Zvizdan (2015) Movie Script

Why did you stop?
That was enough.
Go on, play.
Go on.
- No.
What do you mean, no?
- Pay me.
Stop kicking me,
I'll throw you into the sea.
You won't play?
Will you play?
How about now?
Someone will see you, you crazy?
- There's no one.
Go on.
Will you play?
- You're totally crazy!
You're tickling me!
Let me go!
I can't believe we're going.
You can't, huh?
What did I tell you?
- What did I tell you?
What did I tell you?
Let's go swimming.
That's for little girls.
- Come on...
I'll roll one with Boo.
- Look how beautiful it is.
Come, let's go!
You lazy ass.
Lazy ass!
Making out, eh?
- Guilty as charged... One has to.
Just keep on doing it.
Do it where you plan to elope.
- We will, don't you worry.
You arranged everything?
- I have.
Waiting tables from Friday on.
- You?!
Screw the caf that takes you.
Like you're gonna teach me?
- My life's too short for that.
A born head waiter you are...
I plan to play a bit too.
- Better stick to waiting.
Less damage that way.
When are we leaving?
Tomorrow, after the gig.
- I'll be waiting on the side.
You're a real...
Why not take me too?
I can be your ace in the hole.
We're not emigrating,
it's just Zagreb!
What am I gonna do here,
smoke with the sheep?
I'll send for you, relax.
- You'd better.
It's kind of beautiful.
You will see,
you're gonna miss it.
Screw a summer like this.
Take it easy, Boo.
Gotta go,
my folks will kill me.
Hey, kid, come drink with us.
- Let's grab a beer.
Where have you been?
- At the beach.
All this time?
- Mom...
Well, what's going on
down there?
Stop it.
Stop doing that now!
- Saa!
What did I say?
Not to go down there!
Get off of me!
Want to die before your time?!
- What do you care?!
Stop it you two!
- You cork it!
Can't you see what's been cooking?
You dumb fool.
All because the likes of you.
The likes of me...
You fucking...
Damn you!
Leave her!
She's fucking
that oaf from their side!
I'm the laughing stock
of the village.
Get away from me!
- Stop it, you two!
You'd both get yours
if only Dad were alive!
Jelena! Go to your room!
- Mom!
Go to your room!
- Listen to your mother!
Go on, eat.
Have you seen him?
Have you seen him?
Where are you off to, granny?
Oh, fuck...
It's show time, folks!
- Shut up, you...
Where have you been?
- Why are you outside?
You didn't come to school yesterday.
I was alone in the bench.
- Pipe it down a bit, huh?
They're recruiting
all the young ones.
Got scared they'd drafted you.
- You can see they didn't.
They say, Hitler is moving his army
again. There may be another war.
What do you mean Hitler?!
- He sure is!
Evil is here!
- Listen to your granny, Ivan.
She's way more wiser than you.
- You keep out of it.
I was alone at school. It's different
than when you're with me.
Do tell him, granny.
He got too close to that lot yonder.
Cool it!
Will you stop it?
- You want me to stop?
They're blocking roads,
planting mines
while you're fucking
in their houses.
Let it go.
Let's go home, Granny.
What, am I wrong?
If those devils come,
you run for the mountains.
No one's coming, Granny.
- They are. Hush you.
You just take it to the mountains
and go as deep as you can.
And I'll find you there.
Them devils won't stop us
from dancing.
And don't you worry,
I won't let anyone sit
in the bench with me at school.
I'll keep it for you.
- Way to go, Granny.
Mother asked me
about us today.
I told her nothing!
Sleep now, Granny.
Be very careful, Ivan.
Promise Granny you will be.
I promise, Granny.
- Good...
Sleep now.
This too...
Saa will go nuts
when he finds out.
We will be in the city by then.
- Don't be mad with him, he's lost.
Who asked that from him? You?
- I know you didn't.
He got drafted.
Him in the army.
Damn, he's always hated it.
They're drafting everybody,
why avoid him? He has to.
You don't have to do anything.
Jut like I don't have to stay here.
Don't be mad at him.
- I'm not.
