Buck Rogers in the 25th Century s01e01 Episode Script


[Military Radio: Indistinct] [Man Over Radio] At 25 seconds, we have complete clearance to launch: We are go: Twenty: [Man #2 Over Radio] Ten, nine, eight: : : Seven, six, five, [Man Over Radio] Guidance internal: Four, three, two, one, zero: [Man Narrating] In the year 1987, at theJohn F: Kennedy Space Center, NASA launched the last of America's deep space probes: The payload, perched on the nose cone of the massive rocket, was a one-man exploration vessel, Ranger 3: Aboard this compact starship, a lone astronaut, Captain William "Buck'"Rogers, was to experience cosmic forces beyond all comprehension an awesome brush with death: In the wink of an eye, his life-support systems were frozen: : : By temperatures beyond imagination: Ranger 3 was blown out of its planned trajectory: : : Into an orbit a thousand times more vast, an orbit which was to return the ship full-circle to its point of origin it's Mother Earth not in five months, but in 500 years: For 500 years, Buck Rogers drifted through a world: : : In which reality and fantasy merged into a timeless dream: [Man] Far beyond the world I've known Far beyond my time What am I Who am I What will I be Where am I going And what will I see Searching my mind for some truths to reveal What thoughts are fantasy What memories real Long before this life of mine Long before this time What was there Who cared To make it begin Is it forever Or will it all end Searching my past for the things that I've seen Is it my life Orjust something I dreamed Far beyond this world I've known Far beyond my time What kind of world Am I going to find Will it be real Orjust all in my mind What am I Who am I What will I be Where am I going And what will I see [Man Over P: A:] Alert:! Alert:! Incoming hostile ship: Clear all launch channels for attack: Wait! There's something about the ship: I've not seen anything like it: Prepare to take it in tow: [Man Over Radio] Envelope alien ship in force field: : : And prepare her for boarding the Draconia: [Man Over Radio] Neurosystems transport: [Woman] In transport: Begin heart/lung procedure: Dilute a minor pressor agent: Transmitting: Increase diogen and crystalline in proportion: Heart/lung response up We're starting to receive positive neurological signs: He's alive: [Bell Rings] Enter: And what of our intruder is so important it could not wait, Kane? The man lives: I'm not sure why: You're not sure why? Is this a puzzle for me to decipher? The puzzle is for me to decipher: The ship is antiquated unlike anything I've seen in the star system, or outside ofhistory books, for that matter: Kane, please: He was frozen by a combination of gasses oxygen, cryogen, ozone, methalon: Almost a perfect balance: Well, these are techniques used throughout the galaxy for terminal illness and disease: Yes, today: However, there is another matter the man's ship: Kane, you have one more minute: His instrumentation was stopped, frozen solid in the year 1987: - Are you telling me - That the man may be 500 years old: You're serious: Yes: Frozen by elements so instantaneous and perfect: : : That he is fully preserved and living: Hmm: What a fascinating thought: Preserved young or preserved old? Very young: Any defects from the ordeal? Fortunately for him, we're quite advanced in cryogenics: Hmm: Well, I've never met a 500-year-old man: Prepare him for an audience: I'm afraid that he's liable to be not too coherent: I'll make allowances: Where am I? [Kane] We ask the questions: Who are you? Captain Buck Rogers, United States Air Force: Who are you? What did he say? Something about a united states: Captain, what is your destination? [Groans] What is it? My head: - Anybody got an aspirin? - What does he mean? Probably some kind of anti-pain drug: Give him something for his discomfort: [Grunts] [Groans] What is this place? Where am I? - Who are you? - You are aboard the king's flagship Draconia, under command of the Royal Princess Ardala: Oh: - Who? - Where are you from? Now wait, wait, wait: Slow down: What was that about a ship? One of the king's star fortresses on its way to Earth on a peace mission: On its way to Earth? You mean you guys aren't: : : From You mean, we're not we're not on Earth? I'm definitely gonna need that aspirin: - Give it to him: - Wait a second: - [Sighs] - Captain: Hmm? Bear in mind that you're a captive: : : Of a dynasty that has conquered three-fourths of the universe: You will answer carefully if you value your life: [Sighs] Are you a real-life princess? [Laughing] I think we've given our captain a little too much medication: No, no, I feel great: The United States of America it was an empire: : : On the planet Earth some centuries ago: Those royal tutors gave you your money's worth: You're from Earth, Kane: You should know better than l: The United States had perished almost, oh, 500 years ago: That would account for his spacecraft, his clothes, the instruments: I have a better explanation: I think he's a very clever plant: : : From the Federal Directorate of Earth: A plant? Yes: A spy placed in our path by their military: They wouldn't dare: We come as a royal envoy from my father's kingdom: I am fully aware of your father's stated purpose to guarantee trade between Earth and the Draconian dynasty: What possible reason could they have for placing a spy on board? To search our ship: To see if we're armed: I see: We couldn't allow that, could we? No: Then I am to assume that I may dispose of Captain Rogers as I see fit? How you handle security is your prerogative: Come along, Tigerman: What a layout: Wow! - And how are we this morning? - Terrific: - Say, this is a coincidence: I got a ship just like this: - Disconnect the medication: Oh, don't do that: I really love that: But - You'll be on your way very shortly: - Great: Where we going? - You're going home: - Great: Where's that? - On Earth: - Oh, right: Your ship has been serviced and reprogrammed