12 Monkeys (2015) s04e07 Episode Script


1 On the day of our birth, we are each given a name [baby crying] A promise of who we are and all that we may become.
I am Emma.
I was born with a purpose.
[echoing] You have a purpose.
I am Hannah.
I was born without a purpose.
Mother placed no expectations on me other than to survive [monitor beeping] To live.
Oh, God, no.
To learn.
That is all my mother expected from me for my mind to exceed her own [echoing] Observation, hypothesis, conclusion.
So that I may help her fulfill her promise.
[thunder rumbling] [electricity crackling] [dramatic music] I was raised in nature, looking out upon the stars and horizons the great beauty of a dead world.
I was raised on the other side of the glass window, looking upon the world of the living, brought up by elders, educators, teachers instead of a mother.
By an extraordinary sisterhood who taught me everything.
[shouting] Strength in place of compassion.
They taught me science and temporal mechanics so that I may one day learn to break time itself.
We honor time with patience.
When I was old enough, I infiltrated the lives of others.
Brilliant minds.
My mother.
And yet, for all her brilliance, her science poisoned everything.
[whooshing] She built a machine to bend to break the natural world.
My only purpose was to learn how to complete Titan so that she may have her forest of red.
[thunder rumbling] So that she can stop a madwoman she calls the Witness.
And now that my education is complete, the end is here.
Are you ready to earn your place, to fulfill Titan's true design? Yes.
Initiate splinter sequence.
No matter how hard we fight [flesh squelching] [rapid gunfire] The Witness cannot be stopped.
I'm ready to complete Titan.
Mother has invited me home.
Mother has sent me away.
I am not ready [machine whirring] I am ready for a life of certainty.
For a life of doubt.
For what I was made to be a daughter.
To be a daughter.
- A daughter.
- Daughter.
BOTH: To be a daughter.
For Mother.
For Mother.
[dramatic music] [horn blaring] [restraints click] Katarina.
You look well.
I've seen this before neurological deterioration from temporal radiation.
You're dying.
And you are the Witness, always were, and that, in the end, I think will kill us both.
Is this how you do it? How you see? Jack your consciousness into the time stream? You must be pretty desperate, because, let's face it, nothing beats the real thing.
I'm sure you've heard by now.
Primaries true Seers have built a weapon to destroy you.
They call you a demon.
Where is it? When is it? And you call yourself the Witness? You made a mistake bringing me here took the one from whom there's nothing left to take.
Maybe there's nothing more I can take from your body.
[ominous music] [flesh squelching] [grunting softly] But from here, Katarina [grunts painfully] I can take everything.
[grunts, pants] This is not a plan.
This is insane.
It's what has to happen.
Elliot's drive, it gives us the signature for Titan, right? We splinter there, find Jones, bring her back.
Titan is massive! Who knows where she's being kept? Besides, this machine won't have that kind of precision.
Then fix the goddamn splinter suit.
I am working on it as fast as I can.
Athan's suit was shot to hell.
- Work faster.
- We are at a stalemate.
We cannot get to 1491.
It's too far back without a beacon, without an anchor of some kind to lock on to.
So what are we supposed to do? Trust her.
We trust Jones.
[door creaking] [tense music] What's wrong? This is where they kept me.
Back of the cell is warmer.
Just think of something you hate.
It'll keep you going.
If I'm going out, Mr.
Deacon, I prefer it while thinking of something I love.
[gentle piano music] How long must I be gone? Long enough to understand and to experience all those things which make up a life.
Don't ask this of me, not now.
Hannah, this envelope it's not a directive.
It's rather a mission of choice, to be opened only on this date and only after you truly know what I've asked you to fight for.
I cannot leave you like this.
Please, Hannah, you must.
[machine whirring] [whooshing] [electricity crackling] Is Titan yet complete? Nearly.
Unfortunately, the towers were meant to transport, not transpose.
Calculations take time.
We'll be ready to test shortly.
[thunder rumbling] [dark music] How are you finding the future? At night, it's darker than I imagined.
Without distraction.
[thunder rumbling] Perhaps your box was too big.
No, not at all.
I was glad for it.
You were made to think, not feel.
Of course.
Finish it.
[stirring orchestral music playing] [machine whirring] I hope you've rested.
You'll need your strength.
You see, I've found new ways to travel, to see beyond the edges of time, further and more powerful than any Primary.
I have witnessed, but not everything.
[mask whooshes] The rest I will take from your mind.
[gasps] Now, where is the weapon? [whooshing] [distorted voices] [gasping] [ominous music] [shrieks] [mask whirs] [gasping] [coughing] You're quite formidable.
Your mind is a maze.
But I'll make my way through.
I'd temper your certainty.
