10 Things I Hate About You s01e10 Episode Script

110 - Don't Leave Me This Way

Idon'twant to go in there.
What are you talking about? You love it in there.
Free the naked mole rats.
Reppin'! I was the girl gone wild this past weekend.
All you did was throw an awesome party.
If I tell you something, do you promise not to be judgy? Thanks for the buzz! Apparently I shaved that guy's head so I'm in no position to be judgy.
After Chastity left, Joey and l made out for like two seconds.
Way to go, Sienna Miller.
Judgy! This is why I don't wanna go in.
The guilt is killing me.
What do I do? Either live with the guilt, or tell Chastity.
I would, but I prefer to keep my intestines inside my body.
At least you know what to feel guilty about.
Fivehead! It's me, Joey.
Just pretend I'm a guy reading the newspaper.
I don't want Chastity to see us talking.
It's OK.
She doesn't know anything happened between us.
She never will once we get our stories straight.
That is our story.
Nothing happened.
Bianca! Good news, baby.
The war in Azerbaijakistan is over.
OK, his behavior is becoming so erratic He's like my Grandma before we put her on meds.
Seemed fine to me.
I'm not here for that, I'm here to spread joy.
You know how I've been dying to make you a cheerleader for months? - Oh no.
- Of course I have.
You're my best friend.
Anyway, Jonelle has mono so bad she has to eat through a tube.
- Oh, my God.
Is she going to be OK? - She'll be fine.
It's her own fault, she'll kiss anything.
And this comes on the heels of that fainting spell and her stupid Achilles and I am done.
This is cheerleading, not Grey's Anatomy.
You're taking her spot.
I'm a cheerleader? [giggles.]
I love it when dreams come true.
Here, try to sound sincere when you sign her get-well card.
Just so you know, I was really drunk Saturday night.
Like, Mel Gibson drunk.
Don't remember what you said, do you? I'm like one of those soap opera actors with amnesia.
But whatever I said, I was joking.
Oh, trust me.
You were dead serious.
- Please.
Just tell me.
- No.
I wanna savor this.
People, just think of this as airport security.
Only instead of going to Hawaii so you can sip on mai tais, you're going to school, so you can drink up a bit of knowledge.
Excuse me, Little Lady, I'm gonna have to inspect this carryon here.
- You have no right to do that.
- Oh, I do now.
Bam! School board enacted its own little PATRlOT Act last night.
And I am the new Dick Cheney.
- [beeping.]
- Uh-oh.
Have to confiscate this.
Well, Dick, you better pray I don't get cramps.
I got my eye on you.
[theme song plays.]
"End fascism now?" Is this because l blocked Showtime? You don't need a poster.
We can talk about it.
The administration instituted these completely unconstitutional new rules.
Look at these.
It's like going to high school in Cuba.
"More than ten students need permission to assemble.
School has the right search lockers.
No drugs or weapons.
" Oh, my God.
You mean the students have to leave their Uzis and heroin at home? - Dad, this isn't a joke.
- How about knives and crack? They're trampling our civil rights.
This time they've gone too far.
Even the mindless mouth breathers at Padua High will be marching to the tune of justice.
Why do I get the feeling this isn't going to end well? - Daddy, look.
- My little cheerleader! Did you ever think today would come? Finally, one of your daughters makes something of herself.
I'm never taking this off.
Sounds like someone hasn't read the new security policy.
Are you going on about Cuba again? Me no quiero escucha to that.
They're making us wear uniforms.
What? No! No, no.
I finally clawed my way to the top so I could have the honor of wearing this cute outfit to school.
They can't take that away from me.
This is inhumane.
I can't believe she thinks it's OK to say these things out loud.
Well, it is her First Amendment right.
I can't believe this is happening to me.
These uniforms? How are we supposed to express ourselves through fashion? No.
Joey and I broke up.
You did? Why? Guys are such pigs.
Did he tell you he was studying for trig when he was really studying Kelly Morris? Do you think he would cheat on this test? - No.
- [Bianca.]
Not even if it were multiple choice.
But why did you guys break-up? You know that college boy that was hitting on me at your party? - Who could blame him? - I know.
Well, then Joey turned into this possessive freak.
I thought actors were bad, but models are so much worse.
So I cut him loose.
When I told him, he started sobbing.
I hate it when guys cry.
It's like, fine, be sensitive, but don't, like, slobber all over me.
I'm the one that wants to cry.
I finally get back into circulation and now I have to wear this stupid uniform.
It's un-American.
These are our civil rights, people.
You too.
You too.
You're throwing another party? Woman, you are an animal.
We have to band together and fight.
Who we gonna save? [all.]
Naked mole rats! Screw the stupid mole rats.
This is about our freedom.
I don't think half these kids can spell "freedom.
