Zurdo (2003) Movie Script

Go on, shoot!
What do you mean shoot?
What are the stakes?
Well, my marble against yours.
An Aggie against a Zebra.
-Pull out an Aggie, then.
-We only play from zebras up.
We don't have one of those.
Got it! We bet you ten
Aggies and five Cat Eyes...
...against our Zebra.
Seven Aggies.
Damned rascal!
Now that I was about
to defeat him.
Let's have a match
between us, yeah?
On top of missing school!
-Here he is, Don Emilio.
It's just tightening
this screw, now.
-There it is, Don Pichi.
-Yeah, thanks, son.
Shall I leave food
for you, Thomas?
No, thanks, Lefty.
I'm not eating here.
-Start it up.
-Let's see if it's true.
Great. Look after
the shop, Don Pichi.
Look after the shop,
look after the shop...
...but where's my pay?
Need a ride?
-Let's go!
This is as far
as I go, Lefty.
See you...
Come here! Come here!
Come here!
What's up, nephew?
Don Emilio must be getting
rich out of us.
''Cocoon...'' ''Cocoon...''
''Cocoon...'' ''Cocoon...''
-Hey, my name is not ''Cocoon''.
So? Will you get me
those pyrotechnics?
Don't worry.
Hey, Guicho!
Where are you going?
Mr. Mendoza,
I need an extension.
I'm sorry.
That was the deal.
You should have thought about
it before borrowing it.
And do what? Let the roof
collapse over me?
With all the money
I've paid you...
...now I owe you more
than you lent me.
I already explained to you
how interest works.
But I don't have enough.
I'll never be able
to raise the money.
Hey, Martina,
I've already told you...
Either you pay me
the note that you owe me...
...next week and all the rest
by the end of the month or...
...you'll have to vacate.
Is that clear?
Lefty, don't start playing!
Your mother told you
to go straight home, o.k.?
What? Are you gonna
chicken out?
Come on, we won't take long.
You'll do it in a snap.
Get out of my way!
Take that, jerk!
Let's see, measure it.
Not even if you stretch it, man.
What? The rematch?
-What are you betting now?
-The same, if you want.
...make it...
...fifteen Cat Eyes
against our Zebra.
Stop staring at my sister!
And you...!
What are you doing here?
Hey! You don't own
this place!
All right!
Get out of the way!
Get out of the way!
I said out of the way!
Why don't we raise
the stakes?
How about your marble
holder against...
No, I can't.
My dad brought it
to me from abroad.
-It's a centennial!
-Don't be a fool!
It's too risky.
The marble holder is cool...
...but it's not worth
a Centennial.
Besides, it's the only
one we have.
The only one we've
ever seen!
Don't worry.
-Let's go.
-Loser shoots first.
-What if he lucks out...?
No cheating this time,
Ok, Fatso?
I'm not a cheater.
Yeah, right.
You're going to break
all my glasses.
So... so... sorry,
Don Emilio.
You're always dropping them.
A cold one.
In a mug.
All right!
You were running late today.
Pour me a cold one.
I heard about your
losses yesterday.
You'd better get a job...
...set a good example
for your kids.
You think gambling
is not work?
Carmita, what are you
doing here? Come here.
My turn.
What do you mean
it's your turn?
His marble did not hit mine
and this game...
...is called ''Hit and
hand- spread''.
Right! Now you're going to
teach Lefty...
...how to play hit
and hand-spread.
Ok, I'll give you a chance.
Shoot again.
What do you mean
''shoot again''!
-Did he hit it or not?
-No, not at all.
All right, Fatso. If that's
how you want it.
Yeah, that's how I want it.
I'm not giving it to you!
If I do, my mom will
whip my butt.
Not your mom!
I'll be the one to whip
your butt...
...if you don't hand it over!
-You and how many others?
-Just me!
What's with you, jerk!
You're always freeloading
at my place!
