Zorn (1994) Movie Script

Now it'll taste with some
pickled herring and a drink, Albert.
- The breakfast is important.
- Certainly, yes. It's breakfast...
Start your day with a huge drink
to revive your spirit, preferably two.
- How old was the blonde-haired?
- Not so old.
White-skinned, firm body.
I must paint her.
Paint the midsummer dance!
Nobody could do it better.
I'll do that later.
I'll need to paint Ida first.
- Not just paint...
- Mind your own business.
Isn't she too young?
Half as old as you...
I'm not so damn old!
- I just thought...
- Don't meddle in my affairs!
I haven't done anything. Not yet...
- Are you leaning again?
- Yes, I have to get out.
- Why don't you rest a little?
- I must have fresh air!
So you're going out with the boat?
- Take out the dogs!
- Are you afraid?
No, I don't want
dog hairs all over!
You may sleep upstairs with me.
It's long time ago.
Take out the dog!
I asked whether
you'd go out with the boat.
Then it will be drinking
as usual.
Yeah, right - just as usual.
Ingrid! Stand with your bottom
against me. In the background.
Further in there.
Bend forward. Right.
Anders! Are you there?
- Hello! Anders!
- Who is it?
There's someone waving from a ship.
- It looks like the publisher.
- Anders!
I thought it sounded
like a thirsty devil.
So firm you are, Beda.
- So firm you are, Beda.
- Thanks. I heard it.
- What shall we do about it?
- You know for sure.
Anders, it's me!
Anders, it's me!
- I've been dry for hours.
- That you dare to take such a risk.
- Cheers. Thanks for the next one.
- Are you going by train?
We are all born thirsty.
But most of all Albert Engstrm.
Damn, I can't keep up! Cheers!
Booze and fresh air
has nobody died off yet.
Down with the drinks!
Don't you want to eat anything?
- I didn't come for eating.
- You are a tough man to drink.
- I've always been second after you.
- The devil knows it.
Cheers, then.
- Maybe a little piece of herring.
- Sounds reasonable.
Only to get thirsty again.
- You've become more thirsty
over the years. - It's a lie!
I've always been pardoned
with the same remarkable thirst.
Anders, you and I know it:
The importance of alcohol
for the human body...
can't be exaggerated!
And now it's strawberry juice
and biscuits. Hope it will taste.
Kari, get the biscuits now.
They are made this morning.
Open up!
Anders, open up!
- I'm coming.
- Open up...
My dear wife... So glad you came,
Emma. Come in.
You see that... I have engaged
Ida as our new kitchen assistant.
She'll help Kari in the kitchen.
Now that you have so many nice
guests and even more coming soon...
- How thoughtful of you.
- I've to go to Stockholm.
- To Stockholm?
- I've to take a little trip.
- And the new kitchen assistant with you?
- That's not necessary at all.
Actually Oscar asked me.
He wants to be portrayed.
- Oscar?
- Yes.
- Which Oscar?
- The second.
Oscar the second? The King?
Well him, yes. It fits good.
Is it you who's going to paint of me?
The portrait's intended as a gift to the
Life Guard, on horseback in uniform.
Well, so it should be painted.
It won't be painted by me.
What do you say? How dare you?
A uniform has been tailored! My precious
time has been made available.
And now your're stubborn!
What a shame!
Your Majesty is the patron of the arts.
If I shall paint the King of Sweden
it should be in another way.
Really? Well...
- How should I dress to please you?
- Festive dress.
Possibly with a Serafin belt.
My son, who paints, mostly landscapes,
would like to greet the artist.
I was thinking
that some medals could lighten up.
For the sake of colour...
- There were many pulleys and medals.
- Yes, there is a lot.
- It could be that small one, then.
- Really?
- The small one?
- Yes.
Yes, yes... Nothing else
that falls in Mr. Zorn's taste?
Too much tinsel and baubles
disturb the humanity.
- This way it feels better.
- Well...
- I heard you'll go to America?
- It's probably true.
Zorn will participate
at the World Exhibition in Paris...
- That's right.
- Zorn is a real circumnavigator.
Mr. Zorn has been appointed
by the Artist Federation...
as Sweden's commissioner in Paris.
Mr. Zorn's paintings
are first class.
Prestigious for Swedish painting.
When you're commissioner you
may not participate in the contest.
I may still exhibit.
But Sweden's chances to win
a medal are drastically reduced.
But Zorn doesn't like those
sheaves and medals anyway.
At nine o'clock...