" - You wanna help hand out fliers? - Yeah, no.
I was thinking, after school we could head to the beach? At your party, you said you wanted to go.
- I did? - No.
Ahh Can you please hand these out in auto shop? I'll put them on the table but I'm not passing them out.
Gee, thanks.
That's so supportive.
This is your thing.
Not mine.
You don't give a damn that we no longer have the rights that are guaranteed to us in the Bill of Rights? Must be nice not to care about anything.
Well, what's the point? It's not like we can change it.
Tell you what, come to the beach and I'll tell you what you said.
What's the point? It's not like I can change it.
Cameron, we have to talk.
I love you but you don't feel the same way.
- What more is there to say? - Cameron, wait.
I'm so sorry.
The last thing I'd ever want to do is hurt you.
You're my best friend.
You're smart and funny and you're the only person who knows I like to watch 60 Minutes.
And I miss you.
So much.
I miss you more.
Do you think we could go back to being friends? I don't know.
I guess we could try.
Yay! So I'll see you at French tutoring.
[speaks French.]
You're my best friend? First, you already got a best friend.
And second, she's just not that into you.
Hey, she's still transitioning into seeing me as a viable heterosexual.
Are you hearing the words coming out of your mouth? Despite everything, I still feel that Bianca and I are meant to be together.
Haven't you ever known something deep in your heart? I'm 1 5.
I know things deep in my pants.
That's why I don't waste my time on chicks that aren't into me.
Michael, a foundation of friendship is the best gift you can give a relationship.
See? This is what happens when you don't have a strong father figure.
I did not approve this flier, Kat.
The only approval I need is the First Amendment.
- In fact - Yeah, yeah, kumbaya.
- Don't do it again.
- I will do it again.
And again and again until you change this policy.
I'm an Energizer Bunny for liberty.
Do you think I like this? Look at all this new paperwork.
Quad I'm so swamped I had to cancel my foot massage, which I depend on to keep me from screaming at you people to leave me the hell alone! Then lift the policy.
You can make all of this go away.
I'm just a cog in the machine.
A tool of the man.
Hey, I think that's my ibuprofen.
The bottom line is the superintendent enacted this.
We follow it or we don't get funding and I get fired.
So we're both stuck.
Unless you can convince her to change it.
Her? I thought the superintendant is a man.
He is.
I was talking about his daughter, Chastity.
And what Chastity wants, Chastity gets.
Yes, but Chastity hates me.
Oh, no.
This revolution stuff is hard.
- [pretends to cry - [bell rings.]
There's Joey.
I hope he doesn't do that sobbing thing again.
- Hey, Fivehead.
Can we talk? - Bye.
So I heard you and Chastity broke up.
Are you OK? I'm more than OK.
I'm the maximum OK-ness there is.
In fact, you wanna go out on Saturday? You, me out together.
Yummy dinner.
I'm buying.
Joey, I would love to go out with you, but it's too soon.
You and Chastity just broke up.
We shouldn't even be seen talking together.
Hey, she broke up with me.
I don't even know if she ever loved me.
Not the real me.
I was just this gorgeous status accessory, like Paris Hilton's poodle.
Girls like Chastity don't like other girls playing with their poodles.
Even if they've given their poodles away.
And Chastity can be really mean.
That's why I'm ready to be with someone really sweet, like you.
Take you, for example.
No, I can't do this.
I just became a cheerleader.
Yeah, I mean, I just got tired of him.
Sure, he's good looking and all, but I've got that covered.
Chastity, can we talk? Nope.
It's first period.
I only deal with unpleasant things after third.
I'm on a mission of peace.
I need your help.
I know you do.
But I only give one makeover a year and I already helped Tori.
Mm! Boy, was that hard.
This is important.
Doesn't it bother you, being treated like suspected criminals? - Hmm.
Not really.
- Fine.
Doesn't it bother you that you have to wear that outfit again? Oh.
That bothers me so much.
We should do something about it.
Can you get me a meeting with your dad? It's pointless.
I already asked him and he said no.
I even cried real tears.
Then we'll stage a walkout.
We'll refuse to go back until they lift the regulations.
It'll work if the whole school does it.
The only person who can get the whole school to do something is you.
That's true.
[clears throat.]
But it all sounds really exhausting.
Free these kids from their uniforms and you'll be a legend.
I'm thinking fourth period.
Great idea.
- Great.
- Thanks.
[bell rings.]
[loud chattering.]
Everyone, can I have your attention? Shh! Guys, this is a walk out, not recess.
Shh! - Guys, come on.
Be quiet, please.
- [loud whistle.]
Shut up and listen to her! We are here today because our constitutional rights do not start the day we graduate from this hellhole.
We deserve dignity and respect now.
After all, we're not just stupid teenagers, we are citizens of The United States of America.