I'm sorry for him.
- Talk too him. He's your brother.
Take that jacket.
- It's summer, Mom.
That means nothing.
This is clean.
Couldn't you make it thinner?
So you've decided, right?
I called Aunty, too.
Did she disapprove?
She invited me in the first place.
I'll be giving her money,
Jelena will find a job.
I swear, this isn't
lacking salt either.
Do you know what I promised
your mother on her death bed?
I promised her I'd be looking
after you and Granny.
Yes, I know.
So very nice of you.
- Nice my ass.
Who could look after you?
You're leaving with that girl,
Granny's getting nuttier
with every day
and I can't tie up
all the loose ends.
Yeah, you just laugh.
If your late mother knew
you're tied up with one of theirs,
she'd be turning in her grave.
She'd be happy!
Can't you see what's been
going on, you oaf?
That's why we're running away.
To be left alone.
Yeah, and fuck me!
Not for long, till it calms down.
- It will my ass!
Everybody's gone crazy!
Do you need money?
It wouldn't do any harm
for the first day.
Dad, hey... don't worry.
I'll be back soon, Mom.
Homemade wine.
Hey! Ready?
- I sure am.
How about a beer?
- Give me one.
You could put in a good word
for me to the girls in the city.
Oh, I'll tell them the best fuck
on earth lives here.
I keep saying you're a clever one.
I'm gonna miss this.
- Miss me?
You fool! This, here.
- You can still change your mind.
It's going to be great in the city.
- Of course.
OK, I'm gonna miss you too a bit.
- You little pig, you.
You oaf.
Will you look at that moron...
- Look for yourself.
Don't tell anyone in the city
he's your boyfriend.
Hey, leave her alone!
Ivan, stop! Ivan!
I won't go back! -Yes, you are!
-Dad would be ashamed of you!
Stop fucking around!
Hey, Jele...
Get up.
Get up!
Get out!
Get out!
Three minutes after we came into
the house, she was done. Lied down...
You understand...
Look at that fool.
Who's that?
- A lunatic.
Whoa, dear friend.
I have to pass through.
- You only have to die.
You won't pass here.
My girlfriend passed through here.
Beat it.
Let me through, dammit!
Did you hear what I said?
Beat it.
Beat it, motherfucker.
Let me go,
I've had enough!
Calm down.
Hold her.
I'll settle this.
Go on.
A free concert.
The fool won't stop playing.
Get lost!
Get lost, I'm telling you!
Be a man and let her go!
Scram! Go home!
Please go home.
Fucking go!
To your own kind!
Fucking fool!
Killed a man for no reason!
- No! No!
Let me go!
Fuck off!
Let me go!
- Stop swearing.
What? Bastards did this for kicks.
Will you stop crying?
What the hell got into you?
- Draen wouldn't want you to cry.
Why are you so cold?
- I'm not.
He wouldn't like you lamenting.
- You are, Nata.
Why do you think I'm here?
Why do you think I came with you?
Where else would you go?
- I'd have managed.
Where else would you go?
- Someplace abroad, dammit.
Don't talk rubbish.
We'll refurbish this.
Why that look?
Everything's better
than where we were.
It is.
And quit telling me I'm cold.
Maybe we shouldn't have called.
- There she goes again...
'Cause of Draen.
If he were alive,
this would be fixed in a month.
Don't want one of them to mess
around here. I'm cancelling it.
What's the matter with you?
- I don't know.
Can't you see we
can't do it ourselves?
Someone else needs to fix it.
Go on, from above.
Go on.
Open the gate.
Go on, there's no turning back.
Do you hear?
Go on.
Did you call?
Yeah. Inside!
You were right.
There's a lot to do here.
It will take time.
But it can be done.
- When can you start?
Well, here...
- Then start.
- Hello.
Ante, pleased to meet you.
- Zorka.
Where are you off to?
- Draen's grave.
Shall I start?
- Sure thing.
He also fixed the entrance
and I was paying in installments.
Then he asked additional money
for the material. And I paid.
And I never saw him
or the money again.
And you won't,
the likes of him never come back.