You're a cheater,
just like your dad!
Shut up about my dad!
You don't even have one!
Lefty must've beaten
Basilio again.
He always beats everybody.
There will never be anyone
who can beat...
...the Wizard of Santa Maria.
You're the one who wanted
to bet, didn't you, Fatso?
Are you Ok?
It's a good thing you're
a good fighter, otherwise...
We're a team, aren't we?
You're not fighting, are you?
Lefty! What are you
doing here?
Your mom's waiting for you!
The Wizard is a professional.
Not a scoundrel...
...who plays against
neighborhood kids.
Believe it or not, nobody
has ever beaten Lefty.
Around here we've seen him win
since he was a little kid.
-Until his day comes.
By then we will
all be dead.
And Lefty won't be playing
marbles anymore.
This Lefty hits marbles.
The Wizard kills them.
Well, Lefty buries them.
-Let's see... bring him on.
-I will, then.
Gee, it's really late.
My mom's going to be mad.
Chill out.
Just show her the marble
holder and she'll be happy.
Don't be silly!
You should think about
getting married.
You kidding?
I came to get away
from one man.
Why would I get involved
with another.
Tomas is a nice guy.
You never told me
what happened...
...with Alejandro's father.
We met in the city.
I was passing by
and just like that.
We met and...
Just like that we fell
in love.
Well, that's what
I thought because...
...we agreed to meet one day
but he never showed up.
I never heard from
him again.
You mean, he doesn't know
he has a son?
It's about time!
What happened to you? Look
at you, you're a mess!
-Nothing, Mom!
-What do you mean?
You've been fighting again?
Go deliver this laundry!
What's wrong?
They're taking the house
away from me.
How much do you need?
Lefty! What are you
doing here?
The door was open.
-Why are you crying?
-No, I'm not crying.
How are you doing?
Six months away and
we've already got enough...
...for the festival.
Everybody chipped in.
-Well, almost everybody.
-Isn't Mendoza going to chip in?
Like hell!
That loan shark?
-He never goes to the party.
-So what?
It's a tradition and
we all do our part.
Well, yeah.
Where are you going?
You think she killed someone?
How can you think my aunt
would kill anybody?
So, buy me a soda and
I'll help you...
...deliver the laundry. Deal?
-Wait for me here.
-What can I get you, Lefty?
-Two large cokes, please.
So this is Mr. Big
shot marble player?
The very same one.
Your change, son.
Isn't true.
Don Emilio,
how many times...
...have we seen him leave
that Basilio on the ground.
One thing for sure...
...no one can beat
Lefty at marbles.
How many rascals
has he beaten?
How long since we've
been watching him win?
Mom's going to kill me!
You soiled all the laundry!
Why did you leave it there?
Don't go selling alcohol
to minors, Don Emilio.
What's up, brother-in-law?
Working hard?
-Hey, Don Emilio...
-Let me tell you that...
...this is a marble
shooter's neighborhood.
No. Not like Santa Maria.
You'll see.
Not even
God can beat Lefty.
-You got that right!
-And who claims otherwise?
I'm just saying that
in Santa Maria...
...we have the best marble
shooter in the country.
If not the whole world.
Well... put your money
where your mouth is.
You've got it.
Well, I'm in.
-So am I.
-Me too.
I thought you didn't have
money to pay me back?
How about $500 a piece?
What? Scared?
I'll bet five grand.
Let's see them.
Put them up yourself,
Don Emilio.
From the commission
we spoke about.
I'll bet one... hun...
hun... hundred.
When shall we have
the match?
Sunday the 29th?
You think this Wizard
is really that good?
Give me a hand with
that one.
But it won't dry in time.
We'd better use the washing
machine. It's faster.
Are you crazy? That
thing can't even be used.
No one is going
to find out.
Besides, we don't even
know how.
We can figure it out.
See? I told you it wasn't
going to get dry.
Take it out of the machine.
But it's still wet.