to take you home: I'm sure you must be anxious: Oh, yeah: Seems like I haven't been there in weeks: Whoa: Whoa: [Chuckles] [Sighs] I must've had a great time with you, guys: You know, I'm gonna miss you: I got a great idea: - Why don't we all go down there together? - You go on ahead: We'll be along in a few days: Not if I wake up: [Chuckles] Bye-bye: Boy, what a dream this is: Boy, are they gonna be surprised back in Houston when I come back with this story: Battery: [Man Over P: A:] Prepare to launch alien vessel: Five seconds to launch: Four, three, two, one: [Thrusters Firing] Whoo-ee! [Kane] He's given us the perfect opportunity to test the Earth's defense shield: What do you mean, test it? We know that anyone entering the Earth's surface without a clearance is immediately incinerated: But if our captain's a spy, as I believe, they will escort him through the shield: : : Along the narrow channel only known to their military: - Well, how can this help us? - I've hidden a microtransmitter aboard Captain Rogers's ship: : : Which will send back the equivalent of a guide map: When we give the signal, that guide map will be used by your father's attack forces: : : To pour through their defense shield: And what if our Captain Rogers is not a spy? Then he will burn: I see: [Kane] You don't look very pleased: Of course I'm pleased! It's just that I have the strangest feeling I'm going to see Captain Rogers again: Chicago, Chicago You're my kind of town Chicago, Chicago I'm goin' [Man Over Radio] Air Control 1 to vessel Able, Baker 4: [Woman] This is Tracking Control Long: What is your current position and fuel supply? Approaching Inner City on Corridor 3-4 Dover: Confirm: [Man #2] This is Tartalia to Air Control Long: [Buck] They do things they don't do on old Broadway Houston Control, this is Flight 711: Come in, Houston Control: Put down your cards and your backgammon boards: Lucky Buck is back: Uh, sir: Super? Super on: What station is this? Delta Sector, sir: You don't hear from me very often: Yes: Yes, Delta Sector? My scanners monitor the low frequency direct communication band: I'm picking up some voices or something: I'm sure you're picking up pirate or marauder chatter: Nothing to be alarmed about: Probably echoes from last night's attack on our freighters: Those signals will be bouncing around all week: Uh, yes, sir: I mean, no, sir: This isn't an echo, sir: It's a voice: A strong voice: It's singing: - Singing? - Yes: - Delta Sector, did you say singing? - Yes: Operational Control, this is Supervisor 14 on the floor: Feed me the Delta Sector: [Buck] Won't you come home, Bill Bailey Won't you come home You've been gone the whole night long Remember that rainy evening I threw you out [Whistling] Come in, Houston Control: Come in: Houston Control, this is Flight 711: Come on, you guys: You read me? Give me some instructions: I'm on final reentry: Come in, Houston Control: Houston Control, do you read me? Hey, come on, you turkeys: Get off your duffs and give me some info: Practically a foreign language: Can it be some kind of joke? [Alarm Blaring] It's heading directly for the defense shield: Get me Intercept: [Man Over Radio] Intercept Squadron on the line, please: Colonel Deering: What are the coordinates? [Beeping] [Alarm Continues Blaring] Right: Retard the shield 100 miles until we verify the craft: Alert intercept airborne: Position of alien craft: [Alarm Continues Blaring] Very odd: What's odd? Target seems to be moving unusually slow and erratic for any conventional spacecraft: I have target in visual sight: What is it? Hey, all right: Nice seeing you, guys: Who are ya? What are ya? Attention, alien spacecraft: Do you read? Watch who you're calling "alien:" You don't look so familiar yourself: Who are you? Please restrict your answers to yes and no: You are in grave danger: From who, you? You are traversing a narrow corridor into our Inner Cities: Inner what? Look, lady Colonel Deering: Now, please be quiet: If you deviate from my orders: : : By so much as a thousand yards, you will be burned into vapors do you understand? Vapors? Yeah, yeah, I understand: What do I do? Do you have manual override capabilities? Sure: Then follow me very closely: Be right on your tail: Well, we really blew it this time: Gotta be the Russians: - You're doing just fine: - Dosvedanya: - I beg your pardon? - I'm just trying to be friendly: Violating our airspace is an act of war, not friendship: [Sighs] Wait till the guys at the Cape hear this: Buck Rogers sets down in the middle of Red Square: [Man Over Radio] Air Control 1 to Access: Clear on Corridor 1-0 Able for incoming vessel: [Woman] Confirmed: Outer barriers all clear for approach: : : On Corridor 1-0 Able for incoming vessel: Hey, babe, this is quite a setup: It's Colonel Deering: Commander of Earth's defenses: - You mean you're in charge of all this? - That's right: Now, if there are no more questions Hey, Colonel, take it easy: I'd fly with you anytime: - Take this barbarian in for interrogation: - What? Hey: Hey, wait a minute! Wait! What are you What are you doing? Hey, wait a minute! How do you do, Captain Rogers? My name's Dr: Huer: I'm very pleased to meet you: Just what's going on? Where am I and what are you doing to me? Well, we're studying you: It's all electronic and painless: But so far we're as boggled as you are by what's happened: But your testing is producing the most phenomenal data: Terrific: Well, what is happening? If I'm dead, I obviously didn't make it to heaven: So, just what planet is this? What planet? Oh, it's Earth, of course: You returned as your mission required: : : To almost the precise landing area originally programmed into your ship: Uh-huh: Uh, look, Doc: Now, I've been through a lot: But there is no way you can tell me: : : That that city out there is anything like Chicago: No, it isn't: There's nothing like Chicago left on Earth: Allow me to bring in my administrator, Dr: Theopolis: