Zorro (1975) Movie Script

Ladies and gentlemen,
the Seabird is ready to go.
We'll be leaving
for Martinique in an hour.
Miss Suzy Linstrom
and Mrs. Rosemary...
Did you hear that?
- That's us.
The ship will dock
at Puerto La Cruz.
We'll finally be home tomorrow.
I can't wait to
see my father again.
It's been almost 2 months.
Your Excellency.
What are these islands called?
The Azores.
We visited them.
Remember all those seagulls.
Where I dropped my hat in the water?
- Right.
Have one of these. Deliciously grilled.
On the other side
is the Pacific Ocean.
Let me try now, father.
This is Spain,
there is North-America,
and this is South-America.
- Good.
And this is Cartagena.
- Very good, Rafaelito.
Look, this is were we started,
the port of Barcelona.
We crossed the Atlantic Ocean,
the Caribbean,
all the way to Cartagena.
And behind those mountains
is our new home.
It was a long journey.
Diego? Diego,
I'm so happy to see you.
What a coincidence. We've just arrived.
Yes but I'm leaving
for Spain tomorrow.
Can't you postpone it?
- No.
Do you remember Maria?
- Of course.
It's a pleasure to see you again.
- Thank you.
Who's that young man?
- Rafaelito, come over here.
Hello, Sir.
He's the best swordsman
of the Old World.
And the New World.
Did you quit piercing
your enemies?
No. That's why I'm still alive.
The century of my marriage will
be the century of peace,
loyalty and love.
The New World will be a world
with a different government, Diego,
based on justice and
After ten years, you still cherish
the same illusions.
In ten years, these illusions
will be a reality.
Then you'll have to admit
it was all worth it.
Miguel, you're going to be governor
of a Spanish Colony...
which is only used to
corruption and violence.
I know.
- You can't change it.
Maybe not,
but I'll try anyway.
My uncle suddenly dying
of malaria
and me taking over his place
as governor, was God's will.
Therefore I'll govern
according to God's will.
If your uncle died of malaria,
it's because someone wanted him dead.
What do you mean?
- There's no malaria over there.
Maria, he's just joking.
- No, I'm not.
You're a man with ideals,
but without weapons.
The truth is my weapon.
- The weapon of a fool.
You're a fool. My father
is the greatest and bravest man there is.
You're evil. Evil.
I don't like you anymore.
My father is the best
and you're bad.
My father is great.
- Yes, of course.
I'm sorry, Miguel.
- No, I'm sorry.
A child looks up to his father.
Why don't you stay a little longer?
- No. Thank you.
I'm leaving tomorrow morning.
- I won't insist any further.
At least give me some time, sir.
I'm going to take a walk in the garden.
Bernardo will join me.
The perfect servant.
He can't speak but he's a good listener.
Diego, it's been a pleasure
seeing you again.
Good luck... governor.
Come on.
Thank you.
Kill him.
Who ordered this?
- Colonel Huerta.
Tell me why.
Why? Why?
No governor may reach
Nuova Aragona alive.
Diego, no. Diego, no.
The thirst for violence
is hard to quench.
Alright. There will be no
governor in Nuova Aragona.
You're wrong.
I'll take your place.
I'll revenge your death.
Rest assured.
No, Diego. You can't go
driven by hate.
Don't speak, Miguel.
Diego, you must promise me something.
Swear the new governor will
not shed any blood.
I should be governor,
with my illusions, my ideas.
Swear you won't kill,
Swear it.
This is the token of my power,
the seal.
Swear it.
Diego, I'm running out of time.
I'm going to die.
Swear it.
I swear.
No, Rafaelito.
It's me.
Your father had to leave,
to become governor.
Why didn't he take me?
a difficult task awaits him.
He had to go alone.
But you were right.
Your father is
the greatest and bravest man alive.
That's why he'll succeed.
our governor has been
death for over three months.
His successor from Spain still
hasn't arrived.
Spain is too far
from Nuova Aragona.
Considering our precarious situation
we can't allow any further delay.
Our enemies can attack any moment.
In the Cordillera,
the English are hiring bandits,
who raid our all transports.
Revolts and conspiracies are
being encouraged.
We're in need of a strong
government, no more weaknesses.
That's why I ask you, gentlemen,
to grant the army, and myself...
full responsibility of government.
I take it
everyone agrees.
Silence implies consent,
Colonel Huerta.
You're Colonel Huerta?