Yeah... Mom said to tell
you she was sorry.
She didn't have time
to dry it.
But I gave it to her
last week.
Please excuse her. If you want
I'll put it out to dry...
...but she's really
been very busy.
I'm keeping the cost
of the drying.
Sign this receipt.
Oh, Lefty... use your
right hand. You see?
You shouldn't miss
school so often.
Where's Lefty?
I'm helping him out because
he had to make other deliveries.
Thanks, son. Put it there.
Tell Lefty that I'm taking
this load...
...as his contribution
to the temple.
Martina hasn't contributed
in a long time.
Who is it?
Just look what you
did to my son!
It wasn't me.
Yes, it was him and he took
away my marble holder.
That's not true!
You'd better give it back
right now or else!
-I didn't take it! I won it!
-Give it back to him!
-That's mine, too!
-The Centennial is mine!
And pay Mom what you owe her.
I'm not paying you anything.
I'll count this as a payback
for what you did to my son.
Besides, your mother owes us
a lot of money.
Wait while I count it!
But it is soaking wet!
How does your mother
dare send us wet laundry?
It's outrageous!
This is the last time
I'll send her laundry.
This is what you get
trying to help people out.
Hey, gifts, are not to bet
with, what if you loose it?
I wasn't going to lose it.
You saw how I defended it...
...when they tried
to take it away.
And now I only have
my aunt's money...
...the teacher's incomplete.
And on top of it,
Carmita gets mad.
You'll have to deal
with ''Pavis''!
Yeah, yeah,
''Pavis'', ''Pavis''.
So, have you got your dough?
You're not holding out
on me, are you?
Is that all?
You need a beating
to collect more, sonny.
I can't even use this
for a bet on you.
Let him go or I'll drop
this block on your heads!
You have to report that the
Goatsuckers robbed you!
No, Mom! I don't like
to go in there!
Let's see, Lefty, where did
you get the money...
...to have a soda with your
pal at Don Emilio's?
Millito sprang for us.
Son, the way things are going
you shouldn't be wasting money.
Right, I spent it all
on two sodas.
Hi, Martina!
Where have you been, Lefty?
We've been looking for you
all afternoon.
What did he do now?
Nothing bad, Martina.
On the contrary.
With Lefty we're gonna have
a champ in Buenaventura.
We've set up a match
for you...
...with the best marble
player in Santa Maria.
And even as good as you
are, you need to practice.
Don Emilio, Alejandro doesn't
have time for that.
He has to study, deliver
lunch and laundry...
Don't worry, Martina.
We'll figure out a way...
...to take care of all that.
And we could all make
some money.
What do you think, Lefty?
Wake up, Alejandro! Wake up!
Your Dad's over there!
Wake up, Alejandro!
Wake up because he's
leaving! Wake up!
-What's wrong?
-I saw my Dad!
-Your Dad?
But you don't know him!
No, but he was here...
with you.
The problem is I couldn't
see his face.
I couldn't wake up.
I'm going to be... be...
bet more.
How come?
So that the doctor cures me
and sp... sp... speak right.
That thing you have,
you have it here...
...and with what we win
I can set up a greenhouse...
-So you're gonna bet on Lefty?
-I don't bet.
Well, I'll bet for you.
And I'll help you with
your business.
I don't rely on bets... or
any man. That's why I work.
No, no, Sebastian!
You're not going to
bet it! Give it to me!
No! I'm going to double it!
Juanjo says that nobody
beats Lefty.
Don't you dare or
I'll tell my brother!
Oh, I'm shaking in my boots.
Give it back! It's the money
for the delivery!
Shut up or... I'll deliver
you a punch!
I can't stand him anymore.
He took everything.
Why do you keep having
kids with him?
All he knows how
to do is gamble.
So where's the match?
No... this time he's
betting it all on Lefty.
Neither you and I deserve
to live among this garbage.
What were you daydreaming
about, nephew?