When I say "uniforms," you say "suck.
" - Uniforms.
- [all.]
- Uniforms.
- [all.]
Infringement on civil liberties! What? Suck! Don't confuse them.
- Uniforms! - [all.]
Suck! - Uniforms! - [all.]
Suck! [all.]
country, 'tis of thee - Sing louder, people.
Louder! - Sweet land of liberty Of thee I sing Land where my fathers died Fivehead.
- You're as light as a balloon.
- What're you doing? I couldn't stay away.
I need a kiss to get me through the day.
I thought we agreed, we were going to sneak around.
No one's gonna see us, they're all singing gospel.
Come on, Fivel, just one smooch and I'll never ask you for another favor again.
Let freedom ring Let freedom ring Let freedom ring Let freedom ring Let freedom ring Let freedom ring Let freedom ring - Let freedom ring - Everyone shut up! Y eah, shut up! Chastity, your father's on the phone.
Be strong.
No, you listen to me.
OK, I am at school and in this uniform, everyone looks the same.
No, I am not being a brat.
OK, you wanna go there, we'll go there.
Ditch these stupid uniforms or I'll tell Mommy how I found out that your executive assistant doesn't wear a bra.
Ooh! [clears throat.]
S I understand.
Yes, sir.
I Back to class.
No more uniforms.
[all cheer.]
Whoa! Wait.
Our struggle has just begun.
Call your dad back.
What about our First and Fourth Amendment rights? - They can still search our lockers! - I don't have time for this crap.
I've got my own problem.
Yeah! Whoo! [Chastity grunts.]
Hey, Chastity.
Great rally.
Listen, I wanna talk to you about Joey.
I know! I saw him kissing that blonde slut too.
I cannot believe that he would do this to me.
- You saw him kissing someone? - Something.
She looked like a a toothpick with hair.
I couldn't make out her face.
It was probably hideous.
But I thought you said you were over him? Thank God they installed those security cameras.
- Security cameras? - Yeah.
All we have to do is review the footage and then we'll know who she is.
Then you'll help me destroy her, right? Sure.
We'll get her.
Thanks, B.
I don't normally do this, but You're the best friend I've ever had.
What would I do without you? Until we're free Should we sing something else? How about Blowin' in the Wind? Maybe we just sing in our heads.
Plastic water bottle.
- I could pour it in my hand.
- I'd do that.
I'm so thirsty.
I'll recycle it.
- Dad, I know why you're here.
- OK.
Unchain yourself.
We need to talk.
Now, Norma Rae.
Be right back.
Did that deep-voiced man-boy put you up to this? No.
I'm just fighting for what I believe in.
Principal Holland threatened to suspend you if you don't stop this right now.
It would go on your permanent record.
That's an urban myth to scare smart kids into submission.
I don't get this.
You always wanted to go to an lvy League school.
They'll appreciate my social conscience.
No, they'll label you a problem student.
You know how competitive it is.
They'll look for some reason to reject you.
It's like enlisting in the Army and writing: - "By the way, I'm gay.
" - I'm against that too.
I'm just saying, pick your moments.
I can't just give up.
That's not what Mom would've wanted.
Oh, no.
You learned that one from me.
Besides, Mom would have wanted you to see the big picture and not be an idiot.
Look, you have your whole life to save the world.
Right now Don't give up your dream of going to Brown.
This is not fair.
I shouldn't have to make this choice.
Then let me make it for you.
You made your point, go back to class.
Got it? Got it.
Great job, guys.
No more uniforms.
The school came together.
I think we can call this a win.
Now we should get back to class.
You're kidding, right? We can regroup and figure out the next step.
After all, none of us wants to get suspended.
I guess everyone has their price.
Why is he so mad? He's not mad, he's disappointed.
It's going around.
Oh, God, I really need your advice.
I just had the most awful thing happen with Chastity.
You're gonna have to tell your problems to someone else.
I can't do this.
- Do what? - Be your friend.
Especially while you're wearing that perfume.
- Then I won't wear it.
- Don't you get it? I need time to get over you.
I didn't sell out.
I'm just thinking big picture.
I wanna go to a first-rate college so I can get a degree in social policy and change the world.
The real world.
Not high school.
You sound like one of them already.
What the hell.
Nice bag.
Verona, hand it over.
- Ah! - Keep it.
Young man, where do you think you're going? You walk out of here, you are suspended.
Did you hear what I said? I wish we could spank them.
Search this.
Then can I keep it? He said I can keep it.
You have no right to go through this.
Come back here with that or you're suspended too.
Then I guess I'm suspended.
Fight the power.
[ KSM: I Want You to Want Me This is yours.
You sure about this? No.
But I'm doing it.
Hold my hair.
Excuse me? That's what you said to me at your party.
Right before you hurled.

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