[suspenseful music] [panting] [whooshing] - [punches landing] - [man grunts] What are you doing here? I would've thought that'd be obvious.
Adler repaired the suit? How? Ask him yourself when we get home.
It was foolish of you to come here, risk yourself for a dying woman.
This is not what I Did you really think we were just gonna leave you here? You don't get to fall on that sword.
We need it for her.
Deacon we can't leave him behind, not again.
He was instrumental in helping us.
There's no time.
Deacon is nothing if not monumentally resilient.
He can take care of himself for now.
[breathing raggedly] You all right? The usual symptoms trembling hands, blurry vision.
But now some odd lapses in time.
[sighs] The neurological symptoms are worsening.
What did you experience in Titan? What did you see? She tried to worm her way inside my head.
I think she was attempting what she once did to you.
She made me see things.
Sabotage the machine.
Did you tell them anything about the mission? About the bell? No.
You came for me before I had the chance.
[dark music] [machines beeping] Climb the steps.
Ring the bell.
We have the bell, gotta find the steps.
Yes, that would be simpler if we knew what kind of weapon the Primaries had constructed.
This story is frustratingly nonspecific.
"There once was a serpent "who only traveled in one direction.
"Always forward, never backward.
Until one day, the serpent came upon a demon.
" "The demon cursed the serpent, "driving him insane, "causing him to eat his own tail.
"The serpent was blind, but there were those who could see, "some who were seers who knew the serpent's true path, "so they created a weapon to destroy the demon.
" Why a demon, do you think? Well, it's an apt description of a monstrous opponent.
Olivia has become something else something far less than human.
- Mother? - [alarming dramatic music] Hannah, w-what are you I sent you away.
I returned to help you find the weapon, together.
Isn't that what daughters are made to do? Serve their mothers? OLIVIA AND HANNAH: Isn't that what daughters are made to do? Serve their mothers? OLIVIA AND JENNIFER: "They hid the weapon in the snake's den "Where it waited for its madness to end.
"But it never did.
"Then the Seers discovered that the only one who could "wield the weapon was the demon itself.
"So the serpent was doomed to circle in madness [echoing] forever.
" [alarming dramatic music] Nice try.
Where are you going? I imagine if you can get into my head, I can find my way into yours.
[dark music] [weeping softly] [weeping, sniffling] [alarming dramatic music] [banging] [gasping] [coughing] You have a brilliant mind.
I can't imagine how it must feel to lose control of it.
If my mind, if my life, was the price of yours [panting] I'd happily pay it.
Your body may be too weak, Katarina, your mind too strong, but the mind and body of your Hannah? What wouldn't you confess to protect that? Your daughter has always been your best, most exploitable weakness.
Mother, it's been a year since I left to live in your world, your past.
Here they have everything, always, and somehow see nothing.
- Music, film, art, each other.
- [cell phone rings] The world's so full and the people so empty.
[text message whooshes] This place, this time, seems much too Lifeless, too sterile, not at all what I imagined.
Its hallways haunted, its rhythms a clockwork, its subjects too full of feeling.
[cell phone dings] - Distracted by their possessions.
- [keypad clacking] Devoted to their obsessions.
They lose themselves in imagery.
In memory.
- [cell phone dings] - Missing the present as it happens around them.
Trapped in a past that they hope to regain.
Yet somehow I belong to it.
[echoing] I belong to it.
[echoing] Was born of it.
Was born for it.
Was created to make it whole even if Now I can't quite see.
For Mother.
- [computer beeps] - For Mother.
[both echoing] For Mother.
Looks like you got that whole lost-in-thought thing happening.
Too good-looking for a beer, too rough-and-tumble for a cocktail, so here.
[pop music playing faintly over radio] - [coughs] - [laughs] First Scotch? First a lot of things these days.
Well, that's the first I'm even hearing you talk, so that's progress.
You're not the small-town type.
I can tell that.
Big city, bright lights isn't your thing.
Your eyes give that away.
There's too much life in there, like you seen some shit.
Like a soldier, maybe? Military? Been away, can't quite get back? Yes, something like that.
[gentle music] I'm Bryan.
[computer blipping] If Primaries have created a weapon for your enemies, it is to be feared.
Not to be uncovered but to be unmade.
Without Titan, you have no weapons with which to defend yourself.
[foreboding music] - Mother.
- Show me.
It's not ready.
I want to see now.
[slow dramatic music] [machine whirring, electricity crackling] [whooshing] The central spire must key in at the very same moment, repeating, drawing temporal radiation on top of itself, where it should, in theory, be overlaid.
A paradox made of time itself.
[thunder rumbling, electricity crackling] [alarms beeping] [keypad beeping] [whooshing] [machine powers down] We must be patient, Mother.
