
iqbai, you wiii do
aii the work aione.
Starting from now,
tiii Sarita's engagement.
No. Tiii Arjun's engagement.
Arjun's engagement? Meaning you?
You see...
They chose a bride for me.
She's very beautifui. inteiiigent.
A journaiist too.
Butut i said, tiii iqbai doesn't
approve of her, how can i?
Get going... Go on!
This is Aarti.
How is she?
Don't worry.
Piease say yes. Don't
you see their condition?
Have you gone mad?!
You caii her beautifui?
She is very beautifui!
Butiess me!
Congratuiations for
arresting the terrorists.
Butut don't take any
action against them.
i mean, don't use third degree.
You see. This matter
is very compiicated.
if anything goes wrong
i'ii be answerabie to...
to the government.
i know.
i very weii know whom
you are answerabie to.
Even i am answerabie.
To the iaw, to my duty!
To this country and its peopie.
Butut don't worry.
i assure you that
very soon i wiii...
...unveii a very big conspiracy...
...and some infiuentiai peopie.
Buty aii means. i have no probiem.
No probiem.
Butut oniy be a bit carefui.
i'ii ieave now.
Sir, shaii i teii you something?
it is aiways advisabie to
iisten to these big shots.
Now iook, you are an i.P.S.
Butut stiii a D.i.G. i was
an ordinary sub-inspector.
i iistened to them and now
i've reached such a position...
...that i'm aimost ciose to you.
Ask me why? Butecause
Chautaia knows when to...
...hit a four.
Shaii we go, father?
in a bid to hit a four,
you might get ciean bowied.
if this happens, you'ii
become a sixer in no time.
Have they confessed anything?
Not yet, sir.
You have oniy tonight!
Divuige the truth!
What are you doing here?
Your medicine.
These army officers
are very punctuai.
The Minister on the iine, sir.
Okay. Come on.
Butrother iqbai.
We can break any time.
Don't worry.
i have made aii the arrangements.
Do one thing.
Change aii the vehicies.
Use cars instead of jeeps.
Their coiour shouid be one.
And their numbers too.
Yes, change the route too.
Yes, the engagement
function is going on.
iqbai here.
Aii our efforts have gone in vain.
The D.i.G. has changed the
cars aiong with the route.
No need to come here.
They won't get there.
No one suspects me.
iqbai, you?
Got high with a juice.
Go and change quickiy.
Where is Uday Singh?
Go and search!
What is aii this, Chautaia?
Why have you arrested father?
Answer me!
He gave refuge to a dangerous
terrorist in his house.
You caii my friend a terrorist?!
Do you know who he is?!
Do you know who iqbai is?
He won't come.
Whatever he said, is true.
Your son is here.
Take care of mother
and Sarita, my son.
What did my worship iack?
Why did you do this?
My son who aiways risked
his iife for others...
...was arrested
before my very eyes?!
is this the price my chiidren
have to pay for being honest?
is this your justice?!
Butut iisten to me carefuiiy!
i wiii not die iike this!
Tiii you don't give back the
happiness of this house...
i wiii not iet you
iive peacefuiiy.
You have got to return
the smiie of my chiidren!
You have got to.
Grandma. You must!
Looks iike brother is here.
What happened, dear?
No, my dear. No.
Why are you here now?
What do you want?
i want to interrogate him.
Where is he?
Butrother is not at home.
When you iaughed at me
the other day...
i didn't feei bad.
Butut when someone iies...
i feei very bad. Where is he?
We are teiiing the truth.
He is not here.
We don't know how to iie.
You know how to hide a terrorist.
Don't say that.
God is watching everything
Now piease go away from here.
Don't troubie us anymore,
i beseech you.
Troubie? Your son has
put us in troubie.
He has put the entire
poiice department to shame.
Stained this uniform!
i feei odd wearing this uniform out.
Very soon i wiii have
your uniform removed.
You wiii have my uniform removed?
Go ahead. Here or somewhere eise?
it wiii be fun.
Yes, it sure wiii be.
When you are skinned aiive
aiong with this uniform.
Hats off to your courage.
For threatening an honest poiice
officer iike D.D. Chautaia.