What the hell does "tails" mean?
No, my French is quite bad...
You are the most beautiful...
No, quite the opposite!
What I said was...
What a weather!
- Anything else?
- No, it's fine.
Ols-Maria is new recruit.
The kitchen assistant has left.
Ida had to go.
- Is my wife at home?
- Mrs. Zorn is upstairs.
Welcome home, Anders.
So elegant you've become!
New clothes... Waxed moustache.
It doesn't really suit you.
And he has learned to
smoke cigars like a real gentleman.
- But you take of the cigar band first.
- Not me.
- How long will you stay in Sweden?
- I have no definite plans.
- A whole week?
- If I'm gone, it's not good.
If I'm home it's equally bad!
Anders... Why don't you ask me
if I want to come along?
You'd rather be home
with the dogs I thought.
Can you imagine eating
dinner with us tomorrow night?
- Who are us? - It's been decided
a long time ago. I have to.
Is it your mother?
It's her birthday.
A pretty big party.
It would be good for you
to meet some of the guests.
- You are so wise and caring.
- Can't you come?
Mother isn't angry at you anymore.
She's actually happy about your success.
So now that I make money, I'm
forgiven the naughty nude painting?
Not this one again.
Come with me, Anders, for me.
- I don't fit in there. - You'll paint
a naked Stockholm-whore instead?
- Are you jealous again?
- Not on cheap sluts!
- Not all my models are sluts.
- That's a surprise.
- Painted by you they look promiscuous.
- It gives us a decent income.
Without the inheritance,
we wouldn't do.
Only money, maids and whores
interest you.
It's you who's most interested in money!
A sad life with Stockholm's
upper class doesn't suit me!
- Because you're afraid.
- No...
Go and celebrate birthday
with your family.
I'm not respectable anyway.
- So you're not coming?
- No, I'm going to work.
I won't bother you anymore.
What do you want? Curious?
I thought I should clean.
After the last cleaning
it took a week to find something.
- It would be needed.
- I'll decide that myself!
- Where are you from?
- From Gagnef.
I was born in the neighbourhood.
- I know.
- Oh, you know?
What more do you know?
- What's your name?
- Ols-Maria.
- Have you been a model?
- I can't do it.
- Say instead: "I don't want.
- I don't know what to do.
Turn around, so I can have a look.
Let me see the profile...
Not much of a nose.
Not me neither.
I like your colours.
Do you have breast and bottom?
- I guess I do.
- If you are good you'll get a penny.
But you've to stand naked for me.
A little more to the right!
So, yes, like that.
- Is Mr. Zorn ready?
- There's no more space.
It does look great.
Really impressive.
Who painted that one?
It shows clearly that
Richard Bergh is not really healthy!
Oh well...
- Our paintings are not visible!
- Possibly with binoculars.
- Not everyone can get the best place!
- There are yours hanging.
First I hung my paintings
over there.
- But the minister insisted.
- Now I'm getting really angry!
- He demanded that I moved them!
- And only yours, of course?
So it's the minister
who has hanged them up!
- You are a selfish villain!
- Now you're kidding!
You guys aren't expecting high prices.
That's difficult for me to imagine!
- Now you're nasty!
- There is no life in your paintings.
It tastes like sticking your tongue
out of the window!
Excuse me...
- I hope Mr. Zorn is feeling better.
- Slightly better.
It was good.
- That little swatter is so ridiculous!
- Poor him...
He wanted to escape
form his commissioner job!
He had a hangover, the noob.
He claimed you insisted that
his paintings got the best places.
- It wasn't exactly so...
- Just what we thought!
Zorn played sick in order
to receive the prize.
I don't know really...
Prince Eugene comes to Paris
to be present at the ceremony.
Your Majesty, your Royal
Highnesses, ladies and gentlemen.
I have the honor to award the World
Exhibition's Grand Prix for painting.
The competition has been fierce.
However, the jury agreed...
the Nordic light is
shining brightest.
The prize goes to Sweden
and Mr. Anders Zorn.
- I must have something. A pilsner.
- No way a beer could help you!
Yes, please!
- Damn, how it's swaying!
- That's just inside your head.
- Haven't you slept at all?
- No.
The most beautiful in the world is
a summer night in the Archipelago.
- But you...
- I just crashed I think.
I was talking about the Nordic light.
When you started to snore.
But now I'm awake. Unfortunately.
- Help me get down a "restorer".
- That's what I meant. Pilsner...
- I feel so bad.
- Sure, you'll have a "restorer".