Now, look, Doc Twiki, would you bring in Dr: Theopolis, please? - [Chirping] - What is that? This is Twiki: He's your drone: - My what? - Well, for the duration of your debriefing and determination, Twiki here will act as your aide: And this this is Dr: Theopolis: Good morning, Dr: Theopolis: It's a lovely day: Thank you: I did my best: Dr: Theopolis here is a member of our Computer Council: And in addition to other things, he's personally responsible: : : For all our environmental controls here within the Inner City: I'm introducing a pale hint of mauve into the sunset this evening: Not so deep as an amethyst, but the more subtle burned texture: : : Of cinnamon: Well, how nice: I do hope our captain can watch it with us: It's truly going to be lovely: If I were you, I'd check into who's ever programming that thing: Captain Rogers, it is we on the Council who do the programming for the entire city: And kindly reserve your opinion: Shall we get down to cases? Captain Rogers, I'll I'll leave you with a word of advice: These Quads are not programmed by man: They've been programmed by one another over the generations: You see, the mistakes that we have made: : : In areas, well, like our environment, have been entirely turned over to them: And they've saved the Earth from certain doom: Little by little, bringing us back so that we will not have to depend entirely: : : On other planets for our food and water: The Quads are not human, but: : : You can hurt their feelings: It's this sensitivity that separates them from mere machines: So, I'll see you again in, oh, approximately 16 hours: Sixteen hours? Well, wait a minute! You think I'm gonna sit here and talk to a box for 16 hours? Sit down, Captain: Let's both try to be as pleasant as possible: That's a good fellow: Be a good drone, Twiki, and place me on the table: : : Where I can get a good look at the captain while you get him some liquid refreshment: [Twiki Chirping] That's all right: I don't need any liquid refreshment: Of course you do: You're extremely dehydrated from your ordeal, Buck: If I may call you Buck: Now run along, Twiki, and get Captain Rogers his drink: Well, now, what an attractive man you are, Captain Buck Rogers: Now, look: I've been waiting 24 hours: : : To find out where I am, who I am, who you are: Could I have some answers? Certainly, Buck: That's why I'm here to answer your questions: Great: Let's have it: Well, you're Captain Buck Rogers, and according to your ship's log, you left Earth in 1987: That much I know: Tell me what I don't know: Well, if preliminary data holds up, it appears you have returned: : : To Earth 504 years later: You are now in the 25th century: Buck? Are you all right, Buck? Did you hear me? Buck? I think I will have that drink now: [Twiki Chirping] L 'chaim: [Theo] You can take my word: He's a wonderful man: Believe me: I do believe that you believe that he's a wonderful man, but you're not being asked to risk the lives of our few surviving warriors on his subterfuge: He is only one man: What can he possibly do to endanger our people? He could attempt to discredit the treaty with Draconia: But he has made no such attempt: He comes to us a bewildered man: I would like the opportunity to spend some time with our captain: If you're hoping to find fault with his testimony, you'll waste your time: Saving Earth cannot be a waste of time, despite having to endure the captain's company: Well, if Dr: Theopolis has no objections, I have none: I have no objections: Then the captain belongs to me until I expose him: [Twiki Chirping] I have not seen Colonel Deering so uncharacteristically emotional about anything before: Nor anyone: This part seems more of a dream than a nightmare: Look, uh, I was a little out of it yesterday: I'd like to apologize: I accept your apology, Captain: Tell me about the holocaust: I can't: Well, until I hear it and feel it, it isn't real: Look, I lost everything that was important to me a mother, father, brothers, sisters, a woman I cared for: And until I hear something to convince me different, they're waiting for me right now somewhere else in time and space: [Buck] What's it like on the outside? Outside the city? You wouldn't like it: Radiation? In some places: Ruins and scorched earth everywhere else: That's why we're so dependent on trade with other planets: This trade agreement with the Draconians and the princess, what's that all about? We're being starved out by pirates who choke off our shipping lines: The Draconians have promised to keep our supply lines open: : : In return for landing privileges here on Earth: I'd like to see my ship: Is that possible? Anything is possible, Captain: Those guards thought we were crazy coming out here at this hour of the night: I've had enough sleep to last me a lifetime: You recognize these markings? Fairly common for an aircraft that had been in combat: Well, I wasn't in combat: Did your ships fire on me? Certainly not: Then whose did? Possibly pirates who've been attacking our shipping: Then why am I still here? Why didn't they finish me off? Why didn't they strip the ship or at least open it? You think pirates would be thorough enough to check out an unarmed ship, particularly one they bothered to fire on: You've been in flight a long time: Anything could have happened: Well, those burns are fresh: The cordite is still unoxidized: I think Princess Ardala's attack fighters fired on me before they towed me aboard her ship: Her ship is unarmed: That is the law: Well, she seems to bending it: - What would you suggest, Captain? - I would suggest thoroughly searching her ship: : : Before you allow it inside your defense shield: Rather an insulting way to begin an alliance based on good faith: Good faith is for bureaucrats and what gets you a city with a lid on it: I'd go up there armed to the teeth, full squadrons: Otherwise, you'll be sitting ducks: For a man whose expertise is allegedly five centuries old, you seem quite