Indeed I am.
Your expression tells me
the responsibility must be huge.
Who's responsibility?
- Mine of course.
I already feel it weighing heavily.
I'm Miguel Vega de la Serna.
Your governor,
in the name of the king.
My credentials and my seal.
- Welcome in Nuova Aragona.
Thank you. Thank you.
When did you arrive?
Same time you did, Colonel.
But I didn't want to interrupt.
It gave me the opportunity
to learn more about the situation here.
Is that so?
Do you understand it now?
Alas. If everything you said
is true, it's terrible.
I was already devastated...
by my uncle Fernando's
tragic death.
But all in good time.
Will you excuse me, gentlemen?
I haven't had the chance
to visit my dear aunt.
Do you have any idea how
my uncle caught the disease?
Who knows? He probably got it from
one of his mistresses.
Listen, dear cousin,
you ask too many questions.
Don't you find it strange
that I've never seen you before?
I don't understand. What do you mean?
I mean:
I didn't know what you looked like,
I'm completely not interested
in our family
and its members.
So don't feel obliged
to talk to me.
Of course, my dear aunt,
as you wish.
I've disturbed you in your mourning.
Mourning? Is that a joke?
Your uncle and I have been strangers
to each other for the past 20 years.
Who's that?
That's your dear old
uncle Fernando's dog.
He knows more than I do.
They had a lot in common.
- A lot in common?
With the dog?
- His name is Assassin.
He was his best friend.
Worthy of each other.
- Inseparable.
One signal from him
and he'd tear apart anyone.
Tear apart? Nice animal.
- Good night, dear cousin.
Let's try to avoid running
into each other. Come.
Allow me to introduce myself.
Captain Fritz Von Merkel,
personal assistant
of your late uncle Fernando.
At your service, Your Excellency.
At ease, Captain.
Did you bring all these delicacies?
I was fortunate enough to receive
a splendid gift for you.
Governor Don Fernando's
favorite sweets.
Thank you. Get me some.
Excuse me, Your Excellency.
I'm sorry.
Calm down, this won't be wasted.
Look at them eat. They like it.
Do you have an explanation for this, Captain?
What could it be?
Malaria again?
Watch out, Your Excellency.
Thank you.
How could I have known?
I bought them from
Don Fernando's supplier.
Perfect. The bodyguard has the poison.
Madam, how can you even think... ?
Nothing is more amusing
than the stupidity
of governors and bodyguards.
Do you know what this is?
No what?
The habit
I'll be wearing in the convent.
It seemed amusing.
So young, so light.
The convent is better
than marriage.
You don't understand
a woman can live
without the protection of a man.
Isn't that true, Miguelito?
I'm a man of peace, aunt Carmen.
A man of peace?
Then find yourself a monastery too.
One at a time is no fun.
All four.
That's enough.
You've got much to learn
if you want to stay alive. Go.
That was great.
I thought people used blunt weapons
for practice,
so no one gets hurt.
One can only learn
when there's real danger,
And as you can see,
their swords are sharp too.
Colonel Huerta...
In the past 24 hours I've been able
to get a clear perspective of the situation,
here in Nuova Aragona.
I want you to come up with a plan
that takes care of all the problems.
I'm convinced
it will have my approval.
Thank you for your confidence.
I... would feel a lot safer...
if you'd personally
take care
of my safety.
It would be an honour.
I know the perfect man for the job. Garcia.
At your service, Your Excellency.
Him, Your Excellency.
Fine. I hope he can handle food
as good as his sword.
Handle food?
- Certainly.
You'll have to taste
all my meals beforehand.
Colonel Huerta, please.
We'll see how long he prefers
a crazy and scared governor
over a dead governor.
We must find a way to
get outside.
Shut up, you.
What's the matter?
He wants to talk to me?
So, what is it?
What would you like to say?
Look at this, a secret passage.
That's how my uncle could escape.
Yes, go and check it out.
There's a stairway.
Just what we needed. Thank you.
No. You want to know too much.
Too much in my opinion.
Everything I see or hear,
I keep to myself.
What I really hate,
are people asking too many questions.
Go. Go.
My goats. My goats.
Who freed them?
Who opened the gate?
They're robbing me. Thieves.
Stop them.
Ramon. Jose. Help me.
They're robbing me.
Help. My goats.
Bring them here.
Corn. Buy some corn.
Beautiful corn.
Do you want some corn?
Can you tell me... ?