Mother? I have no daughter, only a piece of myself to be where I cannot.
[yelps] I built you to achieve great heights, not fall from them.
[gasping] Finish Titan.
[electricity fizzing] [dark music] Bring me Jones.
[electricity fizzing] [Public Domain's "Hey Boy in the Pines" playing] [shuddering breaths] [crying softly] Ah, ah, ah Ah, ah [thunder rumbling] Hey.
You got plans tonight? There was something I was supposed to do am supposed to do.
Something I thought I wanted to be done with, but now I [sighs] Well, um, I was thinking you and I could do something.
You mean like [laughs softly] I don't know.
Okay, rejection, I can take it.
- No [laughs] - No, no, I can take it.
I can take it.
No, no, I I'd love that.
I will shiver the whole night through Hannah? We both know this isn't real.
But when has anything ever needed to be real to be true? Mother, please.
Olivia, whatever you think there is to gain from this You splintered me time and again, Katarina.
Broke me into pieces and then made me whole.
Your daughter stopped you then.
Who will stop me now? [dramatic music] Olivia! No! [coughs] [bones crack] [panicked breathing] [gunshot] Christ.
[bones crack] [sobbing] Hannah! [whispering] Katarina.
[muttering indistinctly] [bones crack] [gunshot] Hannah! Hannah! [sobbing] Meine liebe.
My daughter.
Please forgive me.
[sobbing continues] You can stop this.
Just tell me where your Primaries have built your weapon.
[gasps, sniffles] England.
Please stop this.
Just be done with it.
Prepare Titan for the jump to 1491.
Find me Emma.
What the hell did she do to you? What I deserved and what I needed her to.
Come on.
[horn blaring] Titan's splintering.
It worked.
[blaring continues] [laughs] [whooshing] [fizzing] [alarms blaring] [tense music] What is it? Titan it's splintered to England, 1491.
She's done it.
Thanks to Elliot Jones' data, we can use Titan's signature as an anchor, and with Katarina's tether telemetry as a beacon We can lock on.
And send you to 1491.
You ready to get medieval? [dramatic music] All right, we splinter to 1491, track down Jennifer's Primary pals.
What about Jones? Best way to save her is find the weapon first.
Adler, how soon can you program a jump? It's not me you have to worry about.
Jones' tether should act like a kind of lighthouse in the fog, but we are still firing a bullet into the storm here.
So aim carefully.
That requires monumental processing power.
Titan has that.
We do not.
Figure it out.
We're going.
We could be off by years and miles.
Should you make it through the fog at all, I am not putting anyone in that machine until we know what we're in for.
Jesus, Julian, sack up.
I will knock you on your ass, boy! All right, all right.
So basically it's good, fast, and cheap, pick two only, alive, on time, or together.
If you survive, your tethers may not hold.
Stranded in the Middle Ages? If you do this, there is absolutely no guarantee that you will ever see home again.
[ominous music] We've had missions before we thought would be the last.
This isn't any different.
It is.
There's an end coming.
Look, I I was and I am afraid of losing you, of losing us.
But if we go, we go together.
[gentle music] Attempting to lock on.
[electricity crackling] I'd either say a prayer or read up on how to joust.
Cole, if you please.
Wait, no, wait.
If you're the [sighs] Whatever the chosen one, you can't go first.
It's too risky.
Adler's right.
We're blind.
We're in the fog.
But I have always been your Seer, - from the beginning.
- No, Jennifer No, that's my role in all of this to make sure that you get where you need to go.
So you follow me this time.
We're right behind you.
Climb the steps.
Initiating splinter sequence.
[machine whirring] [whooshing] [gasps painfully] [screams] Come on.
- Adler.
- [screams] [shrieking] [shrieks fading, machine powers down] Adler? [keyboard clacking, computer beeping] Adler! Did she make it? I don't know.
- I can't be certain.
- [computer beeping] No record of arrival.
[foreboding music] [alarms blaring] Perimeter alert.
[blaring continues] [computer blipping] [dramatic music] What do we got? Scavs? Not exactly.
Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.
You've all got that "I forgot it's 2043" look on your face.
I haven't kicked it yet.
But you the younger you I made it to medieval times, and let me tell you, it ain't no dinner attraction with chivalry, revelry, and rivalry.
[sighs] [gasps] What's happening? Green to red.
Everything's changing.
The circle's not perfect anymore.
Do we find the weapon? Like I always said, the right ending is the one you choose.
But you lived it.
What I know, otter eyes, and when I know it is a moving target.
But you're close.
The end is in sight.
But you have to go now.
I'm in a whole lot of trouble back there.
And, Threepio, do me a favor.