opinionated: You're right: It's none of my business how you blow up your world: My generation didn't know what they were doing either: Good night, Colonel: Where are you going, Captain? I'm gonna look around the city: You're under suspicion: You can't: I'd like to find out what's changed in 500 years: That's forbidden: Free country at least it was: Technically, you're still under arrest and my prisoner: I can't let you go: - You'll have to shoot me to stop me, Colonel: - You leave me little choice: You didn't have to come with me, Theo: I wanted to be with you, Buck: I wish you'd listen to reason: This is nothing compared to what lies ahead: Why don't we stay here for the night? Oh, I'm afraid we'd freeze to death: What little warmth you feel is emanated from the Inner City: In a few hours, they cut power by two-thirds, and it will drop well below zero out here: Well, it's straight ahead, then, I guess: I'm just sorry I brought you guys into all this: I was assigned to be with you: No one forced me into your camp: I believed in you and I still do: [Chirping] What'd he say? [Theo] You don't want to know: Oh: [Chirping] What's he saying now? [Theo] You don't want to know: You guys go back: I can put up with whatever's out there: : : If it helps me to find what happened to my people: I'm with you, Buck: [Clanging] [Chirping] What'd he say? You don't want to know: Stop saying I don't wanna know! I wanna know! He thinks we're being watched: [Buck] It's just his imagination: Come on: It's hopeless: Absolutely hopeless: We'll be all right: It isn't you they're after: What? No offense, but it's us: My gold circuits and parts bring a lot of money on the black market: As for Twiki, well, I'd hate to tell you the use they'll put him to: Buck, where are you going? My God, this is it: [Clanging Continues] I don't mean to impugn your strategy, Buck, but standing in the middle of the street is stupid: : : Under the circumstances: Come on! [Chirping] I don't know where he's going: Just follow him: [Screeching] [Chirping] I don't know what he's doing: Just follow him, Twiki: [All Grunting] [Chirping] Holy [Theo] I know, Twiki: I see them: Just keep going: [Chirping] Don't think thoughts like that: You'll run down your batteries: [Buck] This is where my parents are buried: Well, at least I know part of it: We can't stay long, Buck: We're being followed: [All Grunting] What happened? There's only one stone, no date: Only a few fortunate ones were buried at all: It happened so fast, families were buried together: Dates became unimportant as all systems broke down: Finally, there were no more armies or fighting: Only starvation, contamination and lingering death: - I wish I'd been with 'em: - You can't go back, Buck: The past is gone: But you can still help us with our future: - [Chirping] - [Theo] If there is a future: - I'm afraid it's too late: - Take off, Twiki: [Shouting] - [Chirping] - [Screeching] [Chirping] Look out! [Chirping] You dirty [Shouting] [Theo] There's just too many of them, Buck: It's hopeless: [Theo] If anyone has any last words, I think now would be the time for them: [Chirping] Let's get out of here: [Chirping] [Lasers Firing] Well, well, Colonel: What brings you out on a night like this? Captain, I came to find you at some personal risk: - Very ballsy: - Very what? Forget it: Well, don't expect any fanfare: We were doing just fine until you came along: Right, Theo? Well Forget it, Theo: [Chirping] Well, at least Twiki's on my side: As a matter of fact, I kind of like it out here: It's a bit primitive, but then it is the south side of Chicago: Captain, we're wasting time: Let's go: I'm not through looking yet: So unless you're prepared to shoot me Captain, you got away once, but not this time: Lieutenant: What's wrong? Then it's true: He is working for the pirates: - I still don't believe it: - Well, you stand alone, Theo: The microtransmitter was attached to his navigational equipment: : : Revealing our secret access corridors to our enemies: That's not the behavior of an innocent man: At first, I thought he was guilty: And then You're being subjective in your evaluation of Buck Rogers: I, on the other hand, support him for very practical reasons: - And what are they? - I'm convinced of one thing our friend, Captain Rogers, has indeed met the Princess Ardala: : : And has been aboard the Draconian flagship: His descriptions are too precise: : : To be the guesswork of a pirate: Perhaps the pirates have been aboard her ship and provided him with the information: My dear, they are the deadliest of enemies: It is unlikely that any pirate could survive such a visit: : : To tell about it: Word from Earth on Captain Rogers's fate: His ship was intercepted and led down, as I expected: Did the transmitter we secreted aboard his ship: : : Provide the necessary information to bring my father's forces through their defense shield? Yes: However, the transmitter has been discovered: It's too bad: It makes no difference: Once we're welcomed inside, we will destroy the shield from within: Won't the Earthlings be suspicious when Captain Rogers tells them he was aboard our ship? They won't believe him: Captain Rogers is as good as dead: Now stop worrying about the trial: I'm a member of the Council, and I'm going to defend you personally: Thanks, Theo: It's nice to have at least one friend: [Chirping] I'm sorry, Twiki: Two friends: [Male Voice] The Computer Council is ready to hear final arguments: : : In the case of the Directorate versus Captain Buck Rogers: : : On charges of espionage and treason: - Counselor Apol: - The State's case is elemental: Captain Rogers piloted a foreign aircraft through our defense network: : : With a microtransmitter revealing our secret shield borders to our enemies: What price you may ask? What bounty would Captain Rogers: : : Considerjust in selling out the human race? Only his pirate friends can answer: But I submit that in my opinion: : : It is the