Hold your nose.
And close your eyes.
Closed eyes and open your mouth.
You must open your mouth!
Open mouth!
So! Big sips. Swallow now...
- Oh my God, I'm dying.
- You're not dying!
You don't look pretty today.
- I've never been a beauty.
- But today you look unusual ugly.
Rather that than being a
unhappy womaniser like you.
- You have a drinkers hiccup.
- It is perfectly normal hiccup.
That's drinkers hiccup.
Oh my God...
You are so remarkably beautiful.
More beautiful than all summer nights.
Beautiful mistresses and white boats
are expensive in maintenance.
- I can afford it.
- Yes, of course.
You are proud
over your nice price.
I've never bothered about prices.
But this one's different.
They can say whatever they want.
This should prove
that one isn't totally without talent.
Really recognized in Sweden,
I'll never become.
- You're a champ in painting.
- You talk so much crap, Albert.
But maybe some of the critics
will shut up now.
But actually
it doesn't mean a anything!
Who is the father of the child?
She can tell me so we get
it right in the church records.
Ida doesn't need to worry. She wants
the child to be baptised, right?
Just say who the baby's father is.
- I don't know.
- Ida shall tell me the truth.
I can't say it.
- Then I don't know what I can do.
- I want him to get baptised anyway.
But I may not know about his father...
She's a disgrace for the village!
Disgraced by an illegitimate kid!
- What should the boy be called?
- Anders.
One day at the Royal Castle,
the next day we are disgraced!
- I'm glad father doesn't need to see it.
- Your father had also other women!
My father always said that you only
wanted to enter the Stockholm Society.
That if you could love somebody,
it was yourself. Dad said...
- Continue.
- He said you are an adventurer.
That I know well.
"If Mr. Zorn would at least paint
walls and fences instead."
Your father wanted a businessman
as son in law. Preferably a Jew.
- Do you dislike Jews?
- I'm married to a Jew.
- I didn't know the difference even.
- Is there a difference?
It's not only that we never eat pork...
Your father often said: "We have
a family name that is binding. "
- A beautiful idea.
- He regarded himself as superior.
Maybe he was.
- You think badly about us.
- To me all people equally.
Don't think you can trump me
just because you're educated!
You are so afraid for anyone
who knows more than you do.
Well, I'm just a dumb country boy.
You think you're a class above me.
Wrong, you feel you are a class
under, of some odd reason.
I remember very well
when you painted it.
We had just met.
"I must paint you," you said.
You should conquer the world.
"I'll show them," you said.
I was so much in love.
You were so caring.
- Now you don't care.
- We're still married.
But you've others. The whole district
gossips about you and Ida.
Didn't we talk ready about it?
I don't care what they say.
How will you handle with
Ida and the child?
- That I take care of.
- Do you care about that girl?
- She's just a nice piece of ass.
- You have your expressions.
But it's alright.
As long as it's not one of us.
- You've met a French woman...
- Who says that?
- We live in a small world.
- Old broads love to invent stories.
- So it's not true?
- I haven't met any French woman.
That's not very smart.
Visit the prince in a red suit.
He's like a rooster who must cark.
Zorn! Shouldn't you make peace
with Richard Berg and the others?
- The Artists Association needs you.
- I happen to make money now.
It doesn't match with the Artists
Association's democratic ideals.
- There's nothing wrong with democracy.
- Surely it's a beautiful idea.
- Zorn is individualistic.
- Maybe.
The Prince knows that society
is divided into different classes.
It's like a ladder. I was all down
at the bottom when I was born.
I was poor.
I didn't even have a father.
I was born on the floor of a barn.
And my father was never mentioned.
But you're an example of that one
can climb up to its proper class.
Sure, I've had success
but I'm still a poor devil.
You're a true artist
and a down to earth person.
Zorn... My father
is very pleased with the portrait.
- So the king was satisfied?
- In the highest degree.
- It wasn't too weird anyway.
- I think the Prince may get more guests.
Oh my God, it's the French
ambassador. Excuse me...
Not so fast!
Serve the ladies first!
Didn't you promise to finish
the painting of Ols-Maria?
It's time enough.
Do you work for the usual price,
or paint her for free?
Don't worry.
I'll get paid.
- Come in! Oh, is that you?
- May I come in?
You may. But the dog also?
Could we try to talk?
Could we sit down?
Sit down, you.
I think it's become
more difficult between us.
- Can't you sit also?
- Yes, of course.
I know you'll never forgive me.
It was my life's biggest mistake.