Fix that goddamn splinter suit.
Or all of us dead as doornails.
[suspenseful music] I've lost her once for good.
And now I've lost her forever.
Hannah is fine, Jones.
Wherever she is, she's okay.
None of that shit was real.
The fear of losing and the memory of loss is no less painful than the moment itself.
Then why didn't you give it up sooner? I needed Olivia to feel as if she'd earned it a lesson she once taught me.
The only difference? I learn from the past.
She runs from it.
[sighs softly] [tense music] [gasps] Are you okay? [groans] Mr.
Deacon? Weapon or no weapon, the day will come when you're gonna have to take this place by force.
And until that day is over, not me, not you, none of us gets to give up.
Go home, Mr.
Deacon, where you belong.
Find the others, and end this.
[gentle music] Hannah is lucky.
Because of all the mothers in the world, she hit pay dirt.
[keypad beeping, clacking] Hey, girl, have fun with Bryan tonight.
Call me after with all the juicy details.
- [laughs] - No, no, no.
- [whispering] - Shh, shh, shh.
- [giggling] - Where's the Aw, man, that guy that guy couldn't pour a glass of water.
- [laughs] - Weak-ass pour, no style.
I couldn't let you drink that shit, no way.
I mean, what's the point in taking out a beautiful girl when I gotta bring her back home for a decent drink? [faint chatter and laughter] [whistles] Hey, guys, uh, sorry, it's kind of a private party situation.
Door's open.
Lights are on.
Look, the place doesn't gotta look closed to be closed, okay? I got money.
Why don't you just pour us a drink, bro? Hey, please don't make me call the cops, man, okay? [grunting] [bones snapping] [grunting] [shrieks] [screams] [snarls] Hannah! - [panting] - [groaning] [panting] [stirring orchestral music] [wind howling] [breathing shakily] [breathing shakily] "There once was a serpent "who only traveled in one direction.
"Until one day, the serpent came upon a demon.
" - [necklace clinks] - [sobs] [inhales deeply] [inhales deeply] [breathing shakily] [wind howling] [gasps] [dark music] [panting] My dearest Hannah, I hope, by now, you've lived a life or at least part of one.
I hope you see now what I've asked you to fight for the good beneath all its complexity.
And should you choose to continue to lay down arms to love or to live, I shall not blame you.
But if there is fight left in you, there is one last piece of the puzzle, and only you can find it.
Her name is Marion Woods.
The story came from a woman named Marion.
She was my mother.
I found her a time and a place.
I know where she'll be.
But know this: she could be our salvation, the key to everything, or our undoing.
My Hannah, this is the most dangerous thing I've ever asked of you.
Find her, hear her story, learn what you can, and return home.
[dance music thumping] [indistinct chattering] My God, that dress is incredible.
You like it? Absolutely! You look amazing.
My name's John.
I'm Marion.
[tense, muted music] "There once was a serpent who only traveled in one direction.
" [grunts] [panting] [dark music] My mother may be a demon [gasps] But I am not.
I can choose for myself choose my own purpose, my own life, my own name.
[with American accent] Hi, I'm Madison.
Oh, no, please, call me Maddie.
[with Southern accent] I'm Marcy Mackenzie, real nice to meet you.
[with American accent] Hi, I'm Marion Woods.
I will go back to the world I know and find my own way.
I will tell my own story.
It appears she activated one of our machines.
Went back to 2009.
[grunting] Her work is finished.
Titan is nearly complete.
[gasps] I will never go back to Titan.
I'm not from Titan! I only want to talk.
Find Emma.
End her cycle.
[gunshots] [crowd screaming] [music thumping] [gunshots] You're hit.
No, I'm okay.
But the tether Shit! We gotta go.
[sirens wailing] [horn blaring] The end is coming.
Quicker than expected.
[slow, tense music] These are two of my best.
Take them.
Find your friends.
Only this time, bring me to them.
I think I understand you now.
It's not about power or control or reliving the past.
You have no appreciation for that.
You are afraid of the end.
To be in that dark that box forever, that box to which we all must someday go.
A frightened little girl with no more golems left to speak to.
Even in lying, you told me the truth.
So did you.
Deacon we can't leave him behind, not again.
He was instrumental in helping us.
There's no time.
Deacon is nothing if not monumentally resilient.
He can take care of himself.
Thank you for confirming what I always knew.
He's far too soft to turn on you all.
I just needed a bloodhound.
And when he finds them, I will kill him [whooshing] And everyone you love.
I will hurt them, break them, twist them round, and bleed them dry.
And no weapon will stop me.
And I will do this [distorted voice] because I have seen, Katarina.
I know, because I am the Witness.
[dramatic music]