destruction of the treaty with Draconia that they seek at all costs: For its enactment spells their doom: The State rests its case: We will now hear from the defense, Dr: Theopolis: Distinguished colleagues, you have heard the evidence, and I challenge you to find this man guilty: No evidence has been found to suggest his claim to a birthright on this planet: : : Because we all know full well: : : No records exist prior to the great holocaust: He has no explanation as how a transmitter got aboard his ship: : : Because it was not his doing: He is an innocent pawn in a great war: I say to you, my colleagues, that if you find this man guilty, you must find me guilty: My sensors tell me that this man is good: The defense rests: Thank you: Captain Rogers, have you any last words before we pass judgment? Just that I'm an innocent pawn, puppet, call it what you will: Somebody else pulled the strings: You'd be better advised to worry less about me and more about them: Because I can do you no more harm, no matter what the outcome today: But he or she: : : Could destroy you: Very nice, Buck: We don't have a thing to worry about: By unanimous vote, the Council finds for the State: Captain Rogers, the Council finds you guilty: Your life is to be terminated: Said termination to be carried out immediately: This Council is adjourned: I don't believe it: Aren't you gonna say anything? No: That's ridiculous: You have been sentenced for termination: At the very least, I would think a man of your sorts would fly into a rage, lash out at me, say something: - Good-bye? - Buck, stop it: You're being unreasonable: I'm being unreasonable? Hmm: It's almost as if you don't think the sentence will be carried out: Well, as a matter of fact, I don't think there's gonna be anyone around to carry the sentence out: At least I know you people won't be in charge: You're still clinging to your story about the Draconia bearing arms: I can prove it: What would you say if I told you: : : That I came here to give you that chance? How? By flying out to meet the Draconia flagship to verify your story: : : About them finding you: And, uh, do a little looking around while you're there? Exactly: No, no: L I don't like that plan: It worries me: Why? Well, you see, I'm scheduled for termination: If I miss it, I might get in a lot of trouble: Buck, you are impossible: I'm offering you your life, and you're giving me practical jokes? Well, see, that's the point: Are you offering me termination of my termination, or are you just postponing it? If you can prove that your story is true Let's go: Stay close to my wing, Captain: We'll keep maneuvers nice and simple: Stay on autoflight: You won't be expected to run anything but the throttle: Thanks, Colonel: Is it all right if I occasionally look out the window, hmm? This is no time for levity, Captain: We've lost nearly a third of our ships in this vector to pirates: When they hit, they hit fast: You can't outfly the computer: It'll take any necessary evasive action to avoid their missiles: If you try to fly that thing, you'll only cost us a ship: I appreciate your concern: Just wish I'd brought along something to read: - I make a target vector 401: - [Beeping] [Man] Roger, Colonel: I have a visual on target just to port: If you have visual at this distance, it must be gigantic: Permission to come aboard: Why? A special envoy: That's all I know: It isn't according to protocol: - What do you think they have in mind? - I don't know: But they have given us plenty of warning: And there will be nothing in evidence to betray us: I'd be curious to know what they have in mind: Let's prepare a very special welcome for them: Send out our pirate ships, and arrange a little surprise for them: [Kane] Welcome aboard the flagship Draconia: Envoy of Draco, conqueror of space, warlord of Astrium, ruler of the Draconian realm, I give you his daughter, Princess Ardala: Delighted: This is an unexpected pleasure: We are hardly prepared to greet you properly: Consider your time adequate greeting: I'm Colonel Deering, Commander of the Third Force of the Earth Directorate: And I believe you already know Captain Rogers: But, no: If I'd met so dashing a young captain, I'm sure I would have remembered vividly: I don't believe we've had the pleasure: I think you're mistaken, Princess: I never forget a knuckle: Captain: Listen, we're here to get to the bottom of things: Would you like me to describe some of your inner chambers? Of what inner chambers does he refer? Well, the princess may not find me memorable, but I'll never forget her: I especially like the dress with the high-neck collar and Colonel Deering, what is this all about? Why are you here? The pirate forces are at their worst in this sector: We brought our ships to assure your safe arrival: [Man Over P: A:] Alert:! Alert:! Alert:! Draconia under attack by hostile ships: And Captain Rogers [Alarm Blaring] All personnel to their defense posts: Men, to your ships: Alert all stations! Secure the ship! So this is how you bid us safe conduct: A fine escort: At least we will all perish together: [Alarm Continues Blaring] [Man Over P: A:] Clear all launch channels for attack: Alert:! Alert:! [Alarm Continues Blaring] Look out, Major: He's on your tail: Pull up: I'll cut him off: No, not that way: You're diving right into his power: Captain Rogers, I ordered you to stay out of this: - Colonel, you need all the help you can get: - [Lasers Firing] - [Buck] Wingman, bandit, 12:00 high: - 12:00 what? Lieutenant Wrather, disregard: Captain Rogers, get off the air: Our combat computers are way ahead of you: Well, yeah, Colonel: But if your computers don't do something pretty fast, your Lieutenant Wrather will be finished: Watch out, Thornberry! [Buck] Colonel, you've got to go to manual flight: Buck Rogers, if you don't stop distracting our pilots You just ask the lieutenant: There's a couple of pirates on your tail: Colonel, I'm switching to manual: See if I