Don't pull it up again.
- If I had given birth to the child...
- You didn't want it.
We were not even engaged.
I was so scared.
I had nightmares that
my father would find out.
- Tell me you loved me then.
- But you know it.
Say that it wasn't wrong.
That damn charlatan disturbed everything!
- You trusted him.
- I didn't know about anyone else.
I also wanted our child!
- Sorry I was such a coward!
- Emma...
Can it ever be good
between us again? I love you.
Stop it, Emma.
You're tormenting yourself.
Is there nothing left between us?
Have you ever really loved me?
Are you concerned about it now...
I can't talk to women.
My tongue gets locked.
If you want something, you can talk
splendidly and have the finest behaviour.
Hold me, Anders!
It's so long ago!
Let's start over again.
Just you and me.
You said that I was what
no one else could be for you.
- That's right...
- I don't want to lose you.
- I guess you don't need me.
- Emma, that's not true.
The problem is that the booze means
most for you. As it did for your dad.
I know what's going on with Ols-Maria.
Half the village knows it.
I have played blind for your
your naughty escapades!
I don't want the shame
of a divorce!
But if you think you can
take home your foreign mistresses,
who I shall entertain
at our dinner table...
Then you have counted wrong!
But she suits you better, of course.
She's young and handsome and rich!
But she'll never
give birth to your BASTARD!
- Farm worker manners.
- But I am not a servant, you know!
Neither for you or for someone else!
Come in. It's open.
You aren't freezing, are you?
- Cubism is alive and flowering.
- Amateurism, you mean.
Can you really sell this stuff?
- I didn't expect to see you here.
- I can't notice any healthy sensuality.
It's probably because
you don't like women.
- This poor girl has certainly malaria.
- I suspect you are colour blind.
You are just as exaggerated
as your lousy cartoons.
- What's the intention with that one?
- You dislike what you don't understand.
- Don't you have imagination anymore?
- Something to laugh about.
I don't know what it's supposed to be.
Certainly some kind of sunset...
It's not me who's
called a superficial "faiseur".
You are pass.
Time has run away from you.
Only Americans buy your nudes.
They have no taste or culture.
- But what you mess up is culture?
- End of the old men's dominion.
- What a loudmouth you are.
- They call you "henhouse Rubens".
If you weren't gay
I'd ask you to kiss my ass!
Thanks, sweetie.
I'm already busy.
A fucking amateur painting,
that's what this is!
You're the only one I want.
Yeah. And I'm Anders Zorn.
Here it is.
An interview with
one of the young artists:
"The new, modern paintings should
be watched from extra distance."
Ideally, one shouldn't
watch them at all!
You are a damn good artist, Albert;
and sometimes you're really funny.
- But only sometimes, right?
- Exactly.
- May I offer you a cigar?
- Well, maybe...
"Have you had breakfast?
- No, not one sip yet." - Funny!
You remove the cigar belt
before you light up.
- What's worse than an empty glass?
- Must be sour old broads.
Don't you have anything in your glass?
That must be organized.
Damn, nothing here either.
- Bring a new bottle of whiskey!
- How is it, Anders?
- Could be better.
Why's nobody coming?
- Bring whiskey, I said!
Is it the one from Paris
who's haunting you?
It's so boring that we can't
be together... - Oh, is it you?
Who else? The maids are busy with
making themselves beautiful for you.
You're so right...
Albert and I were longing for
a little sip, but there's nothing.
A midsummer sip would be good.
Shouldn't we have noble guests?
It's not so easy with the prince.
He's as dull as he's painting.
- It's just Albert and me.
- I'm sorry for your bad reputation.
- Did you say something?
- Me? No, nothing.
- We'd need a bottle of whiskey.
- Yes, I understand.
I'll immediately run and find one.
- A truly nice wife you have...
- It's not so much wrong with Emma.
Your nasty piece of a wife
isn't much to brag about.
No. But she's so ugly
so she's hiding.
It shall be princes and barons for Emma.
Upper class life has spoiled her.
- What's the matter, Anders?
- I get so damn sore sometimes.
- A kind of cramp.
- It's not syphilis maybe?
No, it tends to get better with whiskey.
Give me the glass.
Damn it!
Good, let me have a shot in the
other leg as well, for the balance.
Put it over there.
- What are you doing?
- Sorry... So annoying.
The maids must dance with a lame
tonight, this was the last bottle.
The importance of alcohol
for the human body...
can't be emphasised enough!
Two bottles more.