They'd trick their own mother.
That's repairmen for you.
Don't talk like that, Ante.
You're one of them too.
Sure, but I'm not like that.
- I can see that, yeah.
So have you got enough work?
- Not much.
We're almost done
with the inn on the shore.
Do you remember it?
- Of course I do.
We knocked off
a good month of work.
But it's OK.
Let people have fun.
- Sure.
People started to swim down there?
- Yeah...
More and more.
Lots of kiddies.
I hanged down there as a kid
day and night.
Not only as a kid,
when I was young too.
Sneakers on,
high heeled shoes in my bag,
put them on
and I'd sway away like...
Dancing, right.
We'd call it swaying.
- Dancing, right.
The best thing was finding
a shade at the sunset down there.
Yes, yes...
Excuse me...
You should have invited him
for lunch.
He hasn't stopped since morning.
Eats only sandwiches.
Forget it.
- Hey, Ante.
How you doin'?
Gettin' along.
- Right. Way to go.
I could use a hand today.
Holding stuff and such.
Nataa's here,
so whatever you need.
Terrific. Thanks.
Got a thousand things on my mind.
I have to go shopping.
See you. Be good.
I'm sorry.
Can you give me a hand
over here?
Just hand me those boards.
Need anything else?
- Not now, thanks.
Look what I bought for you.
Where are you off to?
So you quit school?
Someone has to work.
And look after my mom.
Come on, it's getting cold.
Ante sealed the window for us.
There will be no draft anymore.
Where were we?
- My mom.
It's a long time
since Dad got killed.
She can't get rid of
the damned pills.
And you've taken it all
upon yourself.
I manage.
- I know, it's hard.
When I started refurbishing
three months ago,
I wanted to sort out the papers,
so I went to the land-registry.
I came, and not a soul around.
What are their working hours?
In the mornings,
if they have time.
You put it well,
that's how it is.
How come you decided
to come back?
There was no life for us
where we were. But what can you do...
This way we're on our own land.
Whatever life brings.
You are going to enjoy it here.
Once this is done...
And the girls?
Have any?
There aren't many women here.
Thank you very much.
See you.
- Bye.
What the hell is wrong with you?
Do you hear?!
The man is OK, he's working here,
and you behave like a lunatic!
Any girl would chase him,
but you're so hard to deal with!
The likes of him killed Draen!
Everything's OK with him!
You should be ashamed of yourself!
You cook for him. What's next?!
Invite him overnight?
- Hush!
They killed your son down there,
and you're in cahoots with them!
You ungrateful little swine.
Is this why I slave and toil
day and night?
Is this how you thank me?
What am I?!
Is there a spot for me?!
Have you ever asked me,
"How are you?!"
"Are you OK?!
Can you cope?!"
I'm not a mother.
I'm more like cattle!
Pick up your stuff and leave...
wherever's better for you.
I'm sorry.
Good morning.
Hey, Ante.
It slipped.
Let me look at it. You bring
some brandy. You sit down.
Go on!
And a piece of cloth.
Is it deep?
- Let me see.
No, it's not.
It's gonna be OK.
God damn...
We'll take care of it now.
Good morning.
- Hey.
Let me finish it.
Lower the heat in five minutes
and add some black pepper.
You're really fast with it.
- Yeah.
I thought it would take longer.
Are you sure you won't eat?
I am.
Too bad, it's good.
It's OK.
- Better than a sandwich.
Don't you have
anything better to do?
Watch over lunch.
It might get burned.
Do you have time?
- Why?
Thought you might
take me to the shore.
To take a look at the inn.
You want to see the inn?
I was hanging there as a kid, too.
I should be going.
Where are you going?
Going for a swim.
You did a good job here.
It wasn't just me, I had help.
It looks good.
- It's not bad.
Let's go for a swim.
Still have errands to run.
- Oh, come on.
I missed this.
This is the best time.
Need a towel?
- So what?
You shy or something?
So there are really
no girls around?
Where would they be?
Everyone fled to the city.
A few of us guys have stayed,
and that's that.
Why don't you leave?