At least today I'm gonna get
a break from Don Emilio's food.
If you're a left
handed, use your left hand.
Yesterday we went to see Romo
to accuse the Goatsuckers.
-You can't trust Romo.
-Mom says he was your friend.
Yes, long time ago.
That's why I'm telling you.
Uncle... yesterday
I went to your house.
Yes, I know.
Your aunt was crying
yesterday because...
...we won't be able to have
the kid we were expecting.
Why not?
'Cause there're things we can
have and others we can't.
And you?
I hear you're playing
in a championship.
Well, yes, but Mom
doesn't want me to.
She says I don't have
time for it.
I don't think so either.
-So, why don't you want to?
-Because... I'm embarrassed.
Why are you embarrassed?
Because everybody is betting
all this money on me.
Don Emilio bet $500.
Tomas, another $500.
$500 from Sebastian...
...$5000 from the cop...
...plus $100 from the
stutterer, makes $6,600.
Plus, if the stranger added
another $6,600...
...so the odds are even.
Very well, Milito...
...but let's see if you
can use other examples.
Ok, but let's see if you
can stop tying up...
...that very valuable hand.
I've got a surprise for you.
-What's this?
-It's for your mom.
To make up for what the
Goatsuckers stole from us.
I borrowed them from my dad.
And how are we going
to pay it back?
Well... I have money
I'm betting on you.
No, Milito. I still don't
know if I'll play.
Well, now you do
have to play!
-Are you still mad at me?
-Yes, and you know why.
Forgive me.
I hear you're going to play.
They say the Wizard
is really good.
I'm better.
Well, we'll see, won't we?
I don't know why she's so
concerned about having kids.
She knows we can't.
...we women like to have
a child with the man we love.
I told her it doesn't matter.
I love her just the same.
Anyway... for me,
this is my son.
Stir things up so
everybody will bet.
It won't be hard since
they're already hooked.
Then, keep touch with
Santa Maria.
Find out how good
this Wizard is.
And how are bets
running over there.
I'll see if I can help
you out somehow.
No, no.
On top of leaving me
this house and...
...with what you are
already helping.
And you... forget the
You're very good at marbles.
I want to play.
But what if I lose?
Just play the way you know.
Here, Mom.
This is the money that the
Goatsuckers stole from us.
-Where did you get it?
-Milito lent it to me.
Oh, don't go asking
for loans.
Look what a fix
we're already in.
You also sell perfumes?
Are you interested in one?
Only to give it to you.
Do you want one as well?
Lefty, we need to start training.
There's less than
four weeks left.
-Lefty is gonna win.
-What do you think, Lefty?
I don't have anymore!
Don't lie.
You turned four tricks.
I still can't afford it.
And then there're guys who
don't pay what they owe me.
That's not my problem!
-You deal with it!
-Oh, just get off my case!
You see? You scared the kid.
Hi, Tomas...long time no see!
It's been a while
since your last visit.
Yeah... Let's go, Lefty.
Leave the kid alone...
He's too young
for that stuff.
Quiet! Quiet!
Well, I've called
this meeting...
...because as some of
you already know...
...some guy from Santa Maria
came here bragging that...
...they have a marble shooter
who's better than Lefty!
So we have organized a
match for Sunday the 29th.
Here, with the support
of the commander...
...who will be the contact with
the people from Santa Maria...
...we'll have an
unforgettable match!
Even though everyone
has chipped in for...
...the Buenaventura festival,
we still need a little more...
...since there will be some
organizational expenses.
It's about time Buenaventura
won something! Right?
Well, I'd like to inform you
that the bets are being placed...
...and if you wish,
I can hold them.
And well, that was it.
Enough, enough now!
You settle down because
you settle down!
Are you in?
Your commander had bet $5000
but he took them back.
He claims cops can't bet.
He probably got scared,
because yesterday...
...he and I went to Santa Maria
to see the Wizard.