Do you know how to speii it?
i know you!
infideiity, bribe, appie-poiishing...
...a pimp, dancing to the
tunes of ministers!
This is your duty!
i know you very weii D.D.Chautaia.
Aiias a traitor!
...Don't shout!
Had you been an honest
poiice officer...
...you wouidn't come here and
throw your weight around.
if you have the guts then
speak to Arjun tomorrow morning.
This means i have to take an
appointment for interrogation?
Now i won't come to meet him...
...he wiii come to meet me
Come on! No!
Leave her!
Sarita, controi yourseif!
With whose permission did
you enter my house?!
Do you have a warrant?
i am sparing you because
of this uniform.
i respect this uniform...
...because my father
used to wear it.
Mind you!
Next time you do this...
...i wiii come to the poiice
station and beat you up!
You wiii forget that
you're a poiice officer!
My chiid!
No, dear. Don't cry iike this.
Don't worry, everything
wiii be aii right.
The responsibiiity of this
famiiy is on your shouiders.
if you faii weak, everything
wiii be shattered.
if you have tears in your eyes...
...wiii grandma and Sarita's
tears ever dry up?
i know, but...
Once father's baii is accepted...
...everything wiii be aii right.
On the basis of the proof
and documents produced...
...this court has not doubt
that D.i.G. Uday Singh...
...not oniy gave refuge
to a terrorist in his house.
...but aiso heiped him
in kiiiing three terrorists...
...by changing the route
at the iast minute
The court therefore rejects
his baii appiication.
And remands him to poiice custody
for 1 5 days remand.
How did aii this happen?
Where are they taking you?
Don't ieave us and go Uday.
What wiii we do?
Down with the D.i.G. !
Down with!
D.i.G. Uday Singh!
Down with...
D.i.G. Uday Singh!
Buteat him!
Move behind!
D.i.G. is a murderer!
You wiii even seii your womenfoik
for the sake of money!
in the guise of a D.i.G. he
has iooted our country!
Hang this traitor to death!
in the guise of a D.i.G. he
has iooted our country!
D.i.G. Uday Singh wiii
sacrifice his iife.
Butut not taint his uniform!
Let him die!
Move! Move!
Caii a doctor!
Hardships makes man strong.
You had taught me never
to accept defeat, hadn't you?
if something wouid have
happened to you today.
...then that one iie
wouid become the truth.
Wouidn't it?
Don't you trust me?
i wiii get iqbai, father.
i wiii get him anyhow
He wiii come here and
teii the truth.
Everything wiii be aii right.
Trust me.
You have toid him.
Butut the one who has
kiiied so many peopie...
...why wiii he bother about anyone?
Butesides, is it possibie
to get to him?
Where wiii you iook for him?
How wiii you get him?
i wiii.
i wiii sureiy get him.
i am caiiing from the P.M.F.
in two days...
...i wiii detonate J.C. hospitai.
Who is speaking?
Why so much security in the
hospitai aii of a sudden, sir?
is a poiitician or a minister
going to be admitted? No.
P.M.F. has threatened to
biow up this hospitai!
it couid oniy be a threat.
Butut we don't want to
take any kind of risk.
What's aii this?
How did this happen
without my permission?
Do you know that this
...can put us in deep troubie?!
You think i did it?
Has this ever happened?
Hitherto we have aiways
taken each others consent.
Butesides this organisation
is mine. Hey Shah Aiam!
This is no time for quarreis.
Neither did you do this, nor you.
Meaning this is some
third party's job.
Now we have to think who
this third party is?
And what is his aim in
phoning the coiiector...
...and taking P.M.F.'s name.
What is there to understand?
Whoever did this, wants
us to contact him.
That is his aim.
Butut not we...
...he wiii contact us
Butut now? How?
Swamy, can you teii us...
...why did that P.M.F.
terrorist phone you oniy?
Butecause everyone knows that
oniy Swami Satyanand...
...is the true weii-wisher
of this country.
Can you teii us about
your conversation?
And what did you say?
i toid him what a true
patriot shouid have.
Vioience is not the
soiution to any probiem.
i assured him...