- Look here... restaurateur!
- I'd like to present the bill.
- Shall the restaurateur go home already?
- It's 4 o'clock in the morning.
- That's early, right?
- Ols-Maria wants meatballs.
- We want more booze.
- Sorry, Mr. Zorn, that's not possible.
- Before there was always food.
- It's different times now.
- Can one buy the whole restaurant?
- If you've got money, well yes.
Then maybe this is enough
as a deposit...
Count it. Here's a little more.
- Sure.
- Good.
- We'll get the rest tomorrow.
- Then I will write a receipt.
Back to the meatballs. It's important
Ols-Maria gets what she wants.
And it shall be small, round and
nice meatballs, dear sir.
- I'll arrange it myself immediately.
- And with cranberries!
- And by hell don't forget booze.
- Coming instantly!
I can't tolerate that!
Do you hear what I say!
Sitting in a pub, day after day.
With one of our maids!
- The ladies get wind in their sails...
- I don't care what they gossip about!
Don't stand there and listen!
Shame on you!
- It's so embarrassing for me!
- It's time that I travel again.
You can't do it. You're sick.
As Strindberg writes, we're together
only to torment each other.
What a surprise.
I didn't know you can read.
Now you shall hear...
- Do you need to smoke that much?
- I'm drinking too, without asking you!
I also swear and apparently
I'm fucking uneducated.
I'm rude and angry upstage!
Have I forgotten anything?
- I can't talk to you anymore.
- I'm a bastard.
Do you need to shout like this?
Everybody can...
Stop talking about what I need!
How much I should charge,
which fork I should use...
I am who I am.
And I'm not ashamed.
- You could get better, dear Anders.
- Yes, we all can get better.
But not you, dear Emma,
'cause you're perfect!
Don't look so sad.
So yes... Head up.
- I'm cold.
- Don't move! It's damn good.
- Damn!
- What is it?
There's nothing wrong with me.
Go back!
Where're you going?
Herring is under the basement stairs.
The other food is ready in the pantry.
- Booze you'll find yourself.
- Won't you celebrate with your dearest?
Should that be you?
You have already female company.
Two pieces, even.
And one in Paris, of course.
Ols-Maria... would you please take
care that he comes to the hospital?
So, you might see another summer.
I can't help you anymore.
- I feel sorry for you.
- I forbid you to do it!
I take the opportunity and
ask for the baptism also.
That should be fine.
And maybe wedding too?
- No, it must wait.
- Why that?
- Not right now...
- I can imagine.
The father is... unknown, right?
As usual.
- Well... What should the boy be called?
- Anders.
- And Bede?
- I've got a sweet little girl.
I see it. And the father's name?
That's strange.
What shall the girl be called?
Not bad...
That's this one!
- Is there anything Mr. Zorn wishes?
- Yes. But nothing she could offer.
It is not strawberry juice and cookies
I want.
- Heard from Mrs. Zorn?
- No, not today either.
Go and sleep
so you come up in the morning!
Pigalle? At this hour?
I can't... I can't!
Zorn... it's time to wake up.
- Who the hell are you?
- I want to save a lost soul.
- Oh... is it time?
- Time to ask for forgiveness.
Zorn was busy with his seeds.
It's many fatherless children around.
- Yeah, yeah... - Zorn should know
how it is to have no father.
- It is not only Beda and Ols-Maria.
- I'll pay for all my kids.
Zorn can only pay by
delivering his soul to God.
Can you give it to me.
- Enough with drinking now, Zorn.
- Who decided that?
- Satan's power is great.
- But he helps his people.
Together we'll overcome evil.
You've been blessed with talent.
You've gotten so much from our Lord.
I helped myself too, maybe?
What are you staring at?
Fucking hypocrite...
- Deliver your soul to Jesus.
- Are you getting commission?
I'll get my salary in heaven. And I
sincerely hope to meet you there.
I can still stand on my feet.
I don't have such a hurry
to meet you in heaven.
Most probably it will be
rather down there, huh?
If the devil's your friend
you'll have a good time in hell.
Loves... love not...
Loves... love not... love!
It was him!
A personal driver he had.
The damn priest is here. Probably
to see if I've become more pious.
- He looks stern.
- Have you ever seen a happy priest?
According to his calculations,
I should have died long time ago.
But yet I'm alive!
How the hell that was possible.
- You're not going to...?
- I am!
The day I'm unable to grab a broad
around the hips, it may well be over.
One more walz I'll
certainly reach.
The Huge Animal From The North