Zygote (2017) Movie Script

Back-up generator online.
How much is here?
How much food do we have?
Maybe a day's worth.
Probably less.
We're very low
on water, sir.
Take this.
Drink the rest
of it. Go on.
And an MRE, too.
You need to eat.
You come first, sir.
Class Ones come first.
I was born to die.
Class Ones are born to live.
Don't fuckin' spout
your damn slogans at me.
We've poisoned your mind,
with that shit.
You take care of yourself
and go find something to eat.
Go on.
Warning, power failure.
We need to make it
into Building Alpha,
get into the
corporate shelter.
Over in the main colliery.
It's the only chance we have.
But won't it be there?
It has access to Alpha.
We have to try for
the corporate vault.
They have a second
kitchen there.
They've got
stores of food,
of supplies.
We can hole up there,
stay safe until
we're rescued.
Back-up generator online.
We've been safe
in the steam tubes
so far, sir.
What if we move
nearer to the acid baths?
We could hide there...
It doesn't have the necessary
fingerprints for access here.
We'll die
if we stay here, Barklay.
We'll freeze to death
if the steam tubes
lose power.
We'll die of thirst,
or worse.
It knows about the steam tubes.
It knows everything
we know.
It's gonna find its way
in here eventually.
We won't be safe here.
I'm going to teach you
how to use this.
You're going to get us across
to the second facility.
You're Canary
Class, right?
Yes, sir.
Canary Class Synthetic.
C class labour.
Right. Pick it up.
We're not allowed to, sir.
Do what I say, dammit!
I don't give a fuck about
your rules and laws anymore.
Canary Class workers
have access to firearms
with a biometric override.
There. I've unlocked this
rifle for you, all right?
This is the only way.
Now pick up
the fucking gun!
Back-up generator online.
There's a bolt
on the side.
You got to pull
it back to cock it?
Right here. Do it. Grab it.
Pull it back.
Yes, that's it. Okay.
Now it's ready to fire.
All right,
you got to put the butt
into your shoulder.
Pull it. Really hard.
Yeah. Yeah, okay.
Now, it's going to kick
when you fire,
but no more than
the pneumatic drills
you're used to.
Just don't let it
surprise you.
You make sure you hit
that motherfucker.
All right,
put the gun down.
Barrel away from me.
Two mags, that's it.
No more ammo.
60 rounds.
I still got my handgun.
Good explosive rounds.
It's backup.
-You got a bag?
-Yes, sir.
Then grab it.
Get all the food and water.
Bring it here.
Oh, something's not right.
I feel like there's a light...
There's a light inside of me.
I can--
It's shining out from me.
Something's wrong.
It was Richard.
I know what he means now.
I feel like that.
he cut one of
those things open--
it had 40 rat brains inside,
just linked together,
making a working brain.
Holebrook, you see,
he stole pigs from the pens,
he cut the pigs' organs out,
and he strung them all together
with sheep organs.
He made those things.
It was that light.
It was the light.
It told him to.
It made him.
Then Holebrook, he...
he cut up
all those miners.
Cut them all up.
And he made that
big one out of them.
Then they cut open that rock,
and I saw that light, Barklay.
I saw it,
and I knew right away.
I knew it.
I felt it.
I felt it
right away,
I cut my eyes out
when I saw that light.
But I was too late.
I was too late.
We're going to get
the fuck out of here,
all right?
That's your gun.
Take it.
Come lift me up.
Come on, here we go.
Help me up.
Power restored.
Back-up generator online.
Now, when we open that door,
we've got about 100 metres
to go to the second facility.
It has the biometrics
to get through.
It's coming,
no matter what we dc.
You aim straight.
You aim straight,
you fucking hear me?
Yes, sir.
Can you see?
Dc you have lights?
Yes, sir.
Here's your mask.
We only get
one chance at this.
Don't stop.
We go absolutely straight.
100 metres to Facility Alpha,
Yes, sir.
Follow the beacon.
Go, go!
Get up, sir! Please!
Hold me! Hold me!
Compromised security
on John Quinn.
Where do we go?
The managers' complex.
It's up ahead.
The living quarters,
meeting rooms--
those rooms are fortified.
Insufficient status. Declined.
Insufficient status.
It's at the door.
Just keep moving.
We can't keep it out.
Private Phillip Marshall.
Get the gun ready!
Reload! Reload!
You're out! Let's go!
Move, move!
Atmospheric leak,
sections A through C.
Commence evacuation procedure.
There's a kitchen up ahead.
The door's manual.
Go in.
Bolt the door!
Sir, we have to go.
Please, sir.
Take it, Barklay.
I'm going to tell you
where to go.
Take the gun.
Just take it.
We're so close...
Christ, I'm--
I'm fucked up.
There's something
wrong inside of me,
I'm telling you,
I can feel it.
There's something wrong.
It's getting worse.
It's that thing--
it rejects synthetics.
Maybe I can slow it down.
Synthetics must be used
as mining labour.
Protocol 7,
statute 9.
But do you know how much
true synthetics cost?
The overhead involved?
they cost more than orphans.
We purchased you
from the Strata Group.
The company bought you
when you were two weeks old.
You're a fucking
human, Barklay.
That barcode
we put on you
was to fool
the OSHA inspectors.
We bought a couple of synths
just to fool them.
You're Canary Class, right?
What's their job?
Your job is to crawl down
in the mineshafts,
deep down into the asteroids.
Your job is to die
if you walk into a pocket
of poison gas, right?
Now, do you think a synthetic
would get sick like that?
Here, take the gun.
Take it.
You're going to get out.
You're going to tell everyone
about this place--
about you, about who you are.
About the quartz,
how it flashes.
You tell them.
The computer's never
going to reject your status.
You're going to take
my fingerprint
and you're going
to get out of here.
Now, remember,
when this thing--
when it gets to me--
it's going to extract
everything I know.
It's going to know
about the vault.
You're going
to make it, Barklay.
Take it!
Take it! Go!
Go, go!
Come on, take it! Go!
Come on, you motherfucker!
Come on, you motherfucker!
Kill me!
Come on, kill me!
Severe damage to power grid
Come on!
Come on!
Unsafe levels of methane
detected in sections
B, C, D, E, and F.
Unsafe levels of methane
detected in sections
B, C, D, E, and F.
If you are injured,
remain calm...
Insufficient status.
Declined. Declined.
Insufficient status.
Insufficient status.
CFO Kevin Bateman.