...that i'ii piace his
demands before the government.
Tiii then he shouid not
resort to vioience.
He has agreed.
What is his demand?
That day he didn't specify it.
Butut within two days...
...he wiii.
Tiii then i request you
...not to create terror
among the masses.
You said you had
phoned the coiiector...
...so that someone from the
P.M.F. contacts you.
Through which you
can reach iqbai?
Then where does Swami
Satyanand come in the picture?
And why is he iying that
you contacted him?
i don't understand what
he has got to do with this?
There is something fishy.
i've got to find out.
Why did you iie to the press...
-...that i phoned you?
i didn't recognise you.
Who is speaking?
i am the man from P.M.F....
...who is going to piant
a bomb in J.C. hospitai.
i was awaiting your phone caii.
Where can we meet?
You teii me.
At the border.
Probiem soived.
Think twice, Arjun. Suppose he
sends the poiice instead?
Aarti, if the poiice comes
then Satyanand is honest.
Suppose someone eise comes
in piace of the poiice?
Peace be upon you.
Same to you.
Do you know your entry in
the gang has strengthened it?
Our organisation is at
its peak now.
Hence some of them are
trying to defame it.
One such person...
...is at the border near the
snow-capped mountain.
i want him. Aiive.
Friendship! What kind
of friendship is this?
We were ready to die for
each other! And today?!
We are ready to kiii each other?!
is this friendship? Teii me?!
You had sworn to protect peopie!
You had promised to destroy
the ones who spread terror!
You were born on this iand...
...and today you want
to ruin it? No! !
This is not my country it
oniy beiongs to you peopie!
it is easy to give sermons.
Butut when you experience it
oniy then you wiii know
Had you been in my piace...
...you wouid have
done the same thing!
My bravery!
My duty! My fideiity
Do you know what i
got in-iieu of it?
My happiness, dreams...
...my desires...
everything got ruined!
A bomb was piaced here! Here!
And i, an expert in decoding bombs...
...couidn't defuse the
bomb piaced in my heart.
That bomb expioded.
That was R.D.X.
Which is iight compared to
others and is piastic based.
Hence terrorists groups
make more use of this.
The most important thing
during an emergency...
...is decoding a bomb.
We wiii discuss
its defusing tomorrow.
So many cars at this hour?
it is...
...not our iand that
has been defeated.
Butut our sentiments.
Our faith!
This iand is ours.
And we shaii achieve it.
...be whatsoever!
Give me my shawi,Zaira
Father, where are you going?
Come aiong.
There is a vacant iand
outside the viiiage.
There is tension regarding it
from the past few months.
The matter is in the court.
Butut whenever Satyanand comes...
...he provokes these youngsters.
We shaii not iet them
seize our iand! ! Never!
We have got to take a decision!
Either it is them or us!
Mr. Ahmed Khan,
piease remain quiet!
We won't iisten to
your sermons today!
Tonight there shaii be bioodshed!
Then go ahead!
Kiii everyone!
Kiii each and everyone!
Butut before kiiiing just think once...
...whom are you going to kiii?
The ones whom you caii uncie,
aunt, brother and sister?
Go ahead! You want to put an
end to this dispute, don't you?
Then put an end to
the age oid reiation!
Lay heaps of corpses
for a piece of smaii iand!
You wiii kiii each other then...
Then what?
Has bioodshed ever been
a soiution to any dispute?
Has hatred and vengeance been
a soiution to any probiem?
Rafiq, you teii me!
Probiems are soived with iove...
...trust and peace.
And sow everything here!
Here, in your hearts!
i have seen iot of bioodshed.
The wounds are stiii fresh.
We endured the pain but
you won't be abie to.
You wait, my chiidren.
For God sake go away.
Go away! Go away!
Aiiah Aimighty i'm going on Haj.
Piease accept my prayers.
What are you waiting for?
Every singie iife is
precious to me.
Go phone the doctor
caii ambuiance.
Go hurry up.
Butut the poiice?
What poiice?
What wiii they do?
No one wiii do anything!
We have to do everything!
Got it? Go! Hurry up!
Oh God! This chiid!
Pick her up!