- I don't know anything. I have to go.
Candles. Candles.
Who wants some candles?
I've haven't been around very long.
How's life here?
Is there any
freedom and justice here?
Don't ask me anything, sir.
You can see what I'm selling.
It's not much and not pretty either.
I don't earn much.
I grow them myself.
The earth is hard for my hands.
But it allows me to buy food
for my wife and children.
Please don't ask any more questions.
Excuse me.
Always those damned soldiers.
Yes. They're always right.
Because they know they're stronger.
Come, let's go.
Fresh eggs. Who wants some eggs?
No, sir. I'm a gypsy.
I'm not going to gamble the
only thing I own, my freedom.
I can't tell you anything.
That's enough.
First my goats, now my chickens.
Ramon. Jose. Get them.
Who's fooling with me?
Show yourself.
You want to ruin me?
Come out, if you dare.
When I find you, I'll beat you to death.
Brothers, listen.
- Brother Francisco.
Hello, brother Francisco.
- Come and listen.
Dear brothers, you know
I'm one of you.
We wear the same rags
and feel the same hunger.
In heaven
justice awaits us,
but we also want justice
here on earth.
But we put up with it,
we tolerate too much.
We are too frightened.
We have a new governor.
He could be an honest,
righteous man. Why don't
we all go see him,
and ask him
to listen to us?
The soldiers. We have to get out of here.
Have faith in God
and yourself.
Let's fight back...
- The soldiers. Run away.
Run, or they'll arrest you.
Please, run.
You there...
Halt. Where's that friar?
Where is he?
Who saw him?
I did, General. He went that way.
Come on. All of you.
Where did that friar go?
That way.
Listen, I'm no soldier.
Trust me.
Where did he go?
Ok. Then you're coming with me.
Come, we're going to see the owner
of the goats and chickens.
What chickens?
- You know all too well.
I'll give you one more chance.
Do you trust me or not?
I have no other choice.
What's your name?
- Chico.
Alright, Chico.
We're going to see brother Francisco.
We'll take his cart,
Tell me, Chico, what
does that Z you wrote mean?
It's Zorro's sign.
- Zorro?
The spirit of the black fox.
The immortal,
invincible avenger.
You're a friend of the friar.
Aren't you a Christian?
Yes, but I also believe in Zorro.
- What do you believe?
That he'll return to this earth
and free all animals.
Only the animals?
Not the people?
People are too evil and cowardly.
They don't deserve freedom.
Stay here.
- Take him away.
You don't understand. Brother
Francisco is the only good man.
Yes, Chico. I do understand.
My father is the best and you're bad.
Brother Francisco de la Trinidad,
in the name of Your Majesty
you're being accused of fraud
against Ramiro Valdez,
who is present here and will testify.
You've sold him rotten skins.
- No, the skins were fine.
Let him show them.
- They were full of worms.
I had to burn them.
- Liar.
You'll also be punished
for this insult.
You're defending a liar.
And for contempt.
What a charade.
Why do you say that?
You know as well as I do
the verdict has already been decided.
Everyone knows why you
want to convict a holy man.
He's guilty of one thing.
He stands up to injustice,
he condemns everyone who steals,
who cheats,
who exploits the poor people.
Make her stop.
Here's the verdict.
Ten floggings for fraud
and ten for contempt and slander
of the court.
Stop, Sergeant.
No more innocent people will
be punished.
Who are you?
What do you want?
I want justice.
Seize that man. Go on.
Don't let him get away.
Get him.
Untie brother Francisco.
Come on.
And leave those guns.
Leave them, I said.
The real guilty
persons will be punished.
The corrupt magistrate,
the false witness,
and the executioner.
Do it, if you care to stay alive.
Untie the friar.
Thank God
that I spare you.
Zorro's sign.
It's Zorro.
Go home, friar,
but leave the children here.
They must witness justice.
Tie them up
and listen to the verdict.
They'll get three times the sentence
of the innocent friar.
Go ahead.
These whippings will be a lesson.
An example to everyone
willing to help this criminal.
Whoever chooses his side,
will be crushed.
Stand back.
How will you take all
those paintings when you leave?
Are you crazy? You really think
I'm going to take these horrible things?
Who's this beautiful girl?
- Your niece.
Hortensia Pulido d'Oldavidez.
I'd like to get to know her.
- Poor girl.
Troubles never come single.
The Pulido d'Oldavidez family
is starving.
How's that possible?