What would I do with my mom?
She needs to be looked after.
Draen would hang around here
all the time.
Your brother?
He was never home.
He'd fish and swim all the time.
He loved this.
You miss him?
He taught me everything.
How to dive...
He was in charge of the music
all the time.
What kind did he like?
They killed him like a dog.
Was it my fault?
I asked you something.
Your people killed my dad.
But I'm not blaming you for it.
I didn't mean it like that.
- What did you mean?
Does anyone ask me
what I think about it?!
Think I enjoy slaving every day?
Making sure my mom
won't take too many pills?!
No one cares what I think.
Don't worry.
I'm done tomorrow anyway,
so I won't bother you anymore.
Pick up your stuff,
we're leaving.
Why the dress-up?
I'm going to sort out the papers.
How will you go?
- I'll catch a bus down there.
I'll be back while Ante's still here.
He has to finish today anyway.
- I know.
I have to get the money for him.
See you.
So that's that.
So that's that.
Everything's settled.
Do you hear me?
I settled it.
What happened?
And this is for a beer.
What's up?
Is there something wrong?
Everything's fine.
Don't worry.
Drop by for a cup of coffee
if you work nearby.
I got a job in the city.
At least three months worth.
I'll be there more than here.
OK, sit down and I'll make...
- I think Ante has to go.
That's true.
You know, what?
You just came back.
You're gonna need this money.
Please, don't.
You worked your butt off...
- Forget that, you'll need it.
What can I tell you?
Thank you.
Everything's OK.
Eh, that's it.
I'm really fucking gullible.
Cut the crap. One night.
We're leaving in the morning.
Why not go directly to Split?
- You don't have to go to them.
Yeah, I'll go down there,
then hide like a fool.
They'll be glad to see you.
Will I be glad?
Dino wants an amp.
I should have told him to fuck off?
- Yes? Wow, hot damn!
Drive on!
- Are you crazy?
I'll makeyougo on foot.
Hello, guys.
- Where to?
Well, down there.
- That's fate. Get in!
No, no, let me...
What is your plan, girls?
First Trogir, my folks,
then catch some party.
We're going to one ourselves.
Which one?
- Sunshine.
The first year.
- It's a new thing?
A friend is putting it together.
So it should be good.
- He says it will be packed.
Shall we go?
- We have to back him up.
You coming with us?
- Where?
To the party.
Admission sorted out,
drinks too, and we're leaving
for Split tomorrow. -I knew it...
Trogir is just in and out.
Not much to do there.
We said we'd pick up Sanja.
Can Sanja come too?
- Can she? Of course!
Sanja's coming too, Luka!
Luka, Sanja is coming too.
Can you get some shit there?
Oh, can we?
We have a buddy there.
Now you're talking.
They have a man there.
We're gonna get lucky, Luka.
So, girls, are you coming?
Drive on!
- You're coming too?
Yes! You're girls of action.
- Well, it is summer, right?
Luka, it's summer!
Come out, pussies!
How you been, Dino?
Hello, sunshine.
Throwing up some weight, huh?
Just a bit. But look
at yourself, you fat pig!
Cut the crap.
- This place is packed!
It's gonna be a bedlam.
Wow, it's been so long.
- Hey, Dino.
High spirits as always, huh?
- Right.
So good to see you.
Girls, this is Dino.
Pleased to meet you. -Petra, hi.
-Dinka. -There's a pretty name.
Told them you're going to be
the best host ever.
Let's get ourselves a drink.
The amp is in the car.
- I almost forgot.
Dara! Give these people a drink.
Forget the tourists.
What will you have?
- A beer.
- A beer.
A beer too. -Bring five beers.
-Dara, have yourself one, too.
Wow, Dara looks all worn out.
- Cause she gave it to everybody.
A free Dara for everybody.
So, everything set?
- Right.
Seen the website?
- Sure.
You've grown
all active on me lately.
No need for university in the city.
Just watch people and harvest.
Right you are.
Way to go, Colombo.
You're OK, girls?
I'm happy to see you.
- That was his fault.
You're going to see your folks?