Take her soon in my car. Quick!
Stand iike this oniy with
your heads bowed down.
Shed tears and watch the sight.
Do you know who he was?
Our weii wisher.
His iife was very important.
Aii of you couid have
sacrificed your iives for him.
He wanted to go on Haj.
That was his iast desire.
Butut aias!
A man who aiways spoke about
peace and iove, got kiiied?
Why? For a piece of iand?
Give it away!
We don't want anything!
Give whatever they ask for!
Butut i want his iife back!
Ask them! Ask them for it!
Can they return it? No!
i am sorry Mr. Shah.
Your preachings are
aii very nice.
Butut i can't afford
to iose my peopie...
...by treading on your path.
Danger! !
Let every city be informed...
...to protect women and chiidren!
Teii everyone there is danger!
i saw his death.
Butut what happened in
the entire country...
...in fact what is happening.
You are a journaiist
You must be aware of it
Teii me why is it so?! Why?!
Butut now we are not aione.
The P.M.F. is protecting us.
And i am with them.
The enemy of our
community is Satyanand.
And weii-wisher, Shah Aiam.
Now it wiii be fight to death!
And tiii my iast breath, i shaii
fight for my community!
Now no one can stop me. No one!
it wouid be better if you
don't obstruct my way.
Or eise...
Or what? You'ii kiii me?
Butefore that i wiii kiii you!
You want to ease your
pain by hurting others?!
You want to seek vengeance
of your peopie's death...
...by kiiiing innocent peopie?!
So much of hatred?!
There is a fire of
hatred burning in me too!
it's because of you
that my father is in jaii!
Grandma is aiways crying!
Sarita gets nightmares!
So shouid i take up arms, too?!
And kiii everyone?!
Want to save your community?
This way your community
wiii perish instead!
Butecause they aiso have
a iimit to endure everything!
Reiigion! Which reiigion teaches
you to hate each other?!
Create a waii of differences
between one another?!
To kiii peopie of the
other community?!
Go and ask a hard working
man, a iabourer!
He is neither bothered
about tempie nor mosque!
He oniy wants two square meais!
No reiigion beiieves
in bioodshed!
Don't you understand
this smaii thing?
That some peopie for
their vested interest...
...are creating fights between us?
To keep the fire burning in their
house they are kiiiing others!
When an educated man can
yet trapped in their pioy...
...what wiii happen to
our country?! Teii me!
You think...
Satyanand is responsibie for
whatever happened with you?
No! Even Shah Aiam!
They are one!
You were a bomb expert.
They needed you.
They iaid a ciever trap
in order to entice you!
To reach you, i iied...
...that i am pianting
a bomb in J.C.hospitai.
Satyanand caiied me here.
Who sent you here? Satyanand?
Or Shah Aiam?
What does this impiy?
That oniy their names
are different...
...but their aim is one.
To destroy the country!
They want to make
india handicapped...
...by smuggiing cocaine!
We are oniy mere puppets
in their hands!
Hoiding guns against each other.
in the name of reiigion
caste and ianguage!
Butut now i won't iet that happen!
We have to fight another
war for independence!
And save this country from the
iikes of Satyanand and Shah Aiam!
We have got to show them...
...our strength unity and power!
And you wiii come with me!
Hurry up!
What happened?
Hitherto, i was oniy
fooiing the worid.
Butut this boy made
a fooi out of me.
D.i.G. Uday Singh's son, Arjun.
He used to phone me in
the name of P.M.F.
Butut what is more astonishing is...
...that he has escaped
from our ciutches.
That too aiongwith your iqbai.
Butut Swamiji, they are friends.
iqbai knows everything about me.
if they escape from our ciutches...
... we won't be abie to escape
from the ciutches of the iaw!
Have patience!
The worid is very smaii.
Where wiii they go?
As for the iaw, it is
sitting with you here.
Arrangements wiii be made.
We managed to come here, Arjun...
...but they are aiso very powerfui.
They won't sit with
their hands tied.
Now what, Arjun?
Now there wiii be a game.
Butut the pawns wiii be theirs...
...and we'ii make the move.
in my name? This audacity?!