can start dishing out a little of what we've been taking: Buck Rogers, I'm ordering you back to the base: Now then, let's see how you like a little old-fashioned red dogging: [Beeping] One sacked: Six to go: Gotcha! - Colonel, take it straight down, then hit your retros: - I can't! It's against all principles of modern aerial combat: [Chuckles] That's called blitzing your linebackers: Look, I don't know what went wrong with our combat computers, but: : : Thank you: Now, Captain, let's go home: My place or yours? What? What did you say? Justjoking: [Man] Air Control 1 to Access: Clear on Corridor 1-0 Able for incoming vessel: [Woman] Confirmed: Outer barriers all clear for approach: : : On Corridor 1-0 Able for incoming vessel: Colonel Deering, have you seen Captain Rogers? Yes: Why? Our Council has had a formal request from Her Majesty, Princess Ardala: What has that got to do with the captain? Well, the princess feels he single-handedly saved their unarmed vessel from the renegade pirates: : : And wants to thank him personally: Single-handedly? Apparently, even your ship was nearly destroyed: Were it not for Captain Rogers's inordinate skills and quick thinking, the princess feels I don't care what the princess feels: I know what happened: I was there: Tomorrow I conquer Earth: Tomorrow we conquer Earth, Your Highness: You look magnificent, Buck: [Chirping] Is something troubling you? Why am I invited to this thing? Nobody believes me: Princess Ardala wants to thank you personally for fighting the pirates off her ship: I'd like to have a word or two with her myself: : : Alone: Oh, I'm sure that won't be permitted: After all, you are only a captain: And not even commissioned at that: - What do you got for a headache? - A headache: Are you ill, Buck? I guess I'm just not fully recovered from that long trip yet: Well, why didn't you say something? Twiki will get you a relaxant: Well, it's time to go in now: We don't want to keep the trade delegation waiting: [Fanfare] [Continues] [Dr: Huer] Welcome: The Draconian Trade Delegation, under the leadership of Her Royal Highness, Crown Princess of the Realm, Ardala: [Beeps] I bring you greetings on this historic occasion: My father, King Draco, would like to present to you his own flagship Draconia, filled with all the latest technology as a gift to symbolize a glorious new era: : : Of commerce and peace: Let the celebration begin: [Synthesizer] We brought you some pills, Buck: Hmm? For your headache: It's a very strong relaxant: You mustn't take more than one at a time: Thanks, guys: Well, I see dancing has come a long way in 500 years: Listen, I'm gonna need something else a rose: Did you say a rose? Yeah, a red one: What do you need a rose for, Buck? Twiki, would you go get me one, quickly? [Chirping] How do you like our presentation, Captain Rogers? Most impressive: Did this folk dance come all the way from her daddy's world? I'm sorry: I don't seem to understand your terms: And I would suggest a more respectful reference than "daddy:" He's perhaps the greatest leader the world has ever known: Hmm: Well, a word of caution, Colonel: Mm-hmm: Beware of Greeks bearing gifts: Greeks? Maybe that was a little before your time: Quite a while back: Um, tell me: Do you know the story of the Trojan horse? Mmm, no: No, huh? Well, forget it: I guess I came from a time that was hopelessly paranoid: See you around: [Chirping] Your rose, Buck: That's a nice one: Thank you, Twiki: [Theo] Buck, no one else is giving the princess flowers: You're going to make them all look ridiculous: Stick close, fellas: We're next: Well, Captain Rogers: Congratulations, and thank you: We're very grateful to you for saving us from those horrible privateers: Not too loudly, Princess: Around here they think I am a privateer, thanks to you: Me? Well, I hope I haven't caused you too much embarrassment: - Are you angry? - On behalf of the - Theo! - [Chirping] What a body! From me to you: Who's your charming little friend? His name is Twiki: Yes, and that thing hanging around his neck is Theo, ex officio member of the Computer Council: Your Majesty: - Would you care to join me in the next dance? - The princess does not Does not mind if she does: I don't think I'm too up on these latest dance steps: Well, if you have a preference, it is my party: Terrific: How about something old-fashioned, huh? Sir, excuse me: Are you familiar with, uh, rock? You know, uh Try it, try it: Come on: [Classical] No, no, that's not it: Just let yourself go: Let it go: Go with the music: [Rock] That's it: Right: Yeah: That's it: Yeah: What are you doing? It's called getting down: It's a little before your time: If it frightens ya Nothing frightens me: All right, fine: Get down and boogie: [Chirping] [Theo] It's expressive: It's disgusting! What happens if we bump together? We automatically become man and wife: [Chirping] Groovy: Get down: You're quite a man, Captain Rogers: I have the feeling the Earth people believed your incredible story: : : About being frozen for 500 years: Not on your life: They think I'm a spy: One of mine? They're not sure: Wanna join up? Who do I have to see to make my move? Me: Tell me, that building, is it still the communications center? Ah: That would be secret information: - Of course: - [Laughs] I will always be one of you, Dr: Huer: Perhaps I will remain here permanently: We hope so: Your Highness, some of the ministers would like a few minutes: Later, Kane: Business of the realm comes first! Your father expects you to serve the best interests of the realm: If you don't, he has 29 other daughters that will! It's been a pleasure, Captain Rogers, but I'm afraid our duties are cut out for us: Later, perhaps? I depart aboard my private launch at midnight: I'll be there: Captain Rogers: I wonder if this wouldn't be a good time to talk with you: Um Princess Ardala left so abruptly, and the party seems to be over: You don't have any plans, do you? Well Good: I have