Pretty impressive!
But I have a lot of faith
in Lefty. Buenaventura will win!
What? Are you
backing out now?
Don't you trust the champ
of Buenaventura?
Yes, we trust him!
Long live Lefty!
Long live Lefty!
Long live Lefty!
Long live Lefty!
Long live Lefty!
What's up?
Mom says she'll take the
loan you offered her...
-...after all.
-Don't be embarrassed.
That's what friends are for.
Ask your mom if she can raise
the hem up to here.
And of course
I'll pay her for it.
The loan is a
different matter.
Take your shoe off.
Take it off!
So they don't mug you... again.
Are you sick?
Can I do anything to help you?
Win that game.
Hi, Dorita. I wanted
to chat with you.
-About what?
-About the vendor's license.
But, I already showed
it to you.
The import license.
I don't sell imported goods!
Now get out of my house!
Sure you do!
What about those perfumes...
...that make you smell...
...so good?
They are not imported!
Now, get out!
Why don't you put on the
hood, son? It's falling ashes.
-Did she give it to you?
Here it is.
She also gave me...
-What do we do now?
-We should turn him in.
Let's go, then.
The problem is, these
things never go through.
Specially if I accuse him.
He owed me one.
Stay here. Don't say
anything to anybody.
It would just make
matters worse.
Stop searching, Bro.
The dough's in here.
Look how rich this creep is
getting by selling nails.
Now we can really
place a bet, buddy!
I don't know exactly when
the bitch knocked me out.
I'll provide you
with the booze.
Don Emilio is crazy
if he thinks...
...we'll let him
run this show.
I need you to be ready to
provide rooms and services.
You see?
If you had supported me
to have more rooms...
Your girls need to
convince their customers.
That way we'll encourage
the guys from Santa Maria...
...to place bigger bets.
You think so?
Come on, Pavis,
you're such a dope.
That's what happens
from hanging out...
...with too many broads.
Tomorrow I'm going
to Santa Maria.
I'll see how things
are going over there.
We've found out
that the guys...
...from Santa Maria have
bet their festival money.
-We can't stay behind, right?
-No, no...
Since we're so confident
in Lefty's triumph.
We may as well bet...
...Buenaventura's festival
money too. Right?
Hey, that's a great idea!
Since we're all agreed,
it's a done deal.
Excuse me, excuse me!
Can we keep this to ourselves?
Let's not tell the women
or we'll all be...
...in big trouble, right?
No, no, no... Tell me later.
I was looking for you.
Don't you know that our
beliefs are against gambling?
Have you seen what they're
investing their money in?
I'm going to explain
the rules.
This is the playing field.
The players...
...shoot from here.
The one who gets his marble
closest to this line...
...is the one who starts.
Lefty, I'm glad you're here.
Could you explain the game
of ''Hit and Hand-spread'' to us?
The play field is circular.
The first player must try to
get as close as he can...
...to the center
of the circle...
...in order to make it harder
for the second player...
...who will try to hit the
other player's marble...
...and remain at a distance
less or equal to a hand-spread.
In that case,
the marble that is hit...
...becomes part
of a new collection.
Thanks, Lefty.
You can go
practice now.
-What are you waiting for?
-For you to pay me.
They'll play up to 60 points...
or marbles.
-How are we doing, Don Emilio?
Well, then...
Good luck to you all.
Don't be afraid.
Nothing is going
to happen to you.
We're going to give
you protection.
Don't you see that the guys
from Santa Maria...
...can come in the night
and kidnap you? Or kill you?
So, Lefty, we're gonna
be your bodyguards.
So nothing happens to you.
-I don't have money to pay you.
-Don't worry.
We'll make a collection
for your safety.
That's better, isn't it?
Leave it like that.
It's very good.
You may leave.
The teacher is treating
you well, isn't she?
If not, you know...
we'll fix her.
Well... she even let me leave,
didn't she?