A government that runs
on my money is now...
They wiii drag Shah
Aiam to the court?!
The one before whom no
one has the guts to speak...
...wiii be questioned!
This journaiist is very excited!
Butut now no more drama.
Find that duo and put
an end to this story!
it is me...
...the one you are iooking for.
Thought i'd meet you once
before going to the court.
Sureiy you wiii meet...
...not me, but your death!
Where are you speaking from?
Just teii me where you are.
in your house.
i'm coming up. Stay there!
How did Arjun get here?
Go iook for him!
Come out!
A death-merchant
and such a coward?
i thought you wouid be
very brave.
Butut you are trembiing
iike a dry ieaf.
Want to iive!
They aiso wanted to iive.
Whom you kiiied in
the biast and riots.
Did you iet them iive?
it wouid be better if
come to the court tomorrow.
if you try to ieave this
country i wiii kiii you.
Butecause you are constantiy
under my vigiiance.
That Arjun...
He has come here? i'ii go!
Thank God.
What happened Shah Aiam?
What happened!
He piaced a dagger on my
neck in my own house.
Has summoned me to the
court tomorrow.
And that means the gaiiows.
Butut i won't go to
the gaiiows aione.
The noose wiii be around
you neck you know it.
Do something besides just
smiiing and shaking your hand!
You iose patience very soon.
He wiii not go to the court.
Don't cry.
Didn't you say that
truth aiways triumphs.
i'ii prove that in court tomorrow.
That won't be necessary.
Grandma, go in.
No. Let it be.
Why fear ascetics?
i drive away the
fear of my devotees.
My devotees are my strength.
Hence i don't take services
from gangsters and dons.
Senior poiice officers, Ministers...
...poiiticians: are my bodyguard.
At my service are the M.L.As.
This country's big and
smaii poiitician...
...breathe afterwards...
...first they take my name.
You are surprised, aren't you?
You shouid be.
Such a powerfui man...
...has personaiiy
come to your house.
Butecause you...
...fear going to the gaiiows.
i had heard that you are a
very enthusiastic journaiist.
Now i am convinced too.
You know quite a iot about me.
Not quite a iot, but everything.
i know that you have a
hand in the bomb biasts.
it is at your behest
that riots take piace.
You are not a saint, but a beast.
i know that you wouidn't
come out of your iayer easiiy.
To hunt you down,
i have to create terror.
Hence, i didn't kiii
your friend Shah Aiam.
And today...
...you have come to taik to me?
Now there wiii be no taiking:
it'ii be just war.
if so, oniy i triumph!
Oniy time wiii decide your fate.
Now get used to
sieeping on the fioor...
...in the darkness
with the mosquitoes.
Butecause very soon
you wiii go to jaii.
it's impending doom
that drives you crazy.
instead of sending me to jaii...
...you shouid be thinking of
getting your father out of jaii.
i can do that very easiiy.
One phone caii and
he wiii be free.
Butut in iieu of that,
you must...
Give iqbai to you?
Butesides your father's reiease
you'ii get everything you ask for.
A pimp can oniy
taik about deaiings.
And you are born one.
Okay. i wiii make a deai.
Butut of your iife.
Of your destruction.
You know not, the powers i possess.
if i wish...
...then aiongwith you...
...i can't destroy your
famiiy members in one second.
it wiii not even take a second
to biow your brains off.
Can your bodyguards save you now?
Can you caii those poiitician
and minister now?
Can you caii your
foreign devotees?
if i kiii you, you
wiii become a martyr.
i can't make that mistake.
i want to expose you
before the pubiic.
So that the poiice officers
who kiss your hand...
...shouid handcuff you
and drag you to jaii!
There are peopie
who touch your feet.
You ought to beg of
them for mercy!
Run away
There is a proverb.
Too much knowiedge can
prove to be dangerous.
Listen carefuiiy.
You must be knowing...
...that you had informed
me on phone...
...that you are going to piant
a bomb in J.C. Hospitai.
i iiked your voice so much.
i recorded it.
i know.
You were not serious about it.
Butut i took it seriousiy.
i fuifiiied your job...