- I'll have to.
Sure. It's been a while.
Your mom rarely comes out.
- Really?
And Dad?
- Your Dad is OK, They are both fine.
You could have paid a visit.
- And you could have jerked off less.
A toast!
- To the first year of Sunshine!
Let's have at least two more.
Is this settled?
- Will put it on the tab.
Then do it now.
- Fuck off, not now.
Tell me, where have you meet?
- A twist of fate.
We picked them up on the road.
- You were hitchhiking?
You shouldn't do that.
There are all kinds of morons.
My mom told me that.
- You should listen to her.
And now that you've said it...
- Forget me, listen to your mother.
What a heartbreaker, huh?
There's no one like me
in the city, huh?
Where to?
- The house.
- Fuck, what can I do now?
We're gonna be here.
- OK.
No need to hurry.
- Say hello to your mom!
How about a shot?
- Sure.
A shot, or a line?
- A shot, then a line.
Why didn't you let us know?
How have you been?
- Gettin' along.
You've stooped a bit.
- Probably.
Let's go upstairs.
Come, there's food.
Who were you talking to?
You can see for yourself.
How come?
Well... passing by.
Go on, sit down. You're all skinny.
Eating anything up there?
I'm OK.
- Sit down.
How's university going?
Not bad.
I just passed two exams.
You have to eat more. Here...
- There's no need.
Give him.
You have to eat.
What's got into you, wife?
You've come for the party, right?
I saw it. A lot of young people.
- Yeah, me too.
Will you stay the night here?
- We're leaving right after.
Ivno too?
Where are you going?
- Split.
We're staying at a colleague's
from the university.
You should come here more often.
Don't blame yourself so much.
Do you hear me?
It was best for you.
You were born for the city,
nothing to do here.
Fuck the city, Dad.
- Stop swearing.
Time will be the judge.
- Well, time is passing, Mother.
And it's getting worse.
You liked what he did.
It's not true.
- You're turning it around.
- It's true.
You know well it is.
That's why I don't like coming here.
You have to... visit
your Dad and Mom.
I have to go.
- Already?
That's Ivno. I'm off.
Are you sure you won't
stay the night?
Take care.
When will we see you again?
I have no idea.
Here he comes...
Hey. -Where have you been?
-I'm here now. -Get in.
Go, I'll walk there.
- Cut the crap!
We have the honor of
going with the coordinator.
I'll stay with my folks a bit.
- Everything OK?
You sure?
- Yes.
When you come there,
just use my name as reference.
Go on, see you later.
Can I come in?
You've set it up nicely.
My brother sends some money
every now and then.
How come you're here?
I don't know.
Am I bothering you?
Sit down.
Will you have a drink?
- No.
How have you been?
How's the city?
Not bad.
Not bad, right.
Only the weather is always bad.
It's been raining for three days
just now.
- But otherwise...
I've been studying hard
at the university.
Soon I'll be done.
- Great.
Two more exams.
- Two exams... that's not much.
Perhaps I'll find a job, God give.
Some kind of an assistant.
And when did you come?
Today. By car.
- Today, by car...
Ivno was driving?
- Yes.
And then you certainly
visited your folks.
I did.
- How is your mom?
Mom is ok.
- What are you doing here?
I came to...
- What the fuck are you doing here?
I want to tell you I'm sorry.
- You're sorry?
You ran like a pussy,
now you're sorry.
Your mom knows you're here?
- She doesn't need to know.
She doesn't care
you're in a Serbian house?
I don't give a fuck!
- Stop yelling!
Mare, here I am.
I'm here, only that matters.
Are you listening to me?
Do you understand
what I'm telling you?
I don't care
what anybody thinks!
I'm here because
I want to be here!
I won't leave here.
I want to be here with you.
Both of you.
It's over now.
May I see him?
Mare, please.
Forgive me.
Go away.
Please forgive me.
Get away from me. Go!
- Please, Mare.
Go on, get lost.
- Don't send me away.
If you need anything...
- Get out. It's over now.
Leave us. we're OK. Get lost!
- I am sorry!
I'm sorry.
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