And your buddy?
No. Not him.
How are you gonna get along
without your manager?
He took everything.
And you're pushing
people to bet!
I'll deal with him later.
Don't worry.
Lefty is gonna help me
get out of this damn place.
And I'll take you with me.
Are you betting too?
Hey, Lefty. Won't you
practice your short game?
Whatever, Don Emilio.
But don't worry.
I'm going to win.
You need to tell me if he took
the marble holder from you...
...or if he won it.
I won't get mad.
He won it.
Well, there's already a lot
of money in the pot.
And that's not counting
the festival money.
Basilio confessed that
he cheated on you.
Hey, you think you can beat
this Wizard?
They claim he's really good.
I haven't seen him play...
I have never been beaten.
So, how's your mom doing?
All right.
I'll leave you now.
Hi, Lefty, how is it going?
You like that one?
For my girlfriend... no.
Look... this one's very soft.
Come here, Lefty!
You'll find the best here!
-Hurray for Lefty, our champ!
-You better win or else!
-Of course he's gonna win!
How's your lemonade?
You can imagine I didn't call
you here to buy you lemonades.
I don't know, because...
...lately everyone's been
buying me lemonades.
Let's get to the
point, then.
...you're gonna
lose to the Wizard.
Because if you lose,
you'll get a big reward.
Your mom's about to lose
her house...
...because she owes a lot
of money to Mr. Mendoza.
Well, if you lose...
...Mr. Mendoza is willing
to wait a year to be paid.
If you win...
You'll both be out
on the street.
So what do you think?
Oh, and if you want...
...we'll talk when
you become a man.
Make no mistake...
If you win the match,
you lose your house.
And if you tell anyone about
this conversation...
...instead of calling
you Lefty...
...they'll call you One Hand.
Why won't you tell me what
he said to you?
Tell me! What did he say?
Why did he call you?
For nothing, nothing.
Tell us if he did something
to you and we'll fix him.
Why did he want you?
To... wish me good luck.
Now leave me alone!
This is quite a bundle
you've put together, huh?
Who is it?
It's me. Please open up.
-I'm going to hide.
-But why?
Romo told me my mom would
lose her house if I win.
And if I say anything,
he'll cut my hand off.
-I don't know how...
...with a knife, I guess.
I'll hide in the quarry.
When my mom finds out,
tell her not to worry.
Please don't tell anyone.
He really may cut off my hand.
What are you doing, son?
Nothing, Dad...
I just heard a noise.
-Why are you closing the door?
...it was open.
The festival money!
It's been stolen!
-Did you see anything?
-No, Dad!
Did you see anybody?
Tell me!
And how did
they find it?
-I really didn't!
-Who took the money?
I did, but only a little bit.
What do you mean by
little bit! The box is empty!
Besides, that money
is not even ours!
We bet it on Lefty!
You bet the festival money?
Don't go spreading
that around.
This is a very
delicate matter.
And what now?
You're soaked!
-Will you come down?
-All right, I'm coming.
Well, well, well!
What are you doing here?
Tomorrow is an
important day.
Or, were you thinking
on running away?
It seems you did not
understand me...
You have to play
and lose the match.
It's not the same if
you don't show up.
And for your safety...
...you'll stay here.
Something happened
and I don't know...
All his marbles were on
the floor. I don't know...
Don't worry. He'll show up.
You go to Martina's house
in case he goes back...
...and you go to the police
station with Don Emilio.
I never liked this business
about the match.
My son doesn't have to please
all those lazy bums...
...that are only thinking
on gambling.
All because of that man
who came here...
...and made this place
go mad.
In that case I'm also
responsible, Martina.
I can't find my son.
He disappeared.
My son, my son is gone!
He's here. He ran away
and we found him.
-What's he doing here?
-He's in there, sleeping.
-Why didn't you notify me!
-She has to see her son!
If you know something,
tell me!
I really don't know
If something happens to him...