...by pianting a bomb
in the hospitai.
if you go to there
with your friend...
...then death wiii weicome you.
And if...
...you come with your
friend to the court.
Then there wiii be an
expiosion in the hospitai.
And aiongwith thousands
of peopie...
...your iove for your country and
friend wiii be biown to pieces.
And you wiii go
straight to your father.
Undoubtediy, victory shaii
be mine at any cost.
You have to decide.
One friend.
Or thousands of probiems
...shaii await your phone caii.
Do wait.
Butut not for my phone caii.
...but for your death.
Long iive
Swami Satyanand!
Long iive Swami Satyanand!
Butiess you!
Butiess you!
Run! There is a bomb! Quick!
Where is the bomb?
in the basement.
Uday Singh, do you wish to say
anything in your defence?
Do you have any witness
or evidence. Yes, Your Honour!
i request the court
to aiiow me to...
...piead this case!
What is the truth?
Who has a hand in making
you a terrorist?
What reiation do you
have with Shah Aiam?
Your honour.
i have been brought here...
...to speak the truth.
And whatever i'm going to
say is the truth.
i know Mr. Shah Aiam.
He is a nice man. He is iike
an eider brother to us.
This man is trying to trap
me to save his father.
Traitor! !
Traitor! !
i wiii kiii you! !
You fear these peopie! !
is this your own statement?
Even this court spares
you, but i won't!
i wiii kiii you
and your masters!
What is aii this?
Come to the witness box...
...if you wish to say something.
is this a court room or
a farce being enacted?
Can a thug threaten to
kiii peopie iike this?
He is being forced to iie!
i know him from many years.
He is a very decent and
patriotic person.
Such a man is being threatened?
That too in front of the court?
You are crossing your iimits.
i'm sorry that i couidn't
controi myseif.
Butut, your honour!
i stiii have some witnesses.
Permit me to summon
minister Sharad Patii.
...to the witness box.
You may.
Did you sign, my father...
...D.i.G. Uday Singh's
arrest warrant?
Yes, i did.
What for?
Butecause he did a very
dangerous thing.
He gave refuge to a terrorist
in his house. Heiped him.
A terrorist whose
name is iqbai Khan.
This one!
i don't know. Couid be...
You are not very sure?
Actuaiiy, i can't know every
terrorist personaiiy, can i?
You see, D.C.P. Chautaia
toid me and i signed it.
This means...
...that if your
D.C.P. Chautaia...
...caiis Mr Satyanand
a terrorist...
...you wiii agree.
No, how is that possibie?
He had proof, too.
Mr. Chautaia
No you accept that
iqbai Khan is a terrorist?
Your siience says that you
arrested D.i.G. Uday Singh...
...as a resuit of
some conspiracy!
At someone's behest!
if iqbai is not a terrorist
...then my father's
arrest is a crime!
For which the minister and
Chautaia shouid be punished!
The number of days and nights
my father spent in jaii...
...on account of that
shouid be taken from them!
No! No! Your honour!
He is a terrorist!
Butefore my very eyes,
he kiiied three peopie.
Uday Singh heiped him
so i arrested him.
The minister and Chautaia
both are right.
iqbai is a dangerous terrorist.
Just now this man, whose
name is Shah Aiam...
...who is a very respectabie man...
...said that iqbai is his friend.
Whom he knows from many years.
Now what does this mean,
i don't have to expiains that.
iqbai wiii say the rest.
Yes, i am a terrorist. A murderer!
i have finished everything!
Lost everything.
A friend iike Arjun!
This country!
Peopie's trust! Everything!
This man...
...who aiways considered
me as his son.
Butecause of me he has
been put to shame.
And the one responsibie
for aii this is Shah Aiam!
i have aii evidence
against him!
He poisoned my mind.
i became biind.
Not oniy me, he has misiead
thousands of peopie.
Provoked hatred in them!
Save them, your honour!
Save them too!
Oniy then wiii my country,
my nation, be saved!
Controi yourseif.
The faise statement that
iqbai gave in the beginning.
...was at my behest.
Had he spoken the truth eariier...
...then perhaps Shah Aiam
wouid refuse to recognise him.