They were involved in a conspiracy
against Nuova Aragona.
Colonel Huerta,
you scared me.
You came out of nowhere like an assassin.
- What?
Assassin, my uncle's dog.
Did you say
the Pulido's planned a conspiracy?
Yes there's proof.
I can't believe it. Politics...
Look at that face.
As beautiful as a flower.
She needs lace, madrigals.
No, don't tolerate
this abuse of power.
If you're afraid to resist,
you'll starve,
you'll become slaves. You know
how much your grain weighs,
or your animals, but the scale
has been tampered with.
Miss, stop that nonsense.
Those lies won't make a difference.
What do you expect?
That criminal coming to
the rescue again?
Don't fool yourself.
I'm here now.
My presence will keep that
clown away.
Who are you calling a clown,
Who is that? Where is he?
Tell the soldiers
to drop their weapons.
I need you, Sergeant Garcia.
And I want you alive.
You heard him.
Drop your weapons.
Good, Sergeant.
Now climb on that scale.
- Sure.
Now, let's see how
much you weigh.
How's that possible?
Only 22 kilograms?
You're obviously ill.
Filled with air.
Will you now order those thieves
to pay the real weight,
and the right price?
Or do you plan to resist?
Even though I don't see how.
My compliments, Sergeant.
Got anything else in mind?
I'll teach you a lesson.
I'll kill you, criminal.
Come on. I'm waiting.
I'll get you...
- Get up.
Come closer, Sergeant.
Stand still.
- Of course.
I didn't stand still properly.
I'm sorry.
One, two...
- Where did I go?
Where did I go?
Where did I go?
Now look.
The guns. Let's thrown them in the well.
He's very good, isn't he?
No, that doesn't count.
You moved.
Thank you.
- My pleasure.
Listen up friends. Listen.
Get your merchandise back.
Those merchants
will return them to you.
But I won't be able to help
you all the time.
You need to find the courage
to defend your rights.
Imbeciles. Get him.
Go on.
Get him.
Look, two lovely fishes.
Go on.
And four.
Come on. This way.
Right on time. Good.
A nice oil bath.
Let's fry you golden brown.
Get over here, you.
Quickly, go home.
One, two...
Nineteen, twenty.
Where are you going?
Go. Go. You're free.
Go. Go. Long live freedom.
It was you.
You stole my goats and chickens.
I'll have the guards beat you.
He's the thief. Grab him.
Thief. He tried to ruin me.
A personal remembrance.
- Please no Z on my behind.
Good evening, miss Hortensia.
Thank you.
- My pleasure.
- Hello, Tom.
Good evening.
I waited for you, Hortensia.
You're safe. Thank god.
An aristocrat praying for a criminal
on the run from soldiers?
In this country soldiers
only pursue innocent people.
Why was your family prosecuted?
That's a long and painful story.
Why do you ask?
You forget I fight
every injustice.
That includes the grief I see
in your eyes.
The soldiers. Get out of here.
If they catch you, they'll kill you.
They won't show any mercy.
- Don't fear.
Go. I beg you.
See you soon, Hortensia.
Colonel, what are you doing here?
Search the premises and question
the count and countess.
Sorry, but my parents aren't home.
I'm in no hurry. I'll wait.
Comb the valley.
- Follow me.
I know
that criminal is here somewhere.
In the meantime,
I need to talk to you.
Leave, negro.
Hortensia, maybe this
isn't the right time.
I'm still waiting for your answer.
Do you want to marry me or not?
- Stay away from me.
It's the perfect opportunity
to save your family.
I understand it would
be a sacrifice for you.
But after a while...
Trust me, you won't
be sorry.
You'll pay for that.
That's enough, Colonel.
If you don't know how to treat
a woman, I'll teach you.
Very brave. First you disarm me,
and now you challenge me.
After all, I am a criminal,
a bandit.
A bandit will do anything
to achieve his goal.
I want you to kneel.
And beg the lady for forgiveness.
You must be insane.
- On your knees.
I'm an officer.
- You're a villain. Kneel.
If you haven't kneeled before
your uniform is shred to pieces...
I'll kill you.
On both knees.
Swear you won't
bother her again.
I swear.
I beg you to forgive me.
Now... get out.
You're leaving already?
- He won't bother you again.
Be careful.
I'm worried about you.
I wish I could help...
You're a reason
to live and fight for.
That's how you help me.
I have to thank you for that.
- We'll meet again, bandit.