...you'll feel guilty
the rest of your life.
He told me he was going to go
hide in the quarry.
But don't tell him I told you.
-Lefty disappeared!
He escaped.
I had him and now everybody
is looking for him.
You're such an idiot!
Now look for him...
...and find him first.
How did this scoundrel
manage to get away?
Why should you care?
You didn't bet on him.
What do you know
about it, idiot!
Let's go to the quarry.
What happened?
I don't know, we left him
at his house.
Don't worry, we'll find him.
Carmita! Come here
right now!
You have no business
with these scoundrels!
But Lefty's disappeared, Dad!
So what do you care
about that brat?
I don't want
to play anymore.
This game...
...is not my game anymore.
So play your game.
For your honor.
Look what I got for you.
Freeze! Don't move!
What's wrong
with you, Romo?
Put it down, it's me!
Oh, so you're trying
to kidnap Lefty, huh?
No! He told me I had
to throw the match...
...or Mom would lose her house!
I don't know what
he's talking about!
Help him!
Yes, uncle.
He told me to lose...
...and if I told anybody
he'd cut my hand off.
You're a traitor
and a coward!
So now you know...
...if you say anything...
...his life is in danger.
You'll see him again
after the match.
And like I said! When
you're a man, we'll talk!
Cocoon! Take Lefty with you!
I'll take care of this jerk!
-Uncle, no!
-Don't worry! Play your game!
And, don't betray
your people!
There's Lefty!
Oh, you're back!
Where were you?
Where is Julian?
Didn't he come here?
No, I thought he would.
-I just don't know what to do!
-What's wrong? Tell me.
Just like I kept
a secret for you.
Can you keep one for me?
Of course... tell me.
I'll go see if
he's already home.
Yes, go... and tell him
Lefty's back.
-Is he asleep?
-No... he's waiting for you.
Well, I'm off.
Wake up son, it's time.
Oh, Julian...
...that was
a long time ago.
They were innocent.
You stole that money and
they ended up in jail.
I won't forget that.
You're so cynical.
Betting on the Wizard.
I bet on whomever I please.
What shall I do
with you, huh?
Well, just like
in the old days.
If you squeal,
I'll kill you!
What will you do with
so much money?
What do you want it for?
What are you going to buy?
I'm going to get out
of this damn place.
Like I should've done
a long time ago.
Well then...
...run for it.
So, are you going
to shoot me?
Run and you'll find out.
Get going!
No, I'm not running. You
don't scare me anymore.
This time you'll have to kill
me and pay for your crime.
When they find you...
...I'll be far
from here.
You want to wear
what Ernestina...
...or what Tomas
gave you?
I guess what Tomas
gave me, right?
Eulalia is going
to feel bad...
...because Tomas bought
it from Dora.
Well... I'll wear
Dora's trousers...
...and Ernestina's shirt
and everybody's happy.
Cheer up, everything
will come out fine.
Your uncle will show up.
Nothing could have
happened to him.
You're very strong.
Just like your Dad.
-It's just that...
...win or lose...
I love you.
Let's focus all our energy
on Lefty's hand...
...to guide it to victory.
Let's visualize what we want
to obtain with this victory.
...and charge that
image with energy.
Tomas! Tomas!
-Are you talking to me?
-Aren't you Tomas?
-May I help you?
-And your motorcycle?
I sold it... To bet on Lefty.
-Then, come with me.
-Wherever you say, Miss.
-Where's Julian?
-He's under arrest.
Why is he under arrest?
Commander Romo
arrested him.
-But why?
-He took Lefty to the quarry.
-He had kidnapped him.
-What nonsense!
He was also looking
for him!
-He's not here.
-Where is he?
I don't know. The Commander
arrested him.
Where's that bas...
I don't know, Tomas!
He hasn't reported in.
He's very busy now.
We must speak to
Commander Romo!
The problem is that
he's not here now.