Hence it was necessary to
enact this farce.
On the basis of the prima
facie evidence...
...the court is sure that
Shah Aiam took the iead...
...in the bomb biasts and riots.
Hence the court
orders his arrest...
...and start an
inquiry against him.
What are you doing? Leave!
You can't arrest me!
i wish to say something!
Your honour, there is some
i'm just a pawn, the reai
mastermind is someone eise!
And that is Swami Satyanand.
i am ready to expose his
activities before the court.
You are iying.
This man is the enemy of
our community.
Hence in a fit of
vengeance he is iying.
Does he have any proof?
Does he?
Not at aii
There is Swamiji
SSwamiji, save me!
i have served you a iot.
i beg of you! Piease save me!
Save me, Swamiji
Wiii he save himseif or you?
He is the man
who pianted a bomb...
...in J.C. hospitai at the
Swami's behest. No!
He had pianted a bomb,
Your honour.
How did you know?
Butecause you had toid me on phone.
is it? Then why didn't
you inform the poiice?
He did aii this
to trap me. Speak!
Yes, at Swamiji's behest.
Did you see, just by
puiiing one string.
...everyone got dragged.
Actuaiiy they are aii birds
of the same feather.
Swami Satyanand and Shah Aiam...
...have created tension
aii over the nation.
Expioiting reiigious
and caste sentiments...
...they are hunting us!
They are trying to create
differences between peopie!
And minister iike him
are supporting them!
These are the peopie...
...who are hand-in-giove
with iawyers and pimps!
Peopie have no roofs
over their head...
...but even the bathrooms of these
peopie are air conditioned!
Peopie are starving to death.
Butut their famiiies go on
hoiiday tours abroad!
Poiiticians, god-men and Mafia
are stuck to our country...
...iike termites! They have
made it hoiiow from within
They are responsibie
for riots that took piace
...from 1 94 7 to 1 997!
These peopie are behind
every kiiiing...
...right from Gandhi to Gandhi!
These peopie suppiy arms
from Punjab to Kashmir!
They are the ones who
torch mosques and tempies!
Do you know why, You Honour?
Butecause iaw in this country
moves at the pace of a turtie!
A Committees wiii be formed:
inquiry commissions wiii be set up!
And after 5 or 1 0 years,
when the report finaiiy arrives...
..it wiii be ciosed
in some fiie forever!
And these peopie wiii
continue unhindered.
These are separate countries for
every reiigion in this worid.
There are Hindu countries, isiamic
nations and Christian iands.
india is the oniy country...
..that has piace for every
reiigion in its heart.
Butut the way they are
creating differences..
...dividing our nation...
...there wiii come a
time when our country...
...wiii vanish from the
worid map forever!
A ioveiy sermon indeed, son!
Butut what do you think...
...that if you impress
the court..
...the worid wiii
turn topsy turvy?
What punishment wiii
the court give?
A few days of imprisonment?
Every prison is
iike my ashram.
i have my discipies there.
i shaii pray to estabiish my
contact with the Aimighty.
And then be free.
Think about yourseif!
Your own seif.
Do you hear the chaos outside?
They are aii my discipies.
At my instance, they
wiii wreak destruction!
Ascetic! if i wanted, i couid
have kiiied you iong ago.
Butut the hope that the
court had aroused in us..
...by summoning even
the President to court...
...is what made me trust it.
Hence, i got you here.
As for the masses, they know
everything about you now.
With the Judge's permission,
the entire proceedings...
...of this court are being
teiecast iive on teievision.
The court orders
him to be arrested!
Swamiji, there is mayhem!
Let me go in.
impostor! Scoundrei!
You cheat us?!
Buteat him up!
You caused fights in
the name of reiigion?!
Butreak his bones!
Don't spare him!
i .. i am the
protector of iaw.
Don't beat me.
i have served you a iot
Long iive the Swami!
Did you see what happens
when the masses unite?!
Didn't i teii you that
you wiii be at the feet...
.. of those who bow
before you?
Look! Look at the
power of the masses!
The end of the
iikes of you is near.
Not oniy here
but in the entire worid.
Long iive independence!
Long iive independence!