He seems to be very glad I'm leaving.
A bit exaggerated if you ask me.
Aunt Carmen, are you
taking all your jewels with you?
That's quite dangerous.
What if you run into robbers?
What robbers?
The children of the Cordillera?
I'll kill them
if they show up.
If you say so...
Column, forwards.
Goodbye, aunt Carmen.
What was that?
A careless monkey? No. Bandits.
Come out and have a taste of
my blade, villains.
Unfortunate souls. Villains.
I'll teach you.
Take that. And this. And that.
Get out of here, cowards.
Good, Captain.
I'll handle it. Have no fear.
I'll crush you like ants.
You want some more? Do you?
If you want some more,
come and get it.
Beautiful. Victory is mine.
You're still here?
Quickly, to the carriage.
- Grab it. Treason.
Where are you going?
Get back here. Stop.
Come on.
- Goddamn thieves.
I'll get you,
even if it costs me my life.
No, Captain.
- They have your treasure.
You're my treasure.
What... ?
Come, let's get out of these clothes.
- A fine haul.
Gold, jewels, a fortune.
- The Colonel will be pleased.
There are our pals.
It's Zorro.
What happened?
- Zorro.
Luis Miguel. Luis Miguel.
The Lord poured water
into a basin
and began to wash
the disciples' feet.
After washing their feet
he asked:
Do you understand what I have done for you?...
Good day, ladies and gentlemen.
Please take off your jewels.
And give them to me.
Look. It's the angel Gabriel.
I'll donate them to
the victims of corruption.
The poor could use the gold.
And this way
you can celebrate your humbleness.
I'm sure you'll be more than generous.
I would especially like to thank
all you lovely ladies.
Your beauty
will make this contribution easy
for your rich husbands.
Get up, scumbag. Go on.
Get going. Go on.
- Walk.
I'm here to collect
the soldier's pay.
It's ready.
Let's go.
To the mine.
32 prisoners
- Take them to the Devil's Mine.
I'm very worried, Colonel.
There have been rumours
about deportation, labour camps.
Aren't you afraid of a rebellion?
I'm terrified,
I'll tell you that.
Your Excellency, I know what I'm doing.
That bandit, Zorro, must
be eliminated.
Whoever helps him,
must be punished.
My God,
Cordillera's bandits.
I told you.
Good heavens.
- My dear.
My dear.
We've had the most amazing adventure.
- What?
Fritz is a hero.
He defeated all the bandits.
He went at them with his sword.
For days we marched through the jungle.
Fritz went hunting
to feed me,
and found water
to quench my thirst.
He took care of my wounds,
and watched over me.
He saved my life.
That's enough, Carmencita.
He's the man I want to marry,
Miguel. At least, if he'll have me.
That's amazing, aunt Carmen.
Just like a fairy tale.
You know what I'll do?
Just for you,
I'll throw a fabulous party.
Can you hear her?
I can hear her.
- Me too.
Mam, I'm tired.
- Quiet.
That was great.
- Very good, yes.
Count and countess
Pulido d'Oldavidez.
Please, come.
I'm delighted to...
I tripped.
Glad you accepted the invitation.
I was dying to meet you.
My pleasure.
Father, aren't you going to tell him
how delighted we are about the invitation.
The abuse of power pales
in comparison.
What joy to finally see some people
of our own standing again.
Ladies and gentlemen who didn't
lift a finger to help us.
Hortensia, you speak passionately.
But I'm sure a lot of gentlemen
will deny this.
Gentlemen? I don't see any.
- But how... ?
Miss Hortensia thinks
only a bandit
may call himself a gentleman,
or even a real man.
In case you are referring to Zorro,
Colonel Huerta,
don't forget I've already seen
you with Zorro and I could...
- Look at that.
Excuse me.
May I? That ridiculous dog.
What have you got there, Assassin?
A love letter, I suppose.
My God... God...
'Governor, you're guilty
and you'll pay with your life.'
Signed, Zorro.
Guards. Alarm.
Block all exits.
My God...
All your quarters will
be sealed shut.
I'll be the only one with a key.
We'll also install
an alarm.
And a double rope.
I'll pull the first rope
every 15 minutes.
The bell will ring.
You have to pull the second rope,
to let me know everything is fine.
For more safety...
- That's enough. You can go now.
Your Excellency... Excellency?
I believe I know a way to catch Zorro.
We'll take
Hortensia Pulido as prisoner.
We'll chain her
and drive her through the streets.
Zorro will come to rescue her.
But she's an aristocrat,
and my niece.
I can't allow that.
- It's a matter of life and death.
Your life.
Or your death.
Hurry up. Get in.
Column, go.
How did you get in?
- Through the main gate.
Who are you?
- No time to explain.
Relieve the guard every 3 hours.
We're leaving.
- How?
With this.
When Huerta brought you here
to lure me,
I came to
prepare your escape.
It won't be easy,
but I know you can do it.
Once you're free,
immediately go to brother Francisco.
Huerta will look like a fool.
The place is infested with soldiers.
How can we escape?
I managed to get some things ready.
You'll see.
Some nice surprises.
Go left and hide in the cell
at the end of the hallway.
What was that? Take the key.
Zorro. Seize them.
Break down the door.
Angry roosters can be dangerous.
Of course, when we see any,
we'll grill them.
I wouldn't mind some chicken.
Today's meat was probably from an old donkey.
It sure isn't chicken.
Who's that?
It's Zorro. Alarm.
Who locked up these rifles?
Imagine him coming here.
He can't be that stupid.
Look over there. Everyone get up.
Wait here.
Go on, follow them. Second team,
take the gallery.
First team,
search the squares.
Hurry. Hurry.
We have to split up now.
- What about you?
Find them, or we'll be in a lot of trouble.
We can't waste any time.
Go now.
Seal off everything, quickly.
The courtyard.
Let's go men.
This time
we can't let him get away.
They're out of barrels. Let's go.
Double the guards.
Now it's all becoming clear.
Only one person knew about the plan.
It's all clear. What plan?
Come along.
Me too?
A horse, quickly.
Get me a horse.
A horse.
My kingdom for a horse.
Come with me.
Give me the key.
No. I can't give you the key
without proper authorization.
The key! Unless you want to die.
I'll give you the key.
Come, get up. Get up.
Get up, Assassin.
Open it.
I don't want to replace your master,
I want to avenge him.
Get out of here.
No, under the bed.
Excuse me, Your Excellency.
Colonel Huerta.
What's going on here?
- Zorro freed Hortensia.
- He was inside the fort.
He was waiting for her,
as if he knew our plans.
That's impossible.
- It happened anyway.
Besides me
only one person knew about it. Yourself.
Don't forget I could say the same thing
about you, Your Excellency.
Colonel, are you out of your mind?
If I had become crazy,
I wouldn't be here.
But... But... What do you mean?
The only thing I want,
is to catch Zorro.
And... hang him.
Fine, Colonel.
There's only one thing left to do.
- Indeed.
I believe so too.
Do you remember that message?
Zorro wants to kill me.
That's why I am
the perfect bait.
- That's how we'll lure him.
It'll be his life...
or mine.
Look, Your Excellency,
the ideal place to fish.
Not that I doubt your cunning,
but is everything organised?
- Over there is a living forest.
Behind every tree, every bush
and every rock, there are soldiers hiding
and willing to die for your.
Good, let's take this seriously then.
Let's split up
like real fishermen.
You go upstream,
I'll go downstream. Good luck.
Zorro. Alarm.
- Here I am.
Where's the governor?
- No idea.
A moment ago he was behind that rock.
Now he's disappeared.
But it's not my fault.
There he is.
Look, Colonel.
Is he far away?
- No, near the river.
Go after him.
- Follow me.
Don't let him get away.
But what if the governor returns?
Are you going to leave him here alone?
Idiot. Do you really think
the governor is still fishing?
Sergeant, look. A trout.
A nice big one.
Excuse me, what did you say, Colonel?
I didn't understand.
There's no time to explain.
What are you waiting for?
- For you, Colonel.
Colonel, I don't want to be left alone.
Let Sergeant Garcia stay.
My pleasure.
- Thank you. He took the bait.
Did you see how he took the bait?
I'm getting wet.
Forward, on the double.
Calm down.
I don't understand this way.
Two plus two is...
- Very good.
Silence. Listen carefully, children.
Now it's time for something
more difficult.
We have to give Zorro a hand.
Do you remember him?
And if it works...
Go on then.
Follow me. Quickly. Quickly.
Search everything.
He can't get away.
Come here. Quickly.
Take this one.
Think of the mask.
Come on.
Search everything.
Look. There he is.
The horses. Go after him.
- Follow me. Quickly.
Mount your horses.