-Oh, no!
-We came to report a theft.
Of what?
Cocoon, they stole
the festival's money.
-Just what I said.
The Wizard! The Wizard!
The Wizard!
-Commander Romo!
-Yes, Miss?
We want to know
where Julian is.
Oh, the guy who wanted
to kidnap our champ.
Don't be stupid!
Hey, hey, I can
arrest you too.
For disrespect to the
authorities. How about that?
We are very proud
of this boy's talent.
I'm going to have
an op... operation.
Yes, yes, son.
I want to do some repairs in
the temple, it's falling apart.
Oh, so you bet.
I caught you.
Oh, yeah! My boyfriend,
my boyfriend!
Of course he's my boyfriend.
You're just envious!
Me, envious?
I almost beat him!
Beat him?
He always whips you!
Stop quarreling, kids.
He's my pal.
Liar, you were always
fighting with him.
-What do you know!
-Shut up!
If he doesn't win,
what are we going to do?
Don't be so stubborn!
I told you he's going to win!
Think of the confidence
in Lefty.
The bets are three to one.
Who's that?
The stranger.
The Wizard's manager.
What's going on?
We have an issue with them.
Don't worry.
They'll be right back.
Wizard! Wizard!
What's that child
doing there?
-Leave her alone.
-You're too indulgent!
He's going to be
our champ.
-Where were they?
-By the quarry.
-Where did they take him?
-I don't know.
What do you mean?
He must be somewhere!
-Let's go to the quarry!
-I can't leave the office.
The commander left me
in charge.
Besides, I'm not authorized.
Please Cocoon, take us!
But I have other matters
to investigate.
I can't leave this
place unattended.
Either you take us
to the quarry...
...or we'll raise a scandal.
And the ones charged with...
...kidnapping will be
you and your commander.
The lady is
Lefty's mother.
Ladies and gentlemen...
...let me introduce this
evening's contenders!
They will face each other in
a match never before seen!
So he's your son.
To my right...
...from Santa Maria...
The Wizard!
He's 11 years old.
To my left...
...from Buenaventura...
I couldn't tell you because
you never showed up.
I didn't show up because
I had an accident.
Later I looked for you
but you had already moved.
Wouldn't you prefer
the Centennial?
No, thanks.
The match is about to begin.
They will play up
to sixty points.
Go, go back to your place!
Let me see my son! Go!
-We need to talk.
-Later... later...
Lefty! Lefty! Lefty!
The Wizard's an ass!
Lefty! Lefty! Lefty!
Wizard: 00
Lefty: 01
It's yours, Lefty.
Lefty! Lefty! Lefty!
It's yours Lefty!
Yes, Lefty!
Fifteen minute recess.
Where are you going?
My kids stay with me.
-You're doing great!
-Did they find my uncle?
No, son. But they're
looking for him.
You're doing great, Lefty!
Yes, but I need to go
to the bathroom.
Let's go, then.
Get the hell out of here,
snot nose!
And I warn you, Lefty...
If you're thinking about
winning... you'll regret it.
Oh, and congratulations.
Your game is excellent.
Didn't you want
to take a leak?
I don't feel like it anymore.
Lefty! Lefty! Lefty!
Do something!
Do something!
I don't know what
Romo said to you...
...but everybody in here
is with you.
So shoot a ''Hit and
Lefty: 59
If he makes that shot...
we win.
Is he alive?
Lefty! Lefty! Lefty!
The winner is Lefty!
Lefty! Lefty! Lefty!
Good, Lefty!
This is the hand-spread
of a man, murderer!
Watch out, Lefty!
Let him go, Romo!
What's wrong?
Why aren't they here?
They're coming.
He's your dad.
How long are you going to
stay with your dad?
The whole vacation.
It will go quickly.
Want to play, Lefty?
No, thanks.
I mean, you could shoot with
your right hand, couldn't you?
Not as well as
with the left.
It's a present.