something I would like to say: Well, l I thought you were a spy, Captain Rogers: I was wrong: Would you like to go someplace? Um, I, uh I'm not up to that yet: I've been out of it for quite a while 500 years: I've got to go easy on reentry: Chicago, Chicago You're my kind of - [Growling] - It's all right: Better listen to her, fella: She's making sense: I've asked Captain Rogers to join us: [Buck] It's lucky for you she called me off: [Door Slides Open] [Door Closes] [Beeping] We're almost there: Where are you going? [Chirping] I know it's chilly, but we've got no choice: Our orders are to stick close to Buck: And he may need us: So back in the cooler: [Chirping] Twiki, I'm speaking to you: [Chirping] I'm freezing my ball bearings off: Our Captain Rogers is just not to be found: What do you expect from a primitive? We'll let you know if we hear anything: You are a spy, Buck Rogers, and I know exactly where you are: Out: They make better pets if you have 'em fixed: Let's make ourselves comfortable: Pour us a drink: At last we're alone: Have you nothing to say? Up until this moment, I didn't know what it was I'd been missing: Well, I have a confession as well: There's somebody else back home: I didn't realize what I was missing: You're different: You're arrogant: You flagrantly disregard orders: And you're the kind of man who could unseat my father: Your father's seat is the furthest thing from my mind: I brought you here for a reason: I was counting on that: I want you by my side: That wasn't exactly what I had in mind: Consider it: You have no idea what it's like being the daughter of Draco the Conqueror: Twenty-nine sisters nipping at your heels: Weaselly little courtiers like Kane vying for power: But with a man a real man like yourself, I could defy my father: I could live my own life: - Oh? - A magnificent new dynasty: - Aren't we getting a little ahead of ourselves? - I'll take that drink now: - We have to be very careful: - Do we? Mm-hmm: The timing is not good: Things never change: That's the way it's always been: Why couldn't I have met you sooner, Buck Rogers? Well, we got plenty of time, don't we? [Man Over P: A:] All Armament personnel report to flight bay to begin loading weaponry: [Kane] Look at them: : : Down there sleeping: The fools will never know what happened: I am so relaxed: Would you turn out the lights? If you're a spy, I'll have to kill you: If that's an example of your best pillow talk, I think I found your problem: This is no good, Twiki: There are soldiers everywhere, and we don't even know where to begin to look for Captain Rogers: [Laser Firing] [Grunts] Holy gee! Let's see if we can find your jammies now: The pirate ships: So that's how they were able to attack us: It was their own people: [Whistling] Where's Tigerman? I don't know, sir: [Knocking Continues] Go away! Did they wake you, my darling, hmm? Did they wake you, my little babykins? [Screams] [Screaming] Blast it! Get out:! Get him out:! Get him out:! Execute him: - No: Remove him for questioning: - You countermand my order? Under the circumstances, yes: Do as I say: Take him: You have a lot of explaining to do: I have some explaining to do? Well, it's not Gucci, but what the hell: [Chirping] I don't want to get caught either: But something is very wrong, and we've got to find out what it is: [Chirping] I hope you know this violates my warranty: You have quite obviously been: : : Preoccupied: I will deal with you for your insolence later: Give the order to attack at once: We cannot attack without your father's forces to support us: Kane, you are spineless! We do not need my father: We have the element of surprise: We can wipe out the Inner City: We can destroy the defense shield: By the time my father's forces arrive, we'll be sitting on the throne of the Earth: At least I will, since you obviously don't have the nerve: All right, we will attack: A wise decision, Kane: Meanwhile, Captain Rogers is loose somewhere on this ship: Find him: [Man Over P: A:] Alert:! Alert:! Hostile intruder aboard ship: Alert:! Alert:! Alert:! [Alarm Blaring] [Chirping] It's Buck: [Theo] I see him: And he's wearing the uniform of the enemy: This will warm your tail: [Alarm Continues Blaring] Those are warships out there: That means the treaty is a hoax: But we can do one last service for our country: We can deal with Captain Rogers: [Man Over P: A:] Six minutes to attack and counting: Five minutes to attack and counting: - Don't move, Captain Rogers: - Theo, Twiki, what are you doing here? - This isn't going to be pleasant for any of us: - Will you guys get out of here? I got work to do: - We can see that, you traitor: - Can't you see what's happening? - I'd say someone is about to bomb Earth: - Do you recognize these ships? - No, but I don't see how that's very important - They're pirate ships: Why would there be pirate ships aboard a Draconian flagship? I'm sorry: You'll have to do better than that: Now come with us: Four minutes to attack and counting: No: Look, you half-baked load of electronic gibberish: I don't expect you to know everything, but have you ever heard of loading bombs into the tailpipe of a rocket ship? [Chirping] You be quiet, Twiki: I'm getting confused: Well, maybe I can help "unconfuse" you: There are no pirate ships: There never were: Those are Draconian bombers disguised as marauders: They've been harassing your shipping lanes in order to force you into a treaty with Draconia: [Chirping] Of course: It's ingenious, if true: - Three minutes to attack and counting: - You got ten seconds to make up your mind who you believe in, me or Kane: - Some choice: - Well, what about yourself? Don't your circuits tell you I'm on the level? Yes: Unless you wanna consider yourself so many spare parts, why don't you go along with your initial instincts? All right, but only on the condition you help us get to a communicator: : : So we can warn the Inner City: You're gonna have to do that on your own: On the chance that you don't make it, I gotta make sure none of these ships are ready to launch: Commander Kane: We found a guard unconscious in Bay 3: - Two minutes to attack and counting: - We've run out of time, Theo: They found the guard I wiped out: Get outta here: All right: We'll do our part: Good luck, Buck: [Alarm Continues Blaring] Take me over to the console, Twiki: Now, grab the middle panel: Ninety seconds to attack and counting: Drop it: Grab the circuits and pull them: [Chirping, Screaming] [Screams] [Headphones Whooshing] Eighty seconds to attack and counting: Seventy seconds to attack and counting: Put me close to the microphone: Sixty seconds to attack and counting: Earth Directorate, emergency channel: Come in, please: [Radio Beeps] Colonel Deering on line: This is Dr: Theopolis: Yes, Doctor: Where are you? How did you get on this emergency channel? I'm on board the flagship Draconia: I followed Captain Rogers as ordered: Now please listen: The Draconia is not repeat, not an unarmed vessel: She's filled with bombers: : : Preparing to launch a full-scale military attack against the Inner City: But how? Where did they come from? Her landing bay was empty: - Scramble your fighter squadrons: Now, at once! - Thank you, Doctor: Good luck: Dr: Huer, permission to scramble fighters: Twenty seconds to attack and counting: Battle stations: Fighters prepare to launch! - Ten seconds to attack and counting: - Stand by to attack: Eight, seven, six, five seconds to launch: Four, three, two, one: Attack! - [Screaming] - [Both Screaming] What is it? What's going on? [Screaming] Our ships, they simply explode: That's impossible! [Men Screaming] This is Earth Directorate: Attack bombers as they launch: We'll attack the main ship: There are no bombers to attack: They're exploding as they emerge: - That doesn't make any sense: - [Screams] Get our warships out there! Prepare to intercept: Do not I repeat, do not use combat computers: Disengaging: Draconian on your wing! Bank right! I'll get him! We got two coming up from below: I'll jump the one on the top: I've got the other one: [Explosions Continue] - Take that and that! - [Growling] Oh, shoot: [Screams] All right: I'm gonna hold you responsible for any damage done to this bay: [Chuckling] [Screams] I'm really sorry it had to come to this: [Screaming] Bottoms up: [Man Over Radio] Prepare to transmit Personlmage of King Draco: What in the name of the realm is going on! You are attacking while my ships are still hours away? L Just following orders: And just whose orders were you following? Your daughter's, sir: And did she order our ships to disintegrate as they enter battle? If either of you survive this greatest debacle our realm has known, you will answer to me! All squadrons, disengage surviving warships and prepare to finish off the mother craft: [Alarm Blaring] [Man Over P: A:] Emergency:! Emergency:! Emergency:! Emergency:! This was your doing, Your Highness: I oughta leave you here to: : : Burn up with the ship: But I want you alive to answer to your father: I have an emergency escape shuttle ready to leave now: It'll take us far enough away to reach your father's ships: [Man Over P: A:] Emergency:! Emergency:! Emergency:! [Men Shouting] Emergency:! [Buck Grunts] Emergency:! Emergency:! Emergency:! [Pilot] The ship is ready to blow: Withdraw all ships from the impact area: Theo, I'm coming in to get you and Twiki: Forget us: Save Buck: Buck? Wilma, he single-handedly destroyed their entire fleet of warships: - He sent us to warn you: - Meet me down on the flight deck: We're going to find Buck: [Chirping] [Grunting] Emergency:! Emergency:! Emergency:! - Theo, Twiki, over here! - [Chirping] [Theo] It's good to see you again, Buck: - Well, cut out the formalities: This magazine's about to blow: - Help is on the way: - What do you mean, help? - Wilma: Wilma's coming in to get us: What? She can't land here: She'll be killed: [Screams] [Man Over P: A:] Emergency:! Emergency:! Emergency:! - She's starting to go: - This way, Buck: Through the smoke: [Man Over P: A:] Emergency:! Emergency:! Emergency:! [Explosion] [Twiki] Taxicab:! Taxi:! [Buck] Let's get out ofhere: That magazine's about to blow: I'm with you: Get in: [Man Over P: A:] Emergency:! Emergency:! Emergency:! [Man Over P: A:] Emergency:! Emergency:! Emergency:! Very nice: Thank you, but we're not in the clear yet: We would be rulers of Earth now: : : If you hadn't let Buck Rogers on board! He wouldn't have been necessary if you were more of a man: We owe you a great deal more than an apology, Buck, especially me: I confess: I thought the princess had you beguiled: Well, I will say she had the nicest set of: : : Horns at the ball: Yes, it was an attractive hat: [Ardala] You'll never be the man Buck Rogers is: We'll see when we meet Mr: Rogers again - And we will: - I hope so: Buck, I know I've been aloof towards you and cold: I was frightened, afraid to get involved: Mm-hmm: Things are going to be different now between us: I'm not all business: I'm every bit the woman that the princess was: That's nice: And from this moment on, I'm going to prove it to you: - What? - Well, I guess that's the last we'll see of Kane and the princess: Twiki! [Twiki Chirping] Uh-oh: [Grunts] Eyes forward: You'll get "star sick:" [Chirping] Buck, you're my kind of guy: [Man] Far beyond the world I've known Far beyond my time What am I Who am I What will I be Where am I going And what will I see Searching my mind for some truths to reveal What thoughts are fantasy What memories real Long before this life of mine Long before this time What was there Who cared To make it begin Is it forever Or will it all end Searching my past for the things that I've seen Is it my life Orjust something I dreamed Far beyond this world I've known Far beyond my time What kind of world Am I going to find Will it be real Orjust all in my mind What am I Who am I What will I be Where am I going And what will I see