I'm very tired.
I'll take a nap in the carriage.
Don't wake me unless
Zorro has been arrested.
Understood, Your Excellency.
There he is.
Colonel, over there.
First squadron goes around the hill.
- Second one follows me.
- You're in luck.
Everything works out for you today.
- For me today, for you tomorrow.
My sword is ready
to deliver you the final blow.
I can't swim.
Sergeant Garcia,
your governor is lying bound
and gagged in that carriage.
Now you're going to do as I say,
or I'll cut his head off
and feed him to the dog.
Come on.
Don't shoot.
Don't shoot that child.
Seize him.
To the horses.
Take him to the mine.
I'll come there later.
Run. Run.
Corporal, take the friar
to the Devil's Mine.
- Come, we're going to investigate.
Stop, Garcia.
What an opportunity.
Killing two birds with one stone.
Soldiers, drop your arms.
The governor is in here,
and Zorro has him at gunpoint.
Thank you. If I survive this,
I'll be eternally grateful.
Have no fear, Your Excellency,
everything is going perfectly
according to my strategic plans.
Throw down your weapons.
You too. Down.
Release the friar.
Better do as he says.
- Release the friar.
Have faith.
You're not alone.
Guards. Throw down your weapons.
Throw them down.
Throw down your weapons,
governor's orders.
And release everyone,
Release everyone.
Everyone. At once.
Off with these chains.
Freedom, brothers.
- We're free.
Brother Francisco, we're free.
- Freedom.
Zorro, Colonel Huerta and
his soldiers are headed for the mine.
Hurry up. You have to get out of here.
- Go now.
The soldiers are coming.
Head for the forest.
You too, brother Francisco.
Let's go, men.
Go, hurry.
I don't need you any longer.
The governor is enough. You can go.
At ease.
Make sure you don't trip.
Go on with it.
Good luck, Hortensia. Farewell.
I'm coming with you.
- Farewell.
Where is Zorro?
Surround that hill.
Stand guard on those rocks.
Second squadron, in gallop.
Hortensia, what are you doing here?
- I want to go with you.
You're crazy.
- I love you.
I love you.
There they are.
Go on.
Look. They're trying to cut us off.
Get off, Hortensia. Save yourself.
The people need you.
Go on. Please.
It's over now.
The bandit is dead.
And that poor governor...
He died as a hero.
Finally Nuova Aragona
will have a true leader.
And if you value your father's life,
you'll have a husband.
Brother Francisco.
- He's coming from the Devil's Mine.
Stand back, I tell you. Stand back.
Go on, shoot at Christ.
We've come to demand freedom.
In His name
we demand justice.
It's your lucky day, friar.
In order not to ruin this day,
I'll forgive you your behaviour.
Only God forgives.
When you enter the church,
you violate his sacrament.
and ask for forgiveness.
- Guards.
Take this friar away.
Arrest him.
Arrest him.
Arrest him.
That bell rings for you,
Colonel Huerta.
It rings because of the innocent
blood on your hands.
It rings to beg for forgiveness
and justice.
Zorro is alive. Zorro is immortal.
Fusiliers, get ready.
Shoot. Fire.
Don't shoot.
Have mercy on us.
That's enough.
Stay calm, people.
Respect the law.
Stand back.
Respect the law,
respect order, respect...
Captain, do something.
- My pleasure. Long live Zorro.
Dirty pig.
One, two, three...
You've bribed the rich to keep
their eyes closed.
The suffering of the poor however,
knows no price.
It's time to settle the bill.
Hopefully you're willing to pay.
The murder on Brother Francisco
undoes my oath
to a man who wanted peace.
You've killed him. It's easy
to kill a saint.
Try someone who knows how to hate.
Would you be able to do that too?
Come on.
I'm waiting for you.
I'll take your mask off.
Otherwise it will follow you into hell.
Get ready...
You will never kill anyone again.
Dead. He's dead.
The bandit is dead.
He's dead.
- Who's dead?
Zorro is dead. It's over.
Zorro is dead.
- Not quite, Colonel.
Look, here I am.
It's not over yet.
One of us has to die now.
This is the moment
of truth, Huerta.
Your Excellency...
Long live freedom.
Long live Zorro.
Friends, listen to me.
Zorro is leaving now.
He has given us
our freedom back.
Now it's our turn.
We'll complete his work.
No more vengeance,
but the will to built
a city based on love.
When injustice